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Head Office
3333 Boulevard Cote-Vertu,
Suite 600, Montreal,
Quebec, H4R 2N1

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-900-1431
Phone: 1-647-689-2956
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

About FlightHub
FlightHub customer serviceFlightHub is a leading Canadian travel agency founded in the year 2012. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, FlightHub allows travellers to search and book flights, hotels and travel packages at the comfort of their homes.

One can search for flights by inputting date, origin and destination in the advanced search tool. Fliers can further filter search results by price, schedule and airline. The website shows the lowest price, along with schedule, airline, among other details.

FlightHub has regular offers and discounts on all its products and services. Booking can be done on the website or by calling the reservation. Tickets online can be purchased using Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Travellers can sign in to their account online to view or manage their itinerary.

Register for the FlightHub Elite membership to get access to exclusive offers, priority telephone line and free ‘Best Purchase Guarantee’ on all bookings. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, baggage, check-in, boarding pass or others, reach the FlightHub customer service.


  1. I booked a flight with flighthub, they canceled it 3 hours later. Charged my credit card twice for the flight they had canceled and refused to refund me. Dealing with them on the phone was a nightmare. Don’t book with this company.

  2. I have wasted time on the phone all day on my day off with flight hub. They keep transferring me and they suck. I am so upset. No help whatsoever with updating my flight times online.

  3. My comments are the same as those above. Flight Hub entered an incorrect name on one of my flights. They want $80.00 U.S. to correct their error. They have refused a refund and refuse to use the correct name. The “Confirmation” is in the name of a person who doesn’t exist. It is worthless and yet they insist on billing the full amount.

  4. I booked a flight to Egypt back in Feb 2020 to depart on March 30th. It got canceled because of Covid. I was told I was to expect a refund of $2411.98 within 18 weeks back in Nov 2020. It’s been over 80 weeks and I haven’t received anything. I’ve called them numerous times and nothing has happened. I tried calling now and all of a sudden my booking/reservation number no longer exists.

  5. This company should be closed down. Was to be chief bridesmaid but missed the wedding due to their incompetence. And was refused the refund of over $3890. And no manager to follow up.

  6. Flight Hub is a dishonest company. I purchased an air ticket more then two years back and in july 2021 they confirmed of refund and reversing it to my visa card. In spite of several reminders no response. Never deal with such before.

  7. I have an emergency and I can’t even use my credit. I phoned to use it, but after taking my preferred date, they said that I will be receiving a call from them in a week to confirm the flight. But never heard from them. When I call them after waiting for a week, they said that they have a note in my account and no record of our conversation from last week. So I have to repeat the conversation again and repeat the request, and what? wait again for another week but they won’t call you back?

  8. We booked our flight through Flighthub which cost us about $2000. In a few weeks we received an email from them asking us to confirm change in the original Flight. Unfortunately that change did not work with our schedule so we called them to hopefully get an alternative. But they did not, so eventually we asked them to cancel our flight for a refund. They never returned our money!!! Every time I talk to them over the phone, the agent makes some promises which never comes true. They do not even confirming the refund in an email, nothing. Just saying you will be refunded. Every time talking to customer service agent it seems they do not have any record of our previous calls. Now it is been almost three months since they initiated the refund!!! Nothing happened, no email no money back. I am convinced now that it is very unlikely to happen. I think we lost our money!!! It is frustrating that we can’t do much about it.

  9. I was at the Airport lining up with other passengers to check-in when I was told my trip to my other connecting flight showed negative in the system. I wasn’t able to travel and the Airport personnels cannot change my flight. My whole trip was ruined. I tried calling them to answers what happened to my reservation but nobody’s picking up the phone. I went home and until now I don’t know what to do. My booking was changed several times a day here comes the day of my flight I can’t go. They don’t even email me the changes before my scheduled flight. This company is useless. Their customer service is very poor.

    • I encountered the same problem. Flighthub sold me an invalid ticket too and was rejected by the check-in agent. Their 1-800-900-1431 was completely useless and kept disconnecting. Finally, I had to buy another ticket directly from
      Canadian Transport Agency should stop them from selling more invalid tickets.

  10. I have been dealing with a flight change for nearly a year. Phoned three times: different individual each time. The last promised a call back within three days. That was a month ago. I wrote a letter to head office. Letter returned. The issue has to do with a flight credit. Told to contact airline. When I contact airline, was told to contact the seller..Flight Hub. Back and forth. Last time I called, was told my flight refund had expired. Over 2300$. Hours of time spent wating on phone and explaining my situation anew each time. Absolutely frustrated by the lack fo professionalism. This company needs to be called to account.

  11. Kiana Goddard Reply

    Complete scam of a company. Have been trying to claim my flight credits for months now and nobody answers the phone or responds to emails. I will never purchase from Flighthub again.

  12. I have had a similar experience. I booked a ticket for an event and the event got moved 3 days forward. When I called they took the $75 to change dates for me. Then nothing to confirm. I got an email saying they needed personal information to process the change. When I called I was told they would not change it. Then when I was directed elsewhere, they said they were taking notes because their computer was down and would call back with a change in a few hours. Days later, nothing. Called back, no one was aware I wanted to change even though the person took detailed notes. Again, I got filtered through 3-4 people, who said they took detailed notes and would talk to the airline for me. After 6 more days, nothing. I called again, where I was again told, there is no request for me to change my flight. Forward to another agent, who said the days I wanted were not available, even though I was looking at them on my computer. Also, again, their computer was giving them trouble. Then they said I could change the departure date 2 days. not what I wanted but agreed to this. I said great, but then I was informed this change would cost $200 more than the original ticket. I said, you already took my change fee of $75. They said that was a fee for them to look for a change. I said, but you didn’t do that either. I was told twice there were details notes for me to get a change but the agents confirmed there were not. I have used Flighthub for awhile and never had issues but never again.

  13. I am in the same boat. When I go through “my bookings” on flighthub, it says that the charges against my credit card have been reversed, and to allow up to 12 weeks for it to appear on my statement. I saw this in December 2020 and it is now July 2021 and still nothing. I have tried calling flighthub numerous times and no one answers or my call gets dropped. I want an email confirmation with a date included that I am receiving a credit so that I can dispute the charge to my credit card company. It is not looking good, because it has been past 115 days to file a dispute. It looks like I have lost $1500. I will never go through this useless company again.

  14. After dealing with Flight Hub, since July 2 and now July 15, hours and hours on the phone, I am clearly unhappy.
    Long story short – we were trying to reschedule a ticket canceled due to Covid situation, and I was told we have the ticket for July 9, I decided to check if we really have the ticket, since we did not receive the electronic ticket via email, and SURPRISINGLY there is no ticket. Now the new ticket cost me more- instead of $791 it cost $937, because someone didn’t do their job I should pay more.

  15. Hi All, After dealing with Flight Hub, since July 2 and now is July 15, hours and hours on the phone, I think we need to submit a group claim and to to take legal action against this company. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!
    Long story short- we were trying to reschedule a ticket canceled due to Covid situation, and I was told we have the ticked July 9, I decided to check if we really have the ticket, since we do not receive the electronic ticked via email, and SURPRISE there is no ticked. Now the new ticket cost me more- instead of $791 it cost $937, because someone didn’t do his job I should pay more. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY I had my lesson, I hope other people do not do my mistake and use FilghtHub

  16. Took me a week, but I finally got through to a real person and got my refund processed. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the refund actually comes through on my credit card. The key is to threaten to go to a news channel and tell your story. I found an e-mail, [email protected], and sent them a message after unsuccessful attempts with the other e-mail addresses. This e-mail went to legal counsel and then my message was forwarded to a real person to be dealt with.

    If you want your money back, send an e-mail to [email protected] or write them via FaceBook messenger. Good luck, everyone!

    • Thank so much for this precious information. I was waiting for 3 months my refund and was calling every 2 weeks the customer services but nothing. I just sent an email using the one you gave and by miracle they processed my refund. hope you already got your money back.

  17. FlightHub is really useless.

    Received an e-mail from them that Air Transat changed my itinerary and that I had to call them to confirm the change. Finally got through on the 3rd try, and was put on the spot to either accept the revised itinerary or cancel my flight. Couldn’t decide on the spot as I had to discuss this with the other parties involved with my travel plans. Was told that I would receive a callback later in the day @ 3pm. Decided to cancel flight and called back just before noon, instead of waiting until 3pm for callback. Well, 3 hours and 10 minutes later, still on hold. So, requested a callback as per the automated message…will I ever get a callback? It’s now almost 3:30pm and nobody has called me back, despite agent “promising” that someone will call me back.

  18. I am so disappointed and get so frustrated with their customer service/support whatever! I have been trying to contact them but i am only wasting my time, waiting for hours and hours and nobody’s picking up the call. I am not sure if there is really an agent working or just let the phone rings and just ignore everybody’s call. I submitted a request for refund but you will only get redirected to their website and you can only view the cancellation options you can’t even click it it won’t go anywhere. This is so ridiculous! My mom’s flight is supposed to be this cominG July 1st but they made changes to the flight so I am trying yo cancel and get refund, and guess what, it’s only automated machine will talk to you!! I have been wasting so much for all the flight bookings and cancellation fees etc! I’m not wasting anymore!!!

  19. Hey Michelle, any news yet? Stuck with the same issue (3+ weeks on the phones waiting for a refund/flight change, no word from anyone), would love to get your contacts if possible.

    • I have been trying for over 3 hours ? Does anyone even work there!
      The online refund is ridiculous . It just keeps looping. You don’t even know if your request for refund went through ! There is no confirmation sent or any acknowledgement that you have requested a refund ! Is it purposely set up to dissuade people! Super frustrated and ?!

  20. Seems like I have the same problem. I have been dealing with a refund problem with them for 5 years!! I never got a refund back in 2016 like I was promised, and so I left a review on trip-advisor and everywhere else I could leave one.. someone from their customer care team contacted me 2 years later, promised me 2 free flights to remove the review, I removed it, got email confirmation, and then boom, no follow up from them. I finally got through to them and someone who doesn’t work there named Jerome helped me out and we were going to book the free flights, but then covid hit. Now I have been on hold for a week, dropped calls, and ect. I am getting no where. I would love to take them to small claims – I am in Canada, anyone have any tips on what to do and how to go about this? I have emails from the Jerome guy and their customer care saying they would promise me everything I just said. Thanks so much FlightHub, you guys are the worst.

  21. Antonella, I have had the exact same experience. They keep going in circles. I receive a message that my Air Transat refund request has been received by FlightHub, but I never receive the “Refund Request Confirmation” email from them as promised. This has been going on for two months now.

    • We are in a same boat! I have an exact same experience! I wish was reading all these reviews in advance. I canceled my trip but never received the Refund request conformation! They don’t answer the phones either!

  22. Sylvia Payne Reply

    I am a 75 year old and never again willI deal with this company. Again, lost my trip to Toronto due to Covid and now the same trip from Newfoindland is almost 700.00 $ more! They booked Porter airlines and twice They referred me to Porter and Porter informed me that it was their responsibility as I had booked with them! And this company is supposed to be top in Canada!!

  23. Same Issue with this company (Flighthub)….I have the confirmation that refund was done by the airline but still waiting for my refund on my credit card…I cannot connect o someone on the phone…..I have already submitted my refund request via their website more than 14 weeks ago.

    • Good luck with that!!! Pretty much guaranteed that flighthub is keeping the money. My story has to do with a flighthub issue that is new to me: I have a flighthub credit listed on their website for flights during covid but they refuse to honour it on any fare on their site (at least any fare that I have access to). They tell me that only they have access to flights that I can book to use my credit–GUESS WHAT? These fares are double or more than double the price of flights published on their website. Unfortunately, only they have access to these ‘secret’ fares. Bottom line, if you booked through flight hub, then airlines are refunding your fares under COVID rules, but flight hub seems to be keeping the money and refusing to refund it-only allowing you to use it with a different fare class that requires you to pay double or more.

  24. I booked a trip to Manchester Thursday July 23/2020. Covid stopped this trip for happening. I have applied for a refund twice no response. There is no one there to answer the phone. I totally thought with the government bailing them out it was under the condition they paid back their customers. I don’t know what to do next can anyone tell what steps they have taken for their refund.

  25. Extremely upset with FlightHub. Something needs to be done. I too have requested a refund through their portal. Once submitted, it should thank you & that a confirmation by email would come. 3 weeks later, no confirmation. They cannot be reached nor are their emails even valid as I tried that as well! And when I do call, the automated service recognize my booking number but when I enter it, I get a message saying “Unfortunately we were not able to find any cancelled request related to your reservation”. Really?

  26. shawkat khan Reply

    Now the Canadian Govt. has provided money to Air-Canada to refund customers.But I booked through flight Hub.There is no way to contact Flight hub.They have closed all avenues for customers to contact them.Air Canada has told me that your refund will be given only through Flight hub and they also says that Flight hub is operating booking new flights.Now what to do.Flight hub says that they are figuring out how to get the money from Air Canada.We have to report it to consumers support in-order to force Air Canada to pay us directly or even they refund us Flight hub will deduct lot of money as handling fees.Can any body give a clue how to contact the CEO of flight hub.

  27. There is no way to contact them. I even tried to book a new flight through the phone, but it said to go online to book it.
    On my original flight to Venice (aug 2020), it was first canceled and it said I can use my credits ($3200) for future travels. Now it just says call air transat.
    Called air transat and they said they cant do anything as they don’t have access to flughthub system.
    This is now an endless loop.

    Did anyone get this resolved?
    Who should take ownership of this?
    Who do we call for help?

    • Update- I reached out to the executives at Flight hub directly via email since I could find no other means of contacting the company for resolution before moving to legal action. I did manage to get a reply, and will update if a resolution is met.

    • I have the same issue right now with some flights from last April to Costa Rica. Cannot get anyone on the phone from flight hub, cannot get any reply to an email. They also sent me to air transat and air transat told me the same thing. I’d love to get a group together and go to the media. This is clearly a scam.

      • Same here! I paid for my flight ticket in Dec. 2, 2019 for May 2020 (before COVID actually happened). The flight was canceled due to COVID-19, obviously. This information has been know to me through the news. Did not received any notification from them. Had to call Air Transat to get some clarification. I requested for refund and of course they rejected it, even though I did not canceled the flight.

        Now it will be a year soon and I did not receive any notification from Flight Hub. I tried to get some information about my situation and Air Transat directed me to Flight Hub. Now I’m realizing that it is impossible to get anyone on the phone who could give me information I need. This is a rip off. Something needs to be done here!

  28. For the last 5 days I have played their games and did my due diligence to come to a mutually acceptable agreement on a flight booking they screwed up 3 times. Today after waiting for hours on hold they hung up. Last straw for this guy. You can take them to small claims court for a sizable amount. I am on my way to the courthouse first thing in the morning. It is crazy that a company that has this much negative issues and extremely deceptive business practices. This is my only experience and honestly I will never deal with them again. I’ve also contacted the CTA and CBC GOPUBLIC. I encourage you all to stay in the flight the worse they make it the larger the damages. Document everything.

    • Hi Andrew, could you please let me know what was the outcome after you contacted CTA and CBC GoPUBLIC? Have they been helpful at all? I do have the same issues with FlightHub with a refund not received, so I would like to know if it’s helpful to contact those agencies. Thank you. I appreciate.

  29. Same experience like many others here. It seems that their customer service channels are rigged in a way that you can’t talk to anyone. Even when you send an email you get an automated reply that says “call us” which is impossible due to their system that will do everything to not offer you the “speak to agent” option. Please be advised and take your business elsewhere.

  30. My friend and I booked a trip to Ibiza for my birthday May 13th-18th. Since the pandemic started we requested a refund seeing as they haven’t offered to give us credit. My friend put this request in 2 weeks before our flight. Never received an email or an update. My friend continued to reach out which they kept giving her the run around that it will take 6-8 weeks for this to be cleared. Here we are July 2nd. I called 3 weeks ago the reps were rude and unorganized. I was told it will now take 12-24 weeks (NOT HOURS) to get an update that is processed. BULLS*T! I called again last week and was told the request we put in was sent in May 22nd (HOW?) Its obvious they aren’t trying to pay us our money back and we need answers. Does anyone on here know where I can seek legal advice for this. They are playing with people money and I do not appreciate this. I even reached out to the airlines and they said they did not have any notifications of a refund request in my name. WE NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!

    • Did anyone get refund for the cancelled flights from flight hub? I am also expecting for the refund of around 2700$ from them. Nobody in flight hub customer care desk to talk to. While contacting airlines directly, which is Oman airlines, they are saying, ticket needs to expire to process the refund. So I need to wait for 1 year from the date of purchase of ticket. Can anyone able to help ? Much appreciated..


  31. Hi
    I called flighthub yesterday june 8/20 to use my travel credit to book my next trip….I was advised that I could not change my origin/destination…..when I had proof from a screenshot that I could. The lady agent at flight hub advised me to call west jet….so I called and I spoke to WEST jet lady agent on the phone yesterday june 8/20…the lady I spoke with has confrimed that I can use my credits on any flight that west jet flys too. I DONT have to go to Las Vegas, which was originally planned for my 40th birthday. Now I wanting to go honest Maartens.

    The west jet agent advised me to have flighthub call westjet if flighthub still required confrimation.

    I called flighthub back yesterday evening june 8/20 and finally spoke to a guy agent to give him the great news, that I received from the west jet agent, that I can travel to any destination I like to use my credits…he still advised me that I couldn’t changed my destination even after I gave him the great news….he advised me to call westjet back.
    I said west jet said for unyo call them…
    the flighthub agent told me that they were not allowed to call west jet that the support team said that hes not allowed to call, when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that their wasnt one….but yet their is a support team that he can talk with???. I said in the past u could called the airlines, the flighthub agent advised me that, that was in the past….like wow.

    On top flight hub has no compassion and still charge me 35.00 cancellation fee…
    When flights were being cancelled due to the covid 19 pandemic……its was out of passengers control. Meanwhile all other airlines have waived all their fees.

    A full refund, does not take 16 weeks, but flight hub will intentionally take their time to process refunds…omg its a click of a button…..flighthub lies and they over exaggerate so much and they make excuses.

    Maybe I should contact gobal news as well.

    Flighthub are so lazy, they do not have their customers best interest at heart. It’s so sad.

    They are using the covid 19 as a excuses to benefit themselves….they have absolutely no compassion for anyone.

    • Kathy Morgan Reply

      We are having the same problem with flight hub but with Air Canada. Air Canada has told us that we should get a full refund but they continue to make up lies (flight hub). They also told us that they can’t talk to Air Canada and that there wasn’t any else above them that we could talk to. What a freaking NIGHTMARE. Never using them again.

  32. My flight was cancelled due to the coronavirus to which the airline confirmed with me that I could get s full refund, but since I bought my tickets through Flight Hub, I had to get my refund through them. It has been 6 weeks now. Every time I get through I am told they have to process my request to “see if I AM ELIGIBLE”! To do that they said they had to email the airline and get confirmation from them directly. First it was, 24-48 hours to get this done, then it was 72 hours and then it was 2-3 day prior to my flight date, which was last week. No reply from them. So I called the airline and they confirmed they have received absolutely no contact from Flight Hub! So just getting off the phone with Flight Hub again today, I go the exact same story- the PROCESS will take 72 hours, but this new bit of info, that IF they determine I am eligible it will take another 8 weeks to get the refund. Unbelievable. If I do get a refund in the end, it will be a miracle. If I don’t the trip of my dreams to Italy is lost as I will never be able to save that amount of money.

    • I am in a similar situation with FlightHub for flights from Edmonton to Rome return May 1 to May 23. Were you able to get a refund? If so how? Any help much appreciated. Thank you.

      • I have same situation as what Susan and Lisa said above. It is a sad to have a booked experience with flightHub. As above mentioned, FH get benefits from Covid Virus. It’s a Shame.

      • I am in the same situation. Cathay Pacific Airway cancelled my parents return flight and informed us that the ticket can be refund for the unused amount. I request cancellation and refund online. However, the flighthub charged me $70 for handling fee and then reject my request for refund. I called Cathay Pacific Airline, they confirmed that my ticket is refundable but just need Flighthub send a request. I have called them 20+ times and sent email 10+ times. It is now 3 months after, I still cannot get refund and they are still charge me $70 for the handling fee of two tickets. Horrible customer service.

    • Hi Susan. I feel bad for you. I am very much in the same predicament. Our flight was rescheduled and Flight Hub sent us am email to that effect and said our immediate attention was required. We contacted them on several occasions, and they kept on telling us that the airlines had not gotten back to them with the change of our flight. This went on until the day before our scheduled flight, and we were forced to cancel our initial flight and rebook a more expensive flight. We booked through Air Canada on our own and had no problem. I called flight hub and they said we had to contact the airline to get the refund, which I did. The airline said flight hub would have to contact them and not myself. I called their contact centre again, And was hung up on. I have now requested that a supervisor call me back. I doubt that is going to happen.

  33. Sona Aslanyan Reply

    I really wish I had read about this company as well. I’ve had horrible experience. Left stranded in airport with my 10 year old because they failed to inform me of my flight change. They’ve lost my luggage, ruined wedding plans that I was attending as maid of honor and would refuse to compensate for any of it. 3 months on the phone with them w no avail. I would never use this platform or fly with Interjet again. Beware ppl before booking. Cheap flights doesn’t mean horrible experience

  34. Temowo Olurotimi Reply

    I wish I had gone through the comments and feedback of flighthub before engaging them.The company is a big joke and the worst thing that can happen to anyone.
    To the entire world,please stay away from flighthub.

  35. I wish I read all these reviews before hand. Absolutely the worst experience and the worst customer service. They misspelled my name by one letter then refused to change it without a $75 charge. I honestly believe that they’re doing it on purpose to collect fees now.

  36. Is this company Legit? I booked online, they sent confirmation and immediately cancelled my reservation. They said they cancelled it due to price increase and “don’t worry you’ll get a refund”. a week later when I am asking for the status of the refund they are saying they have to review.

    Amazing! a company registers itself in Canada, hires bunch of employee in Philippines who have no business ethics and communication skills. The company itself does not seem to stick with its contractual agreement. My suggestion to customers who experience scams to try to make them pay for what they are liable for by taking them to court. That is what I intend to do.

  37. Booked my birthday trip for Naples, Italy on Air Italy, on this website through a travel agent. I made sure I was talking to a human, so in case something unusual happens, I will have someone to call back. My complaint begins today, June 23, when I called this travel website to upgrade my airfare, from Light to Classic. I had to do this because now because when I booked my flight, the agent told me, she did not have that option on her end to upgrade. Instead, I will receive a confirmation email, and from that email, I will have the option to upgrade it myself. So, it sounds like a realistic solution, which by the way, was not correct. The email contained no option for me to upgrade. So I called them, as per advice from the airline itself, and asked to upgrade, which they declined to do, because they said, airlines do not allow cancellations/changes. So I told them again, I was not cancelling or changing my flights. I was simply upgrading it to a Classic fare. I did not believe them in the beginning because I already spoke to the airline. Second, when I said, I was going to upgrade my ticket, they did not tell me, it was not allowed after she checked the limitations of the ticket purchase. And third, I was told when I purchased my ticket, that I have that option to upgrade it myself upon receipt of the confirmation email which was a hoax. The trouble with this travel agency is, their staff do not speak English as their first language, so the language problem strongly exist in their business. I spoke to the supervisor, whose name was Ika, and she was useless either. So folks, do yourselves a favor.. SAVE YOURSELF THE AGGRAVATION AND DO NOT BOOK THROUGH THIS TRAVEL WEBSITE. They are simply going to take your hard earned money without or less something in return. It will only add misery and frustration when you try to get it back. Do your booking through the airline itself. It is safer, and you will only deal with airline, in case some problems happen. I conclude that travel websites such this may offer attractive travel deals, but they bank the cost on you hoping that you will have some necessary changes to fit it to your travel plans, which was what happened to me. They will only do what is profitable for them. If they think that the decision or request will not yield a significant profit, to hell with their customers. I plan to complain to the travel council in Ontario. This has got to stop or they should be investigated.

  38. We purchased tickets to go to Orlando. Departing day was Aug 24, returning the 31st of Aug. Total was $ 2157. Got our confirmation e mail which had our flight going out and coming back on the 31st. We called back immediately because somebody obviously punched in wrong date. Were told too bad. We must have booked that ourselves. Now our flight which was 430 a person 20 minutes before was now all of a sudden over 600 a person. Total of over $ 3300.00 Then we had to pay a fee on top of it to change it back to the out going day we had originally picked. Sounds like a scam to me. Then after all that we just received another confirmation e mail with us going out and coming back on the 31st again and had to call back again… We would not have booked with flight hub knowing our 430.00 tickets were actually over 600.00. Will never book through Flight hub again………


    I wish I had read all these feedback and comments on this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE travel agency. I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY EVER AGAIN! EVERRRRR!
    I WILL NEVER USE FLIGHTHUB EVER AGAIN TO BOOK MY FLIGHT! I would rather go through the airline even if I have to pay more. I was given the run around for more than 48 hours. I was told that my cancellation went through that I did online, which by the way is AN OPTION to do! However online it kept saying that my cancellation is in progress…. for over 36 hours it kept saying that. Then later when I called I was told by them that in order to make a cancellation I needed to call them. WHY THE HELL is that option online then!!!!? I paid to cancel the reservation and so it didn’t bother them to take that money too. So, in the end, my cancellation never went through, and I never got back my cancellation money. Plus I LOST MY RESERVATION!!!! Because they eventually canceled it after I was on them for 48 hours. NO MONEY BACK EVEN THOUGH MY DEPARTURE DATE WAS OVER A MONTH AWAY!! THE WORST TRAVEL AGENCY. IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME AND MONEY DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! Save your money and go directly through the airline! Customer Service Representative Supervisor Laurraine, dishonest who DON”T KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOB. Had me on the phone deliberately for an hour and forty-five minutes hoping that I will just get fed up and hang up. WELL HELL NO!!!!! It is my hard earned money and I will not get cheated out of it.
    I was then told that there is a glitch in the online system ( Not my damn problem) and therefore my canceled booking wasn’t completed and therefore because more than 24 hours has transpired the airline’s policy makes my cancellation void and nonrefundable. THAT. IS. NOT. MY. PROBLEM!!! FIX YOUR DEFECTED WEBSITE AND FIRE YOUR INCOMPETENT EMPLOYEES. Train the new ones on what customer service really is!!
    I AM STILL WAITING FOR MY REFUND. If I don’t get it back, the name of every customer service, as well as supervisors and managers, will be mentioned on their Twitter site as well as facebook site. This poor customer service should not be allowed to continue.

    • Dan Matthews Reply

      Somebody explain why haven’t they been sued in court? Complaints made to the BBB? Exposed in the media? Why are they allowed to get away with this?! I just filed a complaint with the BBB in Ontario, and I’m from the states.

    • Dan Matthews Reply

      Why haven’t they been sued in court? Complaints made to the BBB? Exposed in the media? Why are they allowed to get away with this?! I just filed a complaint with the BBB in Ontario, and I’m from the states. They obviously need to be put out of business.

      • Sona Aslanyan Reply

        I’ve gathered all my proof to take to small claims but now I’m reading it has to be done within their jurisdiction. They are in Canada, I’m in USA. This is ridiculous but I’ll def do BBB

      • Hi Dan, I feel the same way, Canadians at most times are too soft, do not have the firm right and wrong judgments. FlightHub could be very well a scammer to begin with. There is no where to find proper company history, there is no policy in place… Their staff words change back and forth. To contact them with one and only 1800 number. I will be reporting them to BBB as well. FlightHub cannot exist the way it is.

  40. My first experience and the worst
    with every unsuccessful booking I was being charged, how? nobody knows; so a ticket of 518 costs me about 2000 CAD, the funniest thing after I called them they said there was no extra charge on your visa card, then I told them my bank statement is in front of me which will never lie. Anyway still struggling to get my money back.

  41. The worse customer service. I called many times to request the refund due to their error system when booking on their system but nobody picked up the phone. After that, I sent some emails to the customer service over 1 month, no one replied my email to solve my problem. What a scram you are!

  42. Hi,

    I tried to book a ticket on May 1st. Somehow I have changed my mind and tried to cancel it on May 2nd within 24hrs. I have logged into the and cancelled my flight in manage my booking and selected cancel the flight.It asked me for 75$ fee since I am cancelling and there are no airline charge since I am cancelling it in 24 hours. Which I agreed and cancelled it. It showed me to enter my 3 digit security code so that 75$ would be deducted in 8 to 10 days and I will be receiving an cancellation confirmation email within 24 hours. On the screen it showed me that your reservation has been cancelled successfully.
    After 24 hours I haven’t receive any confirmation email, so called the customer service and they told they never received any cancellation request at all. I told them I haven’t cancelled on any 3rd party website. I have cancelled on your website. They asked me whether I had any screenshot. Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshot with me. They told me it’s non refundable and so nothing they can do from their end.
    I said was disappointed with your service and they said sorry but we cannot do anything.

    I just want to say worst service ever, if anyone wants to cancel please call them and ask for cancellation. Also before ending call tell them you want cancellation email. Worst service ever.

  43. I will never book through Flight Hub again. I will keep this short. When I wanted to change a flight they kept me on hold for an hour and forty five minutes. Rebooking was a disaster. The customer service was non existent. They didn’t seem to know what they were doing. They kept putting me on hold while they went to check it out. They were going to charge me $500 for a flight that was worth about $340. I eventually gave up and booked with United directly for $309.

  44. Do not book with Flight hub and if you do don’t ever buy their miss leading “extended cancellation Policy. My meeting was cancelled tried to get a refund, nope you can only use that policy up to 24 hours after you purchase your flight. what a crock, if I go to cancel I will pay a fee of $250.00 on a $138.00 flight. Bunch of crooks!!!!!!! Once I voiced my concern sternly but not rude she basically hung up on me.

  45. I just had the worst experience with flighthub. They offered assistance to assist me due to a glitch in their site, and added almost $100 dollars to my ticket and removed the insurance to make it non-refundable. I was actually looking at my booking and would not pay this money. The supervisor “Rez” told me price change every hour. After heated conversation,they agreed to refund my money.She processed it before we could clear things up. I was shocked. They I was told I would receive my money back in 10 Business Days..Almost $2000..Stay away from these guys. First travel company to do this to me..Now I must freeze my card and hope they honor my cancellation and don’t rob me again. So disappointed in this company

  46. If only I could give them 0 stars.

    Absolutely the worst Canadian business I have dealt.

    BEWARE when booking flights with them as their 24 hour cancelation policy includes a C$75 modification fee. Which means you loose money even when the airlines don’t charge them to cancel before 24 hours.

    Save yourself the trouble – DON’T deal with

  47. Terrible customer service, they put you in hold for eternity, they said there is no way to correct ONE letter of my last name. And they said the only way out it is to cancel my ticket, but I already talked with American Airlines and LATAM airlines and they confirmed that change could it be done for them – FlightHub. It’s been 5 days and one supervisor drip for another one and nobody resolve anything.

  48. I just want to say that I agree with everybody below that has commented. I used FlightHub over two years ago to book some flights. They of course over charged me then told me there was nothing they could do about it. Haven’t used them since.

    Most recently though, my credit card company called to tell me that my account was overdue. My account that was paid off several months ago and hasn’t been used since. FlightHub decided to start charging me $5.95 a month without my knowledge. F’d up company. I don’t know how they are still in business with reviews and service like stated by everyone.

  49. Jorge Mendez Manzanilla Reply

    Booking # #103-528-012 flight hub quoted and charged $188 for a one way flight to Mexico. Next day an urgent email requiring me to call them back and warning that my flight booking would not proceed if action was not taken.
    Flighthub agent misquoted and now I was asked to pay $279 instead. It may not sound like lots, but at the end of the day this was a flighthub error and it was easy for them to tell me to pay or not book. My travel to Mexico obeyes a family emergency, every penny counts. Flighthub must step up for their mistakes not customers. I booked other flights based on the initial $188 fare, hence ended with higher travel costs due to flighthub mistakes. Yes they “sincerely apologize” but at the end of the day they did cut a profit and I had to pay for their lack of professionalism. By the way 2.5 hours spent on the phone. When I asked to talk to a supervisor, I spent 30 more minutes on the phone.

  50. saeid mortazi Reply

    Absolutely the worst customer service ever, this company is a scam and nothing else.

    I booked a flight to california last year, then I had to change the dates, they charged me 150$ plus the price of a new ticket, and they held my money as credit (no refund policy really!!!!!!)
    I wasn’t advised at all about the consequences of cancellation with them at all, (it must be the same passenger, the same airline, the same destination in order for you to use the credit !!!!!!!!!)
    Later on, when I wanted to purchase a new ticket for the same destination, they asked me to pay an extra amount of 500$ for a ticket worth of 450$ to use my credit!!!!

    This is the last time I deal with this company, I will leave negative reviews everywhere… this company is a joke.

  51. Scam… I rather to walk to mexico rather than getting a flight with them. They do not even have a proper manager to resolve issues.
    They wasted 5 hour of my time yesterday to book me a flight and now my flight is cancelled for unknown reasons.

    What a joke!
    Poor customer service. No one speaks proper English.

  52. I bought a return ticket from Halifax to Toronto, arriving in Pearson Airport. On the returning flight, I checked in and when I got to security they told me my boarding pass was for a different airport (Billy Bishop downtown).

    My husband had to go ahead without me, and I stood in line at the airline counter, and missed my flight.

    Later Air Canada put me on a flight from Pearson but I had to pay for a business class seat, unless I wanted a 12 hour wait.

    The airline said it was Flight Hub’s fault for issuing the ticket from a different airport. I called Flight Hub and they said no refund for me, because the airline changed the ticket and not them.

    I am so disgusted, and am out over $500.

  53. Hello All,

    I currently am going through the same situation, where I paid the $75 dollar cancellation fee. Please note the word “cancellation”. Yes I get it, so I try to re-book. Of course there is no way on the website to use my “Travel Credit”, so they make you call them. Yes, they will not identify the location of the call centre being used and yes, it is very hard to understand the operators and supervisors.

    The difference between the listed flight and my travel credit is $51.52. They said the charge would be 258.98. I asked why and was told it’s a change of flight fee. I informed them that I am not changing my flight I am making a new reservation because I paid a $75 dollar fee to “Cancel” the previous reservation.

    Supervisor, angry now at the obvious truth of this statement, said it was airline policy. I asked if a copy of this “airline policy” be sent to me, she said no and hung up on me.

    Worst Company Ever

  54. James Smith Reply

    WORST COMPANY ON THE PLANET TO WORK WITH!!! Charged me 50 dollars for seats I can get free on the web site!! Tried to get refund and no one can speak English and there phone system sucks!! I will never use these people again and I’m telling anyone who reads this not to use them also!! There customer service is nothing but foreigners and will lie to you about the charges!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do not use this company unless you want the hassle!!

  55. Awful, awful customer service from a Canadian Company based in Canada! I am ashamed of this company based out of Ontario , Canada.
    I am a Canadian citizen who asked quoted in Canadian dollars for an Air Canada flight. I was quoted and made reservation based on the quote in Canadian dollars.The confirmation email quotes a reservation amount in CAD dollars but they charged me in US funds and each ticket cost $40 CAD more.

    Why would a Canadian COmpany quote a Canadian who is making a reservation on Air Canada and charge it in US dollars is beyond me.

    They are impossible to reach in Ontario. All answering of calls are done through a foreign agency. Their phone option #6 “billing issues” are directed to this agency and no one has anything to do with billing.
    I have dealt with them before many times and swear that I will never deal with such a poorly run company again.
    Kiss another loyal customer goodbye Flighthub !

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