Contact of Fastway Couriers, South Africa customer service

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Contact Fastway Couriers: Find below customer service details of Fastway Couriers, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the courier company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
C, Pavilion Office Park,
Wessels Rd, Rivonia,
Sandton, 2129, South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: +27 11 234 9393
Phone: +27 41 451 0089 (Port Elizabeth)
Phone: +27 11 974 2845 (Johannesburg)
Phone: +27 10 140 0178 (Centurion)

About Fastway Couriers
Fastway Couriers is a courier and logistics company in South Africa that began operations in the year 2008. The company, first established in 1983, also has operations in Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. In South Africa, Fastway has more than 250 franchisees. Each year, it handles close to 16.4 million parcels.

All Fastway products carry a parcel coverage, and has no fuel levies or re-delivery fees. Customers enjoy affordable pricing and reliable delivery service. Fastway depots are found across Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, George, Harrismith, Johannesburg, Klerksdorp, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Rustenburg, Vereeniging, and Witibank. Through Fastway Couriers, you can send documents or small and big parcels. If you have dispatched an item, you can track the same with the label number. For those looking for rates, quick quote or weight calculator, the Fastway website is very resourceful. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, delivery, or others reach the Fastway Couriers customer service.

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  1. Worst courier service in South Africa hands down. Probably proud of it. Never use them and save yourself alot of frustration. Unfortunately some online shops still use them to deliver your parcels, which makes the shop look bad at the end and makes the customer waiting for his parcel without recourse.

  2. Amina Abdulkader Reply

    So disappointed with fastway Courier service. My parcel was booked for collection on the 18-01-2021. The parcel has not yet been collected. Everytime I call the Fastway Durban branch I keep getting told that the parcel was logged for collection and the driver will collect it. So unprofessional not to mention pathetic service! Definitely won’t recommend using them.

  3. Pathetic company, how it’s still going I have no idea. They have lost my parcel Z60000160865. No apologies no forms for refunds/claims. Spoke to Rene at the head office, promise to phome back, does not. When you complain, the telephone is put down in your ear bu Rene. This has been reported to the ombudsman. Has also been reported to the seller who used Fastway, and bidorbuy. Can’t even get the contract details of someone high up at Fastway.

  4. I had a parcel picked up for delivery to East London, on 9 September 2020.
    This parcel is now lost. Rene at the so called head office, says she has a email from someone that I can claim my loss. But I don’t have this email. She is extremely rude on the phone. I’m obviously cross as my package has been lost by Fastway, then to have Rene put the phone down in my ear. I have paid for their delivery.
    Pathetic service, pathetic staff.

  5. Extremely poor service. I will not use this extremely incompetent company again. I do not know how they can stay in business with this kind of nonsense service. No feedback on a parcel, rude, etc. I will write to the ombudsman so that this company can be stopped from operating.

  6. Mark Wadhams Reply

    This is the worst service I have ever had. Cape Town branch is so useless. 4 days to get parcel. They didn’t deliver, I phoned and said I’ll collect. Get there this morning and was told they don’t know where parcel is or driver and this is after I arranged to collect. This is not the first time it’s happened. I will tell my 2 different suppliers never to use them again and I WILL rate Fastway as the worst company ever where ever I can. Pathetic and no one gives a damn.

  7. The most useless courier company by far. My collection was logged on last week for collection on the following monday, today is tuesday and they still have not collected my parcel when i call the polokwane branch the lady at collection says that the collection was logged on last week at 8am and after 11am they do not log on any collection. How does that make any sense!!!!!!!!!!! when i called the nelspruit branch they say its a 2 day cycle and they have it on the route the lady at polokwane says they have 3 routes. they are the most incompetant and useless people i have ever came across if they do not know how to do their job properly they should resign and sit at home. it takes them forever to respond to messages and email let alone give a call back to inform you on the situation. TODAY DATED 28/07/2020 I HAVE CALLED NELSPRUIT BRANCH AND POLOKWANE ASKING FOR FEEDBACK ON THE DELIVERY THIS WAS AT 9AM AND NOW IT IS 3PM NO FEEDBACK UNTIL I HAD CALLED. PLEASE FIND COMPETANT PEOPLE TO WORK IN THE POLOKWANE BRANCH

  8. The worst courier company in South Africa!
    I will never deal with this company directly again, or through an online e commerce store. Their deliveries to me each time have been late.
    It has now been 3 days since my package was supposed to be delivered, they are literally less than 30 minutes away from me. If I could collect my parcel from them I would….

    Staff are so unprofessional and incompetent, don’t respond to emails, queries or inquiries.

    How they manage top stay in business after seeing the 100’s of complaints about them is way above my understanding!!!

  9. Kerry Govender Reply

    Your company does give a hoot about customer service or doing the right thing! In these times you think you would beef up your game considering courier will be in high demand going forward! Spent all of yesterday on the phone with Sam from your JHB depot who promised me my delivery will be put into schedule in the afternoon delivery. Called in the afternoon and was told the driver “forgot” to onboard the parcel again! Sam thinks he’s a smart ass and refuses to do anything further saying he can’t control the drivers. And he was meant to be “customer service”. Asked to speak to a manager and he promised Evashnee will call me back. Guess what- she is probably a ghost as well because 24 hours later still no call bye also promised that delivery will happen on Sat by 10am as they use outsourced driver. Still no delivery!!! I will NEVER recommend any person who needs to have a functional business use Fastway Couriers. They will contribute to your business downfall!

  10. France Tintinger Reply

    Your service is unbelievably terrible. Even on South African customer service it must rate right at the bottom of the scale. Almost falling off the scale I would think. Your representative in Nelspruit shows me a tracking waybill that clearly shows that my parcel was picked up from the supplier and is in transit. They then tell me that it still has not left the supplier????? I will post this on Hello Peter and hopefully you will start to reap what you have sown.

  11. Karin Nieuwenhuizen Reply

    I was very disappointed in this delivery service. Remore was the delivery guy but very bad additude. Firstly he knew where the address was but failed to read flat numbers so my package wasn’t delivered. Then when I finally got time to phone him back in business hours he spoke in such a rude way even when he made the delivery he had a bad attitude. I will specifically request and pay extra never to use this delivery service again.

  12. This is the first time I am experiencing such incompetence with Fast way. It’s really disgusting.
    My parcel left Durban on the 6/12, and was at the Jhb depot on Monday, usually I receive my parcel by Monday. Since Monday till today the 12/12 I haven’t received my parcel. I’ve tracked my parcel everyday since then… in the morning it shows on board the courier vehicle and by 9pm its back in the depot. The call centre keeps saying it’s on board the vehicle and will be delivered before 5. I’ve logged an online enquiry still no response, I’m still waiting for a supervisor to call me back. They never put you in touch with a supervisor because the supervisor is busy on the depot floor.. doing I don’t know what. This is really frustrating as customers are waiting for their orders..

  13. Fastway couriers has had to be the most incompetent, useless courier company I have ever come across. Their drivers are blatant liars and highly disrepesctful. I have been waiting for over a week for a parcel. The drivers “supposedly” tried calling me to no avail. I just hope merchants would stop using this courier service!

  14. The service from the PMB branch is not acceptable. Too many parcels not picked up on the notified day. New manager always apologises but it doesn’t change.
    We are running out of patience.
    Very close to moving to another company

  15. Michelle du Preez Reply

    This is now the 3rd parcel that was delivered late… correction i am still waiting for the 3rd parcel. Was told it would be delivered early morning after it being a day late… this is now 16:11 and my parcel was delivered to the wrong person then would be collected and delivered to me asap…it is such a frustration as a business owner to deal with an unprofessional courier service ! It is now 16:48 as a client who has been phoning and communicating all day i feel utterly disrespected ! Still no parcel !

  16. Fastway must change their name to Noway or Slowway. No service, no parcel, no feedback whatsoever about my parcel that was collected on the 4th of July 2019. No return of e-mails or calls. What is going on? Tracking number still shows en-route to Upington. Vernon the new owner have no clue to help and can’t answer any of my questions. Please contact me urgently 0827127848.

  17. Good day, so tired of fastway jhb services and admin staff, from the agents all the way to the office staff that makes empty promises. Frustrating purchasing airtime to contact office to load all credits after that all the time, agent gives silly excuses on text and refuses to take her calls, ticket office promised that i must send proof of payment before cut offs for credit to reflect timeously but still ignore my mails 4 hours later. So tired of your pathetic staff services, no wonder the drivers complain so much. Fastway Jhb no professionalism or ettiquette, bunch of potato heads that exploit our funds and keep customers awaiting their packages!

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