Contact of Citi Field (New York) customer service

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Contact Citi Field: Find below customer service details of Citi Field, New York, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the baseball stadium and its services. Reach the Citi Field customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

120-01 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY 11368
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 646-438-5000
Phone: 718-507-TIXX (tickets office)
Phone: 718-559-3178 (lost and found)
Email: [email protected] (tickets)
Email: [email protected] (merchandise)

About Citi Field
Citi Field customer serviceCiti Field is a baseball stadium located in Flushing, New York. Opened in the year 2009, Citi Field is owned and operated by New York Mets and can accommodate up to 42,000 guests. Home to MLB’s New York Mets, the seating categories consist of Field Level, Excelsior LEvel and Promenade Level. There are also 54 luxury suites (10 Sterling Suites, 39 Empire Suites and 5 Empire Party Suites). Guests looking for clubs and restaurants have Delta Sky360 Lounge, Delta Sky360 Club, Hyundai Club, Acela Club, Foxwoods Club and Promenade Club. Citi Field has close to 8,300 parking spaces for those visiting the venue with their own vehicles. There are 5 parking lots within the fence line of Citi Field.

All gates and ticket windows open 2 hours prior to the game. Tickets can be purchased at the Ticket Office, at kiosks located outside the ballpark, through phone or Internet. Tickets online can be purchased using MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and Mets Gift Card. Tickets are non-refundable. For visitors with limited mobility, there are over 800 wheelchair-accessible seat locations. Use the seat map online to locate your seat. Lost something? The Citi Field Lost and Found Office is located in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. Looking for merchandise? Visit the online store here to shop your favourite jerseys, caps, memorabilias or others. For more information or queries on tickets, payment, refund, parking, lost and found items, or others, reach the Citi Field customer service.

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  1. I attended the Dead & Co concert on 6/23 and I missed the first 3 songs because there was one security guard blocking the ticket entrance because he wanted us to go in a different gate. Instead of making an announcement to the group he kept people waiting in line for many minutes just to tell us to walk away. I tried to casually walk past since it wasn’t even a real gate entrance and he freaked out and said to get back in line. Then, at the end of the concert, we had to walk so far to get a lyft ride pick-up and it wasn’t even a real pick-up section there were people there, but no cars, and the cops had the lanes blocked off. Citi field did a terrible job managing the crowd and seemed under-staffed and unorganized.

  2. Jessica Rivera Reply

    Citified is the worst they sponsor things and encourage children to accomplish things then they don’t follow threw with their word! I’m highly upset and my children are disappointment,they were offered two complementary tickets by citifield to go see a Mets game if they read 600 minutes for their school, which my children read way over, we got the tickets and the day of the game it rained so they postponed it, now they won’t reissue us the tickets and we can’t choose a different game they said we just lost the tickets, like it was our fault that it rained, you will reissue bought tickets but you won’t reissue complementary tickets to children who have accomplished a goal. Shame on you citifield and the Mets for representing this and discouraging children!!!


    I attended the Dead and Co concert on 6/17/18. I was seated in section 109. I am writing because the Citified house security person located in that section was rude and bossy to the attendees because he seemed as if his conversations with his friends were being interrupted . Also, the ladies room in the section was shut down by the personnel in that section. We were instructed to go the further bathroom – section 1117? – and then they came to that ladies room, again instructing the ladies to go to restroom in another area. They locked the door while people were in the restroom. Again, they were rude and bossy….not to be questioned.

    As a New Yorker who has attended many games and events at both Shea and Citified, I think you guys can do better when it comes to Customer Service skills, They guy at the top of Section 109 was an older person who should know that custeosy is a requirement of a successful venue.

  4. Dear Citifield,
    I appreciate that you are concerned with fans’ safety and have security personnel in place with thorough bag checks. However, is it possible to have a lost/found area where confiscated items can be picked up after the game? The item (key chain) that was taken away was a gift and it would have been so helpful if there was an option to retrieve it after it was taken. Thank you very much!

  5. My family was at the game on Saturday 4/14, and i ha e today that the service was terrible. We waited on numerous lines to get food for over 30 minutes in which the lines never moved. The last line again waiting 30 minutes to get horrible service and the attendant not knowing what she was selling ( all of which was hotdogs) then to pay $38.00 for cold food… my wife and i have been Mets fans for as long as we can remember and probably will be the last time we come to a game this season… very disappointing

  6. Ginnie Juarez Reply

    Good morning,
    As a long time Mets fan, I am proud to call Citi Field home to the Mets. However, it boggles my mind that the food stands are consistently understaffed and completely unprepared. On opening day fans had to wait 45 minutes to purchase food and beverage items. I was on line (and not a long line) and it took 40 minutes to purchase french fries, which were undercooked and soggy probably because staff was rushing to get the food out. The food queues were not filled, which meant nothing was ready, staff was scrambling and fans were miserable. And this is the norm, not just opening day as I share season tickets and am at the stadium often. My daughter has celiac disease and we were thrilled that Citi Field has a GF stand. Except there is only one person who works there and we have to sometimes wait an entire inning to be served. The ice cream situation is even worse. Part of the baseball experience is the food. Fans should not have to spend an entire inning standing on line. Given the outrageous price of food, there would be no reason not to have the food stands fully staffed and for the Mets organization to hire competent managers to see they are running efficiently.
    Ginnie Juarez

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