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Contact Etsy, Inc.: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
Etsy, Inc.
55 Washington Street, Suite 512
Brooklyn, NY 11201
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 800-328-5933
Email: [email protected]

About Etsy, Inc.
Etsy is a popular creative marketplace launched in 2005. The ecommerce portal connects millions of buyers and sellers that deal with unique handcrafted and vintage items. According to the website, there are more than 29 million buyers shopping on the website globally. Etsy is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Product categories found on the website include bags, necklaces, rings, bracelets, dresses, shirts, handbags, luggage/duffel bags, home decor, rugs, furniture, outdoor/gardening, storage, bath accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, pet supplies, party supplies, wedding gifts, wedding clothing, toys, smartphone accessories, computer peripherals, books, craft supplies, arts and collectibles.

You can filter products on Etsy by price, shipping and product types. Each product page has detailed description, price and shipping information. Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Shipping options vary according to seller’s country. The options are available during checkout. As for returns and exchanges policy, that varies according to independent sellers who run their shops. If you have a special occasion coming, you can buy an Etsy gift card. On the gift cards section, you can choose a design, choose an amount and input recipient’s name.

Buyers can communicate with sellers through private messaging with shop’s policies or other questions. Etsy is not directly involved in transactions between individual buyers and sellers, but you can request for mediation in rare cases. Are you an artist or business owner? You can now sell your unique products on the platform for low fees. Listings are active for four months or until they sell. Sellers also get access to powerful tools to upload and manage their shop. Additionally, you can use promotional tools to drive traffic, manage payment processing with PayPal or get detailed statistics to improve sales. Currently, the Etsy platform has close to 1.7 million sellers. To start selling your handmade goods or craft supplies, you need to first create your account on the platform. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, delivery, or others reach the Etsy customer service.

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  1. Bought face masks for my family on April 2nd. Waited until April 7th for shipping, still nothing. Contacted seller and she said this: “Hello and thank you for all your patience at this time . We are finally able to discuss the discrepancy with all of your orders and the delayed fulfillment. Etsy has placed a hold on ALL of your payments due to many irate customers. With this hold in place we were unable to fulfill your orders in a timely matter as our business and employees does not run/work for free. We have our expenses that has to be met in order to run smoothly. That being said Etsy has over $100,000+ of combined capital from orders on hold. We have been trying to resolve this matter to fulfill all the needs of everyone with no success. At this time we are leaving Etsy on fully selling on our website . We are still selling our masks for the same price if you are interested and will be offering fast shipping as we have tons of masks that were unable to ship out due to lack of funds to us from Etsy . We urge you to reach out to Etsy directly for the release of your funds . At this time we are not in control of the orders or refunds. We are deeply saddened as we were giving back to thousands of people at a time of need like this .
    Now my money is in limbo and neither seller nor Etsy will return it back to me. Told I need to wait 2 more days to open a case. I have no masks or money. This is standard protocol yet as the customer I see this as theft. Etsy told me that they can do nothing! This is terrible.

  2. Robert Iraci Reply

    It has been a while since I sold anything on Etsy.
    I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to list something for sale in my shop.
    Etsy has got to be one of the most UN-USER friendly sites as far as finding help.
    Etsy intentionally AVOIDS having contact with its clients. There is no way to have a communication with support!

    Yes, I’ve been to your “help” section and the first thing it says is to click on
    “SELL ON ETSY” listed at the top right of
    You think that would be there, right? NOT. No sign of a “sell on etsy” button.

    I already have a shop. Just can’t figure out how to get something IN IT.
    I am fairly tech-savvy. I am not a computer newbie. But your site fails,
    in my eyes, to be user-friendly or helpful AT ALL.

    I know it’s possible to do this because I see others selling stuff. Ohhh it’s possible.
    But not very easy!

    Frustrated “shop owner”!

  3. Tanya Laporte Reply

    Hi Etsy
    I would really like to contact a customer service representative for your site but you have made it impossible!
    I have a complaint regarding the opening of shops listing copyrighted and intellectual property designs without permission. Why does Etsy allow this?
    I have a design which is currently being sold by at least 3 other shops without my permission … I believe these shops are actually owned by the same person using different names as the same or similar items are being sold. Every time these shops have been shut down a new one opens selling the exact same copyrighted stuff but they just change the name of the shop, does Etsy have no control over this?

  4. I opened an Etsy shop in 2012 I didn’t sell and haven’t used until recently. It is linked to a bank account from 2012 I don’t have info to. I can’t update my shops bank information unless I confirm the old account. I need help!!!!

  5. Yvonne Scott Reply

    I ordered a sign from Willow Hill and it is now passed the shipping date. It was a gift for my daughter and I paid almost $200 for it. I tried responding to the email and I get a failure to deliver. I bought it as a guest. I can’t seem to reach Etsy. I have tried linking my order with my account but it tells me that I am accessing a receipt that does not belong to me and won’t let me link it so I can’t file a case. I have tried to find the seller but their website has been shut down. I would love to have the sign for my daughter but if not then I want a refund. Also it is supposed to ship to her address in another state and they just bought a house and are moving in less than a month! Etsy please get back to me ASAP so we can resolve this!
    Yvonne Scott

  6. After reading all the bad reviews, I don’t feel so bad that I was only ripped off for six dollars! But the principal still makes me very mad that there’s so many people still waiting for their orders after months and months-Plus not being able to contact anybody is really upsetting also Just from this first experience, I will never, ever buy anything from Etsy again- compared to Amazon you guys suck ?

  7. Marilyn Bergman Reply

    Etsy makes impossible any quick correction, which my situation requires. My May 4th purchase was sent to a wrong address. Etsy phone support acknowledges that I entered the correct address on May 4 at the time of purchase, but is unwilling to take responsibility for resending costs. USPS has an intercept function that can only be accessed by sender, of course at a fee. I have no way of resolving this quickly with Etsy during the brief critical interval while intercept is possible. Also, their creation of a default address is unreasonable. Clearly the software reverted to a default address. I’d rather have a list of addresses from which to choose so a mistake like this does not occur.

  8. I ordered a pair of sandals from the seller Newyorktopcust jo ms on December27,2018 for $85.00 and have not recieved the sandals yet. It is now April 19, 2019! The owner will not respond to my emails and has either blocked me from his sellers page or closed his shop. That is a lot of money for me. I cant get etsy to respond and will NEVER purchase anything from etsy again! I used to think etsy was a classy website, but it’s gone downhill. Why do we (custimers) have to Google to get an email and phone number? It should be listed on the app. That’s sketchy. I will spread the word to buy at your own risk! I know most sellers are reputable stores, but after reading the comments it seems there are quite a bit of complaints similar to mine. I wish someone would contact me. I’ll keep trying to get in touch with customer service. This is ridiculous!

  9. Hello,

    I ordered 4 t-shirts on 7th March with estimated delivery 14th-18th March. My order number is 1424551994. I looked on my purchases and it says it hasn’t been shipped, when it clearly says it will be shipped in 2-3 business days. I am going to Disneyland Paris on 1st April, so need them delivered before then. I emailed yesterday but have not had a response. Please can these be dispatched immediately, or I will be forced to ask for a refund, as they will be no use after April. Many thanks.


  10. Angela Dwyer Reply

    I have made a purchase of a Quilted bag since the 8th of March and the plan is for it to be shipped out within 1-2 working days and today is the 19th of March 2019 and I am still waiting for this order, it appears that I have been conned too. There are no email address to reply to, no contact number to call anyone and no kind of communication at all. I am very, very disappointed with thic company. Can I have my money put back into my account ASAP thank, or else I will be taking further action. My order number is 1433566247 for £40.00
    Thank you
    Mrs A Dwyer

  11. Carol Ann Godwin Reply

    I made a purchase on 03/11/2019 13 1/2″ Musical Moving cown Doll$12.50 plus $8.95 total $21.45 paid with debit. I checked my bank shows the purchase and shows just recently credited. I see it is still available. I still want it. What happened? Please give me a call.

  12. I purchased furniture, for a sizable amount of money, on January 20th, 2019. It has not yet been shipped ,despite my many attempts to get the seller to send my purchase. I want a refund immediately! I feel strongly that I have been a victim of fraud and that it is Etsy’s responsibility to facilitate my refund immediately!

  13. Charlotte Kish Reply

    I ordered a sweater and it was charged to my account Jan 31. I have had no information regarding delivery of the sweater.
    I have not been able to get a support person on the phone.
    Please advise ASAP. I may be forced to get a refund.

  14. I tried to sign in with old account, could not access, old email no longer and password was said wrong however it was correct. Then I downloaded the app and tried to register and it kept refusing registration! I tried your customer service number , Nothing you don’t answer. I tried online, nothing then I get computer help desk that wants to charge me to use your services and all I want to do is check out on my purchases! I would greatly appreciate that someone contact me so I can clear up this matter ! Thank you. I want you to know that it is unacceptable that customer service does not exist and your not screwing over your customers but your shop owners as well ! Is this how you conduct business? Because it’s highly unacceptable

    • Christine Benson Reply

      I am very pleased with receiving my baby Angel craft buttons. I have bought this very same item on Esty a few years ago and to my surprise I have found the very same Angel buttons that I bought yrs ago. I have bought additional Angel buttons just in case they will not be making any more. If I need any more buttons or craft items, they are going to be the first company that I get in touch with. Thank you again for filling my order. Christine in Telford, Pennsylvania

  15. Stephen Holly Reply

    I have yet to receive my order I placed over two weeks ago. I need a refund or my order. It’s a gift for my son. Please tell me where my order is.

  16. I ordered a pair of earrings recently from Etsy and the shop was The Silver Constellation. When I received the earrings, they did not match. The silver in both earrings are two totally different colors and one silver ball sticks up higher than the other. The shape of the earrings don’t match each other and the posts are even two different lengths. When I contacted the seller, he said he must not have noticed when he mailed them to me. I don’t believe him, since he is a jeweler that does fine detail work. I believe he thought I was a sucker and would think that this was just fine. He immediately set up a refund and told me to keep the earrings and offered me no other option. I had wanted to order two more pairs of these, because I like them (matching), but he hasn’t bothered to get back to me at all. I find this very unacceptable and will NEVER ever order anything from him again. Not impressed.

  17. Linda Nelson Reply

    How do I change my Etsy account from credit card payments to PayPal? Please send instructions.

    Where are the parameters about posting a question for customer service? I’m starting to feel frustrated and I see myself as a good customer.

  18. George Donelson Reply

    I ordered and payed for a ring and the deadline for the shipping has passed but I haven’t received the ring. I would either like my money back or my ring. Preferably my ring because it is an anniversary present.

  19. Nikki Lacey Reply

    I’m trying to log into my account– the shop name is FrankiesNotBad. I haven’t used it in some time, and would now like to use it, but unfortunately I can’t figure out what email address I used to create it.

    I have an account linked to this email ([email protected]), but it’s not the right one.

    Is there any way I can retrieve the email linked to FrankiesNotBad? I can answer any security questions you might have in order to prove it belongs to me.

    Thank you!

  20. I am trying to sell my carvings in the USA for the winter and Canada for the summer. How do I change my shipping origon to ship from USA to calculate the shipping in the winter months for my account?

  21. lynn johnson Reply

    i’m trying to buy something on etsy and want to use $5.00 paypal credit. but when i get to the end of the transaction the $5.00 paypal isn’t there. HELP

  22. Caron Payne Reply

    I purchased two items on 23rd December 2018
    first item:- order number 1405493969 purchase price £22.06 + 10.62 shipping total amount £32.68

    Second item:- order number 1405493967 purchase price £32.69 + 11.44 shipping total amount £ 44.13
    Gross total amount is £76.81 for both items.
    After purchasing these two items it is clearly stated that I would receive these between 1-3 days. However I subsequently received two postage cards from Royal mail London, on the 16th January 2019, which indicates that they were unable to deliver the two items because..
    1.There is a custom charge of £15.59 with and additional £8.00 handling fee for the first item then an additional,
    2.£13.39 customs charge and again another £8.00 royal mail handling fee for the second item.
    Please can you let me know why these additional charges have been applied for these two item, when the additional charges were already applied when I initially purchased the two the beginning.

  23. Jacque Keller Mccormcik Reply

    this is the last and only order I will ever order from you. I was charged twice because I could not confirm my order. Now my bank account is screwed up. I only ordered 4 pet shot books and the message said my email was not confirmed so I did not know if these were actually ordered. I backed up a few pages and still was unable to confirm. went forward again and hit confirm. Now I am charged for two orders. Never ever again

  24. Himani Natu Reply

    My customer is trying to leave a review for a pair of earrings he purchased in December but cannot find a picture of his purchase when he goes on the site to connect to his review.
    What do I do ? He wants to leave a 5 star review but can’t figure out how to do that.

  25. Mariah Adkins Reply

    I purchased an item over 2 weeks ago. Never got a confirmation email. When I go to look at my previous ourchases it shows nothing was ordered even though i have proof I paid for the item. The money was taken out of my account. This is the 2nd time this has happened. I have no information about who i even bought the item from. Im hoping to either get the item i ordered or a refund. I know unfortunately this will be the last time I order from this site. I love it, there is just a really big communication problem.

  26. Brenda Foreman Reply

    This is the second email I’ve sent.
    I ordered a product on December 7, and was supposed to receive no later than December 16. I’ve contacted the seller since Dec 29 and have yet to receive a response.My item was supposed to be shipped Dec 21. This a late Xmas gift for my daughter.
    I want my item shipped priority, free of charge,or an immediate refund.
    This seller should not be allowed to sell on your site.
    I will never order from your site again.I’ll continue to order from Amazon who cares about their customers and give an IMMEDIATE response and resolution. I’ve also received faster service from China! This is ridiculous.

  27. A company the size of yours should have a phone number for buyers or sellers, particularly since one can leave a message for support as I did a week ago about receiving a coat that I never ordered & $320.00 was taken from my bank account. I contacted the seller via email & got nowhere with her. An old address was written on the box the coat came in; it was not her present address. I wrote a message to Etsy support including every detail of the transaction and I NEVER HEARD BACK fRom Etsy support. I am very angry about this as I should be. I do not want the coat I did not order but I certainly want the money taken from my account by the Seller. How can you not respond to a frequent Buyer when something like this happens?? I literally begged Etsy to call me back immediately. Nobody called me back! I demand you read the memo I sent to Etsy Support 8 days ago & tell me how you can leave a buyer in this position without returning my call. I find it disgraceful!

    I have worked at the NYTimes in the past & still have friends there; if you do not respond to this message within 2 hours, I will ask them to publish this story as soon as possible after they have ascertained the facts involved. Surely you can afford to hire someone to deal with issues like this! I am fairly certain that buyers & sellers feel that they can turn to you in cases such as the one I have described herein or they would not want to do business with Etsy at all. If I don’t hear back from you in 2 hours I will call the Times & a Television Station of my choice & fill them in on your shoddy business practices.

  28. Cathi Chittester Reply

    I ordered an item and it came but was not acceptable quality. I have messaged the shop 3 times and filed a complaint with Etsy. I’m not getting any response from either. My next step is to dispute the charges on my credit card, I just wanted to send this item back and get a good one. This is nuts that nobody wants to respond to me.

  29. Hunter Hamilton Reply

    I cannot access my account due to a limited access for my protection. I need to access my site for my class as soon as possible. If you could please help me as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance!

  30. Jean McGoldrick Reply

    I am trying to find out the status of an order that was mailed on 12 December 2018. If that mailing service and the seemingly non-existent customer service I have received is indicative of Etsy business, be assured that I will NEVER even look at a Etsy website, let alone purchase anything from your company ever again. I will also make sure that all my friends know how crappy my experience was with Etsy.

  31. Hi,
    I ordered evil pins through a seller callec Evileye Creations on December 16, 2018. I ordered another item at the same time. When I agreed to the payment, and pushed send, my other order went thorugh, but the one from Evil eye did not. They sent me an email asking for the money, and I told them that I am cancelling my order because I thought they got my first orddr and they were trying to rip me off. Then I got a email from shopier asking me to send the money by credit card. I want to pay them and get this over with, but I will not send my card informaton through a site that I have never heard of before.

  32. I am very confused. I have a charge pending on my bank statement titled “Etsy-Califor” for $42.98. I have no idea why I have that charge on my bank statement, as I have not purchased anything from Etsy, and I have not sold anything. I do not have an e-mail or receipt for this charge. This could potentially overdraft me. Could someone please clarify this charge for me?

  33. I placed an order on October 29, 2018 for an apron in Christmas swirl pattern order # 1366968448, and I have not received the order. I have sent several email messages to the shop owner, Kingman Krafter, and I have not received a reply as to the status of my order. The estimated delivery was November 2-5th, 2018. I would appreciate your help in finding out about my purchase.

  34. Claire Lamb Reply

    I was charged $68.40 for dresser handles from Sol Forge. The seller emailed that there was “no order linked with this account.” I cannot get logged in to Etsy to find the order account.
    I am extremely frustrated; there is no reason this should be so difficult.

  35. LISA BURNS Reply

    I need to speak with someone about a shop who is leaving false responses to less than perfect reviews. This shop is fabricating scenarios to present that the issues with orders not arriving or shipping extremly late are the fault of the customer. I have emails and corresondence to prove the claim and am unable to edit my review after the response (which was a completely made up situation) this is not the first time and it needs to be reported

  36. I ordered a palm leaf bag on etsy I need you to contact me back to tell me why it has not arrived yet I have a # number 5867722147 one of the things I ordered has arrived the other bag has not yet arrived

  37. Kathy Pate Reply

    Esty should really check out the products their sellers are selling,because that represents esty,I was ripped off on my last purchase,it was advertised as one thing,after having to wait almost 2 weeks for its delivery,the item, well actually I can’t call it an item,the pieces of material poorly decorated were suppose to be an item but it wasn’t, I’m so upset,I also figure I won’t get a refund, sad, very very sad

  38. Veronica Koperski Reply

    I ordered a pair of earrings from ETSY recently and have not received them, but I had an e-mail from ETSY asking me to review the item. I indicated on the review that I didn’t receive them. Do you have proof of delivery?

  39. Anita Kimber Reply

    I am wondering how to set up multiple stores. I feel my items would sell better if not all in one store. I have art work, quilts, and craft supplies. They don’t do well on the one site I have. I would like to open a shop for quilts and one for artwork. Thanks Anita

  40. Kathryn Ferguson Reply


    I have setup the Etsy shop. I am doing editing the about me section. When I select upload photo’s that are less than 2mb it says contacting Etsy in the bottom side of the browser(Safari) Macbook-pro. However no images are shown in the about section. Three images have been uploaded as samples.

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