Contact of Fred Meyer customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Fred Meyer: Find below customer service details of Fred Meyer, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
The Kroger Co
1014 Vine St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-KROGERS
Phone: 1-800-576-4377
Email: [email protected] (Rewards Plus)

About Fred Meyer
Fred Meyer is a US hypermarket chain founded by Fred G Meyer in 1931. The brand, operates as a subsidiary of Kroger and currently employs more than 30,000. Headquartered at Cincinnati, Ohio, Fred Meyer serves consumers across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. The stores also comprise of a drugstore and bank. Besides grocery, one can shop for home improvement and decor items, apparel and fashion accessories. The stores average 150,000 sq ft space and stock more than 225,000 items. Fred Meyer’s own family brands include Simple Truth, Private Selection, Kroger Brand, Dip Apparel and Home Chef.

To know all the hot bargains at Fred Meyer outlets, you can explore the Weekly Ad section. The Digital Coupons section also lists coupons that you can use while shopping. Shoppers can locate a Fred Meyer store online by zip code, city or state. You can discover the items you can shop on the website through departments like grocery, meat/seafood, deli, bakery, toys, electronics, floral, beauty, household essentials and produce. Select a store on the page to view price.

With regard to pharmacy services, you can refill prescriptions or set up automatically refills online. If you are a regular shopper, register for Fred Meyer Rewards World Mastercard to earn reward points. Members enjoy big rebates, travel assistance services and automatic bill payment. You can apply for the card on the website. General shoppers can also register for Fred Meyers Rewards program to award earn points on purchases.

Purchase Fred Meyer gift cards for family and friends to mark any special occasion. The cards can be purchased on different currency values. You can purchase physical as well as virtual gift cards. Interested in a career with Fred Meyer? Explore the Jobs section to know the career opportunities. You can search for a job by keyword or postal code. For more information or queries on store locations, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Fred Meyers support.


  1. Today I bought a two-pound block of your Private Selection Vermont Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese for $9.99, which seemed like a good value. But it cannot be sliced because it’s so dry and gritty that it shatters into small, curd-like flakes.

    I suppose you’ll say this is what I should expect from such inexpensive cheese, but I had planned to slice this for party sandwiches and am now stuck with this icky, gritty, useless block of cheese. Even the outside rind looks sandy and is covered in hard, crystals of some sort… not appetizing, barely edible! I’m not picky. I’ve spent untold thousands in your stores since 1989 and this is my first product complaint.

  2. I have been filling my prescriptions at Fred meters the last 7 years. But I in the past 4 months the pharmacy department at 1000 northern light road. I’ve been hung up on, the pharmacy wld answer and send me to customer service. I am extremely disappointed in their pharmacy department over the last 4 months. I am ready to use a different place to fill. This has been so ridiculous.

  3. Linda McKeen Reply

    I agree with all the above comments. Maybe they have just gotten to big for their britches. The digital coupons are a nightmare. Clerks are rude. Can’t find any on the floor. Have to wait until your in line and they must think that you don’t want to hold up the line so you won’t cause a stink. Most the time they are out of the sale item anyway. I got an email stating they had worked out most of the bugs. NOPE

  4. What happened to your customer service? Walked over half store looking for price check before having to go to checker for help. You have really good digital sales, but have to have a phone and know how to download before you can take advantage of the sale. Why can’t you just have it on sale? I quit going to Safeway years ago because of their sale system. It does not make happy knowing something is on sale and I’m unable to take advantage of the sale.

  5. My wife and I have been Fred Meyers customers in Boise for many years, and recently relocated to Twin Falls and started shopping there. We like the store and the sales that you offer, but yesterday my wife had a very negative experience. She was trying to make use of some digital coupons while in the store. She was struggling to add the coupon to her cart (or whatever the terminology is) and couldn’t figure it out. Hunter was sympathetic, and tried to help her. When it was clear that the app was not cooperating, my wife asked, “Can they just give me the sale price at the register so I don’t have to sit here and figure out this app?” Hunter said, “Oh yes, they can give you the sale at the register, no problem. Tell them Hunter said they could do it.”

    Well when my wife got to the register the cashier (Sheila) tried to help my wife make the app work. Sheila made my wife feel stupid, and had very impatient manners. It may have been her attempt to be helpful but her manner was not good customer service. Also, there was a sale that didn’t ring up correctly (blocks of cheese). When my wife told her, Sheila contested it, and said that it couldn’t be because that sale wasn’t in her book. We checked the shelf tag and we were right. I don’t remember all the details but suffice to say, Sheila handled things poorly, and your app is extremely difficult to use. I work as a software developer and I even I struggle to use it.

  6. Glen Hansen Reply

    The motorized carts at Fred Meyer store at 17667 NE 76th St in Redmond are terrible. Not one of this stores carts backup alarm works. Not one of this stores carts battery lights work. As a result, it poses a accident risk to others. Also, the carts tooooooo frequently run out of power before you finish shopping. Last Thursday, I had a cart run out of power, so I got another cart the the sign said ready to go, so I took it and loaded my groceries to that cart. Low and behold, this cart also ran out of power after less than 10 minutes shopping.
    I am 83 and can only walk safely wearing very heavy duty leg braces so events like this are a real problem for me and I am sure others as well. I have been shopping at this store for over 20 years, and disabled for over 5 years. The carts in this store have been a problem as long as I have had to use them.
    That said, this is NOT the case for your Bellevue or Kirkland stores. Their carts are in very much better shape. I only wish either of those stores were closer. Also, the Redmond store has 4 of oldest carts I have seen at ANY other stores. Again, the Bellevue and Kirkland stores do NOT have any such old carts.

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