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Contact Fashion Nova: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the e-commerce company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Fashion Nova
2801 E. 46th Street
Vernon, CA 90058
United States

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-866-0286

About Fashion Nova
Fashion Nova is a retailer of apparel and fashion accessories. It was founded in the year 2010 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Fashion Nova sells items online as well as through brick and mortar stores. There are five retail locations in Southern California.

Products that can be shopped online include dresses, jeans, shoes, tops, bodysuits, sweaters, jackets, pants, lingerie, shorts, skirts, leggings, pants, skirts, swimwear, sunglasses, among others. On each product listing, you have details of price, colors and sizes available. Products can be purchased online using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, Discover and Amazon Payments.

Most orders are shipped within 2 working days. Buyers can also opt for expedited or overnight shipping via FedEx. While within US, there is a flat shipping rate, the rates for international orders depend on the destination. As for returns, buyers enjoy a 30 day return policy. You can claim a full refund if not satisfied with the quality of the merchandise. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, shipping, or others reach the Fashion Nova customer service.

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  1. I was waiting on my e-gift card for weeks now, still haven’t received it. I also had to pay $7.99 to ship it back. What is going on I can’t talk to anyone, they keep saying in an email they sent it. I haven’t received anything. $60 gone.

  2. I ordered items and it was not delivered. At least on their site it says delivered, but it didn’t. I tried to contact them, to find out which company made the delivery, they do not answer and give a $10 gift card. Zero customer service, I have not received any delivery confirmation, nothing proves that my package has been delivered, moreover, there are not often cases of package theft in my building.

  3. I ordered a jumpsuit and when I received it was to small and someone had already worn it. I tried to return it. It said my email was not valid. Then they wanted me to pay to talk to someone. Please don’t waste your money with this company. You can’t even talk to customer service. I’ll count this as lost.

  4. This company is totally ridiculous. I placed an order received it. It was too small I sent it back. I have yet to receive the money on my gift card and trying to get in touch with them is impossible. I emailed several times zero response. I assume I will not receive my money back as I know they have gotten the items back but haven’t given me my money on my gift card. I am totally mad because I actually like their clothes but not sure. if I will order from them again. I have spent hundreds of dollars with them in the last couple months. I do not appreciate them not responding to my emails.

  5. In my case I ordered for my package it never came through and I emailed them only for them to tell me it was delivered, when? Like… then I emailed them I was told that I would be refunded, it took them two days to send a gift card to an email I no longer have access to only for them to tell me that for security reasons they can’t send it to another email. I spent $177.59 I am flabbergasted I have never experienced this in all of years shopping.

  6. I returned an order at the beginning of November and their return policy said that I would recieve a store credit via a e-giftcard. I have been looking but have not recieved it. I need the e-giftcard so that I can use my credit of $44.69 that I thought I was getting. I placed my order online and it seems to be no way to contact online customer service. So I guess they just took my money. They made sure to charge me the 7.99 shipping fee as well for the return.

    • I paid to return a set that was too large and pants that were too small (total $81) My return was received in their warehouse but I never got my e-gift credit they insisted they sent me. I sent an email everyday for 2 weeks and differently worded responses came back saying “we’re happy to inform you that your credit has been sent to the email on file… pls check your spam folder…” interestingly those emails were coming to my spam folder but never the email with my gift card info. I have been back and fourth with this for 3 weeks and I have sent about 18 emails now. I’m so ticked off that a company that I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds with over the years has just snatched my hard earned money from me and obviously doesn’t give 2 blinks about doing this to any one!! I’m now seeing this has happened to a lot of other customers.

  7. What is going on with your website I tried on multiple devices to make a purchase and it’s not allowing me to put my information it’s not even allowing me to put my card information it’s like the page is loading and loading

  8. I have been waiting for my order for the past 20 days and nothing. It says it has been shipped and to contact the shipping carrier. I contacted the carrier and they say they have not picked up any package. No number to contact, email sent said it was shipped. This is a real scam. I have bought from this company before and had an issue like this. Never did I think it would happen again.

    • I have the same issue. No way to contact the company. The carrier told me that they package was never picked up. I have no idea how to handle this as I am not from the US. Spend more than 200 Dollars and have no clue when I can expect my products – they are legally my, they took my money for it. Do you have any idea how to reach them and get any answer back? The customer service is just a scam and a joke.

  9. Like people are saying it’s very ridiculous that you can’t talk with anyone bout your orders on the phone or email. I’ve always placed my orders as standard but this time I don’t know what happened it show a No Rush Order. I’m very pissed up that nobody is here to assist

  10. It’s absolutely ridiculous that you cannot get ahold of this company for the life of you especially after spending hundreds of dollars with them and then they want to turn off their phone lines and say that someone will be with you within 1 to 3 hours and now I’m waiting weeks for a response this company really knows how to get somebody livid and on the verge of never returning.

  11. I ordered merchandise totaling $516, and my tracking stated my package was delivered on November 4, 2021. However, I did not receive my package. I reached out to FashionNova to inform them of my missing package, and they responded by saying their investigation illustrated it was delivered and that they will not do anything to help me. Additionally, they told me to check with my apartment office staff as well as neighbors. I did those things, and no one has seen my package. The fact that they will not help me is very disgraceful and disgusting because I have been a very loyal customer to this company for years; I have spent thousands of dollars with FashionNova, and you would think they would value me as a loyal customer and do something to rectify this mishap. I also find it interesting that FashionNova no longer has a customer service line customers can call to speak directly to representatives. Instead, you have to submit your inquiries online, and they respond via email. This is all strategic as they want to take all human interaction and human feeling out of the equation. They don’t want their representatives being able to empathize with the customers which will behoove the representatives to help customers and intervene. With this online customer support platform, they are able to be short with customers, and they can easily deny claims and cut customers off without any further explanation. They emailed me saying they denied my claim and that it will not be re-opened. As a result, I’m out of $516 as well as my merchandise and they could care less.

  12. It’s so hard trying to get in contact with someone to fix a problem like I bought some shoes and only one shoe fits and they’re sending me around in circles and then they say you can’t call the store and ask for help. Then if you do try to do the online help service they want you to pay.

  13. I have been trying to contact them for the past week for my order that is 200$+ that was never shipped and just says “order placed” this is the worst place to spend your money I am making sure none of my friends or family ever use them again because they are pathetic and useless never answering emails or phone calls.

  14. I will never be ordering from here again. I ordered a package and it says delivered but it never was. It’s impossible to contact anyone for fashion nova.

  15. I have been emailing and emailing about my order. I have not received. It doesn’t even say shipped. This is ridiculous. The phone lines don’t work. No one will contact me back. I just want my money. I shop fashion nova all the time but this will definitely be my last

  16. Jacqueline Reply

    This is beyond ridiculous to get rid of PHONE LINES to have a STUPID HELP CENTER WHAT DOESN’T HELP! I’m very upset that I can’t talk with someone and haven’t received my almost $300 ORDER !!!! How is this right?

  17. I think it is a bit ridiculous to get rid of the phone lines and not respond to emails. As much as I use this site I think i am done. I’m trying to contact someone about a refund I sent back 2 items and only got a refund for one. Been calling for a week now.

  18. I have ordered a few outfits and I had returned a couple of them back and I tried everything to contact a live person and I wasn’t able too. It has been over a month and was still not refunded nor credited back. Such a disappointment honestly. Such a disgrace.

  19. I bought two dresses and a necklace and a purse from fashion nova my husband bought them online for me for my birthday and I never got them it said it got sent out and delivered to me on March 25 2021 but I never received it. I was waiting for my package that day and I never got it. I complain to the post office and they said it’s not their fault. I have contacted Fashion nova and no response, they just ignore my messages. I spent about $81.39.

  20. Robin Patterson Reply

    I bought over three hundred dollars worth of clothes from you guys. The shirts I bought was fine but the jeans wasn’t. I went on-line and filled out the little application on the help line. Then you guys charge me for return slip that I did not receive. I don’t want these jeans they are way to big..and I would like money back. Now I guess I have to go to the postal service and let them tell me how to get these clothes back to you. I couldn’t even talk to a live person at Fashion Nova. I will never buy from you guys again!!

  21. I have never dealt with such horrible customer service, and retail sales site in my life. I have ordered from this site three different times because my daughter wanted something for Christmas on here. Each time the order got messed up and it took forever for me to get refunded the money. To get someone on the phone is absolutely impossible. Every time I sent an email I get a automatic response that I’m sure has been sent to the same people over and over again. They really need to make their return system better. I have ordered from China and received a refund faster then from this site. They are horrible!!!!!!

  22. I ordered a dress worth $43 dollars on the 6/10/2019 , i never received a confirmation email or any tracking , I emailed them everyday asking about my dress an they kept on making up excuses 1. They told me that my order hasn’t been shipped yet (it’s been a week since I ordered) 2. They then said it had been shipped and they will send me tracking details (which I never got ) and then I sent more and more emails and never got a reply until last week they told my that my order was “lost in transit” and they will refund my money . This was my first and last time ordering from fashion nova and I never knew they give refunds through a E-gift card ! I want my money back not some stupid gift card

  23. I ordered a dress they shipped on time but the dress don’t fit me I returned and I never get my money back they send me a gift card just for use with them I don’t want to buy nothing from them again I don’t trust them no more , they took my money really easily but never send me my money back!! So be careful people if you wanna order from them !!

  24. Very poor customer service. I usually never get a response when I email them and if I do it’s hours I have to wait. This is my first time ordering something and not getting an cofimation email also no order record for the items purchase upon checking my account online they took the money already. I did get a response from them after waiting hours and the guy said he’s not seeing my orders in other words I never made and purchase. He asked for more information I sent him and Im still waiting since yest evening for a response. I must say amazon customer service is so much better. This is just a big turn off because money don’t grow on trees.

  25. The customer service was useless and totally disrespectful. I submitted my correct zip code, my order was shipped with the correct zip code and a zip code for another town which resulted to the package being returned to sender. I was speaking to a customer service rep, and she placed me on hold, and never returned. I called again, and the second rep was useless, too. Because Fashion Nova indicated that they have received notice that the package has been returned to them, I asked for the order to be resent immediately, instead of wasting more time. All customer service said is that they are sorry….Unacceptable. I want my money back, and I will never order from this company.

    • Oh my goodness! Exactly what happened to us. Submitted the correct billing address and shipping address but the items were sent back. Then, we were asked to reorder the items and we missed out on the buy one, get one free promo. Hoping to hear back from them soon.

  26. I have ordered since October 2019 so 3months now and they deducted my money from my bank account and i have never received my orders since that and I’m trying to call and email them I’m not getting any answer so I’m also gonna report fashionnova. (From France)

  27. SUBJECT: ORDER # 24711450 January 3, 2019

    To whom it may concern:
    I have reached out to your office several times regarding my order #24711450. I’ve sent emails and left SEVERAL voice messages to no avail. The email responses that I receive seem to be automated and my numerous request to speak with a LIVE person has gone unreturned. As you can see in your record, I am a VERY LOYAL Fashion Nova customer. I am very disappointed in the service that I have received regarding this particular order. I ordered five items but, only two of them were received. I assumed since it was the holiday that the other three items were delayed. To this d, I still have NOT received my three remaining items from order #24711450. The “MADE FOR ME” green sweater, the “PUTTIN CHILLS IN ME” mustard sweater and “YOUR EVERYDAY LONG SLEEVE TEE” in black. Attached are the numerous emails to your office. Unfortunately, I threw away the slip that came with the two items because again, I thought the other three would come later. Please give me a call, return my money or send my items. I am attempting to respectfully handle the issue with you before disputing the charges with my bank. Again, I have been a LOYAL customer with Fashion Nova and have been very happy with my purchases until now. I look forward to a hearing from you soon regarding this matter.

  28. I was scammed! I placed an order on October 17, 2018 and was out for delivery on November 7, 2018 (21 days later).
    On October 24 I received an email stating that my order was delayed “Due to delays in our warehouse”, and quote: “If you rather not wait any longer and would like to cancel your order for a refund or gift card, please click here” (which I did before the order left for delivery). The same email says (quote): ” While we do not anticipate a significant delay, we will be monitoring your order – and if it doesn’t ship within 10 days of your original order date (and you don’t cancel prior to shipment), we will automatically cancel and issue a refund to your original form of payment.
    Thank you for being a valued #NovaBabe. My Order Number is: 22288744.
    I’ve been back and forth with their email Customer Service since October 23rd, 2018.
    So far I spoke with 3 Fashion Nova Customer Service Representatives: Denilson Rodriguez, Dulce Sarmiento, and Denesha (no last name). I never received the refund of my payment (considering that the order date was 10/17/2018) and I even deleted the order before it was even shipped. I don’t know why the order was still shipped to me and I had to refuse the package and personally take it to the nearest local FedEx.
    They issued me a Fashion Nova E-Gift Card and after I refused it, Denesha informed me on Dec. 7 at 8:31 am (PST) that ” We’re writing to let you know that your refund is being processed. Please allow 7-10 business days for the amount to post to your account. Most refunds are completely processed by the bank within 2-5 business days.”.
    Then on Dec. 20th they refunded me only $27.98!!!
    Where is my remaining $67.98???

  29. Very Unprofessional! There has to be better way to contact you guys! Really disappointing! I should not have to wait two weeks for more order with no response. I wanted the clothes for a christmas party and I have yet to receive them. Can someone please advise?

  30. fashion nova is horrible. I ordered twice first order cam in two days second order hasn’t come yet but my account was charged. I’ve been calling the customer service number and cam’t seem to get anyone on the phone I have sent emails and no response. im really aggravated at the fact that I can’t get in contact with anyone and they have my money. I feel like they should not take any money out of your account until they are ready to ship the products. this is very unprofessional. I will not be ordering from them again even though they have nice things that mean nothing if the customer service is poor.

  31. Baheejah Hasan Reply

    I placed an order on November 18th and today is November 27th and I have not received any information about my order. I don’t know why has taken so long to ship. Why would I have to wait 10 days just for my order to be shipped and I am within the United States just like the company?

  32. I am about to stop ordering from them!! I am waiting for two orders. One was placed on October 18 and the other one was placed on October 22. The one that was placed Oct 22 was well over $75 so I should have received that one. My order status has not changed for either of the orders but my money was successfully taken.

  33. Terrible place, every time I order from fashion nova there is a problem, I have received clothes from there before and they were cute but the 2 day shipping is a lie. I just bought a dress for my brothers wedding and it STILL is not here the wedding is Sunday I ordered my dress on Tuesday. If they do not give me express shipping for my order I will definitely make sure everyone knows about how terrible the shipping and customer care is. I have been trying to contact someone every day and I also can’t even track my order so my guess is that is has not even left the warehouse.

  34. What I find disturbing is that this company charges your credit card before the items are even shipped, the order cannot be cancelled or changed even though it has not been shipped. The is no proper communication the telephone numbers listed do not exist, it takes for forever to ship the package and no emails no communication is offered. i cancelled my order as yet no confirmation email, my order is saying unfulfilled but my bank told me my card was charged. Calling the number they have listed is a waste of time, I wish I had read the reviews before ordering. Never again will I order, I do not trust this website. i honestly hope I receive a refund and the order was cancelled.

    • I returned an order with three items properly packaged with their returned order form also inserted in the package per there instructions shipped October 22, 2018 my tracking information indicates that my package was received October 26th to the facility in Los Angeles California, today is November 27, 2018. I contacted fashion nova November 1st, by way of email and their care customer support team responded telling me that they cannot locate my package, I have continuously sent information regarding my now lost package and their response is the same in that they cannot locate my package however Fashion Nova continues to send me the same exact message regarding we cannot locate your package. I have sent listed items per their request also sent tracking numbers also theie link number and to no avail I have not received my store credit. If I ever get this situation cleared I will never order from Fashion Nova again. I would rather to have the funds returned back to my credit card however their system does not allow a cancelled order. I will never order from fashion nova ever again, their customer service sucks because there is no one to answer their customer service phones, I have spoken with other people regarding the same situation they also find it very disturbing. I will unsubscribe whenever I get this situation cleared until then I am fighting continuously by way of email and getting the same non-responsive emails asking for my patients enough is enough! Fashion nova support care team sucks!!!!!

  35. Just ordered from the website but one of the items I order was the wrong color. They don’t allow you to cancel the order or change it. So now I have to wait for these items to come just to have to send of them back to reorder. This is why I stopped ordering from them, there is always an issue with their policies and their customer service is complete trash.

  36. I ordered outfits from them, it was too big so I returned it. Made sure it was a correct shipping address, I checked my tracking number to see if it has been received, they did receive it but I never heard from them and anytime you call the customer service, there is no customer to pick it up. Even though they have stores in California. They have a very bad customer service.

  37. Kimberly Love Reply

    I am wondering if this website is a scam. I placed an order on the 19th of December and have heard nothing back. The status hasn’t changed and my money has been deducted from my bank account. The phone numbers lead to nowhere. I’m reporting this to consumer affairs and contacting my bank.

  38. This company is very unprofessional!I placed my order on Friday. I reached out Monday to find out when my package would be shipping out and the representative told me, “your order is set to ship very soon”. Yesterday, I checked the website to see if my package was shipped out and it still wasn’t. Therefore,I reached out again yesterday but no one still has not responded. I have placed orders with other companies such as Saks, Forever21, and DSW since then (Monday to be exact) and my packaged have already been shipped out and they informed me that my items will be here BEFORE Christmas. I need to make sure that my items from this company will be received BEFORE Christmas as well. Again, when will my items be shipped out????

    *Again, I qualify for 2 day shipping.

  39. I’m trying to put a order through and it will not accept my email discount it was sent to me through Email the for 25percent the code I received was NovBABE3-2C7B5C9C I’m not unstanding why I have the order in my bag, tried the code 4 Times.

  40. Hi . I am Interested in some of your dresses. But I live in the United kingdom (UK) . I would like to for how long it take for a purchase to arrive in the UK. Because a very important occasion to attend and would like to rock on two of your dresses I like. Thank you

  41. My problem I think fashion nova is a rip off. I ordered a dress two weeks ago put in my exact shipping information now am calling the shipping company on my package to know the package ain’t dere an was never shipped there. Because I didn’t put Ft lauderdale where the country Bahamas is. Why do i need to put that there if I already give u a address to ship my item. Bunch off shit

  42. Hi

    I don’t like your service at all, your service is very poor and disgusting,evertime I have to complain about my staff and no one telling me what going on, you guys treating me like I didn’t pay you, I’ve been complaining about my staff since from last week. No one telling me anything I have to ask and get no answer but your stupid emails. I’m sick and tired of your bad service guys. I need my staff so that I can back off from you guys

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