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Head Office
P.O. Box 29045,
San Francisco, CA 94129

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-509-5721 (US)
Phone: 1800-679-634 (Australia)
Phone: 0800-452-621 (New Zealand)
Phone: 0808-189-0970 (UK)
Phone: 1-925-418-3893 (others)
Email: [email protected]

About JustAnswer
JustAnswer customer serviceJustAnswer is a user driven site where one can pay to get answers directly from professionals. The platform, founded by Andy Kurtzig in 2003, currently boasts of more than 10,000 experts. JustAnswer claims it has helped over 8 million people in 196 countries. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Categories found on the website include Legal, Medical (doctors, health professionals etc), Veterinary, Mechanic, Computer and Home Improvement (appliance, electrical, plumbing etc). Once a category has been selected, users can type a question and get an answer within 8 minutes turnaround. JustAnswer also shows the number of professionals available online to respond to a question. All answers are received via email, text message or notification. Follow up questions as well can be asked if needed. If not happy with one expert, the same question can be posed to another expert for no extra charge. And if still not satisfied, users can request a refund. All refunds are processed within 24 hours.

Users can go for a one-time fee model or monthly membership program. All users are required to have a $5 deposit to confirm appointment with an expert. JustAnswer currently accepts all major credit/debit cards and PayPal.

All experts on the platform undergo screening and stringent tests, including license and credential verification and performance reviews. There is a special page to view profiles of experts on the platform. On each profiles listed you can read a short bio and even see reviews of past users. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, subscription or others, reach the JustAnswer customer service.


  1. JUST ANSWER are nothing but full fledge scammers. Asked by first contact to fill in bank details while they transferred me to a technician, completed details but was unable to return to them to continue online chat with technician. Went back & started process all over, got another person, wanted all the previous questions answered again, explained I had already provided & they should already have on their computer, ignored me every time I told them this, said they would “transfer me to a technician “ & could I fill out bank details while they transferred me! Told them I had already done that, I was not happy with their service & to refund “the refundable” $5.00 fee, immediately I was cut off! I immediately contacted my bank -and found out not only had they taken out the $5.00 another $59.95 had been withdrawn all of this within a few seconds and for absolutely no service.I have closed my bank account and have also reported them to the appropriate authority. I believe there is possibly one person sitting on a computer, I also believe the transaction is preprogrammed as every question is asked in the same way, the answers to the questions are the same, the suggestion to transfer to a technician is the same and request to complete bank details while they transfer you is the same and I believe as soon as you enter bank details the same person is waiting to scam your account. They are absolute rotters but I rest in the knowledge there is “Heavenly Justice” & what is done against another will be returned back to them (the offender) multiple times.

  2. Do NOT use this website for any reason. It’s easy to ask a question for £5 but this states something about a free trial they then charge your account £35 to join even though you have declined this.

  3. I think this company is just a money making scam i wanted to get an answer to a a question and after giving all the information was told to make a payment of £5 00, I then was sent to another site, and after a few hours the company got in touch and said for them to continue I would have to pay another £38 00 pounds, with no guarantee of resolving my problem.

  4. On February 6 I was charged $111.00 by justanswer only for someone to tell me to contact my alarm company who had referred me to dlink because my alarm panel was not connecting to the dlink WiFi. I was charged $36 twice and an additional $39 . The technician wanted access to my personal computer remotely which I refused since my computer has nothing to do with dlink. Technician stated he was opting out and turning the program over to a different technician. I waited but no one came to the chat discussion. The problem was not fixed, but I paid a total of $111.00 which I want refunded.

  5. You have taken a amount of $114 out of my account and I don’t know why, as I don’t know you and the services you deliver, but what ever it is I surely don’t need them, I am a pension who lives on $1800 a month and can hardly afford you taking my money, please refund it to me

  6. Connie Cameron Reply

    I had cancelled my payment and recieved a refund back, today I am doing my banking and see another $84.00 has been taken out.
    I want this refunded back as I have not used this site and I would expect that a company online would be honest enough to not use someone else’s credit card to keep padding their site.

  7. gail margaret gibson Reply

    I wish to cancel any more payments to this Application as I no longer need this service – please refund the money taken out of account which I did not authorise – and I got no worthwhile help from Justanswer and had to pay a Technician to solve my problem

  8. Martin Nowers Reply

    In my experience this is typical of Just Answer. In the past I have eperienced similar unjustified debiting of my credit card, lying by their so-called experts about their activities in regard to my question, and about whether my question had been answered (it had not).

    I wish Russel the best possible luck in his attempts to get his money back and to get action by the American aithorities. It is high time that Just Answer’s immoral activities were stopped.

  9. Marlyne Smithies Reply

    I have paid more than one time. Sometime ago I tried to get help and I did pay at that time.
    October 17 2018 I paid $5.00 Then on 17 October 2018 I paid $65.00. I still did not get help no one helped me. On October 24,2018 $85.00 was taken out of my account. Total $155.00
    I am waiting to find out if the help I need will be given me, Please tell whoever you need to I have paid please ask them to stop asking for more money,

  10. Carline Savage Reply

    Justanswer. I have checked my bank account and found three debit amounts to you. 2/20/2018 $5.oo and 4/10/2018 $44.00 and 5/10/2018. What were these amounts for. I have not asked any service of you and do not want any. Please tell me why you have charged me these amounts. I will want a refund since I do not know you at all.

  11. carole Felvus Reply

    I also was trying to find out why i couldnt open my webmail and was directed to this just answer site. they told me i had to pay a refundable $5.00. after checking my account i find that they have also taken $64 dollars from my account that I did not authorise. and yes I want it back.
    not only that I want the $5 back also as they couldnt help in my question anyway. and told me to contact optus. which is where i started.

  12. Mrs Martha Katung Reply

    I contacted justanswer this month to help me get my new printer started. they charged me £5 for calling them and then £21 for the telephone conversation i requested. But i realize that on the 24th Sept 2018 , £29.71 was withdrawn from my account by them and i dont know why. Please can you give me a reason for the withdrawal? i try to contact them but they said i should enter my bank details before they can atted to me. but i could not that is why i am contacting you. Thanks

  13. On the 19th June 2018 I found ‘Just Answer’ relative to finding out the value of 10 x $2 Australian notes.I paid the $5 good faith amount and posed my question. At no point did I ask to be made a member (as I only ever had the one question) and also did not opt to pay for any information as I was under the impression that the answer or information to a point was free, so I never opted to delve deeper or ask for further information. As it turned ou
    ‘Glenda’ was not able to find out a value, so I had a negative answer anyway. Since I had given you my credit card details for the ‘Good Faith’ $5, you then proceeded to take a further $66 for appraisal and then $86 for membership, which I say again I never asked for. This I believe is illegal. I therefore ask that you credit my Visa card for those two amounts plus the International transaction fees added by the bank of $1.98 and $2.58 respectively. This is not the way to garner a good reputation and further business. I expect to hear from your company at the earliest.

  14. About 15 minutes ago I was trying to reset mine password for firefox. Virtual Computer Consultant Andy indicated that for a refundable amount of $5.00 he would help me. I authorized the payment on mine debit card only to be sent without the requested help to another site wanting more money. Then when I checked mine checking account I saw that both the $5.00 and an additional/unauthorized $31.00 had been removed. I want these funds back, and mine debit card information removed from your files by not later than Monday Morning or I will will a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and institute litigation of mine own.
    Have a nice day!

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