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Contact Hallmark Channel: Find below customer service details of Hallmark Channel, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Crown Media Holdings
12700 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 200
Studio City, CA 91604
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-HALLMARK
Phone: 1-800-425-5627
Phone: 1-888-390-7474
Email: [email protected]

About Hallmark Channel
Hallmark Channel is an American cable television network that traces its history to 1992 when it was operating as the American Christian Television System (ACTS) and the Vision Interfaith Satellite Network (VISN). Later it also operated as Faith & Values Channel and Odyssey Network. It’s sister channels consist of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama. The channel is owned by Crown Media Holdings and operates from its headquarters at Studio City, California.

Available in both high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD), the channel reaches 87 million homes. The ‘Schedule’ tab on the website provides details of the various programming throughout the month. All the titles and details of the program are available on the website. Viewers will find seasonal programming around holidays, in addition to the network’s made-for-TV movies.

The ‘Movies’ tab on the homepage lists all the latest and popular romantic movies. The ‘Home & Family’ tab has videos on latest recipes, cooking, crafts, home decor and DIY tasks. To view the programming on your television, speak to your cable TV operator. You can also catch the shows and episodes live online. You can select the cable providers to get started. The list includes U-verse, Verizon, Suddenlink, Dish, Optimum, Spectrum, DirecTV and Xfinity.

Hallmark Channel movies and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries originals can be purchased with your local retailer, Walmart, Target or Amazon in DVD format. For Hallmark’s own streaming and on demand service, there is Hallmark Movies Now. There is monthly as well as annual subscription. For more information or queries on subscription, refund, cancellation, career/jobs, or others, reach the Hallmark Channel support.

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  1. Unlike many people, I am not a fan of Christmas movies being shown in July. I like Christmas but don’t know why it’s necessary to show these movies earlier than a couple of weeks prior to Dec 25.

    My biggest complaint is the constant showing of The Golden Girls. These reruns are shown on at least 2 channels simultaneously and honestly considering the constant sex in your face of this show I don’t understand Hallmark showing it.

    I for one want to see it replaced by episodes of Frasier. I was willing to stay up to watch Frasier when it started showing at midnight CST but now you’ve moved it to 3:00 AM CST and we only get 2 episodes and then that annoying Reba starts up.

  2. I love watching Hallmark movies but would really love to see a new plot. All these stories are the same, different town, different leads (sorta). Same story line, female goes to hometown and leaves boyfriend or ex behind, meets old boyfriend and becomes confused. He decides to give her room and leaves town, oh but wait, she runs after him. I think you need new writers to come up with new ideas…how about a couple that aren’t rich, they have beautiful romances too. I did!!!

  3. You need some new story lines. Many are repeated over and over. Maybe you could have a fan contest?? You might be surprised that many viewers could give your writers some great ideas!!

  4. Was amused and frustrated with some of the winter movies that include skiing. As an avid skier and a ski industry professional, I was amazed at the lack of research Hallmark production does before filming. Let me make a suggestion to the production staff, never ever wear a knit ski hat under a helmet. This only reduces the integrity of the helmet by not fitting properly. If the actors head is cold, they can wear a helmet cap such as made by Turtle Fur which is thin yet warm and allows the helmet to fit properly. Also, let’s not embarrass the viewers who know how to ski by showing someone who is supposedly an extreme skier/sportsman going down the slope in a snowplow. Hire a stunt person to at least make the character what he/she is intended to be or not even show the character skiing.

  5. In 2019 I received a Kindle Fire 10HD and at that time downloaded the Hallmark TV app (not Hallmark Movies Now). Through this app, I had access to the latest new movies and various select movies from Hallmark Hall of Fame, Hallmark channel, and specific shows such as When Calls the Heart. Approximately 2 months ago, some of the movie and program content was missing. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app which made the content access unavailable with the exception of those items displayed on the home page. I have contacted the recommended email addresses for technical support with no response. When I called the Hallmark Customer Care number, it could not connect me with a support person.

  6. I really enjoy the Hallmark Channel. The week of 5/3/21 I turn my tv on to watch a movie. I have the Dish Network channel’s 185 and 187. Much to my surprise there were no movies for 3 day’s. No explanations given why not. This week the week of 5/10/21 looks like a repeat of last week. No movies. Just stupid show’s like Reba, Golden Girls, etc all day long. Could someone please tell me what is going on? I tried every way I could to try and find out to no avail.

    • My wife and I have always looked forward to and enjoyed the Hallmark movies. We have spent many an enjoyable afternoon or evening of watching the Hallmark movies. However I agree completely with Sylvia’s response to the recent scheduling. A couple of episodes of Golden Girls would be fine. But, now we are getting an exclusive steady diet of Golden Girls. I look at the Hallmark schedule and it is just Golden Girls, time slot after time slot, way into the evening. There must be some explanation for this. But, for now, it is just enormous frustration and disappointment. Is there any time that Hallmark will get back to their normal movie scheduling?

  7. I have Direct TV and pay a ridiculous amount mainly for the basic Hallmark channels. Today, Monday, May 3,2021, I flipped on Hallmark to discover an evening of non stop Standing Room Only and, gag me with a spoon, Aurora Tea Garden reruns! So apparently, Hallmark fans are now being held hostage to pay more for ANY movies? DirectTV, now AT&T, provides nothing but reruns, repetitive stations and infomercials beyond belief! Are the American people so content that we continue to be manipulated by these multi billion dollar companies? I am so over it.

  8. My husband and I are so sad to learn our beloved Home and Family show will stop airing in August! We’re hoping many viewers like us will contact Hallmark and that Home and Family will continue to be part of the Hallmark lineup.
    We just LOVE the cast (Debbie, Cameron, etc) and just loved watching them every day. We learned so much from the show. It’s just indispensable. Hallmark, please THINK about this and renew one of your best-loved programs!! We’re hopeful viewer sentiment can make a difference!

  9. Love watching Little House on the Prairie. We need more shows like this where we can see God. I pay a fortune just to be able to watch about 10 decent channels on TV. This show is a breath of fresh air. It is wholesome. We need programs like this in this crazy world. Thank you. Mrs Virginia

  10. Usually enjoy the Christmas hallmark movies: but enough of the men who don’t know how to shave and the bad toupees.
    The women with poor hair extensions, high heels in the snow, a few normal size people would also be appreciated!!! Speaking of fake snow the are enough locations in Canada with real snow to film( as a lot of the movies are filmed in B.C.) or purchase a snow machine, like they have on the ski hills.
    Look back at some of your prior movies with a great story line for example: The most Wonderful time of the Year, Mrs. Miracle. The Christmas choir or A Season for Miracles. There have been some of this years movies that have been great and enjoyable to watch and others not so much.

  11. As a Christian Pastor who has been very thankful for your pro family approach to entertainment, and one who has promoted your movies and your channel amongst our church people, I am deeply disappointed by your change in policy and direction.

    I am no longer watching your channels, nor will I be able to recommend them to my congregation any longer.

    I hope you re evaluate this decision and have a change of heart, because I believe you have grossly misjudged the American viewer.

    • Agree 1,000 percent Bud! Ruined my Christmas movie watching tradition with hallmark channel and family movie night go to. It is so sad because it is so fake and calculated. They need to appease the culture so they immediately slap immoral content in every movie and hope no one will notice. Laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous.

    • Frances Rodgers Reply

      I would love to see Kevin Mcgarry and Jaeda Miller get their own show.In my opinion they were the best actors on WCTH.I cannot bring myself to watch WCTH again after such a horrible season eight, but I would certainly miss seeing Nathan and Ally,and I know many others feel the same way I do.

  12. Hallmark was watched. 80% of the time in our home over the past 4 years. Tonight we sat down to watch “another family” movie on Hallmark. After a few minutes into the movie we stopped it to rewind and make sure we saw and heard what we did. Unfortunately we did hear and see right. The movie, “Wedding Every Weekend” is NOT a family values film.

    We turned the channel and we are no longer going to turn to Hallmark Station for any movie. Hallmark should stay with the family value films that they have been so great at putting out.

    Yes – Harvest & Christmas will be different for us & as many people that we can influence to NOT WATCH ANY MOVIES UNTIL HALLMARK decides to support family values. If they don’t – we don’t need them.

    We do not need the “alternative gay agenda pushed on us as AMERICANS or on our children”. This is no longer a Family TV Station.

    So very sad –

  13. Hello,
    I would like to Thank the Hallmark channel for returning Perry Mason marathon and also returning Matlock back on air. I appreciate your consideration for your loyal customers. Now I can be a faithful watcher of your channel.
    Thank you,

  14. I was wondering if you would ever air your older Hallmark Christmas movies? I watch all of the time and see the same ones over and over, I wouldn’t mind watching from years gone by if it meant something different. Thank you

  15. I enjoy watching the Hallmark channel. It’s my favorite channel. It would be nice to see something different. Maybe, we can see a story involving a more healthier woman ( thick, fluffy, voluptuous) in a love story. There isn’t any love story that focuses on bbw (big, beautiful woman). I may be alone in this thought, but I don’t think so. Us bbw can fall in love with a handsome man and have a happily ever after. I would love to see us represented. Just a thought.

    Thank you,

    • K Milender Reply

      Hallmark mysteries and movies needs to go back to having mystery movies not all the non mystery stuff. Enough of Christmas in July and other shows. The original concept was outstanding. But now it seems so watered down. Thank you
      K Milender

  16. Wanda Headley Reply

    What happened to The Golden Girls, Fraiser and I Love Lucy during the evening hours? I understand it is Christmas in July but really, 24/7 of Christmas movies. I need my 80s comedy fix during the week!! I’ll be back when you bring back the trio..

  17. Has Hallmark considered making an album with their Christmas movies. I love all the music that is in the all the movies. I would love to see an album of all the music from the movies. I think most of us who watch all the time would be first to purchase. Thank you for your attention!

  18. Ophelia Harling Reply

    Hi lately I have been watching Good Witch I am caught up now. It has startled me that I haven’t seen the segment of (Jake Russell) have been shot or was he written out of the story line, or is it that the writer wanted to go in another direction of the show. Also, I saw when Grace was in pre-school then she became a teenager. I want to know whether I missed some shows about Jake being killed. Lastly, I am a very big fan of Catherine Bell, she was an amazing lawyer on JAG. I love how her last name is apart of her store. Could someone please contact me. Cassie Nightingale current husband is a perfect match. Ophelia

  19. Love watching all your movies! They are a breath of fresh air in this crazy world we live in!!! Don’t know why people complain about them being the same. Some are better than others but they’re still enjoyable and happy, promoting kindness which we definitely need more of! The only complaint I have is that some people when they kiss look like they’re stiff lipped and glued together!!! their lips don’t even move! Ha ha! Andrew Walker and Wes Brown definitely are the best they make it look very realistic!! just a fun observation! Keep up the good work!!

  20. Jeannene C Bays Reply

    I have been noticing that in all your investigative movies you have all women wearing high heels or stacked heels no matter what the terrain is. It is totally absurd to have them wearing such footwear getting onto boats or running after a suspect just to mention a few!! The footwear really needs to be practical for sure!!
    Martha’s Vineyard is a refreshing story line!! Most of the mysteries & love stories you put out are humdrum same old story lines.

  21. Stantheman Reply

    Hallmark CEO,

    My wife and I watch your wholesome programs after work for several hours every day. But due to your new open acceptance of LGBTQ programs, we have decided to discontinue viewing. It is very unfortunate that you too have joined so many other groups and television stations, leaving the science of heterosexuality and pro creation for immoral engagement, thus leaving the foundation of true “family” programming.

    Regretfully, Stan

  22. Vanessa Jamison Reply

    Mystery 101 with Kristoffer Polaha and Jill Wagner is my favorite of the new mystery series. The two actors have terrific chemistry, charisma, and a higher caliber of talent. The stories are more nuanced and the relationships are more adult in Mystery 101. I would love to see this series continue.
    I’m enjoying the new mystery series starting and am looking forward to seeing more of them. Ruby Herring. Morning Show, Chronicle Mysteries, Crossword Puzzles, Emma Fielding, Picture Perfect are all fun additions to your other Hallmark produced series like Gourmet Detective and Aurora Teagarden.
    Putting resources into creating more of these shows with some of the engaging actors who work regularly on your channels would be wonderful. Please trust your actors and your viewers with more complex storylines. I appreciate that I can turn to Hallmark for less violent and less nihilistic stories but would be more diverted by less cookie-cutter storylines which could be done without descending into R rated stories. Mixing it up would make for more sustainable viewing.
    More Kristoffer and Jill!

    • I want to start by saying I love hallmark channel. But . . . I know it is meant for entertainment but I do believe you can entertain and be grammatically correct at the same time. The phrase “do you mind?” Is used very often but the way the writers have the response is incorrect . If you are asking someone ” do you mind ? ” , usually it requires the response no. ( no , I do not mind -it’s ok) yet the actors respond ” yes “which in fact they are saying – Yes ,I do mind. You will find the question do you mind in almost every movie at least once and the reply is always given incorrectly one example – ” i showed someone your portfolio, do you mind? Answer : yes ( or , yah ) when they were trying to imply that they did not care or it was ok . So the answer should have been No (indicating they did not mind, or it was ok for them to have done that) please do not continue to perpetuate this error just because the majority of the population responds incorrectly . I think you underestimate your viewing audience- we are intelligent people – just because we are watching some light hearted /easy to view material it doesn’t mean we aren’t paying attention to the script. Thank you for considering making your writers aware of their error.

  23. Patricia Kelly Reply

    Myself and many, many Hallmark fans are wondering why the wonderful movie Window Wonderland has never been released on DVD. I had a short text response from one of the eriters of the movie and, amazongly, she didn’t know why either. Could it be, perhaps, that song rights are preventing the movie’s release on DVD?

  24. Deborah Fucci Reply

    As a long time viewer of Hallmark movies, I feel compelled to leave a comment (that I hope your writers will read) after seeing the most recent movie, “Rome in Love.” As a strong, intelligent, competent and professional woman myself, I find it difficult to watch the continued portrayal of your female protagonists as irrational and emotional when it comes to the “conflict” in your storylines. I found this particularly disappointing in “Rome in Love” when the female protagonist over reacted towards the male protagonist over a situation that was clearly not his fault. While parts of the movie seemed to advocate for gender equality and strong female leads, the “conflict” negates that stance by making women look emotionally driven and incapable of rationally viewing a misunderstanding. Please find better conflicts that reflect issues real couples face and that portray women as the competent, decisive, and intelligent humans that we are. Thank you.

    • Carolyn Sanita Reply

      I have been binging on your Christmas in July movies. I have your channel on all day and most of the evening and have seen most movies, if not all, more then twice. Quite frankly I am so tired of the same predictable scenes such as, going in for the first kiss, it is always being interrupted so as not to complete the action, I now close my eyes being annoyed. I always know when the movie is over the kiss is finally completed THE END. To me the movie is incomplete I would like to see what happens after the kiss. I just watched one of your older movies and was happy to see the continued scene of one year later. It was refreshing to see. I do enjoy watching easy going family type movies and love stories that is why I have Hallmark channel on daily. I just wanted your writers to know I enjoy the different story lines, it would be nice if they changed it around when it comes to the love scenes. One more thing, the men and women are such beautiful looking people, I understand this is the style now, but does every man really need all that hair on their face, 99% of your movies the men are so grubby looking. Clean shaving is so much more handsome, when they clean up with their suits on it would be great to see their handsome faces. So sorry for the negative feed back, I just felt compelled to express my feelings because I am such a big fan.

  25. Love Hallmark, and yes thee storylines are all predictable, and the snow falling and perfectly placed in the scenes are truly unreal to one who lives where it does snow. The one thing that really gets me though is that the women seem to always be wearing high heels in snow. It makes the people really look ignorant. No one I know ever wears heels in the stuff. They will wear appropriate winter attire, especially shoes.

  26. Jeanne Harman Reply

    I like both your channels but I get so sick and tired of seeing Christmas shows in July, November and December. Please keep your Christmas shows to December. There are so many good shows that you could be showing….They do not make good shows today like in years past. Please, start showing some of those. Keep Christmas in December.

  27. I am a decades long fan of Hallmark. I especially love the Christmas movies. I like the fact that Hallmark has started casting Mark Deklin in the Christmas and regular ensembles. Please utilize him as often as possible.

  28. Karen Templeton Reply

    I want to tell you how much I like the Hallmark Channels, especially the mystery one. I pay extra just to be able to watch it. However, it sure does disappoint me that you give the majority of the July month to Christmas. I LOVE Christmas but in December and not in the middle of the year with it so hot outside! I can handle the Thursday Christmas night I guess to please those that want Christmas shows but I just will not watch it. I just do not understand why you do this at all frankly. It’s terrible to be dreading the month for this reason! Maybe if you had a separate channel just for those who like to watch it although I have not talked to anyone who does. I love the shows like Matlock and Monk and was so happy when they reappeared. It’s your station so you’re allowed to choose your programming but I just wanted to tell you I was disappointed myself. Thanks for letting me vent!

  29. Absolutely loved Katrina Law in Snow Bride and 12 gifts of Christmas. Any plans to have her in future movies? Also would really like to see Jordan Belgium again.

  30. I love the Hallmark Channel & Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. It is so refreshing to have something to watch where the characters actually have character & high moral standards. However, I am anxiously waiting fir Christmas in July to be over. I do NOT like to watch Christmas movies when it is 100 degrees outside. Please, no more Christmas Thursdays and Christmas in July. Surely you must have some other ideas for plot lines. You have made fantastic films that are not about Christmas. Please make some more! I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong. I just like to really immerse myself in each season as it comes. Make movies about spring, summer, fall and every holiday along the way! Beverly

    • Love shows on Hallmark. Hate Hallmark commercials every three to five minutes of actual show about upcoming Hallmark shows. Don’t need to see them over and over and over!
      If you are basically your own sponsors why do we faithful viewers have to be subjected to this?

  31. Jenny Satyavelu Reply

    Please put something in the coffee cup so it has weight when filming and put weight in suitcases, briefcases, purses, etc. These props act differently when empty. No amount of acting can hide the fact and it is such a simple fix. Such sloppy work to ignore details like this and costs no money to fix it.

  32. Diane Goldberg Reply

    I am a Hallmark junkie. I love everything about it and yes some of the shows get a little boring at times, but for the most part I think they are great! My all time favorite was the Veteran movie where the girl ended up with the dog she had in the war. Best movie ever and when a movie can make me cry, it is a good movie! Another favorite one of mine is the Christmas Card! I just love the beautiful scenery and the actors were really good in that. Would there be any chance of a sequel to the movie? My cousin watches these movies too and we both said at the same time it would be awesome if the same actors could play in a sequel. I think Autumn Reeser is a fantastic actress and so is Jesse Metcalfe. Candice, Daniel Lissing, they are all good! Please think about that sequel. I think it would be great!!! Thanks for listening.

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