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Contact Food Network: Find below customer service details of Food Network, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the cable TV channel. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
The Home of Food Network
75 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Phone: 240-662-0000 (US HQ)
Phone: 65-6510-7500 (Asia Pacific HQ)
Phone: 44-208-811-3000 (Northern Europe HQ)
Phone: 786-273-4700 (Latin America HQ)
Email: nil

About Food Network
Food Network is a cable television channel launched in 1993 and owned by Television Food Network. A joint venture between Discovery and Tribune Media, the channel is broadcasted worldwide. Originally named TV Food Network, the channel is available with most cable networks and also streams online. Other sister channels of Food Network include Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Discovery Family, TLC, Velocity and Travel Channel.

According to Food Network, the channel reaches more than 100 million US households. Additionally, it’s website attractions over 46 million visitors each month. The magazine also has a wide reach, with it currently being the second best selling in the US with close to 14 million readers. The TV’s programming can be seen on the website. It includes the time it is broadcasted, host and other relevant information. Some of the popular programs viewers have loved include Chopped, The Kitchen, Diners/Drive-Ins and Dives, Iron Chef America, The Pioneer Woman, Barefoot Contessa, Guy’s Grocery Games, Worst Cooks in America, Kids Baking Championship, Everyday Italian, The Great Food Truck, Halloween Wars, to name a few.

Visit the website to explore quick and easy recipes, healthy eating tips and much more. The What’s New column shows all the flavorful and scrumptious recipes you can try at home. The content published on the website is accompanied by high quality pictures showing close view of the food. There are also free videos published on the homepage. If you want to watch a show live on web, you can do same on the website. You will need to sign in to unlock the shows. The service is free with your TV subscription. Popular TV providers include DirecTV, Dish, Optimum, Fios, Xfinity, Cox, U-Verse, Cable One, Spectrum, Frontier, Mediacom and Wow!. You can watch current episodes live on web as well as smartphone app.

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  1. Just googled Louisiana food and the results on food network are incredibly ridiculous, short sighted, and narrow minded. NEW ORLEANS IS NOT THE ENTIRE STATE! Guess we shouldn’t expect any more; most of the country thinks that. I live in Louisiana – 350 miles from nola. We are not all Cajun or Creole. Many of us don’t even care anything about nola and don’t go there unless absolutely necessary. Get a map and see for yourself, there is much more to this state than one city in the south east. Then maybe you could be open minded enough to visit the 2/3 land mass north of Jefferson parish and find out what is going on here.

  2. To say FoodNetwork is my fav channel, is an understatement . I’ve been watching for years(Boy meets Grill), need I say more. I have, however, been disappointed for quite a few years. Love Guy/Bobby/Alex/Ina…Ok , see a trend here? Where is the diversity? Outside of Delicious Miss Brown, where are the Caribbean/African/Asian cooks/chefs that can showcase their skills, and “ carry” their own show. Come on!!! It’s 2022, do better. And by the way, where are the “young talents”. They are out there (I see some on Chopped) Personally, I’m tired of the “run and repeat”.

  3. I cannot believe the number of chefs on your programs that stick their fingers into the food being prepared to taste it! I see it whether they’re preparing the food or another chef is and they want to sample it. Disgusting! These are supposed professionals and their food handling techniques are atrocious. They shouldn’t need to be reminded of this, but it happens a lot. I just watched Michael Symon do it twice on one program. Guy Fieri is also a repeat offender. I’ve also seen chefs on Chopped do this as well. Gross! Do better Food Network, you’re purportedly the professionals, act like it!

  4. I see many others have the same feeling I do about the same topics. First and foremost… STOP SHOWING DINERS, DRIVE INS AND DIVES ALL DAY FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND MONDAY! This show monopolizes 4 days of the week only to be followed with GUY FIERI’s Guys Grocery Games! Come on now people….I like Guy but his shows dominate the food network channel!!! Why tho? Actually, he’s not even a trained chef! Enough of Guy already! Secondly… why do people who have absolutely no chef training, like Valerie Bertinelli, Katie Lee, Trish Yearwood, Sunny and so many more have full blown cooking shows or are judges…they’re not really qualified to judge and if they have a tv show, they’re not that talented.
    Third…why is CHOPPED on only for a few hours on Tuesday night? They need more air time! Fourth… there is an over abundance of the various “holiday/seasonal bake-offs ….ugh they’re so fake, orchestrated, and challenge bakers to create ridiculous creations that really don’t measure their baking talents, not to mention unqualified and untalented judges who are making the decisions about who wins! Thank you for allowing me to vent.

  5. The Great Food Truck Race is Ridiculous this Year. There is enough stress in the world and to have to sit and watch nastiness between teams is ridiculous! The show is about competition in cooking NOT nastiness regarding race or gender. I for one will not watch this season and the recording will be taken off my machine. Your bias is evident in how the participants were cast and the behavior that was allowed. The host gave a warning but I am not going to bother to stick around to watch. I knew after the first episode that the subject matter was no longer going to be Food but gave it one more episode. In my opinion the team that Lost in this second episode were truly good people but chose to not participate in the nastiness so had to go. So shall the others that just want to be in a Cooking competition without an agenda.

  6. The Ave of Taste is not on today. I absolutely love this show and I hope you’re not planning on taking it off the air. It’s a fabulous show with Wonderful recipes PLEASE don’t take it off. If you’ve moved it, please let me know what day and time it’s on now!
    Also I absolutely loved Molly Yeh on the Spring Baking Championship. Jesse spoke to the contestants too, so I cannot believe comments that are saying she’s annoying because she talks to the contestants while they’re cooking. I do have to agree that it’s frustrating that Guy Fieri is the only thing on Fridays. I would really like to see a mix of chefs.

  7. Can you please stop showing Diners, drive-ins and dives all day long? what happened to all the other cooking shows ??? So annoying that I hardly ever watch your network anymore.

  8. I am a long time viewer of Food Network and there are two issues I feel need to be addressed.
    1) I happened to catch a couple episodes of Restaurant Impossible. I understand that Robert is tasked with redoing a restaurant in 2 days. However, I don’t believe that entitles him to treat people with total disrespect and total lack of empathy. He treats these people like dogs that he enjoys kicking and abusing. I get it, it’s all for RATINGS and viewership. But these are human beings. Robert is nothing but a BULLY, intimidating, stomping and grinding people into the pavement. And if you by chance criticize Robert, he literally turns into an angry, threatening gorilla!! And the SICKEST part is, he enjoys and gets off ripping people to shreds!! He behaves as if he has a pristine BACKGROUND THAT IS BEYOND REPROACH—but I seem to recall him having an issue with embellishing his experience! He quite simply an arrogant, mean spirited bully.
    2) Sunny Anderson is loud and obnoxious on every show on The Kitchen. And she honestly eats like a slob. Instead of taking a reasonable bite, she stuffs her face and mouth to an overflowing. But she proceeds to talk with her mouth stuffed full. She is literally like a pig. Giant bites and speaking with your mouth full—no one wants to watch that! No one.

  9. Please have a show with only vegetarian and Vegan Chefs!!! Would like a meatless chef on foodnetwork?? There are not enough meatless recipes or shows for that matter. We need to change our eating habits and eat more vegetables! I would love to see that on foodnetwork. There’s a huge population eating less meat now.

    • I agree! I am not vegetarian, but I would welcome plant based recipes. A whole show devoted to them would be great! I live in New Jersey “the Garden State”, but I don’t always know what to do our produce bounty.

  10. I love the Spring Baking competition normally. However it really was hard to watch this season. I’m sure Molly Yeh is a wonderful person, but super annoying to watch. Please get back one of the other regulars like Jesse Palmer or anyone else for any future competitions please. This definitely was not my favorite season.

  11. I love love love chopped! However having the chef judges go to the chopped chefs while they are cooking and they start asking questions is super annoying. It’s marginally better on Beat Bobby Flay but it’s my least favorite part. So unnecessary . Just interrupts the momentum.

  12. The final of the Spring Baking Championship was ruined by the absurd twist in the first part that required the 2 lowest contestants to have an instant elimination round – after all the work and success they had achieved so far, it was wrong to cut one out in such a way. When the sudden death elimination was to bake something with sprinkles it seemed to be a joke – why would highly skilled professional bakers be judged on such a childish task. Your talented French contestant was right to be insulted by this irrational task and it was very sad you lost him over this as it was not only unfair but introduced an upsetting element into an otherwise enjoyable show.

  13. Please do not have Molly Yeh as a host for Spring Baking Championships. She’s annoying, constantly talking to the contestants, herself. I did not enjoy this season’s championship due to Molly.

  14. I am so sick of Katie Lee’s rudeness! Her behavior by is appalling—every time someone else prepares a dish she is in there grabbing the food, half the time even before it is finished or garnished she is reaching across to serve herself. Please do something and teach her some manners, it is extremely off-putting and she has mentioned that others have complained about her grabbing the food. One would think she is starving—she is not, just rude!

  15. I truly enjoy watching the kitchen, except Katie Lee. She says “ummm” before the flavor of the food hits her pallet. She keeps interrupting other chefs with her worthless two cents worth. She needs to stay home with her baby.
    Also does any of the chefs know how to say “please and thank you”? I know in a kitchen they are use to ordering things chopped are sliced ect. but on TV a better example should be shown. Love the rest of the cast and the show!

  16. Why is the Pioneer Woman still having her kids video tape the show? Also, why does Guy Fieri always have his son Hunter, on every show.
    It’s time to the shows to return to regular programming.

  17. Sheri Wilkins Reply

    I just finished watching pickle tricks episode on chop. It was the best chopped episode I’ve ever seen! Enjoyed all the chatter amongst the competing chefs, but most of all I enjoyed their non-egotistical personalities as they competed. It was a fun show to watch and I was rooting for every single chef. The judges were very good also!

  18. Enough of diners, drive in’s & dives. It is on every day, all day & all night. How about a little variety. I don’t watch anymore because of this!!

  19. Please please please bring Jesse back as the host of these baking championship shows!!! He is the classiest host you have ever had! And while you are at it please remove Molly Yeh as a host!! She just doesnt cut it as a-host… she interrupts those poor bakers with stupid questions while they are trying to get their bake goods done. I’m sure she is a very nice person but definitely not host material!!

  20. Why don’t the contestants have their long hair tied back? I’m afraid the hair will end up in the food or catch fire. It’s a bad example!

  21. Please tell the cast of The Kitchen to stop using abbreviated vocabulary . It’s very annoying and sounds ridiculous, particularly for two Iron chefs. Saying “pep” for pepper, “applicatsh” for application, etc, etc. is neither professional nor helpful. It is distracting. Two members of this cast started this trend about a year ago, and now the entire cast is following suit. PLEASE STOP!

  22. I just finished watching Great Truck Race, Fort Worth, TX. I’m so upset, disappointed, no, I’m pissed!! The NomNom team should have been penalized for taking their side of beef to a butcher when the other teams cut up their own. It doesn’t matter they sold more and took 1st place, they should not have be rewarded for ‘cheating’. I believe Tyler said each team was required to cut up their own beef. The film crew knew what NomNom had done, why wasn’t Tyler aware and take action against them? This was so not fair to the rest of the truck teams.

  23. I am watching TOC3. I think it is inappropriately billed as best chefs in the world. It should be in the US. There isn’t even one chef from anywhere else in the world. What about Paris, London, Rome, Japan, etc.? It is very misleading to say “best chefs in the world”.

  24. I watched Worst Cooks In America season 21. I liked both host but…I could only watch the first two episodes. The injection of supposedly funny remarks from contestants about what is happening in the show comes off annoying and cheeky. The contest can use a creative boost also. I watch the show for entertainment but it has also taught me how to cook. That’s why I use to watch it. Thank you for allowing me to give you my one cent.

  25. It’s time to cancel Nancy Fuller. First the obnoxious mask post and now the uninformed post about inflation and who is responsible. I see it’s been deleted but the damage is done. Do you really want to be represented by someone who fails to grasp the basic concepts of economics and then tries to make it political? She always reeked of white privilege and that pretty much proved it.

  26. Please get Ina Garten on more than one day! The line up most days of Endless contests and other personalities which go on one after another, you would think there is room for such a fan favorite more than an hour a week!! I used to be a loyal watcher, but I can’t do the lack of variety with the constant flow of mindlessness! Please make some changes.

  27. Please bring back Cutthroat Kitchen. It was one of the best shows that was on Food Network. Even if Alton Brown doesn’t want to host the show, find another host. This would be better than a lot if shows that are on now

  28. I like “ The Kitchen “, but I can’t watch it anymore because of Sunny Anderson! She is loud, obnoxious, and constantly interrupting the other hosts. Why in the world do you keep here? I will check back periodically to see if she is still on and if not, I will go back to watching this show. Also please inform Jeff Mauro that not everyone understands his slang for some words especially like, “sush” and endings that even for me (a born and raised Chicagoan) cannot understand!

  29. Sad to say but I have had enough of Sunny On The Kitchen, loud, always butting in, knows everything and always, always has to be the first to try another chefs food OR taste an item while being made. Not professional!

  30. Please enough of the promotional spots for the Kids Baking Championship. Every single commercial break tonight had a promo for that show. I love the network but I am annoyed by the unending promotions for a show that I have very limited interest in.

  31. I love the Food Network but am not happy with the whole weekend and much of the week being one Guy Fieri show after another. Does he own a piece of the network? I just can’t watch another show with him in it. The weekend is just full of his shows one after another. I want to relax and watch what used to be my favorite station and can’t any longer. Can’t you have him on for a few shows, and not dominate the Network? Thanks for listening. I don’t think my opinion will matter, but wanted to voice it anyway.

  32. The new show Tiny Food Fight(?) Is the dumbest, most ridiculous show that I’ve ever seen. The basis is stupid, the hosts are God awful- especially the female. I used to love this channel but lately all I watch is The Kitchen, Holiday Baking Championships, Kids Baking Championship and Chopped. There’s way too much Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay. I’m tuning in less and less.

  33. I love The Kitchen!!!!!!!! I wish this show was on more. I love the fun they are having, the recipes and the overall commrodarie you feel when watching it. They are just so great together. Sunny is the best!!!! Personally I am so tired of Diners, drive ins and dives.

  34. Although I enjoy watching bakers from across the United States make desserts I am so disgusted with the judges eating manners. Their dentists must be so happy with their eating habits. They rake the food from the forks like it’s going to run away. Have they not figured out why God gave them lips besides saying critical words ? If they are concerned with messing up their lipstick, that can be refreshed during the commercials. Have some class. They seem to be so full of themselves. Get over it. They once were on the other side of that judging table.

  35. I love the Bobby Flay shows and specials he has. I get recipe ideas and I just love his energy that he brings. I especially loved his Rome show with Giada this year. We are retired and cannot afford nor do we know how to stream your new channel Discovery plus. I had heard you were in negotiations with him. It would be a shame to lose him!!!
    I also like Michael Simon and your Kitchen shows, but I do not understand why Sonny is always outside now!!!

    Just a fan in Albany, Oregon

  36. I served Katie Lee’s green bean salad and Martha Nesbits Shrimp and Scallop lasagna on Thanksgiving Day. Just fabulous . As a Southern Gal myself I enjoy Katie Lee’s stories about cooking with her Grandmother, so did I. When showing reruns please mix them up instead of hours of the same chef. Can’t believe Bobby Flay is gone.

  37. Susan Bollinger Reply

    I watch the Food Network on a regular basis. Recently I have been watching your Holiday specials including the Holiday Cookie shows.I am irate that every episode someone makes MACARONS (which I love) but they and the judges keep calling them Macaroons. Now we all know they are totally different and I am tired of screaming at my TV. A National Food Network should do better. Please correct these people. If I know the difference, the Food Network should!!! It’s “RONS” not
    “Roons”. Roons have coconut!!

  38. What’s up with Sunny Anderson on the Kitchen? She interrupts the others during broad, and she is so loud and Obnoxious. Jeff, Katie, Alex and GZ are fabulous but Any episode with Sunny is out of control not to mention her dress code needs improvement.

  39. Am really sad to hear the Network could not come to an agreement with Bobby Flay to keep him on the network. He is one of my favorite Food Network stars, and I’m disappointed the network didn’t do what they could to keep him. In my opinion there are more than enough Guy shows. As much as I enjoy triple G, and triple D, I found Flay is always interesting, fun, and entertaining. You’ve lost a true star! I probably won’t be watching as much food network because of it…really disappointed.

  40. Elizabeth Rogers Reply

    I’m furious about Bobby Flay not being on Food Network anymore! He has always been my family’s favorite. My family personally will not be watching the Food Network anymore. He has a talent most chefs don’t have.

  41. The new Halloween wars is absolutely awful. My family and I have enjoyed watching this show for years. Now it is just a team version of Halloween Baking championship. Literally you even have the same challenges. Your new host just wants to advertise his other money makers it seems. No one actually takes ‘paranormal investigators seriously. It’s a money making scheme. Then the other two you added seem quite fake, without the campiness of the old host who obviously knew he was being silly. Trying too hard to be serious about cake is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. That was definitely the last episode we will watch.

  42. Are you serious?! Halloween Wars season 11 has omitted the pumpkin carving component! Why? The pumpkin carving was the best part of the show! This show is now no different than the Halloween Baking Championship. So redundant. I’ve watched Halloween Wars for years and this season is just not worth it. PLEASE bring the pumpkin carving back!

  43. I want to know why all I see most of the day everyday “Diners ,drive in and dives”. I do not enjoy that show at all. I have stopped watching because of this. I know you have other great shows you can run. I used to love this channel. Thanks for listening. Well if I have already said nothing has been done about it.

  44. I want to know why all I see most of the day everyday “Diners ,drive in and dives”. I do not enjoy that show at all. I have stopped watching because of this. I know you have other great shows you can run. I used to love this channel. Thanks for listening.

  45. Kavin Kelp Reply

    Once upon a time, when I turned on the television, Food Network was my first go to. There are many shows and chefs I enjoy watching and learning from.

    Then along came Guy. I realize he is your boy wonder and money man but he really is worthless. He is annoying and has demonstrated no real knowledge of food . As soon As I see him- I’m gone. He was once in town and someone I knew worked in an upscale restaurant. He was so rude snd condescending that he made the waitperson cry. She did not deserve that.
    The network must be making money which is good but he brings the reputation down immensely.

  46. We realize Covid has changed everyone and shows but we are sick of hour after hour of diners, dives etc. we realize new shows haven’t been filmed, but would rather see Bobby Flay or old chopped. Rather than diner and restaurants we will never go to.

  47. I have been watching food network for a long time, i used to enjoy it so much especially Chopped, but now it is completely repeat and repeat. I dont have a count of the repeated times its shown.

  48. OMG!!! Saturday morning used to be fun. Now, it’s horrible!!! What happened to Trisha? I miss her on Saturday!! Now, let’s talk about the Kitchen. Sunny Anderson is intolerable!!! She is so loud and obnoxious. I can’t watch. So loud! My whole family can’t watch her. Put Trisha back 8-9a. Miss her!! I miss Molly on Saturday. Give the Kitchen a rest.

  49. Foodnetwork really need to change programming ,it’s getting tiring when you turn to watch Food Network and all you see is Beat Bobby Flay. Food Network used to be enjoyable to watch , but not anymore. We all know Bobby is going to win the cook offs.

  50. 1: The food competitions seem so contrived
    2: the judges come across as so condescending and narcisstic when judging non celebrity chefs-rude and demeaning toward competitors.
    3: of course, we all know Bobby Flay is going to come out on top.

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