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Head Office
Hostess Brands, LLC
P.O. Box 419593
Kansas City, MO 64141
United States

Customer Support
Phone: 816-701-4600 (corporate)
Phone: 1-800-483-7253 (Hostess Cakes)

About Hostess Brands
Hostess Brands is a manufacturer of branded snacks in the US. The company was founded in 2013 and has its headquarters at Kansas City, Missouri. The bakery company operates under the Hostess and Dolly Madison names.

Hostess is today one of the largest packaged food companies in the country. It’s history dates back to 1919 when the Hostess CupCake was introduced to the public. Today, the many Hostess snacks include Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, Donettes, Fruit Pies, Twinkies and CupCakes. In a year, Hostess sells close to half a billion Twinkies. You can visit the Hostess Cakes website to locate a store nearest to your address.


  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love your snack cakes. I have been a huge fan of the snowballs forever.

  2. I bought a box of twinkies ding dongs and 10 apple pies and 10 cherry pies to use as snacks for my grandkids, well they tried 1 of each and not 1 was any good.

  3. I opened up my Ding Dongs today and the one pack had a cake that looked like someone has taken a bite out of it. There was no pieces in the package that could have broken off.

  4. Bought a box of Ding Dongs yesterday, first time in years. No more nostalgic foil wrapper. The chocolate covering on the outside was so thin it was comical, and in my box of 10 I only received 9. Sadly, Hostess is just one more company that puts profits over product.

  5. I want to know why Hostess does not sell any of the cool flavored Twinkies like Banana or chocolate with mint cream to those of us on the pacific northwest!! Those flavors I found on Amazon for an absolutely crazy price – but I bought them so I could try them. Please tell me why only certain parts of the country get those!! It’s not fair. I love Hostess and have been a fan my whole life.

  6. I believe you are probably aware, but quality control with the Ding Dongs definitely needs to be addressed. I just took a bite out of one only to be assaulted with a flavor I can only describe as lighter fluid. I don’t know if something from the machines got onto the product, but it was so bad that after one bite I was nauseous and desperately trying to clean my mouth. Upon inspecting, I noticed some kind of fibrous white substance that seemed to be popping out of the chocolate. Could’ve been mold, could’ve been some kind of chemical, I don’t know. I do know, however that it shouldn’t have been there and has put me off a treat that was a childhood favorite for the foreseeable future. The Ding Dong was completely sealed and within it’s expiration date, so I’m kind of at a loss here.

  7. I bought a box of cinnamon swirl cake. Every last one of them had the bottom missing. I was so disappointed. The price has gone up and the quality has gone way down. Plus the cakes have gotten smaller.

  8. First of all I got a box of the Ding Dongs with no cream. Also kept eating hoping to find one with cream, but no! Now have a box of Twinkies only to have 5 out of the 10 count box were not sealed and were hard as a rock! I guess your company doesn’t believe in quality control. It seems like you’ll send anything out to the public. At least when Jiff screwed up they offered FREE new jars. I won’t be buying Hostess again!

  9. I bought a 16 family pack of Hostess Ding Dongs and not one of them had any cream filling! They were all just cakes. We have eaten half of them, hoping we would finally get one with cream – but not yet. Can’t take back to the store now. What can I do??

  10. I have been a fan of Zingers since I was a kid, I bought some tonight and they were just AWEFUL!! The frosting was hard as a rock and had a white tint to it…. Nothing like it used to be! Won’t be purchasing Hostess anytime soon!

  11. Kathy Fyffe Reply

    We bought ding dongs tonight, (Mom 2 adult children) all three of us were so disappointed. What happened. They were bad. No foil, dry and what happened to the filling. Not to mention they have lost a lot of weight they were nasty. Why did you screw up a good thing. Your product was good. I am 68 and i remember when your company was proud . Now not so much. I hope you fix the problem. Bring back the good old way. Send those dried up ones to , no no one deserves them. Maybe give them away.

  12. I just wanted to say I really love your little bundt cakes. Then just a suggestion. I am 64. When I was 20 and pregnant my food of choice was the Ho Ho. Back then it was wrapped in foil. They were fantastic. Could they possibly be brought back as a one time thing, maybe at the holidays? In their foil wraps?

  13. Debra Jackson Reply

    I was a really big fan of Hostess since I was a child! I’m 54 and can tell you that it is definitely not the same! The fruit pies are off on the taste a little but you can tell, especially if you’re a true fan of your pies. Than the size, omg! Why make it bite size? Wish you guys would bring them back out and the old size.

  14. Gail M Sokol Reply

    I was really looking forward to trying the Key Lime cupcakes. They were okay but they definetly need alot more tangy key lime flavor and creamy filling. I wasn’t get any key lime flavor.
    Thank you

  15. I have been so disappointed in the Hostess chocolate cupcakes for so long now. The icing is hard and brittle and cracks and breaks off. The icing I remembered in the past was glossy chocolate, smooth and creamy like real icing. I’m not expressing this correctly I know, but, I’m not sure how to describe it. In other words the icing looks like it sat somewhere for 2 years and got stale and does taste that way.

  16. Sorry to say, I will NEVER try another Hostess product again! I bought my favorite childhood Ding Dongs last week and was excited to try them. All I can say is YUCK! They were definitely smaller than I remembered as a kid. No, it’s NOT because my hands got slightly bigger growing up. The chocolate, left a horrible taste in my mouth, that hours later, I still can’t get rid of! CHOCOLATE! Something that should be enjoyed! That I definitely remember enjoying when eating Hostess! Whatever you did to the recipe, it’s definitely for the worse! I also remember the chocolate being smooth, not, whatever this. You did get the cream right on taste. But there was so little of it. It was as if this was ALL cake, thin bad tasting chocolate and a good, but small amount of cream. So, unfortunately, another childhood favorite bites the dust for me and you. If you want your customers back. Please listen to our complaints, and reviews. Make the old recipes!

  17. Always loved the hostess products. One favorite is raspberry zingers since the original first came out i would crave them. Sad to say had them today disappointed not only the size but before you would bit into a JUICY raspberry flavored cake with cream fill it balanced with the coconut. Today it was dry, NO flavor of raspberry and no cream at all. The product has really lost its zing. I hope the company can get their product back to it once was.

  18. I just bought 4 boxes of the family packages of Hostess Mini Muffins $3.50 each..Each box contains 8 packages with 4 mini muffins in each bag..I’ve noticed that most of the bags only had 2-3 mini muffins in each bag..They are ripping us off….

    • I’ve had the same issue, only finding 3 or 4 muffins in the bags. It’s really disappointing for the kids because I give them a bag in their lunches. It’s always a treat for them. There not exactly cheap to buy and then not getting what you paid for.
      By the way, why don’t you make banana nut muffins as well?

      Sincerely, Stella L.

  19. Reading these comments, you have lots of unhappy customers. Ho ho’s!?! What cheap crap is this. First Suzy Q’s now ho hos, good bye hostess

  20. Love! Love! Lemon mini Bundt cakes that I
    purchased at Market Basket in Maynard, MA.
    They seem to be only available at this Market Basket in our area. Will they be sold in more markets some time soon? Thank you

  21. I bought a box of white fudge Ding Dings. On the box it says “Now with Whiter Coating”. The Ding Dongs in this box were barely covered on both sides. It looked like maybe a machine wasn’t working. This has happened two times I’m very disappointed. I’m retired and have to watch my money. Can’t afford to get ripped.

  22. Do you plan on bringing back SuzyQ. Cant find them anywhere. I miss them. Do you ever think you would bring back your Angel food cakes with the pink icing. These are my favorites. Would love to see these both return.

  23. Just finished an Hostess apple fruit pie and I must say I admire your new baking model. Bake a quarter inch (.250) thick crust leaving much less room for fruit filling and improving the bottom line in a single stroke. Oh, I don’t know which ingredient/ingredients leave that greasy taste but you might try cutting back on it just a bit. Suspect it has to do with that grossly thick crust but just a guess.

    • Bought a box of our favorite, Ding Dongs, and there was no filling. Just the chocolate cake covered in a thin chocolate coat only on one side of the cake. It was super disappointing.

  24. Why can’t you bring back the angel food cakes with the pink frosting? They were my absolute favorite!! Would buy them again in a New York minute!!

  25. What the holy cheese doodle did you do to the ho-hos? They are half the size and taste horrible. The box even says “moister chocolate cake” and that is incredibly false. It should say “now with less cake and cardboard flavoring”. I will not be buying any of your product anymore. Even the chocolate Twinkies taste bad, how do you screw up a Twinkie a good recipe was established years ago. It seem you need to try your own product because with screwing up something as simple as chocolate cake your going to go out of business AGAIN. If I could get my money back I would. I would rather throw them away than stick them in my mouth. They really taste bad and I assure you I’m not kidding, go to the store and buy some don’t get them from your factory get them like all the rest of us then serve them to your board and see what your cats think of chocolate cardboard. Don’t forget any one of us can just buy your competitor’s product.

  26. I bought some Voortman cookies. I read that you now own this company. I got the coconut ones, but they had NO shredded coconut. I read that they are now coconut flavored. I will never buy them again.

  27. What a disappointment! The cherry cheesecake breakfast rolls are horrible!!! One bite and I spit it out. Tasteless. Only sweet, and gaggingly so. Do you not have a test kitchen? Has anyone served these up at one of your corporate meetings?? Don’t think I would either. May I suggest you order out? Maybe the old saying “Let them eat cake!” should be your new motto.

  28. Disappointing, are you seriously selling our long-loved ding songs without any filling to speak of? Are you not making enough profit to afford a proper amount of filling? Moreover, why are you wrapping them in some type of UNRECYCLEABLE plastic? Back in the day, they were wrapped in a type of foil covering which I assumed was recyclable.

  29. Sharon inman Reply

    I am really disappointed in the Hostess Ding Dongs. They were my favorite until lately. The best part about them was the chocolate on the outside. They are barely covered in chocolate now! They taste disgusting. Put the chocolate back on them! I’m afraid I will be switching to Little Debbie’s or Little Bites. They are still $2.98 a box with very little chocolate on them! So sad!

  30. I’m sad to say that i’ve eaten my last HOHO ever. I understand that it can be a tough decision between making a product smaller or raising the price, but you’ve totally destroyed the “essence” of the HOHO by not only making them smaller but also changing the formula. your “NOW, even better tasting” is anything but. They are now HORRIBLE.

  31. I have been eating Hostess for years all the different pies, Ding Ding, HoHo’s etc. This time Was very, very disappointing I purchased a box of Zingers inside the box every last Zinger was so tiny with just a dot of cream in the middle, icing was half on and hanging off the side. Apparently your company must not care about how your product is being distributed, They did not use to be like this….. Hostess was my favorite, what happened???

  32. Jeff Eugene Reply

    I recently went to Kroger as I do every week I always buy hostess snacks I love the mini cherry pies this time I bought a box of cherry pies all of them have cherry wrappers half of them are Apple 7 out of 10 so far are flat broken and dried up I would hope your quality control team would be better than that

  33. I have loved the Hostess cherry pies since I was little in the late 1950’s. The cherries were fun to pull out with my tongue and eat them all before I ate the crust. I bought one today. First I noted the box said “may contain pits”. How is that possible when it doesn’t even contain cherries? Not one cherry. The crust is filled with some jelled concoction that is very off putting.

  34. I am so disappointed I bought a box of DingDongs and there was no creme in the middle that is so disappointing!!!

  35. James R Muller Reply

    What did you do to the pies? The crust is soggy and oily and thicker than before, the taste of the pie is gross! Why fix it when its not Broken?

  36. Cary Ingram Reply

    My husband & I bought two six packs of chocolate donettes They were terrible. The “chocolate” coating was waxy & made my tongue feel like it was covered in shortening! I don’t plan on ever buying them again. They used to be a nice treat or part of breakfast but… I understand that you are in business to make money but if there is no chocolate flavor in the “chocolate” covered donettes why bother. Unless you restore the quality & good taste they used to have, we won’t waste our money. I read through other peoples’ comments & I agree. The pies used to actually be full of filling. The cupcakes were bigger, had more creme in the center… I really hope you go back to having a quality line of products because you are losing customers if you don’t.

  37. Carol Lewis Reply

    My husband and I purchase chocolate Ding Dongs we can find them, we normally shop at our neighborhood Walmart on Easy Brainerd Road in Chattanooga Tn. Last week we purchased a box H 0611 24000 163 04:39 best used by Aug 25 2020. I’m not sure what happened with this box but the cakes were old tasting and some had a odd taste which has never happened to us before. We were just wondering if you had complaints on this batch before. Thank you. Carol Lewis

  38. Pam Wallis Reply

    I have been obsessed with Ding Dong cupcakes since 1973!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the world have you done to them????? Very little filling! I mean very little! Totally different filling and dry as a bone! Awful! Shame on you guys for ruining a really good snack!

  39. Hello,

    I have always loved Hostess Cupcakes until recently. I am very disappointed in the size of the cupcakes- they used to be the size of a regular cupcake, but now they are no bigger then the size of a small cookie. Before I stop buying your product, please provide a reason why the cupcakes are half the size.

  40. Sharon Dollahan Reply

    I have always loved Hostess choc filled cupcakes, forever! This box was the worst I have ever had. Cake was so dry you couldn’t hardly swallow, icing so dry it wouldn’t break. What has happen to the good cakes you used to sell??

  41. As a fan of Hostess products, I noticed the classic chocolate cream filled Ding Dong coating taste like wax, pretty much like the same coating on the mini chocolate donuts, does not taste good. Not like they did. Disappointed. Even the off brand local grocery store chocolate covered mini donuts taste much better. Doesn’t taste like wax. Why the changes???? Can Hostess please go back to the original chocolate coating for the Ding Dongs?? Pretty please??

  42. Patricia J David Reply

    Hello, I am 63 years old and I remember when your products really tasted good.
    Now your products are super small, never fresh,
    the flavor is not the same and not even worth the
    Purchase price.
    What happened to your company? Is there no pride in the products that you are making? You need to
    Hire some baby boomers in your R & D, they are the
    ones that could bring back that freshness, flavor and
    size of snacks we remember. You are cutting too many corners and it really shows in the quality of your

    • Heather Brooks Reply

      Hello Patricia,

      Let me just say I totally agree with your post! Companies are changing formulas on food products when there is no need for it. As the old saying goes, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” And why Hostess feels the need to change their products is beyond me.

  43. Lorri Nowell Reply

    Please improve your products. The prices are ridiculous, the size of product is for a Toddler. Seriously you can do better. Very disappointed and I’m not the only one that will stop purchasing your products

  44. Matthew McGrath Reply

    I was eating one of the Cupcakes after lunch. Before I bit into it I noticed it had mold. I found out when I got home that 5 out of the 8 in the box were the same way. I’m just glad one of my kids didn’t eat one.

  45. Anna Valdez Reply

    Please bring back banana flavor Suzy Q’s. They were so good. I was in 3rd grade when tried for the first time. Now I’m 53. Zingers a very small now. The chocolate zingers are to sweet. The twinkies are ok. Snowballs cake is too dry. I like Safeway brand fruit pies. Hostess doesn’t put enough filling in their pies.

  46. Karen Wilson Reply

    I bought a pack of Zingers last night from the Dollar Tree. Expiration date of 8/26/19. Number under that date is as follows: G 0612 24000 163 15:00 L. One of the Zingers had a circular mark about 1/4 inch in diameter that looked like mold. I took a picture and would like to sent it to you. Actually saved the Zinger, as well. It was disgusting. Thank you!

  47. I tried a box of Ho Ho’s for the last time. Cakes are dry with a bitter after taste and the chocolate coating is so thin it has lost its magic. Terrible.

  48. I have been a hostess fan for years but now that it has come under new ownership I have notice a big change in taste and the size of all your products. I don’t know if everyone is realizing what I am and that is the prices have gone up and the food is way smaller than it used to be. It’s a joke. I was so disappointed in the zingers they taste like crap and the cup cakes, the ding dongs and even the the cakes covered in coconut. The twinkies are bad and very small too and really not worth buying. It’s a shame you can’t get your money’s worth anymore. Trust me when I say it’s not just hostess it’s potato chips, pop, cookies and well everything. It’s all smaller in size but the costs are more. As a consumer I just needed to voice my opinion because I’m dissatisfied, disappointed and I have a family of 4 that’s hard to feed with all the costs and downsized food I almost have to buy 2 of everything just to feed all of us, It’s outrageous and I really can’t afford to treat my kids to a Twinkie or mini donuts and I’m just going to stop wasting my money on these products. Thank you for your time.

  49. Hello my name is pebbles and I grew up with hostess bakery and doughnuts and cookies and other products, I lived in Detroit Michigan when hostess bakery was located on Oakman Blvd and fenkell right down the street from sanders bakery, everyday I would walk home from school then it was turner Elementary school they are closed now sadly but when we would walk home all you smelled was delicious cake baking it use to smell so good! the whole block would smell like cake and cookies baking, in 2012 sadly they closed and the baking factory was closed. No more delicious Cake and cookies baking smell in the air the company went out of business. And over time I under stood that there would still be some hostess products like the famous Twinkies and chocolate doughnuts and bread and cookies in grocery stores I was happy to hear that and I begin to get Twinkies and Ding dong’s and I noticed the chocolate doughnuts don’t taste the same as they used to why? They used to taste so good and moist and soft but now they don’t taste good like they used to. The chocolate doughnuts are just about tasteless only thing that is still good is the chocolate coating but the doughnut isn’t so good anymore why? It’s as if they don’t have any taste, why the change? I was very disappointed because hostess was a favorite of mine but not so much anymore because of how the doughnuts have changed I really wish the company would go back to the way it used to be moist and soft and tasty. I hope this company will return to the ol school days when they were delicious tasted so good and moist and soft again. go back to the old recipe it’s much better, thank you so much

  50. Dried out Ho Ho’s why? Chocolate no taste just a cheap color coating.I wanted to have a memory but guess it was to much to hope for.. Chalk it up to progress in a company, cut cost where ever they can.

  51. I haven’t had Ding Dongs in a long while, well I bought a box of them today… They tasted ok, not as good as they use too, however… they are so small now…I doubt I will pay that much for a two-bite Ding Dong… in the future. Hostess use to have a good name, not anymore…. sorry.

  52. Rachel Bigelow Reply

    Love your products in hosting a party next month for my daughter and was wondering if had any coupons that would help me out with buying some snacks

  53. Skye Quartermain Reply

    I purchased hostess bakery petites white fudge vanilla cake delights and they were wonderful except the bag would not reseal. The entire plastic zipper was not attached to the bag and it made it most inconvenient.

  54. I love Hostess Twinkies but I never see them one sale in any of the stores I go in. Was wondering if your company would send me out some coupons to off set the price?

  55. Okay Hostess…… so I have stood by you long enough, Again I purchased ANOTHER box of the Cherry Fruit pies, and AGAIN the filling is minimal and like rubber cement glue, I have already decided not to ever purchase the Apple pies because I tried to endure the awful pie filling that has a toxic substance ( numbs the mouth), but I have decided to no longer purchase the Cherry pies. After while there will be no products that interest me, and Little Debbie is an absolute no.

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