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Contact Edible Arrangements: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Edible Arrangements, LLC.
95 Barnes Road
Wallingford, CT 06492-1800
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 1-877-DO-FRUIT
Phone: 1-877-363-7848
Email: [email protected]

About Edible Arrangements
Edible Arrangements is a fresh fruit arrangements company founded by Tariq and Kamran Farid in 1999. The franchising business is headquartered in East Haven, Connecticut. Besides about 1,200 stores in the US, there are some 62 stores around the world. The global locations include Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Italy, Turkey, Hong Kong, India and China. To locate a store nearest to your address click here. Edible Arrangements is constantly expanding and is offers franchising opportunities for those within the US and around the world.

Those located in the US can order an item directly from the website. Edible Arrangements’ catalog includes Fresh Fruit Arrangements with Chocolate, Fresh Fruit Arrangements, Fresh Fruit Smoothies, Fresh Fruit Treats, Boxes of Chocolate Covered Fruit, among others. There are a variety of fruits, with beautiful arrangements, to choose from. You can also gift fruit bouquets, fruit arrangements and gift baskets on the website. Payment for purchases online can be made using American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa cards. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, delivery, or others, reach the Edible Arrangements customer service.

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  1. I wish I had read the reviews first, I will never order from this company again. I ordered an arrangement for my dad for father’s day, it said it would be delivered between 8a-2p and that they use a delivery truck that has a cooler in it. Well my dad sat around until 2:15 and it never came, he called me at 7:20p saying the guy just showed up, I asked was the guy in a delivery truck and he said no he was in his car and the arrangement wasn’t cold. My dad sent me a picture of it and you can tell the fruit has been sitting for awhile so I just wasted my money on garbage. My dad also asked the driver what took him so long and he said it didn’t have anything to do with him and that I needed to take it up with the shop.

  2. Why do any of us order from Edible Arrangement when all they have are terrible reviews??? They never deliver and ruin every special occasion. I ordered for delivery for my daughter on Valentine’s Day, paid extra for Feb 14 delivery and here it is Feb 16 and still NO tracking update, NO delivery, and NO one answering the phone calls at the local or corporate level. All phone numbers have the same annoying answering machine recording of a guy trying to sell you more things that won’t be delivered. How are they still in business and why haven’t I learned my lesson. I have this time.

  3. I ordered (on the same day) two arrangements for my granddaughters to receive on Valentine’s Day! My granddaughter in Austin received her early and my granddaughter in New Braunfels still by Tuesday February 15, 2022, has not received her. And I was concerned because I had not gotten a call or email to tell me when she are going to receive her edible. Remind you that these arrangements are not cheap. When you add balloons, teddy bear and valentine card? When I called Edible arrangements at the Forum Selma, Texas 78154 (210) 566-8700.. I was surprised how my conversation went? The girl that answered would not give me her name? SO I continue to explain that I had not heard from them regarding my large order. I was explaining that my granddaughter was for the first time receiving edible arrangement from Nana and she did not received anything. The edible rep lady, started to tell me that she was the only one doing these arrangements and she would not listen to me, she said, I am going to hang up. But before she hung up she said, I will refund the money????? Wait I don’t want the money I want the arrangement for my granddaughter. She hung up??? I could not believe it. Quality of customer service. And companies are wondering why?

  4. Placed an order yesterday and paid extra for same day delivery, didn’t happen. I called this morning, was told by first person that another worker changed the delivery date to today. I was assured it would be delivered today and I also asked for call back from manager Fouad. 4 hours later, no call. I call back and am told first person I spoke to notated I didn’t want the delivery…WRONG. She also tells me my delivery didn’t go out yesterday because driver magically got TWO flat tires…Asked for manager Fouad again and for order to go out today. Was told by site manager that she’d call me back in 20 min. Didn’t… I call back she tells me Fouad is not calling me back and they were cancelling my whole order! Horrible and ruined a birthday gift!

  5. I ordered edible arrangement for my niece over the phone for delivery June 10th,2021.the store in Lexington,Ky. It arrived in simple tin can, paid 42.00 for a tin can with fruit. When I called the manager told me they can only use what corporate sends them. That’s a mess. I overpaid for a tin can. They could have sent a coffee cup something that can be used again. I’m so upset about this.

  6. I made and order on 5/8/2021 and the order still has not been made or delivered. This is highly unprofessional. I have called multiple times and while sitting on hold for over 20 minutes each time someone would finally pick up the phone and immediately hang up. I want a refund!!! I spend almost $100 on my arrangement and nothing is being done! I have sent 4 emails to customer service and haven’t gotten a response, this is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

  7. Christine Z Reply

    Edible Arrangements has poor customer service. I was expecting an Amazon delivery so I went to the porch after returning from work and there was an Edible Arrangement laying on its side on my porch and the cup was broken into several pieces. The break was bad enough that there were small shards in the bag basically rendering the arrangement inedible.

    I called the local store from which the delivery was made and they said they had a picture of it being delivered in perfect shape and there was nothing they could do about it. I said I had a picture that I took and one from the Amazon delivery picture that showed the cup broken on the porch. Still no refund and incredibly rude.

    I fired off an email to corporate and then called the customer service line. I was given the same run around. The rep called the store and I was given the same party line. No refund, no re-delivery. I was told to wait 24 hours for the manager to contact me and to call them back if I did not receive a call.

    No call, so I called the corporate number again. I was told that because they have a picture that it was delivered safely, there was nothing they could do. I escalated to a supervisor who told be basically the same thing. She said they called me and I told them to leave it on the porch. I asked what number they called. Not my number. Well, they called the buyer and she said to leave it on the porch. I subsequently learned that they did not talk to her either. The driver and local store FLAT OUT LIED.

    The buyer sent me the text from the driver and it was addressed to me and the driver left the arrangement ON TOP OF an earlier Amazon delivery at the edge of the porch on a windy, rainy day. The top-heavy arrangement obviously got blown over and fell to the porch and broke. Is there no duty of care for the delivery of an arrangement?

    I was told by the supervisor that if they cannot contact the person directly, they are to take the arrangement back to the store and attempt delivery at another time.

    NO ONE was contacted directly, the arrangement was left in an unsafe location and they lied. I and the buyer paid for something that could not be eaten. Their so called Mission is to Deliver Happiness. This is one UNHAPPY customer. This is UNACCEPTABLE customer service.

  8. I would like to say I have had great experiences with Edible Arrangements in the past so I decided to order my wife some for mothers day. I went online to choose from the selection and found some great arrangements. I put in my order to be delivered 5/9/2020 to ensure my wife received them before mothers day. My wife does so much for my family this is the one of many days I love to show my appreciation, so I go out of my way to order and do things for her that show that. on 5/9/2020 I kept watching my ring doorbell to see when the Edible Arrangement got to the address. I checked at 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm. I wanted to see what time the Edible Arrangement would get there so I called the local store to ensure she would be there at the time of delivery. I spoke to a young lady and she assured me they would be delivered soon. I was relieved.

    All this time I am at work so each time I have to check to see if they are going to complete this task I have to take attention away from my employment. The day went on and at 4 pm I checked and nothing had been delivered. I checked to see what time the store closed. The website showed the store closed at 3pm, I was worried she would no receive them at all. I called the local store again spoke to the same young lady and she said ” we apologize for the delay we are running behind.” I explained I understand I just want to ensure my wife receives the order today. She then stated that ” yes sir we will deliver it today we are delivering till around 10 pm today” I was a little leery but since I had good experiences with this company before I was relieved.

    The day went on and I checked again at 6:30 and nothing was delivered yet. I called at 6:48 to the local store. A young lady answered the phone in what seamed like panic. I asked once more if my order was going to be delivered today. She asked my phone number and looked it up. She then stated ” yes sir your order is ready and the delivery driver is out on a delivery. when the driver gets back it will be delivered” At this point I had little hope that it was going to be delivered. But since a employee had given me their word, I was expecting it to be delivered in the next at most hour.

    I finally got home around 10pm and nothing was delivered. I was infuriated to say the least but still gave them the benefit of the doubt that it would be delivered that night. Finally at 12 am I gave up.

    The next day my wife not receiving the Edible Arrangement woke up thinking that I had not done anything to show my appreciation for her. I have always done something the day before to make sure she never doubted it. SO this was not like me. She started balling thinking I didn’t appreciate her, I explained the situation and what had happened. At 2:07 pm 5/10/2020 a girl in a white Toyota Camry showed up at the residence with no identification that she was associated with Edible Arrangements. She handed my wife the box and left.

    When she opened the box the chocolate was melted and the fruit was wilted and looked like it was sitting in a hot car for hours.

    Today 5/11/2020 I called the local store and I spoke to a Lia. She stated she was part of the executive management team. I told her what had happened and the issues I had. She then said she understands how I feel and that they did not receive the help and supplies from corporate that they needed. She also stated that they were understaffed and they only had 2 original workers and a bunch of temp works that don’t know what they are doing. She explained if I sent her pictures of the fruit she would remake the box and get it out to her. I explained its not about the fruit getting redelivered it is the fact of they ruined a day instead of make it an amazing one.

    SO just to review
    1. I was lied to by an employee of Edible Arrangements not once, not twice but three times. what I get from that, is that is that integrity is not a core value or even a requirement at this company.

    2. There is no accountability with this branch, they can lie, they can deliver when they feel like it, and when called out on the issues they blame it either on their higher ups or staffing.

    3. and finally, on a day that should have been filled with smiles laughter and appreciation they made into a day of self doubt, crying and depression.

    This is by far the worst experience with any company I have ever had. I need a member of the corporate executive team to call me about this experience immediately.

  9. I went to the the Hoover, Alabama location after driving a hour away because cs answered and told me that location was the only one open in the area. After calling the Hoover location numerous times I arrive and sit and call again 35 min, employees are taking naps on the bench and hanging out, no one asked if I needed help or answered the phone. I go to the door and a blond hair lady yells “ oh [email protected] who left the door open “ and tell me to go outside and call. She sends a young guy to take my order, he was the only polite person. I didn’t even get the boxes I wanted because of the service, I just had to pay $50 and settle for whatever they had. This location is horrible!!

  10. Kenya Hancock Reply

    I ordered online for my best friend birthday today. What I ordered & what was delivered was not accurate. I contacted the store & spoke to the person who made my order & informed him of the issue. He said well you can bring it back. I live in Georgia & the order was delivered to Markham, Il. I told him I would contact corporate & he said ok, thank you & have a good day. I am not happy because what I paid for is not what was delivered. Very disappointed customer, but the store does not seem to care. My order number is W0082249072. Only strawberries in the box, but I ordered the Happy birthday confetti box bundle. No miniature cakes or pineapples & the strawberries were not even dipped all the way.

  11. Danielle Dahlberg Reply

    Ordered a birthday bouquet from West Valley, Utah store. The delivery was never made. I read the delivery terms and it says, if there is a problem with delivery or delay… I would be notified. I’ve received zero communication from West Valley Store & Corporate Office. I’ve called multiple times and only receive a recording. Unable to get through to a representative, I’ve left emails too. Edible Arrangements has all my contact info (phone # & email) and I receive no notification. I used to order client gifts, family gifts and place a lot of orders with Edible arrangements. I haven’t done this in awhile because it has been problem after problem since 2017. I thought I’d try again because the product & service used to be great. This is definitely the last. So sad!

  12. Joanne Pinata Reply

    I just wanted to give a shout out to a delivery/counter associate at the cape coral FL location store #0535. I placed an order in my home state of New York where there was a minor error. When my family member thanked me for the goodies I realized she’d been sent a dozen chocolate covered strawberries when in fact I ordered a mixed dozen of dipped apples, bananas and strawberries. The NY location apologized and quickly compensated me with a complementary box of my choosing. Thank you Rachel from the Selden location!! I called the Cape Coral Location and spoke with Carey who was a gem, she couldnt be more outgoing and even though the error was not on their part they immediately shipped an extra dozen of dipped fruits to my sister! Wow how often do you hear of that?! It wasnt their fault at all and went that extra mile for me. Besides that Carey called me from the first delivery to inform me no one was home to except the order and offered to use an ice pack that would last a couple of hrs. I asked if she could hold while I made a call. If there was a chance to leave it with a neighbor that was my preference. She held on and waited at least 5 minutes til I got my answer and was very gracious considering it was 100 degrees outside. That is what you call great service ? I am a diehard fan of this company and will remain one. thanks again Carey and Rachel!

  13. Evelyn Mendez Reply

    The Chicago store on 95th Avenue in Illinois delivered an edible gift to me from my relatives in Florida. This store is in another state, almost 30 minutes away, which means my relatives paid a lot more for me to receive their gift than most other people pay.

    There is a store 10 minutes away in Schererville, Indiana and another store about 20 minutes away, maximum, in Portage, Indiana. Neither of these stores will deliver to my address in Gary, Indiana.

    I will let my family and others know that this company discriminates customers based on zip codes, even though the money they make is of equal value. Just more of the same. So disappointed.

  14. tanya gorman Reply

    Recently had the same experience my husband ordered me chocolate covered strawberries and a teddy bear. Never received the teddy bear after his order was confirmed and when he called about it they said that they had ran out of them they were supposed to refund him back in the money for the bear nothing for the inconvenience. Then a few minutes later he gets a call that They have found mysteriously some bears and that they would be delivering it to me. That never happened, still waiting on the bear LOL.

  15. James Carden Reply

    Horrible first experience with this business! Delivery never can at time told. Had to pick up and was greeted by the most unprofessional rude person. Was basically dared to cancel order. I will be sure to share this experience with all the people I know. NEVER AGAIN!!!

    • Shantee Andrews Reply

      I had the same type of experience. It has been 2 weeks and I still have not gotten my money returned to me and I never received the goods that I ordered for myself and a coworker. SMH.

  16. Edible arrangements I am totally dissspointed with. I never experienced such bad customer service. I wrote them after receiving a beautiful arrangement as a gift . It was sent to my husband when he returned from the hospital. Amazing 6 people in our house and the 3 that ate the fruit got sick. I nicely wrote them telling them we are returning customers over n over n never had an issue. Thinking somehow the fruit was contaminated or someone forgot to wear gloves when making the arrangement. Told them to check the location where it was sent from and since I had to throw away half the fruit n never experienced an issue before I would accept another fruit basket or to refund the sender. They contacted the sender and said oh well they must have had a stomach virus! We did NOT HAVE A STOMACH VIRUS! I will now make sure everyone I know is told about this situation. Especially the companies all my family and friends work for. What a shame on them! Also the BBB will be receiving a complaint. Great way to lose customers and board of health will be visiting your locations! I will make sure of that since I have someone who works for them. Bad decision on your part Edible Arrangements! All you had to do is replace the fruit or refund the money. Terrible customer service especially with the prices you charge.

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