Contact of Lidl US customer service

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Find below customer service details of Lidl, US. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the discount store.

Head Office
3500 South Clark St
Arlington, VA 22202

Phone: 1-844-747-5435 (store info)
Phone: 205-502-2500 (online shopping)

About Lidl US
Lidl is a German supermarket chain that began in the US relatively recently. Ledl set up shop in the country in 2017 and today operates close to 110 stores. The discount chain, founded by Joseph Schwarz, is part of Schwarz Gruppe. Promising high quality consumer goods on low prices, Lidl has been stepping up the competition with new stores planned across states. Operations are managed from the US headquarters at Arlington, Virginia. A large number of Lidl stores can be located at Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. The German discount grocer has set up three state of the art distribution centers to handle the supply chain needs.

Customers can locate a Lidl nearest to their address using the ‘Find Stores’ option on website. You can find a store by city or zip. The store info has address along with opening time. You can ask for the Weekly Ad brochure to see what is on discount at the stores. You can also track same online. The Specials section on the website has details of deals you do not want to miss. Also find the Coupons section with coupon codes and labels you can use during your shopping. Note that the food and nonfood specials begin on Wednesdays.

As for products you can shop at Lidl, you have departments that include dairy, fresh produce, frozen foods, household essentials, pantry, bakery, seafood, meat and health/beauty. Look for the Lidl Preferred Selection label for premium products from around the globe curated by the Lidl experts. For those who would like to shop from the comfort of their home, Lidl has an eshop dedicated for online shopping.

Register for an account on the website to add products to wishlist or receive emails with upcoming discounts and offers. Sign up with shopLidl to check if home delivery is available in your area. Deliveries are free for orders over $35. Payment for purchases can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Lidl gift cards. If you are a regular shopper, register for myLidl account to earn reward points every time you shop at Lidl. Enter the phone number associated with the account during checkout to register a sale. For complaints or queries on store locations, cancellation, refund, career, or others, reach the Lidl support.

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  1. Jenny Pohlman Reply

    The new Lidl store in Weehawken, NJ will probably go out of business soon
    The cashiers are rude and the place is starting to be dirty
    Bakery? What bakery? Can’t ever find fresh bread I guess I got to go there and get online before the store opens. Wee

  2. Dear Customer Service Staff,

    Having lived in Germany I was excited to discover a LIDL less than 10 minutes away from our new home. I raved to all who would listen about how much better it is than ALDI’s. Lately, my enthusiasm has turned to dismay.
    1. Price – Your prices have increased considerably over the past year, when we first started shopping at the Winston-Salem Silas Creek Pkwy store.
    2. Out-of-Stock – You are routinely out of stock on items, to the point where it is hit-or-miss and we end up making a second stop at our beloved Publix. This cannot be blamed solely on the pandemic since we experienced this phenomenon in late 2019 (before) and as recently as today.
    Items typically out of stock:
    Sauerkraut (ironic for a German grocer)
    Frankonian Wurst
    LIDL lactose free milk 2%
    Beers by numbers (02, 04, etc) or the beer i found just last week but not this week
    specific toilet paper (Soft & Strong)
    specific napkins (the nicer ones)
    Speekulos biscuits (the ones like Bischoffs)
    LIDL Ginger Ale frig packs (explain that one because it’s your own brand!)
    Adding insult to injury, you cannot call a specific store to see if an item is in stock, so you must “gamble with your gas and time”.
    3. Birthday Gift – And last, but not least, my birthday treat – Belgian chocolate shells were out of stock in the size that was to be gifted. Of course, I didn’t realize this until the box I found rang up at full price. Fortunately, I was paying attention and had the cashier back it out, while I went searching for the right size, which wasn’t there. This was slightly embarrassing and the people behind me in line were less than thrilled. When I returned, I expected her to say something along the lines of “Apologies for the inconvenience, but since we’re out of that size, we’d like to offer you the next size up to compensate.” Instead, her response was “Oh, we must be out then.” Not the best service recovery.
    4. Sanitizing Carts – You stopped having an employee greet customers with a clean, sanitized cart. Now it’s do-it-yourself with items missing, sometimes its the sanitizer spray, other times the paper towels. Trying to find an employee not behind the register to report it to is a quest.
    5. Smelly Seafood – When I slid the door to the horizontal cooler, I got a whiff of spoiled seafood and proceeded to immediately close the door right up again. Normally, the quality of your products is outstanding.

    Well, that’s about all for now. I will continue shopping at LIDL, but realize the discounts and inventory are shrinking to the point where I might just choose to go to straight to Publix, Harris Teeter, or Lowes.

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