Contact of Metro Inc, Canada customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Metro Inc.: Find below customer service details of Metro Inc., Canada, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the retailer. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Metro Inc.
11 011, boul. Maurice-Duplessis
Montreal (Quebec) H1C 1V6

Customer Service
Phone: 1-866-595-5554
Phone: 1-866-638-0020
Phone: 1-800-361-4681
Phone: 1-844-777-7611 (online grocery)
Email: [email protected]

About Metro Inc.
Metro Inc. is a Canadian food retailer founded in 1947. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, the supermarket chain is the third largest in the country and operates more than 600 stores. It’s brands include Metro, Metro Plus, Super C, Marche Ami, Marche Adonis, The Barn Markets and Food Basics. Operating mainly in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, Metro also manages 250+ drugstores under the Brunet, Metro Pharmacy and Drug Basics banners. The company employs more than 75,000 and has annual sales of $12 billion.

Use the Store Locator on the website to spot a Metro grocer nearest to your address. The homepage showcases some of the weekly deals and lists coupons that can be used at stores for discounted products. You can sign up for an account on the website to get email notifications of coupons and weekly deals. If you need ideas for new recipes, there is a section dedicated for that. Metro’s own private brands you will find at stores include Selection, Irresistibles, Godiva, Gril Rouge and Première Moisson.

To order groceries at the comfort of your home, you can browse the Flyer available on the website and add products to your cart. You can pay by Visa or MasterCard and then proceed to choose the time slot to pick up your groceries in-store or have them delivered to your address. Delivery fees may vary depending on your time slot. You have the option to return the items with the driver or present them at a store for a full refund. If you are a regular Metro shopper, register for the Metro&moi reward program to earn and redeem points. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, refund, shipping, or others, reach the Metro customer service.

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  1. Jason Morgan Reply

    Hello my name is Mr Morgan and I recently was charged for an order that was cancelled due to the fact that it was the wrong order and not the updated order I had put through. The order was cancelled and my other updated order came on time. I unfortunately was charged for 2 orders instead of 1. I’m owed $134.03 I was told by customer service on the 15th of November 2019 it would be 3-5 business days before the money would go back on my bank card/credit card. It’s been 6 days. My order number for the online grocery of metro is 50032565 as of November 14th 2019. And as of November 20th 50032565RO. 2 added letters.
    I phoned customer service on day 5 November 21st 2019 at 1:03 pm and I was told it would take up to 10 days and that they don’t know who told me 5 days. I asked to speak to a manager or customer relations and was told that a supervisor would contact me back. No one called me back. I called again at 6:59 pm November 21st 2019 and again asked to speak to someone higher up, possibly customer relations or a manager. I was denied in a way of them telling me the same thing as last time. That their supervisor was busy but would call me back. Well the supervisor was answering his questions but would not get on the phone with me.
    I’ve been patient enough. The money taken shouldn’t have never been taken in the first place. I not once, at any time, was compensated or asked if I would like to be compensated for the mistake metro made. Not until my frustration got the better of me unfortunately. Sad that a customer has to get upset because they keep getting the run around. I was told then it would take probably 2 weeks to receive my money back. 14 days!
    14 days for a mistake Metro made by charging for 2 orders instead of 1 order.
    I am literally appalled and flabbergasted at the run around I’ve received. I’m frustrated beyond belief. How hard is it to refund someone the money back that was never your right to take? Other companies I’ve dealt with have given me my money back when refunding within 3 to 5 days. The fact that I’ve had to send out several emails and make several phone calls and wait patiently for money that was never supposed to be taken is just dumbfounding when your service was supposed to provide me as a customer, convenience. This has not been convenient at all, it has been a horrible experience.
    $134.03 to some families is a lot of money.
    That’s money that can go towards bills.
    The fact of the blatant disregard for making an amends for this situation that was ultimately metro”s fault has made me lose all respect and faith in Metro as a company, and the likelihood of a repeat customer. It’s right down shameful for a business of this caliber to treat it’s customer so poorly.
    I will give you one last chance to rectify this problem and make it right. I want my money back and I want to be compensated. If not I will go to your competitor just 5 Mins away, Food Basics. Realize that one tainted customer in time, that is treated badly, eventually leads to more.

  2. Howard blacker Reply

    Good morning I shop at two stores in Thunder Bay Arthur st and Thunder Bay mall not impressed lately at the line ups at check outs especially at peak time I know from inside info that a new manager cut hours to save money I will not Waite in line like that and will not use self check outs I’m a strong member of local 628 in Thunder Bay I have no loyalty to any store that does this will shop at Safeway superstore etc no line ups there. Don’t need a reply just fix the problem.


  4. Brenda Hill Reply

    I went to your Metro store that is located at Lawrence and Bathurst. There was no one available to put the cones out or to remove them when you came out with my groceries. I mentioned to one of the people that had illegally parked in one of the spots that this was for PICK UP ONLY as the sign in front of the car stated – and she told me that so long as she had a handicap sign in her car she could park there and that she was told this by “someone”. I said I too have a handicap sticker and it does not allow you to park there as there are many handicap spots in the lot. My question is why do you not have someone assigned at the PICK UP area. I know that there is a cost involved however it is worth it to your customers for an easy flow. I would like to see consistency with the PICK UP ONLY area and to have someone there for consistency. I enjoy this store however if this doesn’t change I will be heading to Coppa’s. Thank you for listening.

  5. We recently shopped at Metro Inc. located at 3003 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario – Shoppers World. Store #100037, Phone: (416)686-8585.

    Item marked on shelf for $7.00 scanned for $9.96. Caucasian white, young, female representative at “customer service” desk with name tag reversed (who refused to provide her name, but her sign-on may have been cashier 247) made us wait for over 15 minutes to see the Caucasian white male manager, who wore no visible name tag, and also refused to provide his name. It is interesting to note that the professional staff employees provided no unique identifier, i.e. no professional accountability.

    Caucasian white female representative refused to honour the publicly posted Price -accuracy -guarantee that purports to give wrongly scanned item for free (or even at posted $7.00 price after making us wait for so long ).

    When we politely requested the store manager to Cease and Desist from repeatedly interrupting us, he replied: “Goddamn nigger! I will get security guard to kick you out of my store”.

  6. Last week , Feb 15th…my husband was at Orillia store which is always fabulous. He bought a family pac of veal. There was 2 layers of veal much to my surprise so immediately , I wrapped 4 pcs in Saran & continued with the the pkg s. 3 x 4 pcs, 1 with 3.
    On Thursday, Feb 21, we defrosted one pkg of 4. Meat appeared dark. My husband said …can you check this, it does not look like what we bought before.
    I smelled it, kind of was reluctant but breaded it & fried 2 mins per side. When we tasted…it was totally off.
    Thru it out along with the rest.
    It was $21 …did not break the Bank, however, it was a real disappointment.
    This is not at all what Metro usually delivers to it’s customers.
    Please investigate for us.

  7. Leah Morrigan Reply

    Hello. I am writing with complaints about your store and your corporation. I shopped at the Metro on Gould Street in Toronto within the last hour, and I was really disappointed that the person who rang my food through didn’t make a move to put the food into the bag I brought with me. I thought that Metro had environmental policies – these should include the encouragement of shoppers bringing their own bags and the staff helping to fill them with the food we buy for inflated prices at your store.

    Second, when I went to call to tell customer care about this at 1-800-361-4681, two calls were dropped and when I felt I was getting through, there was no indication that I was on hold and that someone would be with me shortly, so I hung up.

    This is abhorrent customer service.

  8. Let me start by saying that customer care is obviously an oxymoron. But here I go again. Could someone tell me if the Metro store at Strouds Road in Pickering Ontario is going out of business or is it just the worst managed store in your chain. How is I go there more than once a week and am constantly stumped by the fact that what I need is never on the shelf. Management must be on permanent vacation, stupid or just very bad at the job. The cashiers are amazing and I have know some of them more than 30 years but whoever runs the place is absent even when present and can not keep up with the job requirements.

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