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Advancer Ltd
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About ChicMe
ChicMe is an online shopping platform launched in 2014 and part of Geeko Group Ltd. The website deals mostly with women’s clothing and accessories. The website features more than 100,000+ product styles. You can shop by keyword or from the wide range of categories. Products include dresses, tops, outerwear, sweatshirts, tshirts, skirts, jeans, leggings, jumpsuits, swimwear, sneakers, flats, boots, sandals, plus size clothing, lingerie and accessories such as bags, sunglasses and necklaces. There is a Sale section for those looking for discounted items.

Payment for purchases online can be made using major credit cards or PayPal. You will find various sizes and color options. Chic Me ships to cities worldwide. It takes 7-25 business days for products to arrive from the date it is placed. Shoppers may return products within 30 days of delivery for exchange or refund. For more information or queries on payment, cancellation, refund, or others, reach the ChicMe customer service.


  1. If I could give negative stars I would. I placed an order under the intentions my items would arrive by the delivery date shown, which was needed for a trip I was taking. I have yet to receive my order and it’s been almost a month. The tracking status on the website has not been updated in 2 weeks with the last status showing arrival at sort facility. The tracking number provided that is supposed to be for USPS does help either stating no information available for the tracking number. I don’t even want the items anymore I just want my money back and will never order anything from them again. Please be aware of this website.

  2. Ordered a fleece jumper from this company. Dreadful quality! I’m STILL waiting for full refund even though I offered to pay for the return postage! They’re simply not interested?? I will NEVER use this company again.

  3. This is the worst company ever. I will never order from them again. I ordered in November and I only received one item and now they keep saying that they have sent it out. I don’t even want it just refund me. When you contact them the same robot from customer service repeats the same message.

  4. Alesia Mason Reply

    This company is a rip off, I been trying to get a phone number which don’t exist. I placed a $65 order in with ChicMe and now it disappeared and cannot reach anyone to give me answers

  5. My Wife & I too have placed an order with chicme. Sizing is soo off! Materials are awful! Only managed to have one t-shirt out of a very large order of dresses & tops. Have been trying to get a return address to no avail. Have spent a lot of monies & by the look of all these comments I doubt we’ll see a penny of it!! I wish we had read all the comments before as I wouldn’t of ordered from them.

    • It is IMPOSSIBLE to talk with some one. I have been trying to return their merchandise for a refund, they are definitely not about customer service. They do not even care about keeping their buyers happy.

  6. Horrible return policy, they are back and forth with a 10% refund only. I spent $129.00, the clothes are a cheap material and way too large than normal US sizes, they are horrible.

  7. I made sure I put my address in correctly, then I screenshot it. It was correct in the shipping I entered. But, after I entered my pymt info, I got a confirmation. BUT the confirmation had left off the house number of my street, something they also did a year ago, so this time I made sure my address entered was correct & took a picture. It is next to impossible to contact customer service support. I tried to contact them as soon as I saw the address defaulted without the street number, only the street, which was immediately after I paid but since I hadn’t been issued a ticket number yet, I could correct THEIR error.

  8. They will not take returns. They keep offering a discount on my next purchase so the $85.00 I spent on shoes that are so high I can’t get my foot in that position and a dress that said M but didn’t fit like the other 2 mediums I purchased in the same order ( It was gigantic) and they WILL NOT EXCHANGE it for a S. I even offered to pay the shipping charges! They just can’t be bothered with returns. Wish I did some research before ordering so it’s on me that I trusted something not Made in the USA! Ha! DON’T DO IT!!! It was a TOTAL waste!

    • They Do Not Accept Returns! I ordered a dress and it was supposed to be delivered the following Thursday. When it didn’t arrive, I submitted a customer service ticket to cancel the order. The agent confirmed it hadn’t been processed yet (as well as the tracking) and they left a message for me to be patient. I responded the following day and told them a second time I didn’t want to be patient and wanted a refund. The following day, they responded to let me know there would be a processing fee if I canceled of 20%. I accepted the cancellation fee and the next day they left a message that they couldn’t process the cancellation because the order had been processed, which included manual labor, so they had to pay that person. I refuted this and and was then told that the order had been shipped. When I let them know that was unacceptable, they told me to contact them once the item arrived. When the item finally did arrive, it was not the deep orange it was supposed to be, but a neon orange I wouldn’t wear anywhere. I contacted them back and continued to get the run around. They keep trying to give me a small discount on my next purchase and I already told them I would never shop with them again.

  9. Antionette Reply

    This place is a complete rip off. The material is very cheap and the sizes are off. When you try to return they will give you any lie from what their policy said and refuse your return.

  10. Sadly I have also been refused a refund of £179.00 after they make it mere impossible to return anything. And the responses and goodwill are a joke. After the reading all the comments I can see I’m not the only one. Awful this company can get away with this.

  11. The worst material ever just horrible did not even get a shipping label it just came in a FEDEX bag with nothing in it but the clothes so I don’t have anyway of contacting them. Also I didn’t get an email on my merchandise coming or nothing, but you can bet they have taken my money out of my account. I will never shop with them again that is a 178.54 expensive lesson and I did say EXPENSIVE in this economy no one can afford to give any money away!!

    • It seems like Im getting the run around, I just want to return the 2 jumpsuits in my order #01011382774, they are to big and I dont like the fabric. Trying to get the return address.

  12. This company stole 126.00 of my money! I purchased 4 outfits November 2021 and have not received any of them! This is ludicrous and I want some justice!!! They lied and said the package was delivered December 30th, didn’t happen!! I tried contacting someone to no avail! They posted a fake phone number, it’s always busy!!

    • I am having the same issue and can not contact anyone. I am calling the BBB and hopefully can get an answer. I have already advised no one to shop with them.

  13. The quality is spirit Halloween. Nothing looks like the picture…was told to take pictures of item barcode and would send me a return label now COOKIE is telling me that it is to expensive to send back so I’m stuck with $290 of shitty clothes. I will never wear.

  14. I ordered over £200 worth of stuff. I returned what I received back as rubbish quality. But £112 worth of stuff was missing. Even though the delivery covers insurance for the items they send. This was 3 months ago. Customer service tells you it’s the customers fault that it hasn’t arrived. That the customer has to check where it is and organise it. And will refuse a refund. So there not just scammers they have committed theft. As they have not gave you the goods and they have took the money. There is no compassion, no empathy, no helpful people who work there. So I paid £48 of what I received to send it back and not received £112 worth of the clothes and this is still going on for 3 months.

  15. Roxanne De M Reply

    I implore everyone who have been scammed to report them to trading standards. The more reports the better! They are breaking the law and their practices go against the consumer rights act 2015 which states you are entitled to a full refund if a product is not up to the standard as advertised.

  16. Do not order from this company, I ordered
    4 items totalling nearly £70. All came with terrible quality and too big! I went through the returns method (which is ridiculous) the said I had gone over the 7 days I said it says 14 days on t&c they said that was for orders after 24th September. Which I can’t prove. By the I have now been arguing with them for 5 days and past the 14! Offering me credit, I don’t want anything else from that site.

  17. I’m having the same problem, they owe me £65.00 back and I’ve heard nothing from them. Such bad service. Pretty sure this goes against our rights! Not only that, most good companies provide free postage for returns. Never ordering from them again and they deserve as many bad reviews as possible to help stop other people getting ripped off.

    • The website says: 30 days returning policy from a day when customer received the item. I contacted customer service immediately, they offered me 5% back, REFUSED provide return shipping address.

  18. Careful when ordering from website. I have been trying to get my money back from items I returned and they are refusing to give me my money. I have pictures of everything I sent and the tracking number that says it was delivered and now they saying they need the weight to identify the package. Which makes no sense if you have the tracking number and my name and address to identify the package.

  19. How I regret not reading these comments. I am in a battle with ChicMe. I have been trying to get my refund for almost a month now. They have the merchandise and refusing to process my refund. They have my money and the merchandise. This is the worst online site I have ever shopped and I hope people are reading these comments. I wish I did.

  20. This has got to be a joke. This is the worst site I’ve ever ordered from. I cannot get a live customer rep, neither is it allowing me to submit my returns claim. This is a mess. I just want to return their items and get my money back!

    • Don’t purchase from this company! Worst service ever. They don’t even try to honor their own return policy. The best way forward is to dispute with your bank account and reference the return policy online.

  21. Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction of this company. Clothes are cheap rubbish and the returns process is a nightmare. I had to pay recorded delivery for the return only for them to make me jump through hoops trying to prove I’d returned them item.

    I eventually got my money back after 6 weeks of constant emails from them saying they didn’t have enough information. Save yourself the hassle

  22. Lilian Williams Reply

    I have been trying to return a blouse for over a week . I cannot make any sense out of the returns method for this website . They ask for an order I can’t find one on the package I can’t even find a confirmation email. I won’t be ordering again .

  23. Worst dress ever! I checked the “stats” which stated it was made of polyester (which I’ve always understood was Fabric) but this dress is made out of thin packaging foam! They sewed seams which I’m pretty sure will rip with the slightest effort! (When you perforate foam, you just make it easier to tear!) Seriously? I would probably rip this dress and have a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction the 1st time I sat down!! Do NOT order from them! I think I’m just gonna eat the $$ I spent since I can’t get an address to return it!

  24. Don’t order anything run as fast as u can…the worst clothes, they are so cheap and dont fit perfectly.

  25. I ordered an outfit and haven’t heard anything from the company…no confirmation number or anything they have…and no contact information for u to reach them.

  26. I would never recommend no one to order from this company, they are the worst, you cannot get in contact with them, no tracking number, no customer service. I ordered my items almost 2 weeks ago, still no tracking number, so sad….

  27. Ordered a top/dress and haven’t received a tracking number or anything. I’m very upset about it and hope to receive it before Christmas. Funds were taken out of my account, too. Not happy

  28. Harriet Lockhart Reply

    I order a jumpsuit on May 11,2020 and have not received it as of yet. This is the longest I have ever had to wait on a order. You have taken the funds and have not delivered. Very dissatisfied .

  29. No words to say because I just did my order before I read the customers comments. I feel sorry for myself I wanted the stuff before a week . I tried to look for the phone number nothing at all. Concerned Customer.

  30. I ordered a pair or yellow pumps & did not receive an order #, an e-mail confirmation or anything now im reading all these comments & im getting very weary & extremely upset ?There iz no good comments but i know one thing these mfkas r NOT going to get away with stealing my hard earned $$$ ????

  31. Hi, I never had any problems with this company. They always deliver the correct size or color. It is the lack of comunication in order to return an item that I didn’t like. I emailed them today 7-20-19 soo let see if they respond. Good luck everyone!

  32. The absolute worst company ever. Gets you with their full refund/exchange policy but provides NO address/return label with their items. Trying to speak with someone to get the address hasn’t proven impossible it’s like they are trying to waste your time so the 30 day grace return period is over. The reply to requests every 2-3 days and never with what you ask. Only with fake proposals as to what else they can do for you how about no??? I just want the damn address to ship back these items.

    Bottom line, save your money. Don’t ever order from here.

  33. Chic me, absolute joke, ordered £66 worth of tops, used there size chart, they came n were more like a 6/8 ,than 12/14..I was trying for 2 days to get a message through for a returns label, the reply was keep them n they will give me a 20% refund.. I txt back n said yet again, they do not fit so why would I keep them,sent it n it disappeared, so basically, 1 message n reply n yiur blocked, went through PayPal so sending some info through n see what advice is don’t bother ordering, if you really want to order, make sure you get a much bigger size..

    • I have been trying for hours to get in touch with someone just to get address to send these awful items back…it’s impossible as they don’t want you to return…they’re rubbish.

  34. Mary Serridge Reply

    I think this company is appalling I order dress in medium and comes up to small so ordered a bigger one …. offered me to keep the smaller one and to send me another…. why would I want the one that’s to small are they unreal would they pay for a bigger on and waste 35 pounds for one to sit around in ur wardrobe… all I want is a ticket or returns label to send the one that is small back and that’s complicated enough… just give us address to send it to cant even talk to someone in person so annoying now

  35. PauletteMattingly Reply

    I ordered a denim dress and the funds were taking out of my account on March 13th and still I have not received anything. I thought they did not take the funds until your item was shipped. I was not sent any notice nor was I given a tracking number.

  36. Margaret Gerena Reply

    I can’t even call customer service i can’t find a phone number that works the money was taken out of my ads account but mo tracking number.

  37. Teresa Black Reply

    Looking for my order the order number is 1001030523. I purchase it yesterday on your website and I need to know about when it will be delivered to me.

  38. Denise Smith Reply

    Hi, I would like a refund on a pair of to sandals which I got in a size 6, and it doesn’t fit. A blue dress with a slip on the side XL which doesn’t fit. Please can you send me the address, so I can return these items.
    Yours truly

  39. Chanda Noble Reply

    I order a swimsuit with cover-up and it doesn’t fit well and cover-up doesn’t close up. The other outfit looks like a curtain sewed up into a cape with shorts.
    I keep emailing to return for refund and all I keep getting is the run around like I never purchased with them. First and last time ordering.

  40. I ordered a pair of fashion ripped open toe knee -high demin boot( colour black). I ordered a size 9 which normally fits me perfectly well but unfortunately it does not fit as the zipper will not close. The right side of the shoe at the ankle level is twisted my foot can not fit it correctly. I wish to return it for a size 10

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