Contact of Hudson’s Bay, Canada customer service

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Contact Hudson’s Bay: Find below customer service details of Hudson’s Bay Company, Canada, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Hudson’s Bay Company
8925 Torbram Road
Brampton, ON L6T 4G1

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-521-2364
Phone: 1-800-263-2599 (HBC credit card)

About Hudson’s Bay Company
Hudson’s Bay is a popular department store chain in Canada. Founded in 1670, the brand has its headquarters at Toronto, Ontario, and is spread across 90 locations. Also known as The Bay, Hudson’s Bay’s associate brands include Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, Gilt, and Saks OFF 5TH. You can use the Store Locator on the website to locate a Hudson’s Bay nearest to your address. You can filter search results by travel services, salon/spa, optical, alterations, bridal boutique or gift registry. Besides shopping at stores, customers can also shop online via the website.

Product categories on the website include dresses, jeans, sweaters, coats, swimwear, shoes, sandals, handbags, watches, belts, hats, skin care items, fragrance, hair care items, kids clothing, toys, electronics, home appliances, furniture, among others. there is a Sale section for those looking for discounts. On each product page, you will find detailed description, price, pictures and specifications.

Purchases on Hudson’s Bay can be made using Visa, MasterCard or American Express. You can shop online and pick up at store or have the same delivered to your address. Standard-size merchandise come with a 30 day return policy. Large items carry a 15 day return policy. Sign up for Hudson’s Bay Credit if you are a regular shopper. Also register for Hudson’s Bay Rewards to earn points every time you shop at the store. If you are looking for ways to celebrate a special occasion, you can purchase the Hudson’s Bay gift cards (both plastic card and virtual). For more information or queries on cancellation, refund, returns, or others, reach the Hudson’s Bay customer service.

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  1. I am EXTREMELY disappointed with THE BAY.
    I have called (over 40 phone calls and counting) I have emailed over 17 emails and counting all over a refund for an item which they have confirmed to have received. I have asked for escalation after escalation but not one manager has called and the few superviors I’ve spoken to NONE have followed up all have the same response “i’m sorry this has happened, we will look into it for you. I purchased my item in April for 2021 and t was returned MAY 2021 it is NOW SEPTEMBER 2021 and no refund. Absolutely absurd. I’ve documented all the ways I have earnestly attempted to get my refund.

  2. The same thing happened to me I ordered two necklaces and the quality was poor, I returned the items since February and still have NOT RECEIVED my refund, whenever I call customer service and ask for a manager there is never one available. This is it for me shopping at the Bay.

  3. I am having an extremely frustrating, challenging time processing a return which I initiated in December. Every time I call to inquire about the status, I am told something different about what’s happening with my refund. For the first few months, I was advised it was being processed and to keep waiting. Months later, they tell me they never received the item from Canada Post. When I call, they ask me for the same information over and over. They put me on hold for 30 minutes and then I get disconnected and have to start all over. I feel absolutely disrespected, despite having been a good customer for many years. My issue is still unresolved despite my frequent attempts to speak to supervisors of managers. I am not listened to, and they clearly have no interest in keeping my business. I will never shop here again.

    • I just returned from our local Hudson Bay in Kingston, Ont. I get so frustrated every time I go to shop there because the same things always happens, so I seldom go. I worked as Area Manager for a company that did Secret Shopping and this morning your store would have FAILED miserably.

      Stock Depleted

      There was nothing on the shelves. Empty racks and shelves all over the ladies wear and shoe dept., the stock that was there had such scattered sizes it was impossible to find anything. Employees stood behind their tills waiting for a customer, which there were very few, instead of out on the floor trying to help customers and make a sale. Not even bothering to help anyone.

      Next I went to the lingerie dept, lots of stock but again no assorted sizes. I was in that dept. for over 20 min and not one employee approached me but there were 2 standing behind the till waiting for that illusive sale. Absolutely no support.

      The elevator was broken, again. Every time I’ve gone into that store the elevator is out of order (taped off) on one side and not working on the other. The funny thing I observed is that the clientele was all senior age, not a good situation with the elevator broken.

      So it was a very disappointing shop for me but did remind me why I do not go to the Hudson Bay very often and will be a long time before I return

  4. After reading these horrific comments about poor customer service, I just had to add my own.
    I have been dealing with a refund issue for four months and have yet to get it settled. Each time I call, I have been put on hold, passed from one agent to the other and hung up on numerous times. I don’t know where to go next. What has happened to this store? No wonder I find myself buying from other department stores on line in the US. Have yet to have a problem with any of these stores.

    • I did not enjoy shopping online with The Bay. The listings are incorrect, customer service chat just froze and never responded, and when the items arrived and I still had a concern I was transferred to and from different reps who were unable to help because the item was from their Marketplace vendor.

      Even if I want to support local, I would just buy from Amazon moving forward. They have wonderful customer service agents who take action fast! Never got transferred to another department when I call Amazon.

  5. I purchased online a gold necklace 20” within 6 months it had stretched to 26”. I have never in all my 40 + years of wearing a necklace had a necklace stretch. I contacted customer service via email and was told that the warranty has expired and there is nothing they can do, and they no longer answer my emails. There should be a manufacturers warranty of 1 year and no reply.

  6. My experience has been a total nightmare. The online order goes through a call center in the Philippines. I placed an order over a week ago and have yet to receive a copy of my credit card receipt or any information whatsoever on the order. I have called back on 3 occasions already. When I call back I get passed from one person to another person in the call center who reassure me that I will be receiving an email from them confirming the order within 24 to 72 hours.

    • As much as I tried to avoid this negative feedback, but the issues I faced and keep facing do not leave me another choice.
      The Bay has been lacking on proper service for quite a while but currently…it’s horrible.
      When you call them, first you wait forever to reach them, then you end up talking to someone who is cross ocean and has no clue in customer relation, not willing to listen and interrupt you 20 times. Then they put me on hold for another 25 minutes to simply disconnect me later. I was trying to make a purchase for a larger amount than my limit and asked them either I can deposit some money on my Bay account as I wanted to use the one-time-discount with the new card. Before I had a chance to explain, I got interrupted with a simple NO as an answer.
      Asking the agent what she can do for me, she said “absolutely nothing” and hang up on me.
      Called back to speak to someone else and maybe get help in placing my order. I usually shop in the store, but due to the current situation…you get it ). Long story short, 3 times the hang up on me. Called them the next day to speak to a supervisor. The answer was “sorry, we don’t have any, you can only talk to me”. Shock is not the word to describe how I felt. In the meantime the sale was over and they even “cleaned” my cart. It took me a while to go through the website to select items I wanted. No local number is available to talk to anyone in the company. How disappointing. I have never had such a terrible customer service experience. THE BAY SERVICE IS SOOOO HORRIBLE. I won’t be surprised if The Bay’s days are counted. One Canadian company in the country and, sadly, total disappointment. Till this day no one tried to help with the most non complicated issue.

  7. I have been trying for 2 days to get a hold of a supervisor and the outbound call Center’s keep dropping my call and the service is rude and head office brampton doesn’t pick up .. THE BAY IS HORRIBLE

  8. Never again will I ever shop at Hudson’s Bay. Similar to many comments, I have never had such a terrible customer service experience when purchasing a piece of furniture. From a confirmed delivery date not adhered to and not notified of changes (confirmed the day prior to the delivery), to a changed date that I was not informed of, to being passed around to person after person – department after department, all claiming no responsibility and no follow up. After multiple calls to the customer service line, being put on hold for 25 minutes at a time, only to be disconnected, I finally spoke with a service representative who was less than zero help and who refused to let me speak to a supervisor, despite suggesting that she was speaking to her supervisor while (again) putting me on hold for periods of up to 25 minutes, after which she hung up on me after not resolving the issue. Terrible. Just terrible. And no wonder their doing poorly as a company. Shame.

  9. And people wonder why a store has gone under! This one will be next…..put on hold for a very long time, music played, stopped for a while then started again. No response even after 25 minutes when all they were doing was checking with a supervisor.

  10. I purchased two items for XMas that we ended up returning via Canada Post (as instructed). We followed the instruction given to us by the customer service rep. The stores were closed because of Covid so that we could not return the items in store. The items were tracked and HBC received the returned items. We were told that we could expect a full refund with 10-14 business days. About a month later I received a gift card in the mail which I was surprised because o was expecting a refund to my PayPal. It explicitly states on their website that items purchased using PayPal will be refunded using PayPal. I received a 2nd gift card in the mail about a week later for the other item we purchased. I have spoken to a customer representative in the Philippines 5 times. I was told that the issue would be resolved. Just today I got an email stating that “my request” has been denied. What request are they talking about!? It’s not a request – I require a full refund to my account. I’m going to be filing a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act. I encourage anyone else to do the same if they are getting the run around from HBC. I will never ship there again.

  11. I made a purchase in November 2020 online. I made my return in early January 2021and was advised by the Bay I had to mail it in and could not return to the store. When speaking with the Bay they said my refund would be posted to my credit card as original payment. Two weeks later, I called again. They said it won’t automatically go back on my account, they will send a gift card!!! When I receive they gift card I have to call in again and request the amount be transferred to my credit card!!! This makes no sense and the amount of work effort is ridiculous. I received the gift card and called requested my refund. I was advised what 2 weeks and it will show up on your credit card. It did not. I called again, they said there is no request for a refund??? They said they will process ASAP. They did not. I called February 12th and they said they will make the request again. I called Feb 17, and again was told there is no request to have my refund!! They are now supposed to request a rush and that it is beyond their control. I want my $226.00 back on my credit card now. Why is the Bay incapable of issuing a refund???? #1202526782. Are they that desperate to keep my money??

    • I received an email about a free gift with purchase I made 2 purchases within 2 hours of receipt of email and did not receive the free gift. After a series of emails to customer service, I finally got a response about their running out of free gifts. It was a rude email. I called customer service and was on the phone for over an hour. The call dropped 5 times. The last representative created 2 return labels for a store drop off. The stores are closed. She then printed me a return label for Canada Post and another for Puraltor … I now have to go to two different locations to return my purchases. TOTALLY UNSATISFACTORY.

  12. I am far from amused with the outsourcing of customer service. The Bay hires cheap labor and they don’t know what they’re doing. Get different answers from different reps in different countries.
    Don’t buy and then cancel an order from the Bay, they’ll give you the runaround about your refund, saying it’s coming in a few days, then saying they have to do an authorization hold release request, then they’ll tell you you’ll have to wait 14 business days for your refund.

  13. I’ve had an issue with a purchase/delivery that I’ve been calling about since November 18th, 2020. I have yet to get any kind of response (6 weeks). What I’ve encountered is:
    • a plethora of “customer service” phone numbers, most of which pass me around to several options before cutting off the call
    • even when I call the store directly I was passed around to several options before being cut off
    • when I have managed to speak to a “customer service” agent, I’ve been put on hold and then the call is cut off
    • when I just called and asked to speak to a supervisor rather than dealing with a front line agent, I was put on hold and then, you guessed it, the call was cut off
    • I’ve had no responses to my emails, including the company’s senior leadership… until I got something this morning to say “We’re happy we were able to assist you in resolving your issue” – seriously?!

    What started as a relatively small issue (the damaged thermostat) has now escalated into a significant frustration and sense of disrespect at the hand of HBC.

  14. Janice DeCap Reply

    I spent 33 minutes on hold only to be disconnected after I was pit on hold by a customer service representative. This company has the worst customer service I will never shop at the bay again.

    I order a dinosaur for my grandson. They screwed the order up and cancellled it. Then they reinitiate a order and send out the dino. However I ended up getting 2. And being charged for 2.

    Then I ordered pajamas on Nov 30th. I didnr receive them til the 23 and 24th. When I called in on the 16th the customer service agent said she would call me back once she did an enquiry.

    Which beings us to present. I never got a call back and when I called in today. I was asked what I wanted from them.

    Then he transfers me to someone who when I start to explain hangs up on me. Not one person took time to look up my orders.

    I decided to call back I waited again 37 minutes only to be hung up on again. I wasn’t being belligerent customer. I was enquiring why. I can tell you as of today I will never shop at another bay which through out the year seen a lot of our hard earned money.

  15. I just got off the phone with a Hudson’s Bay rep. I’m very upset with this company.

    I ordered diamond earrings for my wife online off the Bay’s website and they were supposed to be here in time, at least that’s what I was led to believe at the time I placed the order. Well, the anniversary was last Wednesday and it’s now the following Thursday. The customer rep I called confirmed that the earrings had not left the Bay’s supplier’s warehouse yet and that it takes 10-15 days for items to arrive. Nice of them to tell me after I already ordered. I tell you, the Bay’s days are certainly numbered if it cannot get it together enough to find a supplier who can get a set of earrings from Etobicoke to Ottawa faster than 10-15 days.

    And the fact its website indicated when I placed the order that they would be here in three business days just takes the cake. I like to support Canadian/quasi-Canadian companies but the service this time just bites.

    Needless to say, I have cancelled my order.

    C’mon Hudson’s Bay, get your stuff together before it’s too late and you follow way too many other Canadian companies into oblivion.

  16. Peter Speer Reply

    I returned a product that was unsuitable. It was mailed on April 27, 2020. It was received, according to The Bay, over 2 weeks later on May 14. It is now June 17 and I still have not received a credit to my VISA account.

    During the same time period I returned something to Amazon. It took only 4 days from mailing until my credit card was credited. And, of course, Amazon doesn’t charge for shipping to return items.

    I have sent many emails to The Bay for help. They have simply ignored me.

    No wonder The Bay is heading to bankruptcy.

  17. Unhappy customer Reply

    On may 23 I purchased a trampoline for my daughters 5th birthday only to find out that my order was canceled for no reason. I called the credit card to make sure that it wasn’t on their end and they verified that it wasn’t. Then i phoned the bay and got the rudest and the most unprofessional customer service rep!!! He told me that he can’t tell me why they canceled the order and when I started telling him that it was a gift and now my daughter wont receive it in time he just hung up on me!!! Because of their screw up now I have to wait until the money goes back on the card which will take a few days.

  18. I still have yet to have anyone contact me regarding this matter. It has now been over a week since I initially registered a complaint online, and 2.5 weeks since speaking with someone on your 1-800-521-2364 number.

    I placed my order (#1105099939) the evening of Saturday October 26th . Prior to placing my order I had updated both my shipping and billing addresses to reflect my current address in Calgary.

    I double-checked this by signing out and back in to my account, to make sure that the changes had been uploaded. They had. When placing my order, the Calgary address came up – so I did not think to print that page, as a receipt was to be mailed to me. However, after logging out, when looking at the receipt it had reverted back to the Ottawa address. I called the 1-800-521-2364 on Sunday October 27th to make sure that the order would come to the right address. After my account was looked up I was assured that the right address was on the account, and that there must have been a ‘slow glitch’ somewhere in the system.

    On Monday October 28th however, I received a message saying that my package had shipped to the address in Ottawa. Somewhat frustrated, I looked up the tracking and relaxed slightly when it seemed as though it was being sent through Canada Post, as there is a postal redirect in place. I waited for a delivery/notice of delivery and nothing arrived. Finally on November 5th I looked up the tracking again, only to discover that the package had indeed “arrived” at the address in Ottawa on October 30th. I immediately sent in a customer service message (case 00289100). I have obviously moved several provinces away and could not go and check on the delivery, nor do I know the new residents at the house in Ottawa. I did however ask a neighbour to go over and check to see if a package had been delivered – and when she managed to catch them on November 7th, she was told nothing had arrived.

    I waited more than the “48 hours” that is the ‘claimed’ response time (from Nov 5, 2019, at 8:36 AM to Nov 9, 2019 at 3:05 PM), and finally sent another message to the email address where it says “If you need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us and refer to case 00324261. CONTACT US NOW ” on November 9th (case 00324261).

    I STILL have yet to be contacted after waiting an additional 5 days. I even allotted for Remembrance Day. By this point I feel that I should have AT MINIMUM have been contacted by a member of your customer service team. This is appalling customer service, and something I would not expect from an heritage institution such as the Bay. To say I am shocked and disappointed is an understatement.

    Meanwhile, I am still waiting to find out how the Bay intends to rectify this matter given I have not received the items that I ordered, but have paid for them. My next step will be to contact the Better Business Bureau, as that seems to be my only recourse.

  19. Shahid Allana Reply

    This is a review about the Kluft mattress bought from the Bay on Aug 2017. This is an awareness of this mattress if you want to buy a new mattress and boxspring please go ahead and buy Kluft from the Bay. I bought my mattress on Aug 2017 from the downtown Bay on their big bay day sales – the original price of the mattress was over $6000 (King size) and each box spring was $1200. The warranty is for 10 years. I do understand that things don’t last for 10 years…but I was expecting to get at least 5 years out of my mattress…I just got 2 years out of it. The salesman at the Bay insisted that if we don’t buy the box spring, the warranty would be void. So I called up the Bay to tell them that someone needs to come and look at my mattress because it has sunk on both sides but one side has sunk really low. So after 2 weeks of sending them the pictures and answering all their questions and going back and forth, they finally send out a mattress technician on Sept 23, 2019. He came and did say that mattresses should not sink so low in 2 years on one side. I also explained that in the centre of the mattress it is a lot higher than the side I sleep on. The tech took all the information and checked everything and he did agree that there was an issue with the mattress and would let the bay know. I got a phone call from the bay the very next day and they told me that however much the mattress had sunk, it was within the manufacturer’s specification so they couldn’t do anything. They said they couldn’t do anything for us for the next 6 months and only after that they would be able to send another tech to revisit the issue. I spoke to the customer service department and the returns and exchange department, I also spoke to the manager and I explained everything in detail saying that as the night goes on, the mattress keeps sinking and my neck and back hurt. I also explained that I wake up early in the morning so when the tech came at noon, the mattress had again come up. At this point the manager said instead of 6 months, we can come in 3 months to see as a favour to me to send out another tech. I told him if I sleep on the mattress for another 3 months my back is going to be very sore. He said that he couldn’t do anything for me unfortunately since again it was within the manufacturer’s specifications. So everyone do not ever buy a mattress from the Bay. They were very prompt in letting me know that they couldn’t do anything about it. I have to say the Bay is going down in quality and service and their products.

  20. Joanna Colettis Reply

    My experience with the Bay has been excellent. The sales person, Maria, was outstanding in customer service. I normally don’t take the time to write such reviews but I felt compelled this time to acknowledge and appreciate the service. Maria went beyond her job description to help me and my mother (who is elderly with health issues) with a positive shopping experience at the store. Thank you Maria!

  21. I recently tried to purchase a mattress through telephone with Hudsons bay. When finally getting through all the details of the purchase, the final price quoted was higher than what was advertised online including shipping, GST and PST. The customer representative that was assisting me argued with me over the price and then ultimately just hung up! Not impressed! I purchased a mattress elsewhere.

  22. dianne June mackenzie Reply

    I returned an item on Jan. 18/19 that has never showed up on my credit card. The transaction was done over the phone (by a Bay employee) to cancel an item that was mistakenly sent to your Guilford store for pick up and not sent with my other items to my home on Vancouver Island. I am now having to dispute this and not happy about it. I always thought it would be a foreign store I would have trouble returning items to but this has been my first dispute. This has been time consuming and embarrassing. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT or we’ll be losing another icon Canadian company. (Order#1102020856/ return#5514393570)

  23. Barbara Hustins Reply

    I recently ordered cosmetics online. When inputting required address field, I entered my P. O. Box number, only to have the big red “No box numbers” come up so presumed it would be delivered using Purolator etc. When I received confirmation of my order and a tracking number, to my disbelief found you use Canada Post, but you would not accept my mailing address??? How asinine is this? Now my parcel will arrive at the P. O. with my civic address when there is no door to door service. Don’t know what will happen to my parcel, but better not be charged for this if I don’t receive it. NOT IMPRESSED!

  24. Elke Hickey Reply

    Today I went to the 1200 St. Laurent Blvd Store in Ottawa to purchase the advertised Dyson Cord free vacuum reg. price $399. The sales person told me there are none in stock – that’s it! No offer to order one.
    I’ m very disappointed in the way things are handled lately at the Bay. 2 weeks ago a bought 2 matrasses and the sales person tried to charge me deliver costs for one. Delivery for both matrasses was at the same address. I ask myself do I get this treatment because I am old (74)!

  25. Julie Gill Reply

    In Dec. 2018 I purchased Men’s Polo Sleep Pants using a gift card I needed a larger size and returned to the Bayshore location in Jan 2019 (with all tags still affixed)-I had the wrong receipt with me, the salesperson told me that without a receipt I would only get 10% of the purchase price refunded.I looked again at home for the receipt but could not find.Your website only provides a form for comments on online purchases,but I filled it out anyhow last month and asked if it was possible to trace the purchase via the gift card-to date I have received no response and am still out close to $50.I have been a Hudson’s Bay customer for a long time-I always retain my receipts, but I guess with Christmas preparations, it may have been discarded in error.Your response would be appreciated.

  26. Mary Penonzek Reply

    Just trying to get some service in regards to a mattress that we purchased. We have been neglected and Brushed away after spending thousands of Dollars. This is Not how loyal Customers should be Treated.
    If someone could Please let Me Know Who I can Speak with about this??

  27. Marian Lorenz Reply

    First it was Simpson’s, then Eaton’s and recently Sears! So my fallback department store is HBC, Scarboro Town Centre, and my shopping experiences there have been dismal at best and frustrating at worst. I specifically refer to your women’s clothing department. As a female senior citizen, I do not require Karl Lagerfeld or Calvin Kline apparel (and their high prices) to go about my daily activities now that I am retired from my business working life. As an aside, I can well afford to buy such products but what I and thousands like me are looking for is good quality and durable casual clothing more suitable for women in our age bracket. Why in heaven’s name do you not have Tanjay, Alia and Nygaard women’s wear which were the best-selling brands sold at Sears??? When I went to HBC at Scarborough Town Centre last Saturday, why was there a rack in the lingerie area full of Jockey underwear I wished to purchase but only in ONE size which was not mine? I then went to find full length, brushed nylon full length nightgowns and there were NONE available – in the middle of January no less! I could go on but I think you get the point.
    And please do not recommend making such purchases on line because although I have a computer in my home (unlike many seniors), I wish to check material and also try on articles of most clothing I buy – nor do I want to be put to the inconvenience of sending things back!
    HBC is making a big mistake in ignoring our population demographic and if it continues, you are no doubt going to follow the demise of Sears.

  28. David Gunderson Reply

    I have noticed a trend over the past few years—you no longer seem to have sufficiently many staff in some of your stores. It seems clear to me that your company is no longer interested in making money.

    For example, before Christmas, I went to the St Vital location in Winnipeg to do much of my gift buying, but could not find anyone (!) to help me. I began by trying to find some pajamas (and sweaters, and …) for my wife. I walked around looking, but could not find the appropriate area. I went looking for someone to help me. About half of the main floor is devoted to women’s wear (aside from cosmetics, and men’s wear). In the entire area, there was ONE staff member–and she was busy helping someone with watches. The customer service desk near the shoes was empty, and not a soul could otherwise be found. (And I looked hard!)

    I was beside myself! Why on earth would you not have staff to help me spend my money? After nearly 20 minutes of looking for someone, I went to a cosmetics counter to ask for help. Two staff were looking at each other’s phones, not really interested in helping lost souls. I had to interrupt them so that I could ask for the manager. They paged her, and after a few minutes she showed up. She was nice enough, and helped me a bit. When I asked her why there was no staff, her response was that three staff had called in sick.
    (Sorry, but with the size of that store, I would have expected a dozen or so staff to help customers.)

    In the past few years, there seems to be a pattern of not having sufficient sales staff at this store. (I later went to the Polo Park store and got much better service, btw.) I have often left your store empty handed because nobody is available to help. It seems as if your company wants this store to die. When I say
    “often”, I mean maybe 90% of the times I have gone to this HBC store.

    I would safely guess that in one year, I might have ordinarily bought thousands of dollars of goods, but instead it is now only a paltry few hundred. When I went shopping for my wife’s xmas presents, I had planned on spending 500–1000$ in ONE day, but instead I had to take my business elsewhere. You have some of the best products around, so your store is naturally a first choice for me. It could be very easy for to come to buy a shirt and leave with a few more incidental purchases, so my figures might yet be low.

    Well, on Wednesday night, it happened again. I was looking for a high-end microwave, and after checking with a few other stores, I decided to go to the Bay because the kitchen departments are usually quite good.
    I went to the St. Vital store again. After searching for a few minutes, I saw that very few microwaves had prices on them, and the stock was bizarrely organized. So I went looking for help.

    The closest service desk was closed, and there was not a single soul (including customers!) on the entire side of the second floor. Not one!!! I went to the service desk on the other side and waited in line. After a full 12 minutes (only one staff and challenging custormers) I was able to ask. Your employee told me that the person handling the kitchen department was on break. What are you guys thinking? Only one person for nearly half of the floor, and that person is off having coffee?? It really appears that you are working hard NOT to take my money. I went to London Drugs and bought a microwave (btw, a staff there immediately came to help me and I was so happy that I bought something right away!!).

    Why oh why do you not have sufficient staff in your store. I can guarantee that, on average, if you had enough staff, on any one visit, I would ordinarily buy enough in 20 minutes to pay for one day’s salary of a staff. Honestly–there seems to be only one reason for such poor staffing, and that is that you want to go broke (like Sears?) or want to take the entire business online? It does not take a PhD in mathematics (even though I have one) to see the simple economics of poor staffing. When will someone in HBC management wake up?
    I would guess that adding at least TEN more staff per floor would result in such increased sales that your store (and reputation) would flourish.

    It would be a real shame if HBC cannot bring their stores back to something like the days of glory that it used to enjoy. However, this depends on management, not just the economy. BTW, I don’t do online shopping, so I would really appreciate more help in spending my money in person. (My wife does the online thing, but reports that your online site is horrible anyway and so instead does Amazon or …)

    many thanks for listening. Please call me if you want to talk about this: 204-960-1118. Also, please do not put my email on any list that you send junk mail to.

  29. Paul Stein Reply

    I ordered a coffee maker on Nov 25. It still has not arrived. I have called 5 times and every time they assure me that it will arrive.Now they tell me that your delivery service can’t find my address. Beyond believable. Now I ask for my $$$ back and I get a bunch of words….”it may take months”. This is a complete fail. I will never ever shop at the Bay again. My order ID is 1100961197.

  30. Susan Hughes Reply

    Erin Mills store at 11:30 January 7/19. Only changing room open located in lingerie department so have to carry load of items across the store. Then only checkout desk open on bottom level is in the lingerie department but one cashier and a long line up of people wanting to pay. So my solution, dump the $350 plus of merchandise on a nearby table and walk out. Fortunately other stores in the mall were pleased to accept my money. Also that store is a dump. Racks every where, merchandise on the floor, looked like a tornado had gone through. Not an encouraging shopping appearance. Used to be a nice store, not now. Where is The Bays pride, where is the store manager? Not tiding up the store’s appearance that’s for sure.

  31. Lindsey Meagher Reply

    Why so much packaging on a order of socks? Each pair came with a plastic bag, a cardboard cover, tissue paper, a metal toe clip and a plastic tether. Kind of a shock when we open-end the box.

  32. Maria Greco Reply

    I contacted Customer Care today only to be disconnected while waiting for a manager to take my call. Not sure if this was done deliberately as I was told more than once that they were busy. Not appropriate response to give a customer. According to the ad online today, I should have received an extra 15% off my order regardless of how I paid. Nowhere in the ad did it say Le Crueset was exempt from this “Hurry” deal. In fact it said an extra 15%. I have taken a photo of the ad and exclusions. I am very disappointed with the Bay’s customer service. Those handling the phones have absolutely no regard for good customer service. I do not appreciate being brushed off when what was noted in the ad is what I was expecting to receive as a discount. Furthermore, I was at the Queen Street store today, and when I mentioned this to them, they were the ones that suggested I contact Customer Care as I was correct in what I read and interrupted. Look forward to your comments.

  33. Linda Cass-Jones Reply

    Hi Kayla,
    I have moved from wondering what is happening with my order, to wondering what is wrong with HBC, to asking myself why I would bother to order from HBC again, given the terrible communications and the apparent lack of competence and concern for customer satisfaction.

    October 16 – received a confirmation of my order # 1100197184
    October 29 – tried to check the status of my order online – it did not recognize my order #
    October 29 – called the number given in the confirmation of order number to check on the status of the order – the only thing I was told was to ‘give us another 5 days’, expect an email
    November 3 – tried once again to check online using my order # – told the number is not recognized, but that I cannot cancel or modify the order
    November 3 – called again an spoke to Kayla – explained the situation – you assured me that you would pass this along to a team who would resolve the issue and that i would hear from them by email. You also gave me this email address so that we could continue to communicate about this problem.
    November 6 – It is now three days later, two business days, and I still have had no communication offering any real information about what has happened to the order.
    So can you give me any good reason why I should continue to have any faith in HBC’s online reliability?

  34. Aziza Rohoman Reply

    I bought a Lord & Taylor cashmere sweater as a Christmas gift for my mother around November-December 2017. After a few wears, the sweater has a hole in the arm and lots of fuzz balls. I did not keep the bill.
    I have been corresponding with a Wendy Crouse on Oct 3, 5 & 6. She advised me to take the sweater back to any Bay Store for a refund. I showed up at the Queen Store and the sales associate did not know what to do even though I showed her the emails correspondence with Wendy. I reached out to Wendy twice on Oct 9 and Nov 1 and have not heard back from her.

    Please advise.
    thank you

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