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Contact Kia Motors: Find below customer service details of Kia Motors Corporation, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Kia Motors Corporation
12, Heolleung-ro,
Seocho-gu, Seoul
Phone: 82-2-3464-1114

Customer Service
Phone: 080-200-2000 (Korea)
Phone: 131 KIA /131542 (Australia)
Phone: 1800 888 KIA/542 (Malaysia)
Phone: 021 305 72 80 (Romania)
Phone: 080 20 01 (Slovenia)
Phone: 0333 2022990 (UK)
Phone: 1-800-333-4KIA /4542 (US)

About Kia Motors
Kia Motors is a South Korean automobile manufacturer founded in 1944. Headquartered at Seoul, Kia Motors manufactures and sells passenger vehicles, luxury cars and commercial vehicles. Kia has operations cross US, Europe and Asia. The company reportedly has a network of dealers in close to 172 countries. Each year some 1.5 million vehicles are produced at its 13 manufacturing units. Across South Korea, Kia has three major vehicle assembly plants at Hwasung, Sohari and Gwangju. The research and development centre is located at Namyang. Subsidiaries of Kia Motors Corporation consist of Kia Motors America, Kia Motors Europe, Kia Motors Mexico and Kia Motors India.

The fifth largest automotive manufacturer in the world, Kia is part of the Hyundai Motor Group. The company boasts of annual revenues of nearly US$44 billion, thanks to the steady sales. In 2016 the company in fact sold close to three million cars. Customers can browse the website to compare models and know the specifications and highlights of a vehicle in it’s fleet. You can filter hatchbacks, SUV, economical cars and commercial vehicles on the website.

Popular models in the Kia fleet include Picanto, Rio, Venga, Cee’d, Cee’d Sportswagon, Pro_Cee’d, Cee’d GT, Soul, Soul EV, Carens, Stonic, Niro, Sportage, Sorento, Optima, Optima Sportswagon, GT, Optima GT, Hybrid and Stinger. The vehicles carry a 7 year warranty. You can visit the website for a complete brochure, request a test drive or locate a dealer. Kia also offers roadside assistance and service and maintenance to car owners. The company recommends Kia Genuine Parts for replacement of a part or accessory. Kia parts are covered by a 2 year warranty.

If you need financing or insurance, Kia has separate divisions taking care of that as well. You can get more details on the website or by reaching the Kia Motors customer service via phone or email.

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  1. Geoff Taylor Reply

    We ordered a new Kia Seltos in Australia in December we are now at the end of March, neither our dealer nor Kia Australia can advise if the car has been built / shipped or when to expect it. I work for a fortune 500 company that has dealings with many overseas factories and produce goods in a similar way. I am also in Customer Support and the abrupt comments from Kia Australia is appalling for an organisation like yourselves. We are fast reaching the point of cancelling our order unless we can be advised as to when this ordered vehicle can be expected as I find it incredible in this day and age that you cannot advise when a vehicle is being built and delivered. Totally disappointing !!!!!

  2. Riccardo Roncoroni Reply

    Despite a good reputation of Kia vehicles I have an engine problem (power loose) and here in Belgium they recognise that there is a problem but they cannot do nothing to fix it. It is now the 3rd weeks that I have no car and they are playing aping-pong game between them (dealer and importation responsible for whole Belgium).
    They are not offering neither a solution nor a financial or practical compensation and this although that I already order a new Kia to be delivered at the beginning of 2020.
    I have the impression that they do not car at all about the clients as such and the well know client oriented service in Belgium is equal to a negative score.
    Greetings from Brussels,

  3. Mirsad Junuzovi? Reply

    Dear Sirs, I bought a KIA Sportage as a used car at the KIA showroom in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. When buying, it was explained to me that I had a warranty on the engine and clutch within a year. After shopping, I had to go to the KIA a couple of times because something was going on in the car. The last problem happened three weeks ago when something just cracks so hard during driving a car with the kids that the car turned off and just started to go without any control, horrible and helpless feeling and opportunity to be hit with another car and with children in the car. After inspection by your servicers, they said that the blade broke and caused a breakdown and is not under warranty. Your employees are reluctant to admit that the car has been sold defective, but instead, put the whole blame on me as as a customer and ask for an extra amount to repair. Too bad it couldn’t be worse. Greetings

  4. Rodrigo Alberto Vargas Reply

    Hello, I am a customer of KIA Motors and I bought a Grand Sedona Suv to CHILEAN EMBASSY in BOGOTA DC COLOMBIA, through METROKIA concessionaire in BOGOTA DC. I have a discrepancy about the model o version of Grand Sedona that I specify in the Purchase Order and the version that I received and that is described in the METROKIA INVOICE. The version that I bought and indicated in the Purchase Order is YP+P60, the version that I received is YP1A20_25G3300.
    I noticed some differences between the technical specifications between both models, specifically between the version I bought and the version I received.
    In this regard, METROKIA COLOMBIA tells me that the versions correspond to the same model and technical specifications, however I have my doubts.
    Therefore, I would like to request if you can send me the technical specifications of both models and in this way verify if they delivered the vehicle that I bought by US$ 32.380.

    Thank you very much.

  5. YAP YOKE KENG Reply

    I’m from Malaysia. I bought my car in 2017 and its Chassis Number is KNAPR81AMG7164995.

    I would like to review about Kia’s bad arrangement for replacement of car parts:-
    On 14/06/2019, I sent my car Kia Sportage for service, after checked by the technician, he informed me that the Left side back ABS sensor was not functioning anymore. He then further declared the need to change it and told me that there was no stock anymore. He said that he will order the part from Kia Korea’s department store on my behalf.

    However, after I waited for a month, nobody calls to update me about the latest situation. I called to the Kia Careline and service outlet at Rawang Red Cube. They told me that the part is estimated to arrive at the end of August 2019. They asked me to wait and they will call me when the part is arrived. I felt angry because that means I’ll have to wait for another month.

    In my opinion, it’s just a small part, why don’t you just send it through courier to solve my problem first? Rather than wasting my time to wait for about a total of 3 months. It caused me a lot of trouble since I can’t use my car to entertain my guests from overseas in August.

    In this case, I would conclude that Kia’s management is very bad and slow.

  6. Dear Customers Service
    in June 2018, I bought a KIA Sportage 2018 from Dubai, UAE export dealer (FARWA Motors).
    I exported to Algeria, the dealer gave me a copy of conformity using his own formatted head letter.
    However, Algerian government up to now did not allow my daughter to register the car until we get
    a copy of conformity directly from KIA motors.
    I have sample of conformity from KIA and the one given to us by FARWA Motors (Though I cannot upload)
    Chassis Number: USYPG81ABJL552424
    How can I get the original conformity certificate from KIA Motors.

  7. Cristian Fraga Reply

    Hello my name is Cristian Fraga. I recently bought a Kia Rio and I have had the worst customer experience. It was last year around May, but I had an emergency operation and couldn’t get it until August. Then I went to the agency in November to ask about the services and they told me I had to get the 1st service that month even though it had only 800 km. I left the car and told them that I was perceiving a weird smell when I was driving up a hill but they told me everything was OK.

    Two weeks ago I was taking it to get the 2nd service and my car just stopped working in the middle of one of the main avenues in Mexico City. I called the agency and it took them 2 hours to pick me up even though I was in a situation of danger. When I got there they told me that my clutch was worn out. I asked them how was it possible if it only had 9 months of use and 5000 km and they implied that it was because my driving skills and the clutch did not have a warranty. I have a 10 year old Honda Fit and this did not happen to me. I feel insulted and no one I have reached want to help me. Could you please?

  8. Thys de Beer Reply

    Hi I am from South Africa. Can you please assist me with a complaint? Kia South Africa are useless when it comes to customer care. We recently bought parts for my dads Sorento from our local dealer in Bethlehem South Africa and they ordered some parts wrong. No they do not want to refund my dad on the incorrect parts? This is unacceptable. In South Africa we are used to good customer service from motoring companies like Toyota and Ford, but Kia falls far short in this regard.

    We all drive Kia cars, my dad, my uncle, my brother and myself, but we all are of opinion that Kia does not care for customers and it is sad because we will all soon probable buy Toyota. Please sort this problem out for us and show us you do care. And please do something in Kia South Africa, the service and knowledge from employees are very bad.

    Thank you

  9. Hiran Dean Reply

    This post serves as means to educate the public on the recent incident I faced with the service team and to the attention of the KIA Senior Management.
    It has been 4 month, since I personally filed a complaint and yet to receive a solution from the KIA service center staff- Mr Viraj and AGM – Mr Romie Perera. The problem started when they refused to accept damage of the cup holder (picture below).
    The vehicle was in perfect condition (brand new-under 5 year warranty) when it was handed over for monthly service, usually to the Orugodawatte service station, but this time due to logistical issues handed over to the Kirula road office.
    25 Sep 2018: The car was picked after service and parked at home.
    26 Sep 2018: Vehicle was not used.
    27 Sep 2018: Vehicle was not used. Noticed damage and Called Vijaj, Made several calls and sent messages had no response.
    28 Sep 2018: Called Vijaj around 8am and managed to get through. Complained about the damage and was asked to bring the vehicle. Upon noticing the damage of the cup holder, I rushed to the service center to complaint. Met customer service counter staff-Mr Viraj and Assistant GM –Mr Romie and complained about the incident. (Showed the vehicle at 12.40pm)
    At first, they accused me that it was already damaged. Later on after series of unpleasant exchange of words agreed that they had failed to communicate that the cup holder was damaged during the service exercise. Though they didn’t fully agree it was their fault, they had no choice but to accept since I had facts to prove otherwise.
    They agreed to replace the cup holder and promises to give me a follow-up call. Days passed by and NOT a single call from either of them.
    23 Oct 2018: After having waited for almost a month, I called the spare parts unit seeking help. Spoke to Mr. Gratian, was advised that they require 2 weeks to 2 months (depended on the urgency) to replace the whole controller unit that carried the cup holder.
    25 Oct 2018: Agitated, contacted the AGM-Mr Romie and complained for not having called for 1 month. He then confirmed that the order had been placed for a replacement. Promised to check on the status of the order and call back, NEVER returned the call.
    29 Oct 2018: Went to Kia Malabe, Met the AGM, he told that part has been ordered but did not arrived yet. He promised that 2nd week of November he will replace a new one but so far I did not get an update. All voice recordings are with me so I know who the real culprit is.
    04 Feb 2019: Been 4 months! I have NOT received any UPDATE or CALL from this so called KIA service unit; staff or AGM to-date.
    How long should a customer wait till the responsible service provider returns a call and deliver what was promised!!
    As a customer who respects the KIA brand I request the Senior Management to provide me a quick solution to this matter. I have all facts to prove with pictures and recordings of all conversations with mentioned employees of KIA.
    If, I don’t receive a response I will take necessary action by lodging a complaint with higher authorities.

  10. I ordered 5 new cars in October 2018, I am still waiting for delivery and it is the 02/01. Cars has been paid for already. The worst service I have ever received in my life. Don’t buy a Kia in South Africa

  11. Richard Weaver Reply

    Recently bought a KIA RIO in Trinidad and Tobago where Southern Sales and Services Ltd. is the sole agent for KIA. The vehicle is having serious problems with acceleration at low rpm and 100% power loss on inclines, forward or reverse. The vehicle was taken in by the dealer who confirmed the manufactures defect. Attempts to repair by the supposedly competent agent failed on two occasions.Currently the vehicle is with the agent. They cannot provide a solution and has demonstrated that they do not posses the required competencies to repair the vehicle.They are very unprofessional in communicating. I am trying to find someone to assist but cannot find a reliable source. I will never entertain the thought buying another KIA. What do I do now? Money has been spent with nothing to show for it. Is it really worth it?

  12. Samir Obeidat Reply

    Dear Customer Care,

    I would like to drag your attention on the bad image I schemed when I visited the first time in my life the Kia Motors Velmar located in Thessaloniki, Greece (place of my permanent residence).

    In July 2018, I purchased a brand new Kia Rio 2018 from Kia Motors in Jihlava, the Czech Republic. The manager Mrs. Pilna and the rest of the staff were very friendly and pleasant. I had been provided with the best assistance possible. Mrs. Pilna advised me that once I’m done with the registration procedures in Greece, that I should register my car in the nearest authorized Kia Motors dealer in order to be within the frame of the 7-year-guarantee that’s provided by Kia Motors. I was very satisfied with the friendly approach and left to Greece with the best impressions. Back here in Greece, and after the completion of customs clearance and obtaining Greek plates, I immediately contacted the Kia Motors Velmar that’s located merely three kilometers from the place of my residency. I called them last Tuesday 21 August, 2018 and I talked to the person in charge of the service department – Mrs. Katerina. She replied in a nervous tone that she’ll call me back later the day. I was waiting for her to call me back but she didn’t, so I decided to meet her in person. The same day, I went to Kia Motors Velmar, service department, and I introduced myself to her. At the beginning she was not bothered even to look onto may face as she was busy with her pc, and then she asked me in a nervous-harsh-bossy-tone what is that I want!! I explained to her the reason why I came. She asked me to be seated in the reception area without offering any coffee or water, unlike the hospitable environment in Kia Motors Jihlava. She kept typing and drinking her coffee and ignoring my presence. After approx. 20 minutes she asked me to come to her desk where she was seated in a fancy comfortable chair and I kept standing as there was no chair provided for customers! She was talking with arrogance and indifference associated with unpleasant harsh tone and hostile attitude! An attitude that’s excessively unacceptable! Afterwards, she said that she needs one hour to make the registration and that she doesn’t have available time at the moment. She asked me to call her again after 3rd September in order to set an appointment. As if it was necessary to keep me on hold for 20 minutes in order to tell me to call her back the next month!! Therefore I left home troubled and disappointed.

    For the aforementioned reasons, I would like to underscore the following:
    • There’s a Greek saying: “A spoiled fish starts smelling from its head” Hence the reason why I didn’t turn with my complaint to the top management of Kia Motors Velmar but rather decided to contact the Head Offices of Kia Motors in Seoul Korea
    • One person is enough to make an enormous damage. In this case my bad experience with Mrs. Katerina
    • Kia Motors, you’re a well reputed car maker and I am sure that it’s not in your interest to see your reputation being demeaned by a bad franchiser! Therefore I strongly urge you to take my complaint notice into serious consideration
    • FYI, are you aware that Kia Motors Velmar – Service Dpt are charging 47 Euros/labor hour + 24%!? Exorbitant charges under the current ongoing economic crisis in Greece! Don’t you think?

  13. kathy dabbs Reply

    I bought a kia last year and have had nothing but headaches, trouble, and costly tire replacements on a constant basis. I WILL NEVER buy another piece of garbage from kia.

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