Contact of Lowe’s customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Lowe’s: Find below customer service details of Lowe’s, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries or complaints on Lowe’s products, store locations, refund/cancellation, online shopping,  shipping, warranty or other questions. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on Lowe’s products and services.

Lowe’s Head Office
Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
1000 Lowe’s Boulevard,
Mooresville, NC 28117
United States

Lowe’s Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-44-LOWES
Phone: 1-800-445-6937
Phone: 1-866-46-LOWES (Canada)

Email Support
Write your complaints or feedback to [email protected] or [email protected]

Lowe’s Store Locations
Click here to locate a Lowe’s store nearest to your address. A local store can be searched by city, state or zip code.

Online Bill Payment
To pay your Lowe’s credit payment online click here. If you dont have a Lowe’s card, get one to enjoy low monthly payments, zero annual fee, discounts and much more.

About Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
lowe-storeLowe’s was founded in the year 1946. A Fortune 50 company, Lowe’s is a leading home improvement retailer with over 1,750 stores in the United States, Mexico and Canada. In 2010, Lowe’s had sales of $48.8 billion. Headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, the company serves more than 15 million customers every week. Lowe’s stores in fact stock over 40,000 products. As of 2011, it employed some 234,000 people.

On the website, Lowe’s offers consumers more that 140,000 items that could be purchased by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Lowe’s credit card. Products that can be purchased include washers & dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, small appliances, vanities, bathtubs, toilet parts, showers & accessories, bathroom faucets, building supplies, flooring items, door hardware, safes, truck & trailer accessories, fireplaces, water heaters, home decor products, cooking appliances, lighting & fans, garden tools, outdoor power equipments, paint, plumbing items, windows and doors, and much more.

Note that shipping and tax estimates are based on the Zip code of the shipping address. Each item displays available delivery method options of UPS/USPS, Lowe’s Home Delivery, or Free In-Store Pickup. If not satisfied with an item, Lowe’s offers a 90-days return policy for refund or exchange (terms apply). Visit the website or speak with a Lowe’s customer service representative for more details.

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  1. We live in Venice Fl. We went up North for Christmas with our family. We arrived home late on New Years Eve to find our LG refrigerator was dead. Everything in the freezer melted!!] The temp in the refrigerator was 50°!! We have no idea when it quit, we were gone 8 days. We felt this is an inconvenience, but we have extended warranty, it should be taken care of! Our first service tech arrived a week after we called. He walked in pulled the refrigerator out, took panel off, said ” It needs a new compressor, I’ll order one” should three to five business days and he left, maybe here 6 min. I believe we waited another week, hearing nothing. I called the plan administrator, and was told we were waiting on Lowes to agree to approve the labor charge, it apparently was over the usual and customary. After receiving approval they still needed to order the compressor. Several days later a service tech arrives with a box I’m thinking of this is it! NO !! He goes the over to the refrigerator, which is still pulled out, because our thinking was it wouldn’t be long would be repaired. Thought wrong!! He steps behind the refrigerator, comes back out and says he can’t fix it, he would.send someone out tomorrow. He’s tech number two, refrigerator still not repaired! Next day tech number three arrives. He works on the refrigerator for some time. By the way they are replacing the compressor. He finishes his work and buttons it up. He turns on ice makers, sets the temp, and says we can start using it the next day! Hallelujah!! The next morning can’t arrive soon enough, we open the refrigerator door and its warmer than before!! I make another call to report the failed attempt. My husband was told by someone they would be out to of serial numbers and model number. me false hope we.may get it replaced, as I should have been, after this length of time. We are living out of a cooler!! You don’t provide a loaner any more, which I think you should reconsider. You could take a week to talk it over. A few days later tech number four arrives and works quite a while. It appeared he made several calls to someone during the repair process, maybe being advised? End of day repair complete!!!
    It took three weeks, four repair techs, and numerous phone calls for one three old refrigerator.
    If you haven’t figured it out, I am not a satisfied customer! Talking with different people, they could not believe this process took so long. I will continue to share this story with everyone I know.
    We also have had both ice makers replaced and a service call on the upper one for leaking. I know you just sell the product but do an unacceptable job on service. It was a terrible inconvenience for us!! It gives you false hope when you have the extended warranty and it takes three weeks to have a completed repair will probably not make any large purchases with you in the future. .You get zero stars. I HOPE YOU CAN SEE MY FRUSTRATION!!!!


  2. I would like to lodge a complaint about The management at NW Greenville Lowes. I purchased a refrigerator on July 7 2019. I was told at that time the refrigerator was in the Lowes warehouse and could be delivered on July 22. On Sunday July 21 I was called and was told the refrigerator did not make it on the delivery to the store, and was assured that it would be delivered the following Thursday or Friday. I made the request to speak with a manager. I was sent to Tosha, who was very rude. I asked about why I was told it was in the warehouse and then not called until the day before delivery. I asked about compensation since I had already made plans to take off on Monday and could not change. I was having to make additional arrangements later in the week but no one could tell me which day to take off. I was told by Tosha that she would talk to me on Saturday about compensation. I called on Saturday and asked for Tosha. I was told she was busy. I left my name and number for her to return my call. NO RETURN CALL WAS MADE. I was now going on 3 weeks without a refrigerator. I went to the store on Thursday July 25 to check on the delivery since I had not heard anything about the delivery. I was told at that time the refrigerator was not delivered again. After spending some time with the salesman, I was told that the refrigerator was out of production until the end of August. I tried to pick out another refrigerator in the same price range and comparable accessories. I was never offered the option of an upgrade or discount since I would now have to wait another 5 weeks. I was offered a loaner which was delivered. . After asking to speak to a manager, I told them I had spoke to Tosha. They did not want to get involved and said they would email her with my info, which she already had. I never heard from her. I called on Saturday and was told she was busy and would call me. I left my name and number again. I have never received a call back

  3. Phil Spampinato Reply

    I ordered a dishwasher in store at the Camden, DE Lowe’s. I was told they would call when it arrived. They did not; I had to call them. Thy said it would be delivered by their service the next day. It was not; I had to call the service, who gave me a run around. I then called Lowe’s who said they would deliver it within an hour. They didn’t; they called to say they did not have my dishwasher. I had to go to the store the next day. The manager, Mike, said it would be delivered that day. It was delivered and to Mike’s credit, I was given a rebate for my trouble.

  4. Don Grafton Reply

    I ordered a washer and dryer estimated to be delivered Aug 7th, after it did not come I revisited the store and was told it would come Saturday August 10.
    I received a phone call before 8AM that it was loaded on the truck, at 3PM I received a phone call it would not be delivered that day
    I waited all day I pleaded with the drive to deliver but he said no
    The store manager is Jessica Barmore , Bossier City Louisiana , Airline Drive
    I will buy from Home Depot even it it cost more
    I canceled my Lowes CC which I spend about 1000 per month

  5. Marla Young Reply

    I have had the WORST service ever! I have been a Lowes customer for many years. I purchased appliances in November of 2018 from the store in East Point, Ga. A refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and oven. My appliances were scheduled to be delivered in March of 2019. On the day of delivery I only received a refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. I found out later from the sales person that my stove was NEVER ordered! I had to wait 3.5 weeks to receive one. Therefore, this meant that I had to eat out everyday. When the dishwasher was opened and taken out of the box it was damaged. Therefore, I had to send it back and wait 3 weeks for a new one. When I finally received my stove I went into the store to follow up on the ETA of the dishwasher. It was discovered that when the dishwasher was picked up someone failed to “log it in” which meant that according to Lowes records I had a dishwasher and a new one was NEVER ordered. Luckily I was able to find one in my brand and color in the store. Otherwise I would have had to wait 34 days to receive one. The dishwasher was delivered the next day. However, installation was not included. I was told that it would be for my inconvenience just to make sure that I purchased the attachment I needed to hook it up. The dishwasher was delivered on a Saturday, I called the store on Thursday to speak with the manager Emmitt. I could not get any resolution so I reached out to corporate customer service. They in turn got Emmitt on a three way call with me. Emmitt assured me that he would take care of this issue personally and make sure that my dishwasher was installed ASAP. He was to follow up with me the same day. That did not happen. I called the store the next day to speak with him. He was not available. By the way, the front desk staff are HORRIBLE! They hang up on you and cut you off while you are asking your question. Emmitt finally scheduled my installation for Friday. However, that did not happen. He was supposed to call me to confirm the time for installation. When I did not hear back from him by the time I got off from work at 4:30 I drove over to the store to find out that he was gone for the day. I then reached out to customer service again, who by the way was supposed follow back up with me in 24 hours from my initial call. That NEVER happened. Moving on, I later received a call from Mia. She started by apologizing and saying that they were trying to find a dishwasher for me. I explained to her that I already had my dishwasher I was only waiting on installation. At that point she was relieved and attempted to get the installation the same day. She was unsuccessful. However, the installer said that he could come the next day between 10-12p, I agreed. Needless to say that did not happen. On Saturday morning Emmitt called me to confirm that I was scheduled for installation for 10-12 and that he had already spoke with the installer. The installer called me at 11:43 to be exact to tell me that he had just received notification that he had to do the install. His statement was a bit puzzling since Emmitt had already confirmed the appointment. The installer told me that he had about 30 mins left on the current job and it would take him 45 mins to get to me. At 1:30 I called the store and asked to speak with Emmitt, I was told that he was gone for the day. I then asked to speak to Mia. Mia was able to get in contact with the installer. Ultimately, he did not arrive to my house until 3p. My whole day was wasted. I had actually left 15 mins prior and had to have my neighbor to go down and let him in. On Sunday, I received a call from Kendra. She was calling to apologize for everything that was going on, not realizing that the installation had been completed. I have been attempting to reach Emmitt since yesterday 4/22/19 at 12. Every time I called I was told he was in a meeting up until 4:30 when I got off. I drove to the store after work. By the time I reached there at 5:15 he was gone. I was then put in contact with Reggie, another store manager. Reggie assured me that he would send Emmitt a email and that he himself would follow up with me the next day. At 1:30 I realized that I had not heard from anyone, therefore, I decided to call the store. The person that answered was VERY nasty. She did not identify herself when she answered, and she hung up on me. When I called back she answered the phone as if she was at home. I asked for her name, it is Mya. Mya needs to be sent home permanently!!!! I then called corporate to report her and to follow up with my original complaint. The representative that helped me was name Rakita. She was nothing but a blessing. She was able to validate my concerns and put me in contact with Russell, the appliance manager and my original salesman. Russell listened to my concerns and promised that he would follow up with me by the end of business today or first thing in the morning. I have ALWAYS been a loyal LOWES customer. I see Home Depot in my near future. Or maybe Lowe’s need to do so housecleaning at this location. The people there are HORRIBLE. Henceforth, its all the zip code!

    Marla Young

  6. My husband and I have had our second bad experience at Lowe’s West Hazleton Pa. First time we went to look at kitchen.countertops. We were charged $35 to have someone come and measure when we paid we were told someone would contact us within 3 days to make an appt. We waited a week and no contact We went back to the store Customer service told us Lowe’s doesn’t offer that service anymore and refunded our money We decided to try again today, April 13,2019. Picked out a faucet and sink to purchase. Went to the Kitchen dept Had press the help button twice After 20 minutes of waiting and no one in sight. Left the faucet and sink in the cart Headed to Customer Service to let them no we won’t be back Manny at customer service desk was very rude Talking to a customer and saw me standing there and started speaking in Spanish He, the cashier and customer all started laughing and looking at me Finally the cashier asked if she could help me I told her the store sucks no assistance in kitchens So we will go to Home Depot. Manny being rude said to go ahead. I guess Lowe’s makes enough money so I will go to Home Depot.even though they are further away

  7. LaWanda Tyson Reply

    Hi I had a complete kitchen remodel done through Lowe’s last year, purchased the appliances and all, it has not been less than six (6) months and part of the tile in the Kitchen Floor is splitting and the floor underneath moves when you walk on it. I have contacted the Contractor and Lowe’s via email. The contractor sent someone to check the floor about two weeks ago and it’s been silence since then. Kitchen remodels cost a lot of money and they promise to fix anything that goes wrong while you are under warranty. I haven’t gotten any results. So much for using them for anything else

  8. Etta Warren Reply

    I purchased a refrigerator from Lowe’s on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 in Kinston, NC. My delivery was scheduled for Saturday, March 2, 2019 between 8am-8pm. When I asked why was the delivery window so big, their response was ” we will call you 30 min before we deliver.” I was disappointed because I would have to lose a day of work waiting for my refrigerator. Saturday, March 2, 2019, I called Lowe’s around 5 pm, and the manager said that his delivery truck was back at the store and put me on hold. Then the manager told me that he will check into somethings and call me back. The manager never called me back. I called Lowes back Monday morning, March 4, 2019 and I was told that I my refrigerator will be delivered before 12:00 pm. I told the manager that I lost a day of work Saturday, the manger reply was I am sorry about that. So I also lost half day of work on Monday. This was poor service, Lowe’s did not even try to give me a courtesy call on Saturday and the manager never called me back. I do not plan to purchase from Lowe’s again and plan to spread the poor customer service to my friends and on social media groups. An apology should have been the first thing that came from the manager.

  9. Yixuan Guo Reply

    I called your customer care today for a lost delivery. The issue is very simple, and I only explained the issue with your representative for 5 minutes. She first put me on hold for transferring to another customer care department to file a claim. After I waited for 30 minutes, she suddenly picked up the phone again and said she was going to file a claim to FedEx. After I asked how long I need to wait for the next step, she told me to wait and put me on hold for another 30 minutes. It is hard to understand why she had put me on hold twice for so long time. What’s even worse, she didn’t explain or apologize for the long holding time. When she finally came back, she told me this was her first time to work on the lost delivery issue. I can not understand why she has to spend 30 minutes each time for a simple question, and why Lowe’s hires people who can not even work on the basic refund job. I am sure that I can not do any business with Lowe’s in the future due to this customer care experience.

  10. A purchase from hell – I purchased 2 toilets online on October 6. Went to pick them up on Oct 9. While checking the toilet on display I noticed that 1 of them would not fit in my small bathroom. I decided to pickup only one and return the 2nd one. While signing the paperwork to pick up I noticed the amount on the pickup receipt is incorrect and I told customer service. The lady was very rude and she said the product does not leave the store until you sign the document. I said I have no problem signing the document but it needs to have the proper amount of $190 VS the $252. I asked her to at least write the correct amount on the paperwork and she refused. I final had enough and ended up signing although the amount was wrong. It is October 19 (10 days later) and the credit for 1 of the toilets has not even hit my account. I called Lowes asking they kept me on hold and then they told me the credit is completed from their end and did not go through their online process yet and they can’t do anything about it. WHAT A SHAME. Never buying from their again. Now I have to fight this again in a week time. They seem to be completely lost.

  11. I have noticed a steep decline in Lowe’s Glasgow, Ky.
    Often hear customer needing service being paged to the same departments over and over again. It is obvious they don’t have enough help. They must be trying to phase out the older help. New kids don’t know the answers to your questions.
    Shelves are often empty of the items we need to finish our jobs.
    We need this store in our small town but the hand writing is on the wall, Lowe’s is on the same road as Sear, J.C.Penny’s and others.

  12. Kathleen Patterson Reply

    On Saturday 9-8-2018 I had a Whirlpool washer delivered after waiting for 2 weeks for delivery. The washer was very damaged so I refused it. I am 68 years old and recovering from knee replacement surgery. I tried for over 30 minutes to call the store to request a replacement but no one ever answered the phone. I had to get in the car in the rain drive to the store to get help. When I walked into the appliance department there were 3 sales reps standing at the register. The man that waited on me acted like I was bothering him. I told him of my problem and he finally got a new invoice issued for a new washer to be delivered the next day. Never once did he offer any apology for what had happened. When we went to customer service desk I saw a lady sitting at the desk and the phone was constantly ringing and she made no effort to answer it so that told me why my calls weren’t answered. This was a definite lack of customer service in the store. I was very disappointed because I have purchased several things from this store but now I wonder if I will make any more purchases.

  13. For many years, my company has purchased large quantities of wire, electrical supplies and materials. I have most recently reached out to the corporate office with some concerns regarding the delivery of our orders.

    I have to date not received or spoken to anyone in upper management that has been able to provide me with the affirmation that the current delivery issues are being looked into and are attempting to be rectified.

    I have already spoken to the Customer Service Department several times who state they cannot assist me . I have also spoken to the Lowe’s manager who advised me “There is nothing I can do about the delivery service!” This is unacceptable.

    My companies expectation is that the time and date a delivery is scheduled for is adhered to. Material cannot and should not be signed for by a random person, but an assigned employee who is expecting the material. Orders should not be dropped off and left at homes or addresses after business hours, unattended in hopes that it will remain there until the next business day.

    I understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise however, these have occurred more and more often and I am loosing material to theft, losing money while workers are waiting on material that is either late or never arrives.

  14. Dennis Rex Reply

    I want to tell you my experience so that you might try to fix the problem. we purchased a range on July 5th and was to be delivered on July 22nd. Two days prior I received an automated call announcing the delivery time. I waited well after that time and called. I was told that it did not come in and that they would call when it is in. I had the old stove unhooked and installed different fittings for the new stove. I called three days later and was told it was in and would delivered July 31st. We wasted a beautiful day waiting for a delivery when could have been elsewhere. There is absolutely no excuse for this. I can understand things not coming in when expected but the miscommunication is not acceptable.

  15. 7/23/18
    I needed a pair of trailer jacks. Lowes internet site claimmend they had two. Went to store, not able to find, employee not able to find.
    When I got home, I checked other stores on computer. There were several claiming to have them in stock.
    I called the 1-800 customer service, a pleasant, helpful young lady contacted two of these stores for me. The one I had been in told her they did have one (it was hidden somewhere). A store 40 miles further away said they had at least four of them.
    It takes over two hours to drive this place. They had one. I explained about the earlier confirmation they had made. The cashier finally called a manager who came up and said, “I don’t know what to tell you, we don’t have them.”
    This is not the first time I’ve been messed with by Lowes, but it will be the last!

  16. Teresa Singletary Reply

    Again I am letting you know about the Lowe’s store here in Augusta. This store again is the one at Peach Orchard Road and Windsor Spring Road. I was at this store last night (Thursday, July 12, 2018) and there was not a single shopping cart available for your customers. All of the shopping charts were out in the parking lot. And also the handicap shopping carts are very useless at this store because they are never kept charged up for the customers. This store is not a good shopping one.

  17. Bo Fluharty Reply

    Your telephone services are worst in the world, we just purchased shower door on line and we paid the shower door so we need someone from Lowes to installed the door after all we bought the door from you. But when we’ve called Lowes for name of person who is going to install the door, first of all when we called we were transferred to 5 different people which took 37 minutes and they keep saying wait, wait and wait.. than the last person after 37 minutes said we can not give that number out or person’s name, we have been faithful customer at Lowes for so many years and your service been always good in the past but your service starting 2013 until now your service is going down the toilet. We have Home Depot which service is excellent, maybe you should learn from Home Depot. Your service is worst…

  18. I was in your store last Thursday and wanted to purchase a Troy Bilt pressure washer, 2800 PSI gas powered etc. It was priced at $249.00. There was no sign or any information that said the sale would be over at a certain time. I was back in the store today, Sunday 6-24-18 and the price was $318.00. I lost money. I am a 70 year old widow, lost my husband last year and Making two trips amounted to close to 100 miles. I should have known that the price would go up, but without any notices or clerks with any information it is nothing short of deception. I want the difference back, it is only fair. I guess that is why you do not have any e-mail for customer service. Thanks for the wonderful pleasure of shopping in your store. A reply would be nice.

  19. Karen Garnett Reply

    I purchased an LG refrigerator 5/30/2016 and the plastic, blue ice maker connection at the back is leaking causing water damage to the kitchen flooring. Saturday May 12, 2018, I phoned the Danville VA store to arrange a service call and CSR Tammy sent the delivery truck driver to attempt repair. I was told it is a simple enough fix if only the part needed was on the truck. It was not. So, I phoned Tammy back and she said she would arrange to have the delivery guys pop by on Monday since Sunday was Mother’s Day. I agreed.

    After waiting most of the day on Monday, I finally phoned the store to follow up. Tammy was not at work. No one there had any idea what she had promised. After learning that, I agreed to wait yet another day for the repair. I was phoned in the morning on Tuesday May 15th by Brian who left a message to say I was the seventh customer and the driver would be by between 2 and 4 PM. At 5:40 PM I phoned again to follow up. Candice a person so rude I cannot believe you pay her a salary to perform customer interface, said the driver phoned me but I failed to answer the phone, so the truck went back to the store without stopping by. NO ONE PHONED ME. I have no incoming calls from any number after 8:34 AM when Brian phoned and left a message. Candice offered to reschedule for tomorrow May 16. I asked if I could be first on the list and she pretended she could make that happen. When I pressed her to confirm I’d be first, she confessed she’d make a note about that. I tried to express my anger and explain I’d postponed an appointment to be available for Lowe’s and Candice hung up on me. HUNG UP!

    I phoned back and asked to speak to her manager. After waiting nearly four minutes, Candice picked up and I told her I don’t want to speak to you, I asked to speak to your manager. On hold for longer…the manager picks up and I complain about how rude Candice was to me and he suggested it must have been a disconnect, not a hang up. I explained that was not the case and his retort was that he was doing this repair thing as a courtesy and I rightly should have been directed to the service center given the warranty is still in effect and wait for them to attend to the repair. In other words, I should be grateful for his generous offer and forgive and forget that I was being jerked about, that my time had been wasted, and that I should be content with whenever they were able to attend to the repair.

    I started to visit the store and have a face-to-face conversation with them all, but given the several recent incidents at Starbucks, The Waffle House, and Harvard University to name those that made it to the news cycles, I thought better of it lest I raised my voice at the CSR and manager, to find myself arrested.

    There are classes you might investigate that will teach your employees how to give good customer service which includes skills to defuse irate customers and smooth the path to an amicable solution. If a CSR lacks the necessary skills to successfully handle customers in all tempers, then she should explore another career path.

    I am not encouraged by the many complaints that I read on this page and to which I now add my own. I am so very, very disappointed in you, Lowe’s. I had a better opinion of your business model, which I am now and will continue to rethink. Shame on you.

    K. Garnett

  20. Charles Shurtleff Reply

    I just wanted to leave a message about Zoe in the lawn and garden area of your Frisco store on Preston Road. She worked with us very closely to find us exactly what we needed for a large gardening project we had. This woman is a pro and we enjoyed working with her greatly.

  21. To whomever cares,
    My wife and I recently purchased Silestone quartz counter tops from the Lowe’s in Martell, California. The counter tops were installed by O.R. Enterprises on January 12, 2018. Within the first 30 days of installation the countertops cracked in four separate locations on two separate slabs (have had additional cracks since on another slab). Obviously the Silestone quartz counter tops Lowe’s sold us is an inferior product and complete garbage, not worth the $3888.11 we spent on them.
    I’m sending this in frustration at the complete nightmare my wife and I have experienced in attempting to resolve this issue with Lowe’s, O.R. Enterprises and Silestone.
    Our warranty request was denied from Silestone, due to the fact Silestone, “assumed” we must of used our countertops in an, “abnormal use or conditions.” So much for the 25 year warranty Silestone promised- completely worthless and misleading. Silestone advertises quartz as, “one of the strongest minerals on earth.” Well apparently, normal use in our kitchen broke the strongest mineral on earth- pathetic.
    I read in our installation package from Lowe’s that, “Anything less than perfect is failing to our team.” Here we are-you failed us miserably- please do something about it! One of the main reasons we used Lowe’s in the first place is that we trusted Lowe’s to take care of us if anything did go wrong with the counter tops. We have had negative experiences with contractors in the past, and understood we would pay a little more to trust Lowe’s to help us if we had any problems. Where are you now?
    The only help Lowe’s and O.R Enterprises have offered is if we pay them more money? And apparently, with each new crack we find, the price goes up even more? What kind of customer service is this?!? What did we do to be treated so poorly? We just don’t think anyone really cares about us and just assumes we must have mistreated our counter tops we paid so much for.
    Our plead for help in this manner has gone unanswered by Martell Lowe’s, O.R. Enterprises and Silestone. I’m sending this to every corporate email I can find on the internet for Lowe’s, O.R. Enterprises and Silestone for help. I will also be sending this to every local and state websites I can find for any assistance, guidance and legal action afforded to us.
    Big businesses got paid, and could care less about one veteran’s family in a small rural community in California.

  22. I always shop lowes store located on manchester st.louis mo up to yesterday that I bought spray and it didn’t work I return it back to store and try to get a different one I was checking it to make sure it is working and , the cashier at customer service was so rude,scream at me that and told me that spray make my employee sick,so I refuse to buy the new one i left the store i never had this experience before in any store.i will not go back to that store any more.

  23. Pamela Shaw RN Reply

    Lowes has $963.00 that I worked very hard to earn. I ordered a hot water heater and installation 3 1/2 weeks ago….still not installed. They apparently have only one installer for this entire Hudson Valley area?? I’m disgusted by the run around and lack of customer service that started when the young lady who placed the order put my phone number in backwards! It’s no fun to take a cold shower after an exhausting day. Good thing I take my job more seriously. I’m done with Lowes…

  24. alfonso Emanuelo Reply

    I had the pleasure of using store 16058 Toms River NJ.I was helped by a head cashier Rose Forgione .Customer service is always good at Lowes but this lady was exceptional.I have never dealt with a person so helpful in any store.She went totally out of her way to help me she helped me find what i needed helped me locate a store that had what I needed in the location I needed.Thank you she was wonderful hope that she will be recognized for her service.

  25. William McCann Reply

    Customer service is very difficult to reach by phone. It took over 18 minutes on hold to get to a live person. I had a delivery date of one date and was not contacted to tell me it was changed to two days later. When I reached a live person that could not find the order and had to go searching for it, on hold again. She returned shortly with the information and my questioned was answered. She did a great job. Lowes on the other hand did not. Over the last two years we have purchased a house full of windows and a new roof and did not have any trouble, not they do not know our name and can not track us thru our phone number.
    It took over 30 minutes to get a simple answer to my delivery question. We have one line and four calls go wanting while I wait for a customer service rep to pick-up the phone. I have many things to do thru out the day, waiting on hold is not one of them! This is how companies lose good customers.

  26. rex lanning Reply

    I just bought a new gas range from Lowes. It needed to be converted to LP gas, and I knew going into this that I’d have to pay someone to do it. Lowes said to just call the 800 customer service line, and they would arrange someone to come and do it. The first time I called, the rep transferred me, and it went to nowhere, and then disconnected. Second call, rep told me to call back and hit option five and then option one. Did that. No one answered. The next time, I could not even get through the first number to a live person. Then I finally got a live person, who was actually quite helpful. She first said they had no one who did that. When I told her that it might be best if I just had them come and get it and get a refund, she called the store. They gave her the name of a local licensed plumber (that is who has to do that now). After 3 appointment times with him not showing up, I called Reynolds Plumbing. Appointment scheduled, knowledgeable man arrived, and on time. Had it switched over and hooked up in about an hour. I did not know going into this that only a licensed plumber could to this (instead of a service man), or I’d have called Reynolds in the first place. The man from Reynolds told me that one of the reasons the plumber never came is that when Lowes sends someone, Lowes gets a cut of the bill. Well who would want that arrangement? Its hard enough for service workers to make a living. I’ve messed with this for six weeks, and I am not at all happy. So, lesson learned…no more appliances from Lowes. Richmond Indiana store.

  27. I have been in the NE Sarasota Lowes frequently over the last few months. The staff is out standing. Starla Armstrong in appliances has helped us on many occasions and is without peer. Today we met Steve at the register and Jerry in plumbing. Both were an absolute pleasure. Perry Stange at pro services is knowledgeable patient and has been of great help. Can’t believe how cheerful and positive they are

  28. Ronald Oakley Reply

    I purchased a wine cooler as a Christmas gift. I had to return the original because it was broke and when she didn’t want it I returned it again to find that the first time I returned it the cashier had refunded to merchandise card and then rang the new one up and swiped the card without me knowing. Now I can’t get my money back so she can get what she wants elsewhere. I don”t use merchandise cards. They are a sham. NEVER AGAIN!!! I punish companies by never giving them my money again.

  29. Susan Martin Reply

    Well after losing everything in Harvey and 3 1/2 months later had to get a fridge and Lowes keeps putting us off to deliver it. I’m so discusted with them. We really need it badly. Every day we’re waiting on them to deliver it, they call and say “tomorrow”. Considering getting our money back and going to Home Depot!!!!!

  30. I usually shop Lowes, at Stores at Rockingham, N.C., Florence, S.C. and Hartsville, S.C.

    I am looking for two (2) kinds of Lawn mower blades:

    1-Universal 22 inch lawn mower mtd push mower blades that are used for mulching (Uplift blades sp?)

    2-Universal blades (2pack) 22 inch mulching blades that fit on a 42 inch Wizard mower

    3- I need the blades that both 1 and 2 listed above have the star bolt fit in the middle.

    Any help would be appreciated

  31. Adrienne Sanzone` Reply

    We are currently purchasing exterior doors. We are purchasing the doors from Donnie in Doors & Windows. He was absolutely knowledgeable and very friendly. We have to have some work done to our frames before the doors can be ordered and the installation completed. Handyman Jim is very skilled and friendly. We have coordinated everything through Joyce,PSE at Lowes. She was so friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to talk with about our situation. She went over and ABOVE in assisting me with our installation. All the named employees deserve a very big pat on the back and a thank you for representing Lowes in a positive and favorable way. We like to shop at Lowes and have purchased many items for inside and outside in our new condo. Thank you to all your wonderful staff.

  32. Dont buy cabinets in Brighton CO. The manager Emily ordered the wrong cabinets 5 times and wasted 1 year out of my families life.

    They fail to show up and are idiots.. There contractors says he is too overwhelmed and busy to show up.

  33. Marci J Hobbs Reply

    So I had been waiting to buy this stove since Christmas, waiting for it to go on sale. Finally it goes on sale, so we go down to Lowe’s in Champaign, I go straight back to the appliance saleman and hand him a post it with the GE model # on it. I tell him I DO NOT WANT A FLOOR MODEL! So we order one. I get home and realize they ordered the Stainless Steel one…nope, so I called on the following day. I talked with the Appliance Dept Mgr., nice guy, we get it straightened out, but now it is going to be 2 weeks. Ok I do not have a problem waiting a bit longer (already saved $110 with the sale). I called them this last Monday to check on the delivery date, they say it will be on the Friday truck…I called Friday and the salesman in appliances says, yes it is getting off loaded now, just call an hour or so before you come in so they can have it ready. So I called this morning and the appliance salesman says it is there. WooHoo, I will be there in an hour or so…We get there and go straight to appliances, I hand the guy my receipt and he says the only one they have is on the floor…I FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT…I ordered one and waited because I do not want one from the floor that kids and all have poked around on! I ask for the store Mgr…He comes and tells me I can wait another 2 weeks or take the one off the floor, it was just put there, get this, yesterday!!! I am shaking by this time and Kevin went to hide, no really he did! I am literally loosing it now! The appliance guy then says if I want the one on the floor, that was probably the one I ordered anyways, he will give me $50 off…I said “No, but make it $100 and we might talk!” He agrees or he will throw in a 3 year extended protection plan….ha, me being a research type person I already know that costs around $80. I said give me the $100 and I will buy the extended plan myself! And that is what we did! I gained $20! I am happy and have ordered the grate for the center also! Oh and in the parking lot, someone lost their hair extension, wish I would’ve taken a pic LOL!

  34. Lois Decker Reply

    Just received wonderful service from 3 delivery people. Jerri Hazelton, Tyrell Lee and Ron Judd. Bought a new refrigerator from Lowes in Geneva, NY. They were so thoughtful and efficient. GREAT SERVICE!

  35. On 2/28/2017 I went to our local Lowe’s store in Canandaigua, NY to look at Washing Machine. The clerk’s name was Susan. She took the time and had an answer for every question I had asked her. She knew about all the features of all the washer’s. I selected my choice, delivery was set for Sunday 2/26/17. On Sunday 2/26/17 Washer was delivered by 2 Lowe’s Delivery Team from Syracuse, NY named Tony and Jabard. I can’t tell you how long it’s been that I had delivery service like that. All I can say is EXCELLENT!

  36. Tina Wagner Reply

    We recently purchased a $200 16 foot inflatable toy soldier from the Dubuque, Iowa store. It worked for 2 days, but we loved how it looked. Dubuque did not have any more in stock, so I looked online and the only store that carried this was over 2 hours away. I contacted the store directly and spoke to Tammy, who offered to call the other store and arranged to have it shipped up on the next available truck to the Dubuque store. I really appreciate her help and her going to all of the trouble when I am sure she was super busy with the holiday shoppers. Thank you, Tammy and Dubuque Lowes team!

  37. Kimberly Yeary Reply

    I am very disappointed with Lowes in Williamsburg Virginia. I’ve received such wonderful service in the past 10 years. This time, my husband and I are renovating our home with carpet & vinyl. We’ve been to the store to set up our measurement detail and paid for it and were told to wait for a call from Quality to schedule a date for measurement by an installer. More than a week later, I’ve called numerous times and have been to the store to ask what in the world is going on? I’ve been told I will get right on it they take my phone # again and still no call to schedule a date for measurements. I’m not sure where the break down in communication lies, but I’m taking my business elsewhere.

  38. Scean Ripley Reply

    What a nightmare. Do not ever shop at or for that matter Lowes. They are thieves. They have my money, no product, no customer support, and no idea if I will ever receive my purchase; I’ve been robbed before and Lowes just did it to me again.

    Its been 9 weeks from my online purchase, I’ve spoken to 5 customer care reps and no one can tell me the status of my order. I for one will never use Lowes again. And I will be telling this horror story to anyone that is looking for a home improvement store (it’s hard to improve your home without the product and you can’t spend the money they’ve stolen; Lowes will not cancel my order and give me back the money they’ve stolen). If you like to give your money away give it to a homeless man on the street, at least you’ll feel better than giving it to Lowes and have nothing to show for it.

  39. Wanda Derr Reply

    Add on…for March 8th, 2016
    The name of the cashier was Yuni. So special. I do not know these people,however, they treat me as if they have known me for a long time.
    Thank you
    Wanda Derr

  40. Wanda Derr Reply

    On March 8th, 2016, I needed to buy a variety of purchases as usual, I had a Matt Chober, a manager, ( I asked him for his name) and what my intentions were,( to send you an email), contacting this office,he never left my side, no matter what department I needed a purchase, he gave me important information about the products I was interested in, if we went into a department and he had a question he called the person in that department, great attitude. Perfect customer relations. Also the cash register person, I try to get into her line whenever she is working, what a lovely lady, and there is a Zac person, you see these people give me every reason to not take my business anywhere else. I hope I get a reply from you to be assured that you have received this email.

  41. Dave, and Linda Robards Reply

    We shop at Lowes in Grandville Michigan. Today were in to order more flooring, and found it to be on sale, at a better price then we purchased it for the week before. We stopped at the Customer service desk to see if we could get credit back for the price difference. Everybody there was awesome! Considering we didn’t not have our receipt with, Pam was able to pull our info up, and credit our account. I thought for sure we would have to make another trip to the store, with receipt in hand, it make that happen. We always get great customer service at Lowes. Several people at the Customer Service desk worked together to take care of us. I would also like to mention the guy we bought the floor from. Jeffery has talked to s several times about options, he helped us compare one from to other. He has been out standing as well! really, I wish all stores treated their customers this well. We always enjoying shopping at Lowes. Thanks so much

  42. Kristen Wheelock Reply

    My husband and I bought a Maytag Washer at the end of May 2015. The agitator broke in August, I placed a called to get the washer fixed under the manufacturer’s warranty or through the extended warranty I bought at Lowe’s. They told me it would be about 7 days to get the part and fix the washer. Today is September 14 and I am still waiting on the part. I have place numerous calls to Customer Service, spoke with several supervisors, and even called the parts guy myself and still have no answer on when my washing machine will be fixed. I’m frustrated and very unhappy with the service I’ve received and will never buy another appliance from Lowe’s again.

  43. Ron Whitacre Reply

    I went to my local Lowes in Reynoldsburg which is on Broad St. to purchase a gas stove. I waited a few minutes then pushed the call help button in the department. After another few minutes I saw a person at the sink and shower desk, she was more than glad to call on her phone for help in appliances. After a total wait of about 15 minutes and still no help I left.

  44. James Messier Reply

    Thanks Lowes for the $25 late charge ( 2 days ) after buying thousands of dollars of appliances among other garden and house items and paying on time every month for years you zap me thanks again.

  45. David Crockett Reply

    To employee relations, I was in the Oakland Maryland store looking for pipe fittings. An employee named Tyler asked if he could help. After telling him what I was trying to do he said I was looking at the wrong stuff.He then said follow me I can save you some money(MAGIC WORDS). He got my fittings and saved me about 20.00 dollars. TYLER is a credit to LOWES. Please let him know that his employer is as happy with him as the customer was. Sincerely, David W Crockett

  46. Sandra Hicks Reply

    My husband and I recently purchased a shed kit from the Lowe’s store located on Watson in Buckeye. We have had such a hard time putting it together because of the following reasons.
    1. Most if not ALL of the boards that were included in the kit are warped – some of them are usable but most are not, so we have to go back and purchase boards that are not warped.
    2. The nailes that are included are cheap and break very easy. So we have have had to go and purchase different screws to put what we have together.
    3. What was pre-cut did not match the measurements indicated on the instruction book.
    4. The instructions had to be written by someone who doesn’t know English, as it is so poorly written.

    My husband noticed that the first thing it said on the box was NOT to return it to the store. However, since we have had such a hard time with this shed, my husband has decided to start to go to Home Depot instead. We are so disappointed as we PAID EXTRA to have this shed delivered just to find out that it is of such low quality. I look forward into hearing back from Lowe’s as to the excuse that they make for such a product that is sold in their stores…….waiting to see.

  47. Charles Graves Reply

    I been in Lowes several times looking at Vinyl flooring I am always more confused when I leave than when I went in. The installation what confuse me. I understand I have to remove remove the old vinyl myself, hire a plumber to come in and re-install the commode, they will not put it together in the back even with a waiver, move my appliance in kitchen & laundry room etc. All I want is for them to tell me they will take care of every thing. I fully expect to pay for every thing.

  48. Mark Richard Reply

    I have to take my time to give credit to this young lady that helped me at your Lake Charles, la. Store. Yesterday
    While I was buying LED sercutiy lights and changing my can lights in my home to LED lights and she helped me so much she even bought me to look at the lights on display so I could compare the brightness. These bubs are not cheap and you do need the right ones for your needs. The funny thing,I kelp looking at her name tag so I could tell the store manger and I gave up and told her to please give her name so I can give her credit for helping me like no other. Her name is Felicia Fontenot sales ID 1382183 store 589. And my wife loves the lights . Mark Richard Welsh,la.

  49. Linda Crown Reply

    On Friday, May 8, 2015, my sister and I were in Lowes (in New Westminster,B.C.)looking for storm/screen doors. Don Fraser was the most obliging customer service person I have ever met. He was well groomed, friendly, so helpful, patient and a young man who went beyond. I am disabled and he didn’t treat me any differently than others. I was soooo impressed. Thank you Lowes for hiring him. This was my first visit to Lowes and I will go back. It’s a shame you don’t have a store in Langley. We have room at the old Target store on Fraser Highway and other locations.

  50. Dean Hitchman Reply

    On Jan. 29, 2015 I went to Lowe’s Inverness Fl. store with a plumbing list as long as your arm and plumbing experience as short as your eye brow! Somehow I just happened to get the help of Steve Ashby, Steve stuck beside me from 10 AM until 2 PM.–never leaving to go to lunch but only intermittenly helping other customers in between. I have never encountered anyone more knowledgable or helpful than Steve Ashby in any business, I could never have gotten the plumbing supplys for my project without his willingness to make sure I had everything I needed. Thanks again Steve.

  51. Robert Maresch Reply

    You have an employee that works at your Venice Fl. store #1683. Her name is Annie Black in the hardware department. She is a great credit to Lowes and its customer service. My son and I were in the store looking for a very small part and couldn’t find it, that was on Jan.21,2015. Annie took us around and stayed with us until she found it. She is a great employee of a great store. Thank you Annie Black. People like you make shopping a pleasure.

  52. Chris Camilleri Reply

    I bought some plants which did not make it. I was told there was a guarantee. Also I put my phone number instead of my Lowes card and that I didn’t need to keep the receipt because it will show up. When I took them back with the plastic container they couldn’t bring them up. Some they could not match because they no longer carry. Anyway I got really irritated because I obviously bought those from Lowes, but because they no longer carry them to match them they would not credit me. I am a good customer at Lowes and the other day spent $190.00. But from now on I will no longer shop there because your refund policy is not right.

  53. Vickie Bergquist Reply

    What is the status of our order 306204954. We received a call on 6/18 that our order was in. We went to pick it up on 6/19. After 30 minutes of waiting they could not find the order. Mike said he would follow up and let us now. Please let me know if your records show the deck boxes were delivered to the kent/midway store. Thank you

  54. Linda Lewis Reply

    I was in the Wilson, NC store looking a freezer and James “Rambo” Smith come up and said may I help you with a freezer. Very helpful, polite and will mannered. James “Rambo” Smith is an awesome employee and I will look for him to help me the next time I am in the store to purchase an item. I shop at Lowes quite often and not all the employees are polite and helpful. Some act like they don’t want to help you and act like they are mad with the world. James “Rambo” Smith is awesome. Thank you 6-17-14
    Annette at customer service was awesome and very helpful. Outstanding at customer service

  55. To whomsoever it concerns,
    I was in your store at Pittsburgh Mills, Frazer township on 6/2/14 at 7:30 PM. I had called the store 45 minutes prior, to get information on putting a larger order in for a deck redo and to have it delivered. The lady on the phone from customer service told me that there were few delivery spots open for 6/6/14 and that I need to come in right away. I went to the store and was told that the ” Pro service area was closed at 6:00pm. ” I was angry that I had just been told to come in and had just drove 40 minutes.

    The casher was very helpfull and called for help. Several people came but were not sure how to put order in or how to set up a delivery. Then an Asst. Manager, Gary, came to help. He was pleasant and helpful. He took the next hour to put in the order of materials, walked me through the store to pick out items that I was not sure of what I want to use. Such as hinges, nails veruse screws. He set up a delivery for the 6/6/14 in the morning.

    He took an upsetting event and turned it into a plesant experience. I have a new faith in Lowes Customer Service. Gary needs to be a Manager. I work in health care and know the importance of service. A Job well done! Thank You.

  56. I have waited all day for Lowe’s shipment on order placed on 05.04/2014. Order # 304965126. Estimated arrival date listed as 05/13/2014. Current Houston time is 12:37 am, Wednesday, the 14th. I did a check on the Lowe’s site using the order number and find that my package was shown as DELIVERED under the Purchase Status. This is not correct. What is going on?

  57. Ruth A Ames Reply

    Just wanted you to know Laure Jenkins is a very nice employee. I’ve been purchasing Spring items and she was able to assist me; with a smile. She even called me when one of the items I wanted came in. This is not the norm so I had to let you know. Thanks for the great Customer Service.

  58. wiley durden Reply

    I hard Lowe’s to put up a fence at my home .The man that did the fence did a fine job . But when they delivered the material for the job they broth to much material. I call the store about this they said they would set a date to picked it up. Well they set the date for Tuesday March 25 2014 but no one has come and picked it up yet. I am going out of town for the weekend . I would like it picked up before then .The manger at the store is not concern about this but it is on the side of the road .Please see if some one can pick this material up It is about a 1000.00 dollars wert .I am not going to be responsible for this .

  59. Store # 0342 Worst customer service experience, I will be taking all my business back to Home Depot. I have had a damaged part to fix my washer shipped to me twice. The insist that they can get it right a third time. I am a family of five without a washer. Not happy. I went into get a resolution with the manager on duty Monica and got the brush off. She was too busy to help me with a resolution. She told the appliance associate she trusted is judgment and to handle it. Don’t buy appliances from Lowes. I regret not going to Sears or Home Depot

  60. I would just like to take a moment to acknowledge James Scott *paint* department at the Lowes in East Ellijay Georgia 1793 team. He is a valuable asset to this company. Not ONLY does he mix my paint he is also very helpful with all of my projects when it comes to recommending products and directions in completing the job I have at hand. He is always very pleasant and courteous. He will scope down the aisle and if he sees you he will come and ask if you need help with anything…So I would like to say Thank you for a job well done!

  61. john wilson Reply

    Lowes-2221 NW Myhre Rd, Silverdale, wa-2746
    Linsey Bevridge is a great Lowe’s employee. She is always helpful, cheerful and has a good attitude. My wife and I always look for her because we know we will get good service.
    Lowe’s needs more people like her.
    John and Mandy Wilson

  62. May McMahon Reply

    Would you please give me an update on order#292684833. I am to pick up this iotem at the Marrero store at 4950 Promenade Blvd. It was indicated that the item could be picked up today.


  63. Sylvie Maltais Reply

    Hi I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I tried out the Lowes in NewWestminister in BC for the first time we loved it and want to say thanks so much to a Parm in Paints she was so help ful and knowlegable : the Store #3056 –we since have purchased all of our paints–Lighting–Staircasing and will continue using Lowes because of her great customer service :)–(Sorry Home-Depot)
    Regards Sylvie Maltais
    North Delta BC

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