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Contact Floryday: Find below customer service details of Floryday, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the fashion retailer and its services.

Floryday Head Office
#207-3, Third Floor,
207 Regent Street, London, UK

Floryday Customer Service

About Floryday
floryday customer serviceFloryday is a Chinese fashion retailer, particularly dealing with women’s apparel and fashion accessories. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the e-commerce company is owned and operated by ZCHK Limited. Product categories found on Floryday include dresses, coats, shoes and bags. Shoppers can filter products by color, price, material, size and style.

Most products on Floryday come with discount off the retail price. They also come with description, available sizes and shipping information. Products can be purchased with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal. As for shipping, products are shipped within 7 working days. Shoppers can expedite delivery with Express shipping option. Floryday uses reliable couriers such as DHL and UPS.

If not happy with a purchase, customers can return same within 14 days of purchase date. The refund does not include shipping fee. Products must be returned in its original condition. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, return or others, reach the Floryday customer service.


  1. I ordered clothing after seeing a facebook advert. They took 3 weeks to arrive. All the items are too big and very poor quality. I requested a refund and return label. They told me to keep the items and they would refund me 50% of my order. I have no use for the terrible quality, badly fitting clothes and just want my money back. Does anyone know the address for their UK warehouse?

  2. I also placed an order with this company took a while but 2 dresses came 1 was much too big for me and the other is cheap and nasty material,I saw an add on Facebook for the dress and commented they got back to me via e mail and said I needed to print a return form ,I explained that I was unable to do that,so they sent some sort of link ,so I could get someone to print it for me,my daughter was on holiday,and I couldn’t open the link at all,now she is back to help me I cannot find the correspondence at all
    Shame because they appear to have some nice things ,and now I would be afraid to order anything else

  3. I have no email from this company to confirm my order. I am waiting for my order to come to wear for a wedding. Can’t seem to find my order or track in anyway. I’m getting worried after reading all the bad reviews.

  4. I also ordered an outfit for a wedding only receiving the WRONG outfit & WRONG color and the material is cheaper than a $2 dollar where standing on Rodeo Drive! They haven’t responded back to my email for an address to return it. But made sure to respond when I inquired on the delivery!?

  5. I have ordered clothes, which doesnt fit me , I wanted to return. They are asking me to arrange the return to China.
    Why should i do the shipping job, their return policy does not specify anything

  6. Anne Dempsey Reply

    I’ve tried returning sandals which don’t fit,
    Tried Contcting customer service but to no avail.
    Tried phoning them, no is not available.
    Email is only for business, not personal customers.
    Very dissatisfied with their customer services.

  7. I ordered 5 pair of shoes before reading comments. The shoes are to small and I can’t find a return application. Very unhappy. The quality is cheap. Do not order from this company!!

  8. I placed an order and made a payment thereafter, but was very surprised to be told that my order was cancelled and was one step ahead at completing whereas I have already paid. ??

  9. janelle chapman Reply

    Wanting to return and cant find my order in the system for a start. Had a problem with this order initially being ordered. When finally received item did not look like the item so want to return but cant find how to return

    • Teresa brooks Reply

      Can’t find my account. Tried to get new account and can’t. Tried to email several times, they failed to deliver. I’ve tried to ring the phone number, nothing. Everything I’ve tried just keeps going round and round, so can’t find out anything.

  10. I ordered a dress for a wedding over 6 weeks ago the wedding came and went still no dress. I emailed the company and was rudely told to be patient. They still advertise please do not order from this company it is disgusting.

  11. This is ridiculous trying to return my whole order as two items are too small and one is huge although they are all suppose to be same size. But my order is not on my account completely disappeared so cant access form. Live chat will only talk about pre order issues. Complete scam.

  12. Please save yourself time and money by never ordering anything from this company. Can’t return. They make it impossible to fill out the return form, Comcast’s contact them. The quality sucks so bad they should be ashamed of themselves. Companies like this should not be allowed to do business in the US.

  13. Warning.. DO NOT BUY from this company. It is impossible to return the shoddy goods. I spent hours trying to contact them. An article in the Daily Mail stated that a London address..207 Regent Street is just a front for companies using it as an address. I returned my goods which cost over £80 to the shipping address and it was signed for but to no avail. An expensive lesson to be learnt. I will report back if I get a result but I am not holding my breath!

  14. Received 4 garments purchased on line £82.00..Very VERY shoddy garments of VERY VERY poor quality. With view to “return and Refund”- attempted MANY times to contact Floryday, followed their stated returns procedure: Tel, Email,on line return forms, with no success. Attempted to access account(Floryday’s stated first stage of return process) not possible. Tried Chat Line, but no response. Floryday failing to honour return and refund policy.

  15. Carol McGerr Reply

    Never buy from this source , gives all online shopping a bad name.I find the 3 products I have ordered and received to be absolutely appalling quality. One dress in the description is linen and is a cheap flimsy polyester in reality. An absolute rip off and not at all as look in the catalogue. Can’t be bothered to even begin to waste money sending back.

    • Linda PENK Reply

      Dreadful clothes that look cheap dull and nothing like I ordered. Wouldn’t put in a charity bag to be honest. Never saw the reviews before or wouldn’t have ordered.

  16. Trying to fill out return form and it won’t work. When you get all your info filled out in it won’t submit but makes you refill the form. I’ve ordered from them before but never had to return items until this time. Nothing fits!
    When you go to website and click on Returns it takes you to Tracking. Can’t access contact company. Very disappointing!! This must be a ploy so you cannot return anything. You’ve lost my business FloryDay!

  17. Jane Steinbach Reply

    I too cannot find a way to return the top I purchased. Contacted live chat and they directed me to another site where for $l.00 they will help me.
    Will never order from them again.

  18. I too cannot find a way as to return the goods I have paid for and they have sent me the incorrect sizes, colours and very poor standard in their clothes. I have tried multiple times to return my goods, cannot find any help whatsoever, I feel as though I am going mad!!! I am going round in circles trying to get my four in total clothes returned. I never realised that they are criminals by taking my money, by sending me very poor clothes and finally by me by not being able to return the clothes that I do not want! What can I do about this as I have not ever experienced anything like this or am I lumbered with the awful clothes!

  19. I am seeing terrible comments about this company, their products and the shipping. very sad an needs to be reported to Better Business bureau!!!!!! So sorry to hear, see and read all of theses Reports.

  20. Its my first time placing an oder. After 1 month I have not yet received my order. My order number cannot be found or any status.. I gave this dumb company the benefit of the doubt and now I find myself included in their skim and I’m very angry. Please do not order or do any kind of business with them !!!!!

  21. Ceris Crothers Reply

    This is dreadful returns have to be within two weeks.. I can’t find on this ridiculous website how to return my unwanted purchase. I’m going to lose my money and be stuck with ill fitting shoes. I can’t find a phone number

  22. I have just received an order from Floryday, but I am having a nightmare filling in their returns proceedure forms. Looking at the comments above, I am not the only one having problems with them it seems. I can’t even find an email address to write to them. Won’t be ordering from them again!!

  23. I too wish I had read these emails before I placed my order. I bought 3 swimsuits and they are all too big. So far I haven’t found any instructions for a return/refund that make sense. I did use PayPal for my purchase. Did someone say they can help? Please reply if anyone knows this answer. Terrible scam and disappointing.

  24. Barbara Costa Reply

    Absolutely awful, will not be shopping from them again, quality is awful, sizing is so out and customers service is , well there is no customers service!!! Not happy at all

  25. Margaret Farrington Reply

    I agree with all that is said here . Customer service is appalling I’ve spent ages trying to get a hint of how to get a returns policy .its all very underhand and made to be as difficult as possible. I too am getting told no such order number exists. I cant even get a phone number to call . Awful site to get around. I’ve spent 45.00 and trying to send back goods is nigh impossible. Dont use this site if u can help it. It’s awful and boy they must be earning lots by being difficult.

  26. Big rip off. Going in circles trying to return. Don’t buy anything from China. Lots of sites featuring beautiful clothimg and when it arrives its crap. We need to do out homework. No more “made in China”

  27. Connie Shae Reply

    Very unhappy with trying to return 3 items that are not suitable. I’ve received no feed back how to return as everytime I go to the returns it is not accepting my order numbers etc.. So very frustrating as I want my money refunded.
    I want to know where to return them .
    Very unhappy with this process.

  28. I also recently purchased an order but have not received it would like to contact them by phone tried their website as I was unsuccessful getting that information so if one of you ladies have a contact phone # I would appreciate if you could send that information I would like to contact them by iPhone thank you and Hope you ladies get your request

  29. Wow, I should have read these comments before I was sucked into this. Ordered 1 dress, received2 and it is trash. I have never ordered from companies I am not familiar with and will NEVER again be crazy enough to do it

  30. Joan Brewster Reply

    I too returned a dress to Floryday mid June. I returned it because it was about3 sizes smaller than the tag said. I contacted them mid July and they said I should send proof of postage but unfortunately I mislaid it. They said it didn’t matter as they would refund the money as soon as they had the goods back. I am still waiting. Not sure if Watchdog can do anything with a Chinese company. What a ripoff

  31. Karen Rabolt Reply

    I ordered a dress, when it arrived it looked like a clown costume. Returned to an address in Kansas according to the USPS they did get it. Now they want me to fill out more forms, they want to wear you down so you go away. THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. In fact like cancer the longer you ignore it the more aggressive it becomes and we all know what happens in that eventuality. Give us back our money you crooks

    • Maureen dagg Reply

      Bought three dresses from you. Two quite large. But wiil do . The other brown polka dot too small. Want rebate as I’m sure the next size 20. 22 will not fit. Or mabe IT wiil as sizes a bit askew as the other lady said. Can’t seem to get a return address tried for days. Did fill in a couple of forms but they seem to disappear sad as the dress is fine just too small.

      • FLORYDAY told me step by step how to submit a Request for a return label. But when it came time to submit the request it wouldn’t allow me to submit my request. I try to do the Chat but that didn’t work, it wouldn’t allow me to type anything in. therefore I cannot receive a Return Label. how do we get help?

  32. Joy longhurst Reply

    Like everyone else Floryday has my money and I do not have my goods. No response from the company either – it is an absolute disgrace and this company should not be allowed to trade given the way they work Or rather the way they don’t work.
    You can never get a response – all you get is frustration and be out,of,pocket for it! I will certainly never use this company again or advise anyone else to do so.

  33. Mary COLLINS Reply

    Wow I thought I was the only one. I will not let it rest. I bought two ‘linen’ tops. Rags, synthetic, awful. Paid £4.70 to return to Birmingham. I have receipts. I did track and sign, I have the signature. I have sent 24 emails up to now. I’ve told them what I think of their rubbish, in a well-mannered way. When I sent the jpg with photos they said it was too large.
    They are now saying my order number does not exist. On Monday I will contact the disputes team at my bank. This has happened once before with a chinese firm, silicone lids. It was resolved after 5 months. The bank refunded my money, £32.00 telling me that if this firm did pay me back then they, the bank would expect me to inform them and my account would be adjusted.
    In a way I blame myself for being gullible.
    In my emails to Floryday I kept insisting that if they put Linen tops and they are synthetic then they are breaching laws.
    Just like the others, I get the same email. They will contact within 24 hours… or the one saying ‘because of peak season’. One of the emails said I could keep the tops and they would refund me for one! I paid £32, £4.70 to send them back, I want my money.

  34. Chintah Davies Reply

    I agree whole heartedly with all the previous comments. I bought one blouse. I was sent two and charged for two. I returned both of them in June as they did not represent the blouse as shown in the picture. Very poor quality and material. A firm quite clearly to be avoided. Am still waiting for a refund!

  35. Jeanette Arksey Reply

    I have bought a dress from Floryday and it was shown as being linen and portrayed ib a lovely shade of green but when the dress arrived I was really disappointed as it is made of a see through cheap fabric and in an awful colour nothing like the one advertised which I was looking forward to receiving
    I have tried numerous ways to get a returns address and returns label and customer service to no avail. This company is committing fraud as they are selling inferior goods which are not befitting of the advertisements and innocent people like myself are paying good money for these inferior goods without the backup of being able to return them and obtaining an appropriate refund.
    This is disgusting

  36. Rowena Burrows Reply

    I returned 2 items exactly as directed on 7th July 2020. I chased refund and was asked for proof of postage as requested. I havehad no reply to that e-mailbut am still waiting for a refund. I too am considering contacting BBC Watchdog, especially having read other posts here about VERY POOR REFUND/CONTACT/RESPONSE from Floryday.

    • Sandra Rowson Reply

      I agree with Rowena something has to be done about this firm,they are taking our money and we are not getting what we ordered terrible way to run a business

  37. Same as everyone floryday now has £67 and I have nothing ,keep trying to reach them,all to no avail. Don’t buy from these scammers. They say we will get back to you within 24 hrs it’s been 3weeks now,!!!!

  38. I’m in the same boat as everyone else. I’ve been trying to make a return from the day i received my items. Very low quality, too small, too big and when i tried to connect with someone as it stated…start chat in 30 seconds with a tech. A quick chat it was and then sent me to a more secured connection tech, in which they wanted to charge me/my card to actually talk to this person. This is a horrible website and i will never order from Floryday ever again. I should have read the reviews prior to ordering. A lesson learned the hard way, thats for sure.

  39. All I want is an address to return something to Floryday as the size is too big. It has turned into a complete ordeal! No matter how many emails I have sent to the service email given, I just keep getting the same automated response back. It asks you to contact them if you wish to return anything so that they can give you the correct return location, but it is impossible. Completed frustrated and as the lady above I don’t think I will be seeing any refund !!!!

  40. Rochelle Cippa Reply

    FLORYDAY was unreachable! I couldn’t contact them to return my items. There was no way to talk to a real person! I found the websites a dead end because I didn’t know my order number. They did not respond in the chats…. I guess I am stuck with this low quality junk!!!

    • Estelle Hamill Reply

      I have returned a very poor quality skirt to Floryday return Centre, 2 Crown Road Kings Norton Business Centre, BIRMINGHAM B30 3HY not received a refund. Impossible to contact anyone..
      I agree with the remarks of the previous customer this is a load of Junk!

  41. I’ve been trying to return two swimsuits and can not get a response ?. I will never order from Floryday again. Very frustrating guess I’m out my 50.00 dollars also !!!!

  42. I ordered shoes about eight weeks ago sent them back had to pay for return postage and have received no refund as yet. Tried contacting them via but no response. Very disappointed with the service. Will not Use this company again.

  43. Angie Bringhurst Reply

    I have tried all day to get a phone number and address. I want to return 2 swimsuits. No reply to anything I have sent to them. I guess I am out of 50.00 Guess I will not see my money that is what I get for trusting them.
    Bit I will post for my friends not to order anything from them.

  44. Julie Gleeson Reply

    Emailed Floriday about a return address weeks ago, the address they gave me was in Birmingham, I have sent 3 dresses back to this address 3 weeks ago, I now realise this was the wrong place to send it, but that’s what they gave me. I am now £50 out of pocket, disgusting I will not be ordering from these again, do not order from this site.

  45. Elaine mcshera Reply

    Dreadful service, they make it very difficult to return anything. I sent 3 items back as not at all how they looked on website. One of the items was stated as being linen, there is no way it was. I am waiting for a refund for £58 nobody answering emails. I think I may contact watchdog, if no contact soon.

  46. Silvia Moore Reply

    I order a dress following the charts measurements. It came yesterday way too big for me. I’m trying to return it and get a refund but it is impossible since there is no phone nor an email address to contact the company. I filled out their return page online, but when I got to the “submit” button, the “processing” one got stack!!!

  47. After waiting nearly 2 months for clothes I paid £200 for they finally arrived. Sadly the box was full of shabby cheap fabric nothing like the website advert. After reading the scathing reviews I don’t think I can put myself thro the indignation & frustration of trying to return this box of rags. I’ll put this episode down to a learning experience. I will only buy now from reputable stores her in the UK.
    Lo Monroe..

  48. Vivian Smith Reply

    I cannot believe my first time ordering online and I get ripped off by a company like this and that my credit card of all things will not dispute the charges because I have not waited long enough for my order said 7 to 10 business days it is been one month and 2 days please don’t order from this company

  49. Frances S Thompson Reply

    Placed a order almost 3 months ago. They took my money but never received my order. Keep getting the same bullshit filling out the same form over and over. I just want my money back.

  50. Aside from the fact that my order took a very long time to arrive, (over two mounths) , they sent me the wrong size. I tried emailing them because there was no number to contact them so that I could exchange the size. They showed me nothing but disreguard once they had my money. I will never order anything from this sight.

  51. I haven’t received my package yet i placed my order in May still nothing. It’s impossible to reach them. Don’t worry people there day is coming. A good friend of mine whom deals with companies like this all the time will be looking into this company.

  52. Madeline Maynard Reply

    I purchased two bathing suits couple weeks ago I finally received them and they are enormous they don’t look like what was in the picture they’re definitely not a large they are plus size and I’m not plus size trying desperately to return them I don’t want my money back I would like to purchase something else that I saw but to no avail no one has helped me I go through the tech chat and they give me nothing except send me to somebody where I have to pay to get customer service I don’t want to pay to get customer service that is bad customer service so I’m pretty upset I’m thinking I have to just eat this purchase not happy at all it’s pretty frustrating trying to contact and get help and nobody responds properly

  53. I ordered tennis shoes almost 3 weeks ago and I havent got them yet .every time I try to ask them about my order I never get anywhere? I’m going to contact my credit card and have them dispute this I ty think they are a scam .I still see there ads on face book but I know I want my money back

  54. I have been trying to return 5 dresses bought at the beginning of may to no avail sorry my partner ever found the site im now left with 5 dresses that dont fit…definitely would not recommend this company. I ve asked for a phone numbrr an address to return BUT STILL NO ONE HAS BEEN IN TOUCH….

  55. Company will not respond in any way To emails & cannot find a telephone number! Package was never received & I would like a refund! This company is not legit….do not order anything from them! They will take your money immediately & you get nothing in return!

    • I totally agree with you, they haven’t sent my item and I can’t contact anyone propally on chat . I have my order confirmation number and still can’t contact them in any way. It’s been over 2 months

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