Contact of JustAnswer customer service (phone, email)

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Contact JustAnswer: Find below customer service details of JustAnswer, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the company and its services.

Head Office
P.O. Box 29045,
San Francisco, CA 94129

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-509-5721 (US)
Phone: 1800-679-634 (Australia)
Phone: 0800-452-621 (New Zealand)
Phone: 0808-189-0970 (UK)
Phone: 1-925-418-3893 (others)
Email: [email protected]

About JustAnswer
JustAnswer customer serviceJustAnswer is a user driven site where one can pay to get answers directly from professionals. The platform, founded by Andy Kurtzig in 2003, currently boasts of more than 10,000 experts. JustAnswer claims it has helped over 8 million people in 196 countries. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Categories found on the website include Legal, Medical (doctors, health professionals etc), Veterinary, Mechanic, Computer and Home Improvement (appliance, electrical, plumbing etc). Once a category has been selected, users can type a question and get an answer within 8 minutes turnaround. JustAnswer also shows the number of professionals available online to respond to a question. All answers are received via email, text message or notification. Follow up questions as well can be asked if needed. If not happy with one expert, the same question can be posed to another expert for no extra charge. And if still not satisfied, users can request a refund. All refunds are processed within 24 hours.

Users can go for a one-time fee model or monthly membership program. All users are required to have a $5 deposit to confirm appointment with an expert. JustAnswer currently accepts all major credit/debit cards and PayPal.

All experts on the platform undergo screening and stringent tests, including license and credential verification and performance reviews. There is a special page to view profiles of experts on the platform. On each profiles listed you can read a short bio and even see reviews of past users. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, subscription or others, reach the JustAnswer customer service.

All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below.


  1. I was trying to get help with my Spectrum Account or Verizon account, and Just Answer pops-up. I thought it was part of Spectrum or Verizon. Message was to try this service for a$1.00. I asked my question but it wasn’t answered, so I left the site. I called for a refund and cancellation, and was told I had to have the escalation team call me. This is the worst customer service in my experience with cancellations.

    • DO NOT USE THIS! It’s a total SCAM. I found two payments on my checking account for a total of $92.00 – One on March 1, 2021 and another on March 29, 2021. I had no idea they were charging my account until after the fact. Looks as though I am not alone. They offer their “help” for a $1.00 fee and that’s where they get you! They now have your credit card number. Just Answer is the company name, but they bill their monthly charge under the name “Just In”.

  2. I got help from this website a while ago for $5 and I’ve been charged $170 from this website for the membership I don’t have.

    • I recently asked Canon for assistance in repairing a printer. Automatically I was contacted by Just Answer who offered me a once-off “trial” of their services for $4.00. As this seemed reasonable I accepted. But the “expert” simply recited from the Canon Service Manual (very slowly, three questions took 30 minutes) and in the end my printer was totally disconnected and his final suggestion was to take it to Canon for service!!!!

      To make it all worse I have just seen that an authorised payment of 4.00 has been taken from my MC account AND a further $49.00 – unauthorised – has also been taken. Try to contact them and you get nowhere.

    • Another victim. Thought I was paying a one off fee to have a question answered. They couldn’t resolve my issue .Since then I have been charged $66.00 a month for a membership that I did not request and a service I have never received. How underhand can some people be? I have cancelled my credit card – at great inconvenience to me – so they won’t be getting any more “fees” from me .

      • Another victim. The exact same thing happened to me. Thought I was paying a once off fee to have a question answered. Since then I have been charged $41.12 a month for a membership that I did not request or authorized. I had to cancel my credit card. When my bank got in contact with JustAnswer team , they were told did not cancel my subscription.!!!!!!!!

    • Asked a question and was charged £5 which I paid for with my card. When I was asked to pay £40 for a telephone chat with a lawyer, I declined and moved away from the site. Since then I have had £50 taken from my account in December 2020 and a further £50 taken in January 2021. I never signed up for anything . I never joined any club. This is a total and complete scam and rip off.

      • Elizabeth A Reply

        Exactly the same has happened to me. I asked a trial question where “the expert “knew less than me. They have now taken money from my credit card.

  3. B Hatherill Reply

    What a scam!
    I have been charged £30 for membership I did not agree to
    I requested this money to be refunded – the operators put the phone down on me which shows it is not a reputable company

  4. I cancelled my membership in early November…actually I never signed a membership. The 5 pounds was deducted and I was notified by the Bank of Ireland was also deducted on my credit card. I immediately notified your company next day to cancel any membership I might have had with your company. I would be very happy if you can accept and confirm my resignation and return my money.

    • DO NOT USE THEM.. it’s supposed to be 5 dollar and then if you check your credit card you will see additional charges with no explanation. Had to call credit card to block them cause they won’t pick up..

  5. They claim that their initial services are either $1 or $5 – and that you will be placed in a 7 day trial period.

    Upon learning that I encountered a hidden charge of $34 – I cancelled the membership on the very same day.

    I reached out 5 days later to ask why the charge had not been removed from my account. They claim that their pricing is “upfront” and that they won’t issue me a refund.

    • It seems like we’ve all been taken for a ride. I am a single mum with a child with a disability, living hardly and you have been attacking my account of $40 for the past few months for a membership l never signed up for. I deleted your app asap after not receiving a answer for my question but you are still charging me.

      • Joan Brushett Reply

        They took $5 off me, I do not have membership, didn’t mind losing $5, five days they took another $66 off me, had to cancel my card, what a scam and such inconvenience, BEWARE!!

  6. DISGUSTING. They don’t let you know but the truth is that once you have paid for the one-time service, they create a membership for you without your knowledge, and keep charging your credit card once a month without your consent!

    It is completely illegal to do so and yet they do it to all the people they can get! Anyone with a lawyer handy, they need someone to get onto it! I just had to cancel my credit card to make sure i can get rid of them.

    Definitely no way i will ever use them again. Thieves, and never know what new tricks they will work out with your bank card numbers. They also cleverly vary their name on your bank statements each month in hope to get unnoticed: one month it says membership, another month membership, membership, or justanswer membership.

    Watch out for these on your bank statements if you ever made the mistake to use them like i did. Keep away from them, even for a one-time service, to keep your bank account safe.

  7. Complete rip off. Didn’t answer for days. Called and marked urgent. Answer came about 2 days later. After joining I requested the value of a book and sent pictures as requested. 2 TIMES. 3rd time I insisted on refund. Total waste of time and energy

  8. Rose Harris Reply

    This company have charged me £39.99 for a membership I know nothing about
    They used an old card to pay it with do I have any legal rights
    I just don’t know what to do

  9. I called for information and talked to a gentleman and paid the $5 on my card then on my check statement I was charged a $ 28.00. Membership fee which I did not authorize .i would like the $ 28 refunded back and canceled including my card number. I’m not complaining because the gentleman that took care got me to the direction I needed to go to ,but I no longer need this service and did not authorize the membership. Also take my card out of your system

    • They are taking money for nothing I phoned them for help and charged £5. Put through to a so called expert who said that he could not connect to my IPad,I later found that they charged me £35 for nothing today I looked on my bank statement and low and behold they charged another £35 on a continuous payment plan that I did not agree to. Scammers.

    • Cornelia Carstens Reply

      THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM – DO NOT USE THEM. I had trouble with my Facebook pages and the so called expert took copies from Facebook and sent it to me, DUH, I could have done that myself, why would I pay all this money just for copies from Facebook. How to retrieve your Facebook page? I requested my money back, besides they return messages that is already written for them and they are not really experts at all. The same person came up all the time regardless, when I mentioned that you are not reading my question, they kept on sending the same stupid answer unrelated to the question.

  10. Lilian Foley Reply

    To whom it concerns:

    Earlier today I paid €5 for an online chat to resolve a problem. I subsequently agreed to having the problem resolved remotely: Order ID 25687297-. I paid €26 for this service. However, it didn’t happen. A message was sent letting me know that the Just Ask Expert couldn’t make a connection with me. As the service wasn’t available to me I requested a refund of my €26. I subsequently received a message that contact would be established. I phoned 1800-760-906 and spoke to an employee who offered to put me through to one of your experts. I grew weary from waiting and most frustrated with the service. I would like a refund of my €26 at this point. The service has not been satisfactory. I have been in touch with my bank on the matter. Also, I did not give an online rating since the problem hadn’t been resolved. I was surprised to find that it shows that I gave 5*. This rating is not mine.

  11. Patricia Herron Reply

    A SCAM!!!! They said there was information stating that I was starting a “trial” and that if I did not cancel after 7 days I would be charged. I was charged $1–but then just found out I was charged $46 for a monthly membership. What a SCAM. No refund!!!!!

    • Martin Harley Reply

      Hi Patricia

      Yes, its a scam. You need to contact your bank and ask for a chargeback on your account and explain what happened. The banks are aware of this company doing this to customers

      I have the same Issue.

      I contacted justanswer and paid the intial £5 for one question and i believed that was the end of my dealings with them.

      7 days later they took £30 from my account without my consent. I immediately contacted and they did refund my £30 and agreed to not take any further payment from me. But then one month later took another £30 but this time they would not respond to my emails and ignored me. I then contacted my bank to get a chargeback on my account but the fact they refunded the first £30 this confused the bank and it took me a one hour telephone call to get my bank to resolve it.

      The bank is well aware of this company that deliberately creates this illussion of a refund and then takes the money back at a later date

      Good Luck


  12. So I was told I needed to pay 1$ to get to talk to somebody but I was never informed of a monthly subscription fee of 46$. This is beyond dumb and misleading.

  13. Looking for a refund: You just charged me $39.00 for a service you did not provide. It said you would secure my computer and fix the problem. That never happened. You said ,up front, that it was a $1.00 fee to talk to someone and I discovered you put me on a monthly $46.00 fee. You are quite the scam artists. I want a refund now.


    • I just called to ask you to take me off your membership list and any other list you have me on that I didn’t ask for..You charged me $5.00 for an answer I didn’t get and charged me $46.00 for a membership I don’t want.

    • I just found out they were taking $50 out of my account for the past 5 months. I NEVER used their service. I asked for a refund for $250. They said they were willing to give me $150. I’m prepared to contact the better business bureau because this is immoral and illegal. Anyone else contact the better business bureau?

  14. I just found out that they write 66$ from my account every month? I never gave permission and never used information from them . They never gave me advice or can I get money back for something I never used .

    • Same comment as as Els Lips
      I just found out that they write 66$ from my account every month? I never gave permission and never used information from them . They never gave me advice or can I get money back for something I never used .
      When I contacted them they gave me a run around offering to charge me $5 to refer me to a lawyer What cheek as this is what started it in the first place
      I am complaining to Australian authorities as well as the US authorities through my daughter in USA. This is illegal under scam watch laws

  15. Helen D Wade Reply

    Really bad company to do business with. I too signed on, asked 1 question and was charged $46. I immediately called & cancelled, but could not receive a pro-rated refund. What a rip off. They should be on several scam alert websites.

    • I asked a question, waited 3 hours and got no response. They still took out $50 for 5 months! They won’t refund me $250. They said I should’ve cancelled after the “trial” period. There was no “trial” period if they never provided any service. Scam!!

  16. Michael McElligott Reply

    I would like to how I get a refund.
    Breathy I contacted Just Awnser to see they solve a problem I had with my refrigerated I paid 7€ but didn’t start chat
    But now find I have been charged 27€ for no service so if you help and refund the money I would be most greatful
    Thank you Michael

  17. TMary Leann Muncey Reply

    They will keep charging you. Call and make sure that you are cancelled. They charged me twice in one month! So beware of what they are doing. Look back in your bank statements and make sure. They won’t refund you either. Sorry they took advantage of you and everyone here

    • Al McClungj Reply

      Asked one question concerning the striker on my Maytag washer lid, agreed to the $5 charge, but was scammed and charged for a “membership” (which I did NOT agree to). The “expert”, Tyler, gave me an incorrect answer. I ended up remedying the problem myself, they txted me the correct answer about a week later, but I had solved the problem already myself. Called cust svc, they cancelled my membership, but refused my demand for a refund of my membership fee. If they take anything out in the future, think I’ll have to pursue litigation. Don’t use these guys, it’s a scam…

  18. Hedy Damari Reply

    I was told $5 refundable but the $5 was not refunded on top of which I was charged an extra $40 for a membership I didn’t ask for. Not impressed. Please refund it ASAP

    • Mary Leann Muncey Reply

      Oh I cancelled waaaayyyyy before the membership fees came out. I have a screenshot of that. I didn’t receive an email saying it was cancelled. I can’t even get into the site to an “account” it says it doesn’t exist…I wonder why??? I CANCELLED IT MONTHS AGO! I just saw it in my bank statement and went back and looked…they took out money twice this month!!! I called for a refund, they said they couldn’t give me a refund. I could only go back to the end of June on my bank statements on my phone. You are thieves!!! I want at least 3 payments of $29.00 in my account ASAP. I’ve called twice. If the $$ isn’t in my account within 24-48 hours…I’ll give you business days…so by Tuesday of next week 08/04/2020. My lawyer will be contacting you. I’m getting my bank statements too. I wasn’t going to ask for all of it, but after two rude people spoke with me AND you took my money…if I have to contact my lawyer, you will pay it ALL. It’d be different if I didn’t have proof. I am reading all over the WWE where you have done this to people. They said they sent me an email saying my free trial was going to expire… surprise no email from then for ANYTHING. Family and friends are cancelling today too. They looked at their bank statements 2 and 3 times a month, they took out of their accounts. This will NOT go on. And BTW to anyone reading this, you don’t get to speak to anyone who speaks clear English, so it’s a rough call! They say they don’t give refunds…but yet on their automated system they says “press 2 for a refund.” SCAM

  19. Marlene Kubick Reply

    I have a charge to my checking account for $46.00 for a membership. I don’t recall applying for a membership. I reviewed the site but after reading comments I had no use for it. Apparently, you are charged for just looking at the site.

  20. Ramona Mateo Reply

    I made a query on a page called Just answer and they told me that the answer cost 5 dollars that I paid now they are charging me a membership of 29 dollars a month without me having accepted any membership.
    Be careful about this site

    • Still waiting for my refund of $66, since they never notified me when my trial period was over. I paid $5 each for 3 questions straight up that took almost 24hrs to reply. I do t want to sign up AGAIN…just give me my $66 back please and I’ll be on my merry way. I’m not even sure the lady cancelled my subscription.

  21. I am on a fixed income. You got me. I had no idea you charged for everybody and their brother. Just please unsubscribe me from this site and any and all your associates. I cannot afford this. Thank you for any assistance in this matter. Once again Thank you. Mary Cadena

  22. This site is a scam.I pay for 5$ for a question.They charge me 35 more for talking to the expert with out results and 15 days later with out my permission charge my cart another 60$ for no reason.

  23. I asked a question to which I had a useless answer.Then a few weeks later I discovered that £38 had been deducted from my bank account. I did not want to continue to receive any information and was unaware that I had made any agreement to pay any more certainly not a continuous payment.
    This has the appearance of a scam.
    I am now in the process of revoking further payments

  24. Refunds are not processed in 24 hours. I paid 5 then found out I was billed for 46 and I couldn’t even access the answer I got. You people are bogus and should be ashamed.
    You got my money and I couldnt even see my account. Then I get a response explaining the billing policy. I know how its billed. Evidently you dont know how to cancel.
    I will respond to every comment that I can make time for on every social media platform I can find to tell as many people as possible my terrible experience I had with you.

  25. Harvey Shepard Reply

    I called with one question one month ago (for a supposed $5 charge) about restoring my Kindle account). This they accomplished). Today I open my credit card account and find that I have been charged
    $50.50 plus 5 calls to various charities in California. They claim that I never cancelled my account and it continued to be open until I called today.


    I tried the $5 one time question and never agreed to any membership. A $46 charge was made to my account, I asked for refund and the customer service wont refund. I really want my refund especially at this period in time.

    • Oh looks like I have the same complaint as everyone else. I am being charged $66 a month which was cancelled 3 months ago. Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me. Im sorry this is happening to everyone . Way to help everyone out . I want a refund for services not rendered.

  27. A sum of £35.00 has been withdrawn from my account. My husband was suffering of the corvid 19 virus and I was attempting to contact the emergency number 111. I could not access the number and for some reason was contacted to your organisation. At no time was some kind of membership mentioned nor a sum of £35.00.

    • Yunusa Gambo Reply

      first I have issues with my yahoo Acct when I am looking for solutions I was connected with JustAnswer the charged me $1 to help me fix my complaint I tried it was unveiled so left today 26/082020 I received a debit statement from my bank Acct saying that JustAnswer deducted N18,700 in my Acct for being a member of which I did not ask for Acct: 0138430059
      Amt: 18,170.00 DR
      This the transactions debited from my Acct by JustAnswer. Of which I want them to make a quick reversal send back my money into my Acct, please.

  28. Barry gilbert Reply

    I also feel mugged off, I agreed for the trial fee of £5 and waited for a reply from Dr Uzair then a prompt came up on my mobile to hit the call button as it was easier to speak then email, so I duly did this and it said a payment of £34 would be taken I was shocked as the next response was that Dr could not call and we could not contact him by phone either, when I checked my bank account there were 2 pending transactions that will be taken both for justanswer £5 and £33.60 , I am absolutely disgusted and want the £33.60 refunded promptly , I have also unsubscribed from your Company but don’t feel confident my request will be actioned. There was never any mention of how much charges are upfront .

  29. Michael Gillett-Chambers Reply

    Intuit support is a disappointment. So much so that persons have to resort to “services” such as this JustAnswer bit. I registered when they indicated that I would be charged a refundable JS$142 for one week of support. I sent a few questions in and received no reply. Now I just saw that over JA$7000 has been deducted from my card.

    None of the cancellation options provided has worked. From an e-mail address with an auto-responder directing you to a link that does not work.

    As of now I am viewing this as a scam and am taking steps to reverse the charges and warn others about this.

  30. Darcie Tapper Reply

    Just received a $60 charge on my debit card 7 days after I asked a question for $5. I AM SO PISSED! I only was interested in a 1x use of this site and suddenly I find out I have a MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP~! I really thought this site was helpful with my questions. Customer service stated I received an email informing me it becomes a membership. I didn’t click membership; I clicked 1x question. I never received anything via email indicating in 7 days I would be signed up for a membership for $60 per month. Customer service wont refund my money. I asked a question about the death of my 29yr old sons assets in another state AND THIS IS WHAT I GET?!!! I have NOTHING BETTER TO DO than file every complaint possible for the scam that you perpetrated on me. I PROMISE. This is why I never do anything on the internet. Its a shame people can’t trust anyone anymore.

  31. Yes I had cancelled my membership and they said I didn’t and are refusing to give me my 48.00 dollars back I didn’t even get my actually question answered only way I could even leave website was to rate it a 5 star cause it kept saying sorry can not redirect you at this time

  32. You guys really don’t help anyting I asked you a question but if I don’t have no money you can’t answer the question never mind what my dog’s going through and all that you just want to get paid so go to hell with your website sorry my French but you guys we know how so I’m not going to say thank you or anything else but you suck

  33. Carmel Woods Reply

    I have just found an amount from you on my bank statement for $66.00. Please cancel this as I did not authorize it and I do not want your membership

  34. This site is a disgraceful scam , I was charged £5 for a basic question to be answered , I declined the invitation to add £40 to open an account and have still been charged . Having to reverse through my bank which is so time consuming !

  35. JUST ANSWER are nothing but full fledge scammers. Asked by first contact to fill in bank details while they transferred me to a technician, completed details but was unable to return to them to continue online chat with technician. Went back & started process all over, got another person, wanted all the previous questions answered again, explained I had already provided & they should already have on their computer, ignored me every time I told them this, said they would “transfer me to a technician “ & could I fill out bank details while they transferred me! Told them I had already done that, I was not happy with their service & to refund “the refundable” $5.00 fee, immediately I was cut off! I immediately contacted my bank -and found out not only had they taken out the $5.00 another $59.95 had been withdrawn all of this within a few seconds and for absolutely no service.I have closed my bank account and have also reported them to the appropriate authority. I believe there is possibly one person sitting on a computer, I also believe the transaction is preprogrammed as every question is asked in the same way, the answers to the questions are the same, the suggestion to transfer to a technician is the same and request to complete bank details while they transfer you is the same and I believe as soon as you enter bank details the same person is waiting to scam your account. They are absolute rotters but I rest in the knowledge there is “Heavenly Justice” & what is done against another will be returned back to them (the offender) multiple times.

    • frances ross Reply

      I have been conned. No mention of the joining fee of NZ$92.00 on 22/12/19. . Lawyer in NZ contacted me. I asked him a question and he answered it with a question. A politician!! What a rip off. Then I was charged $8.00 by him. Next up on 19/01/20 another credit card debit. So I cancelled the account which I didn’t know I had opened and I want the initial $92.00 refunded to me as I worked for the money.

  36. Do NOT use this website for any reason. It’s easy to ask a question for £5 but this states something about a free trial they then charge your account £35 to join even though you have declined this.

  37. ken butler Reply

    I think this company is just a money making scam i wanted to get an answer to a a question and after giving all the information was told to make a payment of £5 00, I then was sent to another site, and after a few hours the company got in touch and said for them to continue I would have to pay another £38 00 pounds, with no guarantee of resolving my problem.


    On the 6th of this month at 18:26pm I asked a question and paid my £5. The question I was told by email, passed to a mechanic. Since then I have heard nothing.I cannot find an email address or phone number to contact you.

  39. On February 6 I was charged $111.00 by justanswer only for someone to tell me to contact my alarm company who had referred me to dlink because my alarm panel was not connecting to the dlink WiFi. I was charged $36 twice and an additional $39 . The technician wanted access to my personal computer remotely which I refused since my computer has nothing to do with dlink. Technician stated he was opting out and turning the program over to a different technician. I waited but no one came to the chat discussion. The problem was not fixed, but I paid a total of $111.00 which I want refunded.

  40. John Voorma Reply

    You have taken a amount of $114 out of my account and I don’t know why, as I don’t know you and the services you deliver, but what ever it is I surely don’t need them, I am a pension who lives on $1800 a month and can hardly afford you taking my money, please refund it to me

  41. Connie Cameron Reply

    I had cancelled my payment and recieved a refund back, today I am doing my banking and see another $84.00 has been taken out.
    I want this refunded back as I have not used this site and I would expect that a company online would be honest enough to not use someone else’s credit card to keep padding their site.

  42. gail margaret gibson Reply

    I wish to cancel any more payments to this Application as I no longer need this service – please refund the money taken out of account which I did not authorise – and I got no worthwhile help from Justanswer and had to pay a Technician to solve my problem

  43. Martin Nowers Reply

    In my experience this is typical of Just Answer. In the past I have eperienced similar unjustified debiting of my credit card, lying by their so-called experts about their activities in regard to my question, and about whether my question had been answered (it had not).

    I wish Russel the best possible luck in his attempts to get his money back and to get action by the American aithorities. It is high time that Just Answer’s immoral activities were stopped.

  44. Marlyne Smithies Reply

    I have paid more than one time. Sometime ago I tried to get help and I did pay at that time.
    October 17 2018 I paid $5.00 Then on 17 October 2018 I paid $65.00. I still did not get help no one helped me. On October 24,2018 $85.00 was taken out of my account. Total $155.00
    I am waiting to find out if the help I need will be given me, Please tell whoever you need to I have paid please ask them to stop asking for more money,

  45. Carline Savage Reply

    Justanswer. I have checked my bank account and found three debit amounts to you. 2/20/2018 $5.oo and 4/10/2018 $44.00 and 5/10/2018. What were these amounts for. I have not asked any service of you and do not want any. Please tell me why you have charged me these amounts. I will want a refund since I do not know you at all.

  46. carole Felvus Reply

    I also was trying to find out why i couldnt open my webmail and was directed to this just answer site. they told me i had to pay a refundable $5.00. after checking my account i find that they have also taken $64 dollars from my account that I did not authorise. and yes I want it back.
    not only that I want the $5 back also as they couldnt help in my question anyway. and told me to contact optus. which is where i started.

  47. Mrs Martha Katung Reply

    I contacted justanswer this month to help me get my new printer started. they charged me £5 for calling them and then £21 for the telephone conversation i requested. But i realize that on the 24th Sept 2018 , £29.71 was withdrawn from my account by them and i dont know why. Please can you give me a reason for the withdrawal? i try to contact them but they said i should enter my bank details before they can atted to me. but i could not that is why i am contacting you. Thanks

  48. On the 19th June 2018 I found ‘Just Answer’ relative to finding out the value of 10 x $2 Australian notes.I paid the $5 good faith amount and posed my question. At no point did I ask to be made a member (as I only ever had the one question) and also did not opt to pay for any information as I was under the impression that the answer or information to a point was free, so I never opted to delve deeper or ask for further information. As it turned ou
    ‘Glenda’ was not able to find out a value, so I had a negative answer anyway. Since I had given you my credit card details for the ‘Good Faith’ $5, you then proceeded to take a further $66 for appraisal and then $86 for membership, which I say again I never asked for. This I believe is illegal. I therefore ask that you credit my Visa card for those two amounts plus the International transaction fees added by the bank of $1.98 and $2.58 respectively. This is not the way to garner a good reputation and further business. I expect to hear from your company at the earliest.

  49. About 15 minutes ago I was trying to reset mine password for firefox. Virtual Computer Consultant Andy indicated that for a refundable amount of $5.00 he would help me. I authorized the payment on mine debit card only to be sent without the requested help to another site wanting more money. Then when I checked mine checking account I saw that both the $5.00 and an additional/unauthorized $31.00 had been removed. I want these funds back, and mine debit card information removed from your files by not later than Monday Morning or I will will a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and institute litigation of mine own.
    Have a nice day!

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