Contact of Ipsy customer service (phone, address)

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Contact Ipsy: Find below customer service details of, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Personalized Beauty Discovery, Inc.
201 Baldwin Ave. 2nd Floor.
San Mateo, CA 94401

Customer Service
Phone: +1 888-769-4526

About Ipsy
Ipsy is a monthly subscription service for cosmetic products. The company was founded by Michelle Phan in 2011. The subscription, which costs $10 a month, provides members with a box of makeup samples every month. According to the website, subscribers will receive a “Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products”. The bag will include makeup, skincare, hair care, and nail care products. Subscribers can follow tutorials and check tips and tricks on the website. They can also take advantage of offers, points rewards program and monthly giveaways.

Glam bags are shipped from ware houses mid-month and arrive within 7-10 days of shipping. Ipsy currently ships to the US and Canada. While shipping is free in the US, members from Canada will have to pay an additional fee. Members can renew or cancel subscription directly from their Account page. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, shipping, or others reach the Ipsy customer service.

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  1. For those of you who are having trouble canceling your Ipsy bag, It only gives you an option to pause it and they send an email out which only takes a day or two if I remember right from when I received it to get it and then you confirm it on that email. But to basically not receive Ipsy anymore you have to cancel your credit or debit card at the bank and get a new one sent to you. That way they have no cards to charge

  2. Angela Freeman Reply

    Same issue here, trying to get back just to monthly billing how did you do it? You would tthink they would have a contact # because they don’t mind raising the price $2 more a month. I’m about to just cancel altogether.

  3. I got charged twice for October and can’t get in touch with anyone to find out why. Does anyone know of a contact number to find out why ? This is my second month and it isn’t looking very good for future months.

    • Donna J Fisher Reply

      Looks like the phone # they list is not in service. Im trying to cancel a subscription that my daughter started & I pay for. She is out of town & I can’t get into the login.

      • Donna J Fisher Reply

        The price has increased from $10.60 to 12.72 & no one contacted me to ask if this was ok. From the looks of it, once these ppl get your banking info they just charge away. From the video & other instructions it seems its very easy to cancel but from comments this doesn’t seem to be the case. If anyone out there has successfully cancelled let us know & how u did it.

        • Janet Stinefelt Reply

          Seems like a lot of people are having issues cancelling their subscription. Is there anybody out there that has been successful? I really need help getting this cancelled. Thank you

      • Ridiculous. I got charged for the October bag and never got it. I waited until we got into November and still no bag. Vastly disappointed and canceling my subscription because their “customer service” phone number isn’t even connected.

  4. I have been trying to counsel my subscription since may they are still taking money out of my account but i am not receiving any bags I am contacting the better business bereau This company is a scam there phone number is no longer in service

  5. I’ve been trying to cancel my account since before the September bag came out and every time i do it says that I’m supposed to get an email confirming I’ve cancelled it. I NEVER got the email so I let it slide this month, however I’m having the exact same issue for October now. every time i don’t get the email, I try to cancel it again but it tells me there was an error and can’t do it. This is bad service and I’m starting to get really frustrated now! It’s like they refuse to let me unsubscribe

  6. I signed up in July 2019, was charged for a “glam bag” for August and September, but never received anything. I have been trying to contact IPSY since the beginning of this month to see why I’m being charged but not receiving anything but the phone number doesn’t work, and their “contact email” won’t respond to me. I have emailed them several times about this issue.

  7. This is a joke I was doing month to month for a year and when it can to renewing I was charged the full year up front. I didn’t want to cancel but there is no one to talk to and when you try calling the number it’s no longer in service

  8. Felicia mitchell Reply

    I’ve been trying to cancel my membership for a few months and it only lets me pause it. I have another kid on the way and can no longer pay for this membership. I’ve tried to reach out to people but I always just get an email back saying as of this date or that date we can no longer accept your emails. I need this cancelled or I will take further action and it looks like I’m not the only one having issues with this. Someone needs to email me asap to get this taken care of.

    • My Ipsi subscription was $10 you took $12 from my account
      I only authorized $10 payments per month
      I was hacked and had to change my email address
      Please return the $2 and return me to my $10 subscription I’ve been a customer for a long time
      I will have to cancel my Ipsi bag if this problem can’t be solved
      A happy customer with a problem I know you will solve
      Thank you Stephanie Jones

  9. Madalyn Mineweaser Reply

    I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription for a while now and I’ve gotten no help. Customer service doesn’t help and I can’t even talk to anyone on the phone about it. This is such a scam. Its extremely frustrating.

  10. Still getting charged for Ipsy bags canceled months ago and haven’t gotten the bags I was charged for and membership was cancelled months ago. Looked today and got charged again and no bag. Horrible when you can’t even talk to an actual person to resolve this matter

  11. I just now paused my membership! I’ve been trying to reach Ipsy because I have not received my April, May or June Ipsy bag and I can’t figure out why I have been charged every month for them!

  12. I did not receive all of the products that the website said I would receive. but I was told I would be getting 5 products and only received 4. That’s a little annoying.

  13. Naila Naoui Reply

    I haven’t received my June glam bag Witch I was supposed to receive between the 15-25 of June. I just got charged for the July glam bag and I am scared I won’t get it too. Very disappointed because It was my first glam bag since I had stopped a few months ago. I decided to re-activate my subscription and it turns out I didn’t get it. Help please !

    • So, that has actually happened to me too. The exact same thing. Like it’s my first glam bag and I was supposed to receive it the 15-25. Yet I have not received it at all. I’m very disappointed! I can’t even get ahold of customer service to see why I haven’t received it.

  14. I’ve been trying to cancel my Ipsy and it won’t let me I don’t have access to my old email right now but I need a refund because I am now negative $35 in my bank because of you guys and there’s things I need to buy for my kids so if you can please contact me at this email and fix this that would be great thank you

    • Lucy Stiles Reply

      I have attempted to cancel my account since MARCH and money is still being taken from my account every month although I have received email confirmation from an ipsy representative confirming that I no longer have a valid account. I am incredibly frustrated and keep getting emails detailing what’s in my future bags.

      Not only that, but on my Ipsy account I have NO payment method on file- no card for you to pull money from. Yet, every month without fail, money is taken from my account with IPSY as the transaction code. I am demanding a response and a resolution to this problem at anyone’s convenience as I have reached out countless times now til no resolution!

  15. I’ve been trying to cancel my account since June and your site doesn’t help support anything or let you cancel. I cancelled for July and I still got charged for it. I don’t want no bags.

  16. Hannah Hicks Reply

    I’m still getting charged for packages I canceled 2 months ago and it won’t stop no matter how many times I keep canceling it. I was unhappy with the things I got but they keep sending me 2 packages and I don’t understand why either.

  17. Terri E Anderson Reply

    I recently signed up for Ipsy beginning
    Of june. Waited on the wait list for several weeks, then on june 20th they took out the $10.00. It’s july 1st I still don’t have my first bag. Not very good customer service right off the bat.

    • Judy Harris Reply

      Just joined Ipsy as of Sept 29, 3019. Had I read these comments first I would not have joined because of the apparent extremely poor customer service. I have now been charged same amount on Sept 29th & again today Oct 1st. Definitely a problem but seems to be no available way to get help. Is there anyone that has had contact with their customer service & by what method?

  18. This is a horrible company Sorry I ever signed up before researching it.
    They don’t have a phone contact number for a reason.
    They do everything they can to avoid you after they get your CC number.
    I used Twitter but all I got was a robot and the agent never came on to assist me.its ridiculous and they should be shut down.

  19. Christine householder Reply

    I’m getting charged for Ipsy bags that I cancelled 4 months ago . I’m getting charged for nothing . I can’t get ahold of a real person. Help

  20. Kenneth Sandusky Reply

    My wife tried to cancel her subscription but instead they charged my card! Customer service number is invalid!! What kind of shady company does not have a valid number!

  21. So I ordered Ipsy one time, and I decided to cancel my subscription last month . This month they have billed me $20.00 and some odd cents. I’ve tried to phone Ipsy customer service but it says the number can not be reached and hangs up on me. Does anyone know a way I could contact them? I mean yes it’s a lousy $20, but why pay for something I’ve already cancelled? I want my money back into my account.

  22. Genesis Fulgencio Reply

    1. Your contact number is not in service and that doesn’t make any sense. As a company, you need a customer service number for your customers to receive immediate assistance with any issues they may have. Not having one is irresponsible, who is going to wait 24 hours to maybe get a reply from your automated computer.
    2. I have been trying to access my account for weeks not and have had no luck. I have sent two tickets in and haven’t heard anything which goes back to my first point, you need a damn customer service number. I have also tried getting a temporary password from the website and it does not work. You need better customer service, period.

  23. Doreen Hillis Reply

    I have not received my May Glam Bag because tracking is saying insufficient address? I am trying to contact you to ask what address do you have on file but cannot. I received my first bag and then this is my next bag i’m still waiting for please contact me about this,

  24. They have been taking money out of my account but not sending the bags the customer service number they have listed 18887694526 is no longer a working number. After reading a every comment on here we all have the same issue they’re taking money but not sending bags I think we all need to come together and form a law suit because I’ve tried to email them to cancel my account and I tried to phone them with no prevail. When they do respond they respond with another email that goes to another website then another website it’s ridiculous I just want to cancel my freaking subscription and be done with it but you have to jump through all the loopholes and for a website to do this I think there’s some shady shit going on

  25. I have been an Ipsy member for years now and every month you get 5 sample products. They’re generally ok items, but clearly many aren’t talored to my “beauty preferences” they just started a new thing called Ipsy plus where you can pay more and get 5 full sized products. I received an email stating their was a spot for me, but when I tried a few hours after recovering the email to switch over it said I was put on a waitlist. I feel that this is false advertising. If it states in my email that their is a spot for me, then I shouldn’t be places on a waitlist. Furthermore, they said that if I want to automatically get off the waitlist I could share a link to friends and if one of them signs up then I’ll get taken off the waitlist. It aggravates me to be used in their advertisement schemes and they obviously still have spots if they’re able to accommodate people once they have their friends to sign up.

  26. Nabeehah HALL Reply

    I want to cancel my subscription but I can’t get into my account and it wont reset when I try to redo the password. I have tried calling multiple times and the number does not work and i cannot find an email. I need my subscription cancelled ASAP.

  27. I would like to cancel my subscription, but I forgot my email for it and there is no way to contact you. If there is any other way to cancel it please let me know

  28. Caitlyn Dadds Reply

    I need to cancel my subscription. I was never notified that you were continuing this subscription after a year.
    This was a gift subscription and I do not want it.

  29. Jenna Mclean Reply

    I have not received my ipsy bag for January I moved and changed my address through ipsy but haven’t received anything my mail is also forwarded from my old address to my new address just incase it got sent there by mistake now they want me to pay for February not happening till I get my January bag I have emailed but no response

    • Ashleigh Hewitt Reply

      I am suffering from the same, I moved and immediately updated billing and shipping info but still haven’t received my February bag and $10 a month may not seem like a lot to some folks, but when someone else is paying it for you…. it is a lot and they’ve allowed me to get glam bags since October. Please rectify this since their is no other way to contact IPSY…

  30. Hello I just noticed that you guys took money out of my account and the address that I have on it is no longer available, I recently moved and I hope you guys can change it and everything. Please get back to me ASAP

  31. Victoria Jimenez Reply

    I haven’t received my Ipsy bag for January,I always look forward to it. It’s a nice treat to myself , was there a problem? And well February is going by so fast will I be getting them at the same time,please let me know, thank you for your assistance

  32. Veronica Hanway Reply

    I recently moved in August, changed my address and have only recieved on glam bag. I have been charged for several glam bags but have not recieved them I tried calling your customer service number but the message said that you don’t do phone calls. Please contact me immediately as I am very frustrated and planned on gifting those bags to my sisters.

  33. Pamela Thomason Reply

    I have been getting responses from you saying you are sending me my bag since last month…did not get December bag told you guys still nothing, got to the point where I canceled my account due to being shorted items and not receiving my bag!!! I want my refund or my bag within next five days (you keep giving me bull that it’s being prepared but no shipping info or I’m reporting you to bbb Twitter and Facebook

    • Amy Covington Reply

      Hi! The same thing is happening to me and they will not issue a refund. Has your problem been resolved? I havent recieved my March bag and keep getting a run around with ipsycare. They tell me to contact DHL and DHL tells me to contact IPSY. I feel as though we are getting taken advantage of.

  34. carol swiski Reply

    Hi, I am upset that I have not been receiving my ipsy bags, and along with that, if I do I receive it very late. I have already not recieved two bags but you still have taken money out of my account?? If this is not taken care of I will cancel my subscription. I also paid extra for stuff in December but still have yet to get it.

  35. I canceled my subscription 3 months ago and keep getting billed, and receiving the bag. I have been to the page and canceled 3 times and my account still isn’t closed. I have emailed and no reply. I would really appreciate If it got canceled.

  36. Jereny Velázquez Pagan Reply

    Although I absolutely love ipsy, unfortunately I have not gotten my December bag that I was charged for. My bags have never been later then the first two weeks of the month, nor have I ever not gotten my bag. I have emailed and explained my concern about 4 times, and I am beginning to feel flustered due to this issue as well as the lack of communication. I am hoping that together we can figure out this issue and I can continue to get my ipsy bags as I was on time monlthy as before.

  37. I cannot sign into my account. I have tried tempory password numerous times . I have been looking to get help signing in and cannot find away to get help .

  38. Rhonda Brown Reply

    I need to cancel my daughters account. I agreed to give her a one year subscription as a gift last year. My card was just charged 117.15 this morning for another year. Now I find out that she did not cancel it after she received her last bag. How can I cancel her subscription before she receives her first bag this year?

  39. Vanessa Garcia Reply

    I have been trying to cancel my ipsy for a while already buy I forgot my email and don’t have that phone number anymore. What would I need to do?

  40. I applied for an Ipsy account a couple days ago. I put in my information and know I used my email. Every time I logged in it said the email or password was not correct. So I tried retrieving my password and my email isn’t associated with an account?? But it charged my banking account. I need assistance ASAP. I cannot believe there is not a phone number for customer support and find it utterly ridiculous.

  41. Lisa Singh Reply

    I was suppose to receive my first bag on the 15th according to the delivery tracking. It is now the 18th, my mail has already come today and still no Ipsy package. There has been no tracking sine the 13th. I’m very disappointed and regret subscribing to Ipsy.

  42. Taryn Feeley Reply

    I cancelled my subscription directly after my last bag had been sent out. However, I no longer live at the address the bag is being sent to. Before the bag was shipped I updated to my new address but apparently this didn’t work because the tracking for the package still says its going to my old address. How can I fix this?? I even corresponded with someone via email about above address change and she assured me that the bag would be sent to the new address. I either want my glam bag already paid for or I need reimbursed for the package I’ll never receive(at the new address)

  43. I got robbed by ipsy! I was subscribed to the month to month plan. I chose that option because it was doable for me. But, the last 2 months i recieved a few emails telling me there was a problem charging my card. And one email stated that if you miss a couple of payments then they will suspend account till i can resolve or update my payment info. Well i have been super busy working my butt off to make extra money for holidays. Anyways i was ok with them putting a hold on my account. Today i check my bank account to see that 110.00 was charged to ipsy! I took it upon themselves to charge me the annual fee to which I never agreed to! I’m a single mom to 3 children and I simply cannot afford that one large clump at once, hence why I was doing month to month. I have been trying to find so many ways and also following instructions on how to get help from them to no avail. I did not agree to this, I have written to all the ipsy emails and no one has reached out to help me. This is totally unacceptable and I feel like that robbed me and no can’t even have the decency to reach back to me so I can resolve this mistake. I need my money back.

  44. Michelle Byrd Reply

    I would like to cancel my subscription but the directions on the website are incorrect, there is no ‘cancel’ option on my membership page. I also think it’s pretty unprofessional to not have phone support.

  45. Jeri Dopler Reply

    I have been trying to cancel my subscription to no avail. I have forgotten my password, so they sent me a temporary one and then prompted me to enter a new one of my own, twice, which I did. When I enter it along with my email, which is absolutely correct, I receive the message, Invalid password. I have done this over and over, and it simply does not work. My patience is worn thin. There are all kinds of ways to give an unfavorable rating on social
    media, which I normally do not approve of. But I have just had it.

  46. Alicia Adam Reply

    Hi, I resubscribed to Ipsy I’m late November. I was immediately charged the month fee. I never received a November bag, which I wasn’t expecting to. But I was just charged again on December 3rd. Why was I charged twice?

  47. Trying to cancel my subscription. There’s no way to cancel on my account. And no one answers your phone what’s the point of providing a phone number that isn’t monitored? Need assistance ASAP!

  48. Shaun Votaw Reply

    I had 2 $10 withdrawals taken from my account on November 21st. I did not order your product. You need to cancel the orders and refund the withdrawals.

    • I was doubled billed. Attempted to contact customer service. To no avail. Number nit in service. I want to cancel effective immediately. Tried to do so by computer.. no luck.. Please resolve my refund on the extra bilking and cancel, I have contacted my bank and filed a claim. Will stop payments for cancelation today.Been with yiu for a while, all I did was update.

  49. Sarah Sharp Reply

    A couple of months ago I found a way to hold off from paying and receiving any bags and it worked but then I tried to do it again and it disappeared on the site. Now I am having to pay for two bags when I only wanted one.
    Then for about three months I recieved the two bags I was paying for and I didn’t want it and but then two months later received only one bag and have to pay for two bags.
    I’d like to close my account with them but can’t find any way to get a hold of them on the phone or online.
    The same goes with there new company they’ve started, Birchbox. If anyone thinks about joining them I recommend that you don’t! I’m frustrated with the both of them right now. Has anyone found a way to get out of them?

  50. I love ur product’s but i didn’t get a monthly bag for November and it said it woudl be coming on the 15th but maybe it got delayed. Or the website is messed up. But my card was charged.

  51. Lora Hanel Reply

    Package just opened. Nail polish is broken badly… Smelled before opening the package… Would like to send pic…. Everything glued to items….

  52. Lori rainford Reply

    I was told I was on a waiting list and money would not be pulled until I’m off the waiting list. I was also informed that I would be notified before my money was pulled. I see the n my checking. Account that my money was pulled. When will my glam bag be shipped?

  53. Sherry Miller Reply

    I haven’t received my October bag or my November bag either what is going on with them they take the money off of my card every Month if for some reason you can’t send me my bags please put my money back on my card and cancel my orders please and please let me know one way or the other.Thank you.

  54. Tanis Frost Reply

    I was billed for November glam bag when I wanted to start again for December, but then I had postponed for a few months to be sure of the strike and this was before I was billed. I DO NOT want November as our postal service is on intermediate strike. I did not want to be put on the list for November. I would like a refund for November and I would like to cancel now all together. Please have someone contact me regarding November. Thank you.

  55. A Dissatisfied Customer Reply

    I would also like to Close my Account. I use to get excited each month about receiving my pkg each month. But for the last several months I haven’t been that thrilled. Mainly due to the fact that there is almost always a repeat item or similar item each month. In fact, a couple of times- I didn’t receive what you had told me I was getting. I even wrote a emailyo you about it & I never heard anything g back (Poor Customer Service) *NOTE: it would be better if we were able to pick out all or some of our items from the list you send out or that we see online.

    Could you please credit my account and/or send me 3 other items? Please get back to me ASAP

  56. Leslie Pierce Reply

    Just got the email of what I’m getting for the November. And once again, you are sending me items that you have sent me in the past. This time it’s 3 of the 5 items.
    Tarte Blush – Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blus
    Ciate London – Mini Translucent Setting Powder
    Pixi by Petra – LipLift Max in Honey Sheen

    I would also like to Close my Account. I use to get excited each month about receiving my pkg each month. But for the last several months I haven’t been that thrilled. Mainly due to the fact that there is almost always a repeat item or similar item each month. In fact, a couple of times- I didn’t receive what you had told me I was getting. I even wrote a emailyo you about it & I never heard anything g back (Poor Customer Service) *NOTE: it would be better if we were able to pick out all or some of our items from the list you send out or that we see online.

    Could you please credit my account and/or send me 3 other items? Please get back to me ASAP

  57. I just signed up for ipsy to get the $10 monthly glam bag. I am now extremely nervous and want to cancel my order due to many, many negative reviews I just read from customers who are not happy with ipsy, who cancelled their subscription and still get billed monthly, but get no glam bag. I am feeling like this was a huge mistake. If I decide to cancel and I continue to be billed, there will be a problem. I will become ipsy’s worst nightmare for their customer service reps. Not cool to scam I think I just made a foolish mistake.

  58. Your web site won’t allow me to review the products I have received in my glam bags. I’ve tried it on Chrome and Safari and neither will allow it. When I click the products to review them, a box comes up with the star scale and then what looks like writing that continues underneath which seems to be cut off. When I try to scroll down to read it and fill in my review, it doesn’t scroll. It’s frustrating because I feel misled. I have not received any of the brands I checked in my profile quiz and I feel like overall the products have been a let down and not really compatible with what I filled out in my profile. I would really love to be given the opportunity to review my glam bag products so that your company can stop sending my products that I don’t want.

  59. Kayla Enfield Reply

    Today I got my IPSY bag in the mail, when I opened it I found a big mess all over the bag. As soon as I was checking out the make up I seen that two products were cracked and spilled. I would appreciate if we could do something about this. I really love your products and I don’t want to have any reason to be unsatisfied.

  60. Bonnie Bailey Reply

    I would like to skip one month due to losing my job and not being able to pay for my glam bag this month. Please contact me at 5415911685. I love receiving the glam bag every month, however I have been out of work and can’t justify the cost this month! Thank you.

  61. Kay Heiser Reply

    I want to cancel my account and I just keep getting redirected all over the place. Just cancel my account. I have tried to call and can’t seem to get a person just redirect. I am onlyh received to bags and neither one had what the card says it cantains. Please just cancel

  62. Lauren Stauch Reply

    My credit card has been used through your services multiple times and I am trying to contact your company for this to be the last time. The credit card company has tried block transactions made from your company but due to the subscription has not been successful. I would like to speak with someone who can help prevent further fraud from happening to myself and your company. Thank you.

  63. Emma Masiello Reply

    My name is Emma Masiello. I had an ipsy subscription that was billed to my old office in Manhattan. When I was fired, I was told that they had taken care of canceling that subscription for me. I just realized that I have been continuing to get charged every month, though I have not received a package since March, nor am I receiving emails regarding my package. I would like a refund, a halt on that account, or the past few months sent to my new address in Maryland at 10013 Portland Road, Silver Spring MD 20901. Feel Free to contact me at 240-437-6808. I don’t know where the oversite was but I have been charged regularly for a product I have not been receiving.

  64. jessie carlisle Reply

    I have been trying to cancel my subscription for 2 months now and i keep receiving bags. I want my subscription cancelled please. I keep getting the same things and i very rarely like what I get.
    please contact me to verify this has been taken care of!!
    I appreciate your help with this matter.
    Jessie Carlisle

  65. Jazmin Muniz Reply


    I am emailing ipsy because I have been charged 3 times to my account and I have only received 1 glam bag. Here is my situation, back in April I emailed ipsy that I ended up changing my mind and did not want an ipsy membership. Instead of doing what ipsy HAD to do after I emailed them that I wanted my account canceled and a refund, ipsy (after they replied) kept my account open and sent me a bag. I assumed it was too late and thought ipsy would cancel my account thereafter. I ended up getting charged for the May glam bag without even knowing and I did not even receive a bag. I also just got charged for a June bag.

    I need a refund for May and June as I had instructed ipsy to delete my account and they STILL charged me for May and June and didn’t even send me a bag. I do not want to “consider” staying with ipsy. You are stealing my money and I want those two months back.

  66. Lindsay Venegas Reply

    I cancelled my subscription 2 months ago but the money continues to be pulled from my account with NO GLAM BAG delivered. Please fix immediately.

  67. Nichole Gorton Reply

    I did not receive all of the products that the website said I would receive. Also I received my ilsy bag late. Not a big deal about being late, but I was told I would be getting 5 products and only received 4. That’s a little annoying.

  68. Dawn Robinson Reply

    I would like to cancel my subscription.I was not happy with your products. I really liked some of it but not all of it. Thank you very much for your time
    Dawn Robinson

  69. Danielle Payne Reply

    I don’t know why i stopped receiving my pproduct. I never cancelled. Please start sending my subscription again. I really enjoy the products. Thanks

  70. I did not order this sample package you sent me with small carry bag for the make up contents .makeup brush, natural eye shadows,lipstick,cream blush,2 color eye shadow am I being charged for this because I don’t remember ordering this make-up

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