Contact of Game Stores (South Africa) customer service

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Contact Game Stores: Find below customer service details of Game, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the discount retailer and its services. Reach the Game customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
9th Floor, North Tower
Liberty Towers, 214
Samora Machel Street
Durban, South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: 0861 426 322 73
Phone: 0861 002 233 (Game Account Card)
Phone: 031 534 5700 / 011 776 4600
Email: [email protected]

About Game Stores
game customer serviceGame is a leading discount retailer in South Africa that began operations in the year 1970. The first Game store was opened in Durban, South Africa, and now it has over 110 stores in 12 African countries. It is owned and operated by Massmart Holdings. Game assures customers lowest price on a wide range of products. If after purchase a similar product is found on a lower price tag, you can even claim the difference amount within 21 days.

To locate a Game store nearest to your address click here. Products that can be shopped at Game stores include appliances, smartphones and accessories, computers, electronic accessories, baby apparel, gaming products, hardware, furniture, jewellery, luggage items, sporting goods, toys, among others. Under appliances, you have air conditioners, cooking appliances, fridges/freezers, fans, heaters, stoves, microwaves and washing machines.

Customers can take advantage of the Game Account Card, a credit facility that allows you to shop at stores across South Africa. The account card comes for a monthly service fee and includes insurance and other benefits. There is also Game Finance for payment options from 12 to 60 months. On the website you can find the products that will be available at Game stores and even know the features and specifications before purchase. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, store locations, warranty, or others, reach the Game customer service.

All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below.


  1. My wife and I were very disappointed with our experience when we visited your store in Bela Bela, earlier today.
    We are elderly pensioners from Mookgophong. We do not often leave our home. Therefore, to travel all the way to Bela Bela requires an unusual effort. We had planned to visit Game in Bela Bela as we had seen an advertisement whereby, depending upon the cell phone and contract we chose, we would receive a voucher with which we could purchase other items. Therefore, in addition to the cell phone and contract, we wanted to purchase an electric glass-top oven at around R1000, a wrist watch for around R1000, a ream of typing paper for our home office, and a couple of smaller items, some of which we felt would be paid for by the voucher. Upon our arrival, we first went to the cell phones department where one other person was being served and another was awaiting her turn before us. There was only one sales attendant at the counter although there were five tills altogether.

    POOR MANAGEMENT 1: My wife waited for her turn to be served at this counter, and I meanwhile went in search of the other items on our shopping list. While searching, I noticed that many items on your shelves were without price tags. Surely, it is foolish to not display prices. How many customers probably did not purchase certain items because they could not see the prices? I suspect that you would not be exposed to this loss of business if you gave your managers proper training and proper performance evaluation. (When I later complained to your manager about the absence of price tags, he did not seem to understand the problem).

    POOR MANAGEMENT 2: After almost a full hour of browsing through just about the entire store, I returned to the cell phone counters, only to find that my wife was still waiting to be served, along with the person ahead of her. There still was only one attendant on duty in this department. I immediately requested one of your attendants from a nearby department to call the manager so that I could speak to him about this sorrowful situation. I unfortunately did not record the name of the staff member, who disappeared and who I suspect actually failed to call the manager. One must suspect that sales staff do not care about anything that is unlikely to result in a personal reward. Moreover, your staff at this store do not seem to understand the importance of public relations. The reason for these apparent failures would seem to be because of a lack of proper training for your managers, and therefore a lack of proper training by managers for their subordinates. You cannot train your subordinates a concept that you do not understand yourself.

    POOR MANAGEMENT 3: I eventually requested another staff member from an adjoining department to fetch the manager, who finally did present himself – a Mr Nelson. I asked him why he did not seem to know that there was a problem in this particular department, to which he intimated that this was the only person qualified to do this particular job. I asked him why this was so, to which he was unable to offer an explanation. I then asked if he was doing something to train one or more of the other salespersons so that there could be an appropriate contingency plan for this department with its five tills, and he again could offer no answer.
    At this point, my wife and I gave up and left.

    POOR MANAGEMENT 4: At no stage did anyone offer us the slightest hint of an apology for what we experienced as a clear case of poor training at all levels, poor management at store level, poor public relations, and poor business strategies.

  2. I’m very disappointed with Game Beacon Bay East London. I have emailed to advise that my washing machine is faulty that the spin is making a noise. Well after about a week emailing them and asking when someone will come have a look they send someone was out last week Wednesday the 28th April 2021 …the guys collecting it said I should have it back the Friday. I emailed them last week Friday the 30th April 2021 to ask the status, but no reply. Well I called them yesterday the 4th May 2021 to speak to the guy I emailed and a lady took my number and said he would call me back. Well I never received a call from him emailed him again today the 5th May 2021 and all he has done is give me another email address to send my mail to and I have been waiting all day and no reply from that email address.

    • I went to Game Fleurdal today, what a bad experience. Firstly they did not have the item that I were looking for in stock. When I want to exit, the security guard want to look into my handbag. She was very rude. I still wonder why she need to look into my personal stuff. I was not the only person, that exit the store, she did not look in the other ladies bags. Game will never see me again. I will rather shop at another store.

  3. I have been struggling since 9/12/2020 with hisense to get an approval number for my hisense dishwasher that needs to be replaced.
    Now I got the approval number and Roseline in the call centre department has been struggling since 04/01/2021 to arrange for Blazer couriers to collect the dishwasher.
    I have called so many times, but no one is willing to assist me.
    In the meantime, I’m using a DEFECT dishwasher that is damaging my dishes.
    When asked to speak to the manager I was told that he was not work nor is there a “second in charge “ The manager name is Tebogo… but Anza(8:40 , 7/01/2021) refused to give me his surname So much for FCR, striving of excellent services, Quality driven… do I need to say more, I have the dishwasher for 1 year and it’s still under warranty Hence I got an approval for a new one.

    Debbie Heynes (Manager from mall of the south branch ) finally, 15/01/2021 to have the matter resolved, as I bought the appliance on , Online.

    She called me on 18/01/2021 to inform me that Hisense has approved the “replacement of the dishwasher”,{THIS I ALREADY KNEW FROM 09/12/2020] … however I am unable to get a new one as the dishwasher that I have bought has been discontinued.
    They will refund me R2999, as I bought it on a black Friday deal and I have to pay the difference to get a new one.
    Well no where does it say on the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” that should the product be discounted, you will get a refund and should the new product cost more, you are liable for difference.
    The Hisense dishwasher has a 2 YEAR warranty.

    Did they not have a “contingency plan” , that should 1 of these ” discontinued dishwashers break”, they will have a serious problem.

    Well the quickest way out for management is to say>>> the dishwasher that you have bought has been discontinued. …. and we will refund you.

    NO NO, that is not the correct answer. What they should be doing is arranging for me to get the newer model.
    Its not my fault that the dishwasher is faulty.

    Why did Game not inform me .. [eg}

    “Dear Customer…
    Please note that you have bought an appliance that will be discontinued soon.
    Should your appliance needs to be replace, although still under warranty,
    We will gladly refund you. Should you need to purchase a newer model , you will be liable for the difference.

    This device was SOLD under false pretence and I was not informed APPROPRIATELY so that I can MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION, TO PURCHASE THE DISHWASHER OR NOT!!!.

    Today 21/01/2021 I received a call from Debbie Heynes, Game mall of the south that , the Branch Manager Rashied Abed together with the Game online manager , have decided that they cannot give me a newer model, as it costs much more than the one I bought on black Friday.
    They can only offer me a white Midea dishwasher. I told Debbie iam not happy with the brand “Midea” , as I don’t know it and that is not the brand I bought.
    But if they can give me a silver one, I’m willing to accept it.
    She asked to call me back to confirm with “Rashied Abed”. Of which he refused to give me a silver dishwasher.

    Basically, Game is saying take the white dishwasher or leave.

    I am utterly disgraced by their service, and lack of urgency.
    Game does not know anything about Treating customers fairly.
    All my appliances are silver… why must I settle for a white dishwasher.
    Please please help me and get Game mall of the South to give me a silver dishwasher, even if it is the ‘midea brand.
    Order number:205139698
    Approval for new dishwasher from Hisense: 53281155

  4. I want to express my dissatisfaction and annoyance with Game Alberton City. I paid for 3 sets of ear phones and left the shop without collecting them. When i went back to the store to collect, they made me wait for about 2 hours because stock had to be counted. Imagine, my slip was proof that the items were not collected, confirmed by the floor assistant because, if you collect after payment they tick the items on your slip. After waiting patiently for about 2 hours the manager approach me, at first wanting to give me 2 of the 3 items paid for as per instruction by the admin manager. Upon counting stock, they found that the numbers did not matched. Now it was my problem, imagine. I insisted i want all 3 items i paid for so apparently the senior store manager was called and he just said they must tell me that they have to do an investigation and that they will call me. No regards to how far i stay, can i return to pick up my goods that i already paid for.I was dismissed and had to leave, feeling powerless and treated like a criminal…very disappointed.

    • I bought a hp printer in store on 24th December and I was told to buy extra ink as the ones that come with the machine will not last longer. I did so but when I get home I realised that the printer does not have the usb cable. I went back to the shop to inquire and was told that I have to buy it because it is not part of the printer package. Had I known before I would have avoided going to the shop again in these busy days. I am a bit disappointed.

  5. I purchased an Empisal sewing machine during the Black Friday in 2019 at Game in Gateway. I never used it until in April this year. When I opened it I realized it was not working. I approached Game where I purchased the machine I was told companies are closed due to the Covid pandemic. I returned for several days to inquire as I was afraid that the warranty was to expire in November. I was informed of the lockdown the staff at the Customer care was not even willing to take the machine. I had to go to the front desk to request them to at least sign my till slip as proof that I did come before the warranty expired.
    Due to the fact that we’re still in lockdown I returned again in December to inquire whether I can return the machine I was now informed of the expired warranty and that the cost of repairing will have to be incurred by me.
    I would like to complain about the service at customer care, the fact that I had to approach the front desk probes that at customer service I was not assisted. I feel that as a customer I didn’t receive service as expected. No information was given at all in fact it was as if they were happy not to offer their service which is what they stand for. Secondly the machine was just not working which was disappointing as it was new. This means that Game was selling stuff that has no quality at all. This is a matter of importance as one will be agitated to purchase things at Game to avoid future disappointments.

  6. Good Morning

    On the 23 June 2020, I bought a Ryobi Brush Cutter at Game Stores, Circus Triangle in Mthatha. I used the Cutter only about three times cutting grass in my house at Mpindweni Location. Because I am working in Pretoria, I left and came back home in September 2020. I used the Cutter but I could not finish as it stopped working. I then took the Cutter back to Game Stores on 23 September 2020 for their assessment and or repairs.

    At Game Stores I was promised that they would call me to fetch it within a month, this never happened until I returned to Mthatha in December 2020. This is three months down the line since I returned the good. I visited the Store for my Grass Cutter, I was shocked to find out that nothing was done. They only phoned when I was, most surprisingly they were told that the Cutter was not yet repaired. There was a story about me paying for repairs of which I dismissed it with all my energy. I cannot buy a grass cutter and within three months is not working and I must pay for it.

    Against this background, I am appealing for your intervention for me to be reimbursed or be given a new Grass Cutter as I do not trust the one that is faulty from the factory.

    The worst thing, the Manager of the Game Store, Mthatha promised to call me on Thursday, 10th December 2020, HE NEVER CALLED ME. This is so unprofessional and lacks diligent care, anyway is Mthatha, you will be shocked of what is happening here, as if it is another country.

    On 14 December 2020 I received a call where they said the Grass cutter has been delivered, on 15 December 2020, I went to fetch it. I asked them whether it was repaired or not. The lady who did not even look me in the face said, they don’t have petrol to test it.

    I left with the Grass Cutter, on 16 December 2020, I woke prepared to cut grass in my yard, the Grass cutter is NOT repaired.

    I am today, on 17 December 2020 going back to Game Stores Circus Triangle to return the same Grass cutter, I AM REALLY TIRED.

  7. Good day
    I purchased a washing machine online on the 21/11/2020. It was delivered damaged on the 28/11/2020. After numerous telephone calls and emails it was eventually collected on the 7/12/2020. Initially I was informed that when they collect the damaged unit, they will also deliver the replacement unit, which I have confirmation in writing from Game. No replacement unit arrived. No refund to date. The excuses is all about waiting for the paperwork. Why offer an online service when you cannot deliver a service.
    Very unhappy customer

  8. Sandra van Coller Reply

    I bought 2 MacBook Air 13# from DionWired (one in August 2018 and the other January 2019) with a 3 year onsite warranty. The one has a malfunctioning screen and the other a malfunctioning keyboard. I was told to take it to Game as DionWired had closed down. I took the one in to Game Tygervalley (the other one my daughter still needed to use for exams and was able to do so with an external keyboard). I was told that they could not fix it as they have no accredited repair centre, nor could they replace it as they have no stock. Yolande Joshua said the best they could do was refund me what I paid for it R14000. However, I cannot replace it for that price any longer and would prefer that they repair it. After many trips back and forth I finally wrote to the Ombudsman. I was asked what I expected. My answer was (a) repair it at your cost, or (b) replace the laptop or refund me an amount that would enable me to buy another MacBook with a warranty
    I was contacted by the ombudsman to say that they would pay for the repairs and that I should get a quote from Istore, which I did. The cost of repair is nearly the price I paid for it. I have been into the store twice to speak to Yolande Joshua but she is either not there or on a call. I’ve left my details for her to call me on numerous occassions. I also phoned the Game Tygervalley branch and left a message for her. She has yet to contact me. In the meantime the quote is only valid for 7 days and I am without a laptop. Ebrahim Roos at the Customer centre has been very helpful and sympathetic with my plight but seems to think Game will not pay for the repairs but will simply pay me what I paid for it. I cannot buy a MacBook for that price, unless I buy a second hand one with no warranty. The warranty is not worth the paper it’s written on as I should have had a warranty until January 2022.
    Very disappointed with the lack of service and care from Game Tygervalley and will certainly think twice before buying a high ticket item from Game Stores in the future. The ombudsman did contact me last week to find out whether the issue and been sorted out. I foolishly thought there would be no further problem, but ….

    I am going to be contacting the Ombudsman again to advise that the matter has not been resolved.

  9. Hi I would like to lodge a formal complaint regarding my purchase of a printer on the 30 October 2020. There was a printer on display for R999. After waiting around looking for a consultant to assist us eventually one arrived after 10 minutes of waiting and us calling for help. I’ve asked the consultant to assist with the purchase where he insisted the printer is out of stock although on display. After browsing the store for several minutes I returned to the printer area to ask when stock would be available. A different consultant disclosed that they do have stock and provided the printer on request. I am bitterly disappointed with the experience and would like this situation be addressed.

  10. Ndumiso Vamusse Reply

    I bought a TV Sinotec 32″ Game Ballito last year 22/07/2019 on the but it went OFF and without knowing what was wrong with it on the 27 April 2020 I took it back to the Store on the 01 May 2020 they send it to repairs according to what they told me 01 August 2020 after laying a complaint online the assistant by the name Yorgun called and promise to come back with something solid as from Yesterday and Today but she didn’t called at all I was the one who call several times but still I don’t find her even today I called no answer.Poor service and and they do not care about us as clients only our money matters to them.I’m blaming my self for trusting Game to be the best!!!

  11. I went game Soith coast mall shelly beach to purchase a Bennerr 1800 pressure cleaner when they had promotion,on both occasions they had no stock of the particular model. Today I went in to purchase a garden hose that was on promotion, unfortunately as usual I was un lucky when they have promotions, no stock. However I I noticed the Bennett 1800 in in stock, but it was not on promotion, But Makro has on promotion, a very polite and efficient salesman approached me and started explaining the features of the different pressure cleaners but sales person was not wearing a Game uniform, he had Tevo shirt(grey uniform) I explained to him that it over budget and Makro had it on a promotional price of R1599.00.he asked me if I had proof,I went on Makro web site on phone and showed him the promotion. He then advised me that Game will beat a competitor’s price and offer a 10%on the difference as well. At end the day I purchased the pressure cleaner for R1549.00. I complement Game on keeping to their promise to better competitors price and thanks to the wonderful sales man. Unfortunately I did take his name

  12. I was there with my family earlier this afternoon. Worst service ever, staff are on their phones and not attending to customers. When you ask for help they are looking around and not interested in helping out. I needed a few appliances, they can’t find the barcode for the microwave I chose, it took them more then 20 min looking for the barcode and still didn’t find it. There is no social distancing between staaf, their mask are on their chin only, they are on their phones and standing right next to One another. When you ask them to hurry up they look at you like a fool and start talking about you in their language, not knowing that I understand the language. I must say Game at Rosebank will go down not because there are no customers, they are there but the staff is absolutely useless. I eventually left everything there and walked out. Will never recommended anyone going there, not forgetting word of mouth is very powerful to make or break a business.


  13. I specifically went to Game, Somerset Mall to buy an electric kettle. Still quite weak after being ill for almost a month I was steadying myself against a counter when a young female Tevo assistant approached me and kindly offered to help me in selecting a kettle. She also asked permission to photograph me with the product. She thereafter helped me to select a coffee grinder. I am satisfied with my purchases and especially the manner in which I was assisted in the electric appliance department.

    • I have exercised patience in awaiting this delivery. I bought a fridge online of the 18th Nov. To date when I call no one can tell me where my order is at, everyone tell a different story. Daily I call Game for status. You get promised a call back which never happens

      Clearly Game intends not to fulfill this order. After being told of the SLA timeliness we are now outside the said 10 working days.

      I want my money back!

      Im very disgusted by your service!

  14. I bought a Hi-Fi online at Game in April 2020 I have not received it i have tried calling to inquire but I’m sent from pillar to post it is as if nobody knows what has happened to my order it has now been 4months I then decided last month to request a refund I was told to wait 7to14 days im still waiting, im so disappointed in in their services???

  15. I will never, ever placed an order for online and I dont encourage anyone to do so cause you will pay and they will never deliver, failed to refund with no explanation of challenges they experienced regarding the order. I keep on calling, sending emails all I received from their support team is that they don’t know what is happening and where is the order is maybe is stucked at the warehouse. More than 20 days I’m always receiving this respond from game team.

    I’m still struggling to get my refund, I’m still sending emails but no respond. When I login to my account, the status said the order is DELIVERED I dont know to who and when? which mean I donated my R19000 i paid to purchase a fridge to Game.

    Be careful to order staff to game online you will regret

  16. Jan Jordaan Reply

    We would just like to thank Michael at Springs Mall Game for his great service and help when buying a washing machine. He went out of his way to get us the best price beat. Due to him we will do our shopping now at Springs Mall Game.

  17. I am writing this message to complain about the extreme poor service at Game Stores, Trade Route Mall.
    I bought a Defy Fridge on the 25th June 2020 and was promised delivery after 2 weeks. I kept on calling Game after 2 weeks to enquire when I didn’t receive my delivery but they kept on saying no stock n promised me to receive my delivery at then end of July…
    Today’s the 1st of August and I still haven’t received my delivery, I went to Game Stores today to enquire on what’s happening and they promised me delivery between 2pm – 6pm, really frustrated and disappointed with the lies and the poor service offered by Game as they do not even update the customer on the delivery and I still haven’t received my order…!

    Unhappy and Disappointed Customer

  18. Bought a brand new Samsung Washing Machine at Game, Greenacres branch PE. When we used it after arriving at home, it displayed an error, 4E error. This is despite pipe conections and all other settings being in order. We called them and they advised us we send them a till slip which we did. Its almost three weeks now and they have not done anything about it. I can confirm that they did receive the slip because I phoned them. They told me they are still waiting for the availability of a person who would come and check it. My question, should we be made to wait this long? Were we not supposed to be sold a product that is fit for its purpose, without being subjected to this inconvenience.


  19. Keshnee Moodley Reply

    I purchased a stove at Game the Glen on 16 July 2020. I needed it to be delivered in another province KZN. Such a pleasure shopping at Game the Glen. My order was processed within 20minutes. The sales rep contacted Game in Pietermaritzburg enquired stock availability, Invoiced the product, arranged delivery, I paid. Transaction completed in 20minutes. Easy peasy. Thanks guys. 5 stars for customer satisfaction. Keep up the good work!!!

  20. I am writing this in tears , yesterday the 7th July 2020 at Game Store in Setsing Phuthaditjhaba Qwaqwa I experienced the worst traumatic experience. I am still thinking about this today and tears are flooding. I went there to withdraw cash sent , cashier helped I gave out reference and entered my pin . The process wrote approved , she then handed out my cash gave it to me and I left to look for a shoe rack availability which I needed month end . Five minutes later I saw the cashier coming to me running , I’m shocked and surprised as to what is happening.

    She pulls my hand with a relieved face saying I’m so glad to find you here. She then takes me to the till explaining to me there has been a mistake I wasn’t supposed to get that money their I should return it to her . Left confused I asked her to repeat the process , the system wrote the voucher cannot be redeemed meaning it has been used . That simply meaning my cash sent was out . She then called other colleagues of her trying to see what happened. They couldn’t find solution. An hour later of me looking at them trying to find out what happened, another lady who is a worker there comes with a rude tone telling me I must just return the money and leave the store . People were looking at me like I’m some criminal who just stole . I was humiliated and embarrassed but I needed the money desperately so I kept waiting for a solution to this . They ended up ignoring my existence there doing their thing until the store closed . It’s two hours later a security guy called Victor Twala comes try to understand and tries to find solution . We could still find none , all what they said is just return the store money and go to your bank . 4 hours later it’s 8:30 pm I’m hungry, thirsty and wanted to go home , a so called lady said to be the manager comes talks to the security saying that I must just go borrow money from my neighbors and don’t involve the store in this . I overheard this and I couldn’t believe it was the manager when I asked where was the manager . She was rude told me she’s calling the police , they cannot wait any longer in the store because of my nonsense. I kept strong waiting . 8:40 pm at night since I got at the shop from 16:00 afternoon they have locked all doors and I felt like I was criminal imprisoned . Four police men came saying they got a call there was criminal activity happening in the store . They asked us to explain both our sides . The manager spoke ill of me and said I ddnt want to return the stores money and putting the cashiers job at risk . Luckily the police came with a solution to say they will pay out the money for me until the issue of this error is sorted . I kept the money . Police paid the shop . We all wrote our details for further investigation.

    I have never been humiliated and disgusted by the whole manager who is supposed to be protecting both parties the customer and the employee. She was totally rude and inconsiderate.

    I still don’t know what to do with this matter . I need to rest and rethink . Be calm and think straight.

  21. Great service. At entrance of Centre staff there to assist and sanitize your hands then as you walk into shop Staff at front door to sanitize your hands and staff very friendly and helpful
    Had no trouble finding what I required

  22. Sinethemba Reply

    I bought a laptop (Asus brand) in December 2019,which hasn’t been working properly ever since. I’ve been to Game countless times to try and request for a refund or exchange. But they told me about repairing the laptop 3 times before I fully get a refund. No repair has been done until this day.I’m extremely frustrated by this as I am a university student whose academic work is reliant on a laptop that operates as it should during this pandemic.
    I’m not happy with Game

  23. I was treated so badly this morning around 11 at Game store Greenacres in Port Elizabeth. Firstly i entered the store and went to the back where there was about 6 people standing close to each other with a game employee, i then looked around to see if there was someone available, i then saw a guy at the back, i asked for a way to speak to him only to find that the security was one of the 6 people and was blocking the road and they called the guy assist me, please not no distancing was observed there. I then enquired if i can buy a laptop or tablet for my son’s assignments, the guy told me know they cant. I asked if it was going to be lifted soon or not following the president’s speech last night , He then said ” It was sold Friday and Saturday and he doesn’t know when again, only head office will let them know

    I then asked if he can find out from someone or call head office to find out so i can have information , he called a guy called Donnovan who arrived to speak to me and he didn’t even have a mask on, He then told me ” Mam” we cant sell the laptop, i then said i just want to find out when can we expect or if there will be days that it be sold like last Friday and Saturday and i said to him can’t find out and he said no. I then said i will then have to write to Game head office because direction should be clear to employees and he said you can write to the government.

    I feel that is arrogant because every department or business has complaints department where if customers are not happy should be referred to than being referred to the government, i did not appreciate the way Donovann dismissed me, no professional interaction, no empathy or whatsoever.

  24. Stacey Tyler Reply

    I have had a extremely poor service from Games.I bought 2x HP 123 black ink cartridges as they were asked as an essential and I urgently needed them.I placed my order online the 13/04/2020 and did an instant EFT payment.I did not receive my order confirmation with order number the 13/04/2020 and followed up on the chat and communicated with Tanya.I eventually found my order confirmation in my email.I followed up on my order and given a generic answer about 3-5 delivery SLA but I did mention that is was urgent and on day 3 ended up going to the store to purchase ink at R599.I followed up on the Facebook messenger customer service about my order and was told that I needed to wait up to the 5 day delivery, then there was not stock, then I was told should I not get my items by 6pm on Monday the 20/04/2020 that I must let the customer service know and I would be refunded.I did that on Tuesday the 21/04/2020 and emailed customer service to and no one has contacted me,no response.

  25. Hi there!

    I live in Alberton and I visited my nearest Game Store as I needed Stay Soft. The staff quickly santized me as I entered. When I walking in shop, onr of managers asked if I needed assistance and I said “Yes”. I told him that I needed staysoft and he advised me to the isle I needded to go. I found the stay soft and thereafter when to the cashier and paid for it. The cashier was very friendly and provided excellent service. I will allways go back to game. On another occassion, I phoned the national call centre regarding the open view decoders. They provided detailed information about the price, product and location of the stores at which I could buy the decoder. Very excellent and professional service during lock down in South Africa.

  26. Innocentia Mompe Reply

    Today I went to the Game store in Klerksdorp for a contract phone, the customer had to choose from three gifts when taking the contract. The gift I wanted was not in stock, so I told the lady helping me that I will wait till they get the stock, then she insisted that I have to choose from the two I did not eve want, she even threatened to cancel the contract, she then called her colleague to talk to me as she says I was being difficult, I had to choose the gift they imposed on me and I am still not happy. My writing to Game store is that why is it not that the customers are being told befeore signing the contract that they do not have stock on certain Items.
    I would like for the Game store to give the gift I wanted as the promotion is still on and would gladly return the one that was imposed on me as I have a similar gift from the previous contract I took with Game. Thank you

    I was so disappointed by the kind of attitude I received from the lady, as a loyal customer :(

  27. A small bouquet! I don’t normally shop at Game (Greenacres Port Elizabeth) for groceries but was passing, so, dropped in to check price of “Kelloggs All Bran”.
    I was very surprised to find it was on promotion at a very good price R49. 99 against normal price R 72.00. Also had a most friendly checkout girl on the till.
    I will check your groceries more often in the future.
    Thank you, Norman.

  28. Alfred Richards Reply

    I would just like to say thank you for the Game team on Vredenburg Western Cape in particular the Manager Andrew de Jager and Reagan Banham (sales). I bought a tumble dryer from them two months ago and the machine was faulty and tripped the power. The Sunday I went to the store to inform Reagan about my complaint and he logged the claim early Monday morning I received a sms from Defy informing me that their agent doing their repairs will contact me. The agent contacted me the Tuesday morning to tell me they are going to visit me from noon onwards but good not give a specific time. I had to put in a half days leave to wait for them at my house. They informed me they could not be there the Tuesday afternoon and can only be there the Wednesday morning which i informed them that there will be no one at home and i will only be at home after 4pm. Thursday morning i phoned the agent i and asked them what was going on they then told me the repair guy was there Wednesday morning and no one was available again i explained to them that i was only available after 4pm they then informed me that they could only come and look at my machine the Friday afternoon. I then went to game and informed them about the whole situation. The manager of Game Andrew then phoned the agent to investigate. Whilst i was standing there i could hear the verbal abuse Andrew had to endure from the owner of the agency in order to get this issue resolved. i had to commend him because through it all he kept calm and tried to resolve the issue as peace full and respectful as possible. Long story short the agent picked up my tumble dryer from home that same morning and returned it later that day at 5pm fixed. So thank you Andrew and Reagan i really appreciate your help and effort in resolving my issue i wish we could have more people like you who take pride in their jobs and in excellent service delivery. For the agent ….well i can not comment on your service delivery because service was non existent.

  29. I’m very disappointed to see that game stores don’t care what they fees people. Today I bought 3 packets of chocolate flavored lamingtons 5’s in a pkt, chocolate brownies 5’s in a pkt and mini chocolate flavored Swiss rolls also 5’s in a packet. I went home and started to serve guests only to find out they were spoiled, reached beyond expiry date because they even had mould like the one you find on rotten bread. The plastic covering them hid the mould so that you can be surprised when you get home. And when I opened my little boy took one of them before I could serve guests, now his throat is itching! Is this what we must experience for loving the store??? I’m highly irritated!!!

  30. Mandie Coetzee Reply

    My complaint is regarding Game in Ballito Junction, Ballito. During the past few months I have bought a few items on sale. Not once was the price adjusted to the sale price, e.g. this week it was a packet of Nescafe Cuppaccino sticks. Previously it was Harvest Time oven bake chips & Frozen vegetable combo, a travel bag, 3-packet of Domestos,/Sunligt liquid/Handy Andy, a blanket.
    If you do not check every item that is scanned, Game is sure to catch you. So unfair to the customers.
    Yesterday the special for Catmor cat food saches (10 for R49) the shelf was empty and I had to go an look for someone to fetch more stock at the back.
    On average only 2 till points are open. A couple of times there was no bar code on items. The cashier then simply leaves you standing at the till and go and see if she can find a bar code.
    I think this is totally unacceptable!

  31. Koos van Schalkwyk Reply

    Went to Game store Highveld Mall 15 Febr 2019 for specials advertise. Again the stores didn’t have some of the items in stock.( 20w Eurolux LED spotlights). I demanded to pay and they can order, which i did. After several calls to the store asking to speak to the manager and every call it’s a different person, promises made…. No lights yet???

  32. My little brother went to game stores Menlyn yesterday to purchase headsets for his phone and tested them in the store and found that they’re not working. He then went back to the shelf and took another box of which was working and was harassed by the store manager and the security telling him that he has to pay for both, without any hesitation he paid for both and asked if he can exchange the ones that are not working something else the store manager( Hendriek) refused and wrote on the one receipt non refundable as he claims that this is malicious damage to the store property and he was thrown in a holding cell for 4 hours, confiscated his belonging and was told he cant even inform his family of what was happening. A friend of his who contacted me to let me know what was happening was also thrown in the cell with for trying to help resolve this issue. When i got to the mall after i was informed by another of this I was told by another manager Nenad that they could home and that they’re welcome in the store at anytime. I then asked them to call the police and open an actual case against my brother and his friend and i was told that they cant do that coz the police would take too long to come there.

    I am not happy about this we are regular customers at this store and this is the treatment we get!… this is defamation of character!…you cant treat people like this!…

  33. I bought a treadmill at Game Bela Bela, 2018/08/03 for the amount of R7999-00. I bought it for my daughter (13 years old) in order to prepare for the athletic season.

    On 2018/12/19 I took it back to the same store as it had cracked in the middle of the running board.

    Totally unacceptable as it was barely four months old and had barely been used.

    Today 2019/01/17 the treadmill is still standing in the store and we have been unable to use it.(photo taken at the store reception)

    This is the worst service I have received from Game,No feedback and nothing has been done to assist us.

  34. Jessica Jane Malan Reply

    Hi Jessica From Somerset west, Western Cape.
    I love to shop at game Somerset Mall only problem are the customer service that are pathetic, at the cellular counter 90% of the time no cashier available, then you have to pay infront, come back with slip to collect, no visibility of staff in ilse,you walk around in store for more than half an hour to get assistants,when you go to service desk for assistants they will call relevant party over the air then you also wait almost 40 minutes for that person to come from wherever he/she was.Really Poor service.
    Disappointing Service

  35. Kgosietsile Maselele Reply

    Good afternoon

    I also you like to logde a complain regarding poor and disgusting service received at your call center (0861002233 and fraud department) since last November 2018.

    There is one of your employee who did a cash advance from my store card amounting to R7408.00.

    I was asked to send an affidavit, copy of ID, front and back of card, bank statement and 3 signatures to [email protected] which I did on the 24/11/2018 (confirmed to have been received by Game employee on the same day).

    I was promised that the fraud department (whom I suspect to also be fraudsters) will contact me soon for an investigation BUT to my surprise no one contacted me. Rather it is me who called in again on the 02/01/2019 (38 days later) to inquire about the resolution of my dispute BUT got the shock of my life when I learned that NOBODY has touched that dispute at your fraud department.

    It must be noted that this is DISGUSTING to your customers if that is how you do business or you call this customer service. I have resend those documents AGAIN today as requested by the lady named Phelo but I will not do it again. I will pursue other avenues if I do not get help.


    Frustrated and Disgusted Customer

  36. I went to Game stores at [email protected] on Friday(14/12/2018) to buy a washing machine. The staff were not interested in assisting me and they sent the security guard to assist. He had no idea on the product and was referring to the Game Specials paper(I don’t blame him that’s not his job). I was so upset and left the store. I returned the next day and thought I would get better service.

    The next day I purchased the washing machine and was promised it would be delivered on the Tuesday. On Tuesday I received an SMS advising that they will do delivery. I haven’t received the delivery and when I phoned Game, they advised that the washing machine is in the truck and I will definitely get it on Tuesday. Waited the whole day on Tuesday and haven’t received the delivery.

    Yesterday(Wednesday), Mandla from Game promised me that I would get delivery. He said he would get back to me at 14:30. Got no feedback from him, and had to phone him numerous times and he told me 15:30, then 16:30 and eventually he avoided taking my calls. I tried getting hold of the manager and they kept on cutting my calls. When I eventually got hold of the Manager(Sarah), she said that she will sort it out and get back to me. She never got back to me and when I called her she said I will definitely get it yesterday as the item was in the truck. I asked for more info like the expected delivery time etc and she repeatedly told me that she doesn’t know and there’s nothing that she can do and no one at Game can help me.

    I had things to do on Tuesday and Wednesday but i was promised to get delivery so I had to wait but got no delivery. Game is sitting with my money but refuse assist me and refuse to do delivery for my washing machine.

    I always purchased big appliances from Game because of the good service they provided. But the service that they are providing now is absolutely shocking and disgusting. Management and stuff have a don’t care attitude and refuse to assist although this is a fault of Game, all they can tell me is “they don’t know and there’s nothing that they can do and no one at Game can help me”.

    Is Game going to take my money and refuse to deliver the item???

  37. The service at Game Gateway Durban is absolutely poor, the staff on the floor don’t like to assist, I went to purchase the play sets for kids (swings set) and waited for half an hour for someone to help me, the staff walk by and just tell you straight its not their department, the guy next to that department paged for help twice and still no one came to help, i had to go to the manager at the front to get someone to assist us. There were a lot of staff watching a soccer match at the back and not one person came to assist us. This is not the first time that we struggled to get help, there are a lot of staff at Game on the floor but refuse to do their jobs until you get a manager to force them and thereafter they just service you with an attitude. We are regular customers and sometimes the stuff are moved or changed and we cant find the items so we just need some guidance.

  38. Sanelle Strydom Reply

    I was very dissatisfied when I got to the store at Nonesi Mall in Komani (Queenstown) only to find out the advertised cricket shoes from Kookaburra that are on special will not be available as they are discontinued at the store. The staff member said he can’t even get me a pair from another branch, there is nothing in the advertised brochure saying that the item is only available at certain branches. Pathetic service

  39. Pithavan Timothy James Reply

    Good Day Nevillie,

    Not too sure if I would get any response but it’s worth a try after all the disappointment and highly irritable.

    Background info- roundabout February 2014 I purchased a Hi Sense 50’ LED TV from the Festival Mall Game branch. I took the Hi sense because of the better warranty on offer than the other brands and also for peace of mind if something did go wrong. Reason why I bought the TV by you guys was to prove a point and was not happy with the service I received from your competitor (Checkers Home and Hyper) in the same mall. I swiped my Cheque card for +- R13000.00 because I took the Samsung Surrounds Entertainment system as well. Over the next couple of years I bought couple of appliances from your store.

    Later that year I moved from my townhouse into a home. Low and behold last year 2017 as Murphy would have it – my TV screen went blank. Looked for my warranty and proof of purchase but to no avail. I called your branch/store’s Customer services to request assistance. I was met with resistance and not much help. I asked if the store kept records of purchases and so forth. I was told that there was a new system in place and did not have records of 2014 stuff. I was already pissed off to say the least because of the unwillingness of this lady to try in the least to help or offer any better advice (yes I have learnt from this experience when dealing with frontline, call centre or Customer service staff- take down details of whom you speaking you, time, date and what has been said). I wish I had done that with this lady who was not interested in assisting me. Having been frustrated by this encounter and rueing why I bought at Games. I guess the grass is not greener on the other side. I was in a predicament at the time and went ahead and got the TV repaired. Then in March as I was going through some documents I found my warranty and proof of purchase.

    During the World cup game (Belgium vs England- group stages) my TV’s picture went blank again. I knew that I would get the same reaction and response if I tried to reason with your Customer Service staff. Nevertheless and decided to give the benefit of the doubt to the Game Customer service Staff and went to your store this past Saturday (14 July 2018). Pretty much nothing changed from a telephonic conversation or a face to face conversation with CS Staff. I got sent to the floor to speak or give my side of the events to the Hi sense representative that was by the TV’s. She listened half-heartedly as I gave my details of what transpired and explained that if I had my warranty or got help from the Game Customer Service staff in the first place I would not have went to get it repaired. She told me to contact Hi Sense service and repairs and explain to them what has happened and see if they can assist. I asked for the contact number but was told a flimsy excuse “I don’t have my cell phone with me to give you the contact numbers but you can get it at the Customer Service Department”. I was really getting hot under the collar because I am being shunted around from person to person and truly did not see the chance to be assisted by your Customer Service staff. I really pissed off and went to the Information desk because I did not want to go to your Customer Service centre. Before I got there, there was another customer really pissed off customer who was blowing his top off with the stores service. I managed to speak to the gentleman who was behind the counter and he called up the necessary details for me. I took a photo of the screen with the details (view your camera footage for the Info counter 10:30 to 11 or 12) and contact numbers and left very hot and bothered with the pathetic service I was receiving. I needed to keep it in because I should have known better than to expect anything different or assistance.

    I phoned the Hi Sense Repair and Service division and was told that the Customer Service staff should have initially assisted me even though I did not have the documentation at the time to obtain the warranty and purchase slip number. The point being that I could have been assisted but was not. My warranty is now null and void and additional expenses and costs to repair by a Hi Sense technician which could have been avoided if I was assisted from the onset.

    Yes, I do know that warranty and proof of purchase documents are important but what has happened to whereby we can assist and make customers wanting to keep coming back to your stores. I know nothing much will come from sending this email but just wanted you to be aware of the customer you will be losing. Word of mouth is also a powerful tool.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Pithavan Timothy James

  40. Anesh Girraj Reply

    HI I bought a fridge on 07/07 and paid for the item and for delivery to my house. When giving the sales person m details I stressed on the fact that they call me before they can deliver even though their Game DC is 5 minutes to my house as I am not a person to be sitting at home and if they do not phone me before delivery then there will not be any one to receive this fridge.
    On Sunday 08/07 morning I left home and had 3 missed calls from 11h43;11h46 & 12h05 which I did unfortunately did not hear. At 12h27 when I reached my destination I checked my phone and immediately called the number on which call I missed.
    This was the driver from Game stating that he was at my house and calling me as he was there to deliver my fridge. I then told him that he was to call me before he got to my place and not call me when he is there outside my place. I then informed him that I will only be back at my place at 15h00 and he said that is too late to which I replied I can push to be back there by 14h30. His reply was that he is already done in my area and he can not come back there. He further stated that not his problem that I did not get the delivery as he called me but I did not answer so he cant come back. I then told him that I will take this up with Game as he is delivering on behave of Game and they must sort this out.
    I then called Game at 12h30 and spoke to Sanjay who then transferred me to Sallo who again I had to relay my story of the driver not being able to deliver my fridge. She stated that she will check with the driver and call me back. At 13h08 I called Sallo again for and update cause I could see no one from Game was returning my call. Sallo told me that she is very busy and she promise to call the driver now and call me back. At 13h31 she still did not call and by this time I was already at Gateway and called her again only to be told that she is gone on lunch. I then made my way to Game cause now I was extremely upset as being a the customer I already received attitude from the driver and now even the Game staff are not assisting me. When I got to Game I requested that I speak to the manager and told him of the problem I am experiencing. He then check the system and informed me that the fridge has already been delivered to y house. I then asked how is that possible when there is no one at home. He then stated making calls to the driver and after approximately 15mins he managed to get the driver. The drive told him that he is not going back and to speak to his Boss. To cut a long story short after a +/-30mins the decision from the driver and his boss was that they are not going to deliver and I then replied to the manager to cancel the deal as Game is unable to full full their side of the deal.
    The sale was then reversed and I left.
    My question is that Game is such a BIG store and if they unable to satisfy and keep their customers happy WHY brag about it? Also how come they using people that has attitude and people that don’t hold the Game name out of the store? This fridge was bought as a Birthday gift for me today and Game staff showed their true colours on what happens out of the store once the sale is done.
    Everyone now days are fighting for sales in this hard time that the country is going through and yet the staff does not worry if they get a sale or not.

  41. On the 25/02/18 i bought a Trimtech brush cutter(petrol) for roughly R2400.00 at game Ilanga mall in Nelspruit. Begging of April 2018 it started giving me problems, the head of the machine would turn and stop.

    On the 10/04/18 i then decided to take back to the store where it was booked in for repairs, on the 20/04/18 i received an sms and a call from game store saying the repair has been rejected by the supplier due to the components are not covered by the warranty therefore I have to pay R1071 for the machine to be fixed. I explained to the lady that i will not be able to pay that amount as the machine was less than 3 months, still under warranty and i was not told prior as to what components where not covered by the warranty.

    On the 02/05/17 i received another sms informing me that the machine is back from repairs and awaiting for collection, i went to the store the very same day and i was not assisted as I had waited over 30 minutes and the customer service waiting for someone to bring it from the back apparently, i then decided to leave.

    Later i received a phone call from game informing me that the machine has not been fixed and i have to pay the requested amo unt, i then decided to launch a complain.

    Later the lady that was responsible for my complain phoned me to come to the store to discuss the matter further as the sales person informed me on the day of purchase as to which components were covered. I went to the store and the sales person did not agree nor deny that he had informed me on the day of purchase. The lady informed me that she will book the machine for a repair as they wrote an incorrect reason when they send it to the supplier the first time. That was on the 04/05/18 and since then I had been waiting.

    Yesterday on the 21/05/18 i went to the store and spoke to the branch manager manager and she informed me it is my duty as a consumer to read through the manual to see what components are covered of which I did and the manual does not say anything about the warranty.

    I am not willing to pay anything for the repair of this machine.

    I feel like i have been inconvenienced far too long with NO outcome and therefore I would like to have a full refund.

  42. Would like to lay a complaint with Game stores . Went into the game store in key west krugersdorp to buy a special on your freezers. You had no stock. When i asked when will you be receiving it the salesman told me tom. He took my details and promised to phone me the next day. Its been 4 days since i went in and no call. I even asked for a rain check. He refused to give me one saying the stock will come in. Now the special is over and i dont have a freezer.

  43. Shailendra Sewsunker Reply

    I visited Game Pinetown today 5 March 2018, and the cashiers name was Happy Zama Njecana. She was extremely rude and stubborn during the transaction. That’s the only and best way l can describe it. I don’t know how else to explain bad attitude. She seemed angry at life, or disappointed in her job, or something to that effect. I displayed the very same stubbornness towards her, which is completely against my nature, but it comes out when people treat me like that. This is the 2nd time I’ve experienced this pathetic kind of service from this particular store.

  44. Malusi Njwabani Reply

    I bought a backpack at the end of January 2018 at game Vincent park and i love this backpack but now it is torn where the straps are sewed to the bag. I looked for the slip but could not find it.
    Is there a possibility where i can go and exchange it without the slips?

  45. I just wanted to say that I love the game store but I’m very unhappy the the service we receive at the game store in pmb Midlands mall the staff there are very unhelpful and not friendly at all I love the products and buy a lot from the store need better customer service

  46. I went to game store mokopane and I gave the consultant documents for surname change and I spoke to the consultant telephonically requesting cash advance.consultant assured me that my cash advance request will be processed.after some few minutes a consultant called me telling me to go to the internet cafe and email documents as the consultant doesn’t have access to email.I asked who’s problem is that?I was advised to bring documents to my nearest game store and I did,now they want me to go to internet cafes to is a big company what they told me to do was so unprofessional.because of the documents that wasn’t emailed because of the consultant that doesn’t have access to email my cash advance was not processed.the next day Friday I went back to the store the other consultant emailed my documents.I spoke again with the cash advance consultant telephonically.she confirmed that they received my documents and the surname has been changed and cash advance is processed.what surprises me is that the cash advance I requested is the third one and I usually receive it within an hour but this third one is not in my account after 10 shows that it is not processed.I tried to call customer care I couldn’t get help.Game is one of the biggest companies in SA,I didn’t expect this kind of service

  47. Good Morning,
    I would like to lodge a dissatisfation about the service I received at Game Secunda Branch, I bought a stove last week during black Friday dicount.After unpacking it I found a fault on one of the knobs.I returned it back today, but couldn’t get a replacement as all the stock received by the store of similar item have been prepaid.I asked about the demo on display and was told it’s available but cannot be discounted.So I don’t understand how do yo buy a demo with a full price,anyways,…..Part of the ‘solution’ was I will only get a replacement ‘maybe’ nexxt week.
    1.I paid for an item that is faulty,
    2.I received the raw deal,
    3. I have to sit for God knows how long without astove,
    4.Customer service was the most horrendous,

    Am sending this as a last resort failing which I will escalate this matter further.


    Unhappy Consumer.

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