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Contact David Jones: Find below customer service details of David Jones, Australia, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
David Jones Pty Ltd
86-108 Castlereagh Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Customer Service
Phone: 1800 354 663
Phone: +612 9266 6424
Email: [email protected]

About David Jones
David Jones is a popular department store chain in Australia, founded in the year 1838. Operating as a subsidiary of Woolworths Holdings Ltd, David Jones employs more than 7,000 and manages operations from its headquarters at Melbourne, Australia. Currently, the brand is found in more than 45 locations across the country. Products that can be shopped include cosmetics, apparel, homeware, food and furniture. Besides Australia, David Jones also operates stores in New Zealand. Use the store locator on the website to locate nearest David Jones outlet.

Founded by Welsh merchant David Jones, the department store chain is said to be one of the oldest in the world. Besides brick and mortar stores, David Jones also operates an ecommerce channel where products can be shopped at the fingertip. Product categories found include apparel, shoes, bags, watches, sunglasses, hats, suitcases, cosmetics, home furnishings, kitchenware, bed linen, small/big appliances, audio accessories, smartphones, computers, TVs, cameras, to name a few.

The Sale section on the website lists items available on bargain. As for price, description and other details, you will find all product pages having detailed information on same. Purchases on the website can be done using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and PayPal. Installment options are also available for shoppers. Delivery options are revealed during checkout. You have standard, express as well as same day delivery options.

As for returns, most products carry a 30 day return policy. You can return at store or through post. Are you a regular shopper? Become a David Jones Member to enjoy a number of benefits. Members can earn and redeem reward points on all purchases. Have a special occasion coming? Buy David Jones gift cards to gift to friends or family. The David Jones gift cards can be used instore or online.

Explore the Career section on the website to know the current opportunities and recruitment. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, refund, careers, or others, reach the David Jones support.


  1. Vanessa Haarsma Reply

    I wanted to say how wonderful the service was that myself and my daughter received at David Jones West Lakes by Annie in the Lingerie Dept on 04/12/22.

    My daughter had to get a pair of bra’s for her school graduation and this was also the first pair she was getting (my daughter is 11) so she was very embarrassed.

    Annie was so empathetic and kind and put my daughter at ease. She was also very knowledgeable and due to her professional service we also bought a sports bra for my daughter as well.

    Annie is a true credit to your organisation, and I have already spoken to people I know about the exceptional service we received.

  2. I agree with the Luz thing. I just wanted to talk to lingerie dept and could not. This world is stressful enough and no human contact is not customer service. You need to address this issue or you will lose valuable customers

  3. I was shopping at David Jones City store Sydney on Sunday, 13/2/2022 and was very disappointed to find that courtesy chairs were not readily available in the store. I am a person with a disability who is easily fatigued and need to rest. I was tempted to sit on one of the display boxes but luck I found a seat near the Country Road register where I was able to sit ,rest and re-gain my energy. It is disappointing that a place to rest while shopping is not easy to find making shopping somewhat less enjoyable and think if shopping elsewhere would be a better experience.

  4. Karen Carter Reply

    I have been trying to ask for a refund for over 3 weeks. The Sneakers I ordered over 8 weeks ago still have not arrived. They are now paid in full. The Customer Service Team keep saying “we will get back to you today” and nothing. The same email is sent with the same wording from Customer Service from different states on locating the parcel. Nothing. Having been a loyal customer of David Jones since inception and before then Aherns it is hard to believe that this is the end result. The talking robot Liz really needs to go. So not helpful in so many ways. Such a shame that I feel I need to move my support and order elsewhere online.

  5. I originally bought & paid for a Dyson Stick vacuum cleaner from the David Jones store at Castle Hill,
    None were available at said store but on searching the assistant found one at Macquarie Centre, which was put on hold, two weeks went by and no delivery, I subsequently found that it had been sold.
    I rang Customer Service to enquire about the transaction and was connected with a lady who’s name is Lisa, I have to say Lisa not only found the non existent purchase information but rang me twice to follow up with her findings, her manner was exemplary, such a pleasant person to deal with who then found another model which suited me much better and also had one on hand, organised the paperwork no fuss, I hope the powers that be take my comment further and let her know her worth to David Jones.

  6. I would like to make a comment regarding your ‘impersonable’ virtual assistant ‘Liz’.
    I believe this concept to be totally impersonable, useless and a complete waste of time.
    After speaking to ‘Liz’ every single time I phone I am put on hold for a minimum of 15 minutes, only then to be disconnected by the operator.
    Wanting to call regarding a product or item in store at Westfield Bondi Junction- ‘forget it’ as one customer said to me in the lift last week.
    I can drive to Bondi Junction in the time it takes me to get to connect with someone within that store.
    Where has David Jones customer service gone.
    I have been a DJ’s customer for almost 50 years, and spent thousands of dollars there.
    I think you should give Virtual ‘Liz’ the flick and hire someone who has the time to listen and attend to your customers needs.

  7. Hi I’ve called multiple times and sent multiple emails, my gift registry is over a month late, and no-one has contacted me about it. I’ve tried to explain in my emails that I’ve received only one item that doesn’t even match anything on my gift registry. I’ve called every day for over a month to explain and have been left on hold for over an hour each time. Of all the emails I sent, I got one back to say my items have been delievered. When they haven’t been! I’d really appreciate just some type of response, just an email with an expected date or explain what’s happened to my registry?!?!

  8. Erica Van Der Heyden Reply

    I too cannot explain how many phone calls have been involved and I really just want to say that the introduction of Liz, the Virtual assistant is not a good idea to put it mildly!!!!!! I have been told that this is just a new Amazon concept introduced and it has had some teething problems and I am sure that the call volume of customer phone traffic must be exacerbating the issue but really!
    Despite talking slowly, she on so many occasions has not been able to understand my directions and I have been forwarded to the children’s wear, accessories department when all I was saying was the kitchen department. When it did locate a store number I was then put on hold to listen to annoying music for sometimes up to 20+ minutes before a flustered female assistant from another department tried to help me. This service is shocking…..Today 3/4/2020 at the age of 70+ & being asked to isolate (corona virus) I had to travel 30 minutes to Castle Hill store to purchase a necessary item…….Which may I add cost me $400 (Air purifier/humidifier…..respiratory problems) to keep their business afloat & deal with some arrogant female assistant. Shape up D J’s & please take your customers/feedback seriously.

  9. Melissa Anderson Reply

    Good morning. I have been encouraged to write a constructive review concerning my recent experience trying to contact various DJ stores on my hunt for Taylor’s of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast tea.
    This tea is often hard to source here in Newcastle , shopping at the Kotara store , but the last few days the challenge has been elevated substantially. I appreciate that things are more difficult in these unchartered retail times of the Coronavirus but …….
    It has taken me HOURS over the last four days to finally place an order that is now thankfully being posted to me . Had I not a tenacious personality and been a loyal DJ shopper I would have taken my business elsewhere in total frustration.
    I cannot explain how many phone calls have been involved and I really just want to say that the introduction of Liz, the. Virtual assistant is not a good idea to put it mildly!!!!!! I have been told that this is just a new concept introduced and it has had some teething problems and I am sure that the call volume of customer phone traffic must be exacerbating the issue but really!
    Despite talking slowly, she on so many occasions has not been able to understand my directions and I have been forwarded to the formal wear, suits, accessories department when all I was saying was the food department ( I gave up saying tea) . When it did locate a store number I was then put on hold to listen to music for sometimes up to 15 minutes before a flustered phone operator would try to help me.
    In the past I could simply google a store number , find the specific number and phone the site direct, saving time and then because I was NOT relying on speech recognition, the real person answering the call would just simply transfer me to the department I needed or take my contact details and they would ring me back..It worked beautifully. Now the only guarantee there is, is that of frustration and the feeling of going around in distinct circles. When I eventually ( more luck than good management) got to speak to some staff, they either told me to buy online or use live chat. This product can’t be found online- however various stores around Sydney do have it. I eventually could access the overloaded live chat and I found this to be useless and so the roundabout started again.
    I am happy to say that eventually I located the number of a lady called Kelly who works in the food department at Parramatta. She had given us this direct number years ago when we were buying this tea in the Parramatta store. I rang the store, she promptly returned my call, located the tea and posted it to us. KELLY is just amazing- she knows her stock, she is reliable and her commitment to make customers happy is to be commended. Without her help, I would have finally accepted defeat and shopped elsewhere.
    Please take this feedback and fine tune this virtual assistant. I’m sure hat my experience has been made worse by these unusual times but in order for department stores to survive in these hard economic times I feel that people want to talk to a person, wherever possible . Virtual assistants controlled by clever technology leave so much to be desired and although they may be more economical in reference to staffing wages, eventually they will cost you sales as people go elsewhere. I shop with DJ because of the service and quality. However if the service of competent sales assistants is no longer available I will stop being loyal and I will access quality goods somewhere else.
    Please compliment and reward Kelly of Parramatta- she is a great advertisement for your store.

  10. I spent 22 minutes on hold was asked 3 times for the store and department I wanted to speak to and was hung up on by ‘whoever’ answered the phone! I know i’ll get better service doing it myself online.

    Shocking customer service!

    Never again!

  11. Carol Drovandi Reply

    My husband chose a lovely pair of slacks in the Pacific Fair store. These were beautiful high quality pure Australian wool slacks that are crease resistant. The cost was $250. His size was not available so we sourced them from the Bondi store, paid over the phone and gave delivery instructions. The parcel arrived but we were so disappointed with how they were packaged. The slacks were not wrapped in tissue or respected in any way. We opened the plastic post bag and there they were, just floating around in there, all crumpled and looking like a rag. Why was this item not treated the same as if we purchased it over the counter? The young girl who we spoke with on the phone was very difficult to understand and we feel she was not trained properly. Why would anyone just throw an expensive garment into a very loose plastic bag? Most unsatisfactory and I hope this message gets through to the staff training area.

  12. Rita Whitley Reply

    I was most disappointed this Christmas that you did not have the David Jones rolls of christmas wrap. There were a few rolls but must have been last years stock. I always buy it as it is good quality paper. I do hope it returns this christmas . Please..

  13. I have to say I am really disappointed by David Jones for selling me a pair of WORN shoes. I made the order of more than 700 AUD but got the shoes that have been worn by other people before. No one even contacted me after I sent the email and no one can gave me the explanation.

  14. Hi David Jones! I’ve recently received your promotion emails giving me birthday discount to let me shopping from your online store or in store. I used my user login as usual and placed the order online yesterday after 6pm and I found my delivery address didn’t come up street name, but I went back to check my account, the address was correct. So that’s the system error, I tried to contact customer service but your department closed after 6pm, so I called again today 9am. One of your customer service lady call Sara, she’s so rude and said they can’t update home address as they got thousands of orders and packages, won’t be able to find out. I need to wait for them to dispatch and give me the tracking number and I can contact postoffice to update my home address. I said if you guys feel thousands of package is hard, then in postoffice will be more than thousands packages!! How’s my job to do all this follow up in stead of the package still in your end!!? Then she said it’s your fault didn’t update the address!! Excuse me???! How’s my fault I used your system to login and placed order and it just gone though without saying any error notification?! Seriously!! I won’t buy anything from you again David Jones!! And I’ll definitely make complaints to fairtrade embarrassment if my package is lost!!!!

  15. Margaret McMillen Reply

    I would like to inform you of my utmost disappointment in the closing of the Café on level 3 David Jones Hornsby NSW store. I have been a very loyal customer of David Jones for approximately 35 years. My husband and I went to the Café almost every day, sometimes for morning tea and other times for lunch. The food was perfect and the entire staff were wonderful. The location was perfect as well. I feel no consideration was given to the customers on making this decision. It was all about the dollar. Sometimes it is nice to put the customer first.

  16. Hi there, I have been trying to place an order for 3 days now online
    But won’t let me and just wanted to ask if there is something wrong with the website. I recited Emails about go to check out on your items but when I do my items aren’t there. I have tried click and collect also delivery but nothing is working. My daughter said it could be a limit of spending??
    I’m not sure

  17. For the past 4 months I have the worst possible experience with DJ.
    I have spent over 15 hours on calls – BTW , the 1800 number refuses to deal with anything else but online sales.
    With “Contact Us” form – this has been going on for months. Started with a simple request for a copy of receipt (purchased in 2016).
    I still don’t have the receipt, I am now trying to log a complaint with DJ internal process before I go to ACCC and I still can’t get through to anyone.
    I am close to just going to the Elizabeth Store and sitting there in front of the manager’s office

  18. I have a parcel delivered by Australia Post (label I/D 44PDJ3127591) to the address shown but the addressee does not reside at the premises. The addressee is one “F. Lewis” and the delivery address is 25 Rob Roy Street, Glen Waverley, Vic 3150. Please advise what action can be taken to amend the situation. Please also acknowledge receipt of this message as it appears that sent last Wednesday was not received.

  19. I recently visited David Jones Marion to buy a gift from a bridal shower registry, I asked a woman working in the store and she said yes as a customer earlier in the day had it done for them and she sent me to the customer care counter. Once there I asked the ladies behind the counter if they could print the gift registry out for me but they said No we don’t do that anymore, I said then how are we supposed to know what to buy ,as not everyone has access to a computer or printer. One of the ladies said “ don’t you have a smart phone “ I replied yes but I’m not very savvy with it , she replied well we don’t have a computer or printer anymore for you to use. My daughter and I proceeded to try find the gift registry on my phone and when we found it there were about 4 pages to scroll through. We went back to the kitchen department to try find some of the things on the list when one of the women that was at customer care counter came to me and said I will try to help you because I do know how to use a smart phone you know ! She made me feel stupid with that comment and it wasn’t necessary. After a few minutes she got another person to help us out as she was in a hurry that’s when I found out she was a supervisor. Her customer care was very unpleasant,my daughter and I were not impressed, however the lady who helped us find a gift was absolutely wonderful. I’m usually not one to complain but thought I had to say something and also when a gift registry is in a store like David Jones it cant be that hard for the store to help out by printing a copy for a customer. Thankyou for taking the time to read this.

  20. Dear Sir/Madam,
    For many years I enjoyed eating at David Jones cafe Garden City, Booragoon. I like to support it.
    The nos of clientele have dropped dramatically over the last few yrs and I believe this is due to the service and inexperienced kitchen staff.
    Last April I took the young grandchildren shopping and then to The DJ’s cafe for morning tea and ordered hot cross buns,I said I would like them warmed. When they arrived at the table they were all squashed flat after being in a sandwich press. I spoke to the staff and they said they were short staffed and had to get people in from other departments. The kids could not eat them them properly, so hard.
    Then in August I met two friends at the cafe, asked for our coffees to come after the lunch. We all ordered together. Coffees were delivered to us first then one order at a time at least 10 mins apart. Glenys told me she had given the place a miss after a few negative experiences. She felt the store was trying to run it down?
    Last week on Wed morning 9.1.2019 I took my grandson up to the cafe for lunch. I ordered a toasted tomato and cheese sandwich. It came to us completely flattened, been pressed down in a sandwich press, like two pieces of cardboard. He is 5yrs and it was not pleasant to eat,I tried it too, as I said the bread flattened so hard and overcooked.
    I looked around and saw that about 9 tables had people at them, including ours. It was almost 12 noon. Out of curiosity I passed Miss Maudes and the place was full.
    The DJs cafe was the place to go,not long ago.
    I am sure you sold more cakes when you had the cake display, seeing what you might buy. That is gone and it is just order off the menu.
    For a very loyal customer from the past, and was trying to be again, I am sadly disappointed after each experience.
    Please respond to my letter as I have taken the time.
    Best regards,

  21. Bruce L Mc Dermott Reply

    EXCELLENT service , answered the phone clearly and understandbly , no unclear foreign accents just quick and concise service what DJs are famous for , i am finding the Indian and Phillipino accents are difficult to understand and these individuals do not have the nouse and patience needed and they often talk just to hear their own voice , Dillon at the City mens jeans Store was very good when i purchased an item

    • Priscilla Van Reply

      Today I had the pleasure of having the most delightful Sales Consultant help me in the Glasses Department at David Jones Adelaide. I walked in not familiar with the store and coming from interstate a little out of touch and into the store to purchase some reading glasses having broken my previous glasses on this trip from Melbourne.

      The sales person was Maria. She was very busy with the stocktaking but could see I needed assistance. Came over and helped me find a pair of reading glasses. She was insightful knowledgeable and had incredible customer know how. This is it. I felt like I had some personalised service come back from the yesteryear.

  22. I was extremely fortunate last Tuesday to have stumbled across Dina in the Lingerie Department.
    David Jones is so lucky to havesuch a wonderful, caring employee who spent much undivided time with me and made me feel so comfortable about my body.
    What a gem she is,
    Many thanks Dina

  23. Mary Roberts Reply

    Very disappointed with TOTAL lack of service. Have tried several times to get through at both Southland and Chadstone re a specific product enquiry and each time the phone has cut out or I have been hung up on. Don’t think I will continue the relationship with DJ’s and in fact will return what I bought (because I was given wrong colour) and make my purchase elsewhere. Tried to support local company to no avail. If this is response now goodness knows what it will be like in coming weeks leading up to Christmas.

  24. Effie Gacomi Reply

    Today I was shopping at David Jones Miranda Westfields and patiently waiting at your Lancôme counter, in line to be serviced next by ( Lancôme representative named Helen) when she rudely ignored me and went to serve another Asian lady whom she claimed was waiting before me. I can assure you that this lady was not in line to be serviced, I did not see her anywhere near the counter and I was waiting for a while. When my friend informed her she was rude and not professional conduct from a sales assistant she said that it would not take long. I have been a very loyal good customer of Lancôme as from today this will change. I am very disappointed of this incident and hope that this is taken seriously if you want me to shop at David Jones, as I thought customer service was a priority at your store. Thank you.

    • Erica Van Der Heyden Reply

      Well said Effie & I applaud you for your honesty. I visited D J’s at Castle Hill today 3/4/2020 & made a phone call the day before regards a product. Found the conversation very rushed/Kurt. My experience today when the store was very quiet (corona virus) lacked good communication & service by a lady named Shirley. I have tried repeatedly to contact D J’s head office to no avail for feedback & the annoying Liz at Virtual Assistance (operator). Sadly I am not sure how much longer I can shop there…..especially after a service of loyalty 30+ years. I have personally addressed this frustrating issue with D J’s customer service Castle Hill….told to send off a constructive feedback to no avail. Appalling!!!!

  25. Catherine Schumacher Reply

    I was very disappointed at the Christmas shopping evening when the advertisement stated 15% off full priced fashion and 25% off when usinfg your DJ’s card. Disappointment came when purchasing a pair of Sportscraft pants only to be told that this brand was not included in the sale. There was NO exclusion brands adverised. I would have travelled to Myers being closer for my purchase.

  26. Hazel Myers Reply

    I am having a frustrating time with David Jones
    and wish to discuss the problem with someone
    who can fix the problem. All I keep hearing is excuses
    and when I rang 1800354663 was told I was onto the
    online shopping and he only wanted to tell me what I did wrong.

    • I need to complain about customer service in Robina ..most lazy rude self righteous staff specially in the appliance area ..I rang for a quote for a dryer ask if they could email as I was not well enough to go in …I had ring back 2 days again to be told they don’t do that ..due to the Covid and had a immune system that requires me to not go out when not well ..u think ..but they were lazy rude selfish Robina store goldcoast …..totally unacceptable and hung up on me …these staff are what’s killing sales and putting people from shopping there …talked with others on living around ..they too noticed and try not to go in there…….shame on them just needed a price quote emailed to give for financial place which pay them directly

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