Contact of Keurig coffee maker customer service

Contact Keurig: Find below customer service details of Keurig. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the coffee maker. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Keurig Green Mountain, Inc
53 South Avenue
Burlington, MA 01803

Customer Service
Phone: 1-866-901-BREW (2739)

About Keurig
Keurig is a leading specialty coffee and single serve brewing system. Part of Keurig Green Mountain, the brand was introduced in the market in the year 1998. The company is headquartered in Waterbury, Vermont. Keurig brewers and single serve hot beverages are used in more than 20 million homes across the US. There are more than 75 brands in the Keurig system. Additionally, there are over 530 beverage varieties. Keurig’s facilities are located in Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Canada.

The associate brands include Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Donut Shop, Laughing Man, Tully’s Coffee, Revv, Diedrich Coffee, Barista Prima, Cafe Escapes, Green Mountain, Timothy’s Coffee, Van Houtte and Donut House. You can also order for pods, coffee makers and accessories online. Beverage options include regular coffee, flavored coffee, decaf, dark roast, light roast, black tea, green tea, iced tea and hot cocoa. There are coffee makers for home and commercial establishments as well.

If you have already purchased a coffee maker, register same online to keep track of purchase and warranty. Accessories you can shop include reusable filters, drinkware, spare parts and pod storage. For more information or queries on store locations, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Keurig customer service.


  1. We buy your coffee makers and they work for 2 months then you have to deal with trying to explain what is wrong with the model. You all know that your product has issue and should be replaced with out all the hassles. Very poor support.

  2. John Riddle Reply

    I have been through 5 keurigs. They always break eventually. I have a shaky hand so i am just trying to find a way for me to get a single cup of coffee without having to physically pour hot water.

  3. Sheilah Holland Reply

    After our first K-Supreme stopped working after one month you replaced it for us so kudos for that. The second one, after several months, is still working but not well! The descale light will not go out but more importantly it will not always brew a whole cup. Our old original Keurig lasted many years. This model has serious design issues as I have found many similar complaints online.

  4. Ben Knight Reply

    I have owned 6 Keurig’s, 2 in the last 2 months. All Keurig wants is to sell brewers & cups. If their executives would add up the losses on cups alone, maybe it would dawn on them how important customer service really is. Don’t they understand the impact of word-of-mouth marketing? I will never buy another Keurig.

  5. My replacement Keurig lasted 4 months. The original 8 months. I have been through 5 Keurigs. I would not recommend Keurig. They make a very problematical product.

  6. Roy Zitzman Reply

    I bought Keurig single cup for my Wife for Christmas of 2021 and bought this through Amazon, After 3 months of use ( Hot Water Only for her Tea ) so we returned it and got another one to replace it, now the second one leaks and you get a half cup out of it, Question for everyone, is Keurig a piece of crap, I mean two machines in 6 Months is Outrageous, at this point all I would like is my money back, will they do this ?

  7. I just called the 800 number I spoke to a gentleman and let him know that I’ve been having a problem with my mini K cup he had me unplug the machine make a cup of coffee for another coffee. I let him know this was a replacement machine for the first one that wasn’t working and he says that I no longer have #Warranty. The problem with this replacement is that the lid doesn’t close correctly I have to stand there and hold The lid or put something on top of the machine to hold the lid to make coffee the replacement was damaged or something. I don’t think I should have to hold the lid shut every morning to have my coffee.

  8. These machines are absolutely bad. I’m embarrassed to say in the past 7 yrs, I have purchased 8 machines. From high end to basic. 4 of them were presents for others. I start my day every day like so many just wanting a cup of coffee. I’m fed up. This morning like always, about 3 times a week, this pos, flashes “add water”. ITS FULL! Its clean. I only use bottled water in it. Then if it does brew, set for a large cup, it spits out half a cup….Meanwhile, grandpas coffee maker is from 1950, and still working….it takes a minute, but it was made with integrity, pride, and craftsmanship by a caring, individual.

  9. K. Goodwin Reply

    I wasted my money buying a keurig mini. If I put “12 cups” of water I may get two tablespoons of coffee. I have to push the button at least twice to get a cup. I’ve also had to use two pods and refill the reservoir twice before to complete a cycle. I wish I would have kept the box and receipt but it was a Christmas present to myself. I’m very disappointed.

  10. Bought a Keurig K Supreme Plus on 8/27. Arrived 9/1. Broke on 9/17. Called and was told they were out of stock for replacement and would be shipped in a week. It’s now 10/21 and I’ve called the company four times, have been told a supervisor was not available to assist and that the machine is still not in stock. Was told they don’t have a refund policy. Every store around me has the brewer in stock. However, Keurig doesnt?

  11. Cathy Colpean Reply

    The 12 cup pot on my Keurig leaked badly. Keurig sent me a new pot, it leaks also. Your quality control needs to use the pot so it can fix the problem. I’ve had cheap coffee makers that didn’t leak. This really upsets me.

  12. Sharon Mullins Reply

    I have now purchased 2 keurig single serve models. The same thing happened to both, and I am really frustrated. They lasted less than 8 or 9 months. They stopped functioning, by not dispensing all of the water, so the cup had a few drops in it. The machine was heavy, and water was residing somewhere. It sizzled and crackled, then stopped. This is the same thing happening TWICE. What is going on with these?

  13. Nate Mercer Reply

    Good evening,

    I ordered a Keurig K15 in November. It has worked fine up until about a week ago. Since then, it has stopped draining all the water every time, and has leaked five times, now. I’ve run the Keurig rinse pods through the machine about once a month since December. What can I do?

  14. Franki Lynn Tubbs Reply

    I got a red kerurig for a present model number K40 for my birthday. I love it more than any coffee maker I have ever had. But a few days ago I took it apart to clean it I read all instructions and it said the water resovier could go into the dishwasher but not the lid . Well when my dishwasher was done my water resovier was completely melted, even the tray that sits under where the coffee comes out was all melted. I just wondering why that would happen and see if I can just order new pieces. Thank you for your quick response in advance. I hate going out to get coffee every morning .

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