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Contact Jayco: Find below customer service details of Jayco, US. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the RV manufacturer. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
903 S. Main Street
Middlebury, IN 46540
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 574-825-5861

About Jayco
Jayco is a RV manufacturer founded by Lloyd J Bontrager in 1968. The company is headquartered in Middlebury, Indiana and employs some 1,600 people. Jayco’s current product line includes camping trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, class c motorhomes and class a motorhomes. There is a Buyer’s Guide on the website to help you decide on the right RV. If you have made up your mind, you can locate a dealer nearest to your address here to confirm the purchase.

Jayco’s Magnum Truss and Magnum Truss XL6 roof systems withstand 4,500 pounds. It further protects against extreme heat and freezing. As for interiors, you get a nice looking cabinetry with doors and drawers, acrylic sink and faucets, stove with wind deflectors, comfy seats, vinyl flooring, among other features. Jayco’s RVs infact carry a 2-Year Limited Warranty. For more information or queries on dealers, booking, custom RV, financing options, or others, reach the Jayco customer service.


  1. I bought my Jayco eagle 5th wheel in November of 2022. I took it out for Thanksgiving and encountered nothing but problems so I took it back to the dealership with a laundry list of items that needed some attention. That was December 15th now it is January 25 and they’re still waiting for Authorization from Jayco.

  2. Cathy Long Reply

    Aftercare is very poor! Bought my jayfeather micro in 2021. Used it one season. When I brought it back to the dealer for storage and warranty work almost nothing got done. I gave them a written list in the fall, they were still waiting for items in the spring when I picked it up. My bad for not inspecting everything upon pick up, I trusted that it was looked after. This is the list that I sent them. The only thing that was addressed was the TV clasp. It presently is a bear to pull and I have to force it to close because the clasp and the pin don’t line up level.

    1. Roof racks, are they available.
    2. Tv clasp not installed securely top hinge breaking away-release lever jams and has jammed since purchase.
    3. Couch tables never sit level.
    4. Lights flicker when attached to truck that is not running-no change since pick up.
    5. Drawers are dragging.
    6. Upgrade on mattress?
    7. Wing nut for outdoor grill stand does not screw in-where is it.
    8. Kitchen sink plug doesn’t always hold water.
    9. Low flame on outdoor grill.
    10. Solar…battery goes to amber on monitor after using only a few lights for a few hours. Explain monitoring panel pls.
    11. Black water valve not sealing? Always liquid in pipe at cap.

    I now have a recall on the propane regulator. I am not in my home province and the nearest Jayco is an hour away. I can either tear apart my seasonal set up and drag the trailer an hour both ways for a half hour job or I can pay $400 for a service call. Not impressed with the after sales care at all. Once they have your $$ you cease to exist!

  3. I have a JAYCO featherweight that I bought new in 2008. It is stored in the garage when not in use. My issue is the linoleum started to get dark from the fridge area over to the table and couch area. Now the floor is soft and feels unsustainable to weight. Is this an issue with this year? It still smells like new on the inside. It is in impeccable shape except for the floor. My husband looked underneath and did not see anything. There are no plumbing leaks. Winterized every year. WHAT am I supposed to do? JAYCO needs to take care of this !! These campers are not cheap!!

  4. I totally agree about Jayco not caring once you have purchased. We had problems starting the day we did the walk through. One out of the 3 slides did not work. Blown fuse they said. Moldings were cracked, was brand new and dirty. The had not cleaned it like we asked them to. They kept it for a few more weeks to get things done. Finally picked it up and got it set up and no hot water. Called the service dept where we bought it and was told they didn’t do anything with the hot water heater, but the did change out the furnace heater. Was told to call for a mobile tech. Had to call Coach Net to send someone out. Come to find out they did replaced the hot water heater and wired it wrong. The leveling jacks up front blow a fuse, had a water leak in the bathroom, the bed frame broke (2×2) put a hole in the mattress had to replace the mattress, the molding that was cracked was not replaced they said it was on order, toilet paper holder fell off the door, a drawer in the kitchen that was fixed the day of the walk through broke again, the grey water tank sensor reads 2/3 all the time they said they replaced the sensor but still reads the same, now we jave 2 slide outs that are not working. For the money we spent for the unit and the mobile techs it is frustrating beyond belief. We have only had it since December of 2021. So so very disappointed.

  5. I have a 2013 Jay Flight which I recently discovered water damage due to a leak and I went to the dealership and they can’t seem to find the right panelling. Is there any way to know if the panelling is still available? Our trailer is too important to us for any change in colour if we don’t have to change, Thanks in advance.

  6. I am a first time owner of a Jayco travel trailer and have had several issues. I can not express my disappointment in this unit. My Jayco eagle has experienced several issues with features not operating and now microwave quitting. I towed home and did not get to use until November of 2021. I have had slides that don’t work properly at times and a rear leveling jack that malfunction and awning that is not operational and now I can’t get any help from Jayco. I just get passed around. This is a total disappointment for the money I paid for this unit…it seems once you buy it they don’t care about you or the product.

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