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Contact Delta Sky Club: Find below customer service details of Delta Sky Club, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the airport lounge.

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Delta Air Lines, Inc
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Atlanta, GA 30354
United States



About Delta Sky Club
Delta Sky Club is a group of airport lounges operated by Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines. Air travel can sometimes be very tiresome, especially if you are traveling long distances. Airport lounges are designed to keep the stress away and offer a relaxed environment with all the comforts of a home. Not all fliers have the privilege of enjoying access to an airport lounge. With Delta Sky Club, you need to sign up for a membership. If you are a frequent flier, you can use miles or otherwise purchase a membership by paying the annual fee.

Payment for membership can be done online using Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Existing members can renew or upgrade by signing into their account. There are currently two memberships offered – Executive and Individual. While Individual membership is only valid for one person, those with an Executive membership can take a person along. Note that the memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. And individuals must be at least 18 years of age for the membership or access. The privileges vary for Delta Reserve Credit Card, Delta One, Delta SkyTeam Premium, Platinum/Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card and SkyTeam Elite Plus members.

There are nearly 50 Club locations where you can enjoy high speed Internet, travel assistance, shower facility, complimentary snacks and beverages. You will find a variety of healthy food options served all day. Not just Delta’s own clubs, select members can also access over 250 partner lounges around the world. Popular cities in the network include Adelaide, Athens, Atlanta, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Brisbane, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Busan, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt, Geneva, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Houston, Honolulu, Houston, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, Manila, Melbourne, Mexico City, Munich, Moscow, New York, Newark, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Washington DC and Zurich.

On the website, you can locate a Delta Sky Club and know the timings and which gate/level it is located. You can filter clubs by membership/ticket type and amenities. Note that you will need to show your Delta Sky Club membership and boarding pass to get access to any of the club. All guests must abide by Delta Sky Club House Rules as well. For more information or queries on registration, upgrade, renewal, cancellation, or others, reach the Delta Sky Club support.


  1. Delta stopped non-revenue travelers (stand by) from using the Sky Clubs. I completely understand this as it is one of the reasons the clubs were crowded. This policy went into effect February 1, 2023. I am still being charged the $50 on my car. It is impossible to contact anyone at Delta that will/can or wants to help. If Delta wants to change their policy, fine but to charge for a service I cannot use is not fair.

  2. Darron Lacey Reply

    Very poor service with Delta Skyclubs. Their policy that a member cannot access the club 3 hours or more before the departure is ridiculous. When you are at the airport early is when you need the club the most. I want the access I paid for, or I want to switch airlines. I am gold with over 1 million miles. I called the Sky Club service number from Delta’s web site and the said the could not help me. Delta has become a very bad company that doesn’t care about it loyal customers.

  3. Jon Williams Reply

    Normally, very pleased with Delta Skyclubs. However, the policy that a member cannot access the club 3 hours or more before the departure is ridiculous. Whatever the problem is, you owe it to your customers to find a solution. I’m sure the solution is available, so make it happen. I want the access I have earned and pay for.

  4. Can someone explain as a Diamond traveler, why I paid $850 for an Executive Sky Club membership, only to have to wait on line 15-30 mins for THIRD time in a month!!! Delta, let’s anyone with a Reserve credit card into the club now, which makes it as exclusive as a McDonald’s. My 10 year old can get a Reserve card! What shame that Delta doesn’t recognize that business travelers can’t afford to stand on line for 30 minutes to access a lounge. Disgraceful.

  5. Terry Bauer Reply

    I’m a Delta Diamond member with over 2.5 million miles on Delta. I’m also an American Express Platinum Card holder. I’m very upset at the long lines to enter Sky Clubs in Atlanta, Chicago and other cities. I don’t know if there are too many members or too few clubs. Please let me know that there are plans in place to remedy this problem.

  6. It’s a joke! We fly business class and we had to wait in line at ATL international Sky lounge! Might as well go to a noisy bar somewhere. Way to crowded and you’ve taken away a truly great pre flight experience . Delta is a great airline but the Sky lounge now falls far short.

  7. Horrible experience! I have a platinum business and personal AMEX with lounge access and a gold AMEX delta gold card. Ignorant staff at the Atlanta in’l airport refused us entry despite having tickets within 3 hours, my credit cards and ID. We were in full religious garb so I assume it was due to our appearance. I pay $790 per card annually to have access to these lounges. They gave me excuses that started with “the kids are not free” so I said that’s not a problem I’ll pay. Then they said they were over capacity while allowing Caucasian business men in with no problem (at least 5 while we were standing there). Then they said they were changing out the food for the day and that we wouldn’t be able to eat like as if we came there to rampage their food station. We ended up leaving from them denying us entry. We spent 3 hours aimless in the airport (got there early to specifically enjoy the sky lounge). I was completely horrified and embarrassed. It doesn’t warrant the $790 they charge for literally no good perks that you can actually use.

  8. Nightmare at LAX and MSP. First had to check bag at terminal 3 THEN had to WALK to Bradley International. I’m 70 yrs old. lines were ridiculous at both the NEW and IMPROVED Delta termional 3 but then to have to go to Bradley Int. to go through huge security lines. By then am already tired from the walk and lines. Went to Centurion Club to be told I couldn’t get in for another hour. Flight was boarding at 12:30 but taking off at 1. I was at the club at 9:30 and was told they go by departure time not boarding time and I could come back in an hour. Bradley is huge and a long walk from the Club to the gate. So I just went to my gate 135 and was not able to walk all the way back to the Club an hour later and then get back to my gate. The 3 hour rule is ridiculous when you are told to be at the airport so far in advance and then can’t get in the Club because you are too early! Then at MSP got into the Club there and not one seat available for my 2 hour layover. This is NOT first class service and Delta should be ashamed for boasting the new Terminal 3 at LAX when they route you to Tom Bradley International for security and boarding!!

  9. The new 3 hour access rule is a complete joke. I have a redeye flight. Arrived at 6 thinking I could get work done. The airport is EMPTY. I’m sitting here outside the club looking in. Really glad I spent $600 on a credit card with such great benefits.

  10. Delta has decided to deny access to the Sky Club 3 hours or more prior to your flight. To be called out while entering the club and told “sorry sir… you can’t enter here”. Why? Because I unfortunately had no choice but to go to the airport in Minneapolis. I was told to leave the club and return in 1hour. Why on earth would I spend the money to join a club or any service that is counter to the reason that you would purchase. Has Delta forgone service for profit??

  11. My wife and I were travelling from LAX to YYC, where we had a long unexpected delay. We decided to go up to the delta sky lounge, with our premium first class tickets and platinum American Express members. We got up to the lounge their and was denied entry because West Jet is not part of delta, this is weird because on the sign it say supports WestJet and other flights. I just found it annoying as someone else from our flight was in the room and we were denied entry.

  12. Normally my experiences with the Delta Sky Club are exquisite. However on January 28th not so much. There was a bartender Stadedria or something of that sort, this lady was so flirtatious and unprofessional with men and extremely nasty and unpleasant to women. I’ve never seen anything so distasteful in my life! I understand that alot of companies are short staffed and in need of workers however I did not pay MY money to be treated so disrespectfully. I paid for a drink without the attitude, please! If this is the sort of mannerisms, unprofessionalism, and unpleasant experience the Delta Sky Club will be offering to their members then I am no longer interested. Please do better! Please hire more professionally trained, ethical bartenders. There’s a time and place for all things and that was not the time nor place for THAT type of attitude or behavior. Very disgusted!

  13. Someone from Delta talked me into getting skyclub so I can access sky priority. Well, that wasn’t true. Now, I can’t get a hold of them to contact. I feel like I was “bamboozled”. I heard that American was the bad airlines but it’s looking more like it’s Delta

  14. My wife and I visited the Delta Skylounge located in Atlanta at Gate B18 . We each were charged $39.95 and we looked forward to relaxing during our layover and eating breakfast there. The whole experience was very disappointing. The food was bland and almost inedible, the men’s restroom was dirty! Wearing a mask was not enforced for those not eating and drinking. Save your money.

  15. Susan Mansfield Reply

    The last 2 times I have been in the Sky Club at MSP, (August of 2021) way too many guests were not wearing masks while not eating. And both times, it was very crowded. I felt much safer at the gate where everyone was masked and it was less crowded. So, what is the purpose of my membership if you don’t enforce your mask rule?

  16. I visited Delta Sky Lounge at DTW airport , it was a horrible experience. I am vegetarian and expect some kind of cleanliness or separation between veg and non-veg food. There was no separation , half of the items were not labelled with exact ingredients. They need to consider dietary and religious restriction and in this COVID times everyone is touching the spoons and it very untidy. The organization of food and the trays were very untidy. Plus this not complimentary service people are paying for this and I would expect them to come up with more vegetarian options and maintain a separation for the same, along with listing a detailed ingredients.

    At this point i regret taking the membership.

  17. It is disappointing that while we still have COVID surges and the Delta variant is becoming more common, mask rules are not enforced in your lounge even among employees. In under one hour I have seen (without even trying) one front desk employee and two housekeeping employees with exposed noses, and at least six customers with uncovered faces while not “actively eating or drinking” as specified in your standards. Please take this seriously and help us protect one another. The pandemic is not over.

  18. How are we expected to reach customer service for the Sky Lounge membership if hold times for the call center are 3-6 hours?! There is no email address or chat! Are we expected to wait until we have an actual flight and address this in the airport lounge when the purpose of it is to be stress-free? Do better Delta.

  19. I purchased a sky club account in February of last year, $50 a month, and then immediately stopped traveling due to COVID. I continue have to call to try to cancel this membership, never used it, never stepped foot into a club, not been traveling for over a year…..there is no way to get in touch with anyone from Delta Sky Club, regardless of which Delta number you talk to. They also make sure that you cannot challenge this on a credit card. They give you no way online to cancel your membership. only change to a credit card, even then, if you change to a card that has less than $50.00 credit they will deny that card use. They know what they are doing, but is it legal? I have over $500 of charges from Delta for the sky club even though those clubs were closed for the better part of last year and I’ve never stepped foot in one.

  20. Larry Shealy Reply

    I received information that my SkyClub account is suspended. In the website I tried to access the membership page to change the card or see what the problem is. All I get is this posting:
    “Please note, this third-party content may not meet the accessibility standards followed by Delta Air Lines.’ There is no way to access further to manage the membership.

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