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Contact Floryday: Find below customer service details of Floryday, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the fashion retailer and its services.

Floryday Head Office
#207-3, Third Floor,
207 Regent Street, London, UK

Floryday Customer Service
Email: [email protected]

About Floryday
floryday customer serviceFloryday is a Chinese fashion retailer, particularly dealing with women’s apparel and fashion accessories. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the e-commerce company is owned and operated by ZCHK Limited. Product categories found on Floryday include dresses, coats, shoes and bags. Shoppers can filter products by color, price, material, size and style.

Most products on Floryday come with discount off the retail price. They also come with description, available sizes and shipping information. Products can be purchased with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal. As for shipping, products are shipped within 7 working days. Shoppers can expedite delivery with Express shipping option. Floryday uses reliable couriers such as DHL and UPS.

If not happy with a purchase, customers can return same within 14 days of purchase date. The refund does not include shipping fee. Products must be returned in its original condition. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, return or others, reach the Floryday customer service.

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  1. Margaret Sweeney Reply

    I am very disappointed with your customer service. I have had money removed from my bank account of 5th June,2017 but have still to receive my purchase. Contacting you is extremely difficult.

  2. I have 3 items to be returned for a full refund. Please provide me your instructions for this as soon as possible. Thank you very much. Order number 028082650718

    • Peggy Wright Reply

      I wish to return an item , how do I go about doing this? Order no. 023054099637. I don’t know what else to say but it appears that there is no return address. Wish I had read the comments before purchasing from your website. Please advise

  3. Carol Mathias Reply

    I have contacted this company via email and the chat line which I feel is a machine not a human as it’s the same guys picture each time and the answers are not always what I have asked.
    My dress is far too small does not measure up to what is stated on their size chart.
    They keep referring me to the link they give. But that only puts me through to their web site.How the hell do they operate do people just give up.They are quick to take our money.Im left with an outfit that is useless.
    Why don’t they just enclose a returns form and label so it can be dealt with easier.
    I’m fuming!!!

  4. Ines Everingham Reply

    I need to return 2 outfits as the sizing is not right! Please contact me to give me information to return them! Your website is really ridiculous with no real contact details.

  5. Margaret Turner Reply

    I would like to return a dress which I purchased from Floryday. The dress arrived on Wednesday 14th of June 2017, unfortunately the dress is nothing like had expected and is very small. I had read reviews written by other customers an deliberately order a larger size as many of the reviews stated that the sizing was small. ( very disappointed.)
    Order number 021194731007, cotton linen floral half sleeve maxi vintage dress. I ordered a XXL and it is only slightly too big for my 12year old daughter, and she a small uk 6. I would therefore appreciate a refund ASAP. Please forward the nessacary information so that I can return this item.

  6. Vicki Gentry Reply

    I have been trying to return two dresses that I purchased. I find returning is very difficult and frustrating. All I need is a return address and instructions on how to proceed. I have been given a ticket number( but don’t know what I’m suppose to do with it. One of the dresses l purchased was to tight across the bust, the second dress fit but has huge points in the material under both armpits. It also has the skirt sewn to the bodice crooked. The information ( from Floryday) that I was sent is as follows: ticket # 5728061+ZF5ZV, this was also sent: EN+AS+020202323068. My email is:[email protected], my phone # is: 808-936-5590. Looking forward to hearing from you, so we can solve this return problem. Thank you for your time. Vicki Gentry

  7. Linda DiLorenzo Reply

    I ordered one dress and it’s to small. I would like to return, I, like the others posted here, have not been successful in getting through to your service department to process returns. This concerns me even more because I have another order outstanding waiting to be sent out.
    Order no.:025934138340

  8. Brenda allam Reply

    This isn’t an absolute sham I am disgusted with the whole service, please send me a address to return my item , I think you should read th eco moments and act on them !!

  9. Gail Earnshaw Reply

    Hi, I would like to return a dress, I have already ordered a replacement one which hopefully will arrive in the stated time. However I really need to be refunded for the first one which I have placed back in the bag the same day it arrived . I can’t find any address for me to send it back to. Please can you let me know asap. Thanks

  10. Mrs Jan Jeeves Reply

    I have to return this dress as it does not fit. Like many others before me I have found it impossible to discover how to return this item – I would like to speak to someone —I would have changed the dress for a larger size, but feel now that I cannot trust this company. Order no. 020078994395. Incidentally -I would also expect a full refund, including postage.

  11. Marilyn Cooper Reply

    I have now had numerous e-mails from you re: my order CNATV 69223300956 telling me to track item which I’ve done several times ~ it’s telling me that it was “delivered 28 May at 10.37 am” – I have signed for nothing; wasn’t here; neighbours work … who received this item then? I’ve left a message on your phone because it goes straight to answerphone so I cannot get a human voice … this is my first order and it’s such a shame because you have so many very lovely things
    Please have the courtesy of contacting me – a “human” ~ I’ve had enough e-mails … {NOT IN CHINESE as it is on one of my responses} – I have left my phone number … I would suggest a refund, please Thank you

  12. Jackie Huckerby Reply

    I received my dress on Monday 5th June, unfortunately it is too small & I would like to return it & have a refund but I cannot find any instructions or contact number to be able to do this. Can someone please contact me with this information. Thankyou

  13. Sally Peeters Reply

    I am trying to return two dresses I purchased. However , the phone number directed for refunds does not work. Please contact me asap regarding this return.

    order No. 023152067713

    • I usually don’t buy clothing online and now I know why !!. FloryDay has the worst possible customer service. The sizing guides are WRONG, and the response to my email to return the 2 dresses I purchased has not been answered since I sent it on May 26th. FloryDay you need to improve rapidly or you will be out of business !!!!

      Order number :021460370697

  14. I would like to return the items I ordered because of fit issues. I need the instructions to return these items since your company website has no instructions and the contact information does not help out at all!
    Thank you

  15. Lori Spencer Reply

    This website is NOT only NOT user friendly but customers CANNOT contact you! THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER AND [email protected] DOES NOT WORK EITHER. It would seem this has been done purposely. I, like the other customers commenting above have tried unsuccessfully to contact your company to return a shipment. Therefore I WILL BE POSTING TO FACEBOOK the fact that CUSTOMERS CANNOT RETURN ANYTHING THEY PURCHASE FROM YOU! I will also be REPORTING YOUR COMPANY TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU TO STOP YOU FROM SELLING YOUR PRODUCTS IN THE USA! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT ME so that I can return the misleading and inferior product you sent me please do so! ORDER #021848407411

  16. Wanda Scott Reply

    I would like to return my order for a full refund my dress was too small There were no directions on how to return. Please forward me directions on how I need to proceed. Thank you

  17. I would like to know how long it takes to get an answer after leaving the first one, ???? Really loved your items that i orderd but i like to have service if you want me to re-order again! It cost me $ 220.00 there are 2 items that are to big since this was the first time ordering didnt know how the sizes workd out since each place is different ! Would need medium instead of large is it possible to change the size ??

  18. I would like to return my order for a full refund.. There were no directions on how to return. Please forward me directions on how I need to proceed. Thank you

  19. Lisa Barnett Reply

    I ordered 2- dresses , 1 fit, the other is too small. order # 022676735767 item # 1955117613 . I ordered an extra large (XL) and it doesn’t even close in the back. I need an address to return the dress. Please issue an address to return this item. I would like to order another dress in its place.

  20. Jennifer Bate Reply

    Why is there no phone number here? I have sent you an email today and hope to receive a reply but your website is pretty customer unfriendly!!
    I would like an address so that I can return the items and will withhold payment if I do not hear from you.
    Many thanks.
    Jennifer Bate

  21. Judy Rafferty Reply

    How do I return my purchases. They are both too short for me.
    Please give the the return address and refund details.
    Order number: 028044803110

  22. I need to return 2 dresses. They did not look like the picture, they did not fit, and the fabric was not good. Please tell me how to proceed. I see that many are having difficulty returning items. Please help!You are running a bad business and unless you help, I will seek help from a consumer protection group, or alert the public that you are unreliable.

  23. marie oliver Reply

    Today I received my order for 3 dresses. Unfortunately none of the 3 dresses fit me. They are very tight even though they are the size I would normally use. Also the material are not what I expected and they are not what it was described as linen, they are really cotton and polyester. I found also the workmanship very poor.
    My order # is 029592020269
    Please send me the address where to return the merchandise soonest possible for my full refund.

  24. Julie A. Tartaglia Reply

    I want to return a dress (too small and poor quality). How do I go about doing that. The print is so small and your phone link disconnects when on hold for just a short period. Thanks.

  25. Linda Cusano Reply

    I ordered 2 dresses and neither one is the correct fabric. they were supposed to be cotton and linen and are both slick nylon/acetate fabric. horrible. I can’t seem to get any response as to how to return them.

  26. Order # 029817622238 is the order number for the comment sent just above. Please add it to the comment as I want the company to address my order and send me return address for my order.

  27. I ordered 3 dresses and keyed in Maxi on the search bar. Two of the dresses are short and the third is too small. Have spent lengthy waits on phone only to be disconnected twice. Got through once to an agent and he seemed clueless as to my needs. I just want to get a return address for these garments so I can get rid of them and get my money back. I will never shop with them again. They should pay shipping since they sent two garments described Maxi and they definitely are NOT.

  28. I would like to return my order number 029539935831 for a full refund. Please give me address and details in order to return items. I want to return this Order because you gave me wrong information about these dresses:

    1.Linen Floral Sleeveless Mid-Calf Vintage Dresses
    Item Code: #1016761 Not linen- has label “100% polyester”

    2.Cotton Linen Color Block Long Sleeve Knee-Length Casual Dresses Item Code: #1034199 Color Block Long Sleeve Knee-Length Casual Dresses No labels This fabric is not Cotton Linen

    3.Chiffon Cotton Sleeveless Maxi Casual Hollow Out Dresses
    Item Code: #1023667 Not Chiffon Cotton has label “100% polyester”

  29. Christine R Granderson Reply

    I purchased 3 dresses, 1 fits perfect the other 2 are one size fit all. One size does not fit all. They are too small. I received them today March 27, 2017. I’m discouraged by what I’m not seeing. You do not make it easy for someone to return something. My order number is 023585923035. The item numbers are 1955117620 and 1955117619. Where do I return them for a refund?

  30. Anita McFadyen Reply

    I have requested help in wanting to return some dresses I ordered. You sent me a reply but I am unable to contact you because it won’t accept my email address. I am finding this very frustrating. What am I to do now?

  31. I have been trying to get in contact with someone to make a return but have only had one response and that was just to find out the items that I wanted to return. They have not been back in touch with me. I feel like I am getting the run around and I think this is poor customer service. You make a claim that you have 14 days to make a return but then no one gets back to you on how. Please respond ASAP my order number 029482160219.

  32. Margie D. Edwards Reply

    I ordered a Medium dress and it was delivered on Wednesday. It is too tight and I want to exchange it for a Large. How do I exchange it?

    Order # 029085089080

  33. Bernice Henry Reply

    I ordered a dress a couple of pays ago. The dress can does not fit it is much to small. I am asking for a refund. Where do I send the dress too?

  34. Elsa Beatriz Reply

    I wear size Medium and that’s the size I ordered but the dress is huge. I need to exchange it. What do I do? You guys are so quick to take our money but then you ignore our requests. I have sent you three messages and the chat people are useless. They don’t help at all.

  35. I need to return 2 items. Neither dress fits. The large wont even fit my size 5 daughter. My order number is 027151581477. Please send return and refund info. Thank you

  36. Annabel Novis Reply

    I would like to return my order for a refund. The order number is 022966057277. Please can you give me the address and details in order to return items.
    Both dresses don’t suit me.
    With many thanks

  37. Rita Kerckhofs Reply

    I would like to return my order for a refund. The order number is 028303316766. Please give me address and details in order to return items. The dress is not ‘above knee’, it is as long as a sweater, i.o.w. far too short and definitely not the right fit.
    Moreover I put an order on 27th February (2 items), which is eleven days ago and I don’t hear a thing about this order (order number is 022289213031).
    Thank you

  38. Anne Johnston Reply

    Where do I return this item for refund?
    This dress is nothing like the photo & is very short not calf length.
    How much longer does this text need to be. I just want an address to return this dress

  39. This is my second email. I want to return the dress I bought. It is not linen as advertised and the seams have come apart and some are about to come apart. How do I go about returning it. Also I was charged 20 dollars for expedited shipping and when the package arrived dsl demanded an additional 30 dollars. 50$ for shipping for a $50 dress that weighed next to nothing??? Please advise

  40. Janne Julsrud Reply

    I want to return my purchase – partially because I react physically to the fabric and partially because they do not fit. How do I do this? Other mail companies include an easy explanation of how this can be done, but you porovide no such thing – at least not easily accessible.

  41. I love my order, but the size was too small.
    I placed a second order in a size large in white. I love that!

    My first order came in a bag with no return address or packing slip. (PAYMENT CONFIRMATION
    Order No.: 023462590678 Order Date: 2016-12-20 15:51:43)

    The second order came in a nice box with a return shipping address, packing slip…… (PAYMENT CONFIRMATION
    Order No.: 021856111652 Order Date: 2017-01-12 08:16:31)

    I would like to exchange my first order #023462590678 from 12-12-20 for the same black color however in a size large.

    Is there any way to use the packaging info from the second order to exchange the first?

    I did not know how to reach you until I got the information last week with my second order.

    I love the coats, and they are not inexpensive.
    I would be a very satisfied customer if you can find a way for me to exchange my black coat, size medium, for the same black coat size large.

  42. I have order the dress which had no tags and was crumpled. I have tried emailing and chat in line to return my order but have no respond from your company. Very bad service when it come to returns. Legally ur company should provide returns address on your website.
    Please give me ur returns address so I can return the ordered item. Wasting my precious time by emailing and various messages sent by other ways as well

  43. Cornelia Mekken Reply

    Hi Floryday,
    I did not receive an order confirmation through my email for the dress I ordered and paid for is this normal or do you generally send out an conformation for orders?
    I have mislaid the order number so can,t give you that now however will keep searching for this.However you should be aware of this please let me know by email
    Thank you
    Kind regards,
    Cornelia Mekken

  44. I would like to return the dresses that I ordered because they are too big, but cannot find the address on your website. Please give me address and details in order to return items.

    Thank you,

  45. Jeanne Rauckman Reply

    I am trying to return a coat which I received yesterday which is too small but I can’t get the return info from anywhere. Please contact me asap so I can return this within the 14 day period. And since it took forever for me to get it I figured the sooner the better.

  46. I ordered a dress today but no response at all and no receipt why? please send me my receipt , so that I can order again next time .thanks Tombi

  47. Denise Giles Reply

    I would like to return my order for a refund. The order number is 021124523501. Please give me address and details in order to return items. Both dresses are not the right fit.

    Thank you,

  48. Hi,
    I just received my order and i am not satisfied with the quality of the material and the fit of the dresses. I would like a refund. How do i get round to it?
    I need your return address.

  49. I have been waiting for my 3 dresses for over a month and a half when you promised it here within 10 day.

    I am loosing my patience and trust right now

  50. Need a return address for an item I wish to return.Your website is not very user friendly when it comes to returning an item.I ordered a dress which is not the right size or length. The fabric is unsatisfactory and I feel as though I am getting a run-around from you. What do you mean ?”My text is too short?

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