Contact of Direct Express card customer service

Contact Direct Express: Find below customer service details of Direct Express debit card, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Direct Express
P.O. Box 245998
San Antonio, Texas 78224-5998
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 1 888 741 1115
Phone: 1 765 778 6290
Email: nil

About Direct Express
Direct Express is a free, prepaid debit card distributed by the US Social Security Administration. The MasterCard-branded debit card is used for electronic transfer of social security benefits. Cardholders can transfer funds to a bank account, buy money orders, make purchases and much more. The cards are issued by Comercia Bank, which serves as a fiscal agent of the US Treasury Department. It was in 2008 that the US Treasury came up with the debit card. It currently claims of more than 4 million members.

The Direct Express Debit MasterCard is used by elderly, disabled and veterans who want to receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits. It is more convenient and faster than paper cheques. The federal benefits will be automatically deposited to account on the payment day. Members can login to their account anytime on the website to check balance, view account activity or transfer funds. Direct Express card holders can use the card to make purchases at stores or restaurants, purchase gas, withdraw cash at ATMs or to buy money orders at the US Post Office. If you are interested in the card, you can sign up one online and activate same after receiving the card. There is no cost to sign up and there are no monthly fees.

Note that each Federal benefit agency has different rules in place for representative payees. Also, you can see the fees you will be charged when using the card online. There will be a small fee for every ATM cash withdrawal in the US, Direct Express Cash Access, or fund transfer to a personal US bank account. You will also be charged for card replacement or ATM cash withdrawal outside the US. There are no daily limits for ATM withdrawals. Card holders will get one free ATM cash withdrawal in the United States for every federal benefit deposited into account. You can sign into your account to select or change your PIN, dispute a transaction, set up optional services or report lost or stolen cards. For more information or queries on activation, payment, cancellation, or others, reach the Direct Express support.


  1. Clayton Ivy Reply

    I transferred $300 from my direct express card to my bank account on December 28th and the $300 is still not in my bank account. I’ve been trying for 2 days to get someone on the phone and all I get is they are experiencing high call volumes and I try back later. It doesn’t matter what time day or night that I try. When I find my $300 I’m done with direct express for good. I’m not keeping my money with a company that will not answer the phone!

  2. Customer service?? HA!! Navigate the buttons to try getting a human is impossible. All i get is a recording saying please hold while i transfer you to someone then another saying they have high volume of calls and the thing hangs up!

  3. Been trying for days to contact customer service. Put on hold and wait no one answers and the line goes dead. I need to talk to someone. Card is expired. All I can get out of the recording is that a new one has been sent. Sent to where. My address has changed so where is my card going I dont know.

  4. My Direct Express card expired , they said they sent out a new one but I’ve never received it??? I’ve tried calling several times but no one is available to answer questions or cancel the new card?

  5. Michelle Heald Reply

    So they just aren’t going to answer the phone. Looks to me like to reach them we will now have to pay a fee to use this online communication site they have set up. I guess I will go through the hassle of having mine changed to direct deposit to my bank. This is very inconvenient especially when you have unknown charges and a lot of them and can’t contact anyone.

  6. Jimmie Johnson Reply

    My Direct Express card has expired and another card was sent in the mail but I didn’t receive it it is lost somewhere in the mail. I can’t get through to the customer service line. I’ve tried calling to report my card lost for several days to no avail. I desperately need to have a card mailed out to me.

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