Contact of Ipsy customer service (phone, address)

Contact Ipsy: Find below customer service details of, US. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
Personalized Beauty Discovery, Inc.
201 Baldwin Ave. 2nd Floor.
San Mateo, CA 94401

Customer Service
Email: (cancel membership)
Web: Twitter Support

About Ipsy
Ipsy is a monthly subscription service for cosmetic products. The company was founded by Michelle Phan in 2011. The subscription, which costs $10 a month, provides members with a box of makeup samples every month. According to the website, subscribers will receive a “Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products”. The bag will include makeup, skincare, hair care, and nail care products. Subscribers can follow tutorials and check tips and tricks on the website. They can also take advantage of offers, points rewards program and monthly giveaways.

Glam bags are shipped from ware houses mid-month and arrive within 7-10 days of shipping. Ipsy currently ships to the US and Canada. While shipping is free in the US, members from Canada will have to pay an additional fee. Members can renew or cancel subscription directly from their Account page. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, shipping, or others reach the Ipsy customer service.


  1. So far this company sucks. Ive been charged 3 times and have never received any thing from them. Ive cancelled my subscription twice. I want my money returned. They say they dont give refunds? Your policy is unconstitutional.

    • I was charged on my checking account #162 and my subscription is 15.99 a month. I’ve tried to cancel to no avail. I’m sure others are experiencing the same.

  2. Very upset been trying for two months to cancel. I just dont need all of this stuff. I am a senior & disabled. Reason i joined was because it said you can cancel at ANYTIME!! Dont think so. Cant get phone number or anyone to help me.

  3. Myesha Brown Reply

    I was changed $165.38 without my authorization and I need my refund ASAP and I can’t get a hold of anyone and so far no number for customer service

  4. Bad service. Cancelled but keep getting charged every month. Never get confirmation emails or anything proving my cancellation. Bad business. Don’t sign up!

  5. I’ve cancelled my subscription for over 10 months now and I still get charged not even for the monthly plan I was getting but for the ispy plug bag. This company is very untrustworthy they charge you and you don’t know, and is very late on packages, you can’t cancel your subscription til the beginning of January. This company is not one you want to be a part of.

  6. I tried Canceling months ago still get charged then I just decided to keep it because I was getting charged anyway then I made a order for 47 dollars a month ago then still have not received that order or any emails stating it has shipped or have any tracking number then tried to contact them through the chat with the robot and of course that got me no where tried to speak to an actual person of course no luck so I’m at a loss because i made another order after placing the one on the 11th then one on the 21st and have received no information on that either so I’m out close to $100 and received no products.

    • I’ve had the exact same problem this is my first time doing ipsy about a month ago and had bought both the glam bag and the x bag then like 10 min later decided to ended it, so I only had a subscription for the glam bag pro. I made sure that the x bag was cancel and it was and still is now and told me I would recover money back within 10 business Days and it was over a month ago and still haven’t reviewed money back. And no one to contact for help and don’t know what to do it doesn’t feel right for them to still take my money lol.

  7. I redeemed my points and haven’t received what I ordered. The glambot doesn’t answer questions. Also tried changing my mailing and billing address and it still gets sent to the old address. Paid for a September bag and haven’t received that either!

  8. Apparently I’m not the only one who wanted wanted just one glam bag then didn’t want it anymore lol I unsubscribed and deleted my account and I’m still getting charged! That was 3 months ago. I’ve not got this months bag yet either. It said shipped but there’s no tracking on it. Not sure what’s going on there. I’ve also emailed several times but no reply. Not sure what to do from here. My bank only wants me to get a new card but if you have all electronic bills then you understand that lol I know it’s only $13 but it’s still annoying.

  9. Liz Nelson Reply

    I signed up in April never received anything for months, I forgot about it for a while. Cancelled my membership and just seen that they are charging me now for refreshments I never ordered let alone signed up to get monthly razors and shaving cream. The bank will dispute it but she said the best thing to is cancel my card and get a new one.

  10. I cancelled my Ipsy a month ago online and on the phone to make damn sure it was done. They are still charging me. Not only are they charging me for the bag but they are adding stuff I never even ordered and charging me for that too! I will NEVER use Ipsy again and even had 7 friends with it cancel theirs after this.

  11. I’ve canceled my subscription months ago and I got a call today saying my bank was overdrawn. Because Ipsy took out money when I’m not a member!!!! I’m not happy! I haven’t received anything since I’ve cancelled my subscription and I’m furious because I’m struggling.

    • Linda Anderson Reply

      Okay, here is what you do with your bank. Call them and dispute the charges as far back as you need to. Tell them the reason is “no services rendered.” They will refund you the last 90 days and put the funds back in your account while they investigate. If I can help you more just email me.

  12. I’m getting annoyed now because I have my Ipsy bag on auto pay every month, I never changed cards, and I’ve been waiting but my May bag never came, I understand that it says it could take longer with covid but all my other ones came on time so I don’t get it, and the tracking information makes no sense.

    • Looks like I’m not the only one that didn’t receive my May bag. Upon contacting them via Facebook messenger they said they never received payment and “best regards”. Took multiple threats of proof of payment for another response which asked for said proof, which I did. Then they asked for my info to look up what was going on. Then ghosted.

      • I have not received my GLAM X BAG THIS MONTH EITHER! You can not talk to a person this is ridiculous! They say it’s been shipped 14 days ago yet USPS says the tracking number was issued but THE PACKAGE WAS NEVER BROUGHT IN OR SENT OFF!! WTF IPSY??!!!!

    • I never received my May glam bag and was charged. I also got charged for add-ons that have not been sent either. I have now been charged for June glam bag but still have no received a shipping email Or tracking numbers?? This was my first time using them and I’m canceling my subscription.

      • My card was charged $27.44 on April 27,2021 but did not receive my bag. I understood about the pandemic so I waited. Nothing came in May so I cancelled my account. Now on June 2 my card was charged another $27.44. There is no way to reach a person just text. If you want to use their Just Answer cite you have to pay $5.00. still no resolution!!

      • Cancelled my subscription in April of 2021. Found out today that on June 1 ipsy took money out of my account. Been trying to get ahold of them and I get no response. Contacted my bank and they said there was nothing they could do since it already cleared.

        • Linda Anderson Reply

          Hi Sharon, Your bank did not tell you the truth. Call them again and tell them you are DISPUTING some charges and they will transfer you to the correct department. They will return the funds back to your account for up to 90days (do this right away!). I have done this many times since an x-boyfriend banker taught me how to do it. You can do it!

      • Marsha Fisher Reply

        I haven’t received my May bag either!! Tracking says it is in Mableton,Georgia and has been there since May 26! So frustrating when you have no customer service

    • I have multiple screenshots of my conversations with customer support. Everyone ends the same. They say they are putting you through to the lawyer for a $5 chat. They will fill the lawyer in on all your details while you fill out the paperwork. The paperwork states computer lawyer. What Ipsy screwed up & wants me to pay a monthly fee, which ends up much more than $5 month, for a lawyer chat. REALLY. I just want my order corrected before it ships! That requires a lawyer. I guess its time for a different subscription at a different company.

    • Pamela D Daniels Reply

      I am very upset that Ipsy took $141.57 out of my bank account ( the whole year’s amount) without my authorization! I would have preferred monthly but was not given that choice. NOW, I cannot cancel my memberdship for a whole year!!! Want to get out completely but can’t! No phone numbers to talk to a person in customer service. NOT HAPPY!!!!

  13. Lately, I have been having trouble with my IPSY bags actually arriving in my mailbox. I don’t know what the issue is, but February’s bag had to be resent and now April’s never arrived. It was sent through DHL, but never transfered to the postal service and Ipsy didn’t even resend one because they say they are out of stock. Yes, I was given a refund, but I look forward to my Ipsy bags and this issue is an on going problem of not being able to get the product to your paying customers. I would like my April IPSY bag and the issue of undeliverable items to stop. It’s frustrating to have to deal with customer care and have no resolution.

  14. I paid for a monthly membership they said my glam bag was on the way..I got tracking info but the tracking info says they’re waiting on the bag and it’s never come..then I pay for a yearly membership and now when I login it says I’m not a member.

  15. Juliette R Reply

    I signed up in the beginning of March to try the Ipsy glam bag to compare it to my boxycharm but after my payment went through I never received tracking information to my bag. I’ve tried to contact customer service multiple times but cannot get a actual human. It is now March 25th and nothing. No bag, refund, email NOTHING. I was very excited to try Ipsy glam bag until I never received it. Boxycharm at least sent my box every month.

    • This company is loud in their marketing strategy to snatch your credit card but incompetent and dysfunctional in their integrity. Free this and trial that…false advertising. Try to find a phone number, address or a Tax ID. They can’t even get credited with the better business bureau? Really?

      • I cancelled my subscription after my order in February and I keep seeing deductions in my account from Ipsy. I need my refund cause I can’t be paying for something I am not receiving nor do I want I don’t know how to get through to the company.

    • I signed up for ipsy in April. I signed up for the full year. I got charged for my May bag and now June bag. I never received my May bag. I didn’t even get a tracking number! I email them and get no response back. It’s ridiculous that I can’t speak to a customer service representative. Extremely disappointed.

  16. I was charged twice for my bag and it wasn’t upgraded to full sizes like you said. No better than the regular bag. I want my account upgraded and my refund. Why do you make it so hard to contact you. I like my bag, just want what I pay for and no extra fees

  17. Pamela williams Reply

    If only this company had a live person to help with issues they would go a lot further in the future. The products are not that bad but I’m not going to jump through hoops to get an answer.

  18. Debra Eggleston Reply

    I cancelled my subscription to IPSY on 9/25/20. I also received an email from the company letting me know my account had been updated, and I would no longer be receiving the glam bag plus. I checked my mail today (10/28/20) and I received an IPSY package. Don’t understand why people are so INCOMPETENT. I’m not returning the merchandise nor am I paying for it. GEEZ

  19. Sharleen Crystal Reply

    Apparently I’m not the only one with a complaint. First, I want to cancel.

    I finally received my Glam Bag. It contained 4 items. 3 were opened one broken! No paperwork in the package. Now? Come to find out, no customer service either. This doesn’t seem to be a way to succeed in business. I’m not going to be kind here. I’m reporting this. To the Better Business Bureau. Your company is a lot of confusion and misinformation. Don’t forget to CANCEL my account and DON’T even think of billing my bank account!!

  20. Natasha Jennings Reply

    I have not recieved my July ultimate glam bag or any of my add-ons for July either, I’m being charged for these items without receiving them, I have proof of purchase! Looking for answers/help… thank you

  21. Ipsy seems to suck right now. I just made the account about a week ago. Apparently I forgot my password. So I began requesting password reset yesterday, never got any of those emails until probably hours later. Now the temporary password they sent doesn’t even work. It’s like by the time the email comes through to reset my password, the link is expired soon. I am moving soon and I need to change my address. Like I said I. Haven’t been on Emily’s a week and I’m already very disappointed

  22. Samantha Belanger-Jackson Reply

    I still haven’t received my april may or june bag. I’m being charged. When I try to cancel my subscription, the link seems to be broken. I tried calling, the automated message says to email or contact through the website that is not working! I am incredibly frustrated!!!!

  23. Merita Gantt Reply

    I want to cancel my membership. I do not need the items anymore. I called and sent messages to cancel it nothing seem to work. I need someone to help me in this matter.

  24. Veronica French Reply

    I have tried two months to cancel membership and you claim you will send email but you dont. I will file a complaint with the BBB. I realize this is a scam. I. Called your customer service phone number and you don’t respond, I will send out certified letter with my request. And I will also send certified letters to your state of California attorney General and state department of justice, Congress and Senators to file for Fraud

  25. Ipsy charged 12.99 (supposed to be 12.00 ) to my card twice for the first glam bag I got in March and then charged me 2 more times at the beginning of April and now I have been waiting on my Mays bag and I have a message on their website that my payment for May didn’t go through and to update my billing info but it did go through and I still updated my info to the same informstion and it keeps saying declined and the money is threre and I already been billed but now I am not gonna receive my bag! That is not right and I can’t get a hold of anyone to taIk or message or anything, it redirects me to a silly page.! I haven’t had one single issue with Birchbox!

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