Contact of Discovery Channel customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Discovery Channel: Find below customer service details of Discovery Channel, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
One Discovery Place,
Silver Spring,
MD 20910-3354
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 1-855-210-1412 (e-store support)
Phone: 240 662 0000 (US HQ)
Phone: 65 6510-7500 (Singapore – Asia HQ)
Phone: 44 208-811-3000 (London)
Email: [email protected] (store support)

US Offices
Phone: 865-694-2700 (Knoxville)
Phone: 312-946-0909 (Chicago)
Phone: 248-764-4400 (Detroit)
Phone: 310-975-1611 (Los Angeles)
Phone: 212-548-5555 (New York)
Phone: 704-557-.2400 (Charlotte)

About Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel is a popular cable television channel broadcasted worldwide. Launched in the year 1985, Discovery Channel is accessible in more than 170 countries and territories. While in the US alone, it is viewed by 91 million viewers, globally the channel has more than 347 million viewers. Part of Discovery Inc, the channel has its headquarters at Silver Spring, Maryland. While the Asia Pacific headquarters is located at Singapore, there is the Northern Europe headquarters at London and Southern Europe HQ at Milan. The channel can be viewed on both SDTV and HDTV. It’s sister channels include Animal Planet, Discovery Familia, Discovery Family, Science and Velocity.

If you are yet to subscribe to Discovery Channel, you can contact your local cable TV operator. Viewers can also visit the website to watch their favourite shows across popular platforms and devices. If you are on the go, you can download the Discovery smartphone apps available for iOS and Android. The details of the live and on-demand programming are available in the Schedule tab of website. You can keep track of the episodes, time and other key details. The Shows tab will show you all the popular and ongoing shows on Discovery Channel. You can stream full episodes of the series on the website. Discovery’s brands are available in close to 33 languages. Local programming is available for countries like India, Singapore, Thailand, China and South Africa. The multiple language soundtracks or subtitles include Spanish, German, Turkish, Arabic, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Korean and Dutch.

Discovery operates an e-commerce store where you can purchase a wide range of merchandise. Items you can purchase include tshirts, jerseys, cups, hats, among other items. Purchases on the e-store can be made using Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards. Most purchases come with a 60-day return policy. For more information or queries on subscription, live streaming, e-store, career/jobs or others, reach the Discovery support.

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  1. Jake samuels Reply

    Please Disvovery we miss the last Alaskans please feel new ones for us it’s one of the best shows on you channel and dual survival ! You got to get new last Alaskans on for us

  2. In the middle of a pandemic you switch good shows that we are already paying for. And are asking for more money. To watch the better version. There are people who can’t afford home or food. Im quite disgusted by this.

  3. I am really sorry that I became a part of this app. I know I get seven days but I signed up for the no ad application. However I found it is impossible to put on my TV using an email and a password. I cannot access a password on my phone however I did have face recognition which I can’t use on the TV and it keeps on telling me that it was invalid or whatever. So if I don’t get this fixed like real soon I am going to cancel this because I’m so irritated that I just have a feeling this is not gonna be any good .

  4. Really Discovery? Taking shows that you normally broadcast and moving them to a pay service? We already pay for Discovery subscription services via our cable service, why would I want to double pay to watch content I’ve already been paying for from DirectTV? Why not just create new content? Guess, we will just cancel our Discovery package with DirecTV.

    • I don’t do dish network. Pay too much for channels you Should get because they’re local channels but they charge extra for that .stick with cable no dish I love discovery but they need to put real people in real situations that ain’t planned. I remember when they just started off with showing us the real life about animals and now they have a lot of fake stuff

  5. Please renew Man vs Bear! It was a fun show but I tried to look up the start date of the next season, just to learn in may not be renewed ?

  6. Bob Leeper Reply

    We as a family of 5 love watching Alaska The Last Frontier, however there is some irritation.
    Enough already with Atz Lee and his PTSD… IT’S BEEN OVER 5 YEARS!
    And the yodelling by Atz Senior… Enough of that too… Irritating.
    You guys offer a nice show, but maybe you could edit out these parts of the show.

  7. Just wanted to put my two cents in about Discovery Plus and taking over the 90 Day Fiancé spin offs shows. Did you ever stop to think that maybe not everyone has a smart tv or can or want to stream on their computer, phones etc… Also especially charging for it when I personally pay a lot of money with my cable and or satellite and already receive these channels now you expect people to pay extra to watch shows they are already paying for! It is good you are offering streaming services for those who do not have them now but to have shows we have been watching since the beginning to only be able to view the spins offs by paying extra…No thank you I may just stop watching the series altogether at this point. Or anything else on these channels as only to find out if other spins offs of those could be viewed only by paying extra. And again not everyone has the availability to stream or want to use more internet data. Thank you.

  8. David Weaver Reply

    It would be great if science channel would turn away from playing pseudo science, superstitious crap that belongs in “Ripley’s believe it or not.” There are many other channels that cater to the inbred cousin lovin
    Set. Like the ” learning channel. And Fox news. Please bring science back to the science channel

  9. Just wanted to sarcastically say thanks from Australia for cancelling Eurosport. There are alot of us Aussies who actually like to watch the winter skiing sports and now you’ve cancelled availability. Gee thanks for that, really impressed with this decision. Firstly you stop it on Foxtel and now on Fetch. I think it is very short sighted.

  10. Susan E Russell Reply

    Watching the Kitchen or HGTV, one hardly expects to see a Discovery promo/violent bow hunting scene with a skinhead intoning “(T)here are things out here that will kill you.” What baloney. This is deeply offensive, takes the viewer unaware, highlighting your network’s hypocritical promotion of ignorant attitudes and violence toward wildlife while airing homey decorating shows. Hadn’t known Discovery was in that dirty business, and will no longer watch.

  11. On Gold Rush why is that man keeping that muzzle on that beautiful dog. He can not even bark if he is hurt or being harmed. How terribly cruel to do that to a dog. If another animal hurts him the dog can do nothing! Why would that man be so cruel?

  12. All the Alaska shows on Discovery have the most amateur sound editing. (They will never win a awards for it) always inject artificial sounds when clearly it should not be. The most overused and pathetic sound is the wind howling when showing some outdoor shot. A glance at the surrounding trees shows it’s dead calm, yet the howling winds are present. It’s not ambiance Discovery.

  13. I watch your channel on YouTubeTV. Why are episodes of season 5 of Naked and Afraid XL not available, including episode 11 where you bring participants back to rehash the season? I tried to purchase them through Prime and they were missing there also. Extremely annoying to have gaping holes in the series.

  14. Please stop with the Alaskan people that have Homestead rescue or naked and afraid back please. I’m sure the Alaskan people are good people but they’re so boring everything is just we got to get this done and it’s stupid it’s tired let them retire

  15. The background noise/music on Bering Sea Gold is insanely loud. I cannot hear what the miners are saying. The show is great and I have watched it for years, however I actually turned it off last week due to the background noise/music.
    If I cannot understand what the miners are saying due to the programming noise/music, I cannot watch it anymore.
    Please listen to it yourself and you will realize that it is painful to listen to.
    Turn down the volume on the background noise/music.
    Thank you.

  16. Ricky l smith Reply

    Ricky smith. I would like to give some ostrich handling tips to the brown family! Ostrich can be easily handled by being taller than them! When I helped raise ostrich we took a eight foot price of pvc pipe, and four one foot sections one tee, and two ninety degree pvc fittings. Glue them together to resemble a pair of horns on a long pole. This will normally keep them away from you when to hold it upright toward them,and you can push against their neck if they get too close! It works great and you can work inside the pen and gather eggs easily by using this with a guard person! Try it and you will be pleasantly surprised!

  17. For your channel Discovery Family channel, I noticed that you are not showing the entire season of Transformers prime and Transformer Prime Beast Hunters. I noticed the previous week on last Friday you showed two episodes of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters and was figuring you would continue the new episodes today but you didnt , yet again you looped right back to the beginning of Transformer prime yet again from episode 1, your not even showing the entire season of Transformer Prime. I mean it is a children show and I dont see any problems with the entire show and or the entire series. Its a good show. I guess you have someone there thinking that is too funny to just loop the first series of the show nomatter waht . The Transformer Prime season is a good childrens show and the Tansformer Prime Beast Hunters is a contiuation of Transformer Prime. I am not sure what you are really afraid of, someone there thought it was a good idea to show the series , but not sure why it has to be constantly looped and you dont want to play out the entire series of the cartoon show. The cartoon is very well made . It would be nice for once to see the entire season and the entire season of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters.
    The show comes on your Discovery Family channel here in Florida, at 7am and 7:30am , I dont see anything voilent of the show.

  18. Stephen Canfield Reply

    As a SCUBA diver and arm-chair marine biologist, I faithfully tune in to watch Shark Week every year since its inception. I often call it “The most wonderful time of the year.”
    Unfortunately, the quality has been uneven though out its run, and right now it’s trailing down again. Shows tend to cull footage from other Shark Week Programming – for example, a show about hammerheads shows clips from “Air Jaws”: wrong animal, wrong location, wrong behavior. Lots of footage is rehashed.
    Most of the “guest stars” (Mike Tyson? Rob Riggle??) seriously detract from an otherwise educational venture.
    Cursing seems to be the norm:. Yes, I know, they are bleeped out, but we have a little drinking game in my house: every time Andy Casagrande gets bleeped we drink. Since he curses on EVERY SINGLE EPISODE HE’S IN you can guess how the evening goes.

    Please show more shows like the ones with Dr. Greg Skomal, and less A&E fodder.

  19. Thanks for airing Major League Fishing episodes on your network. Please consider a different eastern standard time for the show. A large portion of the viewers of this show are avid fisherman and it airs at the absolute worst time, Saturday morning at 7am, the time most potential viewers are actually fishing. Whether it be tournaments or just casual fishing Saturday morning is when it happens.

  20. Raymond C Schallom Reply

    Your Pool contractors on the Pool King continuously use the wrong terminology for the pneumatically applied concrete. The word Gunite was a propitiatory method used by the Cement Gun Company back in 1910. In the 1960’s the word Shotcrete was used and later was adopted for both the wet and dry process. Your pool contractors call the wet process Gunite. The American Concrete Institute’s Shotcrete Committees decided to label both processes Shotcrete (Dry and Wet Process). In the dry process you have a predampen blend of sand and cement mixture pneumatically pushed through the hose to the nozzle, where the nozzlemen adds 90% of the mixing water. With a little circular motion the nozzlemen builds the layers of wet concrete. For the wet process concrete is hydraulically pushed through the hose and pipe, once it reaches the nozzle the air that is injected into the mix dislodges the concrete at high velocity into the receiving surface. At that point the mix is called shotcrete. But when your pool crews take the nozzle off and pump the mix into the pool (its just plain pumping concrete). Look up the ACI 506 Shotcrete Documents. We are currently working on a Pool document. You are doing a 110 year old Shotcrete process injustice when you miss represent the actual name of each process on your show. I have been in the business for over 40 years, I use to work for one of the Cement Gun companies licensees with the correct equipment, now with different manufactured equipment the proper term used is Shotcrete wet or dry process.

  21. The narrator, or the guy that does the promos form Discovery Channel’s sibilant S is seriously annoying. On another note, I love Expedition Unknown, best show on DC, which is a network with not many good shows to choose from.

  22. David Oliver Reply

    I watch primarily nature programing on discovery. On occasion some researchers lean toward grandiose behavior and comments, but as a whole the viewing is rewarding and always informative. When I recently watched Adam Devine and his select crew investigate sharks, their time slot was laced with humor, puns and just plain fun. A refreshing change from the afore mentioned who sometimes take themselves too seriously. (Safety not withstanding) All viewing is educational and I appreciate that. To see that level of skill and professionalism maintained AND supported with their brand of presentation was different and welcome. I really hope to see more of these friends/professionals on discovery. Dave in Oklahoma.

  23. Suzanne McLean Reply

    I am extremely disappointed and dissatisfied with Shark Week. Why are you adding these ridiculous guests on these very important shows? These people are not funny. They display nothing but ignorance and minimize the importance of our oceans and conservation. I do not appreciate that you are bringing programming such as a dodgeball show and a marijuana growing show. I watch the channel faithfully to DISCOVER important scientific information in the world, not watch a bunch of morons trivialize important research and researchers. How insulting to your loyal viewers and those hard working researchers. Wake up Discovery Channel! You are losing loyal viewers.

    • I agree with Suzanne. i was very disappointed to watch some buffoons playing with the sharks. Bad jokes, stupid puns and pot head humor is not why I tune into Shark Week. I also don’t care for my Grandkids who also love shark week to see that type of stupidity. Discovery has always been a classy place to be, and I am a faithful Shark Week fan. Please don’t do this next year. These guys would serve a better purpose as shark bait..

  24. Abigail Simmons Reply

    The next time you cover the Space-X splashdown, could your guys hush up and let us hear what is being said. I waited the entire day to watch the astronauts walk off that capsule. Wanted to hear their first words, missed them because your two couldn’t stop talking. Thanks… Still happy they are home safe.

  25. Steve Litfin Reply

    Why is The last Alaskan’s canceled for 2020 season 5? This was seriously the best show as in reality goes and of course deadliest catch which is still on the air, I Absolutely love the last Alaskan’s and every person in this show.

  26. Whoever is responsible for the new VERY LOUD music “background” on Deadliest Catch has totally ruined the viewing experience. Cannot even hear the narrator or crew members and Captains any more. What a shame. We have watched every episode since the very beginning, and now we’re fed up and finished. I’m certain we are not the only viewers who have noticed the NEW obnoxious overly loud music. We’re stuck home because of Covid 19 and Discovery just ruined one of the best shows on TV.

    • I absolutely agree. Love the show however I cannot understand a lot of what is discussed or spoken anymore. The background music/noise is obscenely loud. It is impossible to understand the captains and/or crew on a consistent basis.

  27. Craig Newcomer Reply

    I’ve been watching deadliest catch for years and have always enjoyed the show. I like listening to Mike Rowe as the narrator. I’ve been watching the new season but I’m getting annoyed by the other play by play announcer that is also reading the subtitles. It’s not Mike Rowe but a different voice. Why is this happening??? It’s almost getting unbearable and I may not be able to watch anymore. Can someone tell me why I have this second voice on the show??? Please remove it. Just stick to Mike.

  28. Your educational series are genearally great, but you have a major mistake in your:
    Mysteries of the Deep
    Series 1, Episode 7 – “Mummy on the Ghost Ship”
    At around 45 minutes in …
    … you start talking about ships in San Francisco, and show a map with a big red dot and “San Francisco” clearly on the east side of the San Francisco Bay – near south Oakland/San Leandro. Obviously, San Francisco is the northern-most part of the peninsula closest to the Pacific Ocean, but your map educates differently. ‘Should be easy to fix.

  29. My husband and I love “Josh Gates Tonight”! We have always been fans of his shows, but this one is so unique. We love the varied guests he has and the cocktail that goes along with each show. Please keep “Josh Gates Tonight” on even after the lockdown is over!!! Thank you so much.

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