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Contact DoorDash: Find below customer service details of DoorDash, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the company and its services. Reach the DoorDash customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

DoorDash Head Office
DoorDash, Inc
116 New Montgomery St, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States

DoorDash Customer Service
Phone: +1 (844) 285-0248
Email: [email protected]

About DoorDash
doordashDoorDash is a food delivery company founded by three Stanford students in 2014. Through the DoorDash app, users can order food from local merchants and have it delivered in less than an hour. The service allows looking for food by category, restaurant, speed and price. DoorDash currently connects restaurants and eateries across all major US cities.

On the app, users can view available delivery times for restaurants in surrounding area. All deliveries begin at 8am and go up to 11pm. The order’s total cost includes the cost of the menu items, tax and delivery fee. Payment can be made by major credit cards. For more information or queries on payment, cancellation, technical support, or others, reach the DoorDash customer service.

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  1. Never wanted to order from them and get cold food cause the driver had too many orders. DoorDash charge my card fraudulently and I have had to jump through hoops to get my money back and still haven’t got my money after three phone calls and at least a hour and a half of waiting and trying to understand the foreigners on the other end.

  2. Jennifer Hust Reply

    Worst experience I’ve had. The dasher completely messed up my order and over charged me by $26. I called the restaurant at first and they told me exactly what happened and it was the dasher who completely messed it up and still overcharged me.

  3. Craig Michael Gantar Reply

    I really wanted to like Door Dash. It’s easy to order and track the delivery. The problem is there is still a human element to it and I don’t think they vet their drivers. Nor can you contact them when there is an issue. The guy we just got was clueless. He over shot our street by a few miles and brought the wrong order. This is not rocket science. You verify the order when you get it from the restaurant and punch in the address to your GPS.

  4. I picked a new restaurant after seeing it featured in the App. I ordered a simple soup & salad and it said it would arrive within 35-45 mins. The entire time passes and the order has not yet been picked up. I try to cancel in the app and it says it cannot give me a full refund so I contact customer service. Christine Monica A. says the driver is on the way, sorry for the lateness and they can credit me $5. I have no choice but to wait because I wanted the food but I told her I had to leave soon. Then she says the driver was unassigned to my order — do I still want to wait? Then I’m confused bc now you’re force-canceling my order? So I ask her if I am being forced to cancel my order and her response is – sorry you feel that way. if you want to wait for the food, I’ll respect your decision. What?? What kind of weird response is that??? Respect my decision to wait an unknown amount of time for the food? So I’m just fed up at this point – it’s been an hour and getting nowhere wasting time so I say please cancel with full refund and what can you do for the inconvenience? She just says oh the $5. Ok fine. So I’m waiting for her to confirm or something bc that’s what customer service people usually do — but it’s just “apologies” and then for some reason she types me a blank “ “ then after a few mins she comes back and says hey so the driver is now on the way again and so do you still want the food or not? Seriously are you guys playing games or something? Back and forth back and forth on the details of the order is ridiculous. Don’t feature restaurants if you can’t deliver the orders.

  5. I ordered for the first time using door Dash I had free delivery thinking it was a promotional thing so that I would continue to use their services. Yesterday I checked my bank account and it was overdrawn by 9.99 I thought somebody had used my card number to make a purchase then I find out that doordash had charged me for that free delivery in a different way. Something that I never agreed to and don’t remember ever reading. I’m not using Door Dash again. Don’t trust them.

  6. The BIGGEST DIFFICULTY WITH THIS COMPANY IS THE OUTSOURCING OF THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE TO THE PHILLIPINES or ELSEWHERE OFF-SHORE! I have ordered from Door Dash more than a dozen times in Salt Lake City, UT in recent months. The Dasher’s have all been EXTREMELY nice and helpful. A couple times the order’s were later than the website promised, but as far as I know the delays came from the restaurant because delivery persons contacted me from restaurant while they were waiting. I even had a delivery driver go out of their way to get my order from a different location of the restaurant when the cappuccino machine was broken at the location Door Dash automatically routed my order to. NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER FOR ME WITH THE DASHER’S! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A DIFFERENT STORY.

  7. Your service is Horrible!!!!! I placed an order 2 days ago for an important business lunch to be delivered. While I was out I received an email 30 minutes before the luncheon was to start that YOU cancelled my order. We called the restaurant and they said that the food was ready for pick up by Doordash. I am soooooooooooo disappointed that you would cancel an order. How can you do that?

  8. First time ordering from Door Dash was the worst!!! On my 12 HR Shift and 1/30 mins lunch break: Order a small pizza from Door Dash for Papa John’s $12 with free delivery. Left a $3 tip for driver on website. Driver drops off pizza at front desk of my workplace and leaves (couldn’t wait 45 seconds for me to walk up and get it nor did they leave a receipt). I know why now. When I opened the box, the pizza looked more like a Damn Cake. All the toppings were on the top of the box and the pizza was rolled into a ball. I immediately called Papa John’s (who refused to refund or credit my account because it was a Door Dash order). Called Door Dash and because I was upset and angry (fussing) the 1st/2 customer service reps hung up on me. I called back a 3rd time and they were said they will process my refund. As of today, I am still waiting on my damn money. Never Effin’ Again. Train your damn people better customer service.

  9. The door dash driver handed me an open pizza box and she went away in a hurry. It was leaking on one side. When I opened it, it was all smashed and no longer looked like a pizza but some mashed vegetable. I’m assuming she opened and ate half of it.
    Door dash, if you are listening, you need to train your drivers, or think before you hire someone. I can’t eat food that has been licked by someone after paying the whole price!

  10. Robin Redding Reply

    I was eating at a Chipotle Mexican grill in Finney town Ohio. When one of your delivery people picked up an order, and proceeded to the restroom order in hand. Now that is extremely concerning to me, since I was thinking about using this service in the future….NOT! I also have a photo of the car this person was driving. I am not sure if this is something your company is ok with, but I am not as a consumer. Delivery people should be trained not to take people’s food in a public restroom or any restroom for that matter. If your interested in the tag number/car I can supply that to you. NOT COOL!

  11. Darryl McMickens Reply

    Whomever gets the credit info tried to make fraudulent charges today against my card. My card is a new Citi card, and the only charge I made was doordash. Today Citi called while I was at work and stated someone tried to use the card info; my card was at home on my bookshelf

  12. James Foster Reply

    I am a Dasher. I have delivered every meal that I have picked up, with the agreement that you would pay me. According to your app, you owe me around $200 for the past three weeks. You still have not paid, as agreed upon, and the Credit Union says that you have never tried. (I asked them to look into it after chatting with a “customer support” rep on your app.) I need to have a number that I can actually reach you at (not an automated one) to see if the banker that I have working on the case can settle this with you, or if we need to file fraud and extortion cases with you in federal court (as it crosses state lines it would have to be in federal court, sorry).
    Once again, as you will not allow me to contact you because you have an incompetent system, please contact me directly. (You have my information because it was required before enrolling in your scam.)
    I will copy and paste this message as well for the State office who asked me to try and settle with you again first. Please reply, and have a nice day.

  13. I tried ordering on Feb 14th 2019 for chipotle and the website has changed. Now it asked for 1/2 or full order of chicken and it won’t let me order. I tried different ways but if I order more items than I want, it will let me to the order page. I haven’t had this issue before.

  14. Kathy Keys Reply

    your service driver was a nightmare. I always ask for front door delivery. Instead this guy comes to my backdoor and rings my doorbell incessantly. I went to the front door and opened it to find my food order was sitting on the concrete at my door! I caught the guy, who obviously has communication issues (doesn’t speak English well at all) and ask why he just left my order at my front door on the ground. He said when he rang the doorbell my dogs barked and scared him. I tried t explain what he had done wrong and he could have cared less. I have had food taste bad, orders cancelled but never a rude driver until today. I will NOT be ordering from you again. And yes I have read the 7077 reviews and complaints so if you want to stay in business I would suggest a great amount of improvement!


    I have been using doordash for over a year. Now there is some coupon promotion that I do not want to participate in, and so the active part of the website does not come up. Somebody screwed you pretty bad here. Now I cannot use your product. How about fixing your website.

  16. I am very disappointed with the support given from Doordash. I Placed an order to be delivered in between 12:15 PM to 12:25 PM early this morning. Going back to see if my order was fine, I noticed that the driver was near my location already and your website said I could contact the driver myself.

    At 10:56 AM, I contacted the driver named as Teresa explaining why the meal should be delivered near 1:00 PM because it was for our corporate CEO visiting us here and he was in a meeting until 1:00, and I didn’t want to serve a cold lunch. She said that she was going to contact you, and she did because I received another call from your representative named Cristina.

    Cristina was able to confirm that the system was having a problem: I placed the deliver order correct, but your system wasn’t synchronized showing on your side an hour earlier and I had to receive the lunch. I explain to her that Doordash should or cancel the order or place another order on your own and deliver as requested by the client. Her response was that she was going to talk to the supervisor.

    Cristina called me back and stated basically I had to receive the order and basically Doordash didn’t care if the lunch were going to be cold or not and it was up to me to file a complaining.

  17. Vera Chouinard Reply

    Hello: This is the second time we have tried to place an order via DoorDash from Il Fiasco restaurant in Dundas Ontario Canada and the second time they have cancelled that order at the last minute. We think they should not be affiliated with DoorDash if they don’t honour orders.
    Needless to say we will not order from them again or recommend them to others. Just terrible.

    • Lychel Shrodes Reply

      Just so you know, I’m in the states and help my family run a place, that was probably door dash. This is the worst company ever. A girl showed up 30 min after our kitchen closed saying she just got the order, which we said we would do the deep fryer only, because the grill was closed and cleaned already. She called the lady and the lady yelled at her cause she placed the order at 740, and the girl didn’t get the order until 915 and it took her 15 min to drive here, because we refuse to take the orders from the phillipeans, because the driver shows up hours later and our food is cold and terrible and it makes us look bad. It’s door dash, worst company ever

  18. Crystal Abrams Reply

    I had 2 orders that took ne over an hr and oly got paid $2 for my the crazy pain of waiting till customer cancelled. I feel that i should get paid more!!

  19. Victoria Lefelhocz Reply

    Awful service. Having the driver text from an unknown number that he “has my food,” with no other details is stupid. Then berating me for not giving good enough directions (um, the address was there…do they not use an maps app?) was just rude. Will NOT be using your service again. Ever.

  20. Natia Young Reply

    I ordered $40 worthof food from Cheesecake Factory for lunch. First the driver said he couldnt find the building, then asked if i could come outside to get my food. Umm no sir you can come in to the building and bring it to me. He said he couuld not leave his car unattended. Itold him to park it and come in. He then proceeded to hang up on me. I called him after afew min. and he nevr answered. I called customer service and he hung up on them also. Customer service told me it will be 5-7 days before my money will be refunded..PISSED!!!! Scott need to be fired and NEVER need to be a driver for a delivery company again!!

  21. Joyce A Salsberry Reply

    I signed up to become a dashed last week and have not received any information yet. Can you please let me know when I will be receiving my information to start?
    Thank You

    • Lychel Shrodes Reply

      Don’t do it Joyce, it will be a big headache and not worth the money, promise. This company sucks and gives you orders 2 hours after people order them, and people take it out on you, because you are the driver

  22. Please explain why you raised the prices on select items?
    One on the item was the #10 burrito with sausage, as of the first of the year by over $2.00 making it closer to $6.00. You are losing a customer! Also check your screen for green chile stew it starts out at $15.09 for the smallest serving!The restaurant is the Golden Price restaurant in Albuquerque NM.

  23. Melanie Gotlieb Reply

    We used Doordash today for our lunch delivery. Unfortunately the driver never entered our school and the number doordash gave us to contact him was a nonworking number. They claim to have waited 10 minutes then left. I work at a school so if they came in our door we would have seen them. They left and we received an automatic email that we can’t respond to telling us our money can’t be refunded. We can’t even respond to that email. Doordash is only 1 way communications once your order is placed! What a poor business model. I highly recommend never using them. I’m going to have to get my money back via Visa

  24. Marian Koral Reply

    SCAM! I just placed my first order with this company. Yesterday, I received in the mail a coupon offering $10 off my first order. When I applied my coupon code, it didn’t give the discount. I called and was told the order had to be at least $20 to get the discount but that information was nowhere on the coupon. The woman said basically that it was just too bad. Don’t deal with this company!

  25. TERRIBLE FREAKING SERVICE. THE DASHER NEVER DELIVERED OUR ORDER. DOOR DASH IS TELLING ME THAT THE ORDER WAS “UNSUCCESSFUL”. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I’ll tell you…the person stole our order and claims it was “UNSUCCESSFUL”. My phone number was listed…yet he could not call me. They sent me a text…I responded immediately. Yet never received a call stating he was having a difficult time. I’m so frustrated. Now my family is hungry, I’m out $70 and no resolution. This is such a scam and really really bad customer service!!! DOOR DASH SHOULD BE ASHAMED.

  26. Robbin Nielson Reply

    I have used your services 3 times. The first time was great, the second time my food was cold, today 11/08/18 I was charged $17.73 for a sandwich fries a drink and 35 cents for fry sauce. I received the sandwich only. Very disappointed. Trying to find a way to contact you was extremely hard. After reading reviews fro BBB I want my account closed out. Thank you. If no resolution I will post on social media about my experience.

  27. Ellen Keiffer Reply

    On 10/26 I placed an order for pizza from Door Dash at approx. 6:45 p.m. I received a confirmation text, I received a text that my food had been picked up, I received a text that the driver was approaching with my food. I then rec’d a text that said he could not find me and that text provided me with a number to phone him. I did so – 9 times. Each time my call was forwarded to a voicemail. The voicemail had a different number on it as the phone number (because businesses spoof their drivers real number, I get it). I called that number – he did not answer his actual real cell number either. I called the spoof number 2x from my work cell. Same thing. I then called customer service who said: I can see that you have called him multiple time and he did not answer, I will re-order your food and refund your credit card. At this point, I am now over an hour waiting for pizza that was supposed to be delivered 45 mins prior. I spent at least 20 mins on the phone with DoorDash’s agent while they investigated the incident. On 10/30, I checked my bank account and there was still no refund to my card pending (despite being told i was going to receive a refund). I also did not receive any emails about the refund. On 10/30 I called Doordash again THREE TIMES. First call, the agent put me on hold for 17 minutes. Second call, I could barely understand the agent, she hung up on me, third call – the agent said he would process the refund immediately. He did not. As of today, i still do not have a refund pending in my bank account from DoorDash nor do I have an email confirming that they will be processing a refund.

  28. Lisa Allen Reply

    WORST SERVICE EVER. We tried it for the first time in Cincinnati. Called restaurant over an hour after placing order and was advised our food has been ready but no Door Dash driver has shown up. Called Door Dash customer service and rep kept trying to tell me the driver was there. Rep tried to just credit me the service fee told me I would need to contact restaurant to get rest of credit. I advised him that I would not be doing that and that Door Dash needs to fix it. Finally after being put on hold was told my credit card was credited. It better be or the BBB is getting a call. So needless to say our group had to forgo lunch today.

  29. Very bad customer service. If they can’t answer your question they put you on hold and let you hang. Bad bad bad customer service. This happened two times in a row within 15 min.

  30. DoorDash listed my restaurant without contacting me or gaining my authorization in any way. I have contacted them and they have ignored my request to remove my listing. My business does not deliver and they have created for my business. We will never process any order fronm DoorDash under any circumstances… This company is completely unethical and is being sued by restaurantuers around the country. Stay away. And if you’re a restaurant like me who choses not to deliver, pray they never stumbleacross your website.

  31. Helen Holmes Reply

    We frequently order from Door Dash. However our last 2 deliveries we have been 2nd or possibly 3rd on the driver delivery. We contacted customer service on one prior order because the pizza we ordered arrived luke warm and soggy from sitting. I told customer service we watch the dash driver tracker and the tracker showed our order not coming from the restaurant, but an area past our home. We it just happened again. Our Red Robin burgers showed the delivery coming from an area past the restaurant. The burgers arrived with wilted lettuce and soggy onion rings because the food sat in a covered plastic container for at least 30 minutes. We asked the driver why the tracker would show the food coming from a completely different area than the restaurant. He told us he had another delivery before us. That’s it for us. As you can see from our order tracker, we frequently ordered from Door Dash. Not anymore. Expensive food is ruined while it sits going from door to door to door to door. Horrible and we’re angry. My next stop is yelp and the BBB to give Door Dash a rating/review.

  32. Hello,

    We ordered food at 5:09 that was to be delivered at 5:40. The dasher never even picked up our order until 5:55. Needless to say, our food was cold and our milkshakes we completely melted.
    Why did it take the dasher almost an hour to pick my food up? This is unsatisfactory and until this issue is resolved, I will no longer recommend you guys…and I’m your biggest cheerleader.
    Also, why didn’t the restaurant remake our food when they knew darn well that the dasher was late to pick up an order that was placed almost an hour earlier??

  33. Stanley A Kaplan Reply

    How do I get deliveries without using DoorPass? I want to pay for each delivery. I also have a problem with signing the agreement – it is written for door pass and I do not want to accept the conditions which include doorpass. Am I missing something?

  34. Carol Hamilton Reply

    I order $40:00-$50.00 a week from door dash can you tell me why brio in Allen tx took their child menu off. Thank you I am very happy with the service and most of the time with the food but would like to see them put child menu back on.

  35. I paid $40.00 for food that was NEVER delivered and they still haver my money. I am pissed, such a scam. Now Im on hold and have been for at least 20 minutes when I try to call. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS

    • DO NOT USE!!! My daughter was charged $500 in one day! And she didn’t order anything. It’s a scam for them to charge and make up random deliveries !! What a hassle trying to get her money back.

  36. My number is 858 4721080, I enjoy the food selection on DoorDash but EVERY single time I order with DoorDash it’s over an hour late! What is up with that?!? I don’t have this problem with any other app. You need to start hiring more qualified people DoorDash. I am always so so so unhappy with the service. My food is always cold or spilled and again, LATE.

  37. I use door dash at least 1-2 times a week and all of a sudden I’m getting a message saying there are no restaurants delivering to my address. Is this a glitch or has my area been dropped for deliveries?

  38. Angela L Newby Reply

    Hello! I’ve been trying to close my account to stop receiving messages to my phone I have search and search.I am not dashing I need to stop the messages can you help me.

  39. Torri Williams Reply

    Hello. I know this is a very unconventional way of asking but is it possible to have a sample copy of your restaurants partnership agreement? I am starting a very small delivery service in my area and I figured there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the contract. Your company is the best at what it does. I can use your most basics of contracts if you don’t mind sharing. Thank you.

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