Contact of McDonald’s South Africa customer service

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Contact McDonald’s – South Africa: Find below customer service details of McDonald’s, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
85 on Grayston, Grayston Drive,
Sandton, South Africa
Phone: +27 11 236 2300

Customer Service
Phone: 0860 0000 40
Phone: 0860 623 623 (McDelivery)
Email: [email protected]

About McDonald’s South Africa
McDonald’s was first introduced in South Africa in the year 1995. Today, the fast food restaurant chain operates more than 200 restaurants across nine provinces. Employing over 10,000 people, the restaurants serve close to 8 million customers each month. Besides South Africa, McDonald’s has operations in other major regions around the world. It operates in close to 37,000 locations worldwide.

If you want to locate a McDonald’s South Africa outlet nearest to your address visit the website. You can also get information on franchising and promotions on the homepage. You can also download full menu while there. Did you know, you can order a McDonald’s burger for delivery online. You can pick an item from the menu, proceed to payment and input delivery address.

The menu includes Chicken McMuffin, Egg McMuffin, Hotcackes, Sausage McMuffin, Big Mac, Boerie Double, BBQ Beef Double Burger, Cheeseburger, MegaMac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets, Grand Chicken McChicken, Fillet-O-Fish, Green Salad, Fries, Shakes, Sundaes, Hot/Cold Drinks, among others. For more information or queries on store locations, menu, home delivery, or others, reach the McDonald’s South Africa customer service.

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  1. Just had the worst burger I have ever been served at McDonald’s….Bun was stale, over cooked patties and dry as hell and to top it off no sauce. I am a regular and this is a first for me.

  2. Bad service. So I just bought a Two happy meals for delivery (was still at work) I had to leave the cash with the security because I had duties to complete. 10 min after leaving the money with security the driver called telling me that he’s outside and even asked for a tip.
    Time to leave I found my order on the front counter each meal in its box no take away bag nothing juice was nicely next to the boxes. Poor service then people have the audacity to ask for a tip. I even took a picture so wish I can share it here..
    McD Middelburg CBD Mpumalanga

  3. I visited the McDonald’s in Golden Acre Cape Town, I had a very bad experience as I waited so long for my order. Ended up going to ask for it and when I was asking non of the crew was interested to tell me what happened with the food I ordered. I ended up canceling my order as hungry as I was.

  4. Good day

    I have had a very bad experience at McDonald’s Brackenfell on 19/03/2021. I was standing in the drive thru since 18:55 to about 19:15 for some ice cream for my wife and I, just to get to the intercom and find out that there is no ice cream. I then went inside to ask the manager to please atleast put up a sign or something to inform the customers about the broken ice cream machine. I was then told that they are not allowed to put up signs. I feel this policy totally disregard the customers time and is not what I expect from mcdonalds.

  5. Terrible service @ McDonalds Karenpark Crossing in Pretoria North.,06/03/2021,18:11pm. My friend and I ordered a meal and added potato bites to it,we see our order number appearing on the “preparing” screen but eventually it disappears and as expected,we thought it would appear on the “come collect” side but that was not the case. We go ask the lady at the counter why it’s not appearing and she says “it will”.After more waiting,lady behind the counter comes with our food and tells us there is no potato bites so they are willing to give us fries but with extra charge, us:”extra charge when it’s not our fault that you guys let us order something that is not available?”. She then says we can give you a hashbrown or nuggets,my friend then says two hash browns rather,the lady behind the counter says she’s going to go ask the manager if that’s possible,she returns and says only one hashbrown is allowed,not two. Honestly never have I waited in line for my order for that long and witnessed such incompetence at a McDonalds.

  6. I am a regular customer of McDonalds (by regular I mean 3/4 times a week) I’ve downloaded the app because I use the restaurant often but I’ve noticed there are only beef meals that be on promotion with the app. There are many customers that do not consume beef due to religious purposes. Everytime I check the app hoping I’d see a chicken meal that I can order but I get disappointed everytime. Its amazing how you guys cater for a certain group of people but don’t cater for the other half of the people that don’t consume beef. So basically I have the app for absolutely nothing because I can never use it for something that I actually love!

  7. Takalani Nwashe Reply

    I am very disappointed with Mc Donald’s Pretoria west. I ordered large foldover meal at Mc Donald’s Pretoria west via drive through when I arrived at home to enjoy my foldover to my surprise the foldover is dry there is nothing in the foldover. there is no lettuce and no source just dry.

  8. Candice Moore Reply

    We visited the drive through McDonalds Carnival Mall to start our holiday. After being told there was no cappuccino we then were asked to park to wait for our order. After 20 minutes I went in to demand my money back. The manager was not even apologetic. We left without our food because it wasn’t even ready and our trip was delayed by 25 minutes. McDonalds will not see us again on principle.

  9. Tobeka Gule Reply

    Today, the 16 June 2019 I went to McDonald’s in Queenstown to get a meal for my kids. We placed an order through driveway with a not so friendly person and a very sarcastic person. He couldn’t even explain to me about the sauces you were offering with your burgers. On the screen when i finished it reflected that I had to pay 263 but to my suprise i was told by this same person that its 364. I gave the gentleman 2 200 notes who said he wont take another note bcoz your machines. This was a very dissapointing as it implies that you are a crook. He was with a short lady both they didnt have a decency of calling their manager

  10. Mr. B Fourie Reply

    Constant disappointing service at Mcdonalds, Ermelo. Incorrect orders and no service in the drive thru, staff just take a peak at you through the window and leave, I was standing in the drive thru, honking my car hooter and they still don’t come to take your order. I ended up leaving the drive thru without a meal.

  11. I took my 2 kids (10 and 11 years old) for a treat at McDonald’s Ormonde this afternoon at about 3:30pm. When I placed my order I was asked by the teller which drinks the the kids would like, I could not hear her properly and asked her to repeat the question, with a frown and some irritability she did. She then wanted to know my chose of drink, sensing her irritability I leaned over and explained that I was hard of hearing and that she should please repeat the question, to my surprise she seem to be even more irritated when asked to do so. I still could not hear her properly when she repeated the drinks chose so I just replied ‘Coke’ as my chose of drink in order to avoid further annoyance on her part.

    We finally got our order, had our meal and I left will a sense of unwelcomeness.

    The kids had their happy meal but I was unhappy.


    Details of Restaurant:
    McDonald’s Ormonde, Crownwood Rd, Ormonde, Johannesburg, 2091

    • Something needs to be done about the store in Vincent Park , East London, SA. I had to wait 30min for my order. The guy who was taking orders would also leave to go assist at the back. Apparently there were only 3 guys in total. When I got my burger it was burnt. And they did not put enough cheese toping on my chilli cheese fries.

  12. Hillbow branch has the worst service ever.l stood in the que for 30 minutes of the 3 tills only 1 was working and the staff were bjsy playing with each other at the back in front of the customers while the que was at the door already.when l got my food it was wrong order and when l finally got my order the food was cold .Mcfeast is my favourite burger but with that service l got ,think will try other competitors with good customer service.

  13. Peru Naidu Reply

    I just want to say that my complaint has NOT been resolved. It is Case INC- B29E7-53B9AE

    I only received a call from the Ballito Branch, from someone called Keketso. She said she was the manager. I told her that I will show her my invoice when I visit next time.

    I was not prepared to accept her apology

  14. Would just like to comment on the great service my husband and I received at the Meadowdale Mall on Saturday. It was so nice to be treated with such respect a quality you don’t often see today. Thank you restaurant no 1970363

  15. I’d like to find out the process of lodging a complaint of a local McDonald’s restaurant whose service is constantly disappointing and subpar.

  16. I have a complaint to make about your branch on Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town.

    The service there is disgusting and appalling. They take too long with the orders, sometimes up to 25 minutes. They staff walk around as though they don’t give a damn about the customers and they think that they are better. This branch is supposed to be 24 hours, but in the early hours of the morning they shut their doors and chase customers away that want to have breakfast. They don’t even have the decency to apologize for their behavior.

    There is no use to complain to their manager because they managers are either really clueless and just don’t care either and is just there to earn a pay cheque.

    This is very disappointing as I am a huge fan of the franchise. Something had better be done about this branch soon or there will dire consequences for this lousy branch.

  17. Samantha Carolissen Reply

    Good day

    I am highly disappointed when wanting to buy meals for my family on Saturday 29/09/2018 at McDonalds Greenpoint in Cape Town. (ended up cancelling the meals, only took ice creams for the kids, will not have my family get sick because of a well known fast food place being unhygienic)

    The place is invested with RATS, and no staff member or manager ( Siphamandla- manager on duty) knew about it, it is disgusting, the rats are running around there and also saw dead rats, took photos of it.

    How do you expect people to even go and buy food at that McDonalds? It is unhygienic and could lead to so many illnesses.

    I will not advise any of my family members, friends and colleagues to go there ever.

    As a matter of urgency, can you please do something about it?

    Can you please respond to this within 24hours, if not I will take it further.


  18. I bougt a nuggets meal yesterday (1 October) in the morning and was so disappointed as the chicken nuggets were hard, dry and could not be esaten by my 4year old grandson. I thought it was just a once off as I buy his often, late afternoon I tried again and the same problem. I visited the Roodepoort branch on Otdekkers rd – refer to order 1838 branch numer apperas to be 1970012

  19. Giovanni Di Cosmo Reply

    I have now for the the 2nd time in a week been let down with your delivery service. On the 24th Sept we placed an order which arrived 3hrs later needless to say ice cold. This evening 30th Sept we placed an order at 19:15 and its 21:00 and the food has yet to arrive, after phoning your call center and being put on hold for 5min i was asked to call back in 15min (at my call cost). I refused to call back and told the consultant that once he found out where i food is that he should call me back, again needless to say i was not called and the food arrived only at 21:15. ICE COLD!!!!!

  20. Good day to whom it may concern today i experienced or witness something absolutely appauling and horrifying at the mcdonalds store in tokai. I was there to purchase meals for my family when i saw one of the employees taking food to a drive through customer waiting outside as she walked pass the counter she dropped the bag of food on the floor in front of a store full of customers she just picked it up a took it to the customer waiting in her car and with the customer none the wiser took the food and left i can promise you if that happened to me i would be on the line with consumer complaints department of south africa hence the reason i will never buy my food at a drive through because you dony know what they do with your food

  21. Good day,

    I went to McDonald Norkem Park on the 25 August 2018 at 10:49am we ordered 2 x mc chickens meal – well the staff were too busy talking and carrying that my food stood there for 10 minutes before they called my number and when i complained they just looked at me and carried on talking, i also got cream sodas and it was warm, the food was cold and awful that i gave it away to a homeless person. Order number 3180..The staff could not have cared less, and i was not the only person complaining at the time….I await your reply

  22. Nureen Dolley Reply

    Good day,

    On Friday 24/08/2018 I went to MacDonalds (Dolphins Leap in PE) with my family to order some Big Macs in all its different variants.
    I was told that the Big Mac Jnr as well as the Grand Big Mac were no longer on offer. Although it was still being advertised extensively in store. When I asked if the store would have stock tomorrow, the lady behind the counter simply said no, the offer has ended.

    Why then, was it still advertised so extensively in store. And why oh why did the advert run on TV on 25/08/2018?
    We were all so disappointed.

  23. McD is the best. Especially Ghandi Square, they have amazing crew. Please allow me to say this, the lady by the name of Peletina has been there for years now and she’s fast, good with customers, when I see her in front there by the counter I must come in to buy cause I know everything will be perfect, from the food and service. She derseve a promotion or an increase. She has to teach others how it is done. Thank you.

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