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Contact History Channel: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the award-winning channel.

Head Office
A&E Television Networks, LLC
235 E. 45th Street
New York, NY 10017
Phone: +1 212 210 1400

Customer Service
Email: [email protected] (channel support)
Email: [email protected] (estore support)

About History Channel
History is made every day on the History Channel. The Channel is owned by A&E Network and was established in 1995. Known for its documentary and historical fact and fiction programs, the channel reaches more than 380 million homes worldwide. The channel airs myths, technology, war, conspiracy theories and whatever history you can think of. Initially the channel, aired only historical series and documentaries, but it later adopted historical fictions such as Vikings, Knight Fall, Project Blue Book, and Truck Night in America etc. A&E History aims to enlighten the world through the presentation of history in an entertaining way.

Some of the channel’s originals include Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Forged in Fire, The Curse of Oak Island and many others. History channel is aired in many countries including US, Canada, Germany, India, and several other Asian, European and African nations. Other brands of A&E History include History en Espanol which an extension of History channel that broadcast in Spanish. It’s shows include American pickers, Pawn Stars Alone etc. Military History airs history series about war. Some of the programs are Dead Men’s Secret, Nostradamus Effect, and History Raiders etc. Other channels include A&E, FYI, Lifetime and Crime & Investigation.

Browse the official History website to follow your favourite episodes and shows. The homepage features all the latest and trending. You can also catch a preview before streaming the full episode. By clicking the Shows tab you can know the schedule of current shows, including time and episodes. You can search shows by keyword or by show titles. You can watch full episodes of your favorite History series and also explore thousands of articles and videos. The digital cable and satellite television network also is found on iOS and Android platforms. The app for smartphones and tablets provide free access to full episodes, clips and topical videos. Create your profile to continue watching where you left off or add favorite shows, specials or movies to “My List” to watch later.

You can keep a piece of your favourite shows by shopping for customized items on History shop. You can shop by popular shows or by products like apparel, drinkware and accessories. Purchases on the estore can be made using Visa or MasterCard. Shoppers enjoy a 30 day return policy while shopping on the website. Allow 2-4 weeks for processing your returns. Note that all personalized items are nonreturnable.

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  1. Watching the latest season of “Alone”. This group has spent more time talking about missing their families than any of the previous ones.
    Can’t count how many times different people have said “nobody should judge me” LOL. I’m on day 24 and five people have already left!! Seriously?? You guys need to find a better group of survivalists that maybe are not as photogenic, but perform better.

  2. Hello, it’s time to dump ‘Pawn Stars’ the show is highly predictable and obviously staged and non believable. Cant stand the characters! Corey is RUDE, Chum is STUPID, everything Rick says is scripted, every customer is subject to a beat down. This show has made enough money and has to go! I don’t know anybody that watches it.

  3. On the show “Swamp People”. In my opinion, feel that this show should be removed from the History channel. I think it is the least entertaining show with no history discussed . I do not find southerners killing multiple alligators entertainment at all. All it is is Southerners killing / butchering gators for sport, and profit.

  4. I have enjoyed The Curse of Oak Island and Skinwalker Ranch but I am sick of the loud music and drums. Why do you need it? I don’t think it’s necessary at all. It is just dissonance! I have muted the program and put on captions but that isn’t desirable. The quality of your programming has really deteriorated.

  5. Your recent announcements for the coming “The Titans That Shaped America” is intensely annoying because of the ill-informed use of language: Assuming titans refers to human beings whoever compiled this title needs to re-visit his or her English lessons. People are “Who”; things are “That”–this show would be more correctly named “The Titans Who Shaped America.”

  6. I really enjoy Forged in fire, BUT, I think that it really sucks that you use animals as targets in the kill tests. I think the ballistics dummies are way better. This is a no brainer in my opinion.

  7. Belinda Dunaway Reply

    Why did history channel cancel Project Blue Book? Loved that show! I hate all the reality shows . food shows and forged in fire shows!! Unexplained and oak Island and ancient Alien’s are the only ones i watch anymore. You cancelled the best show on TV. Bring back Blue Book!!!

    • Amen brother. It really the best show ever. How it just sucks you in. The reality shows do suck except Skinwalker Ranch. The corporate buffoons canceled all scripted shows. Look how they kill small businesses. Corporate America needs to go but they keep feeding it. Why do they ruin and poison every single little thing they touch? They are like the King Midas’s of poopoo. Other networks may pick up season 3 of Project Blue Book. Lets hope!!!!

  8. How come the History channel does not have hardly any History on it anymore just game shows and ridiculous Reality TV shows . Each year it gets worse.
    And why do you run the same same show all night.
    I sometimes enjoy the Pickers but not show after show
    Once is enough for one day.
    Just my thoughts and option . Many people I know agree with me.
    Thank You for your time.

  9. Kyle C Gray Reply

    I am watching the series Grant and it is almost unbearable the amount of commercials. I love the show but it is crazy can you guys not afford to play a show without so many commercials

  10. Wow, really was looking forward to the Pacific miniseries. Watched it last night. Fantastic show but ruined by long commercials. 6 minutes of show then 5 minutes commercials. The commercials were so long it took away from the show. This made it not worth watching. Very disappointing.

  11. I watch Awn Stars on the History Chanel but I have to stop.
    The characters are trailer trash and I cannot stand Rick punctuating every conversation with his stupid and phoney laugh. He does it with every conversations he has. It is so annoying.

  12. I just watched your new show about John Wilkes Booth, and was very interested in the DNA investigation – until you got there. The entire DNA result is based on the DNA of one woman with no DNA evidence that she is actually ‘blood’ related to him. She may descend from his sister, she may not. Just because there are documents that may lead to that – without a DNA comparison between others, it is not logical to base a study on this one person. It wasn’t a logical or proven conclusion, and it could be wrong. All those others could actually be descends of… this is just not enough evidence. I was very disappointed. Leaving it open ended would have made more sense than basing it on one person’s DNA.

  13. Morry Stearns Reply

    I`m a huge fan of The History Channel . We love ” Mountain Men ” . but we miss Morgan and Margaret lots . Any chance of a re-visit ? We love all the guys…but those two were really inspiring to watch .
    Thanks…keep up the good work !!

  14. Dale Newman Reply

    Let me begin by saying I lOVE the different series you feature on actual history. I look forward to each and record them if unable to watch. I very much enjoyed the series on Defining Moments but to be honest was disappointed with the lack of attention to more recent history. I was extremely disappointed that you didn’t even mention the Vietnam War (or any war after WWII for that matter), how can that not be a defining moment?
    History education in our public schools is already so lacking. It spends SO much time on the founding of America in every detail (yes, important), that they never seem to find the time to teach our children about more recent events, even details around WWII fall short, but forget Korea, Vietnam, Iraq….they have no idea of the why, what, and when of those events. It’s a disgrace and would be very valuable information for them to understand. These events still affect us today to include the veterans forgotten and still suffering. People need to understand what they went through and why they should be respected. My point is you perpetuated that lack of attention by skimming or skipping over complete wars and jumping from WWII to 911. A lot went on in between those years and people need to understand why it happen.
    I will absolutely continue to watch all of your series, but given the unsettled nature of the world today you should give some thought to content that focuses on the time period after WWII to present day. Thank you!

  15. I was curious when new season of Secret of Skinwalker Ranch was to be broadcast. Thanks . I love the show but right whwn things seemed to really be coming together it was the end of the season. I had always wanted to visit but because of constant negative occurrences there and restrictive info of findings by Bigelow’s team there it, really is unnerving.


  16. Cecelia McCrary Reply

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have been an avid History Channel cable-television watcher for ten-plus years and it is one of my top favorite networks.

    I am well aware that the new episodes of programs are weekly and in the Evening hours.

    But before and after the new episode airing, there are numerous repeats of the same program airing. This is also true during the day on weekdays and weekends.

    I do not want to watch twenty episodes of American Pickers, or any other program, during one day. Maybe air only five episodes of one program, then go to another program???

    Your network has become extremely boring due to the multiple airings of one program.

    Are there any much older programs that can be aired again to give more variety??? Or even better, newer programs???

    Thank you for listening and hopefully I’ll find a better interest in your network.

    Sincerely, Cecelia…

  17. We enjoy watching the History channel on our Roku TV. However, when it comes to a commercial break the volume increases 10x. Please tell your sponsors we find it extremely rude that we are subjected such loud volume just so they can get our attention. It does the opposite and makes us angry and we are forced to hit mute.

  18. This used to be one of my favorite channels…years ago. It is now one of the worst stations on television! You would think that a channel called THE HISTORY CHANNEL would actually SHOW HISTORY! For years now you have showed nothing but crap. Every now and then you might show things like, Men who Built America or Food that Built America or something that tells about history. Who the HELL wants to watch American Pickers or Counting Cars or Pawn Stars all damn day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are about to BORE US TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get somebody in there that can redo this station. You just might see your ratings go up.

  19. Colin Dougherty Reply

    Dear History Channel,
    I want to thank you for the outstanding docudrama GRANT, I am a student of history and this outstanding program made so many issues and conflicts clarity. GRANT should be mandatory viewing by all high school and college students.
    Many Thanks

    • David Rios Reply

      Not happy knowing that Project Blue Book has been canceled. You left us with a major cliffhanger. I hope that the History Channel reconsiders and will bring back Project Blue book the series.
      Thank you.

  20. Lewis Downes Reply

    Hello I am writing to you as someone who is interested into having my own show along side with my team of highly historical teachers. We would like to have a show which includes talking about the conspiracies of space, time, world evolution, ancient Egypt plus many other historical events. If this doesn’t sound like an opportunity you are interested in, we have many other talents which I highly recommend as they will be very beneficial to the history channel, thank you for your time.

    Yours truly, Lewis Downes

  21. Watch the History Channel daily. Have noticed recently that foul filthy language is not being deleted or bleeped. It is not appropriate and we will stop watching if it continues.

  22. Charles Hager Reply

    I got up this morning expecting to watch my favorite car shows on the History Channel. XOR, Engine Power, Trucks, Detroit Mussel. Please tell me you’re not canceling Power Nation.

  23. Carolyn Buckner Reply

    Please do yourself a favor and get rid of the UFO Crapp. My family has been watching for a long time but the UFO Craig we have had to find other channels so please don’t make us watch other channels permanently thank you

  24. Kim Hobson Reply

    The MONTAUK project is real. However, three such projects were occurring simultaneously at three different locations seeking different outcomes. As one of those human medical research projects myself for two years it was a living nightmare. At MONTAUK it wasn’t so much space travel as it was rewiring the neurons of the brain to enter war situations in a totally different state of being to bypass emotions interfering with combat.

  25. Yes I’m a long time viewer. With that being said my hole family really enjoyed truck night in AMERICA was a awesome show. Truck Night in AMERICA was my family’s monday night football. Please bring it back signed long time viewer thank you. Do it for my 3 year old

  26. JoAnne Klein Reply

    The forthcoming scheduled program “The Butcher” is an abomination. Whether or not you have paid attention, the number of stolen, kidnapped and subsequently butchered pets is on the rise. What the Hell are you thinking by promoting “how to butcher an animal?” If being a butcher is a career designation, there are plenty of trade schools one can attend. What is the purpose of facilitating these mentally unfit humans in their pursuit of horrendous torture of living creatures. IF there is a rational and reasonable explanation, I would appreciate an answer to my questions.

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