Contact of HiFi Corp, SA, customer service

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Contact HiFi Corp: Find below customer service details of HiFi Corp, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Marlboro House
6 Eastern Service Road
Eastgate, Sandton, 2090
South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: 0860 459 459
Email: [email protected]

About HiFi Corp
HiFi Corp is a South African chain of electronics founded in 1993. The brand currently operates in RSA, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Swaziland. Products that can be shopped include television, audio, appliances, computers and smartphones. You can use the Store Finder on the website to locate nearest HiFi Corp outlet. The company also operates an e-commerce channel where you can shop products using major credit cards.

Product categories found include Appliances, TV, Audio, Electronics, Car Audio, Computing, Cellular, Gaming and Toys. You can find cooking appliances, coffee makers, refrigerators, irons, cameras, televisions, notebooks, tablets, monitors, smartphones and toys. Item description, reviews and technical details can be read on each product page. You can exchange or return most products within 14 days of your purchase. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, cancellation, refund or others, reach the HiFi Corp customer service.

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  1. I am really not impressed with the service I have recently received from online shopping. On the 31st December I went online to purchase the TP LINK MT600 Router for R1099. I was waiting for my order number after putting in my banking details when my phone went off the website. When I went back on I needed to go to the online chat to get my order number. I spoke to Stewart. He gave me my order number #500287773. He confirmed the transaction was through and delivery 5-10 days. Saturday 3nd I noticed nothing off my account and went online chat again to confirm payment was actioned. Stewert again was online and mentioned due to the holidays and weekend it might only go off on the Monday 4th January. That i should not do another transaction till then. On Monday 4th i called your customer care 0860459459. I informed them on what transpired. They gave me a ticket number #9000162078. Later i got a call from a lady who informed me that management has decided that due it not being there dite that was problematic they couldn’t give me the router at the same price. I asked to speak to a manager and was informed that they were busy and would call me later that day. Today is Thursday 7th. And still no call. I feel that this is really not good service at all. I wanted that router. I followed procedures to try to ensure all was on track. Never once mentioned it was your site that was problematic. But hiccups happen on the web. Is this really such a huge issue to your organization to want the new price if R1899. Is R800 going to set you back financially. It is to me. I need it to try work from home. My husband and I were retrenched due to lockdown. So R800 is huge for me. I sent a complaint through on the 7th January and then I get a snotty mail back today. Advising me. Thank you for your visit to our website. The price has changed. Seriously. Tell me something I don’t know. I would appreciate someone in management getting back to me.
    Gail vd Sandt

  2. I have in numerous occasions tried calling your, store (Kenilworth center) this morning with no success.

    I refer to the above ref number and the telephone conversation with Anthony on Thursday.

    I have now had time to apply my mind. Due to the unsatisfactory way I was treated when brining in my tv which I have had for about 4 months, I do not have the desire to take back a TV which is being sent for repairs. Unfortunately, the reasons leading up to this are as follows:
    1. The bad experience in store with
    Paul forcing me to take back the TV which subsequently went back on while I was in store;

    2. The TV has not left your store;

    3. I am not comfortable with a TV which now has to be fixed after only 4 months. Does this mean that I have to bring back the TV everytime for the next 5 years; lastly

    4. I read the negative comments on helloPeter.com.

    I would much rather appreciate a refund.
    Also, when I purchased the TV, I was told by the sales person that if I’m not satisfied, I can bring it back, it’s that easy. And look at how easy it is now. No TV for 7 days

  3. I am very disappointed with the service at Secunda mall, it’s over 1 hour I’ve been waiting for assistance. The service I got is very poor. And I don’t think I’ll ever buy at Hifi corporation.

  4. In 2018 we bought items to the value of R15000.00 cash at the store, a Hisense fridge, Defy gas stove and a Univa chest freezer. About a month ago the Hisense fridge started giving us problems, whereby the drainage hole at the back of the fridge was not channeling the water to the drip tray at the bottom back of the fridge, in addition, the fridge is over frosted right above the first freezer tray, so much that we cannot close the door properly, which means if we buy meat and frozen items, it will go off as the door cannot close, keeping the items frozen. We called Hisense, a Technician came out and advised that the fridge cannot be fixed, Hifi Corp needs to refund us and replace the fridge with a new exact same model. When we got to Hifi Corp on Sunday 12 July 2020, our details were taken by the floor staff and said we will be contacted that coming week. No one called us so we decided to go back to the store Saturday 18 July 2020 and hear for ourselves what the progress was. We were advised that the fridge is discontinued so we wont be able to get our exact same fridge, we can get the credit of R6999, that we paid for the fridge and choose another fridge that is on the floor, but we will need to pay R450 for delivery of the new fridge and collection of the old one. They showed us a Defy 348L black fridge that was R500 more than ours but smaller in size. This was info that the sales lady gave us, the manager, Danie, did not even bother to ask us what the problem is or give us a better solution. According to the sales staff, he in general does not listen to the clients that come with an issue, and gives the worst possible options just to get the client out of the store, we are not the first unhappy customers. Why do I need to pay for delivery and collection if my item is still under warranty, why does Hifi Corp offer me a smaller fridge at a higher price than what I paid for and still expect me to pay an extra R500. These items were bought cash and we asked for free delivery since it was a cash sale, now you want to make up delivery/collection costs. We then contacted Hisense warehouse, and they confirmed that they have this specific fridge still available for purchase. We have been misled with incorrect information and the staff or manager probably thought we would not bother to do our own investigation. Would it really be worthwhile to lose even more clients during this time where all stores actually need the sales? Would you really have a manager that drives people away from the store, instead of giving good customer service to get more valued clients? We are now sitting with a problematic fridge and no real options. However, i will tell you what my options are if i don’t get refunded the fridge i bought, i will take this matter further with the consumer Ombutsman, you will not ignore us and hope we go away silently.

  5. Good afternoon

    Today I visited your N1 City branch hoping to purchase a pair of noise cancelling heat sets as the one I had fell and broke. Ashraf, the gentlemen who assisted me said he sold the last pair yesterday. After carefully explaining to him what it is I wanted and what I use it for I asked if he could get it from another store for me. He said he could check who has but I would have to collect them. I questioned as to why they were only R350 as the previous pair I had I paid R500 for and they were on sale. He said that’s what the price. I digress.

    The only store that had stock was HifiCorp Promenade he said they can’t send it I would have to collect. I was reluctant but because I was so desperate and also because they seems unusually cheap I agreed to go there. While he was waiting for an answer from the store we had a conversation about said head sets. I told him in detail what I use it for and why I want it to NOISE CANCELLING. He spoke to Lucky at the other branch who confirmed that they indeed had it in stock. I AGAIN asked that it has to be NOISE CANCELLING, he confirmed that it was. They would keep it aside. I left the store and drove the the Mitchell’s Plain branch.

    When I got there I asked for Lucky and he went to retrieve the head sets from the back of the store and they were NOT what I asked for they were normal head sets which I could have purchased anywhere at N1 City. I was annoyed! Lucky called the branch and spoke to Ashraf who assisted me and he indeed confirmed that these were NOISE CANCELLING which they were not and said that they would work the same. I told him it is not what I asked for and not what I drove all the way for. He said it’s the one he uses and they work just as well. He didn’t take any responsibility for the error nor for the waste of my time. He did not apologize for wasting my time making me drive all the way for nothing. He rather insisted that these are correct. I didn’t want to keep going back and forth with him so I said it’s fine I’ll see what else they have.

    Lucky showed me a pair they had in stock and it was way out of my budget so I left with nothing at all.

    It seems the gentlemen at N1 City is not aware of the product itself else he would not have thought they were NOISE CANCELLING and would therefore not sent me on a 60 kilometer round trip for nothing. I’m more annoyed at the lack of responsibility on his part than the waste of time itself.

    Kind Regards
    Annoyed, Sylvana

  6. I purchased three items from hifi corp I did receive one its going to be 14 days now an still no reply to my messages or feedback on as to were is my goods I’m tried calling my airtym just goes trying to speak to same one but looks like I av to take this up to court cause they was good to take my money out from my account but I haven’t received my order that’s very bad service hifi corp.

  7. Calvin Jonhasi Reply

    I bought a gas burnr 4 weeks back and I followed up this week and was told that it will be delivered before the end of this week ,I still have not received.iam disappointed.

  8. The customer service at HiFi Corp Mpumalanga Bushbuckridge Acornhoek mall it’s so horrible, their prices in store goes higher at the till point, then they tell you if You don’t have that higher amount you can leave it

  9. I bought a fridge online on the 12th of December. Still no fridge and no refund. I have called every day and each time I am told a different story. Call center refuses to allow me to talk to a manager or supervisor and I have had the phone put down in my ear repeatedly. I have now had to go the legal route to get my money back.
    National Consumer Commission. Address: 1 Dr Lategan Rd, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 0027. Phone: 012 428 7000(334)


  10. Andrew Thomas Reply

    Always trust your gut feeling. HiFi Corp is renowned for their bad service. Black Friday was the 28/11/2019. It is now the 13/12/2019. I still have not received my purchase even though Hifi Corp has my money. Customer care line just rings

  11. Nikiwe Mhlanga Reply

    The service at HiFi corp is horrible. I have been calling for the last 3 days and sending email using the address in this page and it is not delivered. I want to cancel and get a refund for my order, kindly advise.

  12. Sibongiseni Reply

    I recently made an order for a fridge with you guys and money was taken out of my account of R3300 but there was no order number or tracking number instead it was written order cancelled…Can someone call me or return my money

  13. On the 17th of November I brought back a 50 inch JVC tv at the Centurion branch, where I had initially purchased it. The reason why I brought it back is because it had just switched off whilst I was watching tv with my family. Upon arriving at your shop I was told a technician who is offsite will have a look at it. I was told to leave the tv and that I will be contacted during the course of the week. Behold no one bothered to call me out of courtesy to give me an update. I called the shop on Tuesday the 19th to find out what was happening. One rude staff members told me the technicians hadn’t come and that they are still waiting. I asked if they just didn’t have the decency to advise me ? I then requested to speak to the Manager who was equally rude to me. They went on to tell me about how my warranty is almost done anyway. So what ??? So are you waiting for my warranty to be done so you can tell me stories ? I brought back that tv way before my warranty was done. Till to date I have not heard from anyone from your shop. I really loved shopping at Hifi but not anymore. My wife bought most of her kitchen appliances there and she loved it but now all this has left a sour taste in our mouths. Is this how you treat customers ? Please can you advise if you will give us another tv or alternatively reimburse us so we can get a tv from a store that will treat us much better than this. My family and I are really disappointed with the Centurion branch.

  14. Maropene Josephine Reply

    Please help. I purchased a wifi from Mamelodi hifi corp on the 24 of September 2019 and returned it on the 04th of October 2019 for a refund cause the volume is too low. I have been struggling to get my refund and everytime I go to the branch I am told there is no cash and that they can’t refund me into my cheque card. I was advice to go open a credit card so that the branch can refund me into the credit card. I am hopeless that I will ever get my refund from mamelodi branch.

    Please help.!

  15. Hi-Fi Corporation online purchases. I bought an home theater system online. I received it late yesterday 21/10/2019. I then went online to confirm what is the procedure when I would like to take out an extended warranty on my product. the person who assisted me “Chelsea” asked me if i opened the equipment. I stated that yes i have as i cannot assume everything is fine in the box so yes I opened it before I sign the document. She then told me that they will not cover the item as it was opened already and it was delivered yesterday already. Now d i need to call the store to advise them that they must stay open up until I receive my package so that I can take out an extended warranty. the worse part about off this is I didn’t even knew as to when the delivery would take place as no call was received about the delivery. Hi-Fi Corporation needs to state online that when you receive your package don’t open it as you will not be allowed to take out an extended warranty if you open it. Also state there when the purchase is made that Hi-Fi Corporation will take full responsibility for damages, stock loss and whatever may go wrong.

  16. HiFi Windhoek Maurua Mall Namibia is the worst store I’ve ever had the misfortune to deal with. Rude staff, disinterested staff. Manager nit much better. Never get back to a customer on queries. Always talking on cellphones and texting, ignoring customers. Store never answers their phones. Not the managers phone or the store phone. It’s impossible to do business with this store. Many other customers also complaining.

    I’m surprised this store is still running and even managing to make turnover! Nobody wants to shop there because of the bad attitude of this company and the incompetent staff it employs!

    I will never shop at HIFI again. Not in Namibia or in RSA. The company has a very bad reputation.

  17. Good day Hifi corp,

    Thanks for my printer i hope its still going to work, why am i saying this!!!!!
    Picture this the delivery vehicle stops at your door the delivery person takes out your parcel a Printer which is lying upside down, in the back of the van, picks it up turn the box right way up and the DROPS it in the back of the van to get the delivery not which is stuck to the box.

    BAD BAD BAD service.

  18. Good morning.

    I was just in one of your stores in Kenilworth Center Cape Town. My initial contact in store was helpful. When I was refered to person in finance who was busy. She hand gestured to her collegue for me to take a seat. The manner in which she did this was humiliating un unprofessional. I waited a full 15 minutes and still after a second request for assistance she was clearly agitated.
    I am a client with money to spend whether cash or terms of finances. I expect to be treated respectfully and in a dignified manner
    My suggestion is that you please censor and educate her as per customer services. A smile and a good pleasant approach would be highly appreciated. As fo my 20k spending budget I think I’ll go to your competitors.


  19. Jannine Smit Reply

    Good day.

    On 16 June (the first weekend of my 3 week leave)I placed an order (no 500092556) online for a Defy Dishwasher, a Defy tumble dryer and a Samsung microwave, (nothing particularly exotic!) many people told me I was a fool to do this through you, but I said to them all I have bought many items from Hifi Corporation in the past and have never had a problem. Well I am afraid this will probably be the last. I sat down and got quotes from 4 different places for the items I needed, and the reason you got the purchase was the fact that you were offering free delivery of appliances up until 15 July. Well maybe thats the lesson, nothing is ever free!

    When I did my purchase, everything I chose, I specifically chose for the fact they said 2-5 delivery days ( I even ordered a silver microwave even though I would have preferred a white one because the white one said up to 21 days delivery)

    Shortly after the order placed i got the email to say “Well this is embarrassing”…and a promise was made to get my order done asap! I have been scared to leave my house for my whole leave in the hope that my delivery would appear…the end of my 3 week leave is tomorrow, and I have still not yet received my order!

  20. Kindly note I purchased a Hisence TV 49inch on the 26th of June 2017, at the East Rand HI Fi Corp. After a year of having the TV, two lines started appearing that just became longer across the entire screen. Now less than two years, more lines are appearing going across the screen. This is a benefit I paid for that I need to go without due to the quality of a Hisence product which you sell.From the 4 May I have not had any communication, unless I initiated it. My DSTV I pay that I can’t enjoy, and no one can tell me why, I have spoken to both the guys in customer care, only promises, no results. Not acceptable at all.

    Now my TV license needs to up to date for me to be issued with a new TV(could be a possibility mention on the 4th May after handing in TV) , all the inconvenience on my side, nothing on the client or supplier, nothing.

  21. HiFi Corp is a big rip-off – Arbor Crossing Branch. Just tried to return an item in under 5 days with its original packaging, not used and not even opened and I was asked to pay a 15 % handling fee! 15% for what? Rather buy from Makro, Games or Pick & Pay, you will be better off!

  22. I Purchased a fridge from the Willowbridge store, returned it to them and am now struggling to get my money back. The store Manager Shaun is rude, has no customer experience and not very helpful

  23. I have been trying to contact Hi Fi corporation for most of the morning. Number is forever busy. I am trying to lodge a complaint about bad service in Mahube and Denlyn Stores in Mamelodi. Please can someone contact me if possible. I will appreciate

  24. Palesa Masoeu Reply

    I bought a tablet online, it was delivered and I signed it without opening it. When I opened it once the delivery person had left I discovered that the was no USB cable for the charger. I immediately called their customer service numbers and I spoke to a lady by the name of Jody. She said I must just go to any hifi corp shop and explain to them and I will be assisted. I asked for a reference number for follow up and as proof that I did call. She said there will be no need for one and I will be helped. After a day of using the tablet it started to give me problems and I wanted to return it as I wasn’t happy with the functionality. I went to the shop and when I told them the story with the USB cable they said they cannot exchange or refund it because of the missing USB cable. 80% of my shopping is online and never have I received such appalling service in all my purchases. The lady was also rude at the shop. The call center never logged my complaint and there is no reference number for a follow up. Now I am stuck with a tablet that I don’t want. Never will I buy stuff from Hifi corp again

  25. Farai Nyika Reply

    I have since 18 June been requesting a refund for an online order that I cancelled due to unavailability of stock. To this day I have not received my money back. No one from HiFi has called me back to tell me when I will get my money back.

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