Contact of Grammarly customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Grammarly: Find below customer service details of Grammarly, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the software company and its services. Reach the Grammarly customer service below for complaints, queries or feedback.

Head Office
Grammarly, Inc
548 Market Street, #35410
San Francisco, CA 94104
United States

Customer Service
Phone: (888) 318-6146
Email: [email protected] (general)
Email: [email protected] (partnership)

About Grammarly
Grammarly customer serviceGrammarly is a grammar checking tool that was first launched in the year 2009. Used by students, content writers, bloggers, business professionals, among others, Grammarly is a powerful tool that checks grammar, style and plagiarism. The automated proofreader can check for more than 250 common grammar errors. It is used by millions of users worldwide. The free and premium products are also licensed by more than 600 leading universities and corporations.Currently, Grammarly’ services are used by over 3 million registered users worldwide. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Users can try the Grammarly’s online text editor or use the free browser extension for Chrome and Safari. Besides the free versions, there is Grammarly Premium that enhances the performance, identifies complex writing errors and provides vocabulary suggestions, citation suggestions, among others. There is monthly, quarterly and annual subscription plans customers can look for. The Plagiarism detector with the Premium plan checks more than 8 billion web pages. Additional features include integration with Microsoft Office, details of definitions and synonyms, allows to access documents on multiple devices and provides access to desktop apps.

You can subscribe to a premium plan using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards. PayPal as well can be used for payment. If you are already subscribed to Grammarly services, you can manage same by signing in to your account online. If you dint know, Grammarly also offers human proofreading services under its Proofit service. The proofreaders check for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation, and can revert within 24 hours. For more information or queries on payment, cancellation, subscription, technical support, or others, reach the Grammarly customer service.

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  1. On March of 2019 I downloaded the FREE account trial to look at, I have upgrade to Premium in the beginning and canceled it, yet I was charged $29.95 every month till this day.
    I have filed a Fraud Charge claim on my Credit card and sent an email expecting a full refund back. To date No response.
    I expect this company to do the proper steps and refund my credit card in full.

    • In addition to my above comment, the website is built in a way that it will not let a paying account to deactivate. Once they have you credit card information you can never take that out of there system.

  2. Hi, I would like a refund, I thought the charge would be monthly and not for the whole year at once.
    I canceled my subscription. Why don’t you guys have a real person to talk to.
    I wish I saw this website and comments before I bought the premium version.

    • I have the same issue here. Can you update me? have they refunded you back already? I’m so concerned right now. I live in UK and cant contract the company.

  3. I have tried to contact Grammarly however they don’t respond in a timely manner. I was thinking I was going go pay $11 a month but was charged over $100. I would like to pay their monthly fee not their annual. This website is so confusing and the payments are very misleading.

    • Hi,
      I have the same issue. Did they ever get back to you? if so how long did it take? and did they refund your money?
      They charged me $139.95 so $140.

  4. Robert Pettit Reply

    Hello,, I need someone to help me get started. I wrote a collection of Short Stories and would like to use your editing services to edit them I’m not that computer literate and am having trouble getting started. PLease have someone walk me through the process.

  5. Celeste Freytes Reply

    THIS IS A SCAM!!!! The company will not cancel subscription and DOES NOT have a phone number to service clients. The number 888-318-6146 will redirect you to the SAME pages that you use to cancel the subscription various times. Your only option is to cancel your credit card number and request a dispute resolution from the bank!!!

    • Beware dealing with this company, I paid for premium service but never received it. The only contact can be made via email and so far the company refuses to refund my money even though I got nothing for the payment. The phone number will get you nowhere except back where you started online!

    • Tsigereda McClelland Reply

      Did you guys every get a solution or an answer from this company. They just took 139.95 from me and I’m so pissed. I cancelled my membership and tried to call and email but I have not gotten a response. It does not help that they have no one I can speak with in person.

  6. I am extremely disappointed with Grammarly. It downgraded me to “Free” and they have automatically taken out the years subscription. I have been unable to cancel it as the “Free” account does not have a cancellation option on it. I don’t like being scammed.

  7. Has anybody received any feedback from grammarly?
    I tried to delete my account but grammarly wont let me
    This is crazy!
    Grammarly has been charging me everymonth including human proofreading service

  8. I notice I was charged $9.95 on 4/5/19, then $139.00 on 4/15/19 and then again on 5/6/19 29.95. There is no live help which translates to bad customer service. I tried to make by phone only to be told go to the website. I need some explanation but from what I have read this company has a shady reputation. I would not recommend this service.

  9. Pamella Campbell Reply

    I have recently purchased Grammarly a week ago. The add stated $11 monthly. Within and hour I realized that my school provided a discount which I would be charged $5 monthly for the same product, so I made a second purchase. I had already made the purchase of $11 monthly, then thought I would call to cancel but only got an automated machine directing me to a website. I then decided to call my bank to cancel the order. I found out from my bank that Grammarly had charge me a full price of $139, which should have been $11 monthly, and $69, which should have been $5 monthly. I just want my money back because I feel like I have been scammed.

  10. Robert Bills Reply

    On 04/17/19, I was mislead to believe that Grammarly would only charge you $11.60/monthly up to a full payment of 139.99, but NOT a full charge of 139.99 instantly! I want a refund of the days that went unused to my account. I expect a response no sooner than 10 days.

    I cannot express how frustrating it is that there is not a person in the company to properly talk to about the matter.

  11. Stop charging people without prior approval. It’s almost impossible to get a reply or in contact with anyone from grammarly to get your refund. I suggest calling your credit card company to dispute all charges. Seems like everyone is having issues with the yearly charge without approval. I’ll be reporting grammarly to the better business bureau.

  12. Jayprakash Yadav Reply

    When I signed in for preminum, you asked for $11.66 Per month and I was intended to pay for that only, but you charged $139 without knowing me. It’s a scam. Kindly return my money as I am student and that money was very valuable for me.

  13. Shelley Smilsky Reply

    On March 12th I downloaded the FREE account trial to look at, I have pictures and video of the sign up process and account being made as I did not want to be in this predicament. I have received emails up until today asking me to upgrade to Premium and yet I have found a $139.95 charge US dollars on my Canadian credit card Which translates to $192 and change I was charged on March 13th, exactly 1 day later even though I am still signed up only on the Free account. Again I have video and pictures and emails supporting this.
    I have filed a Fraudulent Charge claim on my Credit card and sent an email expecting a full refund back. To date No response.
    I expect this company to do the proper steps and refund my credit card in full. I will follow up if required.

    • I too have the same issue. I used this service for 1 month and they continue to charge me. I believe we may need to start a class action lawsuit because this is ridiculous. To date I have been charged more than 200.00

  14. Carol Vargas Reply

    This was not authorized by me. I would like the charge taken off my account. I have NOT APPROVED or REQUESTED for this to happen. Please refund the full amount $59.95 back into my account. I await your prompt response.

    • Has anyone ever gotten a response from Grammarly? anyone ever gets any refunds of any sort because I and my family just lost close to 200$ because of Grammarly and I don’t know what to do.

  15. Joan McDuffie Reply

    I unsubscribe this app but still got the bill of $140, I want my refund. I have been calling the costumer service hotline but I cant talk to real person. I need help.

  16. I hate Grammarly Adverts Reply

    Can I please beg and beseech you to ask your adverting people to devise a “not interested in Grammarly” cookie,that web users can set.I don’t want to see your stupid avert for about the 10,000th time. I have never used your product but have come to hate Grammarly so much that I would never use it. Thousands of others on various social media sites have said the same.
    Please do not waste your money paying google to actually make people hate Grammarly,due to the level of pervasive and irritating advertising.

  17. Angela Tuhro Reply

    I signed up for just basic spelling; you upgraded me without my knowledge! I called customer service which is useless! This is no way to run a business! I would like a refund from your company for $100.00!!!! I will call the Better Business Bureau!!!!!

  18. STEP UP on Customer Service. I paid for premium up through February 17, 2019. It was disabled for some unknown reason (not be me). I have spent more than an hour on your website trying to resolve this problem.

    I intended to sign up for a year subscription and investigate having my school subscribe as well ( I am an admin in a school with 1,400 students). With these customer service problems, I am annoyed and will be looking for a more suitable option if Grammarly is not reliable.

    Please resolve and give me my subscription to February 17 as I have already paid. I have been inconvenienced and hope you will fix this issue and consider a discount or something.

    I am frustrated that there is not a person to contact or to help me resolve the problem.

  19. I paid for premium up through February 17, 2019. It was disabled for some unknown reason (not be me). I have spent more than an hour on your website trying to resolve this problem.

    I intended to sign up for a year subscription and investigate having my school subscribe as well ( I am an admin in a school with 1,400 students). With these customer service problems, I am annoyed and will be looking for a more suitable option if Grammarly is not reliable.

    Please resolve and give me my subscription to February 17 as I have already paid. I have been inconvenienced and hope you will fix this issue and consider a discount or something.

    I am frustrated that there is not a person to contact or to help me resolve the problem.

  20. If you call the number just know it’s an automated system that tells you to go to the website. They have no live help. Very dissatisfied and will be telling everyone not to use grammarly.

  21. Ching-Wei Tung Reply

    Was this a scam? I have seen the same problem happened to me now by reading these message since 2017. It looks like no one from Grammerly tried to answer any of these questions.

    I wanted my money back, too. (Should have read this messages before signing up and upgraded to Premium account)

  22. Wendy Robertson Reply

    I have been billed twice for my Grammarly premium account. I would like to have one of the charges refunded, please. On looking at the comments, this seems to be quite a common problem, please refund me immediately.
    Wendy Roberson

  23. Hey I’m a student and when i signed up for this it said that it would be $11.66 a month but you charged me with $139. It did not say anything about charging me 139 so i would like a refund please.

  24. I didn’t authorize any payments to be taken. I have a charge off 139.95 for 1 month of service that I didn’t use. The only charge I’m aware of is the 11.66 charge. Can you please contact me back and refund my money

    • 11.66 x 12 = 139.92. So they charged for the year, not monthly. It’s indeed a scandal that they charged you 139.95 by rounding up the cents.

  25. alan snedeker Reply

    I call the phone # and it tells me to go online…..Just how stupid can you be? Don’t want to provide support by phone say it…in huge letters.

    By the letters I see there are many problems…..

  26. Selamawit Isack Reply

    Hi, have noticed that you have taken 82.94 Canadian dollars from my credit card on January 7, 2019. I have NOT APPROVED or REQUESTED for this to happen. Please refund the full amount back into my account.

  27. Pam Foldesi Reply

    WOW, it’s good to know about all these horrendous complaints!
    I’m so glad I never chose to upgrade.
    What a SCAM. Shame on you, Grammerly.

  28. I have been charged almost $200 dollars for a year subscription that I did not approve. This is ridiculous, how do I contact your payment office?

  29. Lorenzo Hines Reply

    I went into my account to take it off of auto-pay. Based on what I read, I got the impression that I had to “cancel” my account to take it off of auto-pay. However, it was my understanding that since my account was paid for through November 25, 2019, that I would have access to the “Premium” features that I have ALREADY paid for through that time frame. Now that I have taken my account off of autopay, I no longer have access to my “Premium” features. I need this corrected since I have paid for the services through November 25, 2019. Thanks in advance for your immediate attention to this matter.

  30. I tried to cancel the “human proofreading” option but it would not let me while it was processing and I was instantly billed $232.90. I would like a full refund, please.

  31. Lisa A LoCascio Reply

    Grammarly is frustrating. I upgraded to premium but it is not letting use it. No one to speak to on the phone. I will try to use the support email but it is very annoying that I need to use the service right now.

  32. Grammarly keeps telling to upgrade to premium. It confuses me because Iaid too much $199.00 dollar for a year back in August 2018, and subsequently checked my account and it was correct.

    Going through my emails, I saw and option to renew annually for $70.00 I clicked on the link in my email and it had renew for six months for way more or a monthly $30.00 or so. I accidentally touched the screen and it said I renewed for that higher 30 a month. Rip off, I didn’t want to renew and there is no confirmation or safety mechanism.

    Tried to go to the Grammerly web site as they instructed to cancel, however it won’t let me.

    Says you access from a mobile site and I changed to desk top and it still wouldn’t let me.

    He warned, they try to pick you in, ,asking difficult yet I,possible to cancel within the seven days.

    What scam, make sure you turn the app off when telling of the hurdles put before those wanting to cancel ???????

  33. Helane C Scarnavack Reply

    I upgraded my account on my other computer about 10 days ago. however, when I go to use my second computer I only get the basic (free) Grammarly services. How can I use Grammarly on both computers without having to upgrade again? I paid for a whole year premium and I don’t want to have to pay again. I use two computers and don’t know why I can not have the same service on my other computer.


  34. john mcneill Reply

    Back in May 2018, I signed up for what I thought was a 1-month trial subscription to Grammarly. Grammarly has continued to bill me beyond one month. The Grammarly support pages operate like a maze; they give the illusion of getting you somewhere but continue to circle back on each other. It’s impossible to contact anyone my phone. Even the phone system directs you back to Grammarly webpages.

  35. Mark Singleton Reply

    Grammarly has done a great job in doing everything they can to NOT speak to a customer. I am not in the least bit pleased with this purposeful avoidance as it is causing great stress. I don’t have time to wait for 24hrs to get a response that is not helpful. You took my money immediately. Perhaps, you could give support just as readily.

  36. Jordyn Genevro Reply

    I ordered the premium membership then five minutes later uploaded a doc to be edited and I didn’t like how Grammarly worked so I canceled my subscription. I was charged $139 to use Grammarly for 5 minutes to learn that I don’t like it. I need to be refunded that money. It said I was being billed $11 per month and I was charged $139 for five minutes of use. This site is a scam. DO NOT ORDER

  37. I would like to speak to one of your customer service concerning ordering some additional services concerning spelling check, punctuation and general information regarding other services
    Your website is like trying to find my way through a maze.
    Can someone contact me so I can speak directly Thanbks for you help
    Lou Sisbarro

  38. Hello, I have noticed that you have deducted USD 139.95 from my account on 22/10/2018. I have NOT APPROVED or REQUESTED for this to happen. Please refund the full amount back into my account. I await your prompt response.

  39. Agne Al-Mallak Reply

    Hello grammarly!

    I am emailing you already a second time and would like you to solve this issue! I created an account with you few months ago but had an issue with it, I had a crash during registration and somehow it created two accounts under my name and of course charged me twice for two different accounts even I registered just for one.I emailed you a screenshot of my bank statement, and asked to refund one payment,but nothing happened. Now when renewal came I was double charged again as for two accounts. I am a student and work that I could pay for my studies and £100 deducted as extra it is a lot of money for me! Could you please sort it out and refund me those two extra charges please as I am using just one account….

  40. Dona Boswyk Reply

    I signed up for the free trial and have just had my account bebted $81 dollars this apparently happened in January $81 again. I did not give approval for you to take any money out of my account so would appreciate if you return $162 to my bank account as I am a pensioner with little funds left at the day.

  41. Dona Boswyk Reply


    I joined Grammarly on the free site but I have been told that you have been taking $81 out of my account twice this year.

    As I did not sign up to have that much money to be taken out of my account I would like both the payments to be returned to my account.

  42. Barbara Conroy Reply

    Have not been able to delete, unsubscribe to my free service. Have never had this problem with any internet services I have used. I question if this is a legit company…..I doubt it!

  43. Katam Ganesh Babu Reply

    I was planned to subscribe this Grammarly, but by seeing above comments I am affording to subscribe. Is this tool really that much fake, if there is no customer care how it could be a business. If all the above comments are right, It is so shaming to the US to give permission for this type of business. How is Grammarly deducting the amount from customer accounts without notice? That too when I approach them through the mail they are not replying me.

  44. Zoe Ferrell Reply

    I was charged $140 today for a membership in which I DID NOT sign up for. I’ve never heard of this site until it shows on my banking statements. I want a refund ASAP.

  45. I only wanted to use this website only for one month and I was charged for a whole year. I cancelled my subscription. I want a refund of my full amount. I await your response.

  46. James A Kilgore Reply

    I have TRIED repeatedly to get logged into Grammarly. I have sent a message MANY times trying to get assistance, but all I get sent to me is a link that has nothing to do with my login issue. I want to reset my password. It will not allow me to reset. It only requests that I log in. I asked for someone to call for helping me, but they have remained silent for HOURS!

    Why am I am paying for a Premium product but no one is helping me?

  47. I want to cancel all services with your company Grammarly. I like what I have learned and, when working properly, the corrects it makes for me as I am writing. BUT since I cannot get into my premium account that grammarly is charging me for , I am closing my PayPal card and my Visa so I will not get charged again for a product I cannot use. What a shame there has to be some greedy scammer running the show who dies not care about the customers.

  48. Kelsey Collier Reply

    I have been waiting an hour to be helped by your “24 hour” customer service. I was charged for a subscription renewal that I never approved. I would like my money refunded. You can see my activity in grammarly, I haven’t used it in months. I would like to be contacted over the phone. I would never recommend this service or use it in the future.

  49. You guys have charged my account without my approval return my money now. I am not in school any more so i don’t need it. I have already reported you so please return the money. if i need it i will but now i don’t.

  50. carmen powell Reply

    I just signed up for the membership and already having issues. How can I cancel my subscription? I know how to spell but have issues with punctuation that’s why I signed up it’s not giving me that option… It really think this is a scam !!!!!

  51. Dinesh Khadka Reply

    It seems like this site is a ripoff.
    I tried to send heaps of emails but no reply.
    Even tried to ring their customer service number but no one answers the phone.

  52. darnley hall Reply

    March 24, 2018
    I think my number is # is 9584

    I upgraded my account in 2017 and has never been able to get the full benefit of an upgraded member, after many tries I finally got in touch with a representative who recognized that I was a paid member, she told me to disconnect and reconnect as an upgraded member but that did not work for me. I wrote her back to cancel my membership but never got any response…My bank card was just hijacked for another payment in the another $180.48 until this day I have not been able to use your upgraded system. I have NOT APPROVED or REQUESTED for this to happen. Please reinstate the full $180.48 back on my credit card…I await your prompt response.

  53. elliot gordon Reply

    I have an issue sighing my account I have a subscription that expires until august 2018 but it wont let me use my account. I could sign in but I cant do anything with I. if this is how it works I will not renew my account.

  54. michael f. clute Reply

    Dear Sir: I did not sign up for this service but these
    little round green demon balls are showing up in my in box while I am trying to compose emails.
    I have tried to call the 800 numbers but to no avail. I do not wish to sign up or have this “service” but only to have them to stop pestering me. How do I get rid of these littel green balls…sometimes other colors??? My name is below. Just discontinue all contact please…just remove me from your disservice. Mike Clute.

  55. Samantha Leigh Reply

    I purchase the monthly for 29 something, Oct. 23, 2017, and today is October 23rd. I tried using Grammarly and its not for me. I have 7 days to cancel and get a refund. I would like to cancel my subscription and get my refund back. PLease expedite this process. I am requesting the refund within my 7-day timeframe. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow, Oct. 24th, 2017. Thanks

  56. Linda Hansen Reply

    I signed up for the free service I do not like it I also do not want to do business with any company that does not allow you to reach them by phone I do not want your free or any other service How do I get Grammarly off my computer ? Oh yes I know I have a few mistakes in my comment and at this point I do not CARE. Your ads are misleading and your customer service does not exist !
    Linda Hansen


    I have been trying to get in contact with someone because I forgot my password and I can’t reset it. I try resetting my password many times and it keep telling not connect. If I cannot get in contact with someone, I don’t want this services. It’s ashamed you cannot speak with someone when you are having a problem. Still you are taking monies from people account.

  58. Danielle kirby Reply


  59. I am not sure what is going on with my papers corrected in Grammarly. Whenever the corrections are being made, it is showing up on my final documents for printing. Can someone please assist me with this.

  60. Kathryn Maag Reply

    I used grammerly over a year and a half ago . I was just billed on my account again. This was not authorized by me. I would like the charge taken off my account.

  61. Miatta Bio-Riechers Reply

    Grammarly had withdrawn £109.98 on the 28 June 2017 which I was not aware of. I have finished my studies and I don’t want it anymore. I am conscious that i did not set any direct debit for that. Pls look into this and I will be very happy if they can refund back my money. Thanks for your understanding.


  62. Michael Lank Reply

    Grammarly is great when it works. They have NO Customer Service phone assistance! Hard to believe but true. My service hasn’t worked for weeks and I cannot figure out how to fix it. I will NEVER consider renewing. I even have the premium service, what a joke!

  63. K.E. Green Reply

    I would like to cancel my subscription for Grammarly Premium. I have been having problems with Grammarly since I upgraded to Grammarly Premium. Grammarly is not working with my Microsoft Word 2013. Whenever I tried to check my articles for errors on the bottom right side of my screen I see advanced issues when I click on it for correction it takes me to your web page that shows Choose your Plan for Grammarly Premium, but I have already paid for a subscription. So I checked my bank account to make see if my payment went through. My bank statement shows Grammarly has a withdrawal of $139.95 pending. I upgraded to Premium to help me with my articles but I can’t us it with my Microsoft so for this reason, I would like my subscription canceled. I know that I have up to 7 days to cancel and get my full refund. If you need me to send you an snapshot of my bank statement please let me know.

  64. Hello Grammarly, i paid a monthly premium for £24.09 on the 2nd of April 2017 but when i wanted to use it is asking me to purchase the premium again so am confused.
    The money is already out of my account.

    When i paid the money i only used it for that day.
    Please help.

  65. Bronwyn Reid Reply

    Hello, I have noticed that you have deducted $184.66 + $5.53 foreign currency fee from my account on 29/10/16. I have NOT APPROVED or REQUESTED for this to happen. Please refund the full amount back into my account. I await your prompt response.

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