Contact of Intercape (South Africa) customer service

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Contact Intercape: Find below customer service details of Intercape, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the transport company and its services. Reach the Intercape customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Corner of Staal & Research Roads,
Pretoria West, South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: +27 (0)21 380 4400
Email: [email protected]

About Intercape
Intercape customer serviceIntercape is a South African intercity passenger transport company. It was founded by Johan Ferreira Sr. in 1979. Initially, it began as a shuttle service between the Cape Town airport and the City Centre. Today it has operations in several African nations, including Namibia, Botswana Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. Intercape’s modern fleet includes G7 Sleepliner, G6 Sleepliner, G6 ainliner and Irizar. Intercape also offers charter services to tour operators, travel agents, schools and private groups.

There are three fare types available. They consist of Saver, Flexi and Full Flexi. You can now search and book a ticket directly on the website. The Route Search tool allows you to check the destinations available. Discounts on tickets is available for students, frequent travellers and senior citizens.

All Intercape coaches have TV screens showing music, movies and documentaries. Additionally, the coaches are equipped with toilets, AC, individual reading lights and reclining seats. As for baggage, every passenger is permitted to take two pieces free of charge. Additional luggages can be carried after making the necessary payment.

Note that no refund is possible within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time. To reach one of the sales offices nearest to your address click here. For more information or queries on tickets, payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Intercape customer service.

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  1. I am shocked,on the 08/04/2021, I booked a bus from Pretoria to Bethlehem, when I booked a ticket time departure was 7:15 and arrive 12:15, at 14:00 I am still in Bloemhof, I wonder if I will still arrive. Or what time will I arrive..
    I will never use this bus.??

  2. Intercape needs to train their staff,they are just beyond rude I will never ever recommend or use this bus service. I would rather be uncomfortable in a taxi.The drivers are super rude, don’t explain anything to you and will make you feel sorry if you dare ask them anything.

    This has to be my worst trip ever,I booked four ticket with them for a three day trip(witbank to pta.pta to dbn,dbn to pta,pta to witbank).

  3. Mrs R Maharaj Reply

    INTERCAPE has terrible service, I very recently and for the very first time used INTERCAPE from Mthatha to Durban. I was expecting a Toilet and meal break at Mount Curries in KOKSTAD. As I needed to use the Loo very badly to pass a heavy Bladder. I was very rudely told by the Drivers that they are getting late, and must be in Durban by 21:00. Even in Mthatha they refused Passengers who were travelling from Cape Town to get off the Bus to use the Rest Rooms. And a chance to purchase meals. My Wife also needed to use the Restrooms very urgently, and rather unceremoniously I was told by the Driver that he will pull off the Road at Harding so that she could relieve herself in the Bushes there. My Wife refused to do this, where she and I both could have used the Rest Rooms in Mount Curries Kokstad. My Wife very bravely held her Bladder til we reached Durban. I on the other hand couldn’t hold it, so in Port Shepstone the Driver told me to go behind the Tree, by the way not far from a Rest Room facility which he refused to stop by. And I had to to this in full view of Spectators. For that moment I wished somebody took of their Cellphone and filmed me. I wouldn’t have minded a little embarrassment as long as I could have made my point doing it in front of the INTERCAPE Coach. Greyhound runs a far superior service compared to these Guys, the Driver even announces with a professional, ”Ladies and Gentleman Thank you for travelling with Greyhound, we have arrived at Mount Curries, where we will take a 15minute break before embarking enroute to Mthata and then Cape Town. Please do not veer away from the Coach and make sure you don’t leave any Hand Luggage unattended once disembarking the Coach, thank you.” Now that is what you call first class service, something these INTERCAPE People are not familiar with. And now may God help us all that GREYHOUND is no longer in service. Apart from the poor service INTERCAPE provides, there are going to be higher cases of Road Fatalities going forward, now that they may impose even harsher measures to Customer comfort in the name of making more money.

  4. I had a very similar experience on my first trip where drivers are not professional unlike the video footage displayed in the office at pretoria.

    The driver or assistant lack communication skills and as it was my first time traveling to cape Town and I didn’t know the town I will be getting off, so the driver or assistant will at low noise volume announce and it was very frustrating so I spent the whole night not sleeping fearing to miss the town, but to my shock the drop off town where I was supposed to get off was at around 7am where I was supposed to be told to be aware what time I will reach the town so that I can set up my alarm to be ready and also sleep other than kept awake.

    The other bad experience is the toilet issues. The toilet are not kept clean all the way whenever the bus stop for break. Still it is the responsibility of the driver and assistant but because they stay in a separate compartment and they do not experience the unclean, smelly toilets they punish customers who honestly keep intercape business running well by buying ticket and are customers what they get in return is the poo smell and unclean environment toilet.

    Intercape be aware your staff are destroying your image of business because they treat customers in rude, unprofessional manners but they wear clean uniform as if they are competent

  5. Regiena pasella Reply

    I’m sitting on a bus traveling from Pietermaritzburg to Grahamstown.The bus stopped midway between PMB and Durban in the middle of nowhere.The drivers are not telling what the problem is it’s dark in the bus everybody is just quiet and it’s terribly hot in here If somebody could just have the decency to tell what is going on it’s been an hour now.Piir service I think this is pure rudeness and being inconsiderate from the drivers.Please Intercape I’m not just a parcel with no feelings that you can treat the way byou like @least let your passengers know what is happening

  6. I have always been a loyal local South African intercape rider and so when I saw intercape route while I was on my holiday in Harare I decided to take a bus to Cape Town instead instead of flying and experience a descent road trip. But to my dismay I had the worst experience ever. I took the Harare to Capetown bus (905) that departed on 7 August at 1800hrs and was meant to arrive on the 9th of August at 8.30 am but arrived at 1210pm instead.
    To start off there was no system showing you where you check in. We arrived an hour before departure time and consulted in with the lady in the Intercape offices and she said we must go outside , just to stand outside with no guidance on what was going on. Only until we decided to ask one of the gentleman who was loading luggage on the bus and the departure time was approaching the bus people referred me to go back inside and get paper tickets as I had Paid online and had no print out.
    I happily obliged and went back to check my luggage. I’m not sure of your luggage requirements as our bags weighed less than 26 kgs but we paid 100 Rands for extra luggage. The gentleman said it’s 5 Rands per extra kg so he was implying that we had 20 extra kgs which is ridiculous because I read the scale myself but because we were rushing for the now about to leave bus I just paid the money. As if that wasn’t enough we were then forced to pay 2 dollars per person for gate fee which was never indicated prior or on the website otherwise one wasn’t allowed in the bus. I paid and went to check if my bags were loaded in the trailer.
    Then we had to run for the bus because the guy we paid the gate fee tried to act like he was unaware of our payment. The younger driver who was explaining the stops was just rude. He was shouting at customers at the boarder and being unnecessarily pompous.
    The bus experienced a breakdown in Musina. Apparently it was the trailer issue . Which was amusing to me as to why they wouldn’t just detach it since all the luggage was loaded in the bus trunks at the boarder . Most people didn’t try and complain or question because we didn’t want the same situation that happened with the accident in Free state. Better safe than sorry. Anyway we experienced a two hour delay because of that .
    As if this wasn’t enough Mitchelle who works in Bloemfonteins office came in claiming that there’s a lady with three kids who had booked our seat. Which is confusing to me because I had been in that seat since Harare. And when we boarded why wasn’t I pre informed about this inconvenience.
    So she had us leave our seats in Bloemfontein and wanted to move us to separate seats when I had specifically called for adjacent seats . And the whole system seemed to be confused as there was more passengers who boarded and not equivalent dropping off. Which resulted in extra delay time .
    The bus toilet was clogged, smelly and malfunctioning the whole route. No one bothered to even fix it or check it when we stopped in Johannesburg . And I was moved to the back of the bus near that smelly toilet .
    You clearly do not care about customer service anymore. It’s appalling . I expected a luxury coach but I got the complete opposite.

  7. Edward leeuw Reply

    What a terrible trip I had on bus no 603.The heater doesn’t work and now i am sitting at home cause i caught flu.Fix that bus or stop using it during winter (please )

  8. Chere king Reply

    I’m on bus no 223 from Worcester to jhb. I must say this is the 12 th time I’ve used your services on the same trip. I have never ever experienced By hassle or problems. Bus 223 staff is so friendly and helpful and pleasant full of enthusiasm for the work they do. Thank you finally for making this a wonderful trip! And thank you to the Lord for the safe trip home once again.

  9. I would like to thank Genevive from Pretoria West / Intercape, for the amazing customer services!!!! Intercape should be grateful to have someone like you working for the company!!!

    Thank you for the amazing service you gave to me and the driver Frans for being so polite and smiley face!!!

    Genevive & Frans be blessed!
    Stay Awesome!
    God bless You guys!

  10. Thomas Xaba Reply

    I’m still; awaiting for my refund for the bus ticket number 0301193355XW827 which was cancelled at 04:08 on the 24th December 2018 through the e-mail. there was a response from Merlin at 04:28 on the same day that confirmed the cancellation and the refund within 5 working days pending the credit card impression.

    Credit Card impression was done in Malawi on the 4th January 2019 which is 12 days now and my money has not been refunded yet.

  11. Admire Shayanowako Reply

    Disappointed in the service of the assistant in the Sleepliner coach from Durban to Caprtown (Friday 21 Sept in the morning).

    The bus is freezing cold and the assist refused for someone to grab their jacket in the boot at a designated stop in Montrose.

    Really disappointed, is someone supposed to catch pneumonia because someone is lazy to open the boot.

  12. Disgruntled customer Reply

    I would like to complain about delays in parcel deliveries. A parcel I sent took over 48hrs to get to the recipient. After having called the customer service centre countless times and being told it had surely arrived the recipient only got there and did not find the parcel. After numerous visits to the parcel centre I sent it from and many calls dropped by your call centre agents, it was only confirmed later (after having called from the parcel centre) that there was a breakdown and parcels left with the bus to the depot and were yet to be retrieved. While your terms and conditions of carriage may specify that you are not liable for this, I do not see the purpose of you collecting our numbers if you are not going to be communicating with us and updating us on the status of our parcels. Your brand is well know for efficiency as well as being expensive, it would only be fair for you to give customers value for their money.

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