Contact of Jewel-Osco customer service

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Contact Jewel-Osco: Find below customer service details of Jewel-Osco, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
150 E Pierce Road
Itasca, IL 60143
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 877-276-9637
Phone: 630-948-6000
Phone: 1-877-723-3929
Phone: 1-888-464-4974 (floral)

About Jewel-Osco
Jewel-Osco is an American supermarket chain operating in close to 190 locations across the country. Founded in 1899, the brand operates from its headquarters at Itasca, Illinois. Part of Albertsons, Jewel-Osco operates as both grocery and pharmacy chain. The company’s own line of exclusive brands include O Organics, Open Nature, Lucerne Dairy Farms, Signature Cafe, Signature Select, Signature Farms, WaterfrontBistro, Signature Reserve and Value Corner. You can locate a Jewel-Osco store on the website by imputing the zip code. The various departments found within the stores include bakery, deli, grocery, local produce, flowers, to name a few.

To track some of the top bargains available at the stores, you can check the weekly ad section. Also access the MyMixx digital coupons for digital coupons and special promotions. The website also has a number of resources on healthy eating and recipes for some mouth-watering dishes. Those who wish to order prescriptions or refill same can now do it online for delivery or pick up at local Jewel-Osco Pharmacy.

Want grocery or fresh produce delivered to your home? You can now shop online and pick items that you want delivered in a jiff. You need to just input your zip code to start shopping at your local store. Jewel-Osco also operates an online flower ordering portal where customers can choose flowers from a wide range of categories. You can order flowers by occasion or flower type. Jewel-Osco offers a large variety of fresh flowers and gifts. Customers can order online 24 hours a day. Flowers can be ordered using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express cards. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, cancellation, catalog, or others, reach the Jewel-Osco support.

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  1. I just had the worst ever experience I’ve ever had at the Gurnee IL Jewel located in Hunt Club Rd. I am not one to submit complaints and in fact, over the years, i have frequently reported undercharges and returned items I wasn’t charged for so I could pay for them. So today I go to purchase fried chicken and grapes advertised at .68/lb. I see the fine print on the grapes ad stating over 2 lbs would be charged the regular price of $1.99 so i weighed the grapes to be sure I didn’t exceed 2 lbs. At the self serve register, the grapes weighed 2.02 lbs but rang up at $1.99 for the entire weight. The young lady comes over and tells me the customer service desk will have to correct it. So I go to the service desk, the young man fiddles around and asks me if the .68 is on my phone app. I confirm that it is and he insists on seeing it. So I have to go out to my car to get my phone, i return, show him the grapes on my Just4 u app and then he starts fiddling with the register again. He gives me a new total of $8 and change, I tell him that’s not right, the chicken is $5.09 and 2 lbs of grapes @ .68 is $1.36 so with tax, he total should be around $6.50. He requests help from the young lady next to him, she voids out the transaction to start over and comes up with $7 and change. I said no, that’s not right and repeated that $5.09 plus $1.36 plus tax doesn’t come to $7 or $8. She just looks at me and tells me that’s what the weight added up to @ 2.02 lbs. So she’s at the mercy of a computer instead of logic? Can’t say that I blame her if they haven’t received proper training to correct issues but by this time, after 15 mins of waiting for them to correct my charge, I finally said, forget it, I’ll just take the chicken. What a shame, to spend 15 mins for $1 when the store is clearly wrong. That’s on top of all the people who were overcharged for more than 2 lbs of grapes because they didn’t see the fine print. Then to top it off, I go home looking forward to a good fried chicken breast, bite into one and it’s like chewing shoe leather. I have never had chicken that dry from this store. It was a horrible experience and this store will no longer be my go-to for groceries. That’s a guarantee.

  2. What happened to Jewel. I have been shopping here for over 40 years sadly no more. I will gladly drive out of my way to go to another chain. First they are always out of everything, most items are past there exportation date. They do not carry a wide variety anymore eliminating brand names and replacing with there products. Produce is terrible I will go without potatoes rather than buy yours they are not good quality at all no bags are uniform in size so full of pits and full of bumps it takes twice as long to peel only to cut open to find all black in middle. No one shopping in jewel is happy they all complain now I see more and more people that shop our jewel in the other grocery stores that I shop at. Everyone is saying if I wanted to shop at Aldi or walmart I would go there. It’s fine to offer your product but why don’t you have the choice of brand names also so people can choose. Everyone relied on jewel being a full service grocery store that’s why I loved shopping there, now I will not go there for anything. The new frozen products you have replaced brand names for are horrible like the real good Brand products are just awful. It’s dirty inside no one rotating the products, some Products face backwards cans are dusty shelves stay empty for weeks. It’s a shame what has happened to jewel. Its really is a waste of time to even go there for one thing. Sad to see a favorite store become hated by so many people. And the poor employees getting yelled at by customers for all the things I have just explained. Most people here will go to Aldi if they want store brands not jewel. I think you have hurt your reputation. Good luck jewel.

  3. Vicki Ruffetti Reply

    Went to Osco Pharmacy on Archer Ave & Western Ave in Chicago. Despite 1 phamacist and 2 or 3 support staff and no other customers at the time, I was asked to wait. I did so patiently. As I am at the window getting my script, a family of six, passes the ” please wait behind the line” sign, stands right on my heals, looking at my scripts, talking in Spanish with pharmacy staff. Even when I asked the tech, to ask them to stand behind the line and wait THEIR turn, she did not! No respect for patients privacy! Staff needs to enforce that! I need to change to a pharmacy that takes patients privacy. Seriously.

  4. Last night between11-12 pm, 06/14/2019, I visited the Jewel Osco at Roselle-Wise Road, IL for my grocery shopping and one of the items I purchased was “Dean’s Heavy Whipping Cream” 1 quart.
    After using it in my cooking the next evening, noticed a wierd taste and went about checking the ingredients and found that the more than half remaining cream not only tasted bitter but was lumpy in the box and the print on the package reads “SELL BY JUN 11”.

    It not only deplorable that a product is being pushed over the counter after 3 days of its expiry but my visit to the store to express my grievance wasn’t pleasent either .

    At the customer service counter, though the staff was courteous but totally unconcerned about the fact that they sold an expired product that is capable of causing severe gastrointestinal problems and hospitalization.
    The lady at the counter just tried to return the $6 in cash and upon my instance that I meet the store manager, I was informed that he’s out for the day.
    Then I said that I wanted to meet anyone who is in charge and a gentleman appeared who listened to my complaint but said..

    He: You can’t blame me for that !
    Me: I am not blaming you or looking for an apology but since I picked it up from your store, you are accountable and all I want is for you to accept the responsibility.
    He: Sorry Sir, we are not allowed to do that and only the corporate is. You can make a complaint to the corporate office.

    Upon asking another lady gave me the customer care number 630 948 6000.

    It is important to mention here my reason for being more insistent this evening and not settling for a refund or exchange is, about 6 months back, I bought Craft cheese slices from this store and the slices inbetween had mold on them and within no time they were exchanged.

    A reputed store retailing expired products and being indifferent about it could only lead to repetition of the same.

  5. I visited your store in Chicago at 87 W. 87th St. at approximately 8:07 PM. Finally got waited on at 8:38PM. Initially there were only 2 lines open, with no express service available. Twenty minutes later, 2 additional lines opened. The cashiers moved at a snails pace as if they were just killing time. Customers were not greeted or even thanked for waiting in such long lines. I am tired of the apathy of the store personnel. The receipt provides a customer satisfaction survey website that gives you the run around if you try to access it. It leaves me to believe that Jewel Osco really doesn’t care about their customer’s experience. It is a shame that we have to leave our community to obtain quality customer service.

  6. Sophia Laurent Reply

    To Whom It May Concern:
    On Saturday, March 13th, 2019, I found myself without my medication for a 4-day trip to Texas. This is the first time that this had happened to me in all the time that I’ve been on medication. I called my local Osco Drugs at 3243 W 115th St, Merrionette Park, IL to see if they could send me 3 days worth of medicine to whomever the Osco Drug affiliate store was in Houston. The person I spoke with had no idea how to help me. She put me on hold to ask the Pharmacist. When she returned to the phone she advised me to go to any pharmacy and have them give her a call and she would give them a prescription to fill for me. I proceeded to a Walgreens and repeated what was told to me by the Osco technician. Walgreens did as I instructed but was unable to help me because I didn’t have any more prescriptions left to fill. I tried calling back Osco to see why they didn’t get my information before sending me off on a wild goose chase, but I was put on hold for more than 15 minutes and decided I should hang up because I could feel my blood pressure rising and I didn’t have my medication with me. In the end there was no way for me to get my medicine. In a way I am happy that this happened on a short trip and the medication I needed wasn’t life threatening. I don’t know who handles your suggestions department, but please forward this to them so they can know that you need to come up with a better system than this AND that I am taking my business to Walgreens because of this incident.
    Thank you for your time;

    Sophia Laurent

  7. Donna Killen Reply

    Over the last several months, the customer service is getting worse and worse at the deli counter where I shop in Marionette Park, IL. The employees are continuously talking to each other, they are slow, and they do not say please or thank you. I find these women unprofessional and rude every time I shop there. I hope you are able to retrain them as some of us are talking about shopping elsewhere if this lack of service continues.

  8. My wife and I had previously signed up on a waiting list with two local Osco Drug location, for the new Shingrex vaccine. We are both seniors, and wanted to get these new vaccinations. We were told that the serum was in short supply, but we could be added to the waiting list. My wife was told that we were 5th on the list. I later received a letter from Jewel-Osco in Wilmington Massachusetts telling me that I had received my first dose, which did not occur. I visited the Osco in Libertyville Illinois to tell them that I did not get the vaccine. The record showed that I did. It was called a “computer glitch” and the worker at the pharmacy simply corrected the record in the system with no hesitation. I suspect that I was “favored out” for someone else. I expressed concern about the billing of Medicare and my supplemental coverage. I was told that it was taken care of. I hope that there was no Medicare fraud in the billing, as I will certainly protect my interests. This should be investigated; and I expect a response regarding the issue.

  9. Barb Baehr Reply

    I want to compliment Angel in the floral department at the Plum Grove Rd. Jewel Osco in Palatine Illinois. She noticed I was looking perplexed and she offered me the perfect packaging solution for the plant I had picked out. She also pointed out a card I could include at no charge. She was so very pleasant! I left the store very happy!

  10. I shop grocery ads as soon as they’re available on store websites. Jewel changed their website approx two-three months ago. I have completely abandoned this new website. Sale ad pages are smashed together, so I have to scroll up, down and sideways to view a whole page. Often I can’t scroll up and down at all, so I can’t see all sale items. If I try a different view, the pages are blacked out.
    I like to make a shopping list, to avoid in store temptations. I no longer make list for Jewel. I shop elsewhere, there are plenty of grocery stores to choose from.
    Been shopping Jewel since the 50’s. This old timer gives up.

  11. Hello, I just looked over my receipt and found a blatant over charge.
    Ref. # 37001081004 auth. 00182097
    I bought a Jennie o turkey which said you pay 4.69, the check out lady
    Apparently didn’t check or didn’t care. I got charged 11.91, quite a
    Bit difference. Now I wonder how many of the other items I was overcharged. It’s easy to see why consumers are ripped off billions every
    Year by your thieving scanners and inept cashiers. Your store is already
    Expensive, then I get this crap. Now if I want a credit it’s my gas, my time to go back to the store

  12. Kathleen Murray Reply

    The Jewel on Archer and McVickers in Chicago’s Garfield Ridge neighborhood has to be the worst store in you chain. Shelves are always lacking one thing or another. Constantly jamming item in isles that make it extremely difficult to get past. But yesterday when I stopped in for Chicken Tenders from the meet department there was NO CHICKEN!!! I mean fresh legs, thighs breasts wings, no skinless breasts etc. How is it that a major grocery store in a large community of out of CHICKEN. How does that serve the community. When I inquired I was told by the butcher that they were sold out. Seriously, sold out, I did not see a significant sale to cause a run on chicken. When I inquired at the service counter it was the same just excuses about warehouse deliveries. This is such a shameful way to do business. And a shameful way to serve the community it is suppose to serve.

  13. Angel vazquez Reply

    I am – so – sick of my two local jewel oscos. I have emailed you guys before, I have called you out on Twitter (which I am about to do again after this) because I shouldn’t have to analyze everything in your store to make sure it’s not expired. Before it was brown meat sitting on the shelves well past the due date. Today I went to use the goat cheese I bought last night and see it expired October 13 of this month. Very very sick of this, don’t have time to exchange it … this is infuriating and I am so sick of dealing with how disgusting your stores are and really don’t need to be traveling farther to grab groceries. I picked my apartment due to its proximity to grocery stores. Get these two stores together! They’re disgusting!

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