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Contact MeetMe: Find below customer service details of MeetMe, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers an overview of the social networking site and its services. Reach the MeetMe customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

MeetMe Head Office
100 Union Square Drive
New Hope, PA 18938
United States

MeetMe Customer Service
Phone: 1-215-862-1162 (general)
Email: [email protected] (for advertising)

About MeetMe
meetmeMeetMe is a social networking website that allows users to make friends through social games and apps. The service receives a chunk of its traffic from mobile. The website has over 1 million daily active users. Operated under MeetMe, Inc., the company is headquartered in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The company’s apps are available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone and comes in all major languages. The service was formerly known as myYearbook.

Members can sign up with email or link an existing Facebook account to get started. Through the service, users can make friends, date or even play video games. The service is free to join. To have a highlighted profile, users can purchase the ‘Spotlight’ services. MeetMe’s revenue model is made up of advertising, native advertising, virtual currency, and subscription. In 2015, the company had revenue of $56.9 mn.

MeetMe in fact is currently ranked among the top 100 social apps in 150 countries. It’s technology also allows users to discover people nearest to their location and in particular, those with similar interests. Registered members can search friends through location, age, or by online status. Using the settings option, users can further manage the notifications, premium services and privacy options. Under privacy, one can block users, restrict profile views, messaging, among others. For more information or queries on profile management, payment, technical problems or others, reach the MeetMe customer service.

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  1. I was logged out automatically! I was trying to get a help by asking to change password using my email however I never got any email sent to me for me to change my password. I am sooo upset! I don’t have any email address so I am pretty sure it’s the one I used when I signed up. This is so damn frustrating! Can someone please help me?

  2. I never made an account for this app but my husband was using my phone and I got an email from the site and there is an account with my name on it. I never made the account does anyone know how I can get it shut down or do I have to call customer care.

  3. Rod Shetterly Reply

    I was on the MeetMe site and got logged off said there was suspicious activity! When I tried to get back on it will not let me ! Keeps telling me that it is the wrong phone number! This is the only phone number I have! Would be nice to get back on I have missed several conversations now !!

  4. Just like everyone else, I was talking to someone on Meetme and it logged me out and I am unable to log back in. It says incorrect email or password and will not send a code to my phone. I did not receive any email advising why my account has been cancelled. Not good enough.

  5. So, a couple of days ago I was on MeetMe and I was kicked off the site. reasons unknown. I attempted to log back in and it said that my user password or name was invalid. I attempted to do a password reset, but it never emailed me the reset. It’s like the username never existed. I contacted meet me via email, and have not received a response. I don’t know if it is my account? Or meet me? So I tried to open another account, and the same thing. It says that username and or password is invalid. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. There are minors on this site there has to be a better way to verify people’s age and a better way to make sure they are of age that way people arent talking to kids and they are actually talking to adults

  7. I’ve been on it for a very long time. I was just chatting to someone. I’ve updated my iOS and cleared my whole phone cause I got a new one. So re downloaded the app, typed in my email and it says to confirm my number I need to type it in but under the box it has THE WRONG number. I’ve tried typing in the Right number and it won’t let me. I’ve requested a link to be sent to my email last night 3 times and 2 times today to reset my password and nothing.

  8. This website is total bullshit. I’ve been locked out of my account and made a new one only to be locked out of it the same day. I’ve requested a new password change and still doesn’t help anything. You can’t get in with anyone to freaking help you. Won’t be using this site again.

  9. I have been logged out of my account for some reason, and am unable to reset my password, and have received no help from tech support. I just want back into my account.

  10. I hate the fact you can get your refund back of someone use I recommend no one use meetme plz ppl don’t use that app it sucks they don’t rely to your email I done email them 3 times

  11. Sandra Timberlake Reply

    I have created profiles in the past .and i was hacked and think someone is using my says i cant create any more profiles under any email i try .this is frustrating and if you have any of my accounts in your site it is not me !!!!

  12. I sent many emails and no one has contacted me back I’m logged in and then it says I have to login again to view my diamonds and it won’t let me log in

  13. First off I’d like to just start with that I’ve had this account for at least eight years or longer. I originally signed up, when the site was still called my yearbook. It eventually was switched over to meet me and I have still loyal use the app over the years. Are use the app regularly to Live stream and communicate with new friends. I recently met their 80,000 diamond requirement to cash out to get $200. I have a screenshot of my cash out. I was curious to as when I was going to receive my money so I emailed meet me multiple times now to get the same response. Apparently my account was deleted. I have no idea if I will or will not receive my 200 for the amount of time I’ve streamed. Every time I asked them questions I get the same sentence saying that my account was deleted and them disregarding my questions. I find it very shady that the first time I’m able to cash out they delete my account so they do not have to pay me. I have gone on to multiple strangers lives clicked on them and literally seen people having sexual intercourse, but yet I’m deleted? This is very unfair. If you meet me did not want to pay people they should not have advertise that if you receive 80,000 diamonds that you could do a cash out.

  14. My MeetMe app shut down on me and when I logged back in I lost all my credits, diamonds, and favs and now recovering them is impossible. MeetMe customer service is difficult to contact.

  15. Got banned from messaging people because “people were complaining about my message content”. I had no idea that asking other members, what their interests were would get me banned. Yeah I’m out! ??

  16. I was talking to people as normal and I got kicked off the site for no reason saying I think you should look into this for me as its not fair as you can go through my messages and see this was before Christmas time and also I forgot my password when you have looked into this and please can you get back to me

  17. The one problem I’m having is logging in through my mobile device the website does not load correctly and if it does load correctly it will automatically in about a minute log me off and will not allow me to log back on this is happening with other mobile devices they need to do a more updated version of a website to where it does not cause this issue

  18. my account was blocked after some days i signed up..i complained and i was asked to change password and i did..and next is request for captcha or quick code..but am not seeing any code to add..and i find out that some guys in this site are after nudity and when u refused them..they report you…so this site has to be very careful in blocking people,they are blocking many innocent customers..please verify properly before kicking someone out of your site..thanks

  19. Dean Sargent Reply

    Every time I try to send someone else a message. There’s a little black and red box that pop’s up and it says Whoops! Something went awry! I can’t see the next message that pops up.

  20. I have been requesting to be removed from this site didn’t sign up someone else did. I’m in a relationship and it’s causing problems. Please remove me

  21. This website or whatever you want to call it is garbage. I have the same thing as many other people… locked out of our accounts and no help from support. Will be contacting the better business bureau and possibly the FCC about having this site shut down.

  22. Destinee Flores Reply

    Theres 2 fake profiles of me that I’ve been trying to get taken down for a few years. They’ve stolen Facebook pictures and posted them on this site. I WANT THEM TAKEN DOWN FOR GOOD!

  23. i’ve been logged out from three accounts only a few minutes after creating the account and it says i’m invalid as well as doesn’t send a resent email what do i do

  24. I’ve been blocked several times. For reasons and sometimes I see guys smoke and have sex right in front me. I was talking to someone and then I was blocked.

  25. The verification screen says my phone number is incorrect but I haven’t changed my phone number in 20 years. I had this problem before and I ended up not bothering with Meetme until 3 days ago. I got on and today ran into the problem with verification of account. Ridiculous! I had been talking to a couple of nice men and now nothing.

  26. bruce anderson Reply

    there was an error in the email address i used to register for meetme and i now have been log out and i dont know what do now i keep receiving messages and notification but i cant log in ,i have also sent my email so the error could be corrected but yet they keep telling me a code has been sent , i want to know if i have lost my account or if something can be done ,

  27. Tara Oakes Reply

    I’m locked out of my account. I have been for like two months now. It’s annoying. I’d like to be able to login and talk to my friends that I’ve made on there and can only contact through there. It tells me to verify my account. I try to verify. I’ve typed in my cell phone number and it keeps telling me that my phone number is invalid. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY.

  28. I am having the very same problem. Did anyone get back to you ? How come scammers are still on there. I read up that your randomly asked to verify. My login was through Facebook, that’s how I came to be on meet me. I bet there will be nothing done. I have been chatting to a nice guy and he’s going to be thinking I have washed my hands of him. I’m not happy that this has happened. How come I can still login to Skout.

  29. Meetme’s customer support is lacking. I have 2 accounts, both of which are locked out due to “suspicious activity”. I’ve gone through and changed the passwords but when it reaches the Verification screen, it rejects my both cell number and home phone number(which I’ve had for over 7 years and over 14 years respectively) as invalid.
    Attempts to reach Meetme by phone result in being referred to using the support email, but multiple emails over several months have yet to receive any reply.
    I’ve been a member since 2008, and I’m not impressed with how things have gotten with the website.

    • I’m having a problem when I’m asked to varfiy my number I get number invalid how the heck my number can be in valid I don’t understand. Has this every happen to anyone besides me?? What did you do about it?

  30. Somehow on my phone app, you have blocked me from my orignial profile. Then I had to make two more and cant even get into any of them.. I have not done anything distasteful yet you let women ask on there to get paid for sex? Then when I try and contact customer service I get no help let alone a link to reset my password, but you keep sending my notifications of people that want to meet me or get message me?

  31. Another person profile disappear during my typing response. I think maybe I accidentally pressed something wrong. could I get that person back? If I blocked him /accidently/ how I can unblock him?

  32. Received email as below:
    We’ve found some suspicious activity on your account and have flagged it potentially compromised.
    Your account has been temporarily blocked as a security precaution.
    To unlock your account, please click here to reset your password.

    I did reset my password multiple times. but still message throws as invalid logon. Please look into this issue or advise what to do next. Thanks

  33. I got banned from meet me months ago for doing something distasteful on a bad day. Yet there has been discussions in length over killing white people, and the site allows bots on their to scam people. Where do you draw a line?

  34. Can somebody justify why I’m banned from meet me live,and how my comments are inappropriate because I don’t understand why and who reported me

  35. Fiona Johnson Reply

    This site has gone way down hill. Used to be such a laugh with people chatting on the news feed.It now has live streaming so you can watch people’s cam! Apparently it’s monitored but it’s not because I’ve seen couples having sex, a guy shooting crap into his arm, a woman smoking a cannabis bong & a woman playing with her fanny. Still alot of scammers & still alot of people sending rude pics but nothing gets done about all of the above. Certainly not a site for meeting people!

  36. I am having a hard time getting on it keeps saying it needs my number to verify thennitbsays its invalid what’s the deal but I’m still getting notifications

  37. To Whom It May Concern
    I did not register nor created a profile on Meetme, so needless to say I cannot delete something I never agreed to or created.
    I constantly get spam mail from people checking out my profile and wants to meet. The email address all the spam is being send to is my work email, so if this do not stop with immediate effect you will leave me now choice but to take legal action.
    I see this as an intrusion of my privacy.

  38. I got kicked out of the app when I was chatting with someone who I was interested in. Then I went to login to the dating site it said wrong email or and app. Then I go to get and change the password, the site is asking me for the old password which I would not know because I login with my Facebook account. So help me out here..

  39. Barbara Diane Watson Reply

    I am having a hard time signing in and also changing my password. Everything was attached to my Facebook. And so when I try to apply that password as my old it doesn’t work. Please help.

  40. You’ve had me locked out for 3 days saying my cell isn’t a valid number. Funny you continued to send alerts to it the entire time. I’ve emailed tried calling and filled out your stupid vitrifaction form so many times it’s mad me crazy. Not to mention that this may have been my opportunity to find some one. Yeah I’d like to meet some body that sets standards for you sorry excuse for customer service. Have them give me a call, Bob Platt 541 944 4323 I’m sure that the call will go through. I’ve had the number for as many years as I’ve tried to enter your site,

  41. I have been locked out of the site. I got an email that said that it was flagged and to reinstate I needed to get a passcode and reset password which I did. Then it made me change the password which I did. They when logging in it asks for another passcode and asks for a phone number to text another code. But whenever I enter my cellphone number it says it is not valid. I have tried several different cell numbers and none of them are valid but they are all correct. So how am I supposed to correct this. There is a button for problems on this point but it never goes anywhere. The customer service or should I say lack of customer service or return emails is pretty non existent. Please either release the restrictions on my account or give me some advise on how to correct it.

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