Contact of Ipsy customer service (phone, address)

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Contact Ipsy: Find below customer service details of, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Personalized Beauty Discovery, Inc.
201 Baldwin Ave. 2nd Floor.
San Mateo, CA 94401

Customer Service
Phone: +1 888-769-4526

About Ipsy
Ipsy is a monthly subscription service for cosmetic products. The company was founded by Michelle Phan in 2011. The subscription, which costs $10 a month, provides members with a box of makeup samples every month. According to the website, subscribers will receive a “Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products”. The bag will include makeup, skincare, hair care, and nail care products. Subscribers can follow tutorials and check tips and tricks on the website. They can also take advantage of offers, points rewards program and monthly giveaways.

Glam bags are shipped from ware houses mid-month and arrive within 7-10 days of shipping. Ipsy currently ships to the US and Canada. While shipping is free in the US, members from Canada will have to pay an additional fee. Members can renew or cancel subscription directly from their Account page. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, shipping, or others reach the Ipsy customer service.

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  1. I was charged twice for my bag and it wasn’t upgraded to full sizes like you said. No better than the regular bag. I want my account upgraded and my refund. Why do you make it so hard to contact you. I like my bag, just want what I pay for and no extra fees

  2. Pamela williams Reply

    If only this company had a live person to help with issues they would go a lot further in the future. The products are not that bad but I’m not going to jump through hoops to get an answer.

  3. Debra Eggleston Reply

    I cancelled my subscription to IPSY on 9/25/20. I also received an email from the company letting me know my account had been updated, and I would no longer be receiving the glam bag plus. I checked my mail today (10/28/20) and I received an IPSY package. Don’t understand why people are so INCOMPETENT. I’m not returning the merchandise nor am I paying for it. GEEZ

  4. Sharleen Crystal Reply

    Apparently I’m not the only one with a complaint. First, I want to cancel.

    I finally received my Glam Bag. It contained 4 items. 3 were opened one broken! No paperwork in the package. Now? Come to find out, no customer service either. This doesn’t seem to be a way to succeed in business. I’m not going to be kind here. I’m reporting this. To the Better Business Bureau. Your company is a lot of confusion and misinformation. Don’t forget to CANCEL my account and DON’T even think of billing my bank account!!

  5. Natasha Jennings Reply

    I have not recieved my July ultimate glam bag or any of my add-ons for July either, I’m being charged for these items without receiving them, I have proof of purchase! Looking for answers/help… thank you

  6. Ipsy seems to suck right now. I just made the account about a week ago. Apparently I forgot my password. So I began requesting password reset yesterday, never got any of those emails until probably hours later. Now the temporary password they sent doesn’t even work. It’s like by the time the email comes through to reset my password, the link is expired soon. I am moving soon and I need to change my address. Like I said I. Haven’t been on Emily’s a week and I’m already very disappointed

  7. Samantha Belanger-Jackson Reply

    I still haven’t received my april may or june bag. I’m being charged. When I try to cancel my subscription, the link seems to be broken. I tried calling, the automated message says to email or contact through the website that is not working! I am incredibly frustrated!!!!

  8. Merita Gantt Reply

    I want to cancel my membership. I do not need the items anymore. I called and sent messages to cancel it nothing seem to work. I need someone to help me in this matter.

  9. Veronica French Reply

    I have tried two months to cancel membership and you claim you will send email but you dont. I will file a complaint with the BBB. I realize this is a scam. I. Called your customer service phone number and you don’t respond, I will send out certified letter with my request. And I will also send certified letters to your state of California attorney General and state department of justice, Congress and Senators to file for Fraud

  10. Ipsy charged 12.99 (supposed to be 12.00 ) to my card twice for the first glam bag I got in March and then charged me 2 more times at the beginning of April and now I have been waiting on my Mays bag and I have a message on their website that my payment for May didn’t go through and to update my billing info but it did go through and I still updated my info to the same informstion and it keeps saying declined and the money is threre and I already been billed but now I am not gonna receive my bag! That is not right and I can’t get a hold of anyone to taIk or message or anything, it redirects me to a silly page.! I haven’t had one single issue with Birchbox!

  11. I just signed up and still have not received my bag. After reading all the comments I will be reporting Ipsy to the Better business bureau if I do not receive my bag and if I am unable to unsubscribe.

  12. I’ve tried countless times to cancel my membership due to financial concerns. The link directs me to my email with a cancellation confirmation link, how ever it never sends. I’m then directed to reinstall an app to help correct this issue, which I have, and still no fix. I feel ipsy is purposely making this difficult.

    • Jennifer Tracy Reply

      Ipsy owes me almost $300 non of my shopper orders have come, and I can’t get ahold of anyone to help me how do I I get my money back? How come there’s no phone number

  13. Rachelle Montgomery Reply

    Hi well I ordered back in May $500 of glam bags and I have yet to receive one back from you guys I would really appreciate it if you started sending all of my bags that I have not yet gotten or I’m going to cancel the $500 and just be done with it

  14. I’ve been charged for 3 months and haven’t got any of those Ipsy bags they keep taking my money every time I put money in my account I can’t even have money in my account because they drain my account . And it’s impossible to contact them they don’t answer there emails .

  15. They claim to replace damaged products, but they are never received. The customer service line is an UNMONITORED voice mail system that directs you to their website. They fail to respond when utilizing the website.
    My claim would be an easy one if they actually monitored things, they could just file with USPS.

  16. I have messaged Ipsy since December trying to find out where my December glam bag and add ons are and I have not received a message back .. I never add add ons and when I do all they do is charge me for them and my monthly charge and I don’t even receive it. If I don’t receive my bag or money back soon I’m just going to cancel my subscription. Since Ipsy dosent care to resolve our problems ..

  17. Loretta Craig Reply

    I’m having same issue, they keep taking my money but I haven’t received my bags, they owe me 3 Ispy bags. I’m very upset and can’t get in touch with anyone about this!

  18. I applied and cancelled within the same day thinking I’d only be buying one stupid bag when in reality I don’t have enough to pay monthly. I should either be getting a bag or my money back. I got an email saying I wouldn’t get my bag so I assumed I was getting my money back but nope! I didn’t! Two weeks later and I still haven’t gotten my money back.

    • Jody Rempel/Clarissa Barros Reply

      So my daughter wanted to try out the ipsy glam bag and my bank card was charged twice for our first bag, so i email ipsy and they reversed one payment and one went through and so i told my daughter to cancel her subscription and now ipsy ihas been charging my bank card for 6 month different amounts and different times of the month and im very upset, we have only recieved one ipsy glam bag and since no one wants to get back to us nor do they have a number to call and speak to someone im now calling my bank and getting them to put an investigation on this since we cancelled it and removed my bank card number from the account, and they continue to take my money for no reason at all and guaranteed if they are sending out these bags then they are going to the post office and we have not picked them up so they are definitely being returned back to the company, this company is ripping people off.

  19. I want to cancel my subscription I have no idea how to get a hold of them Facebook was not letting me do anything I’m not even sure about if I’ve got the right email could someone please send me the email

  20. Maria Aquino Reply

    I canceled my subscription to ipsy Last month They charge me this month I can’t afford it so now I’m trying to get my bills together I would like my money returned I am Overdraft in the bank I need my money back as soon as possible there’s no phone number to get in touch with them

  21. This is Ipsy glam something been charging my account for how many months now and it’s sucks that you guys don’t even accept phone support. I don’t know your company and what you guys are selling. I’m disputing all transactions and charges made to my account and I don’t even bought any whatever products you guys are selling.

  22. Hi Im disappointed because this is the las week of december and I didn’t receive my glam bag of the month. You guys already have the payment for it, and I didn’t received anything. I hope you guys can solve this problem, this is the second time that happens to me. The first time I didn’t say anything because I cancel for 1 month, but you guy charged me 2 times, the fisrt of the month 10$ and then 10$ more for the cancellation of the september bag, so I pay 20$ for the August glam bag and I didn’t receive it, and it happens again with the december bag!, that’s not fair!. I hope you can solve this.

  23. Teresa Kobayashi Reply

    I’m frustrated! I called customer support and was told to email I get the email back that it’s not a valid address. So…. no phone number to talk to someone and no email. Exactly HOW do I reach them? My December box was a mess! The jar of the 111Skin was open and all over everything. I want it replaced. I’m VERY frustrated. I’m switching to another cosmetic box that has REAL PEOPLE doing business. No phone, no email, no chat???? It’s 2019!

  24. I ordered my December bag didn’t come to my address but said it was delivered I’m going to cancel my subscription because I cant get in contact to find out about items in is really getting mad either can I get a replacement or refund

  25. Ipsy took $26.50 out of my account and $12.75 out of my account I have not received either package and I want answers. I want my packages or my $39.25 back. I am really upset about this. I feel like they are just taking my money at this point. I don’t understand what is going on but I want this issue fixed ASAP.

  26. Tammie Johnson Reply

    I received the wrong color product. I have been unable to reach anyone to get this my taken care of. Can someone help me? I purchased a gigi bag and received the wrong skin tone.

  27. I canceled my subscription like 2 months ago, because I lost my job. And now I’m dealing with about 5 overdraft fees in my bank account plus the money Ipsy took out, because apparently they continue to take money out even after canceling the subscription. I need to get ahold of someone and get my money back…not happy at all!

    • Lourdes Chavez Reply

      I have been trying to unsubscribe from ipsy for 2 months and I haven’t been able because as soon as you unsubscribe they say for it to be done I have to go to a link a the end of the month and do it again. But I have tried twice and they always have a problem with the page. I think they do it on purpose. I tired of this and they keep sending me the dam baggage that I don’t want any more.

  28. I have been trying for several months to change my password. Impossible. Every time I enter the temporary password it say not valid. Then they try to send you to a tech but you are charged a monthly fee which is more than the Ipsy membership.
    No active phone #, no working email, no way to contact them BUT they sure take your money. This such a scam membership. Try to cancel your membership…can’t do?????

  29. I placed an order for the basic IPSY bag. And, got charged for the basic IPSY bag 12.95 and Glamour bag 26.97. I have emailed IPSY and tried to contact IPSY but have not got in contact with any one. Voicemail tells you to send an email.
    I find this to be extremely poor business and customer etiquette, needs improvement.

    • Can anyone tell me what their email is supposed to be? Every time I use their links to navigate, the email page comes up as a 404 error. They were happy to take my money, but I never got my glam bag like so many others posting.

  30. I was charged twice back to on October 9th, back to back, I’ve only received I bag, so I canceled and I still have not received anything, no bag or no refund. I need something to be done about this issue immediately.

  31. Glenna Nice Reply

    Ipsy is only contactable through email or twitter. And if u go into your account they have the option to cancel. Unfortunately my bag was due to be here today and it was but the address didnt have a house number on it, im the only house on my road in this city. Yet the person who scanned it returned to sender, and it wasnt our carrier because she would have known. Someone else sorts the mail and didnt know my house was the only one on the street so they returned to sender today. Ive been waiting a month to get this. But i emailed ipsy and they are going to express ship one to me. Ipsys email is [email protected] they usualy reply within 24 hrs. Also if you have twitter search ipsy and you can message them through there.


      I have tried to cancel both my glam box and glam bag and I have followed your instructions and have been unable to do so, I have also emailed you on November 11,2019 and was told on the reply that I would hear something within 24 hours, well its been almost a week. Can someone PLEASE help me cancel my subscription!!!!!!!

  32. Was billed for my first month of membership but informed cheerfully by the website that I “won’t receive the bag”! NO explanation on my account for why this would be; my order confirmation assured me my membership started this month and I have already been billed; and IPSY appears EXTREMELY difficult to contact. Not thrilled already.

  33. What I ended up having to do was please a stop payment order though my bank. That way, even though I couldn’t cancel my subscription, they won’t receive any more of my money.

  34. Yes hello my name is Stephanie I have been an Etsy customer for over a year I moved four months ago have been trying to contact you guys have been trying to find a number and every number I come across is disconnected or is no longer in service I am being charged for these bags and I’m not getting them and I’m about ready to take it up to the authorities because nobody is responding to any emails but I sent at all and I’m not a happy customer because you guys have taken over $60 out of my account and I have not gotten no Glam Bags especially the fact that you guys up the glam bag and didn’t even send me an email stating you were taking more money out

  35. I havent gotten my October bag, even tho it says its in route since oct. 26th. Also, my nov. Glam bag said it shipped out… am i not going to receive that one also? If not, im going to BBB, to resolve the issue. I either want/need someone to contact me, or refund my money. Thanks

  36. Toni Costanzo Reply

    I see that I’m not the only one that has moved and not received the glam bags and still being charged this is against the law I have written I have called a non-working number that’s on your site I have tried to reach out through different email sources. Can somebody call me back at 339-234-1166 as soon as possible. I will have no other choice but report you to the Better Business Bureau.

  37. I cancelled my membership last month. Saw that they still took out money from my bank account. I logged on and it shows I’m not a member or have bank account information saved. Now I’m negative in my bank account.

    One pissed off person

  38. I canceled my subscription in February because I was moving to a different state! I’ve not received ONE bag since then yet I’ve been charged every month!!! There is no way to contact Ipsy & I’m furious! I want my money back!!!

  39. For those of you who are having trouble canceling your Ipsy bag, It only gives you an option to pause it and they send an email out which only takes a day or two if I remember right from when I received it to get it and then you confirm it on that email. But to basically not receive Ipsy anymore you have to cancel your credit or debit card at the bank and get a new one sent to you. That way they have no cards to charge

  40. Angela Freeman Reply

    Same issue here, trying to get back just to monthly billing how did you do it? You would tthink they would have a contact # because they don’t mind raising the price $2 more a month. I’m about to just cancel altogether.

  41. Stephanie H Reply

    I have been charged for all 3 bags and didn’t receive a single one!! I have been looking all over the internet for a phone number and have come up empty handed. I think it is rediculous to not have a phone number for customers! The lack of customer service is terrible!! I sent them an email last week and have still not heard back from IPSY.

  42. Harlie manger Reply

    I got charged for October’s Ipsy bag and Ipsy bag plus I received my plus bag but not my regular bag! I have canceled both subscriptions but it still shows I have the plus bag!! On top of that there is no way to get in contact with them to fix the issue!!

  43. Jessica Liu Reply

    I have tried to cancel this bag so many times! I totally forgot what email I used and I tried EVERYTHING! I have searched high and low for a number. I have been beyond frustrated! someone please let me know a solution!

  44. No July glam bag and no October one can’t call or find out why this company has a lawsuit coming it’s way!!!! Stupid fucks. I have money and will book a flight to californium where the head office is and make a personal appearance with a camera and crew. Bring it on ipsy

  45. Celsie Maestas Reply

    I didnt even recieve my ipsy bag. It’s on the way back from where it came from even though I gave the website the correct mailing address. Unfortunately I cant get ahold of customer service to get a refund or cancel my subscription with them. Horrible service for sure.

  46. I have been working to cancel and stop the 2 boxes/ bags of from IPSY. I have not received anything from them since August 2019 and I have been charged double, autopay, both months and in October the price went up. I wanted to cancel since August 2019 but cannot as even the temporary passwords that are sent to login, forgotten password, it never works and says the email and password do not match. It was just given to me and still cannot login. Even the phone number is no longer being used. I want full refund for September and October 2019 as I didn’t receive anything in the mail.
    Thank you,
    Christina Hower

  47. I got charged twice for October and can’t get in touch with anyone to find out why. Does anyone know of a contact number to find out why ? This is my second month and it isn’t looking very good for future months.

    • Donna J Fisher Reply

      Looks like the phone # they list is not in service. Im trying to cancel a subscription that my daughter started & I pay for. She is out of town & I can’t get into the login.

      • Donna J Fisher Reply

        The price has increased from $10.60 to 12.72 & no one contacted me to ask if this was ok. From the looks of it, once these ppl get your banking info they just charge away. From the video & other instructions it seems its very easy to cancel but from comments this doesn’t seem to be the case. If anyone out there has successfully cancelled let us know & how u did it.

        • Janet Stinefelt Reply

          Seems like a lot of people are having issues cancelling their subscription. Is there anybody out there that has been successful? I really need help getting this cancelled. Thank you

      • Ridiculous. I got charged for the October bag and never got it. I waited until we got into November and still no bag. Vastly disappointed and canceling my subscription because their “customer service” phone number isn’t even connected.

    • I can’t find a number to reach customer service so hopefully this works. My October bag said it was delivered the 15th, we have a lockbox and it was not delivered. This is the second time since I signed up in June that I didn’t receive something. Two months ago, I didn’t get a $12 add on mascara, but it came out of my bank account. I got the other bags, so I know the address is correct, plus I checked my account. I’m very irritated and am at the point where a review and cancellation are what I’m thinking unless this can get it resolved.

    • I am in the same situation. It appears that there are hundreds of reviews on other sites of customers stating that they are being charged for months without ever receiving their bag or being able to cancel. They raised the price without any notice and they charged me twice in October. I switched my card on my billing to a prepaid card with $5 on it and so the charges will no longer go through but they keep running it every few days and I still haven’t received my bag. There isn’t a working contact number for them and I have been unable to get any response from them or solution at this point. I’m beyond frustrated about this. It’s more about the principle than the money. They are taking everyone’s money without providing a product. Straight up stealing. I’m contacting the BBB and going to be very active on social media with a large crowd of followers about this situation. This is fraudulent and unacceptable!

  48. Patrice Dingman Reply

    This company is truly a nightmare. I have tried to cancel several times and it keeps charging my credit card. I tried calling there one 800 number and it says it is not in service. I plan on reporting to the Better Business Bureau because this is fraud. If you are reading this and haven’t subscribed yet don’t save yourself.

  49. Jennifer Bartlow Reply

    My daughter was assaulted and left in a coma almost two years ago. We cancelled all her cards and my own. We cancelled all subscriptions. Recently I realized we were still being charged this fee for the past two years and have received nothing! With so much going on I didn’t notice this charge and now I’m furious. We even changed card numbers and the money is still being withdrawn. This is fraud on a massive scale and after looking at comments it seems to be prevalent! No way to reach this company. No way to stop being scammed! I’m livid

  50. Constance Brooks Reply

    Reading these comments, Dam!!! I never received my September glambag. I cancelled and the next day charged 120.00 for annual subscription. Now cant figure out how to get my money back!!

  51. Phone number is bogus. They want you to pay 5.99 for customer service. I received my add one but not my actual monthly glam bag. But there is no way to get a hold of anyone on their site

  52. I have been trying to counsel my subscription since may they are still taking money out of my account but i am not receiving any bags I am contacting the better business bereau This company is a scam there phone number is no longer in service

  53. I’ve been trying to cancel my account since before the September bag came out and every time i do it says that I’m supposed to get an email confirming I’ve cancelled it. I NEVER got the email so I let it slide this month, however I’m having the exact same issue for October now. every time i don’t get the email, I try to cancel it again but it tells me there was an error and can’t do it. This is bad service and I’m starting to get really frustrated now! It’s like they refuse to let me unsubscribe

  54. Ipsy has become a total joke. Call customer service and it says the number is no.longer in service. Will be cancelling my membership with them. Damaged products and missing items and no way of speaking to someone about a replacement. They’re really good at taking our money but poor at customer service

  55. Elise Baker Reply

    So, this is the first package I should be receiving, but its been 15 days since it shipped and I still have not received it. 2 days after it was supposed to be delivered I received an email saying it was delayed. 8 days later I messaged ups to find out where my package was since there is no customer service with ipsy, and no one sent me an update on what was going on or when I should expect my package. Ups then messaged me hours later saying it was on its way. This is unexecptable and ridiculous! Not only is this extremely late, with no communication, but I paid the whole year in advance and there is not a working number or email or customer service at all for Ipsy. The number listed online is phony, and now I wish I would have listened to my friend and signed up with birchbox instead.

  56. I signed up in July 2019, was charged for a “glam bag” for August and September, but never received anything. I have been trying to contact IPSY since the beginning of this month to see why I’m being charged but not receiving anything but the phone number doesn’t work, and their “contact email” won’t respond to me. I have emailed them several times about this issue.

    • Stephanieboncuk Reply

      I am trying to cancel my membership. For several months now and it won’t let me. It tells me my user name and password don’t match. So I go on and say I forgot password. Use the temporary password. And it still tells me it doesn’t match. I’m going to cal my credit card company and deny any charges to them. And I’m sending a letter to the company. Since the number is not in service anymore. This is a ripe off in my opinion. I’m going to contact the better business burial to investigate this company. Or whom ever it is I need to contact

  57. Denise Saez Reply

    You people are stealing from me! I haven’t received anything! It’s been months. I’ve even stopped getting direct deposits to my account so that they cant take payments, but I recently started using it again, and of course! So quick to take my money but cant get in contact with them! According to them, i have received 4 glam bags. SCAM!

  58. Tammy Mayoral Reply

    After a few months of pondering I decided to give Ipsy a try. I’m still waiting for my first bag. Payment was taken over a month ago and items were supposed to be delivered 5 days ago. Based on other reviews I’m thinking BBB may be my next call.

  59. You can go to your bank and stop any and all payments to ipsy, when I decide to cancel my subscription that is exactly what I will be doing, not going to play games trying to get ahold of them. I will never do business with a company that has no contact phone number again

  60. I Got the It Cosmetics foundation in my August Glam bag plus and they sent me the wrong color. I contacted them via email and they told me a replacement was being sent out which I waited patiently for almost two weeks!. Upon opening the package I found a Wander brand Highlighter Glowtion??? Whaaat!? I’m So Upset its Beyond me right now. I contacted them and they replied with telling me they had no more in stock so they gave me a Comparable??? Item instead???. I responded by saying that I thought it was pretty bad that I had to open my pink package I waited awhile for just to see a item that is Absolutely Not! Comparable to My Flam bag Plus it Cosmetics foundation, Never mind the fact that I didn’t even get the decency of being forwarned that I wasnt going to see that when I opened my so called replacement package. That seems awful sneaky to me and had they told me before hand then I could have told them that I have a couple skin conditions and can’t use body lotion so Now! I’m Completely out of One of My Flames bag Plus items and Never felt so cheated in my life!. They also wanted to give me a so insignificant offer as they called it of being able to choose one $3 add on item for Free next month in my $10 Glam bag “That’s Nothing” and that’s Only! If I buy one $3 items first that I’d get one extra $3 items for free. That is just Disgusting in My Opinion. I pay everything month for the Glame bag Plus Already and supposed my the reg. Bag is going up in price and Now I only get a “$3 Sample free item” if I buy one first?!?. I just cannot believe how unfairly I’m being treated and how Cheap they are being and they have a store where there’s tons of foundations they could have given me that was actually “Comparable” instead of a tiny squeeze bottle of body lotion I cannot use?.

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