Contact of Makro SA customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Makro: Find below customer service details of Makro, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
21 Peltier Drive,
Kelvin, Sandton,
Private Bag X4,
Sunninghill, 2157

Customer Service
Phone: 0860 300 999 (general)
Phone: 0860 600 999 (online shopping)
Phone: 011 797 0300
Email: [email protected]

About Makro
Makro is a cash-and-carry wholesaler in South Africa that began operations with the opening of its Germiston store in Johannesburg, in 1971. Currently, it has about 20 warehouse clubs spread across the country. The product range include computers, electronics, stationary, office furniture, home appliances, home decor, groceries, food and beverages. You can use the store locator on the website to locate an outlet nearest to your address.

For those who love shopping online, Makro has an ecommerce platform where you can pick items by brand or departments. Be it appliances, smartphones, computers, toys, or groceries, you will find a variety of items that you see at any of the Makro store.

Payment for purchases on Makro website can be done using Visa, MasterCard and net banking. If you are a frequent shopper at Makro, apply for the Makro Credit card that offers users a number of benefits, including free delivery and access to exclusive deals and offers.

Orders take up to 5 days for delivery. If you are not happy with your purchase, you have the option to return the product unused within 13 days for a full refund. There are certain items that do not fall under the return policy. It is best to check the details during checkout. For more information or queries on refund, cancellation, payment, shipping, or others, reach the Makro customer service.

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  1. I am not getting a response from Makro riversands. I bought a defy washing machine from Makro riversands last year around November and December 2019. Since trying to contact Makro from Saturday, I haven’t got any joy, my Makro card number l used to buy defy is 08237276 (belong to my wife).

  2. The worst online platform ever. There is nobody manning the online number 0860600999. I canceled my order on the 12th of June and still get a part delivery. On the 19th of June.
    It seems as if there is no communication internally at Makro and no commitment to customers. I have wasted a lot of money listening to useless recordings on the online number. There is only an automated response to emails and the WhatsApp number. Absolutely disgusted with their nonchalance to customers.

  3. Almost impossible to buy an appliance. No staff available to assist you at the appliance section. Had three clients waiting to be helped, asked for Manager and was directed to a room where the Managers office is. What a joke…. Then, try and phone their 086 number to enquire about a product… You’ll need lots of airtime or free minutes.

  4. Mariane Swart Reply

    It is a mission to contact Makro. They do not respond to emails. I have launched a complaint, because only part of my order was delivered – however, it is marked as completed. When I do get hold of someone, I get promises that they will respond – then nothing happens. The WORST experience ever!

  5. Marlene Jones Reply

    I cant complain about the service, as there are NO SERVICE at all, a week and i only got a response that they received my query mail, seriously for such a big store, its really terrible.

  6. I am very upset with the service I ordered on the 26th March 2020 today is 18 May. They cancelled an item on my order and didn’t even refund every time I call they say the matter is escalated, I didn’t receive all of my items… I’m never buying online at Makro Horrible service the call center people are not helpful at all, they tell you the same thing all the time

    • Hein de Wit Reply

      Good morning Folks at Makro and Dawnwing Couriers

      I am writing to you all in total frustration this morning and asking for your assistance. I have communicated with you all via phone and email – and to date despite many promises have mot received any feedback on the 2 orders that are outstanding. Please note that one order is actually in Dawnwings warehouse.I need these items to work from home – and the delay has caused huge problems for me.

      If you cannot fulfil the order – please credit me with the amounts paid for the items as well as the courier costs.

      Please respond.

  7. Order: MAK2488367

    I ordered Groceries (Essential and non essential) online on 27/04/2020. When I checked the status of my order on 01/05/2020, the status was still “order confirmed”. I then sent an email to check on the progress of the order as I felt that the status of the order was unacceptable. On 02/05/2020 I received an email from online service consultant stating that she has escalated the matter to the store and she will revert with feedback. To date, I have not received any feedback.

    I checked the status of the order again today 05/05/2020 and it is still on step 1:”order confirmed”. I then phoned online services and spoke to a very rude consultant who told me that we are facing a Pandemic and everybody should be understanding. She clearly does not understand the concept of Service Guarantee. She also offered to cancel my order. I told her that I want that order today because this day 8 since I placed the order and she told me that I will not get that order today.

    It was the fist time I used Makro’s online service and I will never do it again. If you check the order, most of the things are essential items and I need them urgently.

    From the reviews that I read, it looks like Makro is failing customers with this online service.

    I request that my order should be prepared for collection today 05/05/2020. I need those items urgently and Makro should never send me any advertising emails or SMS messages ever again. I reserve my comments regarding the online service consultant that I interacted with on the telephone today.

  8. Im disguised with Makro online services. I placed an order 12 days ago. No delivery. I have been making enquiries via email and Messenger. No feedback on my delivery. It’s like they ignoring my enquiries. Bad service

  9. I have been trying for 3 days to purchase from Makro Mbombela.The lady at the switchboard just keep transferring my call even though she can see no one is answering in the appliance
    Dept. How long still Makro??????These days NO business can afford to treat paying customers like this. Your service is the poorest I’ve come accross in years. One day if you feel a customer is valid enough give me a call

  10. Don’t ever shop online. We placed an order in December and I am still waiting
    I have phoned the customer service number which is a waste of time. You don’t get to speak to anyone it just keeps repeating the recording. I tried phoning the germiston branch no answer. I drove to the branch spoke to a supervisor. Also tried using the WhatsApp also useless. As a result I still don’t have my Order

  11. I have requested a quote from Makro for items that we would need to purchase for a work function. My first email was sent on the 30th October 2019 and till today no one has replied. Extremely spoor customer service values.


    Handed In my Sinotec tv which is still under guarantee at your Cape Gate branch. Went to find out today how long it will take. I was told that it was sent to Jhb for repairs and will take about 3 weeks. This is definitely not on . Surely they could have told me when I took it in for repairs. I need a tv immediately or else want my money back.
    Please contact me as soon as possible. Do you agree this is a case for the media?


  13. Mthokozisi Chamu Reply

    I am very disappointed in how Makro handled my order for goods worth R25 000. I placed an order last week Monday for several goods and I was told the first order with 90% of the goods will be delivered before end of business today and the one for the last item be delivered at a later stage because they do not have the item on stock. When I called to enquire about the time of the delivery, I was told none of my items have been dispatched meaning no delivery will be made today as per their obligation. I then contacted the Carnival City Stor Manager to raise my concern and to my surprise the store Manager told me that he cannot deliver my goods because he is still waiting for the microwave and he is not sure when will it be delivered. For a store like Makro, the lack of professionalism and misalignment within Makro is pathetic and disappointing to the max. I have decided to cancel my order and from now on I will utilize take a lot with the hope that they will be transparent with the decisions they take which transgresses their delivery promise they make to customers.

  14. Springfield branch. Very poor customer service. Waited 20mins for supervisor to assist with TV licence authorìsation. No apology rendered. Cashiers also need to be trained to be courteous.

  15. Emmanuel Naidoo Reply

    I bought a AHD cctv camera set for R3799 online. The package arrived 2 days later with one of the power supply cracked. The contact at the back of the DVR was loose. I took it back to Makro Cornubia for a refund. They say because it was online purchase they cannot refund me. I received a call from someone at Makro today asking me “how is it possible that the power supply broke.I am now waiting 3 days fir the package to be picked up. God knows when i will receive my refund.

  16. Laura Erasmus Reply

    I am very disappointed in the after sales service. I have a LG front loader washing machine that is 7 months old and making loud noises. I phoned on the 4th of July to book it for repair – up to date no arrangements were done to get the item repaired, even after I made two follow-up calls. I have also not received any replies on the customer care email raised. I have an extended warranty as well and seriously doubt if purchasing an extended warranty is even worth it if no service is being rendered in general.
    My ref no is 145 435 for logging a repair.

  17. Steve Bainbridge Reply

    Just a heads -up.
    I have just returned from Builders Warehouse after experiencing the most shocking lack of service at your Germiston branch
    I went in intending to purchase a lawnmower edge trimmer and leaf blower and despite asking 3 different members of staff for some assistance I could not get a single person to help me. Needless to say your opposition around the corner have made the sale.
    Disgusted to say the least bit I dont expect a response after the experience that I have just had at your store.

  18. Good Day
    I was at Makro Port Eluzabeth yesterday. I saw a Lego box marked down from R1899 to R200. Clearly marked on box. I went to the till to pay my groceries and explained to cashier that the price is R200 but swiped R1899. She went to the supervisor and tgey said R1200. I told her I want to speak to the manager. She called her. I explained and the woman didn’t give me a chance. She said that how will something be marked down from R1899 to R200. I told her there is R200 written on box on the sticker she said no its R1200. I told her ok, Im sorry i have the proof and I have showed this to other people. She then told the cashier to write a new sticker. I spend a lot of money at makro and this is how you get treated.

  19. Makro silverlakes

    Guys you need to take us customers serious just to make a purchase I had to wait for whole 30min for a supervisor just for a 5min purchase. You’ll even ask yourself what are they doing if it has to be a mission to get a supervisor to a teller. Your service is very bad make sure u teach your supervisors that customers come first. ???

  20. Useless!!! I will never use makro online order again and I will advise everyone not to use it !!!

    Order number MAK2045609
    I have been waiting for 2 weeks since I placed my order to receive my parcel. If I phone customer care all they can tell me is that it has been handed over to the courier company ???? I phone stores and no one answers the phone, working hours states 9-5 ??? I phone customer care again to inform them that I cant reach them .. and I get told to only phone after 10 ?? Really
    I want to track my parcel !when will I receive it ? I know They handed it to time fright but no one can give me the waybil number to track it!! I am very dissapointed .

  21. Order number: MAK2034047
    I made this purchase on the 4th April. In the fine print this item is classified as a special order and requires 21 working days for delivery… Its now the 10 May and I phoned phoned the call centre a total of 8 times and no one has provided me on when the item will be delivered and what is the issue… I was even placed on hold for over 30 minutes. Please can someone assist me ??

  22. I am very Frustrated with the Makro service, and dont advise any electronics to be purchased from Makro.

    We recently bought a 40 inch Sinotech TV at Makro Cornubia on the 22 Feb 2019. The TV worked fine for the first two weeks and thereafter never came on. Seeing that when we purchased the Tv, MAKRO advised that this come with a 5 year guarantee, so we were asked to log a call with the call centre which we did on the 18/03 , after many calls to the store and the call centre, the tv was only collected on the 30/04, it now been a week and i called the company MASTER AUDIO VISUAL in Umgeni Road Durban, only to be advised that the TV now needs to go back to the manufacturer for repairs which they haven’t collected as yet.

    Unfortunately, they are not in a position to issue any credit note and we need to call the store directly.

    Another RUNAROUND ….

    We believe that we are in our right to receive a full refund as we believe that we are still within our warranty since it is only a few days after purchase. The Makro policy states that if we are not happy with the item brought we should return it within a specified period of time for refund and exchange. Makro doesn’t seem to stick on delivering on promises to the customer.

    This is going on long enough to be inconvenienced, with the unnecessary run around we receiving FOR SOMETHING WE PURCHASED FROM MAKRO.


  23. Wouter van der Nest Reply

    I purchased a Asus predator Heliis 300 from the Alberton branch. I paid R17999 for a demo unit and only saw afterwards that the online store sells it for R15999. But the biggest issue is that the device was unable to play games (Gaming Laptop!) as the power supply would switch off as soon as you start playing an intensive 3D game. After contacting Asus they informed me that Ivwas given the incorrect power supply by the store and that the power supply I should have recieved was sopposed to be 180w and not 135w I recieved. I have been to the store numerous times and still my issue has not been resolved.

  24. I have been sending emailed almost everyday now regarding items that I since 20th of March but where never delivered. NO one bothers to reply to my emails. I tried to ask via telephone but I’m been send from pillar to post and told that the store will call me back to no avail…this is beyond upsetting.

    My purchase reference # MAK2026904

  25. I paid for order no Invoice # 067-969
    Order NumberMAK2026657/0187025633 on 20th March 2019. Items still not delivered. Makro not interested in helping client trace items. Staff promise to follow up on delivery but never follows up. This order was supposed to be delivered on 1 April- thats more than 39 days late!

  26. Elize Kunz Reply

    I am seriously annoyed!! I bought a polar fleece blanket from Makro, Ottery, Cape Town. I wanted to turn the blanket into a poncho. When I opened it up, I realized that it was a complete mess!! The blanket is so poorly made that the one side is 18 cm wider than the other side which renders it unusable. I paid R110,00 for the blanket. I live in Fish Hoek, which means that if I had to go back to the store it would cost me around R60,00 in petrol, not to mention the waste of time!! This blanket is the poorest of poor quality, and I find it disgraceful that you would even consider selling such rubbish!! I have a photograph should you wish to see it!!

  27. Ntombifuthi Ndlovu Reply

    So disappointed. Was promised delivery of a fridge I had to purchase at the store because the online purchase system was not working…and still waiting for delivery. Your delivery department lied about contacting me yesterday and claimed the driver was unable to reach me. And nobody bothered to follow up the next day…this is very poor customer service and frankly unacceptable.

  28. Leith Josephs Reply

    I recently purchased an “online exclusive” smart watch from Makro-this item could thus not be purchased in store. The device is is supposed to calculate steps, measure heart rate and sleep patterns plus calculate calories burnt. The device only calculates steps. I urge Makro to test products before advertising as “online exclusive”.

  29. I am very Frustrated with the Makro service.

    We recently bought a Ryobi RG6900 Key Start Generator at Makro Crown Mines for our Shop on the 19 March 2019.Due to Load Shedding We Started it at the shop to test if it is working and it seemed fine on the first day , Two days later when we actually needed it since the electricity went off , it was still starting fine but it could not supply the electricity at all , so we sent it back for exchange or refund as we believe that we are still within our warranty since it is only 4 days after purchase. But we are told that it is going to be sent back to the manufacture to be assessed, it will take the minimum of 4 to 6 weeks, We cant afford to wait for that since load Shedding is ongoing thru out the country . we just need it sorted out as soon as possible either Refund or Exchanges the Makro policy states that if we are not happy with the item brought we should return it within specified period of time for refund and exchange. Makro doesn’t seem to stick on delivering on promises to customer.

    We have been advised that there there is no way we could get refund even if it is the factory fault , they will just fix it and send it back to us when they are done .

    I am very disappointed as we are off lights even now.

  30. Bought a Ellie’s converter at Alberton Makro today, when we set it up it was not working. We live quiet a distance from Makro and it is so annoying that we have to travel out there tomorrow stand in a queue and get ur money back. The one we bought was the last in the store so we cannot even exchange it

  31. Krishan Ranasinghe Reply

    Makro, No Support, Online Purchase, Hisense 58″ TV

    I have bought a Hisense 58″ Smart UHD TV in November and was delivered on the 2nd of December.

    The TV has 3 problems from the start: (1.) TV Needs to be rebooted every time it needs to be connected to a wifi device or re-connect to a wifi device. (2.) USB 3 port “throws the usb device out” after few minutes of play. (3.) TV Freezes randomly, and does not respond to the remote and need to be rebooted

    We had 4 technicians to have a look and 1 mother board replacement was done. it continues to give the same problems.

    I have called in several times and was told I would get feedback and technician would come but still I sit the same problem, thelast two reference numbers, Ref No: 30583, Makro Online and Zweli Mnguni, Ref No: 35214, Makro Online (this guy refuse to provide me with contact details or speak to a senior person to escalate this matter).

    I’m not sure what further action to take.

  32. Avin Budhai Reply

    Hi, I ordered 2 air-chillers which should have been delivered on 15 Feb 2019.
    Had contact with 3 of the employees, and still no resolution.
    Employees do not see the complaint to conclusion.
    Really , really frustrating, considering the time I have spent trying to resolve.

    My order number is MAK2003824,
    082 781 5745

  33. Carol prill Reply

    Sent 2 emails to complain still no reply for the past week, purchased dishwasher as advertised, did not get my free finish dishwasher tablets, very unhappy customer!!!!

  34. Welile Soko Reply

    Totally unsatisfactory services from the Macro close to Cape Gate we had a fridge delivered, and one of the drawers was cracked, after reporting it we were told to wait a few weeks as the fridge was out of stock… TO DATE we are still waiting for the call..

  35. Order No. MAK1083953

    I have purchased this TV in November and was delivered on the 2nd of December. the TV has 3 problems from the start:

    1. TV Needs to be rebooted every time it needs to be connected to a wifi device or re-connect to a wifi device.

    2. USB 3 port “throws the usb device out” after few minutes of play

    3. TV Freezes randomly, and does not respond to the remote and need to be rebooted

    We had 4 technicians to have a look and 1 mother board replacement was done. it continues to give the same problems.

    I have called in several times and was told I would get feedback and technician would come but still I sit the same problem, see below last two reference numbers

    Ref No: 30583, Makro Online

    Zweli Mnguni, Ref No: 35214, Makro Online (this guy refuse to provide me with contact details or speak to a senior person to escalate this matter).

  36. Bontle Mokaleng Reply

    I am very disappointed with the Makro service.

    At the stores the queues are too long. The online shopping never has what one requires from the catalog. Your centralized call center service is very limited. I would like to communicate with the branch directly.

    • Kerry Gehlig Reply

      On Saturday we went to Makro Strubensvalley to purchase a fridge and TV. As we walked past the Fridges, a gentleman in a Makro uniform, asked if we needed help and we explained we were looking for a fridge. He took us to Samsung ad we found out later, it only has a 2 year guarantee and the one which another gentleman showed us had s 5 year guarantee. And we preferred this one anyway. He then took us to TV and showed us Samsung again which we decided on. He then started with the sales pitch on insurance to pay to extend the warranty. After 10 minutes of him interrupting the salesman and pushing insurance we told him we were not interested. He stormed off. Only then do we find out this guy is not s makro sales person but an insurance sales person!!!!!!!! After he left us another guy comes and asks how much the other guy quoted for insurance because he can do a better deal.
      I find this very unprofessional on Makros behalf. You are obviously getting kick backs on insurance that’s why you supply them with uniforms. These guys get in the way of the salesman who work on commission but have to deal with these insurance guys trying to close their deals.
      You don’t need to be hounded by these people who take you to appliances with guaranteed of two years so they can then get you to take additional insurance for 5 years. This is wrong and will certainly not recommend people to shop for appliances at Makro

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