Contact of Mazda cars customer service

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Contact Mazda Motor Corporation: Find below customer service details of Mazda Motor Corporation, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for complaints or queries on Mazda vehicles, dealer locations, service centers, warranty, online shopping or other questions. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on Mazda’s products and services.

Mazda Head Office
Mazda Motor Corporation3-1 Shinchi, Fuchu-cho,
Aki-gun, Hiroshima, Japan

Mazda Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-222-5500

Other Contacts
Phone: 1-800-866-1998 (roadside assistance)
Phone: 1-800-639-1000 (dealer locations)
Phone: 1-866-984-7718 (loan support)
Phone: 1-800-945-6000 (Mazda Credit support)

International Support
Below are phone numbers of Mazda worldwide. Reach these numbers for new purchases, service center locations or other details.

Australia: 61-3-8540-1800
Belgium: + 32-3-860-6611
Canada: 905-787-7000
Czech Rep: + 800-900-994
China: 86-23-67458888
France: + 33-1-61-01-65-65
Germany: + 49-2173-943-0
Hong Kong: 852-2480-3363
India: 91-172-646655
Indonesia: (62-21) 2553-2800
Italy: + 39-06-60297-1
Japan: 81-82-282-1111
Malaysia: +60 (3) 7627 8888
Mexico: 1-800-016-2932
Netherlands: + 31-182-685-000
Portugal: + 351-21-351-2770
Russia: + 7-495-589-2480
Spain: + 34-91-418-5480
Singapore: 65-6363-3003
Turkey: + 90-212-336-95-95
Thailand: 66-2-664-4800
UK: + 44-1322-622600
UAE: 971-4-2994666


Mazda Dealers (USA)
Click here to locate a Mazda dealer nearest to your address. Dealer locations can be searched by state or zip code.

Online Store
To purchase Mazda accessories online click here. Interior, exterior and audio/electrical accessories can be purchased from the link.

About Mazda Motor Corporation
mazdaMazda was founded as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd in the year 1920. It is a leading Japanese automobile manufacturer with operations in over 130 countries. Headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan, Mazda is mainly into the manufacture and  sales of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In 2010, the company sold some 12,85,815 vehicles worldwide. After Japan, most of the sales were from North America, Europe and China.

Employing close to 50,000 people worldwide, Mazda for fiscal 2011 had net sales of ¥541 billion. Besides Japan, Mazda has production sites in US, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ecuador and Colombia. Mazda has a long and successful business partnership with Ford Motor Company. Both the companies formed a capital tie-up in the year 1979.

Mazda’s global network includes China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, Colombia, Mexico,France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, Bahrain, Israel, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, S.Africa, Zimbabwe, among others.

Mazda’s current product line-up includes Demio/Mazda2, Axela/Mazda3, Verisa, Atenza/Mazda6, Premacy/Mazda5, MPV/Mazda8, Biante, RX-8, Roadster/Mazda MX-5, CX-7, Mazda CX-9, Mazda Tribute, Mazda BT-50, Carol, AZ Wagon, Scrum Wagon and AZ-Offroad. As for the commercial vehicles, there are Bongo Van, Bongo Truck, Titan, Familia Van, Scrum Van, Scrum Truck, among others. For more information, visit the website or speak with a Mazda customer service representative.

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  1. Tshidi Tabane- shai Reply

    This is a follow up to my Facebook complaint lodged with you on 25 September 2019 that I have a problem with my model :2017 Mazda CX 3 reg JSX 628 NW , this problem started last year after I serviced it on 10 /07/2018 for 45 447 KM ,It was attended to Mazda Allen Jones and upon enquiry on what might be a problem I was informed that it is because of a dirty petrol , so funny in that particular day in the morning when I drove to work there was no indication of engine light however upon knock off when I switched on the engine there is it , same to the current problem ( engine light on ) it was serviced on 12/08/2019 for 75516 KM not is at 79 KM , it happened the same way as above , It appeared when I switch on the engine after work in the afternoon .

    I cannot keep on addressing same problem without any solution , and I strongly feel that Mazda if failing me in that when I called Allen Jones the guy whom I informed him that I have a problem while waiting for Jacaranda towing Co , raising the aforesaid facts said it might be caused by the petrol, they are closing at 17h00 , towing company had to keep the car overnight for storage , and was liable for transportation costs to Mazda Allen Jones , the receipt are forwarded via FB. The other issue which I raised with Mazda Allen Jones was that why this happens after service , I was informed that it has nothing to do with service.

    The only people who informed me that the car is delivered was Jacaranda Towing Co yesterday morning the 26 September 2019 , Allen Jones only sms me at 16h17 that “Tomorrow your Mazda will receive tender loving care and we look forward seeing you at Allen Jones” .what kind of service is this .

    It is very inconveniencing and problematic to drive a car which might at any time of the day it doesn’t matter where will I be : “engine light became on” while I am expecting to get value for the money I am paying, there should be service standard in that what service am I going to receive , is this problem going to be solved permanently , there should also be openness and transparency. What other avenues are in placed when I don’t have a car because of inconvenienced caused, and last year I was assured that it will never happened again.

    The other reason for my email , I gave it a deeper thought that I should have on record other than FB communication to be able to attach in case this matter is escalated which I put on record that I will escalate it should my problem not be solved.

  2. Ian Hill-Motion Reply

    I have recently purchased a 1987 Mazda Cabriolet, 1600, with which I am extremely satisfied with and intend restoring to its original condition.
    The vehicle is in excellent condition now but can stand additional work.
    I am unable to locate any information re this model on any site and have been told this vehicle is could be rare.
    I would appreciate any information about this model which was imported into New Zealand in the mid 1990,s.
    As an earlier Mazda satisfied owner, I would appreciate any assistance you could give me this time.

  3. Currently I have a Mazda CX9 which I bought in 2009 and mileage around 200k km. Recently I have experienced grinding, and stuttering and after i have sent to Mazda agent in Brunei, I was informed that the car have gearbox and transfer case issue and needs to be replace whole unit new. The cost offered is astronomical and more than the car value itself. I have asked Mazda, why do I have gearbox issue when I have 1) a much older car ie Kia Sorento (2003, mileage 450k km, Grand Vitara 1999, >500km), 2) perfect maintenance done by authorised Mazda 3) normal driving condition. Their response is normal wear and tear. So from what they are saying Mazda car is not reliable.

  4. Hi:

    I am a Mazda’s customer in Sydney Australia. I bought CX-5 in 2015 and CX-3 in 2017. Last month (16/07)my wife drove CX-5 to the Rockdale Mazda dealer for battery change. Today morning I received my wife call. The CX-5 is not starting. So I asked Road service to help her start the car. She drove directly to the Rockdale dealer again. The road service said this is battery problem. But new battery just replaced last month. The Rockdale dealer today check CX-5 and said the last month new battery is faulty so today have to change the battery again. It looks like funny? That is ridiculous. Rockdale dealer has authority from Mazda. Why the dealer’s performance is not professional? Why the tech didn’t check the battery last month? Why the unprofessional dealer is still serving every Mazda car? So every customer happy and appreciate the ugly service? I plan to sell my two Mazda cars. I can’t bear the unbelievable service.

    Ming Yan

  5. Ilona Kostecka Reply

    I’m very disappointed.
    Three weeks ago I smashed the tire in the new CX5 when I hit the curb. It turned out that there is also a bearing in the not very good stable. Unfortunately, this part is not in stock and it is not known when it will be available. It can be up to 1.5 months. In my opinion, this is not the best about Mazda. I bought the car for work and today I am immobilized because the replacement Ford Fiesta is not enough in my work. It is unacceptable that such a company would not be able to name such a trivial part, especially that it is available in Polish online stores. In addition, Mazda Poland does not answer phones and does not answer questions in this matter.

  6. Hany shoukry Reply

    Dear Mazda Japan,

    I own a Mazda 3, model 2017, I bought it from Ghabbour – Egypt on APRIL-2016, I have kept my Mazda in a perfect condition, regularly maintained it and servicing it at Mazda Egypt on every scheduled maintenance. Unfortunately, since approximately June 2018 a defect in my car’s Engine hood start to be noticeable which makes the car front look very bad and used. The defect is that the hood internal supporters become weak and loosening which made the hood affected with any external fact (pressure, click, ….etc.) I went to Mazda Katameya branch and when they checked the defect they assured that it’s because the internal supporters too. As the car was still in the warranty period, the customer service reported the case to Mazda Japan for approval, when he came back to me after almost a week he informed me that the case is approved and THEY WILL CHANGE THE PART ON THEIR OWN COST AS USED TO HAPPEN IN THE WARRANTY PERIOD! The problem was that the spare part were not available at that moment and I was promised to be contacted when they afford it! a four months later, I contacted the agent again to follow up on the spare part availability when they informed me that the engine hood part is now AVAILABLE but they won’t be able to change it! They will just try to fix by welding instead of replace. I accepted to fix it after they promised that the car front will look normal after welding! Unfortunately my mistake that I accepted to fix the hood internal supports as it looks fixed yes but the hood external looks very crimpy and not accepted to me. It is not just a matter of losing time and effort going back and forth to and from service center but also not getting the proper treatment and paid service. Even worse they are certain the fixing will affect the car front appearance and refusing to change the part at their cost. Finally I would appreciate your direct advise & follow up on my complaint, appreciate a direct contact with the Middle East’s general manager or higher to discuss the continuous pending issues with the car and reach a satisfying solution. Car chassis Number: 1335156 Motor Number: B72136 Thank you,
    Hany Shokry

  7. Disappointed with MAZDA car:

    I bought a Madza 3 2.5years ago, after driving Toyota for the past 2 decades.
    however, this new madza 3 has been giving me tonne of problems.

    since 1 yr back, the side mirror, on and off will malfunction. I hv to manually push the mirror or close the mirror, and the next day, it went back to normal.
    last week, on a rainy morning, the wiper not working. I hv to slowly make my way to the service center. asking the service center to replace my side mirror motor and wiper. at that time, the person did not even tell me the wiper is a recall issue until I received a letter after my service. and I hv to spend more than $60 on grab for my commuting. when I collected my car, I asked if they replaced my side mirror motor, but the lady didn’t answer my question.

    3 days after wiper issue, my car juz stopped in the middle of the highway. the rpm suddenly went up very high and quite stalled. and was asked to wait for more than an hour for the toll to come. I have to cancel all my customers’ appointments for the day.

    this car is only 2.5 years and it is already giving me so many problems. I am very disappointed with the car.
    this type of issue I hv never encountered in my 20years with Toyota.

    I seriously wonder… what’s next?? feeling very frustrated!

  8. BIKASH BAID Reply

    I had purchased a Mazda CX-5 Top Benzene model in last week of Nov 2018 from dealer Mazda City Lumphini at Rama IV road in Bangkok , Thailand. Since the beginning, the car has been giving insurmountable problems with the results being stoppages in the middle of the roads or highways in Bangkok, causing massive inconveniences and possibilities for dangerous accidents. The break and gear-box have been giving nonstop problems further causing risks while driving.

    The car has been going back and fourth from the dealer service center and they have assured me every single time that the issues mentioned above have been resolved. However, every time I have driven the car, the same issues arise in less than 24 hours with random stoppages in the middle of the road. According to the Mazda care plan, we are supposed to be given 3 years of warranty and change the car if the issues are unresolved.

    However, upon my request to change the car due to unresolved issues and safety concerns, the dealer has been noncommittal and extremely unprofessional in refusing to do so. As Mazda claims to be customer driven and service oriented, I have seen anything but this. It is rather shameful that the dealer has been adamant in refusing to grant me a new car while also not resolving the problems with the current one. This type of customer service is absolutely unwarranted and needs instant improvement if you want a sustainable future business. It’s been an absolutely frustrating 5 months with no viable solution coming forth.

    Details of the Car:

    Model Mazda CX-5
    engine no. PE10625055
    Chassis no. PP1KFA372JM003911
    Bought By: Bikash Baid

    Dealer’s address: Mazda City Lumphini , 1028/2 Rama IV Rd, Khet Sathon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10120, Thailand…Phone: +66 2 059 4488

  9. Mazda cars are the most beautiful cars. I want to buy Mazda but maintenance is very bad but we have in Saudi Arabia and the agent of Mazda Haj Hussein Ali satisfaction service maintenance is very, very bad here many use cars Mazda and if he went to the car maintenance agency takes a car sitting at maintenance for a month because of congestion on maintenance. We ask you to oblige the Mazda dealer in Saudi Arabia to have more than one maintenance branch in the city of Riyadh. Thank you

  10. Ahmed Farhat Reply

    Dears ,

    I would like to get your feedback for the Gearbox Oil change
    for MAZDA6 model 2014 Middle east .
    Is there any recommendation to change the oil ? in how many Kilometers ?

    Best Wishes.
    Ahmed F.

  11. Ivan Danilov Reply


    How can I contact Mazda Customer care as I want to raise complaint? tried to call number you provided on site but it doesn’t work from Serbia. I bought Mazda 6 Wagon in March 2017 (Serbia) and unfortunately in last 6 months I face issue with board computer which restarts several times each time I start the car. Car was 3 times at service, 2 times they were not able to diagnose anything and third time they found that some CMU unit is broke down and again I am waiting with no clear date when it will be fixed. Thanks for any instructions.

  12. Dear Mazda,

    My wife and I purchased a red Mazda CX-3 sTouring DK auto I-ACTIVE AWD demonstrator from Sutherland Mazda (Sydney, Australia) in March, 2017.

    We have owned mostly Subaru Foresters and several Mazda vehicles over many, many years and have been quite happy with them.

    This time we decided we should purchase a smaller vehicle, such as a Mazda CX-3.

    What a disappointment our CX-3 purchase was, in a number of areas. Here are the main points of contention;

    1. Its 2 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine is underpowered for this weight of vehicle and the engine itself is very noisy when the CX-3 is accelerating hard. It seems like the engine is very out-dated and primitive in operation. When driving the CX-3, we found the CX-3’s fuel economy to be around the same as the two Audis we own (an RS3 2017 and a Audi RS Q3 2017) even though the CX-3’s engine is rated at only 109kW/192Nm. Taking into account that all these three vehicles have demonstrated very similar fuel economies (during our daily driving), the CX-3’s engine compares very, very poorly indeed against our two slightly greater engine capacity (2.5 litres vs. 2.0 litres) turbocharged Audis, which have 294kW/480Nm and 270kW/465Nm performance, respectively. Sadly, the CX-3 is simply crying out for turbocharging, even if that would mean going to as small as a 1.5 litre engine. Btw, I test drove a Hyundai KONA 1.6 litre turbo AWD SUV prior to purchasing the CX-3. I chose the CX-3 mainly because the CX-3 is Japanese-made and it provided a smoother, more comfortable driving experience – and didn’t appear to have as many cheap and hard plastic panels in its cabin. The KONA appears to be made of very, very cheap cabin materials!!

    2. When I was sold this Mazda CX-3 by Sutherland Mazda, the salesman told me this sTouring CX-3 was equipped with parking distance sensors and rear cross-traffic alert. However, a short while later, I discovered that these two safety features were missing and had, in fact, been deleted from the sTouring’s basic equipment list just over a year earlier. I felt quite “ripped off”…

    3. Once my wife (Mandy) and I settled into driving the CX-3 we found it was much more restrictive than we expected when trying to see vehicles approaching on the left hand side.

    4. Due to the driver’s (right hand) side rear vision mirror being CONCAVE (which appears to be totally illogical, as the left side mirror is CONVEX), it resulted in myself and my wife having to re-focus our eyes and minds whenever we looked left then right (and vice versa) into those two side mirrors. This is a most annoying and potentially dangerous optical disparity. This serious situation was exacerbated even further due to the normal internal central rear vision mirror being optically normal/flat, i.e. neither concave or convex! To somewhat correct this crazy optical disparity, I ordered and fitted a (matching) ADR-compliant CONVEX driver’s rear vision mirror over the existing CONCAVE mirror. What an improvement!! No more for us to re-focus and intently concentrate every time when checking left and right hand rear vision mirrors. Might I suggest Mazda fit both rear vision mirrors with identical optical characteristics, i.e. CONVEX glass, in future. Convex glass is often fitted to European manufactured vehicles, as you would know. Audis even have CONVEX mirrors which have an increasingly convex characteristic near the outer edges of both left and right hand mirrors, making it possible to see across all three lanes of a three-lane expressway or highway…

    5. The cheap and false “leather” interior looks, feels and smells worse than natural leather! Mazda would do better to either delete the sTouring model altogether -or- simply replace at least the faux leather seats with cloth seat bases and natural leather side bolsters. Natural leather on the upper level of all left and right door trims would then complement the natural leather side bolsters. There would be no need for any leather to be applied to the dashboard or any other areas.

    6. The turning circle of the CX-3 is annoyingly wider than virtually all other vehicles we have each driven over the past 50-odd years.

    7. The rear suspension’s cheap cross-beam axle design is potentially dangerous, as each side is well tied to the other side, thereby restricting safe and independent movement of the rear suspension’s arms during cornering. I understand that a beam axle will replace the Mazda3’s independent rear suspension in the near future. This must be to cheapen the manufacturing cost of the Mazda3, of course. What a shame that this will happen. This retrograde design move is doubtless a result of the heavy competition being suffered by Mazda from both Hyundai and Kia. Oh, I note the latest (MY2019) Mazda CX-3 will have a thinner front stabiliser bar fitted. As the new bar will be 1mm thinner it will have about a 19% softer bending moment, which is exactly what the front-end needs, as I felt it was a little too stiff in the front end, compared to the spring and shock absorber rates. I was also happy to see that the front strut inserts are being upgraded with thicker/stronger ones. On the somewhat rough roads I drive, the CX-3 would feel tight when going into turns, with slightly too much understeer, but it would “bounce” up/down too much, especially when the road was somewhat bumpy.
    Basically, the stiffer-than-optimum front stabiliser bar was NOT improving the handling but degrading it. Coupled with the primitive and cheap rear beam axle, it was not really a good handling, or particularly safe, combination, at all!!

    8. On a very minor but, again, annoying, the Mazda CX-3’s plastic sunvisor retaining clips must be from either a very cheap source or haven’t been closely tested by Mazda, as they require an unnecessarily large amount of force to unclip and re-clip them into position. Also, they make a loud “snap” sound, which makes the whole unclipping and re-clipping process feel and sound nasty cheap’n nasty.

    9. The CX-3’s brakes seem barely adequate, at best. Actually, my sister-in-law’s Mazda3’s brakes were so poor in operation that both myself and my wife stopped driving that car until I paid for replacing of its front disc pads with good quality aftermarket (Bendix) pads. What a difference!! The car now actually stops when we apply normal pressure to her Mazda3’s brake pedal, hi!

    10. Mazda should most seriously consider following Toyota’s recent example (of cutting out their lowest cost version of the Corolla) by either deleting the lowest cost versions of both the Mazda3 AND Mazda CX-3 -or- simply introduce an even cheaper and lesser equipped Mazda3 and CX-3 versions (made as cheaply as possible), in order to compete harder against Hyundai and Kia. An ON-ROAD selling price point of A$19,999 would be extremely attractive to most first-time Mazda buyers.

    11. The Mazda CX-3 is, overall, a nice and neat design (with an attractive exterior design) for a small-to-medium sized vehicle, based on the Mazda2 chassis. This must be a relatively cheap chassis to manufacture (by comparison to the Mazda3, for example). However, the CX-3 is unnecessarily spoilt by quite a primitive 2.0-litre petrol engine (but coupled to a nice 6-speed conventional toque converter transmission), a recently cheapened cabin and deletion of some safety features (in the case of the later version of the sTouring model), a primitive and cheap rear end suspension, cheap brake pads and totally illogical, annoying and potentially dangerous differing side mirror optical designs.


    Lee Andrews.

  13. Mohamed Abdul Fareed K.A. Reply

    I would like to request mazda-Japan to provide Remote Car start system or mobile start system for Mazda CX9-2018 2.5GT Limited version because here the summer temperature is too hot. So, If you add this features is more benefit to us.This car having marvelous design and advance technology on this model and this model is competitive to other leading car manufacture. Hence, I request to provide technical details for middle east countries. I had been refereed this model in other countries having this features, I believe it can been installed to our cars. I am looking forward your support and make customer to happy.

  14. Pat Mckinlay Reply

    I want to complain about the Mazda freestyle pickup that we bought new just on 6 years ago at mazda Chiangrai Thailand. The cab as only done 52,000 kilometers as of today. After 30,000 kilometers we were told it needed a hydrolic clutch cylinder as the clutch pedal was not returning off the floor.At a cost of 6,800 Baht they fitted a new cylinder that lasted less than 2 years then the same problem occurred again.When we complained that this was the third cylinder with only 52,000 on the clock they even admitted this was a fault on the Mazda pickups but still charged 5,500 Baht for a new cylinder.They gave us the old cylinder with the box that the new cylinder came in.On the box were the words, genuine Mazda part with the words “made in China” also after searching ali baba/express the same part was advertised for $1 dollar for bulk buying.
    I think it’s a disgrace that they have charged so much for inferior parts and never again will I buy another Mazda

  15. Nour El Dein Gamal Reply


    I would like to send you a formal complaint regarding GB Ghabbour auto Egypt

    I own a Mazda 3 2015 Motor serial no 50184 , chassis serial no 1152960

    I’m following all my planned scheduled regular maintenance at Ghabour service center in abu rawash, however during my warranty period I have some technical defects in some spare parts to be changed without expenses
    But some of these parts were not available at the warranty period, so its saved on the system that I have the right to be changed for free after receiving those parts as per the service advisor advice. (Mina Raouf)

    Unfortunately those parts were delayed and received after the warranty is finished, when I went to be changed as per the agreement I was shocked to be asked to be changed with a cost of 50% !!

    I’m already adhering to all the warranty criteria, what is the logic to make me pay something it totally your fault : 1- as produced defected part within the warranty 2- I already have on the system the right to be changed and they admit it.

    It’s not my problem and its totally not acceptable.

    Moreover, I had a technical issue at the Engine within the warranty period, they made some trial and error investigating what is this defect and I already paid for all those trials (changing filters, cleaning, changing the sparks) and kept for these trials almost 6 months till I finished my warranty period then
    They discovered what is the root cause which is related to motor gate which is controlling the air entered in the motor, and when I asked them also to be changed for warranty as the whole issue is started within the warranty period but they delayed on purpose till I finished my warranty period and they asking me about 50% also !!

    I made a formal complaint in Ghabbour service center in Egypt with no 56662 with date 14.7.2018, and till now no proper feedback

    I’m chasing them on a weekly basis but I totally ignored and when I reach him they admit that I have the rights but he couldn’t handle any decision.

    Ghabour is being totally unprofessional and disrespecting his clients

    Even if the warranty period is just finished (which is not the case )and even if I didn’t save that on system as per the service advisor advice, is it logic to have many defected parts right after the warranty is finished with couple of months ?

    Is the car is sold to be working properly for only 3 years ?where is the customer respect?

    I’m really frustrated from this attitude from one the leader in automotive industry

    And I’m waiting for your advice to solve this issue

  16. Ahmed Ibrahim Reply

    The Update now is : mazda Egypt recall the car again and the technical support report that the Caliper need change but Mazda Japan may refuse to change it due to several changes !!
    My previous complaint

    Dear Mazda Japan,

    I own a Mazda 3, model 2015, I bought it from GHABBOUR – EGYPT on 20-DEC-2014, I have kept my Mazda in a perfect condition, regularly maintained it and servicing it at Mazda Egypt on every scheduled maintenance. Unfortunately, since the 30,000 Maintenance I faced a lot of problems caused by the service centers or spare parts in my car leading to changing a lot of spare parts, for example:

    o Brake disk – front & back (4 times from 30,000 to 60,000 km)

    o Brake linings (3 or 4 times)

    o CV joint coupling

    o Universal joint

    o Coil spring (changed once & fixed once)

    o Fuel pump

    o Control arm

    o Tie rods

    o Car horn (3 times)

    It’s all begun approximately in Mid-2016 when I went to Mazda Katameya branch for the 30,000 maintenance, during the maintenance they informed me that the brake disk will be changed (the 1st time). Anyway I received my car with the fuel gauge not functioning & once I turn the motor on I smell the fuel in the car cabin, so I went back to Katameya and they found that the fuel filter was not installed correctly during the maintenance and that lead to fuel tank buoy & fuel pump Mis-functioning. That was my first bad experience with Mazda.

    A month later, Mazda Katameya recalled the car to install a new edition related to the car Suspension system, unfortunately I received the car with the following fault:

    o Squeaking sound during turning the steering wheel to the right side.

    I contacted the complaint department and they advised to back again to Katameya branch to check the sound, after a full day checking the reception engineer informed me that this sound is normal and they checked it twice confirming that everything is ok. Surprisingly I received the car with the multi-function steering wheel not working!

    I went back again to Katameya and they changed the multi-function part but they still insisting that the steering wheel sound is normal and there is nothing to do with the car.

    I went to Mazda Plaza branch for the first time to check the squeaking sound, I met Engineering Mina Raaouf & Peter, unfortunately they found that one of the steering wheel screws is broken in addition the coil spring is not function correctly! The question here is why they open this part of the car when they recall it for a job related to the Suspensions system? Why they insist that they check it and reported to me in two visits that everything is ok?

    I called Mr. Osman the manager of Mazda Katameya and explained the case to him so he asked me to back to Katameya branch in the same day, frankly speaking he was supportive to the max and he supervised the changing of the coil spring & the broken steering wheel base. Since that time I never visited Katameya branch and do my regular maintenance in Mazda Plaza taking into consideration that I live more than 60 KM far from it when Katameya is next to my home.

    Since I changed the brake disk in 30,000 maintenance I used to have a loud whistle with the brakes after 5,000 – 7,000 km in average and when I go to the service center they used to inform me that the spare part need to change due to a manufacturing defect. Also, true that I changed the coil spring part but the new one is different, the steering wheel move is not smooth like it used to be before, Mazda plaza engineers & the technical support team informed me its ok and the coil function is working correctly, its ok.

    17-DEC-2017 (still in the warranty period), I went to Mazda Plaza branch for the 60,000 maintenance and they said that the car need to change joint coupling, brake disk & the brake caliper, and the job order number noted was %867934, the real problem was the caliper need an immediate change for my safety but the spare part in not available and they promised to keep me updated, now I waited for 7 months and they recalled they car three weeks ago to check it with the technical team, they confirmed again that the caliper need immediate change but they informed me as long as the car Kilometer now is 70,000 so I have to pay the total cost, also they confirmed that this decision was taken by Mazda Japan itself!

    Now my questions is:

    Is it my problem that the brake caliper was not available in my warranty period ?, as advised by the engineer at your esteemed service center “Change the caliper as soon as possible to avoid an imminent accident due to a highly possible brake fault”

    Is the above mentioned changing history is normal in your cars?, Mazda service center informed me that Mazda Japan refused to change the calipers as the car has already changed several parts, True that the parts were changed in warranty but I really need to know “IS THAT NORMAL?”, a new car with a low mileage to suffer from changing spare parts at this rate and even some parts were changed more than once.

    It is not just a matter of losing time, money and effort going back and forth to and from different service centers but also not getting the proper treatment and paid service. Even worse they are certain that I will get into an accident and the car is in warranty and refusing to change the part at their cost.

    Finally I would appreciate your direct advise & follow up on my complaint, appreciate a direct contact with the Middle East’s general manager or higher to discuss the continuous pending issues with the car and reach a satisfying solution.

    Car chassis Number: 1141549

    Motor Number: 45706

  17. Ahmed Ibrahim Reply

    Dear Mazda,
    I own Mazda 3, model 2015, I bought it from Ghabbour – EGYPT, I have kept my Mazda in perfect condition. I regularly maintained it, as well as servicing it at Mazda Egypt on every scheduled maintenance. Unfortunately, since the 30,000 Maintenance I faced a lot of problems in my car lead to change a lot of parts, I changed for example:
    – Brake disk – front & back, 4 times from 30,000 to 60,000 km, IS THAT OK?
    – Brake linings, 4 times as well.
    – CV joint coupling
    – Universal joint
    – Coil spring
    – Fuel pump twice
    – Control arm
    And many parts has been changed but I do not know the name of it, I know it was changed in warranty but my question now is “IS THAT NORMAL?”, the car is still new with 70,000 KM and in a very good condition.

    In the 60,000 maintenance (still in the warranty period), I went to Mazda Plaza branch “Ghabbour” and they said that the “brake caliper” need an immediate change for my safety but the spare part in not available now and they will let me know when it is, now I wait for 7 months since last December and they part is available but they inform me as long as the car Kilometer is 70,000 so I have to pay the total cost of it, also they confirm that this decision taken by Mazda Japan itself!!
    Now my questions is:
    Is that normal to change all these spare parts in a new car?
    Is it my problem that the brake caliper was not available in my warranty period ?
    Is it OK with you if I have a deadly accident because as far as I know the brake caliper is a safety issue?
    Therefore, I need an answer to my complaint, I look forward to receiving your proposal to resolve this matter, I’m suffering from your product.
    Ahmed Ibrahim.
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +201009499974

  18. Ng Joo Lyn Reply

    I bought your Mazda 5 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The car is less than 4 years old, and throughout these years, problems after problems keep popping out. So fed up with the quality of the car, and the servicemen can reply me, ‘they are the sales and service company, not the manufacturer’. So, hope the manufacturer, you Mazda Japan, can do a better job at making the cars, and perhaps also choosing your distributor carefully. I didn’t get any response even after writing in officially to the head of customer service and ceo of bermaz auto bhd. I guess you have chosen the wrong distributor.

  19. Santiago Leon Reply

    Dear Sirs:
    My wife bought a CX5 in Perú, while she was living there. She came to Ecuador and brought the car with her. The car has less than 10000 km of use and she would like to have regular services here in Ecuador with the brand dealer here (Maresa) but they say that won´t cover any warranty due to they did not sale the car. On the other hand Peruvian dealer (Derco) says that they won´t apply warranty if someone else do the services (doesn´t matter if they are a Mazda dealer too). As a result she have to travel 500Km to got service every 5000 km in order to keep warranty.
    What she needs is that you keep the car warranties as a global brand, as far as she uses the dealer’s authorized service workshop in Ecuador.
    Please, help us with this inquiry

  20. claudia vidal Reply

    Hello, good afternoon my name claudia vidal I am chilean and I live in Chile a short time ago I took my car to the maintenance of the 10,000km to the official service here in CHILE that is derco sa I was delivered on 04/13/2018 and my question It is as follows: I read in the manual that the motor oil is 5w / 30 or 5w / 20 but the service used 10W / 40 my question is the following is that the correct viscosity of my vehicle?
    I also want to add that they are using a brand oil (lubritek) look for information regarding that oil and I have not found anything, I need answers I need support, thank you

  21. Hi from Madagascar,

    I bought a Mazda BT50 vehicle from an official Mazda distributor in Madagascar, 2 years ago. My vehicle had an engine failure two 2 months ago (after roughly 20 000 km), and I left it at the distributor for repair because the car is still under warranty.
    I’m still waiting for my car because my distributor is supposedly waiting for an official response from Mazda Head Office in Japan before he can fix it, according to the so-called warranty. Should Mazda be sued so that it can honour its commitments, especially to a customer from a poor country like Madagascar?
    This kind of behaviour of your distributor is far from the image you want to give worldwide, according to your ” CSR – Commitments to customers: striving to improve customer satisfaction through providing a Mazda brand experience that exceeds customer expectations “. Please, can you help me in solving quickly this problem ?

    • An update to my problem :

      As per August 16th, my car is still with the Mazda official distributor in Madagascar, waiting for them to fix it under Mazda Corporation warranty.
      Five months after the problem, I’ve got no satisfactory answer from Mazda official distributor onsite, as their last proposal was to share the motor reparation expenses, that’s not compatible with any kind of car warranty.
      If Mazda Corporation’s commitment is that a Mazda brand experience will exceed customer expectations. The case in Madagascar is only to make money on the back of the Client.
      Maybe, the last solution is to go to the court, asking for a new replacement car with financial compensation for the 5 months of the lost use of the vehicle.
      I hope that Mazda Corporation’s CSR Manager can help me to solve quickly my case.
      Best regards,

  22. Pat Lambert Reply

    I want to let you know about the terrible customer service that my wife experienced with WEST HILLS MAZDA of BREMERTON, WASHINGTON, she called and emailed the service department to set up an appointment and was told she would be contacted later, well no contact was made. We have a free oil change coming to us for the MAZDA 6 and since we never were contacted we decided not to have them service our vehicle they are making your company look real bad. I am disappointed with MAZDA and this is a bad mark on your reputation and I will never recommend this establishment to anyone

  23. Rene Sweet Reply

    I bought a 2017 Mazda CX5 and purchased the Mazda Mobile Start. I keep getting the username/password is incorrect message. After several phone calls by the saleswoman I was told my phone was the problem. I purchased a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S8). Now I’m that it’s not compatible and who ever runs Mazda Mobile Start will have to update their list of phones. If Mazda continues to offer this accessory I don’t think I should have to wait forever for a new phone model to be added to the compatible list. In the mea n time I have a remote start on a new vehicle that I can’t use. I would appreciate any help from Mazda.

  24. Jakob Hansen Reply

    We have an 18 month old Mazda 2. It has been working fine up until recently when we noticed a fault with the battery. the Mazda dealer told us we need a new battery at a cost of almost $100.
    However, how is it possible that a new car like ours which has only done about 20,000km, requires a new battery already. Seems very strange it needs a new one already as well as unfair that we must pay for it. The help desk were unable to give us a clear answer as to why our battery has failed so soon. They implied that we left the car for a few days which is impossible as we drive everyday to work and back. Having owned numerous cars (mostly Ford, BMW) over the years, i have never experienced this problem before. We have also recently received notice of a recall to fix a fuel injection problem. Normally i wouldnt be too concerned but i am beginning to lose faith in this car company. Perhaps you are not as reliable as you make out. Please respond. thank you

  25. Haytham N. Bayoumi Reply

    Dear Sir
    Re: Immediate help requested

    I am a proud owner of a Highline Mazda 3, model 2015, which I have kept in perfect condition. I regularly maintained it, as well as servicing it at Mazda on every scheduled maintenance. I have always owned and loved Japanese cars. I worked very hard and saved for a very long time to be able to purchase my dream car: the Mazda 3. Unfortunately, at the end of July I was involved in an accident which damaged the front left part of the car. It was taken immediately to Mazda services located at the Ghabbour Mazda Katamya, ring road, in Cairo, Egypt, next to Mercedes.
    A representative from Mazda named Andrew received the car, and said that after the initial estimate, I would receive the car after two to three weeks maximum. Although the estimate was way over priced, I could not imagine that anyone else fixing her. Due to some issues with Mr. Andrew my car sat in the sun for a month, while I tried to follow up with no cooperation from any of the Mazda customer services. It was almost as if they had no idea that my car was with them.
    A month later another employee named Mr. Mosofa Helal Picked up the case due to Andrew no longer coming into work. We started over again and agreed that I do not wish for any more further delays. I was not kept up to date again. The car had some work done, after which it was parked for weeks due to certain parts being not available. I had agreed with Mr. Mostofa that I would be notified to purchase the parts myself to speed up matters. I was deliberately kept in the dark, and I believe the car was mistreated during this time at the center. I have been misled, while another employee which was responsible for my case also ended up leaving, and once again I was back to square one.
    Now a third employee named Ahmed Eldemerdash Picked up my file, while four months have passed in this chaos. Things seemed to be getting done until they realized that due to the neglect and time period they have kept the car, other items have rusted in the motor, while the battery was eventually depleted due to neglect, as well as several other issues due to miss use on behalf of the service center. Once more the car file was passed to Mr. Waleed Abd El Latif who is treating all the above as if nothing has happened and asking me to cover all the costs, and refusing to take any of the responsibilities.
    I paid cash for this car, to be debt free and enjoy a dream I had ever since long ago. Now it has turned into a nightmare, which I am desperate for some reasonable solution. I feel as if the car is being held ransom while detreating and loosing its value. I have not been able to enjoy it and am very stressed with the ignorance and lack of cooperation from the Ghabbour Mazda Katamya employees who are just out to take as mush money for very little customer service. I have always been insured with masda since day one of ownership. I was very unlucky that the accident took place just after the insurance policy had ran out and I did not renew it due to the fact there was no follow up or even a reminder.
    I would therefore ask you look into my complaint with a view to resolve this issue without me having to be the victim. I look forward to receiving your proposal to resolve this matter knowing that the brief description above is just a little bit of what happened and how I am suffering emotionally and financially.

    Best regards,

    Haytham N. Bayoumi

  26. I have recently purchased the CX3 Sport Nav 2017. When fuelled up to full tank i got an icon on the dash board. it is a circle with a line through it, next to the fuel guage. I have looked at the manual and cannot find what this means. Can someone please explain what this symbol means?

  27. Khaled ALTWERGI Reply

    I have Mazda 6 2.5 year 2016 and having a problem of determining the oil capacity & the oil type (brand) that I should use. I have contacted our local dealer in Saudi Arabia but I was given different answers. Therefore I would appreciate very much your quidence in knowing the right capacity & type of oil to ensure & protect my investment.
    Your prompt response is highly appreciated

  28. Is there a Mazda Company or just a car? I say this because looking for someone to contact is like yelling into a black hole in space. I have a CX-9 label says made in Japan.
    If someone could contact me back that would be appreciated but from what I read here it might be impossible. Hello Mazda are you out there?

    • Please let me know if you ever find them. Im sure we’d ALL like to be contacted back…but we’re not holding our breath. I listed a complaint on here back in December and STILL have not gotten a reply, nor do I even see my post here. Mazda service is a joke at best.

  29. Supposed I would glad to own the first Mazda 3 skyactiv without doubt to the overall designed by Mazda, but after several times of repairing, now I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED AND UNSATISFIED to the technician service in Malaysia.

    Even this is new car, I don’t feel any great journey because the above matters are affected my drive very uncomfortable, annoyed, forth and forth repairing within this 3 months. I wait with no feedback from every complaint I did, no call no feedback, call and scold only get feedback, change parts only weekdays will do! Now still have to wait for HQ to call and inform when can repair my vehicle???

    Went four times for repairing with no solution?

    I did comment here, you moderate then ignore, don’t Mazda take my case seriously? Thanks for your ignored. I will make sure everyone know about this.

  30. It’s only frustrating to receive a brand new car, assuming that the distributor in Egypt is actually following the guidelines set by Mazda. Unfortunately, Mazda doesn’t care enough to follow up on their ignorant and extremely unintelligent distributors. Receiving a car that has a manufacturing defect, and claiming that “there’s nothing” they can do… Ghabour Group (the distributor) delivered the car already two weeks after we paid for the car. Two days after, we discovered this defect in the left front door.


    I have sent a comment some months ago without any response.

    I am the owner of a Japanese Mazda CX-5 of 2012 made for japanese market.What i would like to know is whether the driver’s seat for the new Mazda CX-5 of 2016 match with the driver’s seat of the same model of 2012.

    Please answer me the soonest possible.

  32. I ask You to send the e-mail address of the headquarters of Mazda in Tokyo.I have a van Mazda which is already 40 years that looks great and operated. I want to Express my admiration and gratitude for such a diligent and high quality work of Corporation of Mazda, which is the flagship of Japanese car building.

  33. Trying to find information and a brochure for the MX 5 in Thailand. Problem
    Is their website is not bilingual
    I bought a Mercedes in Thailand bilingual and a Nissan their site is bilingual. Why can’t Mazada do the same ?

  34. Ken Cardelle Reply

    I have owned four Mazda’s in my life, and I will say that I will never purchase another one of these cars ever. I am going to also go onto every online forum I can find to tell my story. I bought my wife a Mazda CX7. It is a 2010 with 70,000 miles now. We just had it break down, needing to replace the turbo and catalytic converter, $3,600!!! My Mazda dealer told me these cars always blow the turbo early, and that Mazda had set up a special warranty to cover them. Turns out my VIN number wasn’t one in the extended warranty group, that is b.s.!!! I asked, “is there something you can do for me?”, he replied, yeah, I can replace your turbo”. Arrogant jerk. Let me tell you my son and I are fanatical about taking care of the car, changing the oil every 5,000 miles. In addition, Mazda cars, all of them, have the cheapest brake systems. After 70,000 easy miles on this car I am also replacing my rotors for the SECOND time. We replaced the pads probably 4 times already. My wife drives easy and there is no slamming on the brakes, they are just no good, on this CX7, my old 626, my old RX7 and my more recent Mazda 6, all junk brakes. I am very disappointed to have to spend $3,600 on a repair Mazda KNOWS ABOUT. I am going to tell everyone I know not to buy these cars, very very unhappy.

  35. Richard Fun Reply

    I am writing to express my strong disactisfaction at the disgraceful attitude whom i encountered at Mazda ( MB Motorsports Sdn Bhd, Jalan Kuching )on last Thursday 10/3/2016 with the marketing manager, Evon Ng.

    On last Thursday, around 11.30am i went to Mazda branch at Jalan Kuching enquiried about the car inspection period on PUSPAKOM. Evon Ng is my car representative incharged person.

    I waited her for about 15 minutes in the showroom as she was not around. A moment later, she came back to me, no sign of a courtesy smiling face and started out conversation.

    As i have already informed them couple of times that i urgently needed the car. I wished that the car inspection could be done as soon as possible. Evon Ng, the marketing manager, told me that they have already made the appointment with PUSPAKOM on Friday morning because the car will only be at yard on Thursday afternoon. She promised to update me about the car from time to time. After that, i waited her for another 15 minutes to prepare the receipt for my down payment, but she came back to me saying the machine was malfunction. She against promised me that she will arrange for the car inspection on Friday morning and for sure i will my car on the same day. Well, throughout the whole conversation, this marketing manager was having her handphone in hand all the time replying messages, with no eye contact and talking in a bad attitude.

    As she already promised me that she will update me about my car status, i went back and wait. Until at night, i didn’t receive any call from her, so i decided to call her back at 7pm, she didn’t answer my call,didn’t even call back. I made a second call at around 9pm, asked her is my car at yard, she didn’t answer to my question, just telling me that she will get the car for inspection on the next day morning ( Friday morning ).

    On Friday morning around 11am, i called her again to check for the car inspection, her replied to me in an impatient tone, told me that anyhow, she will get the car done for me by today ( Friday ). And so, i waited until 5pm, no sign from her, i called her again and asked what is the situation, in a lack of regard,she told me she was unable to get the car done. Straight away i went to Mazda showroom, reached at about 6.30pm. The same situation happened again, holding her phone in hand,not even looking at me while answering my questions, neither feeling sorry nor any apologies i could see on her face! I realised there were all nonsense excuses throughout the conversation.

    These were all the irresponsible and stupid excuses that i had:
    1) The car yet to arrive at yard on Thursday noon as she mentioned.
    2) The car inspection was carried out on Friday noon instead of morning as she promised.
    3) When i questioned her on why she couldn’t keep her promise saying my car will be done on Friday, her excuse were because of PUSPAKOM, tax, runner….etc…bla bla bla. This is not a reasonable explanation to me! As a Malaysian, don’t we all know Friday is the day for Muslims to go for prayer? Shouldn’t she be aware and bare that in mind?
    4) If she already knew that she couldn’t get the car out for me on Friday, why didn’t she inform me as she promised to update the car status? No call, no message, nothing! Not a single call to inform me whereas i, myself as a buyer have to keep on asking ! When i asked her why, she just kept quiet!
    5) The receipt for my down payment, i still haven’t received it until today.

    As you can imagine, i am deeply offended and disappointed by the behavior of this marketing manager. And i hardly imagine to see a marketing manager with such an impolite and irresponsible obnoxious behavior.

    I didn’t see any sense in telling you the word-to-word conversation i had with this impolite manager, but i am sure that after knowing this incident, you will definitely take some action to educate your employee on behavior with customers which will prevent the loss of your business in future.

    As i am sure that sitting in such a higher position in your organisation, you must be concerned about your image. I believe i have done nothing wrong by passing you this information. Shall i consider recommending any friend of mine on purchasing Mazda?

    I need a very reasonable explanation from Mazda, or else i shall be forced to take further action. I expect to hear from you as soon as possible.

  36. Richard Powell Reply

    I have had a similar complaint to the post above, basically the after sales service in Thailand is rubbish. I bought a new Mazda 3 (an excellent vehicle) it had a few scratches which they said would be fixed under warranty. They quoted 7/10 days to do this !!!!
    This happened before and the vehicle was returned with a item missing and a lot more miles on the clock.

  37. Hate Mazda Reply

    I have sent mails 3 times to thailand mazda since aug 27. Until now, there is no reply yet. As such a big size company, I wonder why they do not put resources on after sales support. I am really disappointed and will tell all my friends not to buy this brand.

  38. Anthony Langham Reply

    I bought a Mazda CX3 which I am absolutely delighted with. However I am less than impressed with Mazda’s service dept. and after sales service. Mazda need to understand that the Service Dept is in effect their “pre sales dept” because not matter how good the car the company is judged by the service the customer gets over the life of the car especially when they are due to replace the car. Their total experience is based on the service they did or did not receive and that is how they perceive the company.

    In my case I had a minor but irritating problem with a faulty Sat Nav which the dealer did nothing to solve without prompting from me and I am still no closer to a resolution after a month + . The upshot is after having been a life long Honda buyer until I bought my first Mazda I am now convinced if I want service I need to change to somebody who wants my future business as Mazda clearly do not consider me a worthwhile customer.

  39. Hamed Babaei Reply

    Looking forward to find a correct number for Mazda Corp in Japan.
    I tried several numbers from abroad but there is no response.
    Numbers were :
    +81-822 52 1111
    +81-570 00 4182
    +81-570 00 8182
    +81-120 38 6919

    Could you please provide me a direct number for customer care in Japan and also an Email address which is related.

  40. Patrick Chin Reply

    Car : Mazda
    Model : MPV
    Year : 2000
    Engine : V6
    cc: 2.5L

    Engine No: GY255529
    Chasis No: LW5W-134329

    I recently bought a second car and found out that the petrol consumption is extremely high at 2.5L/km.

    Sent to my mechanic and they wanted to check OBD2 but could not find the OBD2 location.

    Searched for 4 hours and gave up.

    Please advise the actual location of the OBD2 plug location of it. Without the OBD2, my mechanic cannot know what’s wrong with the MPV.

    Currently my location is at Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

    Been to Azam Motor (Permas Jaya) – Service agent of Mazda Malaysia but they have no experience with MPV LW5W series so they don’t know how to help me either.

    PLEASE HELP ME as i want to rectify of the problem.

    I LOVES MAZDA MPV LW5W series.

    Rgds/ Patrick Chin

  41. Damian Mitchell Reply

    I own a 2006 Mazda 6 . When do the spark plugs have to be replaced ? I thought it was a standard that after 100,000 miles they should be changed. I have 79,000 miles now. Please advise .Thank you

  42. Poon Chiew Foo Reply

    I have just bought a new Mazda Biante in Singapore about 4 weeks ago. I am looking for a roof spoiler to be fixed to the car.

    According to my Mazda agent in Singapore, Mazda Japan does not produce roof spoiler for Biante. Can you let me know is there any plan for Mazda Japan to produce such a part as I believe a lot of customers are looking for such a spoiler in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

    Can you quote me a price for delivery the part to Singapore including the shipping cost.

    The model of my Biante is 5 door wagon 2.0L SP.6EAT
    The chassis no. of my new Mazda Biante is M6CC1071F0108001

    Thank you.

  43. Hi,

    I bought a Certified Pre-Owned 2013 Mazda 3 from a local dealer.

    I am extremely DISSATISFIED and DISAPPOINTED by the professionalism and service provided by this dealer. Here is why:

    1. I walked in on Tuesday, March 24, and asked for the representative I have talked on phone. They said he was at drive test and will be back in 5 mins. I waited 15 mins (which is ok). However, I was “STANDING” and no body ever asked me if I wanted to sit or not AS THEY SAW ME STANDING.

    2. I took test drives for two different cars and liked one of the cars. While discussing about car, financing and maintenance, they asked me if I wanted to trade my old car or not. I asked for an estimate value first. I DIDN’T SAY “YES, I WANT TO TRADE”. They took my key to check my old car. I was talking to sales representative, who is a good representative, and asking questions about financing and maintenance during this time. He went back and forth to manager’s office to learn about financing options. He came back and provided me options about financing. Everything is fine until here.

    Then I asked how much I would trade my car for. He went back to manager’s office and came back with manager. Manager said he would trade it for $500. However, after asking a few question, I learned that manager already added this $500 to my down payment ($3000) without my consent, which is $3500 in total, and asked to bank for available financing options.

    I didn’t say that I will trade my car. They already added this amount to my down payment without my authorization and talked to bank. Then I stepped back and declared one more time that I was not willing to trade my car. I again declared that I just asked for an estimate.

    Then I asked to manager for a new financing option with $3000 down payment. He went back to his office. He came back and asked me if I could put a $3500 down payment since he already talked to bank.

    I feel like I am forced to put $3500 for down payment. I said YES. This is definitely not acceptable in terms of professionalism.

    PS: I sold my old car for $3100 today (3/27/2015).

    2. I like this car. I bought it. This is a Certified Pre-Owned Mazda. However, I just realized that “Mazda Certified Pre-Owned 150-Point Vehicle Inspection” sheet that they gave me has an interesting date. Date on this document has been changed/scribbled over. I CAN’T read the EXACT MONTH. I didn’t pay attention to the date when I was buying this car. It looks like they have changed it by scribbling over. What I can read is 6/18/14, 8/18/14, 10/18/14.

    I have a solid proof for that. I found an “Assumption Liability Form” in my car’s glove box. A lady has received this car on 09/11/2014 according to Assumption Liability Form. She had a problem in her car and dealer gave this car to her for one day (I called her and verified. Her number was on Assumption Liability Form).

    I understand that dealer can lend his cars during customer’s car are in repair. However, what I don’t know is that if my Mazda 3 had ANOTHER inspection after she brought this car back. I don’t think so. Because, the date on “Mazda Certified Pre-Owned 150-Point Vehicle Inspection” sheet has been changed by scribbling over it. I can’t read the month this car had its last inspection.

    In addition, I can read her credit card information (card no, expiration, security code) on Assumption Liability Form. I called her and told the situation and I will send this form back to her. Her card is secure. I can’t imagine that someone else bought this car and used her credit card information. I am an honest person and I will never ever use her card information. It is unacceptable that they left this form in a car that they are selling.

    3. This car didn’t have a radio antenna when I bought it. I asked them to assemble it and they did. Today, I realized that tires don’t have stem caps. It is not a big deal but they sold me this car in that condition.

    4. When I took a test drive, I realized that this car is slightly moving left. I didn’t care much about it but I have been driving on highway since I got my Mazda and it is becoming a problem. If this car’s 150 point inspection was OK when I bought it, why it is moving left? It is likely that they lent this car to a customer (and maybe to many more other customer) and didn’t inspect it again. They just scribbled the date on Mazda Certified Pre-Owned 150-Point Vehicle Inspection sheet.

    5. I will never take my car to this dealer. If they tried to DECEIVE me about the date on “Mazda Certified Pre-Owned 150-Point Vehicle Inspection” sheet, THEY MIGHT TRY TO DECEIVE ANY CUSTOMER.

    6. If I was deceived, I don’t know how I can refresh my trust to Mazda Motor Corporation.

    7. I sent an email to Mazda USA customer service and waiting for a reply.


  44. Patty Orlikowski Reply

    I have a 2003 Mazda 6. Consumer reports, and the news media, state that the air bag is faulty. After a collision, the air bag explodes, and sprays passengers with shrapnel. The driver will be injured, what about the front passenger, and the people in the back seat?
    My 7 year old Grandson, sits in the back, on the passenger side. Will He be injured?

    I need to know if there is a safe spot to sit in the car!

  45. I recently purchased my first and last Mazda product. Reason being that Innovation Group SA (whom deals with warranties/service plans) which is part of or a subcontractor to Mazda delays change of policy transfers. How come policies are person bound and not product bound? My Mazda is due for brakes/discs replacement. However, when I took my vehicle in for repairs at Mazda in Centurion (SA) I was told the claim was refused due to the policy ownership not being in my name! How convenient! Since then I have completed the relevant forms as requested by Innovation Group SA without success. These guys (Innovation Group SA) are a disgrace to the Mazda’s Zoom Zoom image in SA.

  46. Ma. Victoria Jose Reply

    I purchased a Mazda CX5 in March 2014 in the Philippines. I am very pleased with its performance until last month (May 2014) i noticed that the front part of the car vibrates when the brakes is applied. I immediately notified Mazda Service Department and they said that the rotor disc is warpped, a factory defect. I complained about it through my agent and I was assured that the rotor disc will be replaced once the part has arrived. I am now doubting my cx5, what other defects it may have. I discussed with my agent the possibility of replacing the car since the car is only 2 months old but she said it has never been done before and insisted on the replacement of the rotor disc instead. So disappointing please help!

  47. I own a 2000 Mazda Familia SP20 . I have just put it through its latest warrant of fitness and the garage have told me that the headlight lens’s are deteriorating . This vehicle is in immaculate condition so how can a vehicle only 14 years old get turned down for faulty headlight lens’s? I am very disappointed . Why should I have to replace sealed headlights after only 14 years of age?

  48. Someone help me! I need to phone someone in Japan, headquarters of MAZDA in Japan, as Mexico is not giving me ANY answers.

    I am very angry and disappointed at Mazda Mexico service, I had a problem with my cx7 2009, it’s been in service for over 8 months now they haven’t found what is wrong with it, they had opened it several times, changed several pieces, and now that I have reached Mexico HeadQuarters’ office, they had just recently sent a master in Mazda Engineering to finally solve the problem. They have accepted that the should have never offered me repairing my unit because MAzda does not repairs every tiny piece or component of the motor in this case, but should always reccommend changing the component as a whole, that is the whole motor, but the agency that took my cx7 in repairing never mentioned this. How do they expect me to accept the repairing if they don’t reccommend this for instance? Mazda service sucks big time, I had recommended it to family and friends, now I regret all of that. My brother bought one, mys sister bought mazda, my cousins bought mazda, now they are all in shock with the poor service I had received, 8 months later, they are still stuck with my car, haven’t found what’s wrong.

    They haven’t sent any quote or diagnosis or any progress or follow up monitoring to my case. They have changed the people in charge of my car more than 3 times. Each time each new employee says the same story ” I am new I haven’t been informed of the situation give me time to analyze your case and provide an answer…..” time goes by, then they’re gone again and the story starts all over again.

    The new manager (he is 2 weeks new in that position) offers a big appology for the poor service and offers to study the cse in three days and give me a status. They promised to call back and never did. I phoned Mexico Headquarters, and after my call he calls me back offering me to change my car for a used CX7 they have in their shop, same model as mine, in perfect conditions, but with 58,000 km. Mine has 70,00 km. Anyways, they offered (this is all in pesos) they offered 165 thousand for mine, but asked me 220 thousand for the one theyhave, so they expect me to pay this difference, plus all fees that result in the repairing of mine, quote that is still unknown, for them, for me, for everyone, and which should be around 90 thousand. what kind of deal is this?

    I’m definitely going to sue you.

  49. Khalid Khan Reply

    I am a 44 year old lawyer, living in Kuwait. Over the years, I have owned 6 Mazda cars (Mazda 3s and 6s and, most recently, 2 MX5s).

    I always service them at the main Mazda dealer in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and, until recently, I have always been very happy with them.

    Recently, the remote control key on my MX5 failed. It has never been dropped or misused and it shouldn’t have failed. In over 20 years’ driving, I have never had any problem with any of the other remote control keys on any of my other cars. The failure of the remote control is, in my view, a manufacturing or design defect. I discussed this with the distributor in Kuwait (Alshaya and Al Sager) several times, and asked it to replace the key under warranty. I was extremely disappointed when it declined to do so, even when I offered to bear part of the cost of replacing the remote control key. Its response has converted a fan of Mazda into someone who will probably never buy another, which is a shame.

  50. TAN TSE WEI Reply

    I am extremely disappointed with the Sales team from where I had place my order for my Mazda 6 from Thrive Glory Sdn Bhd., your dealer in Cheras, Malaysia. The Mazda dealer has been promising me a Madza 6 for the past weeks and I am still waiting. Furthermore, I was informed that the Mazda 6 is a fully imported car, unfortunately it was never the case. I could have purchased any other brands, but the fact that I bought Mazda, because I strongly believe in its brand, which undoubtedly after this incidence, I certainly will have second thoughts.

  51. Gina Cheah Reply

    I have bought a Mazda 8, 2 years back in Penang, Malaysia. The thing we like most about it is the warranty period of 3 years / 60, 000 km.

    However , just took my car for a service and informed the service center that i have faulty battery as i have difficulty to start the car early mornings. But the service center informed me that battery part is not under warranty after 20,000km.

    I am totally dissappointed and feel cheated as the Sales Manager informed us that all is under warranty within 3 years or 60,000km. Mazda definitely do not have sincere sales persons who supposedly inform customers on the exception on the warranty.

  52. I bought a Mazda 6 in May 2011, it is the sport diesel tourer. Mould has developed in the rear lights. Mazda UK say this is not a defect as they are not sealed units and I must expect this if I go out in wet weather. This “non defect” is not covered by the warranty, will not buy Mazda again.

  53. We are based in Mombasa Kenya and import cars form Japan.Recently we imported a Mazda Preamcy 2005 model and are dissapointed as the vehicle came with the front shocks completely worn out.We are trying to buy new ones and are completely not available in Kenya and also Dubai.We have tried in Japan also and are told in Japan it is also not available till abou two to three weeks.
    Having supported your Vehicle we are extremely dissapointed with your back up service and our trust in Mazda is completely shattered.

  54. I am very disappointed with MAZDA.
    I have a Mazda 3 1.6 diesel, the car was bought in September/2009.
    In 18/10/2012 (20 days after 3 years warranty) have done the annual inspection (49,800 Km) in the same approved Mazda dealer that have sold me the car.
    During this inspection the dealer have told me that the car have a problem in Transmission Belt (strange sound in the engine) and he recommended me to replace it.

    I have told him that this problem is not usual (the car only have 50,000 Km) and should be covered by warranty; he told me to contact Mazda to solve this problem as it was not dealer problem.

    I have sent to Mazda Portugal two emails and contacted them by phone with copy to the dealer in order to solve this unusual situation
    Until today I have got no reply from Mazda Portugal. They are not telling me if it will be replaced under warranty.

  55. If you are thinking of buying Mazda, abort it. Not worth it. Car is ok, service sulks! Really bad. I waited more than five hours for a normal service! And this is not the first time.

  56. I bought a mazda car a year ago. In addition I have two other Toyota cars. My toyoto cars are fine and the dealer in Saudi Arabia at my home town Qatif provides excellent car services. I bought a new Mazda for a change from Mazda Car dealer in Qatif Al-Bashrawi and to tell you the truth I am really disappointed with the service I am receiving. I took my mazda car three months ago and then my boy went and picked the car. My boy paid the fees for the car service which is around $150 but the person in charge did not give a receipt. After one month the dealer called back insisting that I didn’t pay the $150. I told the manager that my son paid the amount that’s why you released him the car. I told my son to go talk to the manager again on phone and to remind him that the fees was paid. When my son called the manager, he said yes I remember that you paid, but the next day the manager kept calling me asking for the fees and threatening to put my car on their blacklist which it seemed he did. When I took my car again for regular services, the manager refused to take the car and told my driver to take the car to Dammam to another mazda car dealer couple of miles away. This is absolutely unacceptable bahaviour from Mazda car dealer. He is supposed to provide quality services to the customer which he isn’t. Now I really regret buying a Mazda and for the next time I will buy a Toyota. Please look into this case for the benefit of your company image in Qatif.

  57. I ordered Mazda CX 5 in January 2012. The vehicle was delivered as of the 6 of June 2012 from Mazda dealer Bemo Motors in Warsaw.

    The car was delivered but the was no spare wheel which ordered and I paid for.
    I’ve been waiting about 5 months to get any info about spare wheel delivery date.

    Deciding to buy Mazda CX 5, I was convinced that only delay of car would be possible, but I did not expect that there will be five months delay in delivery of spare wheel, which I’m still waiting and I do not know when I will receive it.

    I contacted the Mazda dealer so many times, there is no answer about spare wheel delivery.

  58. Allan Michaud Reply

    We bought a Mazda 2 recently, it is only about 8 months old and we have been pleased with it up to now. We had a minor problem with the back window water sprayer not working so we took it to the dealer we bought it from in Khon Kaen. They proceeded to have a look at the pump at the front of the car and said one of the pipes was broken. Fair enough, except that had this been the case the windscreen sprayer would not have worked either as both front and back sprayers are on the same loop. What was most annoying was that they insisted we should get our insurance to pay for the repair. I complained that we had a 3 year warranty and this was clearly not the result of an accident so why should we have out insurer pay (and then have to pay an increased insurance premium next year) We went to the insurer who thankfully agreed with us. We went back to Mazda who rather begrudgingly said it would now be repaired. We have to wait for 3 days for the part to arrive and I have to wonder if they will try to charge us for what is clearly a weak or faulty part. The fact that the washer system does not hold water at all now, means we have no washer for the front or back so it is clear their mechanic broke it when he took look at it. I am furious that they should try to get out of fixing a problem that is clearly under warranty, it’s not like it’s an expensive part so why are they being so tight fisted. Very poor customer service and I am even more angry that we wasted 3 hours messing about with the insurers when it clearly had nothing to do with them. Sadly this is rather typical of Thailand after sales service.

  59. Sir,
    I just purchased a Mazda Demio Sports car used in Japan, the user manual is in Japanese language, can I have a manual in English language please.
    Chassis No. DE5FS 111294
    George – Sri Lanka.

  60. I was very upset over the Mazda MpV (2005) I was the most expensive vehicle I have bought. I put over $8,000.00 in repairs, I serviced it when it was due and it only lasted eight years. I paid for rust proofing when it was purchased. What a scam, I took it to the dealership so many times and all they did was take pictures, the rust never got looked after!

  61. Kindly let me know how you can help me get another key for car whose chasis number is below since l have misplaced the one it had. DC5W 103514

  62. Gary Steuer Reply

    I am very disappointed in the service I am getting for my Mazda 3 from my local dealer in Pattaya, Thailand. I went in with a brake problem . The brake pedal moves down after the car has come to a stop. The dealer said ” No problem, thats the way it is.” . I made a appointment for my 40,000 kilometer service , and showed up on the date , on time. I was then told the service.would be.about 6 hours , at a cost of around 7,000 Baht . I was never told about the length of time involved , which seemed very excessive. The dealership is not close to the town , and there is no local transportation. I asked what I could do, and was told to go to the waiting room and go to sleep. This was 10 am! I told them I would have to change the date and they said ” Up to you! “. This will be the last time I buy a Mazda! I will make sure I let everyone.know about this dealership

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