Contact of IKEA worldwide customer service (phone, email)

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Contact IKEA: Find below customer service details of IKEA worldwide, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
IKEA Of Sweden AB
Almhult, 343 36

Customer Service
Phone: 0775- 700 500 (Sweden)
Email: [email protected] (general)
Email: [email protected] (jobs)
Email: [email protected] (franchise queries)

International Support
Phone: 1 888 888 4532 (US)
Phone: 03 8523 2154 / 02 8020 6641 (Australia)
Phone: +420 234 567 890 (Czech Rep)
Phone: 0969 36 20 06 (France)
Phone: 061 92/93 99999 (Germany)
Phone: +62 21 – 2985 3900 (Indonesia)
Phone: 199 11 46 46 (Italy)
Phone: +603 7952 7575 (Malaysia)
Phone: 0900 – 235 45 32 (Netherlands)
Phone: 915 02 340 (Norway)
Phone: 800 20 30 20 (Portugal)
Phone: 495 935 72 72 / 8 800 700 00 73 (Russia)
Phone: 92000-4532 (Saudi Arabia)
Phone: 1670 4532 (South Korea)
Phone: 0848 801 100 (Switzerland)
Phone: 900 400 922 (Spain)
Phone: 020 3645 0000/ 0015 (UK)

About IKEA
IKEA is a leading Swedish furniture retailer that was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. It currently operates more than 410 stores worldwide. Headquartered at Leiden, Netherlands, IKEA employs more than 194,000. Inter IKEA Holding BV is the holding company for all IKEA related businesses. All IKEA franchisees are independent of Inter IKEA Group. IKEA Range & Supply is responsible for developing and supplying the global IKEA range. IKEA Supply AG is the main wholesale company. The IKEA Range & Supply is responsible for supplying the global IKEA range. It is structured into business areas like Livingroom & Workspace, Bedroom & Bathroom, Kitchen & Dining, Children’s IKEA, Lighting & Home Smart, Textiles, Cooking/Eating & Decoration, Outdoor/Storage, Free Range and IKEA Food.

The IKEA retail business generated 38.3 billion Euro in sales in 2017. The website also generates large number of sales for IKEA. In 2017 alone more than 2.3 billion visited the website. The stores in fact recorded more than 936 million visitors. Spread across 46 countries, the stores boast of product line that numbers to more than 9,500. Countries where IKEA has a strong presence include Australia, Bahrain, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UK and the US. Locate a IKEA store nearest to your address on the website.

Besides brick and mortar stores, furniture can also be purchased on the IKEA website. There are country-specific websites where products can be purchased. There are buying guides and resources for inspiration. Products that can be purchased include sink cabinets, bathroom storage, sinks, faucets, showers, beds, mattresses, wardrobes, lighting, kitchen utensils, cookware, food storage, tables, chairs, dining sets, dinnerware, storage boxes, kitchen appliances, wall storage, pantry, kitchen cabinets, modular kitchens, sofas, side tables, office desks, workspace storage, among others. Explore the Sale or Clearance section for hot offers and discounts.

Purchases on the IKEA websites can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express cards and IKEA gift cards. Financing options are also available in some countries. Delivery options are revealed during checkout. Delivery charges vary according to furniture type and size. In the US, customers enjoy 365 day return policy. Visit the website to read terms and conditions. Most products also come with a warranty covering manufacturing defects. Assembly and installation instructions are available on the website. There are also videos showing the installation. Interested in a career with IKEA? Explore the careers section to know the open positions, benefits and recruitment contacts. For more information or queries on store locations, cancellation, delivery, installation, warranty, repair, careers, or others, reach the IKEA support.

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  1. Order 129 653 8455
    IKEA Portugal – Loures shop

    Late July I went to the IKEA Portugal Store in Loures to plan a wardrobe. I bought one PAX with Bergsbo doors and one Brusali shoe rack. The invoice amounted to 820.00 euros. On August 1 the order was delivered to my home address and on August 2 the Taskrabbit people came to put the delivery together. They realised they could not put the wardrobe together because there was one piece missing, namely the piece where the doors should glide. I called IKEA Portugal customer service the same day and I was told that the piece was not in stock but would be ready for delivery on August 8. They would contact me.

    They did not contact me and when I contacted them back I was told that the transport company had delivered the missing piece at the wrong address and that they would have to collect the piece from said client and deliver it to my home address. They could never give me a set date so I kept calling and insisting with alternatives: a) they could not deliver me the said Bergbo piece from their stock; they had to collect the piece first, etc…Meanwhile I have all my clothes piled up on my bed and I am sleeping in my guest room. This whole ordeal came to an end today when I decided to send back my order and asked to be credited into my account.

    1 – they insist I pay the transport of the order because the goods were delivered to my home address. It is true they were but the order was not complete and the missing piece meant that I could not have my wardrobe put together nor could I use my bedroom. Furthermore the transport company failed to pick up and deliver the missing piece for 15 days so I do not see why I have to pay for incomplete service and reward bad behaviour.
    2 – Because I am leaving for holidays they could not find a slot prior to October 1. This means that my account will be credited only once the goods are back in store and they were unable to find a slot for this week (I am leaving next week).
    3 – They refuse to take back and credit the shoerack because it is put together. It was IKEA staff who put it together and I cannot understand why they cannot take back the whole order. According to customer service they do not take items back; they “buy” items that are put together. So, if I spend more time and money and bring myself the shoerack to the IKEA store they “will buy it from me” but will not take it back. Got to love semantics. How ridiculous is this?

    I went to IKEA store Loures to plan the wardrobe exactly because I was afraid I might forget some piece if I did it alone online. I have contracted transport and service to be sure that everything would arrive in due order. Due to the irresponsibility of the transport company one piece of my wardrobe was delivered to the wrong address; I have been waiting for 15 days and now not only I have to pay their bad service but I also have to wait over a month to have my money back. How is this fair?

  2. Customer service in Romania is unacceptable. You order products online, pay for them fully and in the meantime they keep selling the same product several times, so that when it comes to the delivery your already paid product is out of stock. As far as I know this practice is illegal. Complaints are useless because no-one replies, rude employees hang up the phone. Is this the way Ikea treats its customers? Is such a behavior approved by Ikea?

  3. Horrible service at Riyadh branch! I purchased closets and it took them over a month to schedule a delivery! Which led me to cancelling the closets out of this horrible service and once I refunded the closets back to my bank on January 19 2022! I still have not received my refund and today is March 24 2022! Every time I go to check on my refund, the unprofessional staff never know what to answer me!

  4. Customers in Jordan are being deceived by your sales people .. once we show interest in something we want to buy.. they tell us there is a 10 years warranty. But what they fail to tell you is that there are several exceptions in that rule.. and they dont even draw your attention that there is an exception.. once we fall in the trap and buy something and something goes wrong.. they spend 3 weeks to revert back to you.. and they hit you with the news.. i have 2 furniture pieces broken and they your fake customer service dont want to do anything about it.

  5. Absolutely atrocious service . Bought £12000 kitchen last June, it’s been partially installed . Parts still missing, no one wants to listen. It’s now the end of February and I’ve lost the will to live. I’m going to claim my money back in the small claims court we have in the UK.

    • Absolutely atrocious service. Bought £12000 kitchen last June, it’s been partially installed. Parts still missing, no one wants to listen. It’s now the end of February and I’ve lost the will to live. I’m going to claim my money back in the small claims court we have in the UK.” Paul we are in the UAE and felt that we received sub-standard products – your email reflects our exact thoughts as we are faced with a similar situation. An image of a beautiful house is left as an image in a magazine. Our complaint is not with the staff in Dubai or the team that came to install as they have been very nice and accommodating. The product is faulty and it feels as if we receive rejects over and over again. There does not seem to be a solution. IKEA used to be excellent and I have some very nice pieces that have lasted for decades; the kitchen just seems to be a disaster. The team travels over 100km each time only to open the boxes and find faulty pieces.

  6. Ikea Austria. First of all, the phone service is sub par. i tried 3 times waiting all of these over 50 minutes. only one time someone picked up and she said that she will redirect me and 3 minutes after that my line was down (probably from their side). Other than that the problem is the following. I ordered a bed, after 2 postpones on my delivery they sent a company to deliver me, but they never deliver the bed but a couch and a living room stand. the moving company said they cannot take it back and the Ikea side must resolve this. More than a week and nobody responded in Phone or online Form and i have no idea what to do. If they do not show respect and if they will not resolve this i will simply NEVER again trust them, this was their last chance.

  7. The customer service at IKEA Abu Dhabi is zero, there is no respect to their customers or the time they give, the delivery was delayed and there are issues in one of the item they assembled, and I have been trying to get this issue resolved but every time they give the same promises and no one comes, who is responsible for this customer service team? where is our rights?

  8. I bought a metallisk espre from IKEA Thailand dated on 7Sep2021, and found a safety problem, it leaks and spouts boiling water from the joint of upper and lower parts when heating. Having contacted IKEA for many times but never receive any reply till now. Very disappointed, can’t believe that is what IKEA performing on so called customer service.

  9. ORDER ID #176754842 !!!
    I place order with IKEA India in mid April’21, the customer support executive(so called)gave assurance on delivery with in 15 days after lock-down relaxation, after 15 days it got extended till no further committed dates. June start I received another email stating it will be delivered on 8th June, after that it again got extended to 19th June that too when we called almost 12-15 times to customer support and since then I am awaiting for my order to be delivered. No email communication from IKEA India, customer support not answering, chats are not been answered. And excuse is that we are facing high customer volume. If you cannot handle huge customer volume i guess India is not a good business hub for you IKEA. This is the first and last transaction i did with IKEA. WORST customer support received ever.


  10. First off, how does Ikea Canada not have an email address in this day and age?? How unacceptable and an obvious way to avoid active customer interaction and any necessary escalation which is conveniently avoided through a robot chat room. My product is this, why does Ikea always discontinue long standing products at a whim and without giving the customer any heads up through email? The Henriksdal chair has unique measurements and now that it and its accessories are being discontinued, how is the customer supposed to find a proper fitting slip covers when the current one wear out? I really hope its successor will come with similar sized slipcovers or chairs will have to be useless in the future. I have been a long time Ikea loyal but slowly starting to change my mind and exploring other retail options even if more expensive.

  11. IKEA Cyprus I thought writing here will make a difference but I see I received the same service as everyone else. Ordered good online I had just arrived in the county my kid had online classes no desk we needed duvets etc. We were quarantined all shops closed 10 days later we got an sms goods are coming nothing arrived. Called courier company and ikea I was promised delivery 2 days later nothing. Received a call from ikea asking if I got my goods I said no. I’m still waiting.

  12. Guy Outram Reply

    Like so many others I have found Ikea’s customer service completely useless. An order I placed on the 18th November never got delivered. For some reason it was returned to depot. After much chasing and a number of communications I received a credit invoice on the 8th December. I was told my refund would take 7 to 10 days. 36 days later – Nothing!!! Now It’s impossible to get in touch with anyone at Ikea. No email address, webchat not working and the customer services number not getting answered.
    Can someone at Ikea surprise me and sort this out now! This really has been appalling service.

  13. I bought a bunch of articles in late 2019 and in the first quarter of 2020 since I was moving to a new apartment. Unfortunately due to Covid deliveries were messy. I was called several times in the third quarter of 2020 by Ikea customer service and in the last call they told me they had made a credit to my account for RD$2,700 if I am not mistaken. They told me to go to the store, buy anything I wished for that amount and at cashiers show my ID and that would be it. Today I did just that and after spending a long while in a long line I was told I had to go to customer service first. I went to customer service and after spending more than an hour waiting for my turn and another hour for the customer service representative to understand why I was there, I was finally told they could not find the credit in my account.

    They had no clue who had called me. Apparently the salesman was no longer working for IKEA.


    I am writing this comment since I believe there are serious issues in customer service at IKEA in the Dominican Republic. It might be that after Covid the situation became quite messy and they have not been able to sort things out. In the meantime I have lost my time.

  14. Really surprised and disappointed by IKEA design and IKEA service in Shanghai, China.
    IKEA design: cannot understand the size of room and get me the wrong product
    IKEA delivery and Assembly: one time the wrong the product, second the wrong size, third the missed package, forth the flaw cabinet door….
    After 3 weeks, my room is still not ready. Thanks IKEA!!!

  15. IKEA Egypt,
    They are not any different from the rest.
    This week I bought items for nearly 100K EGP . After saying items available, they came back to me that three items not available and they wanted me to pick different items that does not fit at all. I said no, so they said we will charge you for delivery and fixing when they arrive!
    Then today they said yet a fourth item not available and it will take longer and they asked me to pick yet an item that does not fit which I said no.They said, item will be delivered in January 2021 and you will pay for delivery for the third time. Does IKEA really look at this site? We can actually get them down their knees by doing a campaign on social media and locally via whatsaap message to boycott the shops and come with real scenarios that they despise their customers.

    • Jayant Shitole Reply

      This is exact scenario with my order as well,
      Item delivered broken. out of 9 boxes 4 boxes were broken and to replace it IKEA is taking more than month, since they dont have staff to collect it. BUT if i order the item, again investing same amount (INR80000/-) i will get new item delivery within 3 days. Since i asked for full return, without my mistake IKEA is going to charge me delivery charges. but the mental pressure, and carpenter uncertain availability. IKEA made sure of my house remain mess and i dont get service in time. Been using IKEA products more than 2 decades in Dubai. But this is very experience got from IKEA.
      they should work on after sales, and not let customer suffer cause of shipping company mistake. THIS IS NOT SO IKEA AND NOT SO SWEDISH as commitment. So now IKEA is practicing to serve mass and not class. (welcome in the world of not so Swedish)

  16. Anuj Kumar Reply

    Hello. The IKEA India customer care staff’s unresponsiveness is appalling – there is simply no response to emails, phone calls and chats for either help with defects or returns. I am losing faith in the famed brand. This is my third bad experience with the India customer care staff.


    • Oh dear! I had hopes that writing to head office might make a difference but I see from all these comments that atrocious customer service is Ikea’s speciality and that they simply don’t care and their appalling and arrogant attitude is worldwide. I was going to complain about Ikea Belgium. They don’t answer emails/pick up the telephone/respond on Facebook. Their website won’t accept payments for online orders. I said I WAS going to complain but what’s the point? It’s obviously the IKEA policy to spit on customers as they laugh all the way to the bank. How sad. They won’t survive going forward into what will be a very different world, where there is no place for such contempt.

      • Sarah Rosen Reply

        I also came here to complain about the appalling customer service but, like you, I see that IKEA really doesn’t care. In my country they have the trick of not responding to a morning email containing ALL the relevant information – copy of the invoice and the specific item that was missing from my order – until the afternoon when customer support is officially closed and then with a request for, you guessed it, the receipt. When you immediately respond you get an email that the office is closed and to only contact them via email during office hours. Because emails evaporate after 16:00???? If only there was a technology to retain emails on a server. . . like every other company and service has been using for a few decades. They do not keep the tickets from one day to the next and start the whole game over every morning. So, no, nothing professional for tracking customer tickets like ZenDesk. Contacting them on Facebook also gets no response. What a scam they are running and what a stupid game they are playing. When other companies quickly got a website for online orders up and running to maintain business during lockdown, IKEA took more than 6 months and couldn’t even do it without redirecting to an outside company’s website for ordering and payment and, even then, only a small selection of goods are available. Very behind the times for the 21st century, even before Covid.

      • Indeed – worst customer service ever experienced (Ikea Belgium, ref nr 7023267 ). No answers, not picking up the phone, making promises they don’t keep, arranging shipments that never leave their dock and just remain on ‘in transit’ for a month… What a contempt for the customers…

  17. Danilo Krajnc Reply

    I have totally lost faith in Ikea Canada. Their customer service is atrocious. You cannot talk to anyone on the phone without waiting on hold for hours. Even to chat with them online takes hours. From what I am reading I see that Ikea’s customer service has taken a nosedive all around the world. I will be shopping elsewhere from now on.

  18. I am not sure why you entertain online booking in Ikea as it is complete WASTE OF TIME AND CUSTOMER UNFRIENDLY. This is the fourth time where it is proven that booking through online is a COMPLETE WASTE and IKEA WILL ONLY CANCEL THE ORDER AND RETURN THE MONEY.

    I have booked the runnen deck for three when it was having 16 in stock and with the date chosen as Monday. On Monday morning (6th July) I get a call the item is out of stock and cancel and refund. Earlier I booked the same runnen deck for artificial grass and same thing happened.

    I have completely lost faith in ikea commitment to online delivery. They get the full money paid later say out of stock and return the money after 14 days.

    A company without good customer support and lack of Delivery commitment

  19. I am writing to you from Manchester as there’s no help to get from Ikea Manchester. ( Ashton under Line )I bought a pax wardrobe with mirror and sliding doors.

    Ikea in Manchester told us to contact task rabbit in order to install the wardrobe but the builder didn’t build it probably and the sliding doors are not levelled as it should be.

    Then they send someone else to look at the wardrobe and he explained to me that the builder have forgotten to install one part of the wardrobe and that’s the reason it’s not levelled and in order to fix the problem the builder have to undone the wardrobe and start over from the beginning. As the box was empty he told me that he have probably put it in his pocket so that no one will find out and unfortunately he have seen this many times before.

    So I am mortified that Ikea emailed us after that they can not do anything about it and it is not possible to return it either. Is that really true that Ikea is treating there customers like that?

    The told us that we cannot do anything and now is ignoring my emails.
    How come when it is not my fault I have giving so much money for the wardrobe such I can’t use and now getting ignored? Is this the way you behave towards the customers, lying to them and then ignoring???

    I want to return unless I can get a new wardrobe and this time build it properly.

    I hope that there’s some help to get from Sweden as they are useless here in Manchester

  20. Heba Hassan Abdelgawad Reply

    The IKEA Egypt Cairo branch
    I have bought a kitchen 5 years ago with 20 years guarantee. After 3 years a whole cabinet is totally ruined. I complained and had someone unprofessional come to see who said that this is due to bad usage. I complained again that this is a kitchen and water has to be used. After some threats they decided to change it for me. I received a phone call asking me to go to choose the colors. When I went, no one was aware of my appointment and they kept me for an hour. Every time I threaten that I will complain to the head office they start acting. Someone finally came to me saying that the colors of my kitchen is not available any more.
    Why do they sell something with a 20 years guarantee if it is going to be not produced????
    After a third threat they decided that they will look for it in other countries and get back to me, if not found I will just change one part of my kitchen with a different color.
    They haven’t replied to me for two months now.
    Please I need your help.

  21. This with regards to the first IKEA store in India (Hyderabad)
    Forwarding the contents of the email I have sent out to the India branch.

    I would like to highlight, the constant deteriorating customer service provided to customers.
    1) It’s extremely hard to first find any customer executive in any of the sections.
    If you find one they have no idea.
    Actually they even say – we don’t know
    (Either you keep ones who know something or completely make it a self service by customers)

    2) I faced an issue where my items were billed but as the billing counter agent didn’t forward it to me I didn’t pack it.
    On realization I went a day later and was made to wait 5 minutes which extended to 1.5hrs.
    When I said to the customer service agent “A” you should have informed me it will take 30-40 minutes or an hour I would have done my shopping.
    Another CE named Sunitha told me you didn’t tell us you wanted to shop.
    How hilarious is that? You make customer wait by saying 5 minutes, 10 minutes.. It’s customers fault that he or she didn’t tell you that they wanted to shop.

    3) Worst they have no idea of the product even when they check online or otherwise.
    I was denied a lid saying it doesn’t come with the storage box. But my friend took the same box with the lid.

    4) Most of the time.. I have visited 5-6 times and everytime I have seen the agent at the billing counter busy talking to others rather than seeing if the next customer has to be told to start putting their items for billing.

    It appears IKEA is a great picnic place for employees.
    Empathy towards employees is understood, but pathetic outcome of that goodwill isn’t the way this customer driven services can work.

    Hoping to see some improvements in IKEA services, which by the way has remained as horrible as it had started. This is in no ways saying the products are bad. With that assumption the attitude the service agents or employees provide is do whatever people will still come.


  22. Mohamad Hammoud Reply

    As an IKEA loyal customer, I am surprised with the extreme level of recklessness that is coming from your store in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. It is a true shame that a company as huge and as reputable as yours comes out with such a behavior with its customers! I have requested some items online on 23 September 2019 and my delivery appointment was on 29 September 2019 but no one showed up, no one explained and until today I still didn’t receive my items. This is not the first time I face such issue with your Delivery & Assembly team, the last time I had to wait additional 10 days to receive my items. I have been trying to reach out in order to figure out what is happening but unfortunately, it is always a complete failure. I wish I can have an explanation because time is precious to everyone and I can’t wait any longer to have my items.

  23. Hend Sattar Reply

    From just skimming through previous comments I can see how my experience wasn’t unique! Ive been loyal to IKEA for decades now, buying absolutely all my furniture across multiple cities – Dubai, London, Ottawa. It had all gone well until i noticed that over the past few years the quality of products as well customer service has severely deteriorated, to the extent that im no longer interested in buying anything else from there! Delivery timing wasnt met, every single item they assembled was faulty- be it drawers that dont even slide properly to close or chairs that are incredibly wobbly – i couldnt believe how the after sales team kept expecting me to lower my expectations as “this is just IKEA”, no it is, or well, WAS not. It’s unfortunate to see IKEA die out so early, but clearly they have no oversight for branches around the world and need to get ontop of that asap.

    • Well, this is an interesting find! Huge problems in France as well. A delivery that didn’t arrive within 6 weeks, cancelled it and had to contact them again as after two and a half weeks still no refund. Also have been told outright lies of how to obtain a refund when we were overcharged, still no result on this one, have sent yet another email and have just this minute emailed Sweden, we shall see!?!?!

  24. I was mortified at my shopping experience as a business customer. Countless times I was told people would return my calls, aid in my large $4k order, and assist me with delivery. IKEA personnel had zero follow through or care for my order. I had to chase order details, payment details and delivery mechanisms over 12 times. I also encountered additional costs for having to pick up pieces at stores, piece-meal materials, and delay construction crews waiting on deliveries that never came. IKEA partners with the NALGroup (North American Logistics) for delivery. These folks never call before arriving, make little-to-no effort to make delivery attempts and have zero communication skills. I was appalled at the shopping experience from the automated phone line dropping calls saying “higher than normal call volume and couldn’t accept additional calls at this time” to the website saying “due to unforeseen demand, they couldn’t accept my order”. IKEA is losing millions in sales due to poor experiences, technology automatically pushing off orders, and cancelled orders due to missing deadlines and terrible partnerships.

    They should seriously consider revamping how they train their staff. I was told by numerous employees that “their systems need to be updated”. It’s not a technology problem, it’s a lack of customer service. No investment in time to ensure customer success.

  25. I ordered furniture for my new place abroad in Germany and was asked to stay home from work 2 days because my order was split into 2 deliveries. I have waited, today I received 2 deliveries, but I am missing 2 of my items. DHL was responsible for one delivery. I have called both DHL and IKEA, I cannot reach anyone who can help me get the furniture I payed and ordered a week ago. The chat is not working and the phone is hung up. Can someone from IKEA Erfurt make sure I get all my furniture at the correct date of delivery that I was given? Or since that is unrealistic, as soon as possible!

  26. I am very very disappointed with customer service in Cyprus, Nicosia. Our outed should have arrived 3 days ago, no one contacted me about it and already third day I’m trying to call to Ikea to the telephone provided on the website and there is no response! I try to contact any of the departments listed it the menu but no one is answering! So the only way for me now to find out about my delivery and to remind them that actually they had to deliver it 3 days ago, I need to travel from my city to a different city which is 1h away just to do that! I send them an email but no answer again!! That is ridiculous!!!! The worst service ever!

  27. I have been a loyal customer of ikea till date but a recent experience made me wonder how will I be able to continue. I have made a large order from ikea France website on June 10th, delivery was supposed to happen on 13. After taking a half day off and waiting for a couple of hours, called the customer service that informed me the delivery will not take place that day. Have rescheduled and took another day off. Waited from 8am till 1pm in an empty Apartment and no one showed up again. Can’t express politely how angry I was. Then I have requested for another delivery time that was not taken into account. 13 days later no furniture as yet and I received an email stating the delivery will take place on June 30. To be honest, this has been the worst experience ever I had while purchasing online. Don’t know what to say and based on track record, not sure the delivery will happen.
    In case a person interested in the reputation of ikea is reading this complaint, please escalate it to the right person as it has been extremely frustrating dealing with the customer service. The least I would expect is to be prioritized and get my furniture at the earliest.

    • Robert Gamble Reply

      Hi Amel

      May I ask it anyone ever contacted you? I have had a similar situation and after 3 failed deliveries and me contacting them and no-one having the mattress to contact me I have wrote an email today but with the lack of customer service & me blaming the French as this can be the norm here I am interested if you ever had a positive response
      Thanks in advance
      Regards Rob

  28. Kimberly Guyver Reply

    I am BEYOND disgusted with the service. We ordered an entire kitchen form your store in Brest and paid for the entire order 1022657609. We waited three weeks for our delivery and NOTHING!!!! Not a call or email so we continued to wait for 2 more weeks. Still nothing. Then we went to the store to cancel and ask for a refund. What a joke that process is. You had no problem taking several thousands of euros from me but to refund is a different story. I am still waiting on my refund. I will NEVER spend another cent with Ikea especially if you continue to delay my refund for a kitchen we never received and canceled.

  29. Pilar Duran Reply

    Dear Ikea,

    I’ve been very disappointed with the customer service from Ikea Business in Spain. Through my company, Duran Lettings Ltd, we own flats in UK and Spain that we rent out. I ALWAYS buy my furniture from Ikea to dress the flats. I never had a problem in the UK. But with Spain it has been challenging to buy the furniture online and hire the transport and installation. So I went for Ikea Business which said to be able to do it all for me. And they did deal with the online process. However, when it came to the transport and installation, it all went really wrong. First, they tried to deliver the items on the 13th of April as agreed but didn’t install anything because some of the items were damaged (they left all boxes around in my little flat). I called to see if delivery could be done on the 15th and they said they’d try but was very unlikely, which is really not the kind of support you want to give a costumer who has been left disappointed and inconvenienced. But they never called me back to say whether or not that delivery on the 15th had been arranged. I called on the 15th and then they told me that the delivery had never been arranged for the 15th but that ‘as a favour’ (really????!!!!!) they’d do it for me on the 17th. The delivery arrived on the 17th but one of the damaged items (fitted doors for the KALLAX shelf) hadn’t been delivered!!!!! Moreover, I had specifically called on the 16th to mention that the two pairs of Raffig finials I had ordered had never actually arrived. They said they’d send them with the order on the 17th. These finials did not arrive on the 17th either. I called on the 19th (18th was holiday in Spain) to report the incident and have sent many emails since then. And to this date no one has sorted the issue. I am still missing the undamaged fitted doors (I still have the damaged ones in my possession) and the finials for my 2 curtains rods. I would very much appreciate if you could please sort something out from there so I receive the items I paid for a long time as well as the compensation they said they’d give me for not receiving the service I paid for. Thanks and Regards, pilar

  30. Nevin Taha Reply

    My first visit to Ikea was over 15 years ago in Los Angeles, California where I used to live. I have always been more than happy to buy the products since they are very convenient and user-friendly. When the Cairo branch opened in 5 years ago I was very happy and I go there often when I need something for my apartment.
    I must say that yesterday I had the worst experience ever with the cashier and the 2 managers who were both completely unable and unqualified to resolve a simple issue.
    The issue was that I bought many things and I wanted to put them on 3 different receipts. I gave my card to the cashier, as I handed her the card for the third time she said “it won’t work” so I asked her “why” she said “just because it won’t”, “yes but why”, “because it won’t” so on the 3 stupid reply “just because it won’t” I asked her to call me her manager to which she replied “there is not need since the manager will simply say the same thing but if you insist go call her yourself from the customer service department” and so I did. The manager explained that this is the banking system that they have and that I could use another card and so I replied “had she simply said that without being exceedingly rude and unprofessional I would have simply taken out another one of my cards”. The manager walked with me to the same cashier, as soon as we arrived the cashier started saying that I never gave her the chance to talk (thankfully my sister was at the cashier with me and said “that it’s not true and that we asked you why 3 times and your answer was just because it won’t and we’ve never asked for a manager before and the cashier replied go call her yourself). The manager was standing there listening and said nothing other than please finish the transaction to which the cashier replied “I do not like this and will not work in this condition with them talking to me like that”, to which I replied “you really do not have to work at all if you do not want to”, to which the cashier insistently replied “it is not your right to tell me if I should work or not”. The manager said nothing at all so I asked for the floor manager and told her the story to which she simply said have you gotten everything you needed and I said no I did not and will not since you have no idea how to treat a customer.

  31. Tina Kinzett Reply

    Sorry to contact you this way but IKEA Rennes does not have an email address and the telephone for that last two days just quotes waiting times and persons waiting of over 30 minutes or 10-12 persons already waiting. So not a great service from IKEA Rennes.
    We bought a 3 seater Ektorp and a 2 seater Ektorp, delivery was on time and we set about putting them together, firstly several screws were lose on the hinges on both soafs, OK we sorted that out, annoying but there you go, Then we fitted the covers on, no worries but on the 3 seater one of the seat “sponge” and the basic cover has black mould and broken zip, in fact broken so basd the zip had a sharp edge as it was broken leaving very sharp edge which cut my husband when he got it out the box.
    I have got fed up trying to call them, either line angaged, waiting time too long, or too many already in the queue. We are well over 50kms from the magasin in Rennes and have been to IKEA Rennes on three occasions to look at the sofas and testing for comfort which of course is not possible when choosing sofas on the internet. So we do not wish to travel all the way there to find out not possibble to excahnge or none in stock and any other excuse which may be offered to us. We have taken photos of the black marks which were black mould on both sponge and cover.
    Can you sort this out and get another one sent out to us, the actual cover (grey) is fine, it is just the sponge and cover.
    Yours sincerely
    Tina Kinzett Mrs

  32. Jack Freeman Reply

    I bought a wardrobe from yourselves about 10 years ago from the Prague branch of your company. During that time I’ve moved house once and have been using this wardrobe in my current house for about 4 years. 2 nights ago at about 3 a.m. in the morning there was a huge crash. When I checked one of the glass doors of the wardrobe had exploded and glass was all over the room if I had been standing there was a good chance I could have been blinded. I now have to replace the door if possible or if not the whole wardrobe. I would be interested in your comments and also are you prepared to do anything about this?

    Best regards,


  33. I’ve ordered some blinds today it’s the£5 ones please can you send me some extra plastic clips please as I brought some of these gray palist blinds before Thankyou

  34. Yolanda Rosario Reply

    I am in dire need of help. I made a purchase in IKEA Santiago, Dominican Republic on August 26, 2018 and I returned the items. However, it is until this day that I have received any form of refund. I am extremely concerned, I have been paying high interest on this transaction and it is unfair. When I called Ikea Santiago and spoke to the manager, I was told various times that IKEA had refunded me the money. However, when I put a dispute with my Citicard credit card, IKEA told Citi I received a credit certificate from IKEA. I have neither; no credit nor refund. I am lost as to how I should proceed.

  35. I am writing in to express my disappointment for Ikea.

    I bought my Kungso outdoor sofa set from Ikea Singapore 2 years ago and the full set cost me around SGD1500. The set comprised 6 Kungso seat cushions and 8 kungso back cushions (2 for side arm rests).

    Barely 2 years, some of the back cushion covers began to gave way and got torn. The shape of the cushion also became distorted (they can’t seem to keep in shape). I headed down to Singapore Ikea Tampines, wanting to purchase replacement cushion covers, and was told Ikea has stopped bringing in this series!

    Now, I am stuck with a huge outdoor sofa set without proper cushions. How could Ikea discontinue a product without considering that your customers may need parts replacement a couple of years down the road?

    I tried to look for a similar replacement (Froson). I checked that they were available online but when I made my way down the store, I was told they were out of stock too.

    I am very disappointed and I wonder if Ikea furnitures (despite being the high cost I paid for the out door sofa) are not meant to last more than 2 years, and we risk not having parts replacement and the entire set has to be dumped.

    • Hi Gordon, I feel your pain with the Kungso cushions. I am in the same situation. What did you end up doing with your cushions? Do you still have them. If so, I am interested to buy yours to complete my set.

  36. Dianne S. Martin Reply

    Beautiful new holiday commercial. Have bought many of your products over the years for my home and children when they went to college. Please consider including Kwanzaa in future commercials. My family has celebrated it for more than 30 years and it means so much to us. God bless you. Happy holidays.

  37. I used to be a frequent loyal Ikea Customer , however I have a complain from my last order from Ikea Egypt – Cairo, I had a very bad experience with the customer service and even they did not allow me to escalate on time,
    so I am escalating to you , as I believe , as international entity , you will not be happy to have one of your branches with lack of honesty with your customers.

    I was promised by the customer service over phone , and all phone calls should be recorded , that I would have a discount if I accepted a partially damaged product , and once the product was delivered they lied to me and they said this call did not happen !!

    the discount rate / value is almost the tip I gave to the delivery guys, my concern is about honesty , consistency and unifying the message.

    I formally escalated to the customer service team in Egypt and they did not even reply.

    I am very disappointed and this was not expected from an entity like IKEA.

  38. Hello!
    I was trying to find some ideas about hiding raditors (radiator covering), and I hoped to find something on IKEA website, but unfortunately there was nothing there. Just wanted to suggest you to think about this domain too. I’m sure if you work on it, the products would be easy to install with lots of nice ideas.
    Thanks to the whole IKEA team

  39. Patrycja Jakubów Reply

    Dear Ikea,

    I am very disappointed with your customer service in Czech Republic. I ordered a bed, table and some other stuff online and at first it should come today – 2.11 (order number 998869358). Then I sent an email to customer service centre and ask if it’s possible to get it one day earlier – 1.11 and I got a confirmation that it is possible – I got an email and also someone called me to confirm the change, and I would get it on 1.11. Unfortunately I was waiting 4 hours and noone had come. Today I called customer service 3 times and they told me 4 versions:

    1. at first they told me that noone changed it in the system and I will get it today – 2.11.

    2. then someone told me that the driver called me yesterday and I didn’t pick up the phone so they didn’t deliver it yesterday.

    3. Then customer service told me that noone called me so I will get it today.

    4. and finally customer service told me that they don’t have any time to deliver it today so I will get it on 7.11!

    I’ve paid 900 czech crowns (more than 30 euros!) just for the delivery and now I don’t even know if I will get it on 7.11.2018. I don’t know which version is correct.

    I would really appreciate if you could take any action and also give me any feedback.

  40. SANJIV GUPTA Reply


    Your merchandise is good – but checkout process is the PITS. And we thought it ended there.

    Pls read my ordeal.

    Ordered a BESTA set (order no 129731). After spending over 75 mins with an under-trained staffer, he tells me that the shutters are not in stock and we need to raise a request (or some such). We were so frustrated having spent that 75 mins, we reluctantly agreed to proceed. He said per company policy, he cannot take a booking and we can only reserve. We agreed.

    When asked, we said we need the cabinet delivered/fitted/installed, and he charged the requisite fee.

    After a few days we received an sms stating that the reserved item had arrived and WE NEED TO GO BACK to Ikea and pay (no other payment mode was acceptable). So we traverse across the city, spend 4 hours back and forth, JUST TO PAY for the shutters (Order No 154326185).

    Our experience while paying for the order and handing it over FROM one counter to the very next….is yet another story. That itself took us 90 minutes !!!


    Today, your 2 associates arrive and HAVE NO CLUE what to do. They keep trying to contact your support centre for a good 45 mins.

    For starters, they say WE HAVE TO MOVE the material to the location where it is to be fitted and they will only install. They REFUSE to TOUCH the material.

    At the end of this all, they say that they will only fit the base cabinet and not the shutters. And the reason is that their instruction is silent on the shutters.

    Again they call the support centre and some Anita tells them (after multiple conversations lasting over 2 hours) that they can install the shutters ONLY AFTER A SHUTTER INSTALLATION amount of Rs 1500 is paid. Please note : we had bought the complete cabinet WITH INSTALLATION.

    And furthermore, the fitters tell us that we have to GO BACK TO IKEA AND PAY THE ADDITIONAL SHUTTER FIXING AMOUNT if we want the cabinet shutters fitted.

    And they do exactly that – fit the cabinet and leave. And now we are left with the shutters in our lap.

    Are you guys for real?

    I have NEVER come across a more illogical, high-handed, abrupt, hair-brained, care-a-damn organisation.

    We have more orders placed and more installations to be done….seems we have bought ourselves a series of nightmares !!!

    • I read the opinions and come to the conclusion that IKEA Polska, as it turns out, does not deviate from the global service trends by standard. Although the websites and catalogs are full of phrases about caring for customer satisfaction and even polite employees of the domolino, nothing comes of it. I bought a couch with delivery and home delivery. I have already been given three delivery days (8 am – 8 pm) and the sofa is not there.
      All the joy of buying from me was taken away! Not to mention the hassle of having to change plans and wait for a non-existent delivery. The powerlessness of IKEA employees and the disregard of obligations and customers by the transport company cooperating with IKEA are overwhelming. All in all, the whole thing works against IKEA and definitely a bad, inefficient image of the company.

  41. Order: 993579012


    I made an order one week ago and was supposed to get it delivered to my apartment yesterday. I stayed home all day, waiting for the delivery. I didn’t leave my home for a second, excited to receive it. All of a sudden I receive an email from IKEA saying that the delivery was tried to be made, but that the doorbell didn’t work. That’s false because it works just fine. No one has tried to contact me and they haven’t even been here – I asked the security guard at the front gate which is there 24/7 and he can confirm both that they didn’t show up, AND that the doorbell works.

    I called customer service and he was very rude, saying ‘either you pay another 49 euros for a new scheduled delivery, or I just cancel your order. Your choice’. It’s not fear that I should pay an additional 49 euros one more time when they haven’t even tried to deliver my packages!

    Of course, I need all the furniture. After many times back and forth on the phone with IKEA, I didn’t see any choice than to pay ONE MORE TIME for delivery. I think this is ridiculous! We have IKEA in Norway as well, and this kind of customer service would NEVER find place what so ever.

    After paying for a new delivery, we scheduled a delivery TODAY between 5-9 pm. Well, yet again nothing has been delivered and this time I haven’t heard anything from you at all. Where is my delivery??? I’ve stayed at home all day just to wait for the furniture AGAIN….

    Paying 2 times for a delivery that doesn’t show up is not okay and I want the delivery charges refunded and the furniture that I paid for delivered ASAP!

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