Contact of JustAnswer customer service (phone, email)

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Contact JustAnswer: Find below customer service details of JustAnswer, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the company and its services.

Head Office
P.O. Box 29045,
San Francisco, CA 94129

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-509-5721 (US)
Phone: 1800-679-634 (Australia)
Phone: 0800-452-621 (New Zealand)
Phone: 0808-189-0970 (UK)
Phone: 1-925-418-3893 (others)
Email: [email protected]

About JustAnswer
JustAnswer customer serviceJustAnswer is a user driven site where one can pay to get answers directly from professionals. The platform, founded by Andy Kurtzig in 2003, currently boasts of more than 10,000 experts. JustAnswer claims it has helped over 8 million people in 196 countries. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Categories found on the website include Legal, Medical (doctors, health professionals etc), Veterinary, Mechanic, Computer and Home Improvement (appliance, electrical, plumbing etc). Once a category has been selected, users can type a question and get an answer within 8 minutes turnaround. JustAnswer also shows the number of professionals available online to respond to a question. All answers are received via email, text message or notification. Follow up questions as well can be asked if needed. If not happy with one expert, the same question can be posed to another expert for no extra charge. And if still not satisfied, users can request a refund. All refunds are processed within 24 hours.

Users can go for a one-time fee model or monthly membership program. All users are required to have a $5 deposit to confirm appointment with an expert. JustAnswer currently accepts all major credit/debit cards and PayPal.

All experts on the platform undergo screening and stringent tests, including license and credential verification and performance reviews. There is a special page to view profiles of experts on the platform. On each profiles listed you can read a short bio and even see reviews of past users. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, subscription or others, reach the JustAnswer customer service.

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  1. I’m the latest to be fooled by this company. I initially contacted this outfit for an answer for a TV audio issue anyhow I resolved it myself but was charged a £1 for it. A week later I’ve been billed £35 for a “subscription” I knew nothing of.

  2. My R15 Question lead to a R600 charge and my answer was a bunch of spam links. Such a disingenuous company it’s borderline scam. I’ve been contacting as many people as I can to get a refund and no luck.

  3. I used it for less than 10 minutes. Didn’t get an answer to my problem. Customer service sucked and refused to refund me. Don’t use it. Every time I tried to chat with customer service, they said refresh. I did and had to start all over! Phoned and was refused my refund and was even refused to a supervisor. What a joke!

  4. This company is a scam I called and asked a question and they charged me $46.00 and I didn’t even get the answer. So now they keep taking money out of my bank account. I want the money back also so I’m gonna complain to the bank.

  5. Do not use this service, it is basically an internet grift. I asked a question about airline security and they said “call the airline” and charged me a $28 membership fee hilarious. They’ve figured out how to deceive and take advantage of people who are seeking information.

  6. I have the same problem as well and it upsetting so much I can not stop crying about this situation and I have $462 missing out of bank account in 7 payments of $66 and it has being going along for 6 months and I definitely want my $462 back into my bank account.

  7. I keep trying to unsubscribe but every month I get charged $40. I am so sick of having to ask to be removed. If I could afford it would take legal action against this site.

  8. Said they’ll only charge R15 but took R599 and the R15 from my account. Did not even take me through the subscription process. Now the help desk is not answering my emails and the chat box ‘princess mj’ is also not answering me. 5 Star scamming service.

  9. I was directed by HP about my printer. I called it said $1.00 for trial membership. I was actually charged $28.00 I called they immediately refunded that charge. But same different charge of $46.00 was charged to my account which they advised it does not show on the file. I will Not rest until I get this resolved. I am also going to call Hewlett-Packard and advise.

  10. Terrible company. Take your money BEFORE you ask a question. Stay well clear of this firm. Then they ask you for your cc details before you can start the refund process.

  11. Keep clear. They promised connection to an “expert” for R15 (South Africa). Then R482 was subtracted from my bank account and NO REPLY from an expert. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM JustAnswer!!

  12. Well I guess I should have looked these people up before just assuming that since Hewitt Packard sent them to me for printer support they were legit, I was like every one else. These people need to be put out of business, I don’t expect a refund but I will be visiting my bank this morning, at least I have everything in email and texts from them that this was a trial membership for a $1.00 and not charging my card over $80.00.

  13. I was never informed about the $66 CA membership charge so I cancelled the membership immediately. But now they’ve charged me again this month. I see from the other comments left that that’s how they make their money.

    • I just asked how to top up my local data, 3 months ago I don’t even remember that I sign up for this website. I’m surprised that they deducted that day after I asked. but on Oct. 8 they deducted $42 again without prior notice. Hope I’ll get my refund.

  14. Hi, I never opened an account with JustAnswer, only what I wanted was once off help with my old gmail account which I also did not get help, now this company is taking R599 per month from my account. I made a mistake by giving my account details hoping I would be assisted.

  15. Never got an answer to my question and they charged me 39.00 anyway. Then they charged me 46 dollars a month for the next three months. Called and they said they will cancel. I am going to the bank today to tell them NOT to pay this again. I am furious!

  16. We did not sign up for membership but this unscrupulous company debited our credit card for nearly two years. They have refused to credit us and are hiding behind small print. They have received money for no service.

  17. Called them yesterday to complain and they say they have cancelled my “Membership” and will be sending me a refund within 5 working days! Rest assured I shall be checking my account to make sure that happens! I’ll also go to the bank and get them to make sure these withdrawals stop!

  18. I never agreed to a temporary membership or any other type of membership . I realized after 3 months that they were charging my bank account. I called and canceled the Justanswer account yesterday. I am going to protest the charges with my credit card company. I am not surprised that something like this is coming from San Francisco.

  19. Very shoddy company, they lead you to believe they are registering your call with a $2 initial fee but need your bank card details to do that and the $2 initial fee will be refunded, if you say yes to that – without you knowing they have signed you on as a account member with a fee of $66 and charged your account with $2 for the verification you gave for the $2 agreement and the $66 membership fee. Two separate charges $2 and $66 to your account. They have also made you a ongoing member as well which means they will charge the same fee every month recurring whether you use them or not. They did not initially send the link to my phone then when I responded to that in chat I had graded their service as bad they responded that I would have to submit a second question to deal with that as they had answered the fist and my grading had completed that exchange. Consequently I didn’t get my password reset and was locked in for $66 recurring fee, They give you a unsubscribe button however who would trust that any further. Apart from answering the question of why they are ripping people off which is obviously money (no charge). They should answer these question’s why do they act so unscrupulous ? and how long do they expect to be in business?

  20. Alex Pawlowski Reply

    Yes, the same here, paid an initial £5 to get a question answered, now they are trying to take £50 Just spoken to my bank, who said they can’t stop it but can ask for it back once it’s been paid. Incredible how this scam can go on.

  21. To say I’m disgusted with this corrupt company is is an understatement. They have taken £50.77 from my account for three months now. My bank has written to them and still they come in for money each month. I did use them which cost me £51 at the time and I thought that was the end of it. I was never told it was monthly subscription. This in my opinion is theft.

  22. I will be requesting a charge back from my bank to have the almost $900 the company took from me despite never telling me I was entering into a long term contract. Additionally I emailed them multiples times and called them to report the fraudulent changes and requested that all charges be stopped immediately and that all of my money be reimbursed. They continued to ignore my emails and phone calls, even telling me at one point that the service had been canceled when it in fact had not been. My boyfriend had been tending to the bank account and he thought the changes had been stopped as they and promised so he did not noticed the money continuing to go out each month.

  23. I’ve recently had problems with my car so got in touch with a mechanic…they offered answers for £5 which came out of my account….this was a few days ago just looked at my statement and £28 has now been also taken from my account…something is not right about this company.

  24. I wish I had read all of this comments before getting involved with this company. Everything that happened to the other people has happened to me. I can’t unsubscribe…they totally ignore responses!! BEWARE!!

  25. I did not request this service, and I maybe went to your site, but didn’t get any help and Was charged. I toyed to cancel, but your site would not process my request.

  26. I too was scammed just like all the other people in this comment section. My immediate reaction was to cancel my card, and have a replacement card [with a different number] issued by the bank. Even though I will not get my money back, I made sure they will not get any more from me.

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