Contact of Lazada Malaysia customer service

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Contact Lazada Malaysia: Find below customer service details of Lazada Malaysia, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the e-commerce company and its services. Reach the Lazada Malaysia customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Block C, Megan Avenue II,
12, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Customer Service
Phone: 03 8601 1888
Email: [email protected]

About Lazada Malaysia
Lazada Malaysia customer serviceLazada is the largest e-commerce company in Malaysia, boasting of more than 15 million visitors to its website each month. Lazada currently has 40 state-of-the-art fulfilment centers managing orders for more than 600 million customers across South East Asia. Part of the Lazada Group, the website consists of over 5.5mn active SKUs.

Product categories found on Lazada include Clothing, Electronics, Gadgets, Cameras, Optics, Laptops, Computers, Software, Furniture, Home Appliances, Large Appliances, Books, Mobiles, Pet Supplies, Jewellery, Shoes, Accessories, to name a few. Look for the sale section to enjoy some great savings. Products can be filtered by brand, price, type, color, among other features. Payment for purchases on Lazada Malaysia can be made using credit/debit cards, PayPal and Net Banking. Cash on Delivery is also accepted. Customers can avail installment on select products only.

Products within metro areas are received in 1 to 6 working days. Logistics is handled by Ta-Q-Bin, GDex, Poslaju and Citylink. Customers can visit the website to track status of their product delivery. Opt for Express Shipping to receive delivery of items within 2 days. If you are not satisfied by the quality of your product, you can return same in its original condition within 7 days of order date. For a list of exceptions visit the website.

Lazada operates as a marketplace allowing sellers to register on the website and showcase their products. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, shipping, warranty or others, reach the Lazada Malaysia customer service.

All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below.


  1. This morning I got a call from LAZADA tel: 03-27286655 at 11:12.
    The lady who called me told me to enter address in my seller center account. I recently tried to set up a seller account.
    She pushed me into doing it, and threatened that my account will be deactivated if I don’t do it.
    This was disgusting.

    I am new and getting help from LAZADA is difficult. Now I get a threat before I barely get started selling. Is this how LAZADA build relationship with your clients (the sellers)?

    Looking at all the negative comments, I think I may not sell at this platform after all. The customer service is really terrible.
    The email [email protected] does not exist.

  2. I had a refund but it was credited to Lazada wallet DEPOSIT. I did not request for it to be put into deposit. Now from the deposit I cannot withdraw. When spoke to your customer service they say I have to fill up a form .Once I request for a deposit refund, my account will be suspended for 2 weeks and I can’t buy anything.


    1. Who gave you the right to take my money and lock it up into a deposit account, i paid from credit card and rightfully should be refunded to my credit card as had been done all this while.
    2. Your online chat is useless, keep repeating itself unable to do anything, waste of time
    3. There is no contact no to get in touch with you and after more then an hour I located a number to call your customer service. Why are you hiding away, seems like you are hiding away after taking peoples money.
    4. Why should I be doing extra work filling up forms and such to get refunds when this are supposed to be online transactions and paperless.

    • Just had my “Worst” experience with Lazada Malaysia Customer Service…Had just purchase the product from the web, after the payment done, still the status show “bank processing”, but the question is the bank payment was successful..due to the issue I’ve contacted the Lazada Customer Service on the same day that i bought the stuff and query should i re-make the payment due to secure the order? I’ve triple confirmed with the Customer Service name Sandra, and she told me that the item was secure, and i don’t need to re-make payment and she will still updates if any. And the next day, i keep follow up with her via email, but unfortunately there is no reply at all…And the following day, i keep follow up & asking the status still no reply from her till i received an email telling me that the order was unsuccessful, this is ridiculous…I highlighted the issue, they just told you no problem, please wait & at the end that was disappointed answer…I think the Lazada Malaysia management should seriously take action on this issue.

    • Hi, may I know do you still have the contact number that can reach Lazada? I have problem with my ordered item, and the seller asked me to contact Lazada for this matter but I couldn’t find their number.

    • My order was cancelled by the seller and Lazada placed the money in it’s Lazada Wallet Deposit and won’t let me activate the wallet with my phone number because according to them it is already registered to another account.
      They won’t let me take the money out of Lazada in any manner:
      1) I can’t fill in any form to transfer it to a bank account
      2) I can’t close the account and have the money transferred out – they claim that the money will be burnt.
      3) I can’t close the other account that they claimed the number is registered to.
      4) I can’t unlink the phone number.

      Their customer service is not knowledgeable and not helpful.

  3. I went through the return process for an item and wanted to retrieve the return label from the website using my pc (as instructed ) but once I clicked “ Details”, it is stated “ Refunded”. No return label found anywhere in the web page !

    Also, why is there no return envelope / bag ? Do I need to pack myself ?

    I chatted with the supplier but also can’t help .

    Frustrated that your email [email protected] and telephone number don’t exist at all! Your live chat is useless . Can’t help answer my specific queries at all .

    Should have a telephone number for us to call and talk . Few years back, I could call. Why can’t we call now?

    Would be great if you could let us call and talk to a customer service personnel .

  4. Franklin Styne Reply

    I had ordered a tablet from NOX Mall (order no 260231593595816 ) for my wife birthday on the 20th August her birthday is on the 28th . The vendor said will receive by the 24th so I thought , I will receive it in time for her birthday

    The shipment had not arrived by the 24th , so I checked and it was not even shipped out . I messaged the seller NOX Mall and told them I need for my wife birthday , they said be patient . On 27th the product still had not arrived , I messaged them again , now they said shipped and will receive in 3 days .

    Today I get a message from Lazada that the seller has cancelled , NO REASON GIVEN . This is not acceptable , I demand an explanation , if the seller have no stock , just tell me earlier I can buy elsewhere , They have not even apologized .I promised my wife the gift for her birthday , now because of this irresponsible seller i am not able to.

    I demand and answer and a compensation from Lazada or the seller otherwise i will write very bad reviews about NOX store and Lazada all over the internet. I will not stop and keep on writing bad reviews about the seller and Lazada , I am influential in the social media and IF YOU DON’T SETTLE MY PROBLEM , I WILL MAKE SURE THAT NOX MALL AND LAZADA WILL NEVER HEAR THE LAST OF THIS , I AM GOING TO SEND A COMPLAINT TO KPDN HOW IRRESPONSIBLE LAZADA AND THE SELLER ARE.

    Very unhappy

  5. I have been trying to contact lazada via the chat system and its totally useless as it is just communicating with robot. When i communicate with the seller, they refuse to refund despite the item has already been sent back to seller via poslaju with the return form issued by lazada. There is simply no way to speak to a human being in lazada since they deactivated their phone and email response system.

    • I fully agree with with Alex Tong that chatting with a robot can’t solve complicated problems or issues faced by customer. I personally experienced this dellema when I tried to return an item back to seller not using Lazada return label, the parcel now is still at Poslaju depot. I didn’t use the computer print out label because I don’t know how and not familiar with the system. You should provide another option for layman like me to communicate easily with a human to solve any problem or issue with seller. Till to date I am still not able to communicate with a Lazada staff to solve my big problem because your app doesn’t provide such access.

  6. I also encountered same issue where I have ordered fish oil on 07/07/2027 but the delivery stucked and item returned to seller by shipper so in summary I do not receive the item.
    When request for return the seller reject my request and close the order. I got no clue how to dispute as there is no button to click or instructions to guide so I raise at chat helpdesk. They have sent me mail said will process for refund but week by week I do not receive any feedback and I need to re escalate at chat every week, I am really frustrated and until today 20/08 pending over one month I still do not get the refund yet.
    I really disappointed with the helpdesk and their service, its a very bad online shopping experience here.
    And the support told me each time when nobody follow up the ticket will auto close so every week also they close my ticket and I néed to re raised really speechless on this matter.
    Refer Case ID: 2050000021825817: Your Concern Has Been Escalated in my email subject

  7. I’ve placed an order for my item on 11/08/2020 and was told by the seller that it has been despatched. It was supposed to be delivered by 14 – 17 Aug but eventually when I tried tracking the item, the tracking system is not even working. On 14/08, I saw the status as ‘Delivered’ but the item was not delivered to my house at all. I did not receive the item that I’ve ordered but delivery status is updated as delivered and the worst part is, it has been fake signed by the delivery person himself. That was totally not my signature at all. They just anyhow sign my name and changed status as Delivered. What is wrong with Lazada? Cant call customer service and tried feedback but no reply. Now I see in this platform, a lot of dispute and disgruntled customers waiting for a reply or assistance which was not even addressed.

    Lazada Malaysia: Can you be more customer oriented and try to settle the issue asap? I need an answer for this asap.

  8. Lim Chin Ewe Reply

    I am also in the same dilemma. Money is stuck in Lazada Wallet. Filling in all my details but they wanted verification and Lazada will send me a code by email or sms. Tried both but no code sent to me. Tried several times. Wrote several emails. Left many online messages. But no response from Lazada. How can I get my money back.

  9. I am very disappointed with Lazada customer care. I have been asking for my full wallet refund since end 2019. Documents were sent according to the required fields. The last email from Lazada was on 23 June 2020. I was asked to wait from 5 to 15 days for a full withdrawal. Nothing happened, wallet shows zero,. Chat with customer care many times, some said wait and processing. Called today and Kavilan from customer care said no such case and asked me to reapply. What service is this and where is my wallet money?

    • I am currently in the same situation as you were. May I know the contact number you used as I don’t seem to be able to get any response from their robotic customer service Cleo. The old number at 03-86011888 is no longer in service.

      TQ in advance.

  10. Lazada you had a Customer Service line to help Customer’s solve problems with Returns and Refunds. Now we have to make do with Cleo which is AI and can’t get to the root of the problem. A Print Out Form has to be attached to the Item to be returned to Sellers. I tried to look for it and cannot see where to click to get this form. Please contact me so I can get this parcel back to the Seller and get a refund.

  11. Syamsulanuar Reply

    Hi, I’ve been trying to contact Lazada for my undelivered item. Status shows that it have been delivered but no proof of delivered. Lazada is getting worst. Should change to other online shopping application now.

  12. Seem like a perfect scam. I bought 3 items on order #235813379435376 from Lazada seller Hengt Fashion but received 1. When i enquired through chat now, she say they send out two packages and one was lost on the way. Wonder why they send two separately as its just small items. She advised me to return the goods for full refund. So, i did, but they refunded me much less than one item that i paid for. The other two items refund request were rejected because i didn’t return the items which i didn’t receive. I live chat lazada but ask to wait and wait. I’m a lazada regular customer, this feeling of being cheated really upset me.

  13. Eber Scrooge Reply

    I received a telephone call from Lazada delivery purporting that my office was padlocked when they tried to deliver my orders during lunchtime. That is clearly a lie as we never padlock our door during lunch. Never.

    When i checked the second attempted delivery it was recorded as failure to deliver. When i called the same bloke he did admit that he revisited my office at 6.00-7.00pm claiming he did not know my office hours (and he could not even infer).

    Next day when i got the status in Lazada that they will attempt delivery and it was already close to office closure, we left a note asking Lazada to write what time they came. They never did. Yet, they registered at 9.30pm that they attempted delivery.

    What a farce. These idiots are only trying to beat the system and report the so called 3 failed attempts when they bloody well knew they dropped in outside hours and didnt drop in at all!

  14. Natalie Lim Reply

    Ordered a phone on 9 Sept in Laza Tech Mall, it was written there backforward get date 21 Jul / 23 Jul. How does it possible to be done? I text the tech mall and even the clio chat was not useful at all.. they wasnt entertain me after few days.. tech mall replied that i would possible to get the item on the 27Sept , ask me willing to wait or else can process to cancellation. At the meantime it was still under processing status…after a few days it lazda resend me a email saying that i can 23rd September… I was patiently waiting till yesterday i was informed by the apps saying that it was under cancellation and refunded…without notifying me that..just give me a reason of sourcing delays?! I called in Customer Services and again… got told that nothing can be done neither ask me check on the tech mall….,guess what? i got tons of spam instead of human replying me? Oh please this is a cons sales… and this is unfair… some of the customer even got it on the next day , this is ridiculous! how can you guys treat the customer like this? it was the worst experiences with LAZADA!

  15. I had received the product on 1 August and both of the items are defect. It is not working properly.

    I logged in and tried to contact the seller but there has been no response. I click on the refund function and it indicated that I have till 8th Aug to return the item. But today as I tried to do the same. It says I had passed the refund date.

    Please assist me urgently on this matter. I tried to contact your helpline on the website but it is the chatbot responding even though it is still during operating hours. And my email to you had been rejected – Stating invalid address.

  16. Ahmax Yusof Reply

    With reference to the above matter and as seen in the attached photo, I have not received my order yet. The seller has promised to reach me by August 1. My grandson was really upset for the said product as his birthday present was undelivered. I was flabbergasted when tge seller said that the delay was caused by a typhoon. If I know this snail-paced seller, I would order from someone else. So will Lazada please look into this matter urgently. Tq.

    Ps: actually what is your email address? [email protected] seemed to defunk !

  17. Fiona Clarke Reply

    I ordered a rug through Lazada. The seller contacted me to say it was out of stock. The money was refunded to Lazada Wallet but I am unable to withdraw it. My wallet has been activated. Please tell me how I get my money back

  18. Nigel Brewitt Reply

    Reference Order Number #217642954948384
    You have rejected my claim for a refund on this order and are returning the item to me.
    I ordered helmet intercoms and you sent me a females bracelet.
    How can you possibly refuse my return?
    I requested a replacement but the product has now been removed so I have missed that opportunity – what do you intend to do about this? I have been a regular customer for some years.

  19. Hello,

    I have posted many good reviews for Lazada Products and service. But recently, I have been troubled for 55 days even after multiple follow ups on a returned item. I have tried customer service, escalation points (never came back). Finally asked to contact seller after 55 days of return request.

    Is this how things are handled? Is there a way to solve this?


  20. Cecilia Cross Reply

    I am very disappointed with the after service provided by Lazada
    I tried calling the warehouse contact number and the Careline hotline number several times and it is always the same message that they are very busy and are experiencing heavy traffic of calls
    I already communicated with the live chat but I’ve yet to receive any advice regarding my problem
    I urge Lazada to spruce up your customer service quality.. Thank you

    • I had same experience today. I need call them about my delivered product. I too call their Clio on line chat. NothingFor about 20 to 30minutes. They even abruptly stop after 5 minutes while I’m waiting on the phone! In most cases about 5 minutes, the background music just stops and we don’t know what to do but to hang the phone and restart again and again!!!
      I thought some telco companies are bad, but this is my worst ever.

  21. Hi, pls kindly help me in this matter. How to use & activate my Lazada wallet? I want to used the amount refunded on me when I purchased products & unfortunately canceled by Lazada for some reasoned…. My question now is how to activate the Lazada wallet if I already don’t hve any access on my old e mail & phone number registered in lazada? Find it so difficult to verify bcoz I cannot get the code for verification…I’ve done too many times tried contacting Lazada’s customer service number it always on high volume call for a few days… I even sending e mails but the reply is to procced on live chat w/Cleo…but It feels so annoying chatting w/computer monitored whose answer is base only on the questions program on it… Pls I need help on this matter… Thanks….

  22. I just want to tell you that you are a bunch of scammers who rip customers of their hard earned money. I hope many customers who have been short changed will make a police report. I ordered a lapis lazuli pendant priced at rm47.90 and with pictures shown by Lazada.. Only one item so no way of being confused but you bunch of idiots can send me a RM 9.80 Pendant which is entirely of different shape. Be honest, Lazada staff.. Do the right thing and send the correct item. Dont cheat the customers. Many have been cheated and many are being cheated. I hope you will be charged in court for fraud and hope someone at MCMC will take action against these scammers.. Lazada staff, do the right thing or you will face the consequences.

  23. thomas cheryan Reply

    I placed an order No: 218973265913117 on 05/04/19. The items were to be delivered by the 13/04/19 the latest. It is now past that date and I have not received the items nor has anyone contacted me about this. I am totally disgusted with this seller (eWarehouse) who should be responsible enough to let me know why there is such a delay or that he is not able to supply. I would then be free to look for another seller. When I tried to report this matter to Lazada it says I must first return the goods and there seems to be no link to lodge a complain of non-delivery by the seller within the stipulated time span. I should have the right to an immediate refund. I suggest you backlist such sellers and create immediately a link to where buyers can lodge a complain for non delivery of goods. I also expect an apology from you for the lousy service which is all one sided and doesn’t protect the customer sufficiently against fraud and inefficency.

  24. Goh Chu Ting Reply

    I just received your Email stating that my order for a WD Purple HD 4TB has been delivered on 8/4/19. Regret to say I have not received it.
    To contact your customer service is most frustrating. Impossible to get through. Could you please look into this problem and resolve it promptly.
    My order No.318453919352380.

  25. I place order for PC Tablet . But received Smart Watch which is 3 time cheaper then my actual order. . When i request for return and replacement my request was cancelled for unknown reason.I try to direct call Customer also useless. I really disappointed with this kind of service. For the info my
    Track number is ER985484010my
    Ra code no -202600481828600

  26. Yap Kin Sian Reply

    I received a email from Lazada informing me that my order as stated below was cancelled.
    “Item(s) in order 218140729362389 has been canceled (Reason: Merchant unable to fulfill request by the agreed-upon date/limited stock)”

    Since it was cancelled, another order was made on the same products and paid. To my surprise the above order was not cancel. What is the meaning of cancelled when the client need to pay for both products.

  27. I purchase the item on 8th March 2019. The item status free gift & free LAZADA voucher. The Free LAZADA voucher T&C is, Lazada will email us the voucher in 15days. until now Have not received any email from LAZADA. Called to customer services, start to argue with me that is no free voucher for me. put me on hold until the line automatically cut off. And try to live chat event worst, given all the detail and subject, still keep on asking what voucher I refer. Really frustrating and disappointing. Please take prompt action. Thank you.

  28. Caroline Teh Reply

    Dear Lazada,
    You had made me go through a most horrifying experience shopping with your portal. First thing, you must be sensitive to customers who are not aware or well verse with your payment policies. I just want to purchase a set of pots, if your seller do not have the stock, then they shouldn’t put it up for sale. Having said that, after confirmation of order, I was brought to a payment page, whereby I select my payment options through the page that was opened in front of me. Paying by way of online payment, why did Lazada again open a new page to bring me to top-up wallet? How was I to know that if i deposit the purchase amount in top-up wallet, I would never again see my money return to me if anything goes wrong with the order? Unfortunately, this was what happened. Even after calling your help center to let them know my problem, they said they will assist to refund me by way of online banking, but after waiting stressfully for 3 days, your reply email said you will not refund me the cash that i paid to you. Instead, you want me to utilize all the money to make other purchases. Even though I told you that there are nothing that interest me at the moment, and I need the money to make the same purchase of the said pot from another portal. Why can’t you just return me my money? I just need you to return my RM1,075.00, you refused. Policies are man-made. Your accounts could investigate and access a genuine mistake, yet you choose to keep my money and don’t bother if it upsets the customer. This is how you make your sales? By forcing customers who no longer trust you to continue buying from you? Shame on you Lazada. I see if you continue with your unscrupulous way of handling policies to your financial benefits, I don’t see if you can be successful in the near future. For that RM1,075.00, you are building distrust to your customers.

  29. Binoy Bhusan Saha Reply

    I have never experienced such a mismanaged Company. I have ordered a TV on 04 November 2018. Order number was 209367999128698.Money has been deducted from my account.Till today I didn’t receive the TV. I called their customer service several times and they assured to deliver within 72 hours. Suddenly on 18 Dec 2018 Lazada sent me a mail that your TV has been delivered. No idea to whom and which address they delivered. I donot know if I will get TV or will get refund. Either way is acceptable to me. It is a good lessen learnt.Is the way they do business and create sufferings to the customers ?I am not sure that they will provide any positive reply. Nice way to do business.
    Thank you Lazada.

  30. Dear Lazada Team,

    I have returned a product which was a wrong item. I ordered something and something else was delivered to me. The order number is 209533373142465. I have called lazada customer service and I was told to post back through pos laju to lazada warehouse. I have post it in manually (I paid the postal cost because I could not print the return letter through login to lazada site due to i have forgotten my login password.) Lazada customer service requested me to post it with my money first and I was told that it will be refunded after I provide the receipt. I have already post it through pos laju yesterday itself. I would like to request for this postal cost refund and also my actual item refund as well. I have attached the receipt here for your further actions. I would like to request a refund to my bank account as soon as possible. Please do contact me if you need further information.
    Thank you.


  31. Raphael Sia Reply

    I want to file a complaint about a call from a woman at 12.04 pm made from 03-86011700 claiming to be from Lazada Customer Service about my order: Order #21073172796052.She asked me to confirm the order and that it was being sent from overseas and is now on transit to Malaysia and that I should receive it on 4 November. Then she ask me to confirm my email address so that she could send me update. I told her I have bought so many products from Lazada and no one from Lazada ever called me. I told her Lazada update me automatically by email and msg. I asked her who she was and she said from Customer Service. Then she hung up.

    I called the number but it said the number is not in service. I would like Lazada to investigate who have got hold of my order information and used it to call me. I hope this will not happen again.

  32. Siti Mariam Wahab Reply

    1. On 11.11 recently I placed an order and made payment for RM150.60 to lazada, via online banking (fpx payment from my account). When i checked my transaction history with the bank, it was confirmed that the transaction was successful. Unfortunately, i have yet to get the payment notification message of my purchase from lazada. Then i decided to cancel since the status shows Pending payment. The next day my payment went into Lazada wallet. When will the amount be refunded to my bank account? I have waited for 3 days, yet it has yet to be refunded to my bank account.
    2. Since i really wanted to order the item, I have re-order and made another payment for RM153.50 on 11.11. also via online banking (fpx payment from my account) -Order#210415683994054. Again lazada has not confirmed it. This is really frustrating and disappointing. Please take prompt action. Thank you.

  33. Aliana Lee Reply

    I ordered and paid item number 208006549092721 for tulle table skirts on the 5th October but until today 15th October it is still in China and not sending out. Tried to reach the seller but it seem the seller account have no whatsoever chat now or ask questions button. I need the table cloth for my daughter birthday party please Lazada track my package as soon as possible. This is not my first time at lazada as I purchased alot of times here, sadly i accounter this situation on such important event. Please take action and contact the seller

  34. I also want to complain Lazada horrible delivery of order. I put order on the Lazada sales on 25 April 2018, two orders. Both unable to deliver the order and refunded. This is horrible management of service by Lazada. And I seriously don’t want to get involve with their so called sales that is a waste of time.

  35. I always buy from Lazada. I just purchased Sokano chrome adjustable 15 kg set with equipment box.Invoice number 1061759.Order number 202176310069385 on 8/5/18. It came in a box everything except 4x spinlock collars.Please take action.Thank you.

  36. San Yon Kang Reply

    I have purchased a Xiaomi Redmi 4A smartphone, order number #3779486842, I have received only a smartphone and a charger, the TPU back case is not inside as what the seller mention. worst of the worst, the camera of the phone cannot function at all, keep showing “Cannot connect to the camera.”. Obviously, it is a hardware problem inside the phone, I want refund or I will return it and send me another proper phone. Thanks.

  37. 1) On 2/3/2018 order no. #3594341742 received wrong item on 3/3/2018.

    2) Spoken to seller, they promised to deliver personally on 7/3/2018.. waited till midnite.. no sign of them..not even a courtesy call.. BUT then.. we received email stated the item had been delivered.. WHAT IS THIS..??

    3) 8/3/2018… Called them up.. Again, they promised to deliver.. given time today before 5pm..

    I’m putting up this complaint so Lazada would take action & do something about this.

  38. I have read a lot of complaints about lazada. Now my wife made a purchase and until still waiting for the product. Let’s see now lazada only satisfies _10 customers but scams 1000 customers with your so call delivery promise. I have a mind to complain to the Malaysian consumers dept regarding lazada. What a bunch of crap regarding delivery


    I placed an order and made payment to lazada yesterday, 19 October 2017 via online banking (fpx payment from my account). When i checked my transaction history with the bank, it was confirmed that the transaction was successful. Unfortunately, i have yet to get the payment notification message of my purchase from lazada. My shopping cart also shows that the items are still there waiting for checkout!! I have paid for my order but lazada has not confirmed it.I am not a newbie to lazada and this is really frustrating and disappointing. Please take prompt action. Thank you.

  40. Nor Aini Md Salleh Reply

    I always buy from Lazada from household to electronics. I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime (White). Invoice number 1121. Order Number 321271661 on the 3rd October 2017. It came in a box with everything except the phone battery. My question, where is the battery? It’s not a toy phone.

  41. Hi. This is regarding my order #338567735. I only order one, but i received two product. So, I just want to confirm if this product is a buy one free one or not. If not, do I need to return one of this product? Can you tell me how to do so. Where do I need to send back the product…Thank you

  42. Tan Guan Chooi Reply

    I received my order of #372392541 of a 7.0 liters whistling kettle but upon receiving ,I found that the kettle is of 6.0 liters. Since I do not want to go through the hazzle and dazzle of returning it, I just accept it. I am not happy with Lazada as simple of 7.0 and 6.0 also can make a mistake. Lazada, please ensure proper checking and verifying before shipment. Continue to have these types of similar problems, you will be loosing another valuable customer.

  43. i still haven.t received my parcel yet although i have already received an email regarding my parcel has been delivered. My tracking order #324976835

  44. Hi, I want to cancel my order #313669115 and #362371915, because my friend don’t want the item already. It’s too late for delivery. If cannot cancel order, please email back to me to get another receiver’s address. I want to change the address, thank you.

  45. Order 336413595. I’m a loyal customer and bought many items from lazada but now the items are not delivered to me based on timeline given. All items should received by 1st August 2017 but till now i don’t received any updates. These items is fullfill by lazada, not 3rd party. Very disappointed with the service.

  46. This is not the first time i bought goods in Lazada and they cancelled the item. it happens few times, the item not suppose to appear on selling list if there’s out of stock. Even the supplier encounter problem, cannot supply the goods, i expect faster respond from you. i have been waiting few days for the Monitor, if u were able to inform me earlier i will not sitting and wait for it. i can choose to shop at other place or just choose other minitor instead of keep waiting for it. Time really meant to us, as your regular customer. this is not the first time we encounter this problem, i hope my feedback will help you to improve the service.

  47. Teh Wei Ling Reply

    This is regarding my order # 325136538. According to the page promoted by seller, the phone cones with a phone casing and a tempered glass. However, I only received the phone.

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