Contact of Meliá Hotels Intl customer service

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Contact Melia Hotels International: Find below customer service details of Melia Hotels in Spain and worldwide, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers an overview of the hotel company and its services. Reach the Melia Hotels customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Melia Hotels Head Office
Gremio Toneleros, 24. Polígono Industrial
Son Castelló. 07009 Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Phone: (34) 971 22 44 00

Melia Hotels Customer Service
Phone: 902 14 44 40 (Spain)
Phone: 0808 101 4566 (UK)
Phone: 1-888-95-MELIA (USA)
Email: [email protected] (for group booking)

International Contacts
Argentina: 0 800 666 0493
Brazil: 0800-892-1356
Canada: 1-866-902-9685
Denmark: 8088 0781
France: 0800 919 130
Germany: 01-802-12 17 23
Ireland: 1800 553402
Italy: 800 788333
Mexico: 01-800-90-63542
Portugal: 0800 834038
Sweden: 800 76563542
Switzerland: 800563410

About Melia Hotels International
melia hotels internationalMelia Hotels International is the largest hotel company in Spain and the third largest in Europe. Headquartered in Palma, Majorca, Melia Hotels serves more than 25 million guests each year and has more than 350 hotels in 40 countries. Formerly known as Soi Melia Hotels and Resorts, the brand today is reported to be the world’s largest resort company. It employs close to 39,000 people worldwide. It’s associate brands include Paradisus Resorts, ME by Melia, Gran Melia Hotels & Resorts, Innside By Melia, Tryp Hotels, Sol Hotels and Club Melia.

Guests can book a Melia hotel by destination or hotel name. Countries where you can find Melia hotels include Austria, Argentina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK, Argentina, Mexico, US, China, Indonesia, UAE, among others. Every property listed on the website offers detailed hotel description, photos, rooms and suites types, reviews and services and facilities such as parking, WiFi, restaurant or airport shuttle. You further have a map, location and contact information to assist you with your booking. For cancellation or refund policies contact the hotel or the Melia customer service.

You can access your booking online or make changes to the itinerary without having to call the customer service. Join the MeliaRewards loyalty programme to earn and redeem points. There are three tier levels that come with a range of benefits. Members enjoy exclusive prices, exclusive online check-in, priority access at check-in, discounts with partner companies, among others. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Melia Hotels customer service.

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  1. I am currently staying at the Melia Fuerteventura and unfortunately the service is very poor. I went to breakfast this morning with my two children (0 and 3) and sat down next to the buffet to keep an eye on the children while getting food. Only one waitress was in the room and I asked for a babychair for the little one. She pointed across the room and said lady, over there. I asked here to get the chair for me but she ignored me. So I let the little one in the stroller and went to the coffemachine. There were no cups next to the machine. I realized you have to take the cups from the table, but there were no cups and glasses on our table. So I asked the same waitress if she could bring cups and glasses, but she ignored my request (or did not understand). I got angry and took the cups and glasses from another table and asked her if I have to get everything myself. She said yes and run away which made me more angry. I was wearing gloves which are obligatory when getting something to eat because of the Coronavirus and I touched her with one finger at the back. As I am 1.80 tall I still managed the 1 m distance to her and I was wearing a mask but she started shouting that I touched her and embarassed me in front of the other guests. I am not a picky person at all but this is a behavour I cannot tolerate as a guest.

    Moreover our room is not good. It is cold, there is no heating and no blankets are provided. The fridge was not working (but at least somebody came to check on it) and not all lights in the room are working. Renovation of the room would be necessary.

  2. I guess this is the site I should have read prior to purchasing…I stayed at the PARADISE CANCUN in Cancun Mexico….this hotel promotes and sales amentities it does not deliver on….the service is poor and I would not recommend or return to any hotels/resorts under this name…I will not bother typing a the long list of disappointments I just want state I do not recommend this establishment.

  3. We stayed at Melia Danang Vietnam 10-16 March. Due to coronavirus our flight was cancelled so we had to leave Melia one day earlier by other flight. For us it was already 5th cancelation of the flights during our trip, and all other hotels stepped into ours shoes and refunded 100% of non-cancelable booking withing one day. While Melia refused to refund for 1 last day, consisting that it is not Melia’s fault for coronavirus and for the fligth cancellation. Moreover, the manager was almost laughing into my face , while me speaking about loyality to the clients during such difficult time as coronavirus pandemia. And for the question why Melia cant refund just one night the only respond was “we cant refund you because it is not our fault for coronavirus and the fligth cancellation”.
    It is not just total lack of loyalty to the clients but pure rudeness while laughing into the face of the client during such difficult time! Never Melia chain again, never!

  4. We stayed at Melia Ba Vi, Vietnam for 3 nights. The place is gorgeous but the service was terrible. I’d like to know what the cost of a laundry bag is since the reception staff made me take out the laundry bag I had taken to put my dirty clothes in, during check-out, in front of other guests. It was embarrassing to say the least. I’ll be sure to never stay at a melia again. However, if you wish to get world-class customer training in the hospitality sector, you can contact me and I can train your staff in customer service.

  5. Soraia Rodrigues Reply

    I just left your Meliã Saidia Beach hotel last Friday. I t was a nice experience regarding all the negative reviews I had read.

    I would like to leave you a few suggestions, so you can improve your services:

    – At the main restaurant:
    – you have to make sure everyone has plates (clean plates!) to eat. If the hotel is full booked you have to guarantee you can provide for them all.
    – Tables and floors have to be clean, and not “sliding” with grease or detergents.
    – I understand not choosing towels, it’s smart for hygiene, not ok for a 5 star hotel. Maybe you could use tablecloth at dinner time at least.
    – grilles only on the other day, and not much choice. Please correct these wrong.
    – I am a vegetarian, because of the morrocon food I usually always had choices like beans and lentils, but that was all. Yo have to make sure there is a strict vegetarian option. Perhaps a vegetarian section would be nice. With no salads with ham or shrimp in the mix. At breakfast, it was worst – not soy/oat/almond drink, not even one kind of soy yogurt, many cheeses and hams…
    – You have to make sure the animation staff has a designated spot to eat. Although they are all really nice and polite, I don’t think it’s appropriate for them to seat with guest during meals.
    – Thematic restaurants:
    – I enjoyed them, nice staff, but yet again… no vegetarian options… nowadays it’s inadmissible.
    – Drinks:
    – Yes, I understand it’s a different culture, but guests don’t have to guess what kind of alcoholic drinks you have at the hotel. We suppose we have everything and can ask anything. We had to juggle to see what the bartender knew or could arrange. If you had a simple list with a few alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks it would be easier for us and the staff.
    – The last two nights I stayed in, one of the bars, the one next to the show closed for lack of drinks ans coups. Really???? Never saw this happening anywhere in any hotel in the world.
    – Bottles of water – Please change the ones you have for bigger ones at least of 0,5L. People need to stay hydrated and the environment does not need any more plastic.
    – Towels:
    – The man by the pool should have a closed space with the towels, with many towels and not only 10 or 20 at the time. He was probably the most unpleasant man working, as his spot is the way to the pool bathroom, he even turns around to look at women. Not a professional at all. And how is it possible that in his day off there are no towels? No substitute for him?
    – Photographs:
    – There is not one single photographer in Meliã Saïdia Beach. Nowadays resorts provide photographs taken professionally organized by room number that guests can choose to buy at the end of the stay.
    – Animation Team:
    – They have to be dressed the same all the time. Usually they always dressed Meliã clothes but weren’t always coordinated.
    – By the beach you have to identify properly the Meliã team, the staff there seems like random boys from a local gym, not interested in the guests at all.
    – Shows. Or lack of them. How is it possible that there is NO show. Asking people to go dance on stage, doing miss or mister contest is no show, it would be a fun game to have by the pool or beach not by night. The excuse it was given to me was that the animation team didn’t have clothes… Once again: How is this possible? Am I at the local hotel or at international Meliã hotels? If there are no clothes at Saïdia you can ship them from anywhere. It’s July everything has to be smoothly cruising.
    – The dance club can not be near the rooms. Maybe you can purchase the beach club in front of the hotel and do it there.
    – Others:
    – Children. Familiar hotel. Maybe you could try with the help of a flyer or the animations team to tell parents to not have the children near the adults activities. Really inconvenient, not your fault.
    – No loung area in the beach. Our private beach is anything but private, we literally don’t have one just a sign that says it otherwise.
    – In my opinion you should have more European chiefs – bar, animation, food. Someone with lots of experience and with desire to change things.

    I have to say all staff is incredibly thoughtful. Always pushing themselves to do their best and bring a smile to the guest. Congratulations on your team, They don’t do more because they can’t. I was very spoiled by all.

  6. Scot Kearney Reply

    Just returned from a week long all inclusive stay at the Sol Principe Hotel in Torremolinos. We had a fantastic time. The hotel is spotlessly clean, the staff very helpful and the facilities and location are excellent. Well done to everybody involved there. We will be staying there again next year and for many more years to come.

  7. I booked a trip to one of your hotels in the Dominican Republic. I have emailed regarding this booking and have yet to hear back from anyone. I was instructed that to change my itinerary requieres me to send an email to a specific mailbox. The fact that I can book a trip over the phone but cannot change my itinerary with a phone representative is backwards customer service. I’d love to continue to give you my business but your customer service has to do a better job at responding to emails, the company has to work better at having the ability to change clients itinerary without an email request (that process is so informal and takes away from personalized service), and finally have empathy.

  8. Paul Anderson Reply

    Stayed at Hotel Madrid Chamartin on Saturday June 1st 2019, 3 X Adults.
    We had the pleasure of paying over 750 euros for 1 night.
    I am a 62 year old , my Son and his friend are both 30 years old. We stayed for the Champions league final.

    The room was dirty, looks like the wall mirror hadn’t been cleaned in months !
    There was no tea coffee machine, it looks like it had been removed?
    The shower did not work correctly, it was going hot and cold and to make matters worse the shower broke. ( PHOTOS)
    The was no cleaning products, soap etc.
    The tiles around the shower where broken. (PHOTOS)
    The beds where uncomfortable, especially the spare bed that was rocking side to side !
    NO breakfast !
    The fridge was empty.
    The lady on reception was ignorant, she took a not of our complaints on a scrap of paper and shrugged her shoulders!

    below are the costs of a Saturday night in July 2019, taken from you website;

    -39% NOW!

    Spacious, bright and comfortable rooms available with three beds. With views of the garden, the pool or the mountains north of Madrid, these rooms are equipped all the services and facilities you need to make your stay in Madrid unique.

    See more
    Only one room left!
    FROM 201.64

    123.,Average price per night/room

    Taxes included

    Prepayment online Non-refundable if cancelled -39% off
    See conditions
    Total price
    Payment at the hotel Free cancellation
    See conditions
    Total price
    Prepayment online Non-refundable if cancelled -39% off
    See conditions
    Total price
    Payment at the hotel Free cancellation
    See conditions
    Total price

    I am looking forward to your response,

  9. C J Milroy Reply

    Before publishing my objective and factual account (including photographs) of our stay at The Red Level Gran Melia Resort Palacio De Isora (November/December 2018) on Trip Advisor I thought I would provide the opportunity for the Melia Group to respond via this website.

    Since retirement, we take about 6 holidays a year and generally stay at 5 Star Hotels. We often return to the same place year after year. We decided to book direct with Melia to stay at The Red Level Gran Melia Resort Palacio De Isora and for our first visit decided to book what I would call an ‘entry level’ room with a Bed and Breakfast choice and to then decide to either upgrade on arrival or if deciding to visit again in the future.

    Quite often we decide to book a room which is not sea facing or is located in a quieter area of the Hotel. These rooms are often the ‘entry level’ rooms. We live near to the sea so a sea view isn’t our priority. We also like to retire to bed early and so opt for a room away from sources of noise. We also do not look for or need a larger room – we spend very little time in our room whilst on holiday. However, for certain aspects of our holiday such as food establishment choices and quality we are very discerning.

    We arrived at The Red Level at around 12.30 pm and were greeted with a smile and a glass of house Cava. A gentleman came to process our check-in. We presented our paperwork and he disappeared to his desk. He returned and proceeded to provide a very poor introduction to the Hotel facilities etc… I have to say he treated us with disdain. I am sure his attitude was based upon our room choice/booking. This person made ‘assumptions’ about my wife and I. This was a big mistake and error of judgement on his behalf. Later in reception I witnessed a completely different attitude and attention to other newly arrived guests.

    It was 12.30pm. He announced our room was not yet ready and that check-in was 3pm. We had travelled from the UK starting at 4am. He offered no opportunity to freshen up in a courtesy room – nothing whatsoever! This is meant to be a 5 Star exclusive Hotel. He pointed to what we found was the Liquid Garden and said you can have lunch there. This was our first time at the Hotel – we had been up since 4am. It was very poor.

    We returned to reception after 3pm and waited to be taken to our room. We stood and waited whilst others where attended to for 15 minutes. Finally, a porter took us to our room.

    The room didn’t give the impression it had just been cleaned as you would normally smell cleaning fluid and spray etc… On initial inspection, the room appeared acceptable. However, as the holiday progressed it became apparent that the room was in a filthy state with regards cleanliness. This isn’t the day to day cleaning routine, it was the areas not covered by this ie under the bed, behind curtains, along skirting etc…. Two days before checking out we had an infestation of ‘mites’ in my bedside drawer with said ‘mites’ crawling all over my clothes (underwear etc…). These ‘mites’ escaped onto the floor and this is when I saw the disgusting state of the floor under the bed. I cleaned it myself – this is meant to be 5 Star!! – I am cleaning my own room! It is the dirtiest room I ever stayed!

    We reported this to reception. The next day the room was given a better clean but the inherent dirt remained. They sent us a bottle of house Cava as if this made everything acceptable!! Oh ‘’sorry about the state of your 5 Star room, here is a bottle of cheap Cava’’.

    With regards other aspects of the Hotel –

    • Service from serving staff is good
    • Pool and garden lounging areas are good and very clean
    • Hotel restaurants are average with regards food and very poor with regards value based on quality
    • The Liquid Garden is not fit for purpose to serve breakfast

    In summary, the experience we had at check-in and the state of our room was completely unacceptable. Now when I reflect on the photographs that I took, I can’t believe how dirty the room was. I repeat, you cannot make assumptions about your guests based on the room/tariff they have booked. If you set out to offer 5 Star exclusive accommodation then this must be consistent across the whole Hotel and not just certain areas and rooms.

  10. Sandy Maguire Reply

    Currently staying at Melia Orlando Celebration Suites. The music playing constantly around the pool is at a noise level close to what you would expect at a disco?? For goodness sake, why. Turn the noise pollution down.

  11. Adeeb Kamal Reply

    My wife and I stayed at Sol Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Coco, Cuba from June 29 to July 6, 2018. We stayed at room 1113. Not a single day did the maid come to clean the room or do the bed during the week’s stay. We had to beg a trainee customer service rep named Angel to ask room attendant to come and clean our room. Also, for the last 3 days we did not have any water. How are you going to compensate us for ruining our vacation ? (The hotel staff at the reception, bar and pools are very good).

  12. Jack Jacobs Reply

    Sittard, 2 June 2018

    Subject: complaint stay Melia Galdana Menorca
    Dear Sir / Madam,

    On May 13, 2018 we spent a 12 day vacation at the Melia Galdana 5 star hotel in Menorca. We chose this hotel because we had a wonderful holiday a few years ago in the Melia hotel in Istria. However, the stay at the Melia Resort in Menorca was very disappointing. It was not the dream vacation, as we had hoped …
    On your site is described that we should look forward to a first-class service, enjoy Haute cuisine, ideal for total relaxation. We have not experienced this in any way.
    During the check-in and our stay we were amazed that your staff has hardly any knowledge of the English or German language. For a 5 star first class service hotel we find it inconceivable that your staff certainly does not speak the languages at the reception and that it is difficult to get things across.
    Our first experience with your restaurant (and every day thereafter) was that it was too cold to enjoy the food completely relaxed. We were not prepared to the fact that we had to put on a long pants and thick coat to be able to have breakfast at all !! The heaters that were there (5 in total) were far too little to bring a little warmth to the restaurant. Moreover, windows and doors were often open and we were eating in the draft. This cannot be the intention in a haute cuisine restaurant ….
    Upon entering the restaurant we were only asked which room number we had and we could choose a table ourselves. A good morning or good evening could not get rid of it, there was never asked if we had eaten well and you were not accompanied to the table.
    It was busy and uneasy during dinner. Children ran from the table, jumped from benches and it looked like a playground instead of a restaurant. Just the moments that are so important to switch off and enjoy all that goodies were done away with, due to the unrest of the children. In a 5-star hotel, we expect that these kinds of scenes are anticipated and that guests can enjoy undisturbed. It surprised us for example that there was no children’s corner in the restaurant …
    Not only the guests (children) caused the unrest, but also your staff. The carts were constantly driven up and down to fill and clean up stuff. Of course this has to happen …. But do the plates and cutlery have to be thrown in trays?!? Do I have to wait for your staff, because they come running with a cart to keep up with the matter?!? Do I have to suffer from the denier of the wheels of the carts.
    The impression we received was that your management is totally not ready to operate a restaurant. The staff, including the management, were only busy with the restaurant and not with the guests. A good morning was hardly possible and no conversation was started. They were only concerned with ensuring that there was enough food and drink and crockery available and the guests were forgotten. We found it very uncomfortable and very impersonal and this is really not a 5 star service. It meant that we quickly ate our food and made sure to get out of this dove as quickly as possible … ..
    We would advise you to take a look at other Melia hotels and at your own beach bar. There is staff who are always attentive, that offers service and for which we give all praise. Why is it possible in that part of your hotel and not in the rest of the hotel?
    During check-out we were asked how we had experienced the stay. When we told them that we had not been so happy, the shoulders of your receptionist were raised and he turned away. There was no request at all, which we did not like or whatever …. Your manager was behind the receptionist and must have heard this. He turned and walked away !!!
    We have not seen a survey that is normally offered.
    Every day we have had this impersonal non-service-oriented approach of your hotel employees. We have chosen this hotel especially because of the previous experiences with first class service. Something you can expect if you pay so much money for a vacation!
    We are therefore very disappointed!
    Awaiting your response,
    Family Jacobs

  13. Anne Hayde Reply

    I have just returned from a week stay at Melia hotel Don Pedro in Torremolinos. The hotel is part of a complex of 3 hotels which includes Don Pablo and Don Marcus, It was very dissapointing to have my holiday rest and relaxation disturbed by constant repair and maintenance work being carried out at the three hotels. I had to ask for a room change as I was woken up at 8 oclock in the morning by workman drilling and chipping away at masonery, thus disrupting a day of my stay with having to move my clothes and belongings. It is a great shame that Melia Group have no respect for their clients hard earned holiday money being spent in search of peace and rest. I have to say that the hotel and entertainment staff worked hard to provide the 4* environment advertised and the hotel was very clean and provided a lovely breakfast buffet, it is a great shame they are let down by whosoever is responsible for management of the upkeep of the site.

  14. richard bourke Reply

    I have a reservation at Gran Melia Don Pepe .
    arr: 10/05/2018 dep :22/05/2018

    When I go into my melia rewards account number 6205915J I am unable to find any record of my reservation. The reservation number given to me by the Don Pepe Hotel is 1801404378 .

    Please deal with this matter for me.

    Kindest wishes,

    Richard Bourke.

  15. Scott James Reply

    Sol sure as coral, Cuba. However, this hotel is far below satisfactory.we reserved a junior suite.

    The air conditioning did not work, making for sleepless nights, with young children.

    The air conditioning switch moved on the wall.

    There was no handle on the patio door, and no way of locking it, hence an extreme hazard to the children, being on the top floor of the hotel.

    The light had alive circuitry which was exposed.

    There was a screw in the doorframe as you entered the room, which our children caught their face on, they were very lucky to not catch an eye!

    The shower did not work, the bath only filled if you continually pressed the tap. The shower rail was broken. The sink leaked, leaving a constant wet, skippy and hazardous bathroom floor. We had no running hot water which we complained about daily to reception. Again to no avail.

    The toilet roll, towels and toiletries in the room were simply not replaced during the stay.

    The floors and surfaces were dirty, hairs and sand profuse.

    There were no draws in which to put clothes.

    The kettle in the room had a European plug, not compatible with Cuban electrical points.

    The flush on the toilet often did not work.

    The telephone in the room did not work.

    We raised this with staff, but comprehension of English proved problematic. A lady from customer services named Yolanda, finally intervened and sent a workman to the room. He shrugged his shoulders, spoke in Spanish and resolved nothing.

    The hotel generally had plastic cups and rubbish in communal areas.

    The public toilets never had toilet roll, the hand towel and hand driers were not functioning. This alone is a major breach of hygiene regulations and disgusting.

    The pool sun beds were broken and never clean.

    The buffet restaurant service was horrendous. At the meat counter there was a plate for tips, if you did not put money there, you were left to waits whilst others that did got served, inevitably you would give up and move on without the meat.

    Tables were wobbly, dirty, and never laid out with cutlery, spoons and saucers were a delicacy!!

    Plates were in scant supply and often chipped, a medium for bacteria.

    Pastries were stale.

    Reception staff were rude and unhelpful.

    The process for making meal reservations was duplicitous, time consuming and again staff unhelpful.

    The pools were dirty, with a plethora of debris lying across the pool floor.

    The mini club was never open or staffed.

    The gymnasium cardiovascular machines were out of order.

    The jacuzzi and sauna were both out of order.

    We have been advised by the hotel that mas reward points will not be honoured for this stay, as they are not valid for Cuba hotels.

    These facilities were all part of our reasoning for choosing this hotel. The facilities were not available as advertised and a clear breach of contractual obligations.
    this hotel description is in clear breach of all contractual terms. The supply of goods and services is not compliant with legislative governance. We suggest that a melia inspector visits this hotel without delay, and there is a need for a managerial overhaul.

  16. Robert Irlicht Reply


    I stayed at the Melia Cohiba in Cuba for 3 nights in March 2018.

    I was quoted a firm amount for the stay in USD. I was advised that the hotel would add 3% if paying with a viza card.

    I was charged in excess of the agreed amount plus 3%. Additionally I was charged a separate amount of USD$103.00 for no apparent reason.

    I allege that this unconscionable conduct. Be very careful if staying at Melia resorts!!! There are plenty of alternatives!

  17. Josie Didiano Reply

    I just wanted to know why I could not collect points for my stay at the Melia Jardines Del Rey in Cayo Coco Cuba. I was told that the Cuban Hotels cannot provide points for the clients that have a points card#. Kindly confirm why this is? My stay there was from Jan. 17th to Jan. 28th 2018. It was very disappointing to hear this from Client Services at the hotel!

  18. roy schofield Reply

    We stayed at the Melia Jardine del ray in Cayo Coco Cuba.I think they opened the hotel too soon. The grounds still need a lot of work. I felt they were understaffed,some staff acting as if they did not want to be there. You had to line up for everything. Only 1 toaster for all the people.The buffet food was always cold,coffee only lukewarm.Our last day had no water and had small ants in the room. The beer was never replenished, only the water. We will not return.

  19. Dorothy Andrews Reply

    we recently stayed at the Melia les Antilles Varadero
    I have not stayed at one of your hotels before, but i expected it to be much superior than it was. The hotel is older, but clean, and the grounds were ok based on the fact hurricane Irma went through 2 months ago. However, my main concern and disappointment was the terrible food.It completely spoilt our 2 week vacation there. I have been to Cuba 9 times, and know the food is not the best based on their location, however, we have never had such cold, and dreadful looking food to eat anywhere. I know you have other hotels in Cuba, and so I cant compare this one to your others but, I cant believe you would approve of the quality and presentation of the food here. I thought maybe you have not had an unbiased appraisal here for a long time, anyway, I will not be recommending this particular hotel to anyone, but hope you will take this review in the spirit in which is it given, We love Cuba and its people, and want to see them achieve their best and be more successful in the future. We are planning our next trip to Europe next year, and will be checking out your hotels at that time,hoping for better success.
    Yours truly

  20. Patrick Keeble Reply

    I booked a 2 week stay back in January of this year starting on September 8th. I used my credit card to pay for room and breakfast at a euro cost of 1870. Payment was made in full, in advance. Upon arrival on Sept 8th the reception staff confirmed my booking and confirmed that payment had already been made in full. They then asked me for the credit card with which I made the booking which I duly gave them. Their response was that this was not the card as it had a different card number. I explained to them that in April my card had been replaced, and had been given a new number, but the card provider ( Capital One) remained the same. Your staff said that this was not good enough and that they needed sight of the original card. Patiently, I explained to them that that was not possible as the old card had been destroyed ( as required by any responsible credit card provider). However, your member of staff simply said that she still required the old card ! At this stage, I requested her to summon the manager, and a lady of around 28 years of age presented herself as the duty manager. The situation was explained once again, but she simply reiterated that it was Melia policy worldwide that they see the actual card with which the booking was made. When asked to explain why, she said it was because potentially I might be a fraudster who was using somebody else’s booking ! Naturally I was particularly upset to be accused of this, and pointed out to her that if I was a fraudster, then I was a very good one as, not only did I have a credit card in the customers name with the same card provider, but also had a debit card, driving licence, and passport to gain entry to Spain ! Furthermore, I was accompanied by my wife who had exactly the same means of identification ! By this point, almost an hour had elapsed since walking into reception, and we had yet to be offered a seat, a drink, let alone access to the room we had fully paid for some 8 months previously ! Her proposal was that she refund the sterling sum already paid to my ‘ old ‘ credit card account, and then re-charge me 1870 euros on my new card. This I flatly refused to do for 3 reasons – 1) it would undoubtedly cost me considerably more due to the unfavourable movement in the £:euro exchange rate since January .2) it would be time consuming and we had already wasted a lot of time in their reception, 3) it was totally unnecessary as they already had been paid in full . By this point, I was agitated and becoming extremely stressed. My wife was very upset and embarrassed by the manner in which we were being treated. I then proposed that if I contacted my credit card provider by phone, would they ( Melia ) be happy to accept confirmation from my card provider that I was the customer and that simply my card number had changed. Your manager agreed to this. I phoned the credit card provider in the presence of your staff, and they heard me go through the various security questions. I then passed the phone to your manager and she spoke to the card provider. Eventually the phone was passed back to me and the representative from Capital One said that he’d confirmed everything BUT your manager required an emailed or faxed ‘ screenshot ‘ of my January card statement so that she had a paper-trail. He had refused to do this even if I gave permission as it breached data-protection laws. I then asked him to pass me to his manager who tried speaking to your staff member once again. But , she too got the same response, and so in a gesture of support for me in what had become an extremely traumatic time, she reluctantly agreed to fax across to the hotel a copy of my January credit card details + confirmation that my card number had been changed upon renewal in April. Finally, after 2 hours spent in your reception area we were finally shown to our room ! No bottle of wine was offered by way of a gesture of apology, not so much as a bowl of fruit ! We were simply left with a mumbled apology that Melia’s policies had inconvenienced us ! To cap it off, the following morning at 8am I received a call to my room demanding that I attend in reception to sign the document that had been sent by my credit card provider. Never in my many years of travel have I been so angry and stressed by a hotels treatment at reception. No greeting, but simply a 2 hour saga during which I am effectively accused of being a potential fraudster. If I’d merely ‘ held ‘ the room on my credit card it would make a little more sense ( not much , but a little ) but the fact is that you’d had my money for 8 months AND you confirmed you’d had my money. You simply placed me and my wife in an impossible and embarrassing situation in your reception area, and ruined for at least 48 hours the beginning of a holiday that we’d been looking forward to, due to the stress and anger you caused. To date, apart from writing to you, I have made my feelings clear via TripAdviser and Booking.Com. I have contacts within travel journalism, but before approaching them I will give you the opportunity to respond appropriately. I await your reply.

  21. Membership No 304982990A
    As from 4th July this year, we stayed at Tryp Bellver Hotel in Palma, we asked on check in if we could carry on or points till another stay later this year, we had 11,137 points. They said yes we could, card Jacqueline Bickerstaff Silver card.
    We did not receive an email from Melia to explain points would expire in July. We do not want to book our stay in October till you have looked into our reward points.

  22. Gerald Jeromin Reply

    I offer these comments here as my attempts to send via the melia site resulted in recurring “can’t send… technical difficulties…..try later”

    I just wanted to offer some observations about my recent stay at “The Level at Melia Caribe” in Punta Cana. I had reserved 2 rooms (Level Premium rooms) for the week of 26 July to 2 August 2017. We had stayed at the Reserve at Palma Real last year and thought we’d try a different Melia facility each year. I had specifically chosen these rooms as my son (20) and daughter (17) were coming on this trip. One of the rooms was to be theirs. The only room option in The Level section of the resort that had twin beds was this room category. I had included that request with the original reservation and sent a reminder to that effect the day before we traveled. In spite of that, when we arrived, there seemed to be unnecessary confusion as we had been given 2 rooms in the “Adult Only” section of the “Level”. This became an issue because of bed type and my daughter’s age (although she is more adult behaving than a number of people that we saw that were staying in the “Adults Only” section). This was eventually able to be resolved by changing rooms but should not have occurred to begin.
    I also have to question if my room assignment was even part of the LEVEL. I couldn’t help but notice on the day we left that our building (43) was labeled as “caribe tropical” but a number of the other nearby buildings across the pool and all the buildings in the Adult section were specifically labeled “The Level”. I don’t know if there was a difference in the rooms but we did seem to have the correct bracelet and access to facilities.
    We did meet our concierge at sign-in. We were supposed to meet her the next morning to schedule some activities (and we assumed hear a timeshare pitch). We had been given a phone number but no location to meet her. Calling the phone number we had been given by her resulted in no answer to the call. I also tried calling the VIP lobby desk number a few times during our stay but never had someone answer the phone. We did see her across the lobby by the restaurants once during our stay but that was our only other contact with the concierge during our stay.
    What seemed like simple questions became complex. For example, the lobby staff at the VIP lounge desk would not even be able to find out things like what would be the show in the theater that day.
    There is a lot of routine maintenance needed. We had adjoining rooms (4303 and 4304). In room 4304, I note the following issues. The entry door drags to a stop and you have to physically lift upward on the handle to open past 45 degrees. Our air conditioner blew air but did not cool. As we had adjoining rooms and left the door open between them, the air conditioner from 4303 had to cool both rooms. It worked well enough that it was acceptable rather than having a repairman under foot or changing rooms to non adjoining rooms. If the rooms were not connected, we would have needed to move to another room. The latch handle of the patio door was broken (but there was a second latch that functioned). There was a water drip from a bad seal on the toilet reservoir tank so water would leak onto the floor. The hallway closet door shrieked like a car crashing when you tried to slide it over.
    The week ended on an unsatisfying note on our last full day (Aug 1, incidentally our 30th anniversary). After breakfast, we left a “make up room” sign on both doors. Came back mid day and rooms not done. We just assumed other rooms were being done between checkouts and new arrivals. Came back at 4pm, rooms still not done. I went to desk to ask if things were running late or just missed by accident. I was advised that they would have someone there right away. Nobody had arrived by 6pm so we went to the bar and then had dinner. Things were done by evening when we returned but I assume would never have been cleaned if I hadn’t gone to the desk at 4pm. Also, when going to dinner that night, we found 2 of the restaurants closed. Tables and chairs were gone so I assume that it was a maintenance project. Not a big deal but if it would have been mentioned earlier in the week, we could have tried those restaurants at an earlier time instead of missing them.

    On a positive note, the restaurants and wait staff at all the other restaurants and bars were very good (not having the cumbersome need for reservations like the Palma Real next door was a huge improvement). Also, the staff at the dive shop were efficient and organized. The catamarans could use some work as it seemed there were always some out of service. I’m not sure if any of the things at the dive/boat shop are under Melia control or if it is all a contractor.
    All things considered, we would not return to the Level at Melia Carib Tropical. We were much more satisfied with the quality of the Reserve at Palma real last year (except for the clumsy dinner reservation issue).

    Jerry Jeromin

  23. Cheryl James Reply

    Hi am looking to book Melia Benidorm for family and friends next year.Unfortunately have read many reviews on trip advisor saying how awful the food is. That its cold and bland,vegetables are always over cooked.I know some people can be fussy eaters but their are far too many reviews for this to be the case. From people who have stayed many times before but are now saying never again. Was wondering if this is going to be addressed in future as the hotel itself and pool look fabulous. Would love to holiday there. In answer to the reviews the management seem to reply asking for suggestions. Dont think any further suggestions should be necessary. Thank you

  24. Mr Rocco Falzon Reply

    I and my family have stayed in the melia in madrid, we liked it so much, we chose again to use melia for our Dubai trip.
    I have been satisfied with most things here, apart from upon arrival, we arrived at roughly 1am, with our 7 year old son. There was a single hair in washbasin, it looked took big to be an eyelash if you can catch my drift, the bath wasn’t clean enough and one of the bathrobes had a yellow stain. We chose not to bother mentioning this as we had a busy schedule planned. A few days later though, my wife sprained her wrist whilst trying to support herself as she fell off the chair which had a broken leg. She and my son both burnt themselves on your hanging light in bathroom..we did decide to mention these incidents, my wife telephoned reception, they of course arranged a replacement chair to be brought to the room, but no apology until duty manager came to ask about her wrist, she also thanked my wife for her feedback about the light!
    Just while we are mentioning feedback, the breakfast we enjoyed until we had company (flies)
    The sauna/steam room was out of order when we tried to use it. Very disappointed with the flamenco performance on roof terrace; music didnt appear to be very spanish, dancing was ok, but football on the big screen seemed more interesting, after a few minutes she left. I asked if that was it and was told she would be back again, well I didnt bother to hang around, I think you should try somebody more authentic.
    My compliments just go to your housekeeping staff who were always efficient, polite and hardworking. But seems like your recption/customer service need to be more forthcoming in addressing customer issues. As far as I am concerned my case is unresolved and hope this will still be addressed appropriately.

  25. My family and I have stayed over the years with Melia. I have tried (unsuccessfully) today to repeat a booking my family (wife + 2 adult sons) have made i.e. 2 studios in the Sol Timor in Torremolinos. I was told today that our 4 night booking from (arr) Wed 12th July to (dep) Sun 16th July was “impossible” because “The system insisted on a minimum of 5 nights. So will we have to book with some other company?

  26. Mark Henley Reply

    I have stayed at the Melia hotel in alicante normaly on the leval however over the last month I have staid at the tryp gra sole hotel I am sorry to say the I have on both accasions I am so disapointed to start with on both times I did not have Internet as advertised on the second accasions I get told you have a problem why I got told differant the first time I don’t know , on this occasion again I have to move rooms because I could not get the Internet I also had to get some one to sort the safe out ,the bath did not work and again I can’t get access to the safe wasting more of my time ,when asked to speak to a manager I get no response is this how you treat your guests I have checked trip adviser and I am not the only dissattified customer all I can say is when I stay on the level I do not get any problems but this is a joke I look forward to your reply many thanks Mr Mark Henley ps I would give you my gold card number but it’s in the safe I cant open

  27. We just returned from our vacation at the Melia Las Dunas ( Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba ) from Jan. 23 to Feb.3 2017 res: 89331791. When we arrived at the reception to check in, we presented our MELIA MAS card and they immediately told us that they did not accept the use of this card. Therefore we were not able to collect any of the points and privileges that this card offers.
    Please note that we paid extra money to have a Premium room with a VIP bracelet. We were told that we would be placed in the adult section without children. This was not the case and we had to go back to the counter to have our room changed. We were also informed that we had the privilege to check out at 3:00 pm with the VIP bracelet, yet when we were confirming our check out time the day of departure, the front counter told us this was not possible. We were required to argue for a length of time to then be allowed to check out at 2:00 pm.
    During the first 7 days, we did not have access to hot water and on 2 different days we had no running water throughout the whole complex for a period of approximately 6 hours each time. This is not the kind of vacation that we were expecting from a Melia complex and we must say that we are extremely disappointed with our stay with Melia.

  28. Lori rankin Reply

    Booked trip with friends tonight. After receiving confirmation email we noticed the date had changed. I’ve been trying to get the dates corrected immediately, but after hours with no help decided to try customer service.

  29. Anthony Garson Reply

    We have stayed at the Melia Victoria in Palma Majorca and the Sensatori in Tenerife many times and have always enjoyed our stay with no complaints. However, we have just returned from a week at the Hotel Melia Salinas in Costa Teguise in Lanzarote and our holiday was spoilt because our travel hair dryer, which we always take on holiday, was taken from our room within the first two days. We reported it to the receptionists but we did not find them particularly helpful and it was never recovered. Our friends who occupied two other rooms had cockroaches in their rooms.

    We look forward to hearing from you regarding this unfortunate occurrance.

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