Contact of Gotogate customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Gotogate: Find below customer service details of including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the travel company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Dragarbrunnsgatan 46,
6th Floor, P.O Box 1340,
S- 751 43 Uppsala, Sweden

Customer Service
Phone: +1 646 558 7089 (US)
Email: [email protected]

Regional Contacts
Phone: +43 720 816 801 (Austria)
Phone: +61 2818 87187 (Australia)
Phone: +32 2895 3972 (Belgium)
Phone: +420 2961 80467 (Czech Rep)
Phone: +34 935 452 890 (Spain)
Phone: +33 359 814 399 (France)
Phone: +852 3008 1583 (Hong Kong)
Phone: +852 3008 1583 (Indonesia)
Phone: +44 203 365 0130 (Israel)
Phone: +39 02 305 782 87 (Italy)
Phone: +52 554 164 2233 (Mexico)
Phone: +31 207 989 105 (Netherlands)
Phone: +4721936193 (Norway)
Phone: +63 2231 3126 (Philippines)
Phone: +44 207 943 28 38 (Portugal)
Phone: +65 3157 2707 (Singapore)
Phone: +27 3181 97058 (S.Africa)
Phone: +44 20 3794 7674 (UK)
Phone: +44 203 365 0130 (UAE)

About Gotogate
Gotogate is a popular online travel booking platform that operates as a subsidiary of Sweden-based Etraveli Group, one of the three largest online travel agencies in Europe. Travellers can book flights, hotels as well as cabs on the website. Gotogate maintains separate websites for specific regions. The platform caters to more than 3.5 million customers each year. Gotogate operates in 47 countries and on 5 continents. Each year more than 4 million holidays as well are being booked through the website.

To begin your search, you must first select your preferred region on the website and then proceed to booking. The platform has a network of over 250,000 hotels and 650 airlines. The IATA approved company operates several websites for consumers in the US, Denmark, UAE, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, China, Spain, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Taiwan, UK and South Africa.

Gotogate claims it offers transparent comparison between a large number of airlines. Once you input the origin, destination and date, you can search for the most economical flights in the route. You can filter flights by prices, number of stops, and airline brands. The search results will show the schedule, number of stops and the price including taxes. You can contact the airline directly for check-in information or baggage restrictions. Gotogate allows fliers to book special baggage during checkout.

Explore the Deals section to see the best flight deals. You can filter flight deals by destination, brand and date. You can also choose for flexible ticket to change travel plans with no additional fees. Flexible ticket holders can rebook ticket for another date and save on cancellation. Booking of tickets on the website can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards. Prices on the website vary according to airline and the availability. You can cancel your ticket by signing into your account. If you have cancellation protection you will need to furnish a medical certificate. Cancellation with protection can be made two hours before departure.

When on the website, travellers can also search for hotels by city, landmark or hotel name. Along with a hotel, you can rent a car by comparing prices from leading names like Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Alamo and Budget. For more information or queries on reservation, refund, cancellation, offers, career/jobs, or others, reach the Gotogate support.

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  1. Here is my experience with Gotogate. I have purchased 2 tickets TLV-Milan-TLV just before the pandemic (order #L2TMP4). The flight was canceled due to the pandemic. I have contacted the company several times for a refund and nothing happened. I’ve contacted the airline company and they insist that they refunded Gotogate and that Gotogate did not pass on the refund to my credit card.

  2. Request#: L5NU8E
    Please do not buy this product. Read the REVIEWS. The worst customer service I have ever faced in my life. They only have email support, I emailed them and they replied that I should call because nothing could be done via email. The support number made me wait more than 2 hours and then they told me that they could not help me. I went through the WEB and read it indicated that I could see my reservation since it is possible that they could not and they ended the call. The 4 people I spoke too ended the call before fixing the situation, they just said there was nothing they could do. You can’t get anyone to help you and they will hang up on you if they get tired of talking to you.

  3. Maria Caicedo Reply

    I purchased 4 tickets from Lisbon to New York that were canceled due to Covid19. No matter how many times I have attempted getting refunded, they always came up with a bogus excuse as to why I could not get refunded. I am out $2000. I will never use this agency again and I am looking to see how I can report them to a consumer agency in Sweden.

  4. I booked a flight to Sri Lanka for July 2020. Of course because of the pandemic I could not fly out and the flight was cancelled regardless. I was told I would get a full refund minus a “handling fee”. I got 2 monthly emails stating that they are waiting on the airline company to issue the refund. I filed a DOT complaint in October 2020 against the airline to which they responded that they issued the refund back in September to GotoGate. I questioned the travel agency about this and since then haven’t gotten any of those “update emails” nor the refund. I’ve filed a DOT complaint against gotogate and am in the middle of a credit card dispute for this charge. I am telling everyone to avoid this agency and never using their services again. Truly horrific.

  5. Ravi Appukkuttan Reply

    I have the same problem. I have been trying to get a refund for 10 months. But gotogate does not give any official reply other than auto generated mail.

  6. Sunny Gosal Reply


    I booked a flight to Canada, Gotogate took the money straight away and sent an email confirming that I had successfully booked my flights. I received a further email 3 days later stating that my flights had been cancelled and that the airline would not rebook my flight.

    I called Gotogate on 3 different occasions, each time to be told that someone would call me back to resolve the issue and so that they could rebook me. NO ONE Called me back! I was then told the 4th time that I would have to pay to rebook another flight. I contacted the airline directly who made me aware that the agent in this case Gotogate would be liable to change the flight and I would NOT have to pay as the ticket HAD NOT BEEN USED! Gotogate flat out refused, said that a Manager would contact me back to resolve this matter and I still have not received any communication from them.

    This whole process has been highly stressful, at a time such as a global pandemic, you would expect Gotogate to help and assist in the best manner not ignore the matter.

    an absolutely disappointing experience. I will NEVER use their services again.

    Sundeep Gosal

  7. After 6 months, 100 emails, that sometimes work and sometimes it doesn’t. Gotogate finally sends an email of refund of half the money I paid for a flight they cancelled. They hide behind the hideous website they have. I’ve trying to reach them asking them for the breakdown of my refund and I get an automated email telling me they can’t help me. It has been the most stressful claim in my life. Does anybody have a better way to contact them. An email that is valid and could reach them.

  8. This is the worst travel agency I have ever seen in my life! The customer service is shitty! They are all liars! Stupid Indian guys who don’t even understand and they keep charging money! I could easily change my dad’s ticket free of charges, because he booked through the airline and mine, exact same ticket, I had to pay the price of my ticket twice. They are charging in the name of the airline, while the airline doesn’t charge me.

    I didn’t even want to book through them, but somehow when I chose the ticket on google I got the notification that I have to book both ways seperately, one way through the airline and the returnflight through this stupid agency gotogate. If I knew this, I would never ever do it, but the notification wouldn’t go away, I was kind of forced to book through them so I did. So be very careful, do not book through this airline.

  9. Angela T Capio Reply

    I have been on hold for over two and a half hours. My Icelandair flight was canceled due to the pandemic and Icelandair authorized a refund but said that “my travel agent” (hah!) needed to process the refund. I was offered a voucher by email but by law when a flight is canceled, a customer is entitled to a refund. I do not want your voucher because I never want to use your company again. There is no way to expedite the process for a refund only a voucher so you can keep my money. You make customers sit on hold for hours so they give up on what they are entitled to. I can’t reach you by phone or email. I stand to lose $1600. You are unreachable. I have filed a consumer complaint.

  10. Richard Wyatt Reply

    I booked a flight with GOTOGATE and I took my money only a couple of minutes later they phoned me up and tell me the flight is cancelled which I could not understand as it was being advertised on their website I booked the flight because of the cost and the time it took to fly.
    They offered me alternative and it was a stupid time in the morning now I have to wait until they refund the money before I can book another flight I was like to say do them thank you for the trouble

  11. Hello, my partner and myself are spending hours on the phone with the support, being transferred from a team to another. This is awful and nothing makes sense, nobody seems to care about the fact that our flight was cancelled. We also tried to contact by email, nobody answers. This is the thread : Booking ref OP7DBV///13jan,

  12. This gotogate company people are all lazy,i booked the ticket 3 weeks ago for my brother,they made a mistake for putting double name so airline will not accept it.they said i need to pay $113 to rectify the problema they i pay that amount just yo fixed the problem 2 weeks ago but until now they dod not purchased a ticket foe my brother.and the airline cancel the is the wedding of my brother!

  13. Hi,

    I´m so sorry but your customer servis is very rude. I have been very polite (calling with Hanavah) and when I asked her about e-mail that I can refer to she hang up the phone. I would like to speak with someone directly please and not just through the contact form. Thank you!

  14. First experience upgrading our airline tickets through Gotogate was such a horrible experience that I will never use them or recommend them!

    We were charged for upgrading our original tkts but found they had done nothing about it. It took us over 3 hours on the phone (service went to India!) & in the end they wanted 24 hrs to re-issue our original tkts as they had been cancelled & not upgraded.

  15. Gotogate is a brand under the Etraveli Group, based in Sweden. Online customer feedback in their thousands demonstrate that this company’s customer service is extremely poor and unresponsive, and they regularly withhold customer refunds as standard business practice amongst many other things.

    You can complain to the CEO of Etraveli Group via email address: mathias dot Hedlund at etraveli dot com, the CFO is: henrik dot wetterdal at etraveli dot com, Head of sales is: andreas dot marquardt at etraveli dot com. You can also complain to the company owners at: gmartinlof at cvc dot com.

  16. Susan Wood Reply

    Can you tell me why you will NOT refund my £45 cancellation fee . I was booking a flight with you and I received an email saying the booking was incomplete but you kept my details. I booked another flight with another travel agent thinking it was ok to do only to find you then took money out of my account for the flight. I then had 2 flights. I rang you immediately asking you void the flight as it was your mistake, but you charged me £45 cancellation fee. How is this fair or right?

    Susan Wood

  17. Gotogate in charge of Korean customers has a heavy problem. I lost ticket prices over US$7,000 since Gotogate.
    They promised to refund a portion of the total cancellation fee. (The flight cancelled by an airline, but they did not inform to me.)
    But, they are avoiding responsibility for the refund for more than three months. They always reply that they already requested the refund but the airline made no response to them. But the airline said to me three times the cancellation was occurred by the airline, so they will refund 100% the cancellation refund if Gotogate request. I told Gotogate about it and requested the evidence that they requested the refund to the airline. Sometimes, Gotogate did not reply to me. And sometimes, they just said, “We already requested the refund, but we have not received a response from the airline.”

  18. This is a very suspicious online agent. I always had problems in the three times i booked with them. And when there is a problem, they always find a way of not solving it or of avoiding it. Never again.

  19. Ravi Naidoo Reply

    My wife and I took the 8.55 flight to Durban on Friday 01 Mar – Fight MN619.
    We had both our bags checked in. We got home and realized that bot our bags were broken into. The perpetrators broke the locks on our bags. I had 2 x shirts and a pair of jeans stolen.
    My wife’s GHD and hair dryer was stolen from her bag.

    This was the first time that something like this happened to us. We are frequent flyers both domestic and international.

    This was most disgusting and Kulula would not protect their passengers luggage.

    I am truly disappointed with Kulula of not having trust worthy staff and where are the risk managements.

    I need help to speak to higher authorities that can look into this matter for us and stop the pilferage activities that’s going on at the airports.


  20. Glen Skeel Reply

    While your unmanned phone line keeps repeating “if you don’t want to keep waiting you can email” DOESNT GIVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS. Your customer service is ZERO

  21. Maria Teresa Karcher Reply

    Please confirm that I HAVE NOT BOOKED a flight with you!

    The website showed that the basket was empty and I got out of your website. Now I have received an sms saying that if I follow the link that I will receive my itinerary!

    If it is booked then I want to cancel asap.

    Awaiting your reply,

    Maria Karcher

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