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Contact Country Inns & Suites: Find below customer service details of Country Inns & Suites By Carlson, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers an overview of the hotel chain and its services. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
701 Carlson Parkway
Minnetonka, MN 55305, USA
Phone: +1 763 212-5000

Customer Service
Phone: +1 800 830-5222 (US/Canada)
Phone: +1 800 964-7905
Phone: +1 800 600-7275

International Contacts
France: 00-800-456-40000
Germany: + 353 1 7060269
India: + 1800-1800-456
UK: 0800-973-217
Others: + 001-800-456-40000

About Country Inns & Suites By Carlson
country-inn-suitesCountry Inns & Suites By Carlson is a leading hotel chain with close to 1,370 hotels in more than 110 countries. The network of hotels are located centrally and stay perfect for leisure or business. They also offer basic amenities such as free Internet, fitness centers, swimming pools, complimentary breakfast, among others.

Headquartered in Minnesota, US, the brand is owned and operated by the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. The other associate brands include Quorvus Collection, Radisson Blu, Radisson, Radisson Red, Park Plaza and Park Inn.

Within the US, Country Inn & Suites can be found in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, among others. Internationally, it is found in Canada, Costa Rica, India and Panama.

Guests can search and reserve rooms directly on the website. A Country Inn & Suites hotel can be searched by city, state, airport or address. The search results provide details of rooms, price and discounts. Basic amenities such as breakfast, Internet, LCD television, refrigerator, coffeemaker and speaker phones are available with most room types.

Note that a credit card is required to make a reservation online. Further, guests can login on the website to view or manage their bookings. Changes to existing reservation can also be made online. The cancellation policies displayed during the reservation confirmation process has details of fees and refund.

Do you frequently travel? Register for Club Carlson rewards programme to enjoy a range of benefits. Members receive exclusive access to deals, free Internet, free award nights and points on every dollar spent. The points earned can be redeemed for new booking, room upgrades and more. The programme comes in four tiers – Red, Silver, Gold and Concierge. There is also Club Carlson Visa credit cards for increased benefits and privileges. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, or other queries, reach the Country Inns & Suites customer service.

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  1. $285 for 2 nights. Breakfast consisted of microwavable biscuits, nutri grain, cinnamon roll, an orange, and a drink, all in a bag. So much for what I was told. Not impressed.

    Now the pool is closed. I specifically asked about the type of breakfast served and the pool being open. I am disabled and saved a good while so I could take my kids to the zoo. We searched everywhere for the best place. I was lied to at the cost of $285 and a ruined trip for a 4 and 11 yr old. The breakfast in a bag was disgusting and pool was closed, contrary to every thing I was told. Something is wrong with this picture.

    t was a Country Inn, Pearl Mississippi.
    Confirmation r2482786434

  2. My family and I booked a 2 room stay at the Country Inn and Suites here in Kenosha, Wi for a little spring break “stay-cation” for the kids.
    We had a horrific experience.
    We understood the pool regulations implemented for COVID-19 and agreed to abide by them. We did our part, but the staff did not do theirs to ensure my family’s protection and did NOT have health and safety measures as their top priority.
    Our experience was, to say the least, awful and as past patrons of the hotel, we surely will not go back there due to the general manager “Kevin ” flat out telling us (my mother visiting from Maryland and myself) to find a different hotel when we addressed our concerns after our stay via email. Very unprofessional. I would love to trust other Country Inn and Suites aren’t all like that, but I don’t think I will ever step foot in one again unless it’s a free stay. P

  3. Ed Brandon Reply

    I and my wife stayed in a country inn and suites at Bolivar Missouri we were very dissatisfied with it we ask for a handicap room we did not get one and we had to slide the bed side ways to be able to get the wheel chair in the bath room and there was just barely any room to get it in the bathroom.. my wife had to sit on the toilet side ways and inside the room by the door at the top the paper was coming off of the sheetrock the carpet had a big piece tore out of it in front of the door i feel i was way over charged it cost me a $ 156 something for two nights if i knew it was going to be that bad i would have went someplace else i was going to stay at the super 8 but they didnt have any rooms until i was leaving to go home and super 8 was cheaper to for two senior citizens and a whole lots nicer rooms..

  4. Stayed at The County inn and suites in Paducah KY April 6th. The faucets in the tub and sink dripped all night and when I went in there to try to stop them I noticed the tub hadn’t been cleaned. There was a bunch of long black hair in the tub. Obviously we weren’t going to shower in there. When I mentioned it to the clerk at checkout she put it back on me for not looking in the tub when we checked in. She said she evens pulls down the bed to check the sheets so I guess she thinks it was my fault ?

  5. Vickie Lafon Reply

    Stayed at your hotel in Richmond VA March 27, 2021.
    There were no phone in the room to call front desk.
    I had a king suite with sofa bed. I had me and my 2 daughters. So one is gonna sleep on sofa bed, but no pillows for the sofa bed. And you guessed it after going to front desk the manager said they had no extra pillows. Come on now. Breakfast if there ever was any was put away by 9 00 am. I paid 160.74 for this crappy room. If you rely on recommendations from your customers, it appears its not gonna happen. Awful for that kind of money.

  6. I had reservations at County Inn & Suites, Houston Intercontinental Airport East, Tx on Friday March19-21. I paid for this room in April the front desk clerked called March 19th at 4:30 and told me they didn’t have any more clean rooms. I asked her what did she mean she didn’t have any clean rooms and how long was it going to take them to clean a room. She said well we don’t have any rooms available so I said what does that have to do with the room I’ve paid for she said that’s why I’m calling we don’t have anymore rooms so I asked to speak with a manager the clerk told me she was the only one there and the manager won’t be in until Monday. I asked her so you mean to tell me you are the only one working so what if there is a problem like what you have now not having the room ready I paid for she said I’m sorry we don’t have any room. Then about 45 mins later I had to call them and tell them to refund my money this is ridiculous..

  7. I booked a stay At the Country Inn & Suites in Phoenix Arizona And have to say I’m quite disappointed. Trash all throughout the parking lot trashing in the hallways. And one of the biggest surprises Having a shuttle bus But they don’t use it during the busiest time of the week which is the weekend! When I asked for shuttle service To pick up a Rental car At the airport they told me they could call me a cab And the rooms are okay But haven’t seen a cleaning person in 2 days And it’s really sad to see that a corporation like this Doesn’t try to take better care of their property.

  8. My husband recently booked this hotel due to our home being destroyed beyond our control and is currently having work done. Unfortunately, we have 2 children who attend a private school in Wilson and I am a nurse who commutes to Greenville nightly. He was told that we could not stay there due to we are residents of Wilson. Our adjuster of our insurance company even called to speak with her and we were still turned away. Its crazy that in these days of a pandemic a nurse and a disabled veteran cannot even get the manager to call corporate and see if there was anything that could be done. I sacrifice every day for strangers and he sacrificed for the country in which we live in and your manager couldn’t even sacrifice to see if we could have somewhere to sleep. May God Bless you! #Karma

  9. Made a reservation at the Country inn and suites in Youngstown West. The customer service was horrible and decided to stay elsewhere. I arrived to check in Larry at the front counter immediately said it was going to be a wait. I let him know my travel plan had change because of a death in the family from3 days to 1 day. He made me aware we will be change for 3 days regardless of the length of stay. A manager would have to authorize a refund for the 2 additional days. Literally had to choice between paying for 2 days of stay and seeing a sick family in the hospital. Larry had zero flexibility on changing me check out. I’ve changed me check out day at many hotels with no problems. By far the worst experience at a hotel ever.

  10. I am presently at the country inn and suites in Merrillville Ind. The room gross with large stains on the carpet and when I opened the fridge to put my water in it I almost vomited at the sight of the inside. I called the front and there is no answer

  11. I just wanted to let you know we had a great stay at Country inn and suites 9th street, Salina, Kansas. We had outstanding service by an employee by the name of Stephen who I felt went went above and beyond customer service in accommodating us as we left at 4:00 am in the morning. His kindness was much appreciated. When I said “Thank you so much” he said “That’s okay I love this hotel.” It was so refreshing to meet someone who took such pride in his work and was so polite and friendly.

  12. Connie Larson Reply

    I checked in to the Madison location the room and property are clean but there main reason I booked was the complimentary shuttle to the airport. When I tried to schedule my shuttle I was told that they wouldn’t be done driving other people somewhere and that I needed to give them a 24 hour advance notice I was told this was stated on the website I looked and can’t find where it says that plus if check in is at 3:00 and my flight is at 10:45 which means I need to be there by 8:45 how am I supposed to give 24 hour notice second of all they were a little rude about it and third there are no fans for the bathrooms so everyone is smelling what’s going on in there I usually love my stays at the country inn and suites but this time I was aggravated and disappointed

  13. Rodney Cate Reply

    The front desk person at this hotel was abysmal. When asked about printing boarding passes, he brusquely answered “no”. Then, when I asked if informational material concerning hotel services was available, he again simply answered “no”. He didn’t bother to ask if he could help us with information or anything else. If this is the modus operandi of your other hotels, I will not bother to stay at one again..

  14. Deatrica Williams Pullens Reply

    I’m not sure of your current hotel standards, but your Bessemer, AL location surely is not it, I pray. The rooms had a stale odor, the bedding had burn holes, the rooms were dirty, filthy, need to be dusted, carpets need to be cleaned. I have stayed at other country inn and suites locations and I must say this has been the worst. I understand they are all owned by different franchisees but I know there’s a level of standard that comes with your brand. I pray someone makes a strong recommendation to get this hotel up to standard.

  15. Darlene Schnatz Reply

    Thank you so much for providing this service. i searched the internet in vain for a customer service number for Country Inn & Suites and was so thankful to find the information here.

  16. Diane Gendrow Reply

    I reserved a room at your hotel several weeks in advance. It was one of the ‘whirlpool’ rooms.
    We had family matters to attend to in the Greensboro area over the weekend. It did not matter where we stayed: The only reason we chose that hotel was the whirlpool room. The only reason !!

    When we arrived, I was told the whirlpool rooms were not working.
    There was no indication on the booking receipt, nor did I receive a phone call or an email from the hotel or anyone else to notify me of this. So, I was forced to pay (with taxes & deposit) $196 for a room Saturday night–for no reason !!

    All phone calls and email messages are left unanswered.
    Stay away from this hotel, not worth the money..

  17. Mike Beisch Reply

    Re: Country Inn &Suites by Radisson Rochester Minnesota. This place is in serious need of attention!! Horrible stay! We have traveled a lot and this place was the worst experience ever .
    1) Advertised heated pool. NOT HEATED 2) Ice machines broken on 2 out of the 3 floors 3) FIRST ROOM assigned had not been cleaned as of 5:15 p.m. Had to request a different room. 4) Room carpet filthy and stained. Turned white socks black. 5) Found old half eaten food under bed skirt. 6) Fire alarm went off at 3:40 a.m.. Lights on system did not work, never saw any staff to aid anyone. (Guests helped a handicapped women in wheel chair down 3 flights of stairs.) WAS TOLD BY FIRE DEPARTMENT it was safe to go back to our room. NEVER SAW STAFF.. WAS TOLD 3 HOURS LATER SYSTEM SHORTED OUT DUE TO RAIN (.23″). ENDANGERED UNKNOWING GUESTS BECAUSE SYSTEM WAS STILL NOT OPERATING 3 PLUS HOURS LATER(FIRE DOORS BEING HELD OPEN WITH TOWELS). Shows guest safety and fire codes mean nothing. WAS TOLD Rudely, BY person at desk it’s a 20 year old building and was an act of God. No pride shown in this hotel upkeep, or staff!!!

  18. Sandra Pitzer Reply

    Our daughter-in-law called and made a reservation for herself and her family for the Comfort Inn in Salisbury, MD. The clerk did not give her a confirmation number, just told her a confirmation would be sent to her email. Myself and her parents also made reservations at this hotel. When my daughter-in-law called to verify her reservation, she was told that she had none and the hotel was booked. Jacob was very indifferent and did not even offer an apology for their apparent error. Nor did he offer to find her another hotel room ion the area. Subsequently, I also called and spoke with Jacob to cancel my reservation since I was not staying at a hotel who could not accommodate my son and his family when the mistake was truly done by your staff. I also spoke with Jacob who was nothing less than a jerk about the whole matter. I am sure that your company is so large that you could care less about this happening, but in reading other complaints, apparently this happens all of the time. My husband and I travel frequently and after this fiasco and the indifference displayed by your staff, my first choice will never be Comfort Suites.

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