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Contact Massimo Dutti: Find below customer service details of Massimo Dutti worldwide, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers an overview of the clothing brand and its services. Reach Massimo Dutti customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Massimo Dutti Head Office
Poligono Inditex Tordera,
Barcelona 08490, Spain

Massimo Dutti Customer Service
Phone: 900 456 000 (Spain)
Email: [email protected]

International Contacts
Canada: +1 877 550 1104
China: 400-920-7879
Czech Rep: 800050327
France: +33 0 800 91 65 97
Germany: 0800 1888 110
Italy: +39 800 875 575
Mexico: 01 800 738 4389
Norway: 800 173 49
Portugal: 800 834 288
Romania: 0 800 420 888
Russia: 810 800 244 75011
Switzerland: 0800 837 545
UK: 0 808 234 0205

About Massimo Dutti
massimo duttiMassimo Dutti is an Italian clothing company founded in 1985. Part of Inditex Group, the company is headquartered in Tordera, Spain and currently operates more than 840 stores in more than 73 countries. Though the brand was originally aimed at men’s fashion, it has now included women as well as kids clothing.

Products can be shopped at any retail store or on the website using major credit cards. The categories found include jackets, blazers, knitwear, trousers, shirts, t-shirts, denim, swimwear, shoes, bags, fragrances and accessories. The website lists each product with description, price, colour, sizes available, composition and care instructions. Accepted cards include Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and PayPal. If not happy with the purchase, products can be exchanged or returned within 30 days of purchase.

By visiting any of the Massimo Dutti stores customers can opt for customised Personal Tailoring suit or shirt. You can also purchase gift cards for special occasions. They are available as physical card and e-gift card. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, refund, cancellation, exchange, or others, reach the Massimo Dutti customer service.

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  1. Dear customer service
    i got a present for my birthday but trenchcoat didnt fit me. i wanted to change it but they said they couldnt without giftchange card which i dont have one. i dont want to ask giftchange card from person who gave me the present. Because its not kind i dont want them to think that i didnt like the gift. Turkey office didnt help me they didnt even try or be nice to answer. Massimo is over for me

  2. Anne duncan Reply

    I will not be purchasing anything from Massimo Dutti in future because I’m appalled and extremely disappointed by their poor customer service. I bought a dress on line, had it delivered to the store on the Kings Road London, collected and opened it in the store but because it was of poor quality i returned it over the counter at the dame time. That was on 25th October and I’m still awaiting my refund and its now the 25th of November. I have made two trips back to the store to ask for my refund but always get the same unhelpful response which is that it’s nothing to do with them and i should ring customer services. I have rung them on four separate occassions and each time I’m fobbed off with the same story that someone will look into it and ring me back, but of course they dont
    I think this a disgusting way to treat customers and how dare they keep my money for no apparent reason except gross inefficiency. If they think i’m going to forget about this they need to think again because I’m very angry and will escalate my complaints to Twitter and any other site to discredit them. An apology would be a start but i doubt if I’ll get one.

    • I am absolutely with you, will never purchase from Massimo Dutti again, they have had my money for about 8 weeks on an undelivered item and wrong item delivered. Every time I get in touch they say ‘we’ll call you in 1-2 days’. They have given absolutely no explanation as to why they still have my money.
      They have never contacted me, never apologised and customer service is a complete joke. They unfortunately are a group of people with no authority to do anything so a complete waste of time. Every conversation is the same with the same outcome and the same responses which leaves me angry and knowing that it isn’t progressing at all.
      I’m now going through a resolution centre with my bank, hopefully they’ll have more luck in pursuing what has left me feeling like I’m dealing with dishonesty at all levels.

  3. I have a question regarding the care of a women’s blazer I bought. It is your model 6051, calidad 657, color 800. The label inside shows all cleaning options X’d out. What do you suggest to do to keep the item clean and presentable so that is will last.

  4. Dear massimo Dutti customer service,

    I am purchasing from massimo Dutti almost on a monthly basis. I had an issue with my purchase order and I thought I would be treated differently.My husband last week was in Germany he purchased a jacket and a coat with the wrong size, I was planning to go to the nearest store to exchange the sizes. I found out that the store has been closed(new York city store) I sent an email to the customer service I haven’t got a respond. I called the customer service and then the representative basically told me we can’t do anything to you, you have to find the nearest store I said the nearest store is 2 hours flight (Washington DC) it doesn’t make any sense to ask me to fly to change my jackets since I don’t have a near store next to me! I asked her to transfer the call to her supervisor she said he is busy I waited for 15mins on hold and then she said someone will call you back! Again, I haven’t received a call. I called back insisting to speak to a supervisor, finally after 10 mins on hold I got someone on the phone. He said we can’t do anything for you, you purchased something overseas we are not able to exchange it I said well on your website I can exchange within 30 days and I don’t want to return I only need to exchange it. He said no you can’t the only way wether you can try to go to a store and ask to exchange!!! I don’t have a store near me and it doesn’t make any sense to book a ticket just to change my jackets.
    I’m really disappointed with the way they handled my case. It should have been easier since I’m only exchanging the sizes. I told him I can ship it to the Washington DC address and exchange the size and pay for the shipping!!! He said at this point we can’t do anything for you!!!!

    • Hi Shereen,
      You need to just call the store in other city and asked for their address and explain the situation. Then ship your jacket with all tags on with a receipt to exchange. But make sure they have your size. Other wise send to another store or the same store your purchase made.

  5. Peter Cranshaw Reply

    My family and I have happily purchased many items from the London store and many European stores without complaint but how things have changed. I purchased a gift handbag in the new Ibiza store and when the recipient opened the packaging in the UK it was significantly faulted. I phoned the Regent Street store and was referred to the head office customer services e mail. I informed them of the problem and they told me that the item would need to be taken back to the country of purchase to receive any customer service.
    Clearly that was utterly ridiculous as the item is available worldwide on their web site. Really disappointed by a company that we have supported for years but no longer. They stated that their terms and conditions were clearly printed on the reverse of the purchase receipt but the entire receipt was all printed in Spanish.
    So the only advice that I can give is to be aware that any faulted items purchased from Massimo Dutti stores must be returned to the country of original purchase and we will not be returning to their stores. I know that the loss of one family customer will not affect this retail giant and they couldn’t give a “pedlars cuss” about customer satisfaction. My only course of action is to now lodge a complaint with my card provider but I think I bought a lemon!!!

  6. Jane Stewart Reply

    I wanted to let you know that Massimo Duti has completely ruined my day. I bought a dress which was stained. Having called every store in London the response was we cannot hold anything as it is a sale period. I explained that I spend a large amount of money and I would be most grateful if they would hold the dress in my size as the original dress was faulty! I was sent to several stores in London and when I arrived each one said they had been sold. I was advised there was one in Kensington so I called the store to check. After calling for 2 hours someone picked up the phone and said they had one in size 10. He refused to hold it for 15 minutes so I asked to speak with the Manager. Quite unbelievably at this point he put the phone down on me!!! At this point so incensed with this quite extraordinary lack of customer service I dropped my phone breaking the screen!! I took an expensive taxi journey to Kensington and there was no dress!! I spoke with the Manager Anna who had a fantastic manner and great customer service skills. In all honesty I now have a complete understanding as to why the high street is going to the wall. All I wanted was to change a faulty dress from a company I have spent fortunes with over the years it really is not a lot to ask!!! You really will have no customers if you continue with this disgraceful attitude. Thank you so much for completely ruining my day, I have a dress in the wrong size, a very expensive taxi fare for no reason and a phone with a cracked screen which will cost a fortune to replace. Well done Massimo Dutti you certainly lost a customer in style today!! Jane Stewart

  7. Maureen Ellis Reply

    Good afternoon,
    I ordered two blouses online. Two pair of pants were delivered to me. I called the company to let them know and I was told that I had to return the pants via Canada Post. I was also told that if I did not refund the pants, I would not receive my blouses. From my perspective, this was a mistake by the company and I feel the company is responsible for picking up the pants via Purolator, as they were delivered by Purolator. The service representative told me he would call me back. This never happened. I called again, and explained the above situation once again. I was told that the pants will be picked up but I would not receive my blouses, and if they are out of stock I will get a credit. I was told I would receive an email within 48 hours with the information as to when the pants (which I did not order) would be picked up. I have not received this email. I am extremely disappointed by the customer service and would appreciate this issue resolved as soon as possible. Please respond to this email. Thank you.

  8. APRIL 30, 2019 – Massimo Dutti Marina Sqaure store.
    I sent my sister to refund the items I recently bought for her to your store in Marina Square, the cashier who talked to us Fiza and manager Gigi refused to refund the items because they said they said they didn’t have enough money in the register. They were very insistent and pressing that I go back to the store where I bought my items from which is in ION mall. I explained that going back to Orchard is inconvenient for me as I’m on a tight schedule before flying off again, that’s why I sent my sister to refund the items I bought for her because it’s near her work. It was really embarrassing that my sister and I had to go through all this fit just because you don’t have 1000k cash in your sales? is that even possible considering the prices of your clothes? and to be honest, why does that have to be my problem?
    Items I bought is eligible for a refund according to Singapore Law.
    I find it very rude how they treated my sister in such manner simply because she was doing a refund and not a purchase? My family and I are returning customers of your brand for years here and in Spain, regulars if you can consider that but this customer service is unacceptable. PLEASE TAKE ACTION. I still haven’t refunded my items.


  9. Noticed stitching and a small hole prior to wearing a shirt for the first time, this is a disgrace the shirt was clearly stitched to cover a fault.
    Would like a full refund

  10. Aya Elzayadi Reply

    Hi complaints team,

    This is Aya from Egypt. I went to your store to buy a pant from mall of Arabia branch in the 30th of November 2017. And i wore it exactly 3 times not more. And i washed it . I found out the the pant got shorter!!!
    I want to know what should i do in this case!!

  11. Dear Sir or Madame,

    I would like to complain about customer service in Massimo Dutti shop located in Kiev, Ukraine.
    Also I would like to have explanation of the case and its resolving.
    To begin with I had made the purchase of sandals and after wearing them twice the insole of the sandals slipped off and I decided to return it to the shop. So on 26.05.2018 the assistant recommended me to exchange it for another pair and assured me if it’d happen again I’d have the option to return it. I accepted that proposal and exchanged for a new pair of sandals. However the same story happened with these sandals and I had to return them. However today on 8.06.2018 I was disrespectfully refused to return the pair back. The manager of the shop Anna Borisivna gave such an argumentation – the guarantee of shop doesn’t cover this type of defect. I was shocked. First time shop accepted it as defect and persuaded to exchange for the another pair, and second time the manager told that they are not responsible for it, that they are not able to do something about it. I was deeply disappointed and upset with this kind of service. Why it is stipulated in the police of the shop that there is a guarantee of 30 days for the goods, why it doesn’t have any power in Kiev Massimo Dutti shop. Why managers are telling a lie to the client. Why managers are violating the law and consumer rights.

    Kind regards,

  12. I bought a shirt in shop Massimo Dutti Perisur in Mexico City on Jan 5th. I was just right back Finland from holiday in Mexico yesterday. while unpacking the luggage I found stains on this shirt which looks like lipstick prints and in Mexico the shop put sharp fragrant on all clothes. It is really sharp and hard to breathe. I did hand washing according the washing instruction with cold water at 30 Celsius. It was break off and took apart at spot where neckline with opening. I was really disappointed I haven’t wear it yet. I always buy MD blazers I assumed it is good quality brand. But this shirt seems like being made by paper. I require to give me the refund or exchange this shirt from MD shop in Helsinki.

    The STRIPED SHIRT WITH EMBELLISHED DETAIL Ref. 5110/804 size Mex 24.
    PUFFY SLEEVE SHIRT WITH LACE TRIMS Ref. 5144/873 size Mex 24.
    STRIPED SHIRT WITH TIE DETAIL Ref. 5140/868 size Mex 24.

    Please contact me as soon as possible I am still eligible to have 30days refund or exchange policy. If your department just leave my requirement away and don’t take any actions I am afraid that I would deny my credit card payment.



  13. Asmaa Mahmoud Hassanein Reply

    I would like to escalate a problem that happened today in your store at City stars.
    I purchased a sweatshirt item code 56336166410 29 size UK 10 few weeks months ago from the CFC branch. I gained weight since then and and i decided to give it to my sister in the new year. The price was 1,199 EGP when i purchased it.
    My sister when she wanted to wear it found few defaults in the fabric and went to the store in city star to exchange it today Jan 10th. Unfortunately the staff in the store treated her in a very disrespectful way and accused her that she stole the sweatshirt although there was no proof for that . and there was no security alarm or any camera record for that. Moreover they called the police and insisted that she stole the sweatshirt without any proof. I would like to understand how a company like Masssimo Dutti would allow this to happen to their customers.
    Unfortunately i do not have the receipt, however i have the visa transaction on that day for an amount of 4098 posted on 22nd of October. I went to CFC branch and asked them to bring up the transaction as per the info in the visa and they refused to help and asked me to go to the City stars branch.
    I went to city stars branch, store manager on that day is Nesma Mamdouh and they also refused to help.
    My sister and myself was devastated for hours for no valid reason when we are good customers of your company. To get her out of the shit the City Stars branch got her in we agreed to keep the sweatshirt in the store until customer service bring up the transaction from your computer system or backup records.
    Please let me know what is your procedure to escalate that with the store. I am looking forward to hear from you today and get this resolved with the store asap.
    My next steps will be to file a complaint to business bureau in every country that you operate in not only in Egypt or Spain.
    This situation is not acceptable and the staff in Egypt is not trained to operate in international stores and to de-escalate with customers. It is a shame that you allow your customers to be treated like this because by staff and store manager who are not trained basic customer service standards.
    I greatly appreciate your quick response on that.

  14. Ravi Kant Agarwal Reply

    Masimo Dutti store in the Mall of Emirates, Dubai, has the worst customer service that I have experienced of any decent brand. I bought a pair of trousers on 21st Sep 2017 and they promised to deliver it to the Abu Dhabi Mall store by 24th Sep. I have been calling them non-stop for the last three days but they have only once answered the call (yesterday afternoon) and promised to call me back within minutes. They haven’t yet.

    This is by far the worst shopping experience I have had. Never buying anything from you guys till you get your act together and asking all my friends to refrain as well.

  15. AYSE NUR TEKER Reply

    I used to be MD’s very loyal customer. Since 2 years I am trying to resolve my problem with Inditex Turkey. I had a jacket from MD in Istanbul. Later on I have noticed that there is a problem with the jacket and contacted with the store. They said that I am right but they had to send it for the research which took about 2 months ! I called them several times and they said to me my request has been reject. I would like them to re-evaulate as they store managers told me that I am right. Then it took another 2-3 months ! and they told me that it’s been reject again and they are not able to return my jacket as 6 months has been past. And they don’t know what happens to my jacket ! I called the Inditex Turkey and talked to PR Director she was very rude and her behaviour was unacceptable. Anyway since 2015-2016 I am not able to get any information about my jacket. and every time I tried to contact with someone from Inditex – PR Director has shown the same attitude and she didn’t do her job ! and didn’t talk to me. When I back to the store again the told me that unfortunately they don’t understand why she is behave like this and they couldn’t help me. So I hope this time someone could help me. I have all the recipts with me there is no any declaration that if 6 months has been past I am not able to receive my jacket. There is only one question that why this researches takes 2 to 3 months ??? So many times I called the store never and ever back any proper answer same from the Inditex Turkey.

  16. Dear all,
    As an avid shopper at Massimo Dutti, I was extremely disappointed by the behaviour of the staff at one of the outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Shocked at how they could harass a customer by lying about the refund/exchange policy of the brand.
    Despite my telling them that I am aware that there is a refund option available, the MD store at KLCC told me that it’s not applicable in Malaysia. They went on to add that even if I exchanged the item for a lower value, I would lose the difference much to my bewilderment. I returned home and again called them up telling them I was not aware of the refund policy being different in different countries and they again said ithey cannot refund and I need to send them an email for the exchange.
    I ask you as a regular MD customer, why is the staff harassing customers with false information and denying a customer the right to what is part of your regular exchange/refund policy?
    Regards, Shobhana.

  17. Ita Stokes Reply

    Excellent customer service.

    My daughter and I visited Massimo Dutti at Sloane Square, London this am.

    We would like to convey our immense thanks to Audrey. We were really impressed with her helpfulness, knowledge and cheerfulness when assisting us today.
    Yes, we did spend a small fortune but we were really pleased with our purchases and the whole experience.

    Our thanks again to Audrey.

  18. I was in your store today in Yordale mall, Toronto, Canada. I asked for a purse in a window shop, as there was no other availavle in the store. My request was rejected, by a manager, who stated that they open that window only once a month!
    I was sent to other malls…far away.
    I visited your store in many countries…last time in Rome in July 2017.
    I will never step in Masdimo Dutti store again.

  19. Laurence Goodman Reply

    Just been into your store at the Aqua mall in Portomao, Portugal. Wanted to buy two pairs of jeans/ trousers. You do one leg size only so trousers needed shortening. Store manager was very unhelpful and offered no customer service. They only do a free of charge alteration service on a Friday for collection the following Monday. Thats no use at all if you leave Portugal on Saturday. I even suggested they post the trousers to me after the alteration, but he refused.
    If you sell one size length trousers your alteration service needs to be better than this. Overall the service and shopping experience was poor, and a total disgrace to your brand- absolutely no customer care
    I walked out without buying!! Your loss!!!

    • Asmaa Mahmoud Hassanein Reply

      Not surprised .. their service in Egypt is disgusting and they accuse their good customers of stealing and call the police for them .. If they do not fix their mistake i will let every one know what they do and they will close the business in Egypt very soon .. The pharoes curse will haunt them ..

  20. Barbara Ahmann Reply

    I have been trying to order a knitted dress on your website fir days. When I phoned your customer service I was informed I could not make an order by phone. What shall I do next?

  21. Grace Weir (Mrs) Reply

    I visited your store in Glasgow yesterday and had the great pleasure to be assisted by Isabella, here in Glasgow for one day only,apparently,from London. She was so lovely helpful and very professional and had I had more time,would I’m sure have assisted me even more. All of your staff are wonderful but I felt I had to make particular comment about Isabella. Please pass on my thanks to her and hope to meet her again some time in the future perhaps in your London store.

  22. Dear Massimo Dutti customer service manager,

    I am one of the biggest customers of your company and a big devotee as well! Since I got to know this brand back then in 2007 in Portugal.
    I am purchasing new cloth from Dutti Georgia almost weekly since it has been opened in Tbilisi!
    If you could see me now, even the socks I/m wearing are from Massimo Dutti…
    But I’m having a really disappointing experience here which you can hopefully solve! I purchased sports shoes and a shirt on Friday; November 11. The shoes appeared small after i wore it in our backyard and played with my daughter my feet starting to hurt really terrible. Especially because the material is a little bit particular but stiff.It is impossible for me to wear these shoes which i loved and grabbed directly from the shop on friday. So today morning (its Tuesday, 2 working days after purchase) I went to dutti shop and tried a 1 size bigger pair. My feet are still aching because they almost started to bleed but I was quiet sure that a bigger size would fit perfectly after the feet would get healed. So i ran to my house and brought the old pair (3 days old) with the check, box and everything and asked for exchange. I was told (very surprisingly! because it’s not the first time i exchange shoes.I have spent most half of my life in germany and no one ever has told me there that the shoe could not be exchanged to a bigger size becuase I wore it one time!)that i have worn them outside and they cant be changed. I am not someone to try to act self-defensive in situations which ar enot logic. the shoe is in a great condition. I did not wash it specially because I anm not a little kid to go back to the shop and tell i never wore shoes which i was so glad to purchase. It just has some dust from the down side! I requested a customer service manager. They told me the shopm manager decides this issue and there is no customer service department for Georgia’s Dutti representative. Please help me ! not to get disappointed from a bran which i sincerely love! teh exchange period is 1 week. Today is the 3rd or 4th day from purchasing. Please advise after you have discussed this issue, because this is not the right customer service which I was used by Massimo Dutti Europe!


    Marianna Tocqueville

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