Contact of Discovery Channel customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Discovery Channel: Find below customer service details of Discovery Channel, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
One Discovery Place,
Silver Spring,
MD 20910-3354
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 1-855-210-1412 (e-store support)
Phone: 240 662 0000 (US HQ)
Phone: 65 6510-7500 (Singapore – Asia HQ)
Phone: 44 208-811-3000 (London)
Email: [email protected] (store support)

US Offices
Phone: 865-694-2700 (Knoxville)
Phone: 312-946-0909 (Chicago)
Phone: 248-764-4400 (Detroit)
Phone: 310-975-1611 (Los Angeles)
Phone: 212-548-5555 (New York)
Phone: 704-557-.2400 (Charlotte)

About Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel is a popular cable television channel broadcasted worldwide. Launched in the year 1985, Discovery Channel is accessible in more than 170 countries and territories. While in the US alone, it is viewed by 91 million viewers, globally the channel has more than 347 million viewers. Part of Discovery Inc, the channel has its headquarters at Silver Spring, Maryland. While the Asia Pacific headquarters is located at Singapore, there is the Northern Europe headquarters at London and Southern Europe HQ at Milan. The channel can be viewed on both SDTV and HDTV. It’s sister channels include Animal Planet, Discovery Familia, Discovery Family, Science and Velocity.

If you are yet to subscribe to Discovery Channel, you can contact your local cable TV operator. Viewers can also visit the website to watch their favourite shows across popular platforms and devices. If you are on the go, you can download the Discovery smartphone apps available for iOS and Android. The details of the live and on-demand programming are available in the Schedule tab of website. You can keep track of the episodes, time and other key details. The Shows tab will show you all the popular and ongoing shows on Discovery Channel. You can stream full episodes of the series on the website. Discovery’s brands are available in close to 33 languages. Local programming is available for countries like India, Singapore, Thailand, China and South Africa. The multiple language soundtracks or subtitles include Spanish, German, Turkish, Arabic, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Korean and Dutch.

Discovery operates an e-commerce store where you can purchase a wide range of merchandise. Items you can purchase include tshirts, jerseys, cups, hats, among other items. Purchases on the e-store can be made using Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards. Most purchases come with a 60-day return policy. For more information or queries on subscription, live streaming, e-store, career/jobs or others, reach the Discovery support.

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  1. Im currently watching Naked and Afraid XL, Valley of the Banished”. I’m very disappointed with the general direction of this program. it seems that the previous survivalists who are at home on their sofas, are name calling, putting down, laughing at and and bullying those who are in the challenge. This type of commentary shouldnt be a part of tv anymore. Rise above it. This is 2020. You just lost my respect.

  2. Fix the time problem on your schedule. It screws up my recordings! I might as well not record because i only get part of the programs, or am forced to end recording to continue watching my current program. Overflow must be from over booked commercial slots. Very aggrevating.
    Too many commercials! The little 10 seconed segment in between 2 long commercial segments is a joke!
    No more ASPCA commercials. I am not paying extra to view your channels only to have to view scenes of tortured animals! That is anti good entertainment. I am fed up! Get it right or lose a viewer!

  3. I have Xfinity yet I can not release the locked out channels on Discovery Go. I sign up add the letters and Numbers.
    Next I am told I am signed in. Nothing Happens. Then I might push the Star button on Roku and it will make me sign in again. With the same results. LOCKED OUT !!!

  4. Eva McElroy Reply

    We are missing travel channel , the travel shows we used to enjoy . We are trapped at home wishing to travel , but we can’t . Would you consider to bring back a channel dedicated to travel ? Or give us more of Andrew Zimerm? What about Samantha Brown ?There are few options besides house hunters international .
    I don’t enjoy drama or reality shows like three days to look for a house in HGTV , or the naked show in Discovery, or having the same show for hours -noooo!Baking all day long , Guy Fiery every day , even if we love the show , once is enough .
    So far the always good to go channel is DIY .
    Hopefully you reconsider to go back to different shows in a day , hopefully you reconsider to bring back travel on any of your channels , hopefully you reconsider to bring back Barefoot Contessa .
    Family networks are counted , you are still our choice for family .

  5. Why do they not show the Blessing of the Fleet anymore? To me that is an important part of the show!!! These Captains and crew put their lives on the line every day they are out on the Bering Sea. I feel that showing the Captains and crews getting blessed is critical to their occupation.

  6. What has happened to the Discovery Channel things used to be about showing discoveries of different places around the world or universe now we’re watching naked people this is not what I want to see him to Discover Channel please bring the Discovery Channel back to the way it used to be it’s not a discovery to watch naked people do stupid stuff that normal people would not be doing thank you

  7. kelly rager Reply

    I love the Discovery Channel and its affiliated networks. I especially like anything with Josh Gates HE is an real Indiana Jones. He is living my dream for sure. I would love to do an american expedition with him. Do you think you would ever do A fan expedition were a fan could go on an expedition with him in the area where they live? Please consider this Discovery Channel. Thank you for all the exceptional programming.

  8. Undercover Billionaire was a great show! It was heartfelt, inspiring, and you really could empathize with the struggles facing everyday Americans. Given the build-up all season, the finale was exciting, emotional, and it did not disappoint! My hat is off to Glen Stearns and the Underdogs!

  9. Loraine Pope Reply

    I recently tried to watch your new show, “Raising Wild.” I couldn’t stomach 15 minutes of it. I feel as though it’s a cheap knockoff of “Alaskan Bush People.” The family acts like idiots and like they are trying to be something they are not. Obviously I don’t like the show.

  10. Marguerite Church Reply

    My congratulations on the portion of the The Zoo program dealing with the hellbender salamanders! So many people do not know they exists!
    They can be found in any cold water rocky stream in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. That’s where I learned about them as a young woman. We discovered them in the river on a field trip. We were fascinated with the animal! They are only found in clean, unpolluted , highly oxygenated cold water. The same river ( a branch of the New River , supposedly one of the oldest rivers in the world) runs by our little cabin and I have found the animals there as well. Trout fisher men say they ruin trout streams because the eat the young trout.I have no idea if the animals are still found there, but to lose such a great animal is saddening.But maybe the ones living in China will remain safe for a while .

  11. maryann kusin Reply

    I was eager to watch Serengeti but turned it off after the first five minutes because of the ridiculous narration. It stated that the male lions ”jealously guarded” the females and ”demanded their faithfulness.” WTF! This sounds like a report on the local news about a police standoff where a man is holding his ex wife hostage, not a program about animals. And of course it is written from a male’s perspective. I am a fan of wildlife shows and they usually describe what the animals are doing and why they are doing it and don’t ascribe human reasoning and emotions such as jealousy to the animals. This is called anthopomorphic and is usually seen in shows with cartoon animals or shows with talking dogs, not nature programming on a major network. I was shocked that it was tops in the ratings. it was beautifully photographed using drones and embedded cameras but did not employ the same new perspectives (or even old ones) when doing the narration.

  12. Connie Hutson Reply

    I am trying to enjoy Serengeti – it is so beautifully filmed and I listened on NPR to the two men who put it together BUT I HATE listening to that extra voice from the man – Why are you doing this? We watch several other shows and it is very distracting to hear this mail voice telling me what I am seeing – I may not watch the rest of what looks to be a well done series because of this distraction. Please stop doing this to programs. Thanks!

    • Agreeing with several other complaints here that the new trend of voice-overs stating what is clearly happening is stupid and insulting. Generally I just don’t watch a show if it has this ‘feature’.

  13. Shark Week program today with Rob Riddle, Joel McHale, Adam Devine, etc. was a great fun adventure! Scenery beautiful, & shark experts = amazing! Adam & Joel were GREAT entertainment & should absolutely be on again! Adam’s ‘go for it’ attitude made the show. Rob’s new travel adventure show sounds intriguing. I got hooked on Shark Week when Rob had Shaq on! Love it!!

  14. Hey Discovery. We get it. Shark Week in two days. I don’t want that damn reminder blotting out a significant portion of my picture the whole damn show. Especially BattleBots. You’re ruining the experience.

    • Maria Mejia Reply

      I’ve watched the new show CONTACT and find it to be consistently disappointing. It’s nothing more than watching these good looking actors who have journalistic, scientific and military credentials chase down stories that two guys in San Pedro find with their super sophisticated search engine. So much of it is rehash of research and stories from shows like Ancient Aliens and Unidentified. What is the point?

  15. That irritating advertisement in the upper right portion of the Battlebot presentation is advertisement overkill. If you are presenting a program of interest to your viewers just do it and put the ads or preview info for intermissions

  16. I am disappointed that you are canceling DIY channel for Chip and Joanna Gaines. I watch more programs on DIY channel than HGTV. Great you bought these channels but it is shows you have no concerns of your audience and who watches these program. I never watch Chip and Johanna. So unless you are going to save the channels that are on DIY network you just lost an audience member Maybe more people will feel the same way.

  17. The voiceover on Deadliest Catch is ridiculous!! He talks over the deck hands that are clearly talking and is just saying what they are saying. Then you say a deckhand in a lime green work suit slides across the ice…. no kidding????!!!! You don’t think I can see that? It’s insulting! I understand other people have disabilities but that is what closed captions are for. Please take off the monologue. Leave Mike in there as a narrator but the guy telling me half the time with what is going on is making me not want to watch Discovery Channel.

  18. Jancey Stewart Reply

    I really enjoy watching How It’s Made, however it upsets me when they call people workers. Many of the jobs you see being performed are extremely difficult and take years to master. They should be called welders, carpenters, seamstress, machinist Not worker. Today a good plumber can make more annually that some engineers or accountants. Trades such as large equipment operators and mechanics can make as much a doctor in some cases. It’s seems disrespectful to the trades.

  19. Walter Hobocienski Reply

    Love your channel and programming selections. We watch a lot of your channels.
    Hate to hear about DIY tv going away. Great programming. My only complaint is too much advertising
    Now DIY becoming Magnolia. Will not watch. Chip and josnna were interesting for awhile but she does the same thing and her interiors are hodge podge instead of fitti g a style. She needs to go yo a design school. Anyway, I don’t like to see them expand into removing programming we love.
    Great for them, bad for viewers.

  20. Its hard for me to watch moonshiners and you show 3 of the characters destroy a still and then later blow up his vehicle. I guess if I have an issue with a neighbor or someone I don’t like I can go do personal property damage? No I would be arrested for destruction of property and having explosives. Yet you have them on tape actually destroying his property. Maybe your show called show is all for show and it’s fake for ratings. It won’t have my support anymore.

  21. Ron Fledderjohn Reply

    I have watched Street Outlaws,JJthe Boss, attended Tuscon No Prep last year and enjoy the racing , the cars and most of the characters. I enjoy the absence of the drag your xxx, and personal bets all the time. I enjoy the cars and as a small time drag racer and part time car fabricator I can enjoy the machines. I do take objection to the lack of seat belts on both the “OUTLAWS” shows while on road trips on the road. Racers especially should know the necessity of seatbelts/restraints..and how to be good examples to all the public and fans. Buckle up and live to race another day. Thank you

  22. I want to watch nasa unexplained on Sunday but it’s on demand why I love watching nasa programmes but I’m very disappointed that I am unable to watch them

  23. Greetings. I wish to know that why no programs related to indian or world history are being shown anymore. When the channel started, programs were good but over the time everything else is shown except history or archaeological programs even though the channel’s name is Discovery.
    Kindly look into the matter.

  24. Im a constant fan of deadliest catch and i love that show but i have a slight problem with how its said that thats the deadliest profession and stuff. I think you should redo some fact chedking just a little bit , check the stats on being in the tow truck industry, it averages 1 tow truck operator dies every 6 days and those shows like lizard lick and south beach tow are good but very much scripted just for ratings. You should really do a tow industry show like how you do fishing. Im not bashing nor am i talking smack and degrading anything in the fishing industry by any means. I know there are shows like heavy rescue and ice road truckers but seriously do a Real show with Real life non scripted tow truck companies and see how it pans out.

  25. Michael Diamond Reply

    Love all of your programs, except for one. If this is the place to complain about your Discovery Street Outlaw show, here it is. It is about your host on Street Outlaws show, Scott, he spitted on a competitor on a previous show. If I try to watch Street Outlaws is see spit coming out his mouth every time he talked. So no longer do I watch it. I can’t. Please change the host! then I will watch it. Scott was a sore loser so he spitted on the other guy! Thanks, Michael

  26. Melissa Tangmarx Reply

    Here is an update on the guy who was injured on season 14 episode 14 on the fishing vessel arctic fjord. The on who the coast guard couldn’t get to. His name is Nham Tran, he is a very strong and determined man. He was hit by the wave twice and was crushed between the wall of the boat and tons of fish. He was brought back to life by crew members. He broke his ribs, collar bone in 4 places and the other in two places, and his face was crushed. He was told he wouldn’t be able to go back to work for maybe over a year. He has surgery done on his face and collar bones. With continuous after care and motivation to heal faster he is now back on the boat working only 9 months later. He is now doing a whole season back on his boat a year later back in dutch.
    These men work hard. This is dangerous, but ever after his accident being so bad, he never gave up. He is devoted to the bering sea. He is my son’s dad. A strong man who loves being on the sea.
    Just thought I’d update after watching the episode.
    It’s quite amazing. He isb quite amazing.
    Thanks for reading

  27. Karen Taylor Reply

    I just watched the Mayday episode 911/Pentagon and wanted to report my disgust with the blame placed on the FEMALE flight attendant – that she handed over the keys like a passive sheep while you extol the men on board as heroes. There is no evidence that the FEMALES on board were passive little sheep causing the disaster. Story told by men, for men to make women look guilty and men look heroic.

  28. Kathleen Moore Reply

    I love the Science Channel, and have been a faithful watcher for years. I seem to have noticed that the more recent “How the Universe Works” has been playing the supposedly background music loud enough to almost drown out Mike’s melodious voice. Seriously, you need to turn it down some!! Usually it is turned down or even off when the physicists are speaking, but Mike’s commentary is lost sometimes. Thanks! Keep up,the great work otherwise!

  29. Ron Lancaster Reply

    I just watched my first, and last, episode of Alaska Fish Wars. I was flabbergasted to hear one of the captains use very offensive profanity several things message before I just turned it off. Discovery channel, and ALL channels, routinely bleep offensive words. Why does Discovery see no need to bleep the word G_ddammit (sorry, I can’t even write the whole word). In Season 1, episode 2, it was repeated several times when a hydraulic hose blew. Why is the taking the Lord’s name in vain so acceptable by Discovery channel?

  30. Arlan Converse Reply

    Your programming for shows like Gold Rush and those searching for gold in the river spend far too much time filming how inept and stupid your main characters are. Hard to believe that they still make money in spite of themselves. No body wants to continually watch marginal people complaining about situations which they put themselves in and trying to make everything a crisis. The more successful shows exhibit planning and skill and don’t constantly complain about everything.

  31. I would just like to commend the Discovery channel for their work on season 4 of the Last Alaskans. I was hesitant at first for Bob Harte on season 4 – may I say you handled his death so graciously and with 100% class. NO REGRETS – probably the best episode yet!!! I didn’t know Bob personally but he has made such an impression on me since the show started. Thank you for your tastefulness and class in Season 4.

    • I, too, have completely enjoyed The Last Alaskans! Their send off for Bob was beautifully done and his family honored him well. Wish there was another Season but not looking good for the continuation of this program.

  32. I am concerned regarding who writes scripts across all of your channels. You’re consistent use of “seen” in place of grammatically correct “saw” is huge!! I know that level of ignorance does not exist that dramatically used in common conversation. “I seen” as opposed to saw is rampantly used across your channels. Who is writing for you? It is ignorant!! Please look into this! It is unfortunate a huge network like Discovery consistently commits this grammatical error!!

  33. beverly caplan Reply

    I applaud the Discovery Channels new season of Alaska, The Last Frontier. I have enjoyed every season is nice with the additional family members and Tela. Also the mankind stories of friends helping friends.

  34. beverly caplan Reply

    I just wanted to say that I am enjoying the current season of “Alaska, The Last Frontier”. I have watched every season. This season it is nice to see other members of the Kilcher Family and Tela. The stories of man helping man are terrific.

  35. Francisco Magalhaes Reply

    I come to your contact to request information regarding the following question:
    As a customer of the operator Nos-Comunicações, S.A. who paid a monthly fee to be able to see the channels previously contracted. However on the Eurosport 2 channel this operator is not transmitting the PGA Tour as announced by Discovery. Is this lawful? There are several complaints about this.
    Thank you,

  36. The Discovery channels have such a huge responsibility towards the viewing public, that I fail to understand why some of their shows on TLC stink so badly and most are old and worn out. We are no longer watching the Sister Wives series, I Am Jazz, My Big Fat Fabulous Life (especially awful), Say Yes to the Dress and everything else except My 600LB Life. On Animal Planet, exceptionally worn out is Pit Bulls and Parolees, My Cat From Hell, Treehouse Masters (how does that pertain to animals?) and Tanked, just how many aquariums can they make before we fall asleep on the couch? Especially repulsive, and based upon a poor dead man who they are stealing glory from, is Crikey, It’s the Irwins and the kid with the $30K camera which does not relate to most of us. Read up on how Terri Irwin has alienated the staff and Veterinarians by her temper tantrums and even fired Steve’s sisters husband who ran the zoo for years.

  37. Your axing of Zimmern is not only foolish but idiotic because he states that some of the Chinese restaurants in the Midwest have horsesh*t food, my you know he’s right about that. Not only is the Midwest a culprit but the whole US of A has bad Chinese food. I a half breed and know my Asian food pretty well growing up in the Hawaiian islands and the crap they make in these Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, etc. restaurants are just that horses**t.
    Now you have lost me as a constant viewer.

  38. Doug McLaren Reply

    Watched Moonshiners tonight, Dec. 26/18. Called the High Proof Holidays. Have watched Moonshiners since it’s inception and generally enjoyed, although everyone knows it’s mostly fiction, unless the police down there don’t have or watch television.
    But this episode, showing Tim in Alaska was about the phoniest ive seen. What a waste. You can do better.

  39. Stephen Mosel Reply

    “Master of Arms” has all the potential in the world. This “Forged in Fire” look-alike could be terrific if it weren’t for the ridiculously intrusive music track. Enough with the dramatic drums already! You can hardly hear the dialogue. It’s insulting that you think the viewers need the emotional support of overly loud timpani to get through an entire program. Let the content speak for itself and treat us like adults, Please!

  40. Gary Natali Reply

    I am a huge fan of Gold Rush, but I can’t watch it if my wife is in the room due to all the BEEPS. I agree with her, it is rather annoying. It would be so much better if you could just place a VOID, (no sound) for the swear words instead of a BEEP!

  41. Raymond Fischer Reply

    Nothing personal but I just get tired of seeing stupid people on your show saying dumb things like the people of the people that are looking at the world ending where you get these stupid people from why do you even bother putting it on TV it’s not even worth my time to watch it I understand that the world is coming to an end sometime but I’ll tell you listening to these people talk about Zetas and their Earth domes I can’t believe how stupid some of these people really are and I can’t believe that Discovery channel is dumb enough to put it on TV the woman that has $60,000 in debt and talking about this planet that’s going to collide with Earth and supposedly Minister rabbi talking about how this planet is going to intercept and collide with the Earth if it hasn’t happened yet why bother putting it on TV also the people that go on TV and saying they have proof that we didn’t walk on the moon I think it’s b******* why bother putting it on TV it’s not even worth watching and I watch Discovery Channel all the time and I get fed up watching stupid people what do you think we’re idiots

  42. George Gaston Reply

    I hope I am writing to the correct people to hopefully address a problem I have been having with Investigation Discovery for over a week. Started on my Roku Premier when I was going to watch a show, was informed my viewing session had ended and I should sign out then sign back in. I did. Went to the activation site, entered the code, was directed to TV Provider page, clicked on mine (Spectrum), and then waited and waited (three round black dots blinking in succession on the Spectrum link). I have done this on three of my Rokus using three IOS devices and one desktop PC. It is the same situation on my IOS apps and desktop. Same in every detail. I have not been able to complete the link to the TV provider to complete sign-in. It would be great if you could look into this because I am really missing some great shows! I also want to thank you for having such a great selection of truly interesting and informative programs (when I can access them). Thank you in advance for your help on this.

  43. I enjoy watching Street Outlaws, and other shows you present. There one common flaw in these broadcasts that I and other people talk about as a real distraction to what is going on with the people involved. The constant LOUD bleeping of swear words drives my wife out of the room and she will not come back until I change the channel or the show is over. Simply muting the swear words would make this and other shows more enjoyable to watch.

  44. Don C. Barrett Reply

    I applaud the Discovery Channel for eliminating those stupid programs portraying a creature that doesn’t existing in our present oceans. The Carcharias Megladon was a great animal but for the Discovery Channel to make up stories and events just to create a sensation did a great disservice to the excellent programs and standards you had provided in the past.
    I celebrate your 30 years of great work and hope you will continue by inspiring and educating people about our oceans and the creatures in them as you have in the past

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