Contact of Kwik Trip customer service

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Find below customer service details of Kwik Trip. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the convenience store chain.

Head Office
Kwik Trip, Inc
1626 Oak Street, P.O. Box 2107
La Crosse, WI 54602-2107
United States

Phone: 1-608-781-8988
Phone: 1-800-305-6666 (rewards program)

About Kwik Trip
Kwik Trip is an American convenience store chain that operates primarily in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. Founded by Don Zietlow in 1965, Kwik Trip currently has a network of more than 600 stores selling dairy products, sandwiches, baked goods, soups and essential items. In Iowa, Kwik Trip operates as Kwik Star. Headquartered at La Crosse, Wisconsin, the privately-held company employs more than 22,000 to manage its operations. Annually the stores bring sales that exceed $4.5 billion. Kwik also has its own bakery, dairy, distribution and transportation divisions. The dairy is branded under the Nature’s Touch name.

While majority of the stores bear the name Kwik Trip, you also have stores under Hearty Platter and Kwik Star Express operated by the parent group. Locate a store nearest to you using the store locator on the website. You can search an outlet by city, state or zip. Each week the stores welcome more than 8 million customers. Items you can shop include fresh fruits, drinks, sandwiches, hot dogs, fresh coffee, and ready-to-eat food items. Know the ongoing offers and promotions at a Kwik outlet by accessing the Daily Deals section on the website. Besides food and groceries, Kwik also sells fuel at some of its stores. You will find here full service truck stops with fuel stations.

To reward regular Kwik visitors, the company has designed a loyalty program called Kwik Rewards. Members of the program can earn rewards and discounts by visiting stores. To become a member, you will need to first purchase the Kwik Rewards card and register same on the website. The card can be purchased at any Kwik Trip or Kwik Star location. Smartphone users can also register using the Kiwk Rewards app. Members earn free food, digital pushcards, exclusive coupons and fuel discounts for shopping at Kwik. Fuel discounts can be earned by purchasing qualifying in-store items. Note that they must be used within 30 days after they have been earned. You can track rewards earned by signing to your account on the web or smartphone app. For complaints or queries on store locations, parking, catalog, career, or others, reach the Kwik Trip support.

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  1. We go to Kwik Star (store# 698) in Clinton, IA every morning before work to get a breakfast sandwich and coffee. For about a month now no sandwiches and never no coffee that we purchase to drink in the morning. Went to get tea instead and all three kinds say out of order, Most stuff isn’t refilled or they are just out. I can see if they have a day or two of being out of something but everyday, We have been going here for years now we are thinking of going elsewhere. Maybe they need more help at this store or better employees who will do their job.

  2. Way Back on 6-23-2020 I had my first drive off without paying for gas incident. I was highly embarrassed by the entire ordeal because I often wondered what happens to people that drive off. A day or so drove to town and inquired about this problem at Kwik Trip store #88 .Waupaca Wis. The girl said no problem you can pay it here. So I paid her $32.21 and asked her to make sure it was ligament, she insured me it would be fine. I don’t remember exactly but know she didn’t even give me a receipt. I trusted she would make sure the payment was recorded as a mistake and paid for. Today 4-17-2021 10 months later, I received a bill from a collection agency The Stark Collection Agency, Inc. Stark account # C821375 I guess is my case number?? I’m very highly upset over this entire mistake trusting Kwik Trip to correct this mistake professionally. I’m 65 years old and had or might still have 100% perfect credit rating that I worked very hard to keep perfect. It’s the weekend and collection agency is impossible to contact anyone at this time. I called the store #88 and explained the situation to be told no manager on duty and the one coming in tomorrow is new and not sure is she could do anything about this. Now reading a few more things about Kwik Trip stores many things are falling apart.

  3. At store #359 in Grand Chute, WI, I had a pretty unpleasant and rushed experience. I literally came in to just get Gatorade and at the checkout a person by the name of Candace rushed me even though there was literally no one in line. I rarely ever go into this one because I don’t need to but for convenience sake I did. When she asked about my rewards card I asked if I just swipe it and she sighed loudly and proceeded to say yes you just slide it. I don’t need attitude when I’m asking a question about something I just signed up for. When my card started throwing the chip malfunctioning message she kept telling me to put the chip in and take the chip out ridiculously fast and seemed to get frustrated when I wasn’t going as quick as she wanted. I just felt like she wanted to push me out the door. Overall, I just don’t need attitude and I don’t want to feel like I have to leave ASAP.

  4. I have been going to Kwik Trip for years. After the start of the Pandemic I was in a central WI store and complimented the cashier for wearing a mask. Previously I debated not going into the store at all because of no mask wearing on a previous trip. Her reply was that she only did it because she HAD to; that her employer mandated it. Yay Kwik Trip for this!!!! More recently it seems many shoppers aren’t bothering to wear a mask. A few days ago, while traveling home from being out of state, I stopped in a store and in the 5 minutes or so inside the store found only 2 of us customers (out of at least 10 customers) with a mask on. I mentioned to the cashier that it appears all in (town I won’t name) think the Pandemic is over. She stated that for all practical purposes, it’s just not in their town. I told her I was troubled by that thinking; that people living there travel to my town to work, shop, etc. and although the numbers have been down, IT’S NOT GONE. The numbers in WI are again going up, the variant is here, and we’ll just have another surge.

  5. Russell Stern Reply

    I am very disappointed with a particular store location store#687 in Wales, WI. The last two times I visited the store they tried to overcharge me. Both times I had it corrected because I had the receipt printed and pointed it out. How often and how many have not noticed? But even more disappointing is the customer service. First having to look up the number to call because they do not include it on the receipt. Second when I spoke to them they took the information and said they would send a message to the store, fine whatever. I think they would have come off as more credible if they had asked me for my information. Because they did not care about me as a customer I will pick their competitors first from now on. I averaged probably 5-10 visits a week and 1-3 tanks of gas. Hope others see this and at least avoid the one store and hope customer service sees it so they don’t treat others the same way.

  6. Just want to let you my wife and I are very disappointed with your Buffalo,MN. We stopped in today at 5:50pm to pick up two 3 piece chicken tenders and there was only 1 in the warmer and I asked about getting a second one and was told ” NO NOT HAPPENING ” So after all the bragging we have done about the customer service your locations offer we will not be back again and will becoming loyal Casey customers going forward. Sad how one team member can affect a long term customer by their rude attitude. I know our business is small potatoes to a company you’re size but just hope you would want to know.
    Thanks for your time.

  7. Lori Hodges Reply

    Was in your store in Wabasha Minnesota August 3rd at 7:20 a.m. go to wait in line and co-workers up front both Kelly and Cynthia are on their cell phone and multiple times when I come in there they’re either talking about their boy toys or how they got lucky last night I find this very disgusting and I’m getting tired of hearing and talking about stuff like that I just want to get through and get to work I don’t want to hear anything about doing hair or their boy toys.

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