Contact of LBC Express (Philippines) customer service

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Contact LBC Express: Find below customer service details of LBC Express, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the logistics company and its services. Reach the LBC Express customer service below for complaints, queries or feedback.

Head Office
LBC Express
General Aviation Center
Domestic Road
Pasay City, 1300

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-10-8585999 (Philippines)
Phone: 800-1012708 (Singapore)
Phone: 800-961522 (Hong Kong)
Phone: 1-800-816222 (Malaysia)
Phone: 00-801-127383 (Taiwan)
Phone: 1-800-522-0000 (Australia)
Phone: 020-31102522 (UK)
Phone: 1-800-3385424 (US)

About LBC Express
LBC Express customer serviceLBC Express is a package and freight delivery company based in Philippines. Founded as Luzon Broker Company in 1945, LBC Express currently boasts of more than 6,400 locations in over 30 countries. The company’s services include payments and remittance, logistics, domestic and international courier, bulk mail, reverse logistics, warehousing, cold chain and specialized logistics. LBC’s subsidiaries are: LBC Remit Express, LBC Mundial Corporation, LBC Sports Development Corporation and LBC Foundation.

Services falling under Payments & Remittance include Bills Express (for payment of bills), Instant Peso Padala (instantly send money), Door-to-Door Delivery and Remit to Account. For domestic and international couriers, LBC offers an array of sizes with affordable rates. Want to know the cost? Use the Rate Calculator tool on the website to input details of your package/weight and get precise rates. Sizes for documents, parcels and small and big boxes are clearly listed on the website.

If you have your package ready, you can schedule a pickup by speaking to a LBC customer service agent. You can even locate a branch nearest to your address to drop them safely. For more information or queries on payment, store locations, delivery status, or others, reach the LBC Express customer service.

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  1. Hazel Ibale Reply

    I sent a document for Paco Manila last March 15,2021 at LBC capitol hi way Dumaguete City. But until today the status is still: Show new lead time.

    Mon, 15 March 2021
    Shipment has been accepted at DUMAGUETE.

    According to this branch it will be received with 7-8 days. Today is the eighth day but it has no progress. Is this the kind of service you are good at?

  2. Very disappointing service. LBC tracker message was sent to me hence I waited for the parcel the whole day. When I check in on the website, it said that Shipment had problem so I called their customer service. They said that the address provided by the sender was incomplete. However, when they read the address, it was correct. So how come the courier note stated “incomplete address”??? I’ve been waiting for the parcel for more than a month now. PLEASE MANAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS’ EXPECTATIONS PROPERLY. You said in your website that if delivery is within Metro Manila, parcel can arrive within a day. It’s been over a month now!!!!

  3. I’ve been sending emails for a week but until now no one is answering, I am very disappointed in terms of customer service in LBC I hope there will be a change. here’s the email address I’ve been sending my concerns [email protected]

  4. I am very disappointed. The parcel was shipped last September 9, the system says it is in Upper Laguna area by September 10. and today September 16, the parcel haven’t received yet. and the system’s update on the package was still on the 10th of September. Hello…the parcel was only from Q.C.

  5. Mariel Joy C Reply


    I called at 5:31 am today (September 03, 2020) on your customer service due to some package I cannot track using the tracking number provided at me by the 3rd party courier. My name is Mariel Joy Yepez and I used mobile number, please check the email complaint I sent.

    The agent who answer my call was so unprofessional and disappointing! He never let me finish my question or my my sentences! He keeps on interrupting me! Is this how LBC customer service works? He didn’t even tried to talk to me in a respectful manner!

    And when I pointed it out to him and ask why he keeps in interrupting me, he just keep on blabbing as if he was butthurt! Imagine, I was the one who called and asking for a customer service that could help me with my package issue but I was the one who got to listen to him blabbering wihout him trying to resolved my issue!

    This is totally unacceptable! This is my first time that a customer service agent do this to me! So unprofessional and awful service!

    I want an action for this and to be notified for an update!


  6. I sent my documents last Aug.15 but 10 days had past but its still here in Manila. I asked your personnel in-charge and told him that the document is important but he replied me that if they knew that the document is important they would not accept it. What an arrogant answer!!!
    Poor customer service also.! Your customer care hotline is never been available, it says that all the line are busy now. Does the LBC stands for LAGING BC now??!!
    Don’t ignore your clients!!! You’re here because of them!! Do your job properlly.!

  7. Pissed Customer Reply

    Disgusting service. This company isn’t going to survive in the next 5 yrs, lacks empathy and has no attention to details
    Those smaller couriers have way better service and has empathy with customers.
    Never again will I employ their services.
    Lesson learned!

  8. Hello! First of all, I’m very disappointed with your services. It seems like you can’t handle your jobs properly. I couldn’t get through your landline number (not a single chance) and I’ve been sending emails to your customer service without a single reply. My package from Vegas arrived here in the Philippines since August 11 and it’s already Aug. 24 now, still no news about the package. I’ve been tracking it for more than 2 weeks and as of Aug. 18, the package is already in Quezon City Cargo Delivery Hub. How come it’s not yet delivered to my address here in Quezon City? I really need that package for medical reasons. Please act on this as soon as possible!

  9. Jacinta Velasquez Reply

    I am very disappointed with your services to date. My parcel was accepted at Puregold Sucat branch on Aug. 12,but unfortunately untl now it is still in Tagbilaran. Distribution center. How many days for Tagbilaran branch to forward my parcel to its given delivery address?I am expecting your delivery soonest possible, its just a kilometer away, why all this happened. Kindly update your online system and also make your services better.

    Thank you.

  10. Hi. I am waiting for my package. Can you please be more specific with this “Shipment is with a concern. Please get in touch with our official customer channels.” I didn’t even receive aby message or notification from LBC. Trying to reach out your customer service but I don’t think it does gives service at all. It was definitely not very helpful. Please have my package delivered to my address indicated. I understand that it’s pandemic but your service is trying to make it more difficult.

  11. I have been waiting for my parcel since March, I’ve been sending emails upon emails I already asked for you people to deliver the damn parcel thru the address amended in the email I sent you. Until now the package is still not here… I’ll be in touch with DTI if this problem won’t be resolved.

  12. Jessa Agawin Reply

    SUPER BAD Customer Service. Packages from late June were already delivered thru COD. Up until this date hindi pa din nareremit yung money sa bank account ko. And I have even sent 7 follow-up with my concern. Pano ba ang escalation process nyo. We trust you as a delivery partner tapos ganito? Be Considerate please. We also need our funds for our small business.

  13. Bad customer service! I never heard any updates on my package yet! It’s almost 2 weeks! Chat support ain’t responsive at all! So ridiculous! Please move my box!

  14. Miss Oliveria Reply

    My Parcel was personally dropped off at the LBC office in Angeles City last Tuesday. So far it hasn’t moved one inch! (8 days later!!!). In all fairness I could have swam to its destination and back by now. What the hell are LBC doing with our parcels? They are waiting and waiting to maximize their profits at our expense. They have no intentions of maintaining their regular service but instead are giving us a 3rd rate service they have no shame. LBC stop cheating your customers and take a ‘hit’ like the rest of us or you may find that most of your customers wont return… we will not forget the shameful way you are treating your customers with a 3 week delivery service.. talaga!?

  15. I have been tracking my perishable item since it was sent last June 22, 2020 at your St. Vincent Baguio branch. Please send it as soon as possible. From Baguio to Marikina only takes 3-4 days. It’s been a week now. Please move my box.

  16. LBC does not send text message or call the receiver of the package. Need to check the status thru the on-line tracking. Customer Service number cannot be called also, always busy, busy, busy.. First time we use LBC and they know that this is ECQ time, where, not all are allowed to travel to certain place.
    My wife sent the package on April 18, 2020 and was received also in their Cavite North Delivery on the same day. They mentioned that the package was not delivered and something happened and that needs to contact them. When I called the Customer Service on April 21, they mentioned that they tried to deliver it on April 18 but EPZA Rosario is on lockdown, no text message received, not calls from any LBC people. EPZA Rosario is not on lockdown, there are companies working on skeletal workforce including our Company. Is this how great LBC is?

  17. Maria angelina angeles Reply

    I cant get through your line ! I received message that something happened and you will not be able to deliver my orders. This was last friday, and i have been trying to contact your line and it is so awfully difficult to get through! I received another message today same thing and i tried calling and it is busy. What will happen if i cannot get in touch with your line through the next days??? How will i get them????

  18. Bad service LBC, specially Batangas Delivery team..

    Trucking # 173275313041?

    Promised 2 days of delivery as indicated on the receipt. Sender of parcel did transaction on February 06, 2020; receipt indicated February 7, 2020 of parcel arrival; until now February 15, 2020 — nothing. No one answers there phones. Customer service did not answer email. There 1800 number does not work. Very bad. Very inefficient.

  19. Jerwen Avinante Reply

    I was very disappointed of the service of LBC Batangas Branch. I know there’s some crisis there but please do your job. My package was arrive at the branch last January 14, 2020 and they deliver it to the consignee on that day the package arrive at their branch but sad to say the consignee was out. So they say that they will deliver it the other for the consignee to receive it. But we waited until today January 19, 2020 and yet they didn’t deliver the item. So I emailed the LBC Customer Service Care Hotline and they respond to me that I need to validate to them if the consignee was on that delivery address or not. I thought its your job to deliver and to communicate to the consignee. What kind of courrier are you? So irresponsible. It was suppose to have 3 attempts before you hold the item. You’re a courrier for petsake. Do your job!!!

  20. In LBC VIGAN Quezon Avenue Branch upon entering the door there is a sticker that says: open until 6pm. I I went there today at 5:43pm to claim my package but unfortunately this “not so service oriented employee” told me that she cannot release my package due to no net connection (she is busy doing end of day balancing, she talk to me but seldom look at me, no eye to eye contact. She keep on talking while doing EOD, Very disappointing!) by the way I am a regular customer of this branch because of my online shop, I tried to understand her but if palaging ganito ang reason better change the door sticker instead of “ open until 6pm” why not make it “open until 5:30 pm” then 5:31pm onwards is the time for your employee to make end of day balancing, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! VERY VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM AN INCOMPETENT EMPLOYEE!!! Level up LBC it’s now 2019 Nearly year 2020!!!

  21. I went in the LBC branch to claim a small amount (P346.00) payment by a friend of mine.When I arrived, I asked the personnel(a mid-aged guy with eyeglasses) what form I need to fill out in claiming a,he gave me the form.I waited between 25-30mins(with only 4 person in the queue and with 3branch personnel),then another personnel(a girl that seems new)called me and told me that they don’t have smaller bills and can just comeback or claim the cash in other branch.I told them to give me P500 and i will just give them P154.00.then,they just let me waited again for another 25mins.they asked for my ID,and told them that i forgot my ID but have a copy in my mobile.the mid aged guy with eyeglasses instructed me sarcastically that i should bring an i apologize in a sarcastic way also.but upon checking,my membership is expired and they told me that i can’t claim the money because my membership is expired and need to have my actual id.
    If you only knew, i’m in the same branch yesterday and they also have the same problem that they don’t have smaller bills.and for a client with a membership that need to be renewed,i think a copy of an id in the mobile should be allowed or consider as an option.Thank you.


    My daughter sent an urgent document 26June, 2019, Quezon City to Mandaue City, Cebu addressed to J-Mall, Bakilid, AS Fortuna, Mandaue City. Per online tracker, document received same day 26June. Was able to access LBC on line tracker 28June, so about 3PM, I went to the branch. Advice was pouch not yet received. 29June 2019, Saturday I made 3 calls to determine status but the calls were not taken, phone hand set not picked up. Sunday, 30June, I went directly to the branch to pick up the document. I did not make any call thinking that my call effort will just be ignored just like the prior day. I was told however, the pouch was wrongly delivered to another branch and it could be made available on Monday, July 01, 2019. Told the 2 counter personnel that yesterday I made 3 calls but were not taken. Both (male and female) personnel told me that they are not entertaining calls when they are busy, that they give priority serving customers at the branch and deprioritize those who are just calling.
    – Don’t understand why after 4 days, no effort was made to have the picked up from the wrong destination?
    – Telephone line at the branch for decorative purposes only to camouflage the true quality of customer service?
    – The 2 personnel displayed passive behaviour during the encounter not considering it was already my second visit to the branch. No customer service training?
    -Very frustrated!

  23. Therese Beduya Reply

    Rude staff. Non existent contact numbers for local branches. Our shipment which is perishable still has not arrived at its destination and its been 6 days already. Tracking online just says to contact the branch. How can we do that if we can’t find the number???????????
    Please, please, please, improve your service!

  24. This is not just a typical situation that I have to deal with. But I point my fingers to LBC Miag-ao branch for a screwed up situation.
    So this situation was a mess. This is what happened to this poor birthday bouquet of flowers as I tried to get answers. My one and only son who is away for military service ordered the flowers for my birthday to make his mother happy from An online base flower delivery. Cost him 8,808 pesos which is $169.00 to be exact and it was deducted from his card right away. Florista sent it to the local florist of LBC and sent it to Miag-ao branch. Florista called me through my landline and asked if LBC delivered the flowers and I said not yet. I gave the woman my cel phone number and I said deliver it anytime coz there’s always people that will receive it. So here’s the thing LBC got the flowers but they don’t deliver to our barangay and I don’t know why? Even for this time sensitive delivery situation. They tried to call me on landline but unfortunately I was in the city for medical check up. Since that they don’t deliver, they tried to contact florista but no answer. They also had the florist cel, e-mail and landline. With my thinking that maybe LBC knows something, I called LBC miag-ao branch which I do believe I have info in their system coz I sent stuff through them too, I am also sure that they are familiar of me being their valued customer sending balikbayan boxes. Why accept the delivery if it’s not going to be delivered??? So, There the flowers! sitting in a box and they said that it’s probably already wilted! I cannot blame Florista coz the flowers came to LBC and they should have the responsibility to deliver that fresh flowers and not the wilted one. They should also refund that money that my son’s lost due to bad customer service. Consumers loss money because of LBC Miag-ao bad delivery service and this should be noted and take corrective actions.

    • Aimee Lozano Reply

      LBC I hope you improve your customer service call center. It is very time wasting waiting for almost an hour now just to talk to your customer service. Time is very precious and I know you LBC know that. So I hope you also have the express service in answering calls right. You should try calling your customer service and experience it yourself how time wasting your CS. Very horrible and annoying!!! I’m just going to end this call because I have a lot of things to do and your customer service is wasting my time!!!

  25. Patricia Legaspi Reply

    I sent an important document thru LBC Matalino last February 08, 2019 to Olongapo City. I was told that it will take at most two (2) days for its delivery.

    On February 09 I received a text from LBC Express that the recipient got the document. I was happy because its deliver was faster than information I got the LBC Matalino. It was a next day day delivery according to the text.

    However, the text is a LIE! On another matter, I contacted the recipient and in passing mentioned about the document I sent. Imagine my surprise when I read his text that he did not receive the document. I forwarded to him the text I received from LBC so he can have reference. He went to the LBC Olongapo branch but he was asked to go to LBC hub in Barretto which is about 10 kilometers from Olongapo City. He finally got the document after spending precious time, effort and money!

    I filed a complaint with LBC Matalino and the staff there was accommodating. He filed a report on the matter and gave me the ticket number for his report and the telephone number 858 5999 to get an update on my complaint. DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER! NOBODY ANSWERS!

    LBC’s customer service sucks! DO NOT ALWAYS BELIEVE THE TEXT YOU RECEIVE FROM LBC! Better double check with the recipient.

  26. Ma. Yvonne T. Gustilo Reply

    Follow up on parcel from the states. Sent it last November yet and not received up to now February 15. Disappointed with the service. When I tracked the location last week, indication said it was sent to balikbayan team in the province but as of date no receipt. When can I expect this?

  27. I was sent a pera padala from Cebu city last Dec. 24, 2018 and unfortunately, I was not able to claim it since the computer unit/system of your branch here in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur had bogged down and was sent to Butuan City for repair. Until this time, the said money was not yet claimed because the unit is not yet available for use. Had tried claiming it thru Palawan but the said center had no funds to release the money. I would like to ask, is there no other way that this problem can be solved? The situation is so frustrating because many clients have been eagerly wanting to claim considering that it is Christmas. Can you address this problem, the soonest?

  28. Riza Lacambra Reply

    Customer service is poor. Hotline 8585-999 takes about one hour on trying to connect with your call center agents.

    Package shipped last 21st December 2018. Usually, according to your agent, it will take 1 to 2 days to deliver. But up until now, delivery is not receive yet.

    Also, in your record, our guard on duty in 39th Flr. received the item last 24th Dec 2018. But then, his not on duty that day but per your record, he received the item. Upon checking also in guard record on admin/ ground floor. No LBC personnel entered the building.

    Your agents, Ms. Cherry Sinedosa and Ms. Victoria Labid was the one who handled our query. After our conversation, both of them advised that they will call back after checking but no advise.

  29. Bob J. Lathim Reply

    Deliveries to the Tanjay Branch,Negros oriental are always late because you do not pay a decent wage Drivers quit,most of our deliveries go to Bias Branch and they deliver Bias items as priority and Tanjay items later!!

    Every time I check the tracking page it says,”No tracking details found” My package was to be delivered on 12/22/2018 according to the Receipt,but today is 12/26/2018 even allowing for Christmas day this seems Very Slow,I know LBC Does not give a Damn about my package or me,Just my money so from now on I am using only JRS Express they are always fast and dependable.

  30. Brett Dales Maslang Reply

    I was suppose to receive a shipment but I just learned that my address is out of your coverage, LBC. Every now and then, I track my item and there were delivery reports but they were all unsuccessful due to the reason I stated above. I tried to use your customer service (Webtalk, Email) to inquire about the status of my shipment but they’re both not working when I click on them. I was also waiting for a call or text from you since my contact number was provided, but there was none. Please, please if you could just be more friendly to your customer as it seems I am not the only one experiencing inconveniences from your services. We pay right, please serve as right. Needless to say, our shipments are also important to us so please handle them with care. To date, I have not received my item.

  31. I was asking for the Team Leader during my call because the CSA was not able to give me an answer regarding my package for our Cebu office,according to Joanne Cavalar the CSA their TL,Mr. Baylon Ausan was refusing to take my call.This is the first time I encountered a customer call being refused by a Supervisor or Team Leader. Customers deserve an explanation or words of assurance from establishments they have chosen and trusted to provide service for them. How disappointing.

  32. Daniel Rowland Reply

    I ordered a Washing Machine from Lazada on October 6, 2018, fore my Fiancee with a possible deliver date between the 18th and 25th of October on the tracking number: 20000001170418,

    There are 4 updates on the tracking page for the 19th as follows:Forwarded to CARCAR. Arrived at CARCAR. Ready for delivery. Please expect delivery within the day. Shipment issue. Please get in touch with us through our official customer care channels.

    Can you tell me if there is a problem with the shipment as the last message says there is “Shipment Issue”, what does that mean?

  33. Ronald C Fabian Reply

    I had important documents sent last Oct 9,2018 and after a week, my documents were not yet delivered. I had to call customer service twice to find out what happened. They told me that they could not locate the address and when I tracked online, my documents were still waiting to be picked up. This is so FRUSTRATING. LBC should have the decency to call me if they were not able to deliver the pouch. LBC service is SO POOR and I will never use their services again or recommend to other people. Those documents I sent were so important that the consignee needed to receive on time.

  34. Neill Jones Reply

    Hi I would like to report being scammed through your agency and would like you to help me get my money back.
    Briefly I purchased online from OLX a HP Compaq PC. The sellers preferred method was for me to Transfer money Through LBC which I did. I fully expected that the PC would be parcelled up when the person/seller picked the money up. I was informed by text that infact my money was picked up and then asked to seller to send me my parcel and tracking number. I have not heard from the seller since and is still operating on OLX. Can you help me as I believe LBC assisted the process to Scam me indirectly. My LBC money transfer Tracking Number 104079287786.

  35. Glemarie Damalerio Reply

    Hi good day!

    I am the sender of a parcel to Siargao, for pickup at Dapa branch.
    The tracking number is: 1813-1630-5174
    Consignee: April Armilla

    Now, the consignee went to your branch on August 31, 2018. But she was informed that the parcel was already Returned to Manila or RTM. Why would you do that without first contacting either the sender or the consignee? That’s basic S.O.P. that you communicate first with either of us before you decide to dispose of the parcel.

    Allegedly, your staff said that they “texted a number” but neither of us received any texts. Or how hard was it to call? Send us proof that you really did communicate with us, otherwise that is negligence on your part.

    Even if you reason out that you have a 10-day holding policy, what do we know about that? How would we know that the parcel already arrived at your branch and when the 10 days would start to count? Wala. We wouldn’t know because you did not inform either of us! Do not expect that the consignee would be tracking her package 24/7 on your tracking site. We have jobs, we have things to do. Hindi lang kami nakatutok sa website nyo to track our package the whole day para malaman na dumating na pala sa branch nyo and ready na for pick up. Isa pa, the Dapa branch is very far from the workplace of the consignee. It’s in another town. Do not expect that the consignee would just be around the corner and always available to pickup the package anytime.

    That’s why WE RELIED ON YOU IN GOOD FAITH to inform the consignee (or me, the sender) that the parcel already arrived at the branch and ready for pickup. THAT IS BASIC PROTOCOL. Edi sana napick up agad sana ng consignee before your secret 10-day period. It should be your responsibility to contact the consignee FIRST before doing any drastic actions such as shipping the parcel to Manila. And now you want us to pay again to have the package shipped back? YOU MUST BE KIDDING. Why would we be burdened for the negligence of your staff?

    We are not keen on paying again for something that is not our fault. So it is only proper that you ship the parcel to SIARGAO, at your expense.

  36. Matrimonial Tribunal Reply

    Dear Admin,
    LBC tracking number 126615056408 for ABP. PEDRO DEAN should be delivered in to this address: Residential Condominium, Clairmont Hills,Alfonso XIII and Lt. Artiaga Sts., San Juan City. PLEASE… am willing to shoulder additional charges.


    I just want to report your branches here in Bacolod are not answering telephone calls. I want to follow up my order in Lazada and every LBC telephone number of your branches in Bacolod just keeps on ringing. It seems they don’t want to answer the call.

  38. Bert Pinternagel Reply

    I’m totally upset about this bad express service to international destination.My important documents never arrived at my address (3weeks)no steady update,calling the customer service i got stupid excuses that my streetaddress might be a PO – box or they should know about the content of envelope,what kind of documents.So here in Germany it’s about privacy and no need to know.As the envelope is out of their system it seems to be lost and i will have additional costs and need more time again to get new documents.Never send with LBC again.

  39. Gregorio Y. Ardales, Jr. Reply

    I sent a package in the morning of May 2, 2018 from the LBC Branch at Olivares, Los Banos to LCC-Mall Tabaco, Albay to be picked-up by my wife. According to the receipt given to me, the pick-up date is 05/03/2018 and I was assured by the girl that processed the shipment that the package will arrive in its destination on latest on May 4, after lunch, in time for my wife to claim the package since she will be going out of town to use the contents of the package the following day. My wife is not from the place, she is only doing a research in the area during that week and will be going back to manila before the week end.

    I informed my wife of the details of the shipment to include the 12-digit code that she should present upon claiming the package. Being a very responsible person, she started to coordinate with the LBC LCC Mall branch as early as Thursday May 3, (which is the date of pick-up based on my receipt) and finally on Friday (which is the assured date given by the LBC- Olivares crew)to pick-up the package. It is very unfortunate that the package did not arrive and that the crew in LBC-LCC Mall can not give us why it did not arrive. According to the computer records, the package has been in transit since the first time my wife coordinated last Thursday and even up to Friday when it did not arrive. My wife contacted the team leader of the Tabaco Albay area who initially can not be contacted and was not in her post. She then was able to reach my wife and told her that the package arrived in Legaspi and was sent back to Manila (something that is very irrational and unbelievable). That same Friday evening, I received a call from Customer Care of LBC (tel no. 09178139107). She was explaining that the reason why the package did not arrive was that the airline (either PAL or Cebu Pac) did not prioritized the LBC packages in their cargo. Such reason is also very unbelievable considering the fact that the package was sent from Los Banos, Laguna to Bicol which will only use land transport.

    It is clear that the people who are responsible for monitoring the shipment do not know what happened to my package. They just gave alibis that are unbelievable.

    Because of the headaches that my wife and I had in dealing with the the LBC staff. I am filing a formal complaint to your company. I hope your company will be professional enough to give us the true status of our package that was not sent on time. I am demanding an explanation, not from the customer care but someone who is more competent to provide me facts not alibis. Your company can not compensate for the stress that this transaction has given us.


    Gregorio Y. Ardales, Jr.

  40. Christian Gamatan Reply

    Your shipment was not delivered since recipient’s address is out of LBC’s service area. Please get in touch with us through our official customer care channels.

    Can I get the item from your branch and pay there, even if it’s COD kind of payment?

  41. Haima Mackzen Kasim Reply

    I’ve been ordering online items and it was delivered to me how come this latest order i made was nit delivered.. i ordered last january and after a week upon tracking my order it says that it cant be delivered to so it was returned to the company. I ordered again and it was on Feb. 09, tilk now i haven’t received any. I can’t even find any Customer Service Rep to chat with regarding this issue.

    • LBC is f****d up. Promised 2 days of delivery as indicated on the receipt. Sender of parcel did transaction on March 19; receipt indicated March 20 of parcel arrival; until now March 23 — nothing. No one answers there phones. Customer service did not answer email. There 1800 number does not work. Very bad. VEry inefficient. I will never recommend LBC.

  42. Patricia Rolle Reply

    There is no email to contact LBC … put their email address too, so we dont have trouble to contact them through their telephone number… the last time I called, there is no one answering.. the phone is just ringing.

  43. Joemar Maestrado Reply

    I did submit my claims due to damage of my shipment in your LBC Riyadh office since August 2017 and to date we have not received positive response. Kindly follow up and advise to whom I can reach for this matter.

  44. I send a Balikbayan box sent last Oct.08, 2017 for the first time here in Malta. Both of them came at the same time but it’s only one box came that has a tracking number of 1099539137 but the second box which has a tracking number of 1099539145 hasn’t arrived. They promise that they will deliver the second box if they find it as soon as possible. It arrived in the LBC Express Caloocan Cargo hub on Dec.06, 2017 at around 6:31 AM and until now they haven’t deliver the second box. If my second box will not arrive this week i will call the Custom Commisioner Lapena in Manila next week, he gave his personal number to all of the Filipinos abroad who will have a problem with their Balikbayan boxes and i will personally complain to him about this things.

  45. Christian M Reply

    I’m very dissatisfied about your service as well as with your customer care hotline. This is regards to the delayed package and the call I made for follow which added to my frustration about your service. It took me an hour and half and multiple call attempts before I was able to speak w/ one of the supervisor. This incident happens last night Oct.14 2017.

    Tracking number 1266548473584. Package should be delivered last Oct.13 2017 which did not happen. I made a follow up call on Friday and were told that cut off time would be up until 8pm. Was not able to make another call since I have to leave and got to work. The next day Oct. 14. I called the customer care hot line to make a follow since its already 10pm and still did not receive the package no notification or what so ever. I spoke to one of the rep. and requested to speak w/ her supervisor but instead I was asked to call back after 30 mins since the supervisor was engaged on a call. After 30 mins I made another call and speak to lady named Grace Roldan and requested to speak w/ her supervisor. The representative was so rude as she placed me on hold and put the me on mute w/o any permission. When she get back to me she mentioned that call will be transferred to the supervisor then I heard a hold music. I waited for about 10 mins but no one speak up so I decided to hung up and re dial. I spoke to the same representative and ask for the name of her sup but she refused to give the name. She then again place me on hold w/o permission and never got back so I decided to hung up and redial. Luckily I spoke w/ someone and able to get the name of the supervisor who refuses to speak w/ me. The supervisor I am talking about is Jovel Catalan. Despite all my request to speak to that person and multiple call attempt it never happened good thing the next supervisor of the next shift took the responsibility. Thank you “Di” or “Dee” sorry forgot to ask your real name. He is the next supervisor on duty who take my concern. This incident is so much pain for the customer like me. The experience I had from your company from the delayed package and poor customer service is a nightmare. We will no longer use your service and have will no longer recommend you as a courier company. I’m very much frustrated and disappointed.

  46. Stella Maris P Salas Reply

    I received a letter last sept. 13, 2017 informing me that I had a remittance which was not claimed sometime in 2016.
    I immediately went to your branch at gaisano grand mall Talamban but informed that they still have to email back room and need to wait a while. More than 2 weeks had passed and I went back to the said branch to inquire again the status of the said inquiry. I was then informed to wait for the text from backroom. 3 or 4 days ago I was texted by certain melai that I can now go to the branch and claim it. Unfortunately, I was again informed that it still would take awhile and they won’t know when melai would reply for the tracking number.

    It is so frustrating that in this age and time, customer service is still left wanting and it sucks!

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