Contact of Kogan customer service (phone, address)

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Contact Kogan: Find below customer service details of, Australia, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the Internet retailer. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Kogan Australia Pty Ltd
139 Gladstone Street
South Melbourne
Melbourne, VIC 3205

Customer Service
Phone: 1300 304 292 (Australia)
Phone: 098876952 (New Zealand)

About Kogan
Kogan is an leading online retailer in Australia, founded in the year 2006. The company was founded by Rusian Kogan and is currently headquartered in Melbourne. It mostly deals with consumer electronics, home appliances, among other products. Customers enjoy massive discounts and also 14-day refund policy on most products. Kogan claims to have sold more than 3 million products.

Featured brands on the website include Apple, Asus, HP, HTC, Dell, Canon, Lenovo, Nikon, Philips, Samsung, Sony, LG, Transcend, and Pioneer. To mention some of the top products sold on the website, you have televisions, laptops, desktops, smartphones, cameras, headphones, kitchen appliances, air conditioners, heaters, bathroom accessories, office supplies, toys, fashion accessories, cosmetics/perfumes, automotive accessories and books.

Customers can shop by category, brand and further filter product by specifications, price, among other details. Payment for purchases on Kogan can be made through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. During check out you can also opt for Express shipping. Once products are shipped it can be tracked online. As mentioned earlier, Kogan offers a 14 Day Return Policy on top brands. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, delivery, or others reach the Kogan customer service.

All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below.


  1. Bought a A grade last week and it cost me $640 and it looked like a brand new phone but 7 days later the keyboard doesn’t work it won’t swipe nothing and I’m so angry how am i suppose to contact these people I want another phone and I can’t even send an email

  2. I recently took delivery of a DC Motor Fan, believing it to be DC (12 volt) upon opening the carton found it to be 240 volt, not what was advertised and is not suitable for my needs, I have attempted to contact Kogan for the past 3 days without any luck, unable to talk to anyone except recorded messages, not impressed at all I will never purchase any further items from this Company. To make matters worse the carton this item came in was sent from Dick Smiths Altona North Vic, unable to contact them as well., Pretty poor service from a company that sprukes about how good it is

  3. I bought a 50″ Kogan Smart HDR 4K LED TV just before Christmas but didn’t set it up till January. It worked for 9 days, then total nothing. I have also exhausted avenues trying to contact Kogan. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

  4. I want Kogan to unsubscribe me immediately. I never subscribed to your company and never will.
    Get the hell out of my life Kogan and stop sending me you garbage emails. I never asked for you to send me the crap you do. I have had nothing to do with Kogan and I am not interested. From the looks of the comments I have read I am not the only one having problems. UNSUBSCRIBE ME NOW

  5. Masalam Kakia Reply

    Hey there, this is my last time writing you about my jellwry cabinet I paid on the 14/12/2019. Which you sent me false tracking number and I tracked it, and I was told by the courrier was wrong. Since then I’ve been calling your customer service number with no luck. If I don’t hear from you in the next 24 hrs. I am going straight to the Fair Trade to complain your company and your website

  6. Why would anyone buy a product from this Company? You can’t even contact them to find out where your product is when it doesn’t arrive. Does that mean they have no responsibility once they ship the product ? It makes me more anti online shopping than I want to be No customer service with no responsibility. I won’t be buying from this supplier ever again.

  7. Find it impossible to contact anyone have tried chat service and email but no luck Bought a kogan TV but although it was sent to me in NZ it has no option to set up in NZ. Can’t believe it is impossible to contact or phone .Don’t know what to do have to take the loss I expect.

    • Michelle Perrett Reply

      I am having the same problem no contact details anywhere. I found a phone number and it is recorded message telling you to contact via the website no email address either

    • I bought a gaming headset and your website advised it will be shipped within 1-3 days of purchase date. It’s been 6 days and you haven’t shipped it as I confirmed with Aust post. You gave me a shipping/tracking number but you haven’t shipped it yet???
      It’s disappointing I can’t call or speak to customer care directly and I have lodged a formal query directly with your website, but reading all the reviews below I’m sceptical that I’ll get a resolution and get my purchased item. If I don’t receive my item in 4 days I’ll want a full refund!!

  8. Omg after reading all your comments I am worried now that I too have been scammed my keypad on the notebook/laptop is wrong the t is infact an m etc I’m finding it hard to get a hold of anyone and they say there is no items linked to my account and yet a product was delivered I don’t understand? Is dick Smith even conected to kogan products or is that just a false sense if security??? Please contact me kogan and redem what pride you still have in your products asap I’m trying to do an online business without a computer! Frustrated client …

    • I was trying to order a new Samsung tablet from Kogan but I wanted to make sure it is unlocked because I have heard that Kogan’s phone service is of the same poor standard as its customer enquiry handling service. It recently had a case brought against it by the Telecommunications Ombudsman. Trying to place an enquiry over their email system is hopeless. I will not use any company that uses the reCAPTCHA screening process to waste customers time and frustrate them from making contact. Kogan has therefore lost another customer.
      Obviously this company originating from Russia provides the same zero level of customer service one would expect in a Communist monopoly State.

  9. Chipo Maposa Reply

    I have found that Kogan did an unauthorised payment of$99.00 from my account. I bought a steam mop on 13/07/19 and nothing else but on 26/03/19 they deducted$99.00 from my account. I need a refund please.

  10. I bought a Samsung S10 an turns out to be a phone from hong kong an got no Australian adapter not only that the phone had already used as when I turned it on it was like someone had already set it up,go figure?so ive sent emails with my number an no one wants to get back to me so I will be taking this a lot further just not happy

  11. Krys Jones Reply

    I was tempted to sometimes order some items if the DELIVERY COST WASN’T SO HIGH!!
    As for paying $99 per annum for ‘”REE DELIVERY” I just think this is BLACKMAIL!
    Also after reading some of the reviews from past customers I don’t think I’ll bother. Comments date back to over 12 months ago. Surely there should have been some resolution. I found a contact phone number – 1300 304 292. GOOD LUCK. Seems to be VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    • I canot belive Kogan has a customer service number to ring only to get a voice message (Not a real PERSON)telling you excatley the same message they have on their home page ,why have a Customer Service number(Their Customer Service is shocking)My son bought a Ice Maker for my Husbane & I 50TH Wedding Anniversay(Unwanted gift) as we are both in our seventies its the last thing we want .Sent a message telling them I want to return it.(COST $252.00)message came back saying goods where free deliverly .They have a 14 day return policly only on certain brands .I am going to return this item by Australia to their main office in Melbourne with a tracking number (,BOUGHT A PRODUCT SENT IT BACK ) &STILL HAD TO PAY FOR IT($252)

  12. Krys Jones Reply

    I would be tempted to sometimes order some items if the DELIVERY COST WASN’T SO HIGH!!
    As for paying $99 per annum for ‘FREE DELIVERY” I just think this is BLACKMAIL!
    And after reading some of the above reviews I don’t think I’ll bother. Seems to be VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  13. Sharon Murphy Reply

    I’m absolute furious with this company. I purchased a T7 Kogan Stick vacume on June 6th for total of $266. I received vacume today & when I looked up order it couldn’t find it & then I noticed vacume was now selling for $89 ! Yes 160% discount which I should have received. I’ve tried everywhere for phone contact to discuss with service staff but cannot get any that allows this. I got one will be posting everywhere they sell products that this is definitely not hood company to deal with if you required after sales customer service !!!

  14. Hi,
    Hopeless customer service, I’ve shopped with Kogan from the beginning and have been treated appallingly. They let there manufacturers do the talking for them who are never going to admit there products are crap. I bought an electric mower through Kogan and didn’t realise till I got it out of the box how cheaply made it was, just assembling it the cheap bits of plastic that hold the screws in to attach the handle snapped. Now I’m not heavy handed at all but that is crap. They wanted to send me replacement parts which were more cheap plastic and I said what’s the point it will just break again, it’s flimsy. They they wanted me to send it back under their change of mind policy where I lose 20% because it’s a cheap crappy product that I didn’t realise until after I bought it with an obvious problem. I finally escalated my claim to Senior Customer Care at Kogan (see message below). But today after they received my product back have only offered me the change of mind refund and I have no way to contact them as there is no phone number.

    Pitiful service.

    Hugh C ( Help Desk)
    Apr 15, 16:25 AEST

    Hi Penny,

    I just tried to give you a ring on 0431###### and 02 49######, however, I was not able to get through unfortunately.

    First of all, please allow me to apologise for the distress caused by this matter. I appreciate why you are frustrated and I would really like to try and come to an amicable resolution for you.

    I am contacting you from, on behalf of the senior customer care team, and having fully reviewed your case, I would be glad to provide you with a full refund for your lawn mower once our supplier has received your item.

    In relation to the return shipping costs you incurred to your return the item, as we cannot refund you for a transaction that took place with a separate business (i.e. Australia Post), what I can do is provide you with a $30.00 goodwill account credit. This can put towards a future purchase from our website.

    Once again, I do apologise for the manner in which this matter has been handled thus far. I do hope this sounds like a more suitable resolution for you.

    As for your item, in accordance with Australia Post, it is still in transit to our supplier.

    Please get back to me and if you have any questions about this process, please let me know.
    Kindest regards,

    Hugh C
    Customer Care Team

  15. Won’t be buying from them again. Service is so poor. Couldn’t change the address because it is in another state. That is ridiculous on its own but I informed them if they couldn’t change the address to give me a refund and they sent the product anyhow 15 hours after I told them to refund me.

  16. Dean O'Donohue Reply

    I cannot believe this company does not have a warranty claim contact number. On the internet there are numerous numbers which you find after an exhaustive search but none of them answer – they just tell you to waste your time and get back on the website. Unbelievable

    • Please contact me asap regarding my product I recieved on Friday 26/7/19 I have very little money as it is and cant afford to buy another one need ut sorted asap as trying to do an online business without a computer ?

  17. So, Frustrating service. A TV was meant to deliver and it took days to only track where it is. its was lost on transit they say. Cannot beleivve the customer service is not so good.

  18. Peter Sellwood Reply

    Att: Ruslan Kogan

    I have Kogan 65 inch tv that only lasted 3 years Kogan have charged me a service call $170 only to tell me that the tv can’t be repaired. The tv technician believes there was a manufacturing fault and Kogan are not interested in assisting with discounting a replacement tv. I don’t accept a tv should only last 3 years. Kogan seem OK with this.

    Kogans customer service has been disgraceful. They only communicate by email and they don’t address the issues raised. The email responses appear scripted take up to week to respond. My complaint has now been going for 2 months and over 20 emails. It’s impossible to talk to a person.

    I have now purchased a tv elsewhere.

    I have been purchasing from Kogan since the company started and have promoted Kogan to family and friends as I have usually had good experiences and found it was good value for money.

    I am disappointed with the poor customer service from Kogan and will no longer purchase from Kogan.

  19. I bought a MacBook Air from Kogan for my daughter for school and when it was delivered it had a foreign keyboard which rendered it unusable for my daughter at school.
    I have been trying to get In touch with Kogan to have this issue resolved but have not been getting any responses from them and this is very annoying and affecting my daughter’s education. This poor customer service from Kogan

  20. I am still waiting on a replacement product from Kogan Australia I have emailed and all I got was a ticket number and vague email. My ticket number is 7104553 – They make it so hard to contact them or follow up on anything. I doubt I will use ever again

  21. Trefor Glyn Jones Reply

    Re Ticket 7116697
    I purchased a DOSS portable Bluetooth speaker. The Micro sim wont lock into the unit. (I do know how they work).
    Delivered Monday. I collected Tuesday. Sent email re problem Tuesday. Couldn’t make PHONE contact. Got instant reply with links to 4 TV manuals. Relied I was confused when I didn’t get TV.
    Sent further emails in reply still 3 days no further contact from KOGAN.
    I think it’s disgusting that you can’t make voice contact with the company.
    All I wanted to know is how do I get a replacement unit for this obviously faulty one. Just as well I purchased through PayPal I will contact them for a refund of faulty goods.

  22. Ridiculous! they sell products NOT suitable for Australia! do not waste your time & money! NEVER AGAIN

    August smart Lock pro + Connect, purchased at ~400 AUD.

    After wasting hours trying to configure the Z-wave, contacting August support team in USA, i found out that they do NOT design product for Australia, the Z-wave functionality uses USA frequency, not allowed and will never work in Australia.
    I provided email and documentation to they approached me with the CHEAPEST behavior ever: 50 AUD credit? then 70, then 80 AUD..
    Considering the same device without Z-wave functionality is sold at ~200 AUD.
    I decided for a FULL REFUND, CASH! and I will never use again, not worth it, no good quality, no good support, no good prices.. pick what you prefer and go for the other website: GumTree, Facebook, eBay, Amazon.. they all have their added value in terms of prices, or quality..etc..

    they are doing only what LAW force them to “full refund” without any tangible/meaningful action for the distress/time/money wasted for their fault.
    Customer Experience = 0

    Nowadays, with this CHEAP Customer approach will fail soon..

  23. When I look up my job up it says that it is closed. I have not received the part and would like a refund but can’t contact anyone – This is the last time I will be purchasing from Kogan

  24. I’m trying to find out where is the product I’ve ordered on 21st of December 2018. On site the status is dispatched on 1st of January, however item has never been sent to delivery company. I’ve sent 5! emails to the help desk asking to provide me with information and I had no answers except for automated replies. Kogan has NO support number. Absolutely outraged! I see I can say goodbye to $250 paid for a product. Never again to order from

  25. Customer support sucks. The contact number is there only to divert you to their website to submit an inquire form. Looks like it is the only way to contact Kogan Customer Care then and wait for response.

  26. Eddie Forrest Reply

    On contacting Customer Care regarding issues I am having I was given A request #7040087.
    My last reply to the solutions given was on Thursday Jan 10 at 12:28pm and is shown below
    “Hi Mike,

    I need further assistance!

    I followed the TV Firmware update
    Checked the product type was correct ?
    Step 1 Copied the ‘.pkg’ file to empty 16GB USB stick ?
    Step 2 Unplugged the TV from AC power ?
    Step 3 Inserted USB into ‘USB1’ on TV ?
    Step 4 Reconnected AC and powered on the TV using the remote ?
    Step 5 The following appeared on the TV. Startup sequence “Kogan” – 4 coloured circles – the Circles formed the word ‘Android’ screen went black and the following appeared – Welcome and a list of languages to select the operating language. I selected English.
    Step 6 Is the TV now at factory default settings? Is Welcome and list of Languages the Start-up wizard? I continued and processed through the pairing of the Android phone. After this I did not receive a command ‘Eject USB’ but did receive a screen termed ‘Software Notice’ with a highlited rectangle below containing the words ‘Accept & Next’.
    I am stuck at Step 7 as the remote will not react with the options at the bottom of the Software Notice.

    I need additional help please.

    I understand the email service is a Company direction, but for an old wrinkly such as myself is frustrating.

    Am not a technical wiz and my be a little slow, but it is 10:48am on Saturday Jan 12th and there has been no response to my email.
    I am fortunate that there is an TV else where in the house that I can view.
    Could someone please contact me regarding my Request # 7040087.

    Eddie Forrest

  27. This is ridiculous. I ordered a pair of sunglasses almost 2 weeks back now but Kogan people sent me an email saying the product was too much in demand so we can’t deliver it. Seriously? Like seriously? This is nonsense. If it was out of stock why haven’t you mentioned it on the page. My goodness, is it that hard? Or are you trying to fool all the customers out there? I haven’t received a refund either and my emails are not being replied to. I am fed up. I need my money back. What a stupid retailer, a total fraud. I will never ever ever use KOGAN and I am spreading this word to other people too. This is seriously not done.

  28. Howard Fryer Reply

    Wow. Have been trying to contact this group regarding curtains purchased, but the ones sent were the wrong length. May as well have been enquiring about tickets for the next moon flight. Virtually impossible to contact anyone at Kogan and keep on getting the runaround on the rare instances that our emails get through to them. Will never be dealing with them again. Go to Spotlight or someone with a human face.

  29. Is anyone know how to call Kogan as I cannot find any phone number from them. I would like to complain about the delivery. I have not received my order for ages.


  30. Annette Rafter Reply

    Hi, I was wondering if you could check the status of my order which I placed on 31st December 2018 #FYYLLMMW, Ovela Eames Replica Dining Table(white) and Shangri La set of 4 Ester Dining Chairs(grey), have noticed on your website it says items dispatched within 2-3 days but as of today haven’t heard anything, thank you.

  31. theron gordon Reply

    Absolute disgraceful follow-up product support. Purchased a faulty toy for my Son, trying to get a refund and return the item. No phone number provided, just check this and that, take a video etc!! Blaming my new batteries was the last straw??
    First and last time for this rabble of an organisation.

  32. RE: Order DF7DRCJG

    Hi there,

    My order was not delivered in full. I have purchased two boxes of wine but only one was delivered by courier, and the box was labeled as 1 of 1.
    Website stats that both boxes were dispatched on a same day and same tracking number was provided.
    Can you please let me know when the second box (white wine) will be delivered?

    Since it was a purchase for Christmas period, and is not delivered today, please refund for the missing box.

    Thank you

  33. Ive never dealt nor signed up with Kogan in my life but hundreds of thousands of my Qantas Frequent Flyer Points are disappearing from my account & it’s impossible to get a phone number to talk to anyone on the subject to get the points returned. I am 81 years old & do not need this stress.

  34. Please advise and provide a LINK to purchase a replacement battery for a Kogan Agora 6 mobile phone. It appears to be only available via Kogan, and I do find it rather challenging to even find a way to contact Kogan. Sent an email yesterday and got reply that another team will be in touch sometime. Really?!

  35. I used my Qantas frequent flyer points to purchase wine, but it took my points & says I still owe the whole amount. I have emailed customer service but there has been no reply. Why isn’t there a contact number to speak to someone as obviously you don’t respond to the emails.

  36. S J Phillips Reply

    I don’t think they understand the meaning of the phrase “Customer Service”. For 9 days I have been trying to get a return authorisation form sent to me so I can return an item that was incorrectly advertised on the Dick Smith website. 10 days later and numerous emails, I can’t get satisfaction. I was hoping to speak to the parent company to work out what to do. Tried to phone, and no surprise, can’t get through. About to call the Commission of Fare Trade.

  37. I will never use Kogan again and will review and rate you as poorly and widely as I can for the worst customer care.

    I have been waiting for a delivery which toll tell me has been lost in transit

    I paid extra freight protection and have heard nothing back from Kogan about what to do next!

  38. Kogan has no no helpline I can find and their email support is sub standard.

    I bought a refurbished iPhone for my daughter which ran out of battery almost faster than it could be charged. Kogan admitted fault and multiple times failed to replace it .. after offering then saying they had no more phones.

    For over a week now Ive been waiting and no response from support … been without a phone for 3-4 weeks now.

    Unless they pull a rabbit out of a hat I don’t think I could recommend them to anyone

  39. The customer care phone number listed on this page is a prerecorded message asking to lodge any enquiry online, call different numbers for insurance and mobile. But no option to actually speak to someone about anything relating to orders.

    Very impersonal.

  40. Karen Rayner Reply

    I purchased a mobile phone. Was told all kogan phones unlocked. The phone does not work with my dodo sim have sent multiple emails and only ever receive generic replies. No answers. No help. The only human you can speak to is someone wanting to sell you something. What a rip off. I am going to contact ombudsman and dept fair trade

  41. I have just purchased a TV on a special deal of “no delivery fee”. When the confirmation email came (after I had paid) there it was, a delivery fee in excess of $17. Seems a bit rude after the promo stated no delivery fee.
    Trying to contact Kogan is almost impossible. I finally found a 1300 number only to have a voice activated message telling me to go online and hang up. Trying to contact Kogan online is a bloody minefield. It’s not the 17 bucks, it’s the principle.

  42. Joseph Phillips Reply

    Also…it should be pointed out that the customer care line is a sham…It is only a recorded message. Most unsatisfactory.
    The is no possibility of having a conversation with anyone. The whole company is working on automatic. This is a real concern for shareholders in my opinion. Who is taking responsibility for the day to day running of the business? Erecting electronic walls between a business and anyone needing CUSTOMER SERVICE is an indication of poor management intent.

  43. Barbara Schmidt Reply

    I am trying to find out where my Kogan Full Motion Ajustable Wall mount for 32″-75″ TVs is as I keep getting emails say there is a limited supply and as I dont seem to be able to speak withanyone on the phone havent been able to see what is happening. I ordered the TV on the 21st June and it was dispatched on the 22nd June 2018. please contact me with some delivery information.

  44. Christine Leth Reply

    Once again my email comment has been removed. Perhaps responding to my problem and refunding the costs of the undelivered item would be a better response. Request #6603883 with multiple emails and contacts linked to that number. Order ID MG8MJLWX. The Major Mitchell Cockatoo plate was not available (refund received) and the Rosella Plate was supposed to have been dispatched but was not in the box with the 11 mugs. Just refund the money and get on with it. An apology would also be appreciated.

    • mary Turner Reply

      They havent supplied me with a remote i ordered and PAID for on the 15th september … order number doesnt even exist and when i asked BOB for a tracking number would not give me one.. Kogan has gone down the drain with their customer service and follow up on bought products… cant even TALK to someone about this.. wtg kogan i wonder wether the company who has given you all these apparent awards need to be contacted cause going by the lack of custmer service or delivery of goods to people who pay for them you dont deserve them.. yes im one angry customer ive already let zip pay know you guys are taking money and not supplying the goods.

    • andrea jenkins Reply

      Hi Christen, having great trouble in getting Kogan to acknowledge their warranty on a Samsung phone, am just wondering if you have had any luck or suggestions on the recourse. I could not find the emails either that I sent to Kogan.

  45. Christine Leth Reply

    Hmm – my emails are still being deleted. So much for transparency. I am waiting a refund on a plate that was not delivered. I have had multiple emails back and forwards over the last 2 weeks but no resolution. Investigation into the carrier has supposedly been completed (or was near completion) but I haven’t heard anything. An offer to have the money refunded once the investigation was complete has not been acted on. Trust that one item out of 12 was not delivered seems to be a problem. Poor customer service despite the frequent reassuring emails.

  46. I am a Kogan Mobile customer on a 12-month plan, all calls and texts with 3gb data a month. For some time my outgoing calls have been cut off before I’ve been able to speak, and lately some incoming calls have also been disconected before speaking. For the past four days I have not had any internet connection. Calling both Kogan’s numbers to complain hasn’t been successful. Help!!!

  47. Dear Services,

    I am terribly annoyed with your poor level of service and rude staff employed to handle mobile phone enquiries.

    My mobile service is about to expire. I was thinking about taking on your 7 gig plan.

    Most of my family and good friends have moved over to Kogan mobile as your former mobile plan was very competitive.

    When trying to renew my plan, I have spoken to staff who are arrogant, rude and have no knowledge of your service offerings.

    I have now logged a number of complaints none of which have been followed up or managed.

    I am considering changing providers as a result of shameful service!

    Thank you,

  48. harry oshaw Reply

    I wish to buy a remote for tv model KALED240VDWS as after replacing batteries for second time only, the contacts fellout and now it wont work, but cant find a phone number so how do l do this ?

  49. Why do you hide the product code, answer, so we can’t find it.
    Eventually found a phone number, Help line is closed.
    Delivery time of product is ten days over what you stated.
    I just want to talk to someone about my order.
    Is that so hard?

  50. Var Chang Lok Reply

    I have just received my Kogan 10 tray food dehydartor, I open the 2 boxes and found lots of scratches on the top of the dehydrator, also many trays are very hard to pull out and push in, I am so scare that they may break. It does not the manual inside the box. I have to figure it out and get it to try/work. I think it is a poor quality product.

  51. Linda McCarthy Reply

    Never buy from Kogan again. Brought a 3 x lounge protector cover for my new leather lounge. Will not stay in place and keeps sliding off. Rang the next day and asked how to return the product, only to be told that as it is not a KOGAN PRODUCT I cant return it for a refund. What a joke. Not even used, brand new and useless to me. Will be letting others know about the poor customer service. Disgraceful

  52. Robert Metcalfe Reply

    I recently purchased a Harmon/Kardon Stereo receiver HK3770 and the remote “on/off” no longer is working. The “on/off” control still works on the unit. All other remote functions seem to be operating ok. Please advise my options for fixing this problem.

  53. Paul Cauchi Reply

    Just today I have been connected to your service after purchasing the 365 days plan for $299. I received an ad from your company that the price has gone down to $223.90. I find this very unfair seeing this ad on the very same day I started my new service with you.

  54. Mort Peacock Reply

    I ordered a mattress from Kogan. Delivery was promised on Monday 30th April and I waited in but nothing turned up. I agreed to delivery next day 1st May and said it could be left in a safe place on my patio next to my door if I didn’t answe. I was home all day . At about 7pm the mattress was dropped outside my front gate on a busy road some 10 metres from my door. As I am 87 I resent this and will not be dealing with Kogan again

  55. Jennifer Tonkin Reply

    The arrow on the remote is not working. We have re-paired & recalibrated it without success. The model no. is: ALED49KU8000SZB
    It is still within warranty

    I don’t know how the technician option works but l do not want to pay $64 for something that is under warranty

  56. Jennifer Tonkin Reply

    The arrow on the remote is not working. We have re-paired & recalibrated it without success. The model no. is: ALED49KU8000SZB
    It is still within warranty

  57. Kogan – Breech of confidentiality – Since receiving a Kogan email on Monday this week about NBN plans – I put in my home address to check NBN availability – and now I have received loads of scam emails about winning prizes, unclaimed monies all referring to my exact home address.
    Impossible to find a contact for kogan – website wanted product details (i dont have a product) and would not send email otherwise

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